The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1930 ntA'THRVILI.K, (ARK.) COURIRU PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* » <eord lor Bret la- tertlon and me cent a word for eaen §ub»equtnt Inter- tlou. NQ idwrtUwnent Ukeu tor less thui 60c. Count th« words and ceud to* t»"tl. Phone SO* TDK SALE FOR SALE Bargains Used Cars 'Heoirt^Hun / v/ LAURA LOU BROOKMAN &W ^ , n ^n A MC W' AUTHOP OC "QAfiU ROMANCE* V^ © \96O &</ NL 1QJG FQKU 11128 I-OKI) IMS I'OHI> 1 TOX TRUCK S 05 l!i TON TKUCK S2U5 I'.i TON TUL'CK. SM5 ISiS I'Olil) Hi TON" TRUCK. S395 1520 1NTI2UNAT10NAL TIIK. S135 1023 I-'OllD Tt'UOU SEDAN SI 1130 FOEI> FOltDOK SKDAN $455 13GO FORD Tl'nOK SKDAN $125 1K7 I-'OUU !£ TON TIIUCK S 85 11K8 CHUVSLtU "02" COA<JH S«3 1929 LATE FOR!) COLTE $335 1920 C11II Y S L E U "IS" ROADSTE1C 3515 1920 I'OUU Sl'OKT HOSIER ?295 1928 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $205 \'our old car will apply on the down payment; weekly, monthly or fall terms. Call 811 TODAY. 1'HILUI'S MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer. iu:<;is mini; TODAY ci:i.i,\ Mrrciu:i,L, 17. irn\r* trllh l:t r • raiium-i* mother, .',] AlCCrXUMT UOraWS, (n JuLJi IIIT x^ltli) fnlhfi. Jiill.V >1IT( Ili:i,l, iti Xviv Vork. Tlic linn-M* nrc dEluH-i'd lint) MT». tlut;rr» !• • wlUott 1 folJu^lnB n BCoinJ innr« il.uV.MlY SI|]i:i,l>S,, iifu.- paiirr lilniluzrnpUrr, U In lute Hill, cl.r Klrl. Mllrlu-ll :i>k. i:vi:- I.V.V PAIISOVS, iK-uullful iiltluiT, oflirr jeitiit£ [i,-«i|ilr, >tr«. I'nr- •onr. u;;rcr*, f"Nxlcli'rln*; (vllu n fJf.n, (n Ml,i llh.-Iii-ll'i niri-rlluns, Slu- MUNI lirruiuos Jflllmii of Ihi- r-lrl nii,l *r)it>ii><-< n, >.•>•! rtil nl t-u-r tuct'n Ti-lln* wild TOJJ JOIMIA.V, fcikclnntliii; liut of dubli-UK cluir- Allliuiiizh MEIrbHI (urlilds Otln hi •!•<• -Itirilnn fchr KKC" iiloilll villh Ihr yiiitn^ limn frr«jiu-nll>. I.ISI ni.M'AN. :\ Klrl nt Olln'n Ml! I', Ijrriiinr* bpr lujnl (rlrnd. ShU'Ms cmurK <<> \i-ii VorEc [o ^ijrk (or n l>lii)|i,^rn|iliU- Ren Ire lnul UIIM-EI CvlUi. She tell* Mill tlie ha* lurl IUT Iicarl to Jnrilcn,, llr.ill/.-illon clial U I lo IVIIlt llu- FOR KENT She saw nt onco that she could ot risk tho encounter. It was Ifflcnll to wait, but Cella, set r T FOR RENT—Front bea room, stiam heated, a coining ball:. 603 West, Main. Phone 642. 3C-TF FOR RENT — Furnished apartment, garage it .desired. 305 Dousan. 3P-K7 FOR RENT — Modern home on West Walnut. See G. G. Cnudlll. 3P-KL3 FOR RENT — Modern five room home corner Ash and Division. Apply 1315 West llain. 3C-KC FOR RENT—Five room house I" IOW block on Ash at. Call M. O. Goodwin. 4C-TK WAIsTED WANTED — Family Washings. •.Vashed and ironed by eompe- tent' white woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 & Lake SI. 17ck-tf WANTED—White housekeeper for family oi lour. Must be iiear ndddle age and settled. Phone 726 or 333. 3C-K6 liurntiiK luilliMni:. II i'«cri[i<-A niibnrl c.ii-i-i»l for hn,kc-ri nrm. Mm. I'.lrnr.t^, \\h l,rt-li>Mil» 10 In- frtriidly lo shlr-ld 1 Ki:r» lo nllclu-ll nud li-lli lili (\']l:i N nirrflnir tbe joune ni.-in 'Hint nflMTimim OUn Shlc-ldf uri 1 jtlralllnK <n£r nhon Jlllrhill mii,cnr>. IK- ilN- nils-ir. Sl,lvld> tmd Inkr^ IVIIri lionie »\ lu-re Ibey linve n tirjiird tir^iinii-til. >U*. I'/irifOiih nrrlvri [mil ilrnlc-^ Kbe liriM ever lilrr ShifliiM. Ci-llH ru^lie* fr Ilic NOW CO O.\ WITH TIIK MOHV CHAPTER xr,vii was I-^velya Partons' falsity as ranch as Mitchell's anger Ibat FL-nt Cclia running from liie room. Hoi. indignant tears coursoil tbe girl's checks anil sobs shook ber sbculdcrs. After slie was calm enough to tbluk K!\O knew exactly sviiat sbe ratiBt do. Tbero was a [elepbono In tbe room. Cclia lifted Ilia instrument r.utl gave tbe ojieralor a number before tlic call was answered she rbanged ber nilnil and set tlic tel- ! eplione do'.vn. ft was after six o'clock. In another part of llic apartment preparations for dinner must be going en. Evelyn must bs dressing and the maid would t.e lielplng her. Thf?re ivas no sounci of life, bow- ever, outside llie door of Colla'B room. The Ctrl made her preparations s-vlftly. S!;e dried ber eyes and tried to erase their swollen red- IICE-. Then she Rot out her traveling t:ag. opened it and tossed In garments anil toilet articles. Sbe changed to a plain dark frock and pulled a felt bat over her head. Sbe barely glanced at tbe mirror, as sbe threw (he thiugs on. Spesd vas what counted! There was enough money In her mac. Celia counted It. Twenty- own tho tiavellug ba:;. She ropiicd Into n dmlr. Ono fool apped iierrously. After n mo- icnt slio rose, walked to tho win' ow and Mien £at down again. She ad never known time to pass so lowly. Ai seven o'clock Cella could etc- ay no longer. U Milelicil was here lie and Evelyn would bo at ho dinner table. As noiselessly IH possible filio opened llie door. Light from the living room g\tamcd in Ui« hallway. Colla crept gingerly along. Sho bosl teted. saw that there was no out the room bsyontl and reac'.iei the llvliiu room. Il was deserteil A moment more and sho hat readied tho rtoor loading into tue corrlilor. No one had seen her! Celia was breathing rapidly ns sho Etejincd out on tlie street a few minutes later. "Do yon wish a cab, raad.mi?" U ivns the llverk'il doorman who asked the miesllon. Tho slvl nodded. When the cab drew up she entered and Eah!; hack against he seat, grateful for the shadowed darkness. She told tho driver lo ko her to Grand Control station. icr father considered Itic .unerlor to him. HOT checks flnsbcil. Thero were olbcr things be young man must be mailo lo uudei'Etftnd. Cella decided to wnlt half an bour and then telephone. Unrnoy was vrobably out at dinner. She insdo her way lliroiiKH tbe abyrlmhe corridors of the eiiitlon mull Elio reached tbo street. Lights glared and (ho Bltiowulk was crowded. Sbu became lost hi the nnrge «l Iraillc nl n htrccl Inlersvcllon. U)' whit seemed n itilrnclo sho reached llio other side ot the uvnriU lliot- ouglitare. Tbe sidewalk was lined ivilh a host of unall slioiis. cacb with brightly Itghtcil windows. 1 Cella Etndied them aa she paEsed. Suddenly she cuw that U was clgbl o'clock. Sbs bctan lo walk swiftly, then, realizing naively that there wero telophouc'3 all about, slio entered a drug store, fo;md a booth and again called Shields' club. r l">IIK same roico answered. There the fume spelling of the nd delay befcro the oner for l::ii:K-.V. Sbo tapped lier heel ncr\.:-,i,]y ns sho wnltcd. H fJ:ne nt lust: "Mr. Shields Is 'i '«, madam." "-'H—lisKii'l bo been In? t l -l 'i culler and Icfl a message. " KM* kiiuw If be received it?" 'il.o ,!,-rk'« volrc carac ti:ick over i'- 1 Mn:: "There's no inss^nui) In It s.'.k-lds' bus. \Ylinl llmo iHil i''.i ^ay you called?" >''ha told him, ".'l;vn bu bV.oulil liavc (mil your i-i -:i«. Do yuu care to leave any usikir wunl?" "No. tliiinU yon." HEY reached tlso railway tor- alcr rciiortod, ".Mr. Shields Is uol Ctlia tlioufibl rapidly. There was no number that she could l?4fc, no wiiy for Barney, lo reach her. Yet she must sea him. nilnal. Cella paid the cab I "Can 1 leave a message!" she driver, picked up her bag and went i Inside. Sbe walked until she j found an array of telephones. There she gave llio number of Harn»y's club and waited. A feminine voice answered. "Js Mr. Barney Shields In?" Celia asked. "What was the name, please?" "Shields. liarney Shields. I'd! like to speak to him. please." ; 'How do you spell tlie name. I ma'am?" | "S h I o t d 3—Shields!" "Ono moment," the laconic soprano voice replied, "I'll see If lie's in." The air In Hie booth was Etuffy. Cclia's pulse was racing and she ielt faint. She clung for support to Ihe Elielt ou which the telephone rested. Minutes seemed to pass before tho soprano voice ayain answered. "CVrtalnly, madam." "Will yon Icll Mr. Shields Ibat Miss Mitchell telephoned and that sbe ivlll call again!" Tl:e eirl at llie other cud of llio connection repeated the nii'tfsagc. I She assured Cclia it would bo delivered. It wa:;' n problem to know what to do after that. Although she bad had no tccil tlio thought, of eating did not occur to Celta. She wandered back to Urand Contra! Station. Inquired about, trains to Hal- litr.oro and WES given a marked lime lablc. JltiEses for the last train checked departed at 10:-10. Cella walked out on Uio street a£ain. A blaze ot electricity sumo distance up LcsUigton Rvenuc at- Inctcd her. It was a motion picture theater. CYlia boirght a ticket nntl wont inside. An usher conducted her lo do! S.i,li|M|,ly Cella Mitchell felt t :i litllo girl n^aln, Irlgiv :I|MI~C<| [tnd gro:itly In IK\ ot rui-ifuitliiB. Slio lauded 'or iirn- Irrtins arms Bbont her and n uliuiil- der uu which she could rcsi her bi,',:l am! weep oul lier nilrcry. She v::tuc.l (be one [le'rann who alwuya ti:u!ciflooil —her iiiolhcr. Shi; tiHnVcd tbc tcAfa back, ttit o>.s soutlu llio bis flalloii and I'M nearly ran to tbe chccktut; stsr.d to gel her bag, Tbero wai a !inc walliii]; In-fore the llrlm wlnilijw. bni yho teok ber place and tv'.»il 10 muster her Impatience. "You have two nilnules to nniko it!" llie salesman calil crisply tu be handed over the slip of p.'isli.- boatd. A itd-caiipod vorlcr offered as- r.i'-.t.;nce. He k'd u!( on n run and Celia followed. Urcatlilcsa i;lie swuns Into the Irust renialnlns bua seat. Colla leaned buck and closed her eyes. When It was lino to transfer friiin bun to train sbe realized Hint tier ticket was fur the dny conch. Tho conductor offered to see !f slie could transfer to a i'nll- n:an. After 10 nilniites ho ro- OUR BOARDING HOUSE ,CSF" LOdiPOK, Wr(Q WAS MV (SRACtOUS rfflS-f FOR A WIMP3AMMER He PRAcafiEP AMcHoR A MAKlliFACUiRER TOR wHicM lie WAS PE-RStiADEP SIR "fo BE QOR GuesY < WHILE HERE /---r\ .. J c BRIM a Vou UilYrl His -TRIP TO "I 1 m sorry. .Mr. Shields is uot a sea t. The drama bciiig ittiroelctl here, madam. Vv'ill you leave :i WANTED—Family wnshlnss, blankets, quilts. Mrs. Farmer. V03 Lake St, 3P-K10 FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR RENT. A pretty place. Rent $25.00 month. Thomas Land Co. . 5C-KIO PKRSONAr- four dollars and -10 cotily. picked up lior gloves niid" rpntly to leave. Celin had one hatid ou tho tlaor knob \vheu she stoptJeil. Supjioso her father had not gone! Ho anil Evelyn might still be In the living room and slie number?" "He's not there?" "Mo. ma'am. %Yoiilt) you like to i [ Caso f rom leave a number for him to call?" No. thank you." Celia put was near iis mid-point, quite unintelligible. but the girl felt comloit- ed by tbo darkness mid blcpsed ro- "Sorry, Miss. Kverydiin^'s lakcsu It's in^siblo there'll lio u CEHicet- atiiin." C'eJIa thanked him and szlilnl hack against llic dusty car seat. How very Uteri she was! Her i-yca closed. Kcveinl liinca she stirred. jfrinvuid ;it rliu llghls ami twisted- into greater cotiitort Hliu sleiil soundly. Then sbo heard l!ic con- tlutlor trying to rouse her. ••Thin is Dnlliniorc!" ho scvid. Celia ruhhed her eyes, p^t up n!i;l gathered logcllicr her posFcssions. BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES JUST WAIT! By Martin you. down the telephone and stepped out of the hooth. She She had to see Damcy! That :31 thought xs'as uppermost in the liava tb« door. girl's mind. She had to Bar- se and clangor. It w.s crr.y morning ivhen the She had not noticed the lille ot ' ^I'tird out on llio Mount Royal the film. Familiar faces of nctors :I (l " tf " n!1 aul1 ll;lllei! A c:ib - A lre and acires?es j:aF5cil before her and she scarcely s.v.v them, membcrcil, IhoiiBh, fiom Sboire time to lime, to glance at her watch. iiiendona trcnso of. excitement , j stirred I'.cr ay she rodo through Ihe ;..- liiar ntrcels. The; 1 reached her former Iionie. When it was almost 10 o'clock | Celia ran n|i tho stcns. licamiiii lies' and tell him U had nil heeni Celia left )ho theater. Sho ro-', breathless, she r-npcJ on Iho door a mislake In tlio afternoon. She: turned to the station and the must apologize for wliat her father! hnoth from v.-liero she had f.rst had said. Stic oould not leave and I telephoned. It was a man's vulco have Barn«v Sliu-^dv tliink sho and I that 8iiB»'ercd Atain Celtn ashed of tho thiriM!o-.*r apartment. SUs rapped a second time. There «-a3 no AIISV.I.T. (To lie CuiitinuriU TAXI—F. A. McGKEGOH Day cr Kijhl Service, Phone 1C.! 1C-K30' New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 5. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open llii;h Low Ciose Dec 1100 1110 1080 1037 Jan 1120 1124 1095 1101 point and add capers and parsley. Heat and add cream. Bring to boiling point but do not let boil. Serve at once. A fish sauce often must sup;>ly fat, since some fish, such as tl'.2 cod, carry all their fiu iu the liver. Thp sauce a!so must take care of pa Ac pr ei SC licit butter and rtir flour and parsley. Stir anti cook until frothy. blespcons lemon juice-. 1-4 icaspaon mustard, 1-2 teasi>oon paprikaj Add sail and milk slowly, stirring cup cream. f conslantls'. Bring to Ihe boiling! Mc n butter and ac'.cl oiilcn. Cook | p-int and siniEi^r five minutes. Add] over a low fm; for ten minutes/ OPPORTUNITY—Our baby grand, 18-l:olc portable indoor golf course is a bi^ money maker anti costs you less. Write Chas. L. Lovesy. stats distributor, Rnsscll- villc. Ark. 5P-K7 I Mar. July Oct. BARBKIt DIES AT CIIA1K LONDON. IUP)—Just as he was preparing to shave u customer, John Carr, 40 barber collapsed of a heart attack and died. i WERT i lie Makes'Em Set V. It. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver Irclght and pacitage-s anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. 1/ocal I'hont. 851 Memphis 1'lionc 3-93; lift! 1188 1209 1150 1173 1190 1213 1120 114-t 1161 1189 1120 1149 11Q8 1190 and egg cut in slices. Serve at once A tart sauce is often wanted v.:;h letlir/! onion broivn slightly. Stir in (lour. salt, mustard acid paprika siitecl tojctlier. Co:.'k until frothy the fish. ., tlltt _____ ..... _ ...... _____ . .. ------ — ciryi:css of many varieties of ; fish and veal. The following Ionia- j and slowly add water, stirring con- to tatice is delicious with c'-tlwr. Spots 10B3, oil 2C. Nciv York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 5. (UP)-Cc.l- :on clexscd steady. Open High Low Close Dec. old 1103 1106 1050 1090 Dec. new 1105 1111 _, , ., i ^ , ,. Rich Fish Sauce- Tomato Sauce Three tablespoons butter, 2 Uv I 1-oiir tablespoons butler, 2 lake- j blespoons Hour, 1-2 leaspojn sal!.isp:ons minced onion. 1-2 tcaspcon 2 cups milk. 1 tablespoon minced j ball. 2 tablespoons flour, 1 cup wi>- gherkins, 2 tablespoons minced 'tor, 1 cup silled canned tomatoes, parsley, 1 hard ccoked egg. 1 tablespoon minced parsley. 2 t.i- | Read Courier News Want Arts. Jan. olrl 1124 Jan. new 1120 Mar 1148 May .... 1108 July .... 1187 Del 1216 112-1 1125 1150 1H2 1191 1219 1183 1101 1198 1124 1148 1104 1100 1180 1112 1105 1130 1151 1173 1190 Spots 095, ofi 25. SPECIAL -Merchants Lunch 35c TOM'S CAFE ', slamly. Add tomatoes and pars- 1 ley and tiiumer 20 niinules. Rub i through a strainer and stir in 1cm- on , nice. Rehcnl rmd ndcl cream , ' u-incralure I ,.;'' . , c ' ' ' S5STEP ' 'ITCHEN BY SISTKR -MARY XKA Srrvice Writer as whipped cream makes 1'aviap anil Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Due (;. (;. CAUDH.I., Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Hank Bldg. NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Geo, Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickukk Buililinj; t "We know we know how" the pinnies: pudding into something) quite fostlve and attiaclive. so very, WASH TUIJUS cflrn n proiicrly cl-.osen sauce i — makes a chrni> cut. of meat or fish most appetizing. The niifsion of any sauc.: is toj accompany, amid it must ulend in' both flavor and texture with tliej main dish. Sometimes it must add I i flavor to a food which is somewhat I 1 Useless, and at other times ,tlio sauci- must sofl,:n a loo pronounced flavor in a food. If more tooks would serve cai»r sauce with mutton they would find this excellent and inexpensive n:-:at move popular. Crtlior S.iuce Two (ablCfiXMns b:iltci. 2 table sponns flcur. 1-2 cuj) wnlcr, 1 cup mutton broth, 4 tablespoons cap- crf. 1 table.-itoon minccrl parsley. 1-2 cui< cream. ^!?it, bnlter and stir in flonr Cook and it:; 1 unlil frothy. Add broth and water slowly, tlirring constantly. Bring to the boiling IN ULACK CAVERN! FHECKLUS AND HIS FRIENDS IS TVS6 FIGST fee. THAT EC96 THAT ITo OW.IU3 CLOSES. To Tlie VJ£'G6 & DOT O? TO'S \NATES. A LAST " AfJO TVS O'-o ws A2£ STILL IW G6TTIHS FROM .... LOOK AT THE PICK.LS IK) NOVJ TH61B. HEADS ABO\)G fHE" IWUY VJATERS OF IM1KIK CRKATEST KNKMY XOU »OM'T KNOW VSOTTN W-tNV. 1 . •R033tO TW ViC WhW JUSTICE! tE TrttV VIUCU TrtE CTrtt9; GUY? ftf) W.UKO ft ELS UVJ-EVTS EU&16DOVEM WITU W-l WS OOU&IU wews wit CfvNT WIRE BOW, ENS^. VT GET TO TW H NN MONETS HIT Ht VllTH AMY'-'- Bt^7E& 1 l MEVtR EVEN SAVrt UH-; - (v,WH SCOUNPREL MO&f £ KT v^lS UW£ST TVSWMW >•. H\S lON6-Ulfc)T£P BE<.'£N6g.^_J

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