The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ABK.) COUBIEB NEWS It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FKANKL1N D. ROOSKVRLT Marrying Too Young criticism or Inter'uc-nct'. Sometimes young people marry ico younj to itiior fully whether they arc suited to each oilier, or how llicy vill develop In the future, but this is .'omcthlnj which they do no; reul'w at the Umc. No amouni ot nryuinent on Hi? paii of III-: elders ever sei'ins to icnvlnce Hie yoi::ii;'r feticiallon lo adjust ihemsclVM to the changes which require character nnd courage, but more than any other group, young married people tiavo the heaviest lond, not only o[ muK- l))g these material adjustments which everyone is obliged to mulct' lo a certain degree at present, hut of iiiiiklnt; all the adjiistmeir. 1 which are iilwuys pan o( the first UK! fu we have in ivriii-iiiIxT llnii I yiiirs of nnirrled lite. i'X|K-ik-ncj c:ui u-ach ci-jlsln j One of the things is In lite. i make the situation which csslcr H The first year of married lite is ein many unknown links. /\H.iin bound lo be a year of adjustment. '>-u must rctnln ii receptive alll- No mailer hois' well two propb IMC, \>:>: Irv 10 maxe your ,'on- havc known ench other before- < i,,-l, w nmi yollr daiisliu-r-in-hiw hand, meeting every day across the led thai, you tire not. trying to isble over Ihe breafcfasl colfee is sin]* Hielr lives, yoiniit ]*-op'.e JMch ueii-rmlPn inuM ajicgrce of Inlimacj' which brings. i-. U d i,-]p. but Uiey <io not need Us i,ur experletice nnd .it. mi .. l:e hard tr « The cider iieneiatiun, nliui we i mKicrsumdlns ,of wlml ^thcy yoiins. tlujuubl it their duly 'M lidvise us. l;lll I dnll':l it we "ere ;my mom really affined by i' It though v/e hslenotl n liu-ly ilian would oin want oul of life. I think II _. well for nil of us to lake stoo. .u,i-ii.- u UJ , ll lircsem sui'l deKi!e what im uore alien- '' I:| ' W! 'S' S '" wlilHi we spend inoiiev children ! whlcli mean •••rmaliing luiiglble t'. j c,tir happlncM. by ' , wi t MiM : A kind word for Mai. 2:.')«, Nile 7:15. Hl-.'ifjr The GREAT ADVKA'TimK <>f T h Gnu-ration! Tin- ROMANTIC KIMC ' of AII Time! our OMII we ran do is of their confidence retrain frotn crilki.-in ami ii.ullcr.s and Uien in Hie ol Hit- Suijilure we :r:ity very jjcseill lieli) in lime More thini Ihls v.'c ciinnol hop: lo be. We cnnnol ex|K-cl lo .shape ! their Ideas or In (aul lo Hup.-' l):(.' world which. Uiey lire :;cjlii!i. ; to live in. All \ve enn hoju. 1 KJ (\:i ' i. r . to ninkc tliein fn-1 :h:it : : iey i iniJ'ii le hune.'t. vdth llieniMlves I "lid honest, with those they eaie i i,bout, living ii|) to what they, j thlnX Is ilyhr eiu! remembc'iin^ ; . ; liiwnys Ihai we ure noi ihe Judges i s j I of what Is yoluu 10 make ilte '. •- world n belter place for Ihem to | ' slv .| L'opyrliilit, 19J3, Ijy Arum Eleanoi Kocjsevc-lt, dLstrlljuted by United Ftiilure Hyndiealc, Inc.> armers Invited to Take Short Course in Grading . and Stapling Pecan Grove News Mrs, Ltrson Crump and baby are 1 sick this week. Mrs. Ora Brooks spent Sunday •1th her father, who la sick. Opal Wkiner, Bernlta Wldner and Wretta Dunklti were guests of Glenora Brooks Saturday nit'ht. and Hundny. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bill llobertson en- j lertalned a large crowd with a piny j parly Saturday nhjhl. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Overtoil nnd cnlldic-n were guests of Mr.s. Lola Overtoil and children Sunday Town Items Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edwards! ind children nnd Mrs. Will Hunt-: ly uf Dccrlng spent Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Huey. ; J. ». Cunntnghnm is Improving ind Ls now able lo be out some. Mrs. ClovLs Grissom and chil- li en visited Mrs. Grlssom's par- •ius, Mr. and Mrs. Thurmond Kus- «ll. nl Illylheville, fVlday nighi ind Saturday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill RiLssell nnd baby arc visiting relatives nl Bly- hcvllle. Word has been received here ?f the ulrlh May- IB of a 9-j»und ^cm lo Mr. and Mrs. Lesler Bradford, of Memphis. The child lias L iecn ii.inicd lilllie. Mother and son .ire doing well. i : live 111. Thill we inns', leave lo llle ' JitiliiiiiLiil of Uv.> fjciic-rallnii tluil '. efiues after 'us. 1 YoutiB married p'joiile are |:rob• nbly \tnv\ny Ihe i;re:ilesi dliriciil- • ty tnectins the .sltuaiions of to; (Itiy beciuife they are linvlnj to liui]ii'l theusselvi 5 to eacii tllu-r. ccmmunily collon classing )i Is to be held In Blytheville 11 to 15. Farmers of Mis>pi county will be given an grades and staples or cotton grown In t!:ls territory. The school, sponsored by the Ar- kansns extension departmenl, t;-e bureau of iii'riciiltural economics, U. S. department of agriculture, the collon division of trades nnH sin. , which In ilsclf IF u difficult Mis'- i c i" _ . .. ..... i nnd at the swim limo Uiey are' 1 ! estilnil(e oHic*.', Memphis, and i'iMiM-d lo iiit-fi the roiisiiiiH'i-liiri.i lc , , !d : So11 »' ^ O1 '°» Growers as. ing of inaterlnl miidltjons. They I« , ^ '" the ol " | Od nol know from day lo ,i ij-1 ' e of l "? M W-Somh Cotton Grow, ' t-rs association, county Asent J. E |whal tiny will have to live - z " lc assocln- •Metrt)-(!oliln-yn-.M;iyi'r Screen Play 't>j Rfn Hrcht ^URKestcil Ly the book by i!d£- cumb Pinehon arii O. B. Stade Produced liv David O. Srhiilck DimUd by Jack, Conw.iy FATTY AHHUCKLE COMEDY - - - NOVELTY REEL The screen which hns wailed ten years for 11 picture to eo.iie.1 Hie thrill, the epic humanity ol •The Big Purer!?" now welcomes "VIVA VILLA!" In its 101)1 nlghls of nmnzinij. loinanUc advciunre In Its slory of riotous revohilluii and revelry — hi It.s blocd-llngllng hi roiMii Is ciuerliiiinneni thai will pock the iheiilrcj ot ihc nallon! . youny coupl-j i,, ' -- —-"• wilh iwo children who were hv-! ll °" l ' ( M" - "emaUvc are making ar- ln« en n scale of SIUCO to sswiO ! 1 " 11 7 u '"' cnlSi ' rllere will bo a rcgLs- n yenr. The liad :i mslUon '"'••°" (CL ' ° r 50 cents to cover in- and nil was (joins well. Sudden- : c -^ ntnt c*l«"«cs. ly lie lost his ixisition. The girl : . °. re lv ' uc o!le lecture each 1ms an Income of SI 200 a year • Vl l most of tnc " mc will be which is so far fairly well as-: in , llp ln !iclual B"dln» antl surrd. Slie Is leadjiiMin? her ]|f e '. s!ai> ""f Praellcc. Rnmplrs will b: lo Ihc licnlc of SI IK) a month and, 1 ';' 0 ,, by ""-' M0]icrntlv c asso- hc is slnrltnu' to Irv to build u|)' dnt ""• bul lhc instnictlon will bo iln charge of a government licensed classcr. Those w!:g are interested in attending should ;;!H In touch with Comity Agent Crltz at once. Similar three-day schools will be licJd at Haytt. Mo..'frotn June 11 to ! 13, Inclusive, and nt Senath, Mo ; from June 14 lo Ifi. Mcelings will • be held in the Mid-South Cotton to try to uutld of his own, such lu: was In belore \vltli the big company. This is nol nn cosy ta?k nnd riKiuires from Ijolh of Ihtm an hnmetise a, norm of lot- crnnci! and of unselfishness, nnd an understanding of. Ihc probl-m wldch cncti of them is This cannot be achieved without : . "*" "*" v * *** vi -t: miu-vjuMiii IjUHUI It is snfe to say that the great I Growers associallon headquarters. majority ot people today are llv- -- THURSDAY, MAY Before you buy any truck. see and drive the new SI4 Delivers the (Jowfj at Lower Cost 80 • •*« dual do.n.drofl co-ballon. . Ji^d b'Or-ze 'ccrneclJK) red * Q.\ CCOr.cmy. Now; On Disp/ay at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aullinri/.od Dealer Phone 810-811 Blytheville, Ark. & G*i&GUr While some moke claims in printed word, Anil others on the air arc heard, .The Owl says: "I prefer /or you To prove by test what I can do!" Kssolcne's guarantee of smoother performance hacked by the oil industry's acknowledged leader. We in vice you to try it out in your own car. Make any test you choose. Be as criticalasyou please. Convince yourself of tssolene's ability by comparing it with other mot or fuels. \Esioltibe Motor Oil in the crankcusc enables Essolenc to ,lo its best] AT REGULA.R • GASOUN! PRICE Smoother Performance • TUM IN vnM • UCN WIDNCSDAY • MO r M c s. T vmrri *U-«TA» WNSTRHS TANDARD OIL C O M ? A N MOTP* T»AV*J. jNVORM>T10N TRIE OF COST Yours for llimk'nc •! »lt T.M., Stan,,,,, ,„,, l) rn i.,,_..F KM1 TOl-aS AND n(TO>!t.S." I'rolu.,1, ui u , 1rat(1 |. N , n ,',; . month. Contntn* opl^lil map nf cuTrtni r ,.a,l ronmunkn. »AC»tkn Inftrniallo^; teurln^ \^ita; i<c \], n f rtf | n J|,i< », ro»J miips. OF O IJ H, K»..Jn, N A Outstanding Vafal Sktti Coii <t>n DRESS Lawn and Organdy! Florals, stripes, dots anil novelties, cool and fresh for warm weather! Dainty short sleeves and cap sleeves, with' crisp touches of organdy! All vat-dyed, color fs.«»!'Avenue Vai prints, too, if you I'ITI--.- tbem! Both nr sizes l- : •-.-. 44! BpU? l>i?t>no;a'd- ; ten! Get In On a Real Buy I Here's SHORTS Prnney's Famous Quality 49 C The shorts—not ordinary broadcloth but 10-'/x60coun' —elastic sides—i hree but ton yoke fronts, -many dif ferent patterns and colors Sizes 28 to 42. Tho shirt', are extra fine gau--e, swiss ribbed combed :olton ii Mires 32 to 4C. Stot '< up fo- U^iumwer at this lo-.v pri'- • New Fabric CLOVES While, Colon! Plains,novelties, piques,meshes— G-8',4! Smart gauntlets, too, in •n»ny fabrics! New Rayea UNDIES AJonna-Madt! 49- Vests, bloomers, panties, full-cut P1ai n-k n i t rayon, sizes 34 to 42! Buys! light C*tton Unions /or Women! Buik-up shnul- tlor, 0[H*n 5oal, lighl knco, fine rib, raynn inm, In sues ^1-50' White HANDBAGS frJlurr Valuta 49' ll'-ri—for your snuul MirrniiT I'lntlii-s! Simulii- lul IriilhiT fi!t«'il Imported ORCANOY STAYS Criip! 49« yd. White in 44-45"; colored in 38-39 irichwidih.Msny lighl, medium Only /or I'cnncy'i Uayon CREPE ,M a quality oj many HJI-J. j/ 49V A sulistnnlinl US' wu;ive' of clew, heavy texture. Excellent for summer »uits. for slips, dresses, linirifrs In so ninny colors yoo're ^ure in timi jusl wlint you rt'iiril Car. Have Marquisette CURTAINS \ny Styles, t/< Ton 1 a c Men! Wntla Value This It! Athletic Suits O/ Sojl.Coul Checked Nainsook C WORK SFIIRTS Full Cut! 49c Strong seams — long length! Medium weight blue ehambrayf Bovs' Sizes, 39c BOYS' SHIRTS /'/u;;n— fancier 4 9 < Brondcloths in wljile and solid culurii. Fiincit-s in iifrcnles. Full cut. Real values! Men's Samme? Ties We* and Smart I'ight pastels, d:irk shades and fancy ii:itiorns. r i);ur«-s. stripes, Men's FANCY HOSE Koyon-Ctlantte , uit and you'll be sold for frum 12-80 counl fabrics .1 >u.^|>viidcr-strap hacV fo; re- Carefully Bu> a to Klot,OW CASES Rello Isle, for homes thru nc-cd lots of pillow Athletic KNIT SUITS Far Meil-~Al 49" Fine rililie<i cot- Ion kuil, u itii a • trap neck, mynn trunnied. Si:cs .tG to 4i;. Clocks—new allover patterns. In light or dark colors. Re-tnforced *<»'. hc?l3, soles. Kiddies PLAY SUITS uickory 49c Sturdily made! With a comfortable sports col- larl Drop seat i Si/es 2 to C. We Take Scrip At Face Value, On Any Purchase — Spend Vintr Scrip TIerc J, C. 220-222 W. Main St. niytlio\nlle. Ark.

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