The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, '(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenls a word for first Insertion «nci one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion, No advertisement taken for Jess than 60c. Count (he words and send the cash. Phone 306 l-'Ott SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, BiyUicvillc. 2U-CK-TF FOR SALE—At sacrifice to settle estate, beautiful black, brand new Oakland eight sedan, C wire wheels. Purchased by lady who became suddenly ill and never le- covered. can bo seen at Dent's Garase oyvmiio Noble Hotel. R. M. Riircs. Administrator, Box 551, Slcolu, Mo. 23C-KS FOR SALE—Alfalfa anil timothy hay in car load tots or less. W. H. Werner, Canalou, Mo. 31P-KI3 FOR KALE—Ear and snapped yellow coin. W. T. Rilcv, New Madrid, Mo. 27P-K7 FOR SALFJ—Trees r.nd Fiirnbtery. Reasonable. Will plant nnd guarantee to grow. w. a. Langdon, Highway 01. 27C-T1-' FOR SALE— White rock cockerels. Mrs. Eugene Dickersoti, Phone 1507-F-3. 28C-K5 l\"/i£ KENT FOR RENT--Furnished room with bath and funmcc heat. NO. 111G ChieSasawba Avc., Phono No. C45. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, dose in. Phone 785J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 58C-TF FOR RENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to bath, excellent, meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. Laush- lin, 1415 Main, Phone 319. KV-K2 'lIGlilK IIOIC TOIJ.4V To krfp lilf front Brimlnp ">" dull In llril Thrmri, lima. (SIX- dill KI.I.A •rol.l.lVKH. iliiliphlir of n mlnUIrr nnd »Ti'l"l'"'Kritrr "1 the ivrnllbT pud tndulnrnl fnrinrr rilll, VAX DODKN. orc»nl<rd n Juiilcir Country Cldl). IIAIIII IIOU.OWAV, a faur. K r>rll»t '.ihn unk huliultii; Ilirun^U lln- cnunlry. «[»ii|ifil In lli-J 'Mmitb. AllrurlrU ttf ClnKor, ha UKrcrd In tin) ntid imlui iiorlr.-ili" nnd drrnrntf- Ehi> cluhliiiuir. He M?l)l.(l <:.M.I.l:MI, nhii roulit «'uok mid Klnif rinil ftlrnm ti uullnr. liul .Mrolii i-niild nut k'0iu<>. tn tiU pljire *;nme three "f lilt riulnlrynirn. A.NCri.O eunlil iiluji I'll: UK) conlJ runt I HKMTO i-mild tjng, lEEfiKCr IiiDk Ibrin nn. llrgl/llilri£ In rrnllri 1 be na« In lr>vr ullh GliiKfr. Hard »n>;i;i-*li-il Irnilnj:. IIDI I'lill [iiTJiLimU-d him in *itiy luMUf-r ni. ilirlr Kiii'fcl. rind •.III- urolr in SI'l'.IOIl lll>.\i:V. n tWri!r trlond ot Ctuqn'«. urn! In- vhrd him. She foil lie vuuld cfve li.-ird *nmr cniniirllllon. ClRKrr rtirl llili mine liy Invll- Inn I'ATTV SKXIl* En Inl.i 1 i-nrr (t[ Slin-.l. U'l:rn Slim! ivirril llniE III- iv til. nrlriBliiK, nl« .Islrr ill* let I'liini.. nnd [IilJj- ih>cHrtl Co linll IllirJ 5 " ."•'I'l.irlilnl? 1 ' TEi1. lir dlil. S|>i-i-'l'i ,1-lrr'. nli-bnlimr irni r:<lTn>.\. IMity tlrvllUlilj i-nn- rrlVfd In tsri-p lirr nnil llMrrt li>- oat it rolled under him to that he' ost bis balnnco and fell over halt nlo the wnicr. liut he righted iluiselt, iimticrlog grimly between ila tccili, readjusted llio big stones whleh ho said he curried (or ual last, aud banged ihc oarj Inlo Ihc- locks. Wllh one terrlllc pull ol his great anus lie sent llio luinhcrin? craft half-way across tlio river. "Coil, what an actor." niultcred Kddy. "It lio really did II." "lie did it." deebrcd liard grimly. "Cut up into the wix>d3. will you. and keep au eye oa liltn? He may pull up-stitain. and we dou'l ivnnt him lo ECO iliai wo arc follow lug." KdJy stood uv uml llpliled a clgarct. "How's she working?" he c.illeii to iicnlto. "Slio's sprung a teak on me, bul il's not much," be roavcd back. '(Jclllns tEiy bud wet. llmu;;li. I'll Just eel a ilsh or two for our cuuiicr and pull III." util! li l-:>rr»mp I . trl|i In CLLlr:it: '|ir*.-MnCa for Uc-nltt i'k In vlll il>. tl.n bnrl •M:r il rrln tvklh FOR RENT—120 acres 1 mile north of Luxora. Cash or crop yent. A. G. Little, First National Bank. 2lC-K2a FOR RENT-G room House, newly - decorated, Garden. 11G Cherry. Phone 014. , 25P-K2 FOR RENT—Bed room, 110 Dougan Phone 200. 25P-K3 WANTED WANTED — House-keeper. Apply Frisco Room 1 ;, opposite Frisco Station. 27P-K4 W POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at O. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west .' of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone •--•«i-jUiiusiA--. •.••••:-..-.- -. ••- . -21C-1P. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent 7,'hite woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hal- cliery, 210 B. Fourth Bt. SC-TP PERSONAL .11 nnd a plan lnKrr nnrl bnlcl brr l.jr rtiEiAom. Hi- EkLIrt] hit, Ihtlr. Whrn S|,rr,t, nol kninvlnt; IIIIIT ni^l[fr> • uin.l. i,,l,l ll:irj lli:il Cln^rr nnd IMJy \\vrt rn^:i^fil. Hard ilf- Irruilnrd li> t^nrr. And nt Mint liolnt-iif Ih* prnccpdlnKS Ctn^pr UlNnppmrfd. Sbnrlly n(lcr\rard n nnlr \\av futlntl. co&lnlnln^ n dc- in^Mil fnr £.1110011. E'hll Inimr- itr.ili-lr i\lrr,l In <rblc.1|;ii fur I he IIHIIII-) /mil n |inlr i>I l>rlTatr dc- li'iMtv.-s. \V[ifTi ihr isptrc-tiyrji nr- rlvrd Ihry illxelnnrd (hat lotlnn \v.T4 mil Sprril'a kl»lcr. nnd Hlirvd runrL'M,ril tber bad btca tccrrllr ninrrlrd. A biukct cnntfllnlnir n enrrlct r'cenn ivn» delivered nt tlif 'I'olll- fnxtcn IIii; ninney In Ita pnaeb nnd rrlf!i>c II. VVblle Iliey Inlkcd Hie irl^cnn ri.i<n]ic'd In III? rcinni. Mant rer.iiilun-il II nnd IdellTltlrd Ir n» licnlfir« lilid. 'rlii-y put rhr monr? on the bird nnd reli-n^ed It nnd iTnllcd nnd tTalchcd llpntio, who • nlil be tvn* [rolnc; llshlniT, NOW UO (I* WITH THE STOtlT UIIAPI'ER XL )U bo careful In that old tub of yours," said Bard. "She looks prr.tly groggy to rue." "Maybe she'll sink with me and maybe she won't," mutlered Uenllo. "What do 1 care! I'd rather d:own - thau endure tills suspense any longer." He slowly drew in (he old boat at the end o! the bow line. It was . listing badly. "Be careful, Bcnllo." said Eddy. "It doesn't look at all sate." "I dou't care, if it's not safe," declared the llalian passionately. 1 . "I'd'.aEj lie! be drowned as not," - • •"~&rno"s'ieiip'e"il"iirai!er'lF iu'lo tl * FIE pulled the toat across Ihc *•' river aii'l directly Itilo His IIO.TI i o( ill" deep pool which by In Hie shadows ou the oilier side imd carefully lowered a Hat stone ou the end ol a chain as an anchor. "I'll call up the slrls. Bard," eald KdJy. "Hack iu a minute." lie disappeared into llio house, and Hard. watelihiK, saiv that he crossed quickly Uirous'.i and di appeared inlo the woods on the upper Bldo. . But Benlto liad ul- re:idy Ecllled himself to his lisliing, hunched up ou the hoard oad pull- luj; upon the old pl['e (linger had bought for him at his suggestion as becoming a river man. "God, ho is an actor." thought Hard. "Yon wouldn't uetlcve It the sort ho Is—fond of lilnls— Com of (lowers—fond ot (islilns—"01' such a devil at lic.ut. 1 wouldn'i believe it myself—If I didn't know it. Catching fish for our suupe down here, and that ransom money for Uinser up-slalrs in ills window jod!" A sutMcn shrill cry brought him quickly to his feet. "Throw me a rope! A ropo! Benlto boomed tn a voice ol tcrro 1 "She's sinking! Throw me a rope! "Swim In," shouted Hard, allll laughing. "I haven't got n roro. Let her slnlt—she's no tood. H*f Angle! . BjiiiL; mo n roj'.Q: 'Uenllo 1 !? stinking. You'll IIRVO to swim. Bciiilo 1 ." ailu for one One end to Iho bant was already uot falter. $ul>r!ii:r£ci1 r.s llcnlu>, gathering himself togc-lher, rod aud nlt,a still in his Imnds. lloumiercd ofr with a clumsy luuge that threw him (ace don n van! lulo tlio uool nnd drove the boat cuiuplolely utuler wuler. S:ii!iieii horror swciit unay llard'a nniusciaenl. llo Ipro off his coal and ilovo headlooi; luto (lie river. "1 can iiiako It!" roared UeiiUfi. "Il's i\ll right—I'm making it by myself." Daiii did uot aiis'.rur. Head low iu Iho water he was pulling for '.he 5t>ot wiierii tlio boat had dls^p peared. "You needn't come after me, Mr. Hard," called llciil'.o. "I'm «wlm [ uiiii^ Tor ill Let the boat go." Bard had reached tlio vool aud wlili one swltt, supple tw-lst of Ills liody went down head ilraL Uenllo bail paused In his struggle resell ehovu aiLd was fiplabhlug olslly aliout. beating uu the woler lib arms and legs. "All right. Mr. Unrd!" ho cried. Ileniiy. hearing Iho ijproar, real' zing afresh bit hglplessness, nut he only thing ho could think o(, le felt his way along the nulls tu liu lelepbouo and rolled Uoorndce, and for oneo bits dlillOent rolee illil I'll help you—gocd We'll save it. oy! When iinrd canio to llio surface or air, with his huge hands liunHo iade a grenl show of assisting, but Is stout less under water plEiloucrl ho young man liurcoly mid slowly ragged him ilown. Hard trying In "Miss I'lill, come, quick!" ho saH. They're billing e.icli other." n.UU). Treed from tteiilto's dc.nlly Kill', dived dawn at oneo r.inl foMud ihc lio:,t. colored It swlltly wllli hi? hands, (ouiid great In Iho end of It nnd tossed them i.ul, round a llauiilui; plank thtit llenltii had pried looso lo tet Hie waier In — win forecd up for ulr. "Hnrd!" cnllcil Eddy at Elgin or him. -Help!" J'aid went down nj;aln. Ills humli) fcniiii ilia pile or ohl l>liii|kcl; »nu •;. just lie^liiiilnt; lo Uoal looso Iko waier—loro tinnii away — touched llriu llesh—a ha:id--fnuni] Inul ropes— Hall fainting he roso to the ^ur- "Oh. my foil. Wily," lio erli "brliu 1 mi iliat tinat!" h]i!ily was u'llli tilm vTltlioul EI word, unil lictween lliom they bore it lo Iho Rurface. tore awoy the 1 of the soaking blankets—Iniim Bcr! Hlglilly boiiml wllh ropes slio lay, bcr [aco ami jlp.chencd wllh oil. Iho tlcsl] swol- k':i nnd dark where Iho rnjica cut. Bard fell, halt-flnn; lilmielf, Into tlio boat besldo her, but nln lo light freo ot hla vise-like lOld. STJARD. what -° Eddy. "It's nil right! is It!" shouted ' boomed Ucnlto. r,vc got him! Jusl lost Liis head n Htlc—rvo got him." Bard reappeared Tor a moment-1 'Eddy—llio boat—" lie cried, and Beisilo'a powerful leys diew him out of sight once more. 'lio:u sauk on us!" slioulctf DcnKo, striving lo llglilcn Ills grip 011 UanVs Illbe. draggling hody. At the moment that Bard'a head and shoulder reappeared, an oar that had drilled looso from llio lock rose stowlv lo Iho surface. With a choking cry Hard seized It and 15ARO coiilil not help laughing a! [struck Iho Italian a terrific blow 1 the. ludicrous spectacle. The boat was EClliing swiftly Into tlie water, and Benlto, his legs one great divo lio waa halC-wav sniav.-led apart, Tva3 crouchlns in Iho upraised cod in noisy terror of hta life, both hands hlch In air over his head, short fishing-rod to one. sturdy pipe in tho oilier. "A rope, a rope! p " he cried. "She's slhiinft!" ' ucross the head. Tbnl was enough tor Eddy. With acro;3 (he river and making (or the pool. "Oh, God help us!" cried Jcnky, running up and down thu shore and dracged him away. ,—wait!" no licggcd him. "A knife—bore—cut the ropes! I'll do it. Bard, hang on to Iho IraM! You'll sink It again I" Swiftly, with his sharp tulle, ho cut Iho rope and released tier lying motionless, tier arms limp and Ille- leas at her shies. Eddj left It tor Dual to draw.licr guutly Into bla arms aud carry her in to Weakened as lio was from his struggle with Uenllo llils'waa no easy matter, and Eddy swam close nlun^sido to lend a strong arm when It was needed. "Oh, my Eosh," be mutlered, na Uicy sliiggcrc-d at last upon tho solid shore, "wo forpol Beuilol liopa ho drowned." Hill Renlto had not drowned, lloll liad been drawn fruni hla twc-k in Iho liaiumoek Just In time lo assist 1'ielro and Augclo In pulling their unconscious- countryman ashore. Halt-Mind, bait-mad, stumbling like a druukcn man. Hard carried lulo tho house and lali! her OUR BOARDING HOUSE -tVlEPUi IS OWE. Nv.t.&Ltc« '"fcij no i-1»-i --11v--i•- >'• i>•*. \'-*5&z** ' -Trie WHo's-W^o UooK ^222 we ARE 6E-f-ri,<.i£s OUT' IS A MEUl ISSUE AfiP IS PL1BL.ISMEP TOR IrlE •FlRS-T* -flME [ ^-- 50 YOU WILL BE L IU IT OlJ ' OUR SPECIAL I •RAfe! — $100 ,cM eAs-v "THE BLUE BOO« SOCIAL RESIS-TER | FOR VrloTOt3RAPH I(J AMD A Bo OK, NAME EMBQS5EP M '60UP OU "THE COVER ! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin wrluyitig her thin bands. "He's raad! Bi-nlto!" Tic's Killing poor Mr. gently down upon a bed while Eddy put In a [ (or doctors. ('fa &i OHidnncd) , SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Faviujr Distrkls 2 nnd 3 The Tax Books will in a very short, lime. Thereafter the penalties and oilier costs will add •iO'i lo your tax. You can see the advantage in paying now. C. J. EVRARD. 27C-K13 Germany Delivers Motcr Ship CHERBOURG, France, (OP)—In partial payment el her reparations ncoomii, to Fix-Jice, tto German Government has just dcliveriM n inctor tanker lo tlie authorities here The tanker, called the El- orn, lias a tcnnasc of 13.610 and will serve as a supply bout to naval units. Denmark prohibits the use of artificial leiithcr in impcrled footwear. • * FAY O.DAVIS riione 421 vef :(nb:es as ti means toward re-1 cereal, cream, creamed eggs on their color, for it dcsLoyi: least, milk, coffee., the vitamns to a greater degree j LUNCHEON— Baked lima beans Coafs Ivolinetl— Dresses lU'fiiodi'lct!— Everything- "leaned. RK-NU CLKANERS I'honc 170 Local an:l long distance hauling. Special r.ifes on carload lots, learn fnr local liaulinj. V. It. \VASI1AM HCO Chickas:iTvl« I'lionc 851 JACK DEI.K Radia'.ov Esrcrt, is no-.v v.ith us. Ncv; pur: Used liadiatoi.i For All Cars J;ickson Auto Parts 2n.'fl \\'. Main—Photic 66 HAY One bale or r\ train load. BAR CORN, shock on. 85c bu. SJmrk off. EEC per bi:., in car lols. Cotton SUics Sales Co., Inc. Blythcvfflc, Ark. Phone 174 or LD 1606. ill' SISTKR ritAKV Everj' day hundreds of mothers face tiic probiem of scrvinj vegetables to a family much like the proverbial horse who was led to water. It is only by means of the utnicsl skill in cooi;ery that the average family can be taught to cat and finally to like vegetables. Attractive serving cs well as careful coohir.p; and seasoning lias much to do witli lha popularity of vegetables. Colorful combinations oiteu do their sliarc toward mailing vegetable dishes liked. It seems to be accepted as a general rule that the way lo make Ihc must of botli flavor and food value in vegetables is to bake or steam them instead of boiling them. It ll:oy must be boiled, there are certain precaulions which mubl 'bo otserved. Cabbaje. or.ions. turnips, cauliflower. bru.sf.el3 sprouts and other slrong-flavcred vtEClaWcs should be boiled ratWly in a comparatively large a'.r.r'.mt of wa(,;r in an uncovered container. Delicately finv- ored-vegelablefi, riiicii as i>eas. ^recn beans onil asparagus, shculcl bo Bcntly slmir?red in as small a quantity cf water as it is possible to use to cnok them. Over-cooking lo IJe Avoided The greatest care should be lak- en Ihuf vc~ota"ole> arc not ovcr- ccokrc. This is one of the most common faults and causes the worst rci'jl'.p. UnpalataWcness. loss of col:v nn-J less of natural flavor,arc the mr?t obvious of the dam- p.Ring effect:- of ovcr-cooUing. Tnii lender, a vnetablc is cc'*ed. the greater the ln?3 in r.utrrnls. Deli- cslcly llavovcet v,:3ctnblcs lo?e ilicir natural swcctnos.-. and become I tastelosi rchen co:kerl teo long, and' Elrong-fiavorecl vcgctab!r-s devilou! a strong flavor if over-cooked. I Green vegetables lose their vivid; colcr atsd became a lad;cl brownish; cokr. white vcsctables take on nnj unapiKteing grayish or reddish i liiue »hcn cooked too ions. No; rnalter what method cf cooking is. use;!. l:o e:;acl caio cannot bej laken to prevent over-c:okinp. In the case o! FOKC vegetables, ! certain parts require longer cooking th&u ctl^rs. Cauliflower and; asparagus particularly arc this ty;>:; of veritable. The flov/ercd cf tlio cauli«o\vcv sliculd be kept lip during cookine. This allows the ftcm.i which is tdiizhcr than the nrwerct. to cc:ne in contact with the esl heat while tho dclicalt floweret: receives th: mc<1erate cooking ill needs anrt the vegetable remains a| milky while. • Soda never shouM be added tO| I than heat doss- il's a good idea try sail vestta- bles when tl:,-?y are aimo^t done. Although lliere is no definite Scientific data on tiie effect of sa'.t en the color of vegetables, tiailv kitchen cxr^rinients shov/ that j r^rlding, milk, cuffce. Ereen vcgctaWes remai:i a more; °" and New York Cotton -,'itii tomatoes, brown bread t'.ilttr sandiviehes, tluffed milk, tea. DINNER — Mock, drum slicks,. i-reumcd polatoi's, buttered cauli-i Ma5r, t r .T : r>to jelly salad, app!.-i Mnr. AUSTIN, Tex., (.UP) — The cilY nr.?^er plan, which succeeded ths city comml^sicn plan in many mu All reliables must kc thorougii- ly washed and freslienecl before cooking. Gritty spinach is cnoush to make even the rncit consdcn- j . t3 ts governnicist. Xcore Lynn, cf- ticus vegetable ealer fcrsake it nnd | r.r:o::cy expert cmployrd by llic is one of the reasons for its tin ' •- - - - 1 i!icip:iHlie>, proposed for nspularity.' A cold sail water bath .. v -rX-, will flV Texas Legislature lo cn-ordiiia'.e for fifteen or twenty mlnu'es lias p. freshening all vcp;tab!er- a report NEW YORK, Feb. 23. Cctbn clcrrd very steady. 0]inii Higli Low 1102 1113 1102 1125 1137 1123 July .... 11-48 1101 1140 Oct 1175 118G 1174 Dec 1193 120ti 1192 Jan 1202 1212 1202 Spots closed steady nt 1120, up 5. New Orleans Cotton effcct on practically anrt frees them from tiiat the governor lie given j imnagorial i:ov:ors. Lynn proposes | a maximum budget with power vested in the governor to reduce oxrenditures when it is apparent any insects that may be hidden their leaves. I BREAKFAST—California jrapea, | income will not meet the builjet. NEW- ORLEANS. Feb. 23. <UP> Cotton closed steady. Opan High Low Close Mar. 1100 1112 11CO real! May .... 112fl 1137 112! July .... 1153 1100 1148 Oct !178 1187 Dec 1193 120U 1193 12011) Jan Spots s'.cady at 10SC, up 5. FIIECKLES / ~ AND HIS FRfKNDS GOOD NEWS! By Blossei j- LES. HO, I CO'JT To rt£. Li'/S A BAD « SPHAlU IN HIS KOT, GOOD NEWS: UUDY \KILL BS SAVS=D!! IWRPUY TUODSHT V/AS A OBPKEN LES IS ONLV A BAD SPRAIW.,. CHEERS FOR DOC *A UUC/V 8£ DOC. \W6S3 SWS ITS A SAD EMEPf/THIWS OUT O.K.., BUT THE FtoUY ' H/WG TO ae UNDER W-V CABS FOR S0tf£ TIME..,. THSM TM1S S>1'T SERIOJS, 1WH? m ei-AD.... CAMT BE GLAD '16 HEAR THAT...I'LL TEU_ HIM! UT IM,\51«£ WS SUWRl HE LEARNS WHO i.'A OVER TiA£ EASY NEVKK DESBRTS'A I'AL TO By Cram Ct B£ntR\ CH-Hl THEKtS StvFETY n- I in Mij^eE'?s. IET / P.S^S 8y, AMD WE'llFAU. IH8SHINP AND JOIN 1|\E CHf\SE. ITU BE FUN. ,£•/ TWMK \OO'Rt BLOCKS COPS HEPE ARE DUMB, ANN WAY. WHY, I BEEM AltF O' POLICE'S StoBue KNO VJE^R^^ < O Uft UNIFORMS FOR.D.W. i ^j^j;. "—

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