Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 24, 1921 · Page 5
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 5

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1921
Page 5
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3 ??y GREEN BAY PRESS-UAZEI IE. MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 24, 1921, PACKERS DEFEAT MINNEAPOLIS IN SENSATIONAL GAME Famous Marines Taken IntoM ISLAND PUIS Lamp to b; Bays win uut in Final Period; Big Crowd Thrills Galore in Sunday Gridiron Conflict ; Spectators Xo Wild When Schmael Makes Touchdown. by c.i In the irreatost game of footbull ver Hwn on a Greii Hay gridiron, the Packers v celebrated i h-lr entrance Into (he profev -.iunul Football It-UK-im by taking ihe far famed Mill-tiiapiliH Marines Into camp to tho tune of 7 to 0 Is-fore a crowd thut jammed every corner of the fli'UI at llagi melHter park. It was one of those kind of games that will be talked about for years to come. There wan Just one thrilll ufter another. Tin" spectators were kept on tip too from Blurt to finish ami whi n Sihmuol ttmu-shcd the lino for the touchdown in the Inst period tho crowd let loose with the wildcat (lemoiuM ration ever sn'ii here. Nluge ireat Demonstration. Cushions went flying in tho air while soaring huts wore ax thick a firecri Hay flics on a .Tuly night. Staid gray haired business men PRO GRID SCORES OVER WIN AGAINST HI T HERALDS Packard 7, Marine 8. Slulcy 7, Rsyton 0. Cardinals 17, Columbus ft. - Hololt 77, Rookford 0. Racine 7, Waukegan 7. Moll no 22. Romans 0. Mounters 34. Juliet 0. Ironwood 14, Slmhaugh 6. ors luid to kirk aguin, the Packer getting the oval on the 35 yard mark. Cub Huck hooted lifter threo down. It watt the Marines' ball on tliel 30 yurd marker. After two errlmmitgos. Sampson dropped buck for a kick. His attempt wan partly blocked und It was the Fuckers' tn II. Tubby Howard was sent in hut hia Injured ankle prevented him from doing. An Intercepted forward pa: cut short this Pncker rally and Sampson booted out of dancer. Once more, the home team got going. A couple of first downs were marked up putting the ovul on the victors' US yard marker. "" Forward Puns Kails. Wheeler was sent In for He Moo and luimbeuu attempted a forward Independents Dip Michigan All Americans Into White wash Bucket, 14 to 0. ' ENDS IN ROW RACINK. Wis The causa of a disagreement between tho referee Und the umpire, yesterday's game between the Ijeglon teams of Racine and Waukegan broko up in a row with (lie score tied at 7 to 7. Menominee Takes Fall MARII1IETTE GIVEN Hast 64 to b; West Losesi to Applet on Eleven 23 to 0 BIG SURPRISE BY OSHKOSH ELEVEN Green Bay Scholastic Pigskin Chasers Get Twin1 l r 11 It I r" .1 11 l i . t-icKing in wouDie neaaer r ooiDau ara i Sawdust Citv Schooipr- t v Saturday Afternoon. Fall Out of Northerns by 2U to 16 Score. (SMH:inl to Press-Gazette) OSHKOSH, Wis. In the first half I of I Jumped around like school kids and I pajsa. Cowboy was blocked und the (Special to Press-Gaxette.) DKTROIT, Mich The Detroit Her-aids met their mutch here Sunday in a Professional leugue (fame, being defeated by the Hock Island Independents by the score of 14 to 0 before a crowd of 10,000 (spectators. The Heralds were completely outclassed on the offensive. The visitors cut loose with a nice combination play and twice worked the bull straight down the Held for touchdowns. Costly fumbles cut ithort a couple of Detroit rallies when inside the Visitors' 40 yard line. Coughlln, former Notre Dame star, who pluyed with Things that never happen were pulled off at Hagemeister park, Saturday afternoon when a pair of out-of-town scholastic football teams put a double crimo into the Green Bav elevens. This double wallooinz never before was Dulled off on a gridiron ''f ,he douhl" attraction o i r ; football itamn here on Saturday, eel- . . . . . 'tbrating the Normal school centennial In the opening argument, Menominee played rings around j tile hkonh High school foothnil team East and getting the breaks of the game trampled all over Coach I took a fail out of the fast going Mar-Lambeau'a Hilltoppers to the tune of 34 to 6. The closing bat-!'"et,e "'b'1 school eleven to the tune tl wnirK was hmahH lirt tn rr rlnalr vsiiltrl in uirtnru fmr 1 -1 lli 10 Appleton over West to the tune of 23 to 0. Despite the score, the Purple squad played a much improved game. East Stunned by Chicago Win Over Tigers; Badgers Continue Winning Streak ELKS BOWLERS IN ACTION: LEAGUE TO Appleton 2.1. West Ilili 0. It was long after 4 o'clock when Appleton and West got their chance to cut caper on the gridiron. Duck shadows were stealinif across the Menominee 31, Fast 6. East won the toss and chose to receive at the west end of the field. Marinette kicked off and the Hilltop- The first quarter of the game ended with no soorea being made by either team, both aggregations putting up ,v wonderful defenwe und minting fre- ! ... 1 flol.lrrwh ...........I .... ,1... ...... ond quarter on her own ten yurd line and their spread formation seemed , Ca.rinucks. to have the northern lilKh schoolers OPEN UP TONIG HT j Wisconsin's 1 9 to 0 Win I Against Illinois Makes ! Madisonians Size Up As Championship Con tenders. w. Opening Games Scheduled Herricks vs. Smokes; Antlers Roll Cannucks. The Klks Howling league swings In to action this evenlnir. will roll agaiiiht the the Antlers will have It out with 'he Tin- Chiaujo J Ohio 2 Wisconsin 2 Iowa i Minnci-Vitu 2 Michigan 0 1 Indiana . i) I Purdue 0 t The Smoke, j ""' 3 Herricks while) ..,,,. ," " ' " " 1 ... . v 1 1 iv.nvn ill. nuine liny 1I1B mafc will lie made to reuliisn that they can pars una Dciore mo game was unisne.i tnr, downs. It was it w.-is impossiuie to ten one .w iw.ll on the 20 yard line. The visitors from another when they scrimmaged m.l(Il. a c(mp of flrst dowr)f, nd 1Pn The Pac ker football practice lighte k.k(.d , VMi , ,, ,.,,,. were turned on and the light streams The ,IllU()pp,,rH aunohed an offense, sort of brightened up the western LBrrJ.nff the i,, ,0 ,,, Micbiganders' end of the playing Held. ,0 ,np on,y to , ,he ,, a The contest opened up with est I ,,,,,,. in...1(1.. imm,n,,,,v kickirg to Appleton. The vlsltot s ! tl. j , . iw v,. lay night, lirnkers and M-rs punted ufter hit a stone wall for "''' """ 1 " Ielchts meet the Menominee's 1 1:"""'" "", '"""' uuacs .., , rt mixed with end runs riotted the Saw- HI .oq Xiu Unp! Tne fTItM- of the li. V. O K. tbla period. i P'n 'li'cuit i'' conlldcnt that ihii Marinette cam back determined toiV""' 'c will be very successful, do or die in the laxt half and a fern-! Sixteen teams hrc in the hunt for there wrun one continual din that could he heard for blocks away. And when Capt. Iamliesu booted the ball between the uprights for the polrjt that that beat the Gophers, the crowd opened up uguin. ' For three quarters the Puckers had trilled behind. There was only about Mx minutes left to play and it waa beginning to look as If the Green Ray squad was doomed for defeat. The Packers had been held on three plays on their forty yard line. Cub Puck dropped hack to kirk and he sent the oval soaring down the field to Dvorak The Marine safety attempted to make a running cutch of the pigskin. He fumbled and Hayes covered for the Packers on the 3.1 ynrd line. W sprier Catches Forward. oval sailed over the goal line. - The visitors put the oval in play on the 20 yard mark. As Sampson was being thrown for a lops the whistle piped for half time. The Marines opened the sreond half by kicking to the Packers. Huck received the kick and came lurk 20 yards Is-fore he was dropped. The ball changed hands twice on punts. Then Mitlone grabbed ore of Sampson's spirals and raced to the Marine's 20 yard line. A series of line plunges with Schmael going good put the oval Just u shalk mark from the Miu-lnes' goal. The visitors braced and turned back the Packers, getting the oval un downs on the 4 yard mark. The visitors, thanks to Sampson and Hagnler, who mad-j a couplo of first downs on line plunges hut In the early part of the Detroit, performed brilliantly on theifra,, di(, not ,,ow mu,.h on t ()f. defense. He was un over me neio, getting numerous tackles. This was Coughliii's first and only game with Detroit as he has accepted the terms 'of ihe Greiyi Bay Packers. This was the Heralds first defeat I in their home flelii in four years. CARDINALS DEFEAT marched down the field. This time, they were held -for downs 8 yards fenslve. West helil,for downs in mid ( field. Tho hall (hanged hands on . t'"" fumbles with little gain to either side, j TSanach. the visiting fullback Purple Holds Tlirlit. I pierced Ivist's front for two good Appleton got around and for three! gains. In mid field, the Invaders were einn m.n w.ien (,,., o ,.h. : i no prize money arm many .inwn o.hwi, i,M M.rti,,.ti ,. i bowlers at Included in the mak C0LU1US.17T06 first downs putting the oval on West's 20 yard mark. Here the Purple held tight ami Koach failed In a field goal. West scrimmaged on the 20 yard line yuurterbai'k Ilru'her at this point of the game used poor Judgment. He called a forward pass. Hoach, the Appleton captain. Intercepted the pass and ran to the 5 yard line before he was downed. Marinette fori downs and thP visitors punted, the Oshkosli quarter picked up the ball and ran across hl own goal line, scoring a safety for Marinette, Osh-Uosh rushed the ball down the field to Marinette's ten yard lino where Iarofnkv, .Marinette's captain, intercepted a forward pusn and galloped the length of the Held for another count. Although Marinette fought of the various ll in. Games will he rolled four time.! a week, on Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings nnd the scheduled starting time is H o'clock. A liooklet containing the M-hedule of the. also play football out In the provinces, the j Old Mun Stagg drove home, another I h son at Princeton on Saturday, Chl-I cago, under the guidance of the old wizard, showed the Tiger more foot-laill than they huvc learned in the last decade. The east refused to consider the west seriously, but a few mors victories like that scored by Chicago and the east will take a different attitude. Chicago's victory stunned the east, but here In the middle west those who knew the resourcefulness of the Midway mentor and the quality of teams crack up games nnd rules ,-ird iwuf.itions hits that he has turned out were not even been issued by tin mittee. Klks bowling com- FMSCDLL IS HURT Two downs netted the Packers ' KOt "wa' for KOm" "d B""' "n only a few yards. The crowd was j had lhe 1,811 out 0f,lh,"lr danger zone, veiling "Throw a Forward" Anj I Marines Advance Hull. 1-nmbeau did. He tossed the hall tn The visitors continued their sniash- "Ruff" Warner who made a seem-' lnP "Hack and It wasn't long befor' lngly Impossible catch of the pigskin ! th"y P"'"1 t1'" Pnckirs back of mid! . . . .... . ' . i .i , .. I . . . r.rt. i.i rtAB ,1...' mm iravciisi on unui lie was dronoed i " i" "" '""" " Famous Panhandles Suffer Reversal At Hands of Chris O'Brien's Team. held tight ami Kast got the hall on a punt on the 30 yard line. The Hill- j hard in the few remaining minutes of toppers made n first down ihcn lost j play, they could not push over the the oval on a fumble on the 45 yard! winning counter. line. Time waa up for the quarter. This game will probably have con-After two rushes. Menominee siderable bearing on the high school kicked over Kast's goal line. The ball football championship of the state, was scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark, las Marinette was considered one of Kast punted and Hob Kreur, made a! the strongmt contenders, dandy return. It was the visitors' Oshkosh plays Kast High school at Woot made a good stand. On three; ball 20 yards from Kast's posts. Four Ireen Hay next Saturday and should plays her backs pushed Iwick the visit- ( downs made a first down but Kast j they win the dope would be pretty ors attack but on the fourth scrim-1 held tight on the next plays, taking much upset in this neck of the woods mage, Tappcrt waded right through the ball away from the visitors. Hur-jas to the championship. FOOTBALL SCORF over tackle for a touchdown and he the center of the line for a touch down Hatch kicked the goal. Hal lie on ftven Terms. Apnieton kicked off and for the re mainder of the period the teams bat-' kicked the goal. tied on even terms. Wert's had the Kims for Touchdowns. oval on Appleton s 40 yard marker when quarter time was called. The Purple opcius! up and ma le three flrst downs but lost the liall on Applet. id's 30 yard line. The visitors don kicked out of danger and lioh Kreure ran the hall hack to Kast's , ROCKFORD IS SNOWED ten. After three plays. Hanach slid t TTNITRI?. RV FATRTF.S We-I. Wisconsin 13. Illinois 0. Ohio State 14. Michigan 0. Minni'soia G. lieliana I). Notre Dame 7, N-'Ora: ka Kansas Aggies T. Missouri .V Kansas I t, Ames 7. Drake 41. Corm-d College . Creighton 3, Marquette . Michigan Aggie- 17. West Normal 14. CHICAno. III. loosing the (service on the Marines 14 vnr,t mir ! visitors 5 yards. Sampson made thlhiof Paddy Discoll in the first live mm- With a, touchdown in sight the Park-1 up on a rris '"ms and and the in-jutes of play, the Chicago Cardinals era played like demons. Three downs I fading halfbacks. Itegnierand Dvorak! had the buttle of their lives to defeat made alout six yards, then a plunge I smashed ahead for a couple nf mom the Nesser family and the other mem over tackle netted four. Tt wag :- ftr8t downs. When time for the quar i bcrs of the Columbus Panhandles yes- n;l,.. .1 it-.- ! .. uiifl eulleil fh. M:li-lmw h.'l.l till . ter.lfiv nl Norflial liai'k. TllO Car- " nr hum ui'K wire - - I- .' everv uten of the Wni lln the ''t virrt hrought to measure the hall. Only by I on the Packers 2.1 yurd line. , dinals got started in tho second half; ' ry stn or xn wn on h . ,Jarrt m inn won, ii in 'i, 10 "it "i ui ""! ... . , . . . i mainder of the quarter had the vis t ! or more of Chrl OP.rien's customers I 1 ors on the retreat. Several times fum Iniured u week previous, Driscoll -" - " " hti me ' T.KKOIT, Wis Scoring at willK the , ' Pcloit Fairies buried the Ilockford ' Olympics under an avalanche ol j Ko-st kicked off. Menominee lost j touchdowns by the score cf 77 to 0. I j the oval on downs. Itmheau mussed was nothing but a procession up and i up a poor pass and Hanarh came tear- down the field with the visitors in; ing through and scooping up the oval I a continuous retreat. '.,ii.l, .... u hli'l,er ." c a score. :. - ...u ... , ... ;.....! bet we ; ,n, ii ,or lieiil. I liiugru an Inch did the Packer gt a first! ln iM V-rioA both teams had tnk- rtown. ' en turns in rushing the hall with the It was goal to go. A silence swept I amount of yardage gained about even ; the field. Ijimbeau chirped his slg-1 UD 1,ut Papers had come much j na!s. the linesmen crnuv'ed. Ktaim eUwer to a score than the bulky in snapped the ball to Schmael. There I vaders. He biKited ' i K,.i,....i. ,1... hard ! " j -nomine,' ri'fi'ivi'u ugain. r.,ni j came back to i arth und for lh re- was as fierce a scrimmage as ever Carey Covers Fumble. "Ambition'' Carey on the first play In the fourth quarter covered a was carried off the field this time with a couple of smashed ribs. Paddy usually does the planning, the kicking, the pacing, and a lot of ground gain Ing. and his absence was felt for ti uprights for a field goal. It was quite some kick. Appleton kicked off again and West showed flashes of an offensive but would lose the liall .on itistly fumbles hies halted the I lilltoppcrs' advance when it seemed us if they were on tin ir way for a touchdown. When half time was called, East had the ball on Menominee's 30 yard line. Kast started proceedings In the see- j ond by kicking off. The Ked team i was going good after forcing Menomi-' nee to punt, they began a drive down i the gridiron which ended 1n a touch-i down when Hearnden shoved his nose Dalton. Wltto and Stuvengen . starred for the Fairies while Swede Krlckson and King were the lutninar-j ies for Kockford, ; St.lireil nn m rH . T' th n .1 tn ,1 nhnn Players were pulled off. Schmael was h- quarter covered a time. Then Mc.Mahon took up me . . ever the goal line. .lov ruled supreme I fumble and the Marines touchdown task of running the team, and made lowaids the .lose of the quarter, Kicks fwl. ' march was halted. The Packers good. ussmann and Ta reeled off a This touchdown tied the score The waded through for a first down and Panhandle Hr-t U Swire. "f ',ust a hall was brought out for the goal then had 1o punt. Dvorak was dropped , The teams t.attie.i on even ternus , - wi'.i"' " " '""'. kick, Cub Huck held the pigskin.)0" his 40 yard marl;. The f ciphers ! in the first half Then the break camp i kick while standing on the Purple's 30 j Cap! Iimbeau took his time and the i made a first down but lost some of, Pete Steger fumbled in mldtleld ntul yiirii mark. sphere sailed between the uprights i thi" yardage when penalized for ta,l-j Wolforth, right guard of the Pan ! Apph ton opened the second half by . for the winning point j Thev were trvlng to kill lime. handles, gathered tip the pigskin audi kicking to Wi-st. The bull seesawed j With only about five minutes to go Sampson tore off a 40 yard punt.! tore all the way to the Cardinal goal, j "P mil down the field with Utile ad i the Marines opened up with every-! oa.i ruuing over uie i.itmt- goa. w- ... s-m.. . i V. .. V ., , . ftr und thev spelled un forcing the'- line. Tt was nut In ninu mi tie LMimett Itun misled me goal una me imu ms i,.-h,i n.iuu inn ioe ...... . . . "... n.i. ,.' . . 1 .......... ....: u. (I... I Visitnrd fiillliit lh. (,,ii,iLr ,uil, t, lift "rl mar,K' M'i , w , " , , n harder i toppers held for downs on their goal through for a first down. Mlnnea-; handles leading, t to 0. , riardei . , iii ,?.,. polls braced and then came Hu. k's1 Driscoll from his blankets on thel About the middle of the quarter. I' ' ' ;"t '' " 1 "ri lo" f""1 punt which Dvorak fumbled, paving side In. made some substitutes and Tappert sot his mils on a West Hid- j "'f ' . V t ,, , the wav for the Packers touchdown. it didn't take the i-earranged lineup : ers' pass nnd this grab paved the way! ',' " T,', LieiTTii r i Kaminv Powers Stars. long to get started. Once on the road for another touchdown. The visitors! '' "rruA " K " l'e (,oa i ...... .V "' ' . i. . ... ..... .i n..,l vHe.l ....!, wt ifenomlnee ki. ke.1 off to Riley, who siuii oi me ranie were nuiocrous. ; " " .m.-i- .... - ......... ...... ... w Sammv Power covered himself with! wliistle blew, with the Cardinal on a hasty retreat. With the ball on the South Oeorgia Tech. 4. Hu'gers 14. Centre iiij, Transylvania 0. Oklahoma 28. Washington (St. 13. Tulane 7. Mississippi A & M. 0. Oklahoma Aggies 7. Arkansas 0. Maryland 10, Virginia poly 7. Vanderbllt 20, Texas 0. I. 1 : Attention! Members of Am. Fed. of Musicians. Meet thing fhey had while Packers made every play safe. The Minneapolis team received the kick off but after three downs they punted and it wasn't long ls-fore the Packers returned the ball via the same route. ltwaa the Marines hall on their 30 vard line. A forward pass netted them first down. Then Umpire Ness penalised the Packers IK yards for Inter, fering with a receiver on a forward pass. The oval rested In mldficld. ftophers Had to Punt. across the line. Jiurdun missed the ! tOmOITOW morning', 8 0 CJOCk ! me, several on sines, justly i-allea. had the Menominee rooters Isiiling mad during this drive. The vlsltnm received the next kick- T und they speeded Up I . Hilltoppers down the field. The Hill at hall to attend funeral of. Bro. Gregory Du Charme. j W.J. LUZERNE, Sec'y. Carl, ton 14. Kie.x fi. I-awrence 3tl. Il.-loit 0. Millikin VK, Augusta Hradley 2S. Illinois Colli ge n Itutler 3.!. Karlham 7. Oherlin 3S. Hiram 6. DeF'auw 21, St. Ixiuis L'., 7. I'tah 14, Colorado College 3. I', of Colorado 10. Denver 7. N. Dakota 21, S. D. university i 1-uke Forest 20. Monmouth 0. Whitman 17 Idaho 13 rii-.t. Chicago 9 Princeton 0 Penn State 21, Harvard 2'l. Yale 14. Army 7. Pittsburgh 3.1, Syracuse n. Cornell 31. Colgate 7. Dartmouth Columbia 7. Perm 21. Virginia Military 7. Ijiifuyette 2H. Forclham 7. West Virginia 0. Hurkn.l! 0. C.eorgetown I'., 2M. Holy Cross 7 W. and .1 , 1 1. Ix-igh 7. Detroit 2S. lloston College 0. Ilrown 0. Siningtield 0. Wesleya'i 7. New York I. 7. Amherst 1.1. .Mass. Aggies 0. Howdoiii Hi. t'ojby 7. Maine 7. Haies 7. Additional Sports on Page II. mildly surprised. It looked like an even battle between two good teams. and the surprise lay in the fact that 'the Maroons showed the driving power that they did against the much touted eastern stars. ' I Komnry's Work Sensational. I Through with his eastern Invasion, ' Stagg will now turn his attention to j the conference race, and It promises to he a squally autumn for all the i teams that come In contact with htm. , Quarterback Itomney stands out as one of the season's sensations, and op-I posing coaches will now reassemble their defense to play againnt this Utah ; whirlwind. ; Wisconsin again performed as expected, by scoring its third straight . win against Illinois. Richards has the I snap und dash In his back field, and ' his forwards afford good protection. ; Minnesota is not expected to offer strong opposition In tho homecoming game on Saturday, but Doc Williams is not counted out of It. Williams will j place a team on the field that will ! give the Badgers more worry than !di.l Illinois. Williams has the material. 'All he need is to get them going. Those who return to Madison for the homecoming can as4!JrB themselves of a battle. Williams may be down for 'he time being, but he I-? a long j way from out. Marquette :ubbed Its too on Creighton. Coach Ryan expect-l a different result, but Creighton won. It must he remembered thut the Omaha school is j rapidly stepping Into a better class. A week ago It defeated the Kansas Ag-j gies. 14 to 7. The Aggies turned aroun.l jon Saturday and defeated Missouri, so ' that makes Creighton look pretty good. The Hilltoppers ran into a first j class line, and while three-quarters of the game was played ln Creighton' I territory, the Marquette backs lacked !ih punch at the necessary moments. glory, getting tackle after tackle In -top, 1 the scrimmage line. Art Schmael bat-' tercd his way into the limelight. Ho proved the most consistent ground to 6. ATCHiNG the PARADj; The Gophers were forced to punt ! gainer in the Pu. kers' kick field. The and the Packers did likewise. The j mighty Ciin.lerson, Marine renter Tay eleven was smearing hard and I met his match in Klaus while the the leaders couldn't pick up much j other Creen Hay line men gave their yardage. Once more they were forced! Minneapolis opponent,, all they were' to kick and the Packers swung Into j looking for and a little bit more he-action airain on the 40 vard mark, sides. Two plays made 7 yards and Malone i Du 'oe, Hayes and Malone, the! One more victory. ten yard line, the Purple squad braced j but Jerro got over on the fourth play i for a touchdown. Itnach missed the eoal. Appli ton kicked off. Coach Vincent i put P.riese back in the game and it J fumbled, Kchorenoach covered for the ; visitors. After a few skirmishes, Ran-i a.-li shut a forward pass to Harrett :and it beat it for score. Hanach add- ed a point. McClure Intercepts Pass. ' I Kurt received the klckoff and again i Whoopee! Some battle. was given a try around end. As he was downed by Simpson the final whistle blew and the Packers marked up another milestone In their march towards a national professional foot-lll championship. The Marines won the toss nnd r-hnae to receive at the enst end of the field. Right off the hat a penalty set the Packers back 5 yards. The visitors humped Into a stonewall defense and they punted over the goal line. The Parkers scrimmaged rin the 20 yard line. Tail In Field Goal. After three downs Huck punted to T)vnrak. A couple of first downs pot the ball on the Packers 30 yard mark Here the Parkers braced nnd the visitors couldn't gain. Sampson failed In a field goal and the Packers scrimmage,! ngain on thn 20 yard mark. Two plays netted little ynrdnge and Ruck booted to mldfleld. De Moe downing Kcgnler In his tracks, about mldfleld. Here the Marines bunched a brilliant offensive with Sampson doing the most of the ground gaining. Slowly but rurely. tho Packers were forced bark Into the shadow of their own goal ports. Four successive first downs put the ovil on the Packers 4 yard line. The old Packer fighting spirit showed Itself. Three times did the flreen Ray line turn 'er bar but on the fourth crfmm.ure PvnrnV busted through for the first touchdown that has been scored on the Packers this season. Sampson flunked an easy goal trick. Packers Show Fight. The Packers kicked off. Instead of wilting away. Ihe Creen Ray team fought harder than ever. The Marines had to punt and the visitors soon recovered the oval by Intercepting a forward pass. The Gophers rushed through for a couple of first downs and they hud the baJI In mid field "when time was called for the quarter. Three line smashes gave the Marines ten yards at' the start of the second quarter. An off side put the visitors Ixirk five. They couldn't make up the distance and Sampson kicked ncrows Ihe goal line. The Packers scrimmaged on the 20 yurd marker. Buck's Ilug Punt. The Parkers smashed through for a first down. Then Cub Huck tore off a long punt and II was the Marines' ball on their 20 yard line. The vislt- Thc crowd went crazy. WhCn,Att Schmael went over. Th Marines got a rude surprise. game. newest additions to the Pucker line! up. lived up to advance notices. Del Moe und Hayes played super foot-j bull en the wing positions while Ma-J lone proved slippery us un eel when I running with the ball. For the Marines, the giant S.nnV son r.t fullbuck and Left Tackle Palmer were the outstanding stars ul though the other men on the visit ing squad showed themselves to be real footballers. The game was well handled and there was hardly un argument of anyj hours to the spectators. kind to slow up the play. Aptdo from the last play of the battle nnd once when Malone was "piled on" Ihe con test was free fvom rough stuff. I.lneun of Teams. The teams lined up .is follows: They were confident of winning the! Dund I. g. Olson r. Hongsto r. g. Talk about "rtory book" finishes, tt I Crevcore r. t. had 'em till beat. i ! Nlcjiols r. e. Rrachcr q. h. I nose last live minutes seemed HKe; .dhausen 1. h. b. Warwick r. h. b. It wns the 4urgeet crowd that ever attended a football contest here. wasn't long before he celebrated his. started a march down the field. On reappearance by getting around end Menominee's 20 yard line, they fum-and traveling to West's 10 yard line bled and the Michiganders punted out as time was called for the iH-riud. On 'of danger. The ball changed hands on the first play of the fourth quarter, j punts and Kast got going once more Rrl?se grabbed a toss from Roach for in mid field. Here McClure Intercepted the lust score of the game. The goal ;a forward pass and never stopped un-was kicked. j 1 11 he got behind the goal posts. It Th learns lined up as follows: lwa-'' "uitp a Ranach kicked the 2:l) Appleton : 8al' 1. e. Purvis! This was the last touchdown of the 1 t. Havens : Kame. In the fourth quarter, the Hill 1. g. Rerrow toppers tried everything in their offen-c. Ron! B've to get away hut the visitors would r. g Stark a'was tighten up when In the dan-r. t Jahnke ,rPr zlme- Twic0 the home team had r. e. Verstagen ! thp oval lnsi'lo of the Michiganders'' q. b. Roach!25 J'8"' linp on'y to l0H0 ,,le on ! 1. h. b.Zussman 'fumbles. When final time was called r. h. b. lirlese na" Wls ln I-:,"t's possession on1 f. b. Tappert j Menominee's 40 yard line. Umpire, Do Moo;! The tram lined up as follows: West (0) Smith I. e. Hanson I. t. Jacobs f. b. RefTcc, Wilson Packers (7) Do Moe, 1. e. Ruck, l, t. Cook, 1. fe. Klaus, c. Powers, r. g. Murray, r. t. Hayes, r. e. If licbhahn. q, b. Malone. I. h, b. Wngner. r. h. b. Hchmucl, f. h. Referee, Murphy: (0) Minneapolis I: e. Clove 1. t. Pu lmeV 1 g. (iuusleil c. (Jiinderson r. g. Kramer r , t. Krlckson r. e. Rcdcen q. b. Ursella 1. h, h. Regnler r. h, b. Dvorak f. b. Sampson Umpire N'esM. Head linesman, Runts; T.lncmen, Pope : Kast IRI About every city and town for miles' d High; Timers. Martell and O'Neill : riohorty, 1. e nine oi ponous. i- minutes; nuiistl-tiit!om Appleton, Jerro for Rrlese, Knause. for Jahnke; West, Clark for Jlrncher; Sullivan for Hongsto; Touch around had delegations ut the pigskin conflict. 4- And they nil were Packer rooters Head linesnnn, Coffeen. I.lnesm.m. Ruder and Costello. Timers, Ahrnms nnd Mitchell. Time of periods 15 lnlti-t:te5. S'lhMt ti Its Ml v nenpollr, nr beck for Ursella. Irgens for Regnler, Christensen for Cleve; Packers. Carey for Cook, Wilson for Powers, Ijini-beau for Kllebhnhn, Howard for Ma-lone. Wheeler for De Moe, Mclean for llownrd. Malone for Mclean. Touchdowns, Solimael, Dvorak. Coals kicked Iimbcnu t. finals' missed, Sampson 1. Score by periods: Packers 000 77 Marines (1 0 0 0--0 "Sec the Parkers'1 i getting to bei'l,ows' Tappert. Roach, Rriene; Field goal, , Koach: Ooals from touchdown, Hoach 2; Coals missed, Roach 1. Score by periods: Applefbn 7 3 fi 723 IR0NW00D WINS OUT AGAINST STAMBAUGH 1 RON WOOD. Mich. The mighty h.avo fallen. The Stumbaugh Miners who have ruled supreme In upper j Michigan football for Ihe last ten years were given a trimming !y the I rnn wood Legion team by the score of 14 to B. The war veterans spilled Cicrpetto the Olson Twins, und 'ill the res. of the famous Miners all r.vor the Held. Over 3.000 persons witnessed the game and Joy ran l lot lu re last nlsht. quite a Sunday hahit In this part of thn state. When the final whistle had blown and the crowd was out of the park, the strains of "On Wisconsin" still floated through the air. That Kast high Jan, band made themselves solid with the fans. Music put S'1 Into a game. Aftnr thai Packers scored, the kid musicians! brok.i loose with "Ain't We Cot Fun." "Put Incite first team." That was the wail of some of the fans during tho first quarter. These self appointed coaches did not know that Tubby Howard could hardly walk or that the doctor had (srdered limbeau not tu Play. West 0 0 Riley, 1. t. Murray, I. g. Irrnlger, c. Grimmer, r. g. Straubel, r. t. Rurdon, r. e. Charbonnonii, q. b. Skogg, 1. h. h. Ijimbenu, r. h. b 1 learnden, f. b. Referee, Do Moe STflLEYS WllTI OUT OVER MTU OH FUMBLE OF PUi T (3D .Menominee I. e., Flum 1. t.. Quist ; 1. g.. Rerger c, Fehrenharh r. g., Reck j r. t., Karlross r. e., Harrott 1 q. b F. Krcuz ! I, ,h. 1)., R. KreiiZ; r h. b McClurt! f. h. Hanach ; umpire, Krdlltz: bend linesman. Wilson; linesman, d-llck : and Doyle; timers. Ahrams and Jo--; dan; time of periods, 13 minutes; sub- Istitutlnns: Kast, Rartles for Charbon-neau. Hacker for Grimmer, Cohen for Straubel. Snuber for Crlmmer; Me- i nominee: Wertcott fo? Karlross; ; touchdowns, Hearnden, iaiiacii 2, Mc Clure. Rarrett, Heck; goals from touchdown, R, Kroux 4; goals missed, Rurdon 1, R. Kreuz 1. Score by period: Menominee 0 14 20 0-34 . Kast .'. T 0 CHICAGO. III.-Dayton's fumble of a Staley punt paved the way to a victory for tho latter ln their nr., bnttl.. Rube Ursella. the Marine quarter-1 before nbout 8.000 funs at Cub nark back was loud In praise of the Parker i yesterday. The fumble occurred late I akin fen vnrds behind tho posts with eleven. "You've got a crack bunch of j n the Ihlrd period on Dayton's twen- i out a hostile even threatening to players" said Urella "Get themty yhrd mark and a few moments ! break up the tilny. Kvldently the working together like a machine and after the teams had switched goals tolohioans were caught by surpriso. I don't think you will have to takeUinrt the final period Hie Rtarchmuk- j The game was lacking somewhat your hats off to any team In the coun-l ers scored a forward pass. Sterna- j in thrills, duo probably to tho teams try. Remember we held the Staleys j man's goal from touchdown that fob I being evenly matched. Iloth lines to a 3. lo 0 cnre last season." Mowed made the count 7 to 0 and it ! were strong hn.l if there wns un edge I remained such until the finish. i it was in the speed of the Staley Knelt Island Is lhe next foe of the I Thf. touchdown came on a long , bucks. Puekrs. The Independent play hens pnj,, made when th" Stulevs decided I Hurley In Several Kims. Style and Value A Happy Combination 9 When the quality is right and the style is the latest and best you've found the overcoat you're looking for. STIEFEL'S have some wonderful values for you in just that sort of coats. Strictly tailored and carefully finished as to detail. Handsome all-wool materials. All sizes, , styles and colors. OVERCOATS 30. on Miindiiy and mo Packers will bo;t was time to play a long chance, "rar'ln to go." All the men that played; having previously been held on Day-against the Marines will be in togs,!ton's mm ynrd mark when an nt-agaln. Frank Coughlln will be hero I tempt was made to get over by rush- ami It Is expected that Tubby How nrd's ankle will be In good shape. With this gang going right, Rock Island Is quite apt to get the same Ing luetics. 1 1 alas Scores on I'aws. With the liall on the ten yard line Sternuman mlide a lnni;- heave over dose that was handed to the Marines. , Ihe goal lino. Rains caught the pi,?- Chick Hurley und Hutch Sternum. 'in featured in this department, the for-; mer clicking off several good gains around the ends while carrying the i bull In a position to pass. The Tri-1 angles seemed so Intent on covering j the receivers that Htirlry was per- tnltted to travej fifteen to twenty! yards each time before being downed. ; The House of Kuppenheimer Good Clothes. I

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