The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT HOUR HOME BI.YTHEVrLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1049 Cheap Building Brings Warning Builders Sometimes Penny Wise and Pound Foolish Insulated Home Called a ' Economy construction docs not menu cheap construction; the two imL'st^JJot be contused by builders or the public, and cheap con.struc- tion -should be avoided in the Kc- onomy Housing Proprani now underway throughout the country, it was declared today Ijy Harold Sleeper, Columbia University. "It is -not necessary (o sacrifice 1 quality oj effect cn>i suvinps." he said. "At, such savings are only minor, but they rue costly to the lyiilder in lost prestifie nnrt the liome-buyer in m.iinlcnunco and operation of his home." Quality materials and equipment, in rjunntity and si?,rs :uiequate to i perform their proper functions, me in the opinion cf the Columbia University architect who has just finished a Id-week course for homeowners in addition la his reiulnr clashes for aivhiterlui-a! students. Tin's applies pnt tieuliuly 1o ine, plumbing and electrical installations',, nailing. inMilfUirm. framing, roof and floor construction. Healing Stressed Hen ting is at (lie lop of Mr, Sleeper's list and he stresses Ihe ncefl r for "auxiliary helps which will save their price " by lowrrinp the fuel bill." Complete insulation with full-thick butts or blrmkets of niln- ernl wool is one of his principal suggestions In this connection. ''How in.suhUlon is installed, the amount used and whether it will ELECTROtUX ...Cleaners Inspected • FREE • Prompt, Kxiicrt Repair Service at All Times a,. riioiieG138 *»*» iGuy Wright IK Kasl Davis For Economy Don't sacrifice £ood ruction principles for cbcnpncss," is the warning note builders .sound as Uin trrnri towards economy, housing prows It l.s false economy, lh«y -say, to pliminalr fundamentals, A home dcslRii, lor oxumplc, that does not include Invitation caunnL qualify as a \\~\if economy house*. FiiM costs alone, buildor.s pninl out, niake it Imperative nowadnys thai house* he insulated. Because of I ho availability of dual -purpose materials, there arc economical way.s to Insulate a house. An efficient means of retarding the passage of heat involves the use nf in.<;i] ]n tEng hoard slioaMifmji Tor single cost. It provide. 1 - both shesilh- inp and insulaiion. Allot tier way to nmkn a home raster to heal in winter find to k coaler, 111 summer is to use insulating hoard lalh AS, a pln-sler husn There nl^o are pre- finished imnl boards \vhiirh can be used a? interior finish. Yates Builds Ranch-Style Home ——rmirle.r News 1'Iiuto Of ranch-style construction, the Mike Yates home fabovc) Js located in the recently-developed Country Club Area on North Highway 61, This six-rmmi house l.s o[ frame construction with black composition root and floors of hard beech wood. H has two baths. The walls ore of .smooth plaster. Two ihei'moslalically- con trolled oil-burnt tig floor furnaces heat the house, which is insulated and weather-stripped.. . Modern Trend Is Toward Increased Use of Glass in Houses of All Sizes Elect r«lux Vacuum Cleaners Arc Now Available become \vnier-loRRed Is of primarj Impnrtanco," he says. "Insulation l.s a much-abused, misunderstood term Tlicre is a lot nf difference between Ihe hfph efficiency nf Inches of mineral wool and .* other substance." No mailer what type of healing 8 plant is used, it must be adequate to heat each room to 70 decrees when outdoor temperature is zero, and should lie so granted In writing by the contractor, arcoidiup to Ihe architect. To attain that result at lowest cost, he insists that tlnhl- fitline .storm windows nnd doors be provided, Hint all outside walls and the roof urea be insulated full- thick with mineral wool, and thai melal weather-strip be used on all window* nnd doors. Safe Wiring ITrRrcl Skimpy plumbing and Inadequate i clrclric wirlnp are false economies. Mr. Sleeper maintains. Waste, and supply pipes larger that a bare minimum, soil and wnstc .pipes covered with one Inch of hair foil to •reduce noise, nnd elimination of water hammer with an air cushion or spring valve are marks of quality j const nirlloii. No electric circuit should serve more than T>00 square [ feet of hnnsc area and have no ' more than 10 outlets per circuit. A separate kitchen circuit, a I single circuit for an electric range I with no oi.her outlet ou it. and sMIl ! another Individual circuit for an clr-ctvlc water hcntrr arc advocated Circuit breakers instead of conventional fuses and use of No. 12 wire are other recommendation, 1 ). its interior surface Is I $10.000 Is •I^^Bl^M**^^^^^^^^^"— FREE CEILING PAPER Today's architectural Irend is !o-< ward extensive use of glass for light and open planning in homes ol every sl/c. Kntlre walls are. often made of glass even in modest-cos I Glass-makers have reduced the heal transmission of larpe slnss surfaces by developing double-thick panes with a dc^o" air space between. In winter these two thick- nesses have Insulating properties similar lo storm windows and help retain nrllHclnl heat, but for greatest, comfort walls and windows should be as warm as possible. When the sun is not shining on the i. eolder ihaii room air nnd body heat moves rapidly to the cold surface. This condition is corrected. (11 by pin ring a base boa rd r nd in lor or warm ntr duct beneath the window for its entire width (o warm the phiss. and <!>> bv Insulating walls and roof full thick with mineral wool (o bring walls and ceiling to within 2 or 3 degrees of root»: air temperature and prevent excessive cape of heat through them. The baseboard radiator or duct is suggested because today's window-walls extend lo within a few Inches of the floor, precluding use of standard sixed radiators or grilles. Unless shielded from summer sun. windows make the Interior of the house unbearably hot. Drawing shadr-s destroys the advantages of the picture window or window-wall so architects shade windows with extremely broad caves. In the case ol remodeled older houses where it is impractical to extend the caves, shading is accomplished with a , pergola or lattice. For greater summer comfort, the shadec" windows should be augmented wtth mineral wool insulation which will pi-event penetration of exce.vive heat through superheated exterior walls and roof. 11 Seek Permits For $20750 in Planned Building Applications for 11 residential construction and one business building permits luwe been filed during the past two weeks in Ihe office of City Engineer Joe Carney. Total estimated value of the pro- I posed construction is S20.T50. according to the applications. Of this. Real Estate Transfers the for estimated cost, which a permit of Yes, with every purchase of sirtewull and border at • our money saving low prices, we will give KHEK the necessary ceiling paper. This special offer is good for just Ihe next 10 Hays. Come in nnd sec our complete selection of patterns and colors. E. C, Robinson Lbr. Co. I'hone 551 "Friendly Building Service" Blylhcville, Ark. Floors Now Used As Basic Part of Interior Design In:prior designers r.ovr use th Moor a* a part ol home ries- ien because the floor determine. 1 * whether a room appear* large or small, over-furnished or under-fnr- niMird, int*re-sling or drap. lively I or di;l!. The desired effec' : i aiuin- i ed by the u;e of floor colors and i patterns. In today's small home, too much furniture creates a .space problem 1 Even in a large house, over-furmsh- I itic make-- rooms stuffy: yet no I should appear barren and bleak. Tn rithrr a. l?.r?c or small room, the floor can trive an impression of 11-hiled ^-p?.cc without cramming | the room with chairs anrt tables. Small ronnij; appear larcpr with cream, liehl buff or other pale hade* of red, gray, crren or blue . 'Hie reverse is irue in I m.» whrre dark floor rotors anri larrr pattern* should predominate With thp «ieat varirtv of colors now available, asphalt tile has bc- one home sought. These ]>ermit-s wore applied for by: C. Abraham, for a one-room cafe on South Broadway between Ash ' Street and the JLC & E railroad; estimated cost, $1.000, Charlie and Mat tie Bell Driver. for a three-room frame residence at E)!7 South 15th; estimated cos!. 600. Doris Ijim, for a one-room con- rcte block store In Gates Addition; Jttlnintcri cost. S2.0GO. Sinunie Chandler, for a four and itic-half room frame residence at 102 Clark: estimated cost. SI.400. Lloyd Kolwyck, for a frame gar\Ke at 2040 Chickasawba; estimated cast, $450. Lawrence Fulcrham. foi a fivc- •(.10in frnniR tesidencp. in Flu^ham's Addition: estimated cost. $2,500. L. Fowler, for a two-room frame residence at 126 South Ward; estimated cost, $1,000. W. J. Humphrey, for u two-room frame residence at 501 East Cherry; estimated cost. $500. CalHe Logan, for a two-room frame residence in Pride Addition; estimated cast. $800. Johnny Ma IT, for a five-room frame residence on Marr Ave.; estimated cost. $10.000. Ozie Davis, for a frame residence nt 1023 South Lake; estimated cost, $2.000. One of the largest continuous Irrigated sections in thp United States is the seel ion in southern Idaho irrigated by the American Falls dam and reservoir. come extremely popular with Interior designers because of its color nd pattern possibilities. «'hu'k:ts:nvlKi District) E. R. Smith and Lula K. Smith to Jewel Smith, *1 interest in He.5 feet of Lot 7 of Ihe Halsell addition. $15.000 plus an unpaid balance 1 of $35.000. Farnsworlli Evans Black anil Kathleen Bhick to George L. and Kate Mini 1 , plot 150 by 400 feet in W'y of NW'i of Section 10-15N-11E, S2BQO. A, M. and Lenora Brit lain to Joe F. and Mayme Lee Waldrup. N'.L- of Lot 5, Block 4 of the Barren and Lilly Addition, $100. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to William F- and Jlmmic Bear. North 123 feet of Lot, S. mock '2 ol the Dougim Addition. $10 and other consideration. Rudy Blankenshlp and imo Blankenship lo W. A. and Lola Sharp. Lot 1, Block 2 ol the Fai-vlew Addition, SI.150. Ruby Taylor to J E. Stevenson. ! Jr.. Lot 2 of Block 9 of the Ruddle I Heights Addition. $1,500. i Norman Shields and Claudine ; Shields to Robert L. and Juanitn AT. Cunningham. Lot 8 of the Re- plut of the O. S. R.itlison Subdivision. $5,000. Norman and Claud!ne Shields to Dale Warren and Ruth A. Carpenter. Lot ;j of Block 4 of the Maybell Addition. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to William S. GiMxiw and Jewell Gilbow. Lot 12 of Block 3 of thr William Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $700. Max ant 1 Annie I-nurie Logan to D. E, and Dollie T. ftoblson. Lot 10 of Block 3 ot the William Le.c Walker Second Subdivision, $700. Max and Annie Laurie Lo<*an to Forrest J. and Lou Ella Jumttt, ,ot 3 of Block 3 of the William Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $700. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Wallace J. and Evelyn Cupplcs. Lot i:i of Block 3 of the William Lee, Walker Second Subdivision. $700. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Wayne and Rachel Shelton, Lot 7 of Block 3 of the William Lee Winker Second Subdivision, $700, Mrs. T. B. Travis walpnlc to James F. Wren arid Frances Nadinc Wren. N ! » of Lot 21, Block "C of the Hollandale Addition, $2.300. Johnny and Mary Kathryn Marr and Russell and Marguerite Marr to Henry and Geneva Kvclyn Woods, a plot 200 by ?QO feet In Section y- 15-N-L1E. $5,000. Lois Gammons to Bert and Ola I Hay Ross, 90 feet Ox Lot 8 in Block Rente! Control Law Analyzed Landlords Allowed Compensation for Repairs to Property x Area rent Director C, A. Cunningham pointed nut today that fair net operating income is only one of several adjustment provisions open to IP milords for obtaining rent increases when justified. 'Four principal adjustment provisions continue in effect," Mr. Cunningham said. 'They arc major capital improvements, comparability, .substantial nu-i ease in occupancy, and increase In services, | furniture or furnishings. 'This means that landlords can Mill fid more rent for improving their rental units or for belter service to tennnt.s. Tt also menus that no landlord is required to maintain renls below the level generally prevail ing for comparable controlled accommodations/' the Rent Director added. In order to qualify for a rent, increase for making major capital improvements to his rental unit, a landlord do more than ordinary rensur or replacement, the rent dilvctor explained. Examples of the kind ot project that will earn higher rental are the addition of an extra room or bath, modernizing an old kitchen with new. up-to-date I fixtures, or completely rehabilitate- ! ing the rental unit. When granted, the adjustment will reflect the dif- terence in rrntal value of the property as well as increased costs of construction, Suostantial increases in services, ftirniUue or furnishings will alas brine; the landlord a higher rental, depending ujson the value of the added feature, Include such items as Ihe replacement of an ice- l)ox will) a mechanical refrigerator or furnishing heat to a tenant who had previously heated the unit at his o\vn expense, In such cases, the landlord -should get the approval of the tenant before making the change. ATTIC FANS Hoi Weather Is Jusl Aruund the Corner. We hnvc window fans and alltu fans, 18 inch to 48," They Will Do llic Job. Xo down payment mid 3G months tu COMFORTABLE. if you wbh. BE E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 551 fQK LASTING 9CAU7Y (/5F-J PITTSBURGH $ 6 2JH1 **»*wi%O'f1 PUN-PROOF House Paint oun-Proof Two-Coat House Painlinq System equals the performance ol three coats of old type paint, while saving you the extra material and labor cost oi a third coal. Sun-Prooi is extra durable because it is made with "Vitalized Oil" which stays in the paint film keeping il live, tough, and elastic. PITTSBURGH PAINTS IOOK BjEirreR LONGER? Com« In todoy (or ME! bookUl, "Color Dynamic, (or Your Horn." Hubbard Hardware, Inc. 1 of the Park Addition, $4.250. O. S. and Eula Rollison to Norman and clniuline Shields, Lot H of the Rcplivt ol the Rollison Subdivision in SE'.l of NE',.1 of Section 9-15N-11E. S750. Mrs. ,J. EJ. McFarland to Gary Mc- Farlamt, North 50 feel of the South GO (eet of Lot 1 of the Block 3 In Ihr: Mni'sh Addition, $1 and other coiiMrieration. D. S. and Lorena Hay to Hovel Floyd Bufforci and Edith I.sbell Jones, a plot 72 by 208 feet in Section 28-1SN-11E, "S42S. Floyd Bufforri and Edith Isuell Jones to D. S. Hay, a plot 208 by 72 feet in Section 28-15N-UE, SI and other consideration. 213 \Vcsl Main I'hone 2015 Scott Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Belter Signs • Better Service 808 No. Franklin Phone 3203 EASY TERMS a \*\\i your electrical appliances in lip-top shape the jttlikkcsl, mosl economical way possible. Tbe cxperl repairmen al Charley's Klcctvic Shop can actually save, yiju a great deal nf money l>y doing: the job before the appliance needs replacing . . . and oy doing the job expertly. Our Stale Contractor's License Number , . . CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP with th* j CRANE NEUDAY GROUP Fine appearance plus lop quality— lhAt's the Crane Neiulay group. Matched styling. Gleaming white, C;,m-co-clcan surf.ices. Huilt-in convenience requires. Sturdy corn true- lion for years of tough service. New tMiginCering—.such ,is Crtftttivnf faucets with Ditfl'tte controls—for easy, irouMe-free operation. The Crane NeuJajr group is priccil U> fit ihe most closcljr watched Inidg. t.^. See us for <»niplei< inforniAiion. "PETE" THE PLUMBER Everybody's Pointing to HOTPOINT REFRIGERATOR for 1949 COME IN AND SEE Hotpoint's eight new refrigerator models for 1049. See how Hotpoint's revolutionary design gives you cstra shelf space, storage space and convenience! You have room for more foods, more tall bottles than ever! Packed with kitchcn-plarned features, beauty,quality and price, Hotpoint is outstanding among fine refrigerators! $229 EASY TERMS 112 South 5th Phone 2993 fln No. 1st. I'hone 27Ii Good-by . . . hot house! Here's a vacation adventure complete with wonderful seaside bree/es ri'shf in your own home! Restful sleeping coinfort at night . , . cool, invigorsling bree/es during the day . . , even in the most stifling hot weather. The pleasure is all yours with a Coolair Breeze Conditioning Fan, and for only a few cents a day! BUILDER'S SUPPLY, Co., Inc. W. H. l'cns« J. Wilson Henry "Everything /or the Builder" REFRIGERATORS BLAN HEATH CO. 112 North First Phone 818

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