Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on November 21, 1921 · Page 13
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 13

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 13
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GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 21, 192T. 13 Green Bay Eleven Ties Crack Chicago Team 3 to 3 on Water Soaked G r i diron; Lambeau k and Schmael Star. 81 NDAVS MM I -T8. Parkers :t, Cardinals ;i. Ntalrys It, Cleveland 7. Kaoinr 0, A in us A. 0. 0. Rock IhIiumI M, Duluth 0. BY CAJU CHICAGO, 111. Charlie Hay In famous movie, Two ijinutes to flu" hasn't gut anything on Paddy Dris-ooll, who plays quarterback fof the Chicago Cardlmila. The former North-Western star took victory out of tin' Qrren Hay Packers hands in the Kimc at Normal park, Chicago on Sunday hy a drop kpM with Ml ( to n minute., to play knotting th count at 3 all. For three quarters the teams buttled along about even U0 ''' the Cardinals had a shade In the first two quarters but in tha final half, the Hackers more than offset the advantage piliM up by thrir opponents in tlv first two periods. kiiiihIi otwM Qffmtfc The Packers Henri; came carlv In j the third quurtrr after the Oreon TViy team had laiinrbed spirited OffelB slve which hud taken the bull into the Cardinals termor; The ball v resting on the Cardinals' 30 yard line. Three plays went nHtray. Komhcaa attempted one kick and the tmll whh partly blocked but a Packer forward ', covered and It was (been Bay 'g ball on the 20 yard line. The Cardinal he tiled bard In the shadow of their goal posts. Three times their forward wall held tight against the onslaught of the Packer squad. It was fourth down about 7 -to fro. Lamb an stepped beefc for place kick wtlh Cub Pack set to hold the ball. Buck was kneeling In about two inelli'n of mud and water. It was n 10 to 1 shot that I.ltnhi :.u consider-Ing the condition nf the field and the slippery ball rouldn't come through but he did. A Perfect Murray shot the ball hack perfectly j to Buck, the line held tlghl giving I Curly plenty of time The Packer Ogjllaln took two short stepH and hla trusty right f'sit eonoerted so'inr"!v with the hall. Ttw- oval turned over or of lually In the air and It seemed as if it might fall short ,.f the uprights. That half second seemed like an hour but finally the ball cleared the cross bar with atsiut two feel to pare and Joy ran riot in the Green Ttsy rooterH section. Following this lit lil goal, tba teams battled harder Ih.ui ever. Urisoull ' was trying everytJiing he had but the j Packer team with victory in sight covered every smash likt a tent. After an exchange nf kicks, the Cardinals were turned back on three plays and Drlacnll kicked to I sun beau, who was stopped by Sachs on tin Packers, It yard line. .Malnne Marie Fumble. Two rushes netted shout throe vnnls but on the next play, the slippery oval slid out of Malone's arms when tackled bv Huckeve and dills covered for the Cardinals Three times the giant Cardinal backs smashed up against the stoic wall Packer line without a gain tThen Paddy Hrlscoll stepped back for drop kick. The muck was cleared avfay from his kicking sisd and rosin gitlnrc sprinkled all over bis right shoe. Paddy sad a peach of a pass from his center but It is lucky he did localise Murray. Cotighlin, and Htick were In on him pretty fast. DrtMOH'l kick mllcd through the uprights with plentv to spare and the score was tied up. The Packers had the ball in the Cardinal territory throughout the remaining minutes of play, Field in Rail Shape, It was one of those kind of football game that will lung he rcmcmln red. The condition of the Held was terrible. The gridiron Wag Just a mass of water and mud. after a few minutes of play, it wils hard to distinguish any of the players. Uriscoll was about the whole show for the Cardinals. lie gained must of the ground, did ail the peseing and took ,-are of the kicking Job. Put he met his match in Lambeau, The Organ Bay oaptaln came through with bells on. pet forming brilliantly at every stage nf the game. Put Curlcy vwisn't the oni.i si mi the Packer squad. Art Schmael played a whale of a Mine and he was a consistent ground galm r. Hla one 4.1 yard dash which Itefereo M"OOIe robbed him of was a pretty p of work. Jgb Murray also Covered Mm-si If with glory. It was his cover of a I'umble tha! started the Packer rally. After passing to Buck for a kick, Jab waded down the held and hopped on the bull after Steger had fumbled. LINEUP Of TLAMS DRISC0LUS FIELD GOAL ROBS PACKERS OF VICTORY Cardinal Star Drop Kicks Ball Between Uprights In : Last 4 Minutes of Battle THREE FAMOUS BILLIARD CHAMPIONS Packers U lit Moo. I. o Coughlln, 1. Smith, 1. g. Murray, c. Carey, r, g. Ituck, r. t. I Iay s. r. c. Lambaau, q. Ma lone, I. h. Barry, r. b. b. Schmael. f h. Itefereo, Moon head limttmiiii, t. b. b. (3) Cardinals I. e. Sachs 1. t. Ollh-s 1. g. Zola c. itydzewskl r. g Buckeye r. t. Melnorney r. e. O'Conner q. b. Hrisooll 1. h. b. llallstrom r. h. b. Sieger f. b. Kochbr umpire, Holway; Malloy; linesmen. Dwyer and Ingram; timers. Abrums and Metclafe; time of periods. It mln utes. Held goals, Lambeau. Drlscoll, UbatltUUOna, Packers, Howard fur Schmael, Schrpucl fur Howard, Wilson tor Carey; Carilitials. Hodlc for Koch-ler. Reunion fo- Zola, Eagen for Steger. Hrennan fur Mulnerney. Si -ore by periods: Parkers 0 0 0 33 Cardinal o o o 33 HATCHING the PARAD mm WIENERS BATTLE SEYMOUR Splash" Some mud. And some mop- The field was awful. Both trams battled stubbornly. paddy Drlscoll ir quit.? some gridder Put he didn't outshine Curlcy Lambeau. The Packer captain played a bril- haul game. The fact that three cbampionH are entenil in the billiard tourniuneni now being staged In Chicago adds considerable, interest to that event. Foremost umong the chumps is the great and only Willie Hoppe. champ ion of the universe and ail suburban stations. Hoppe is like the old brook thut never Kos dry, bu just kc in go- Lttt, Willie llos.s American billiard champion. tVnler. Conti, lnrti (hatnpioo. and Kdnuard llorvmans, li lian champ. I ing on as smoothly as ever. Natural-1 state last year, looms as otto of the ly he is figured to emerge the winner, j leading contenders. mil as lloppo seldom disappoints, it France presents Uoner Conti as Its one best bet. lyookn as if Koger would tako the same impression of America lnek to France as did fieorxe BASKET TOSSERS League Basketball Team to Engage Ruralites In Court Caging Argument. The lid will be pried off the basket ball season tonight when the Raima) Wieners get into action against the! Seymour basket tossers team at Seymour. Little Is known abOttt the1 strength of the Seymour aggregation hnwrM r. Captain Wilson's squad should have an easy time downing thitii The team Ut scheduled to leave the Press ( lazette office at 6:30 this evening. The squad has been through several hard drills at Turner ball and should be in pretty good shape for the Opt H Ing argument of the season. The: exact lineup of the team is not known as yet hut It Is probable that all the. men who have 1-th practicing Willi g 't Into the game. The -Wooiiies'' hold a franchise In the l ew league which is culliposod of six teams and they are practicing bard for the first game of the h-uguo sere a whh h will be played In the Hist part of December. The entire squad will make the trip to the Green Pay and Western City and the starting lineup will not be known until the team takes the floor. Appleton Defeats Red and White On Sloppy Gridiron; Roach's Kicking Features RAISED THE ROOF When I lie word w'as Hashed at Tumor ball that iiginhian had kicked a Held goal, the rooter at home Just about raised tin; roof with their choi rs. The bulletin play by play fervid', which was inaugurated here for the first time, attracted a fair sized crowd and some of the epoouitors claimed It was Just us exciting a seeing a game. If the lookers play any more out of town game., arrangements will bo mudo to repeat llio service. CLEVELAND TIGERS ARE EASY VICTIMS seema wise for the promoters, to get the billiard crown dutted off and prop erly engraved. champion, who played some mighty good billiards during bis tour of the Carpentu , and Mile. Ijenglen. 01 WAILS OVER ulo displayed And Art Schmael pll nty of elass. The Packets didn't get the best of the officiating. Two penalties called bv itefereo Moore set back the liny equad. i Mlg thing Is sure. tThicago now knows that C.ieen Hay hag a team and what's more loyal fane. The (Jreen Pay delegation kept up a continual roar from first to last whistle with .look Smith in the lead. Many former Green Itayities now living in the windy Cliv -anv out to root for their old town and they helped swell the crowd. Speaking of crowds. If it hadn't been for the Hay delegation there WOtlld not have been a thousand spectators In the Normal park. V PLAY WHICH GAVE ILLINOIS VICTOR! Aubrey Devine Cops Off Point Scoring Honor In Conference Grid Games Buckeye Followers Claim Moving Pictures Show Forward Pass Was Illegal. FOOTBALL RESULTS COLIMIiUa O. Much Interest was evidenced baft today in the claim of some Ohio Slate followers that Illinois defeated Ohio State in their annual football game here last The Packers made th , headqilar-I torn at tlu Stratford Hotel and it was lh meeting place for all of the PadRer rooters on Sunday. Although seats were reported to havi b c o at a YemlMIH for the Wle- ; consin-Chlcago game, practically all Of the Green Pay rooters saw the collegians In action at St igg field. After the gnmc. Paddy Prlseoll dipped his lid tn Hi Pn.keiss. ride ll what the Cardinal star said: 'you've g"t a sweet little machine. 1 would like to see your backs In ao tlon on a dry field, providing you were not playing mv team." When the jang got back to the lintel after the contest, the rontcre all gave them the big band. but the thing that cntititej and made the players know their effort were apprr-(dated at home was the fnlp'w'nn telegram: "We are prQUd of our Packers The Fllks club." to fain any yardage. Third down. I eight to go. Ijinibeau made n nril j on a fak,. kirk formation outside of left tackle. Muck lumterl to Drlscoll who rune the ball back II anfs. Cardinals' ball on their own yard line. Koh-j lor plunged through oeRte for ore x ird, S' eopii down, nine to go. Tiris-COll, on a fake punt formation got 1 three yards around right end. Third j down, fhe to go EhiaoOll slips a forward pass to Stoger for n 17 yard j gain. Ball In mldflold. Puttti (o f gnifcf ii Kobjer made a yard and plunged I out of bounds, Pall brought to mid-i field. Drlscoll made a couple nf yards i running from a forward pass forma-! tlon. Forward paw Drlscoll to Sieger in I mussed up. Nfncor fumbled the hall, priseoii punti to Lambeau i wdm ran 'be ball back 10 y ard Packers' ball on their own .10 yard line. Parry shot around left tackle for about Saturday by a touchdown on a forward pass play that was compb ted after the bail had been grounded Motion pictures of the game displayed la-st night showed that after tha ball had been passed it struck the ground twice before it was scoop, ed up by Waiquist who then ran several yards for tiia only touchdown of the game. Despite the tale told by the moving pictures. Ohio Slate officials deelarcd today that the Illinois victory probably would stand. ' wall and is droppea without a gain. Drlscoll punts 40 yards to Lambeau, ' who Ih dropped in bin trackH. CMIleg made a good tackle. Packets' ball on , their own 30 yard lino. Malone is bel, without a gain. Pink punted ,T0 yards.; Cardinals' ball on their own a.", yard line. llallstrom slipped through for five yards. Kohlcr got a yard through center. Cardinals Make Kirst Down. Ball In mldflold. Kohlcr made three yards through ognttgjt ifallatroffl made about yard through tackle Third down, seven to K". DiisooH's forward pass is partly blocked. Driscidl punts to Lnmbeim who fumbled but recov. ( red the hall. Packers' ball on their own 35-yard Una, Malone was held tight on u line plunge through Center, Barry v as thrown for a three yard ll ss around end. Pin k punted to Cardinals' 454 yard line. Cardinals' ball in mldfioid. Half time. Third Quarter. Packers kicked Murray booted to turned about -0 yards. Cardinals' ball on 3S yard line, first down. Bodle smashed through center for two yards Bodle tfot another yard. Packer Una standing up Weil. Drlscoll punte, to Lambeau who was downed after a five yard run. Packers' bull on their own Id yard line, schmaci got through tackle for two yards. Dairy oasis through for about four yards. Third down, four to go. Schm.iol failed to gain on offside (day. Buck hurried 'n nlH kick and punted out of bounds, the bin goine- only -0 yards. Cardinals' ball in midfleld. Kohler Plunged through center for three arda. Uriscoll got throe yards out side of left tackle. Driscoll smash. si through renter for four ynrds. Wilson rcplooec Carey at guard for Packers. Kohler plunged through for a first State. Notre D.une fl, Murquotto 7. Beloit IK, Klpon 9. lAWrefiot 1. Carroll 0. Appleton 17, KaM Orion Pay G. Heaver Dam High 40. Columbus 0. River Falls Normal I, La Crosso Normal 0. Marinette 14, Suiierlor 0, West. Chicago 3, Wisconsin '0. Illinois 7, Ohio State 0. Michigan 3K. Minnesota 0. Iowa 14. Northwestern 0. Oberlln 7. Western Reserve 0. Nebraska IS, Amos .1. Wabash 12, Do Pauw 0. Duth r M, Franklin 0. South Dakota 7. Creightnn 0. Hamllne 14. North Dakota 0. Indiana . Purdue 0. Centre College ".", Washington and Lee 0. Kansas Aggies 14, Oklahoma 7. St. Mary's 14, Washburn .1. Harvard io. Yale :i. Syracuse 11. Dartmouth 7. Oeorgetown li. Boston 10. Lafayette 28. Lehigh 6. Carnegie Tech. .11. Maryland 0. Rutgers 17. West Virginia 7. New Hampshire 13. Holy t'ross 7, MajMaChUsetta Aggies 14. Tufts 0. Williams 40, Wesleyan 0. BrOwn 7. Colgate 0. South. Oeorgia 22, Alulstma 0, Delaware 6. P. M . C 0 Tulane 21. Ixiuisiana State 0. f roar 18, Chattanooga 0. Iowa Captain and Quarterback Far Ahead of Elliott, Wisconsin Who Is Credited with 7 Touchdowns. PAL'S Vs OMMP OMMENTS FOR STALEY SQUAD CHICAGO Aubrey Devine, the little all-Western captain and qaurter-back of the I'nlvcrsity of Iowa football eleven, V -tern OOnferaOOe champion!, led all the big ten stars In scoring during the past season. Devine tab lied 68 of the 123 points bis team made in championship contests, a rce-whieh has not ben equalled in the conference In recent years. Devtne's record represents nine touchdowns and 14 goals from touch downs. He led the conference in each of these branches of scoring as well us in the, total points. Counting pre llmtnary games his total would be much larger. Klliott Second I'p. Hanking next to Devine was Elliott, Wisconsin halfback who too red seven touchdowns for 42 points in chnm plonship contests while Icko of Iowa was third and Holding of Iowa tied fur fourth place, giving the Hawkeyes three of the first four lendin gscorers of the season. The following shows the touchdowns, goals, Held goals and total points made hy the scorers In the con-Ifereaoe tWg season, only conference championship games being Included. All but prlxley Holding ar,, badkSMd mini. Many ujMiets in the dope f, a tured the big games in tsith the East and West on Saturday. Yale was plckc, by all the experts to defeat Harvard but great playing by Owen, Harvard halfback who scored all the points for the OiJmson team i cabled them to win. Illinois WOO Its first conference game of the sinson and also soured Its first touch, down against a conference team when they put the skids under Ohio State's visions of a tie for the championship. Chicago slipped over an unexpected win on the strong Badger aggregation. Rom-ney Chio.iL'o quart' rvack slipping over a neat drop kick In the final period. The Marquette team threw a scare into Rockne's winder Pam when they slipped ovrr the first tourhdnwn n the opening period. Showing pkn'o nf fight r.t all times the Milwaukee Catholics held Notre Dan.e to a 21 to 7. score. Thorpe's Invaders Meet Upset At Hands of Starch-makers by Score of 22 7. CHICACO, 111 Staleys of Di-catur climbed U notch neamr the national professional football championship by defeating the Cleveland Tigers Sunday at Cub irk, 22 to 7. Shortly after the start of the game Pete Stlnclu-omb broke loogg off the Tigers' left tu. kle and ran eighty live yards for a touchdown. He wlia given I excellent Interference by iluffino and 'Stornamiin. .lust before the end of the half Stinehcomb again tore off the visitors' left tackle and ran thirty yards for a touchdown. In the second period Htlnoheomb ! cart-ied the oval across the line, but fumbled, piliroo dropix d on it for a i touchdown In tho third quarter j Sternaman laioted a Meld goal from the twenty-three yard line. Guyon s.ored for the visitors In the third 1" IMl'l. A crowd of 10.000 saw tho content and the play of the elevens was fast and interesting. Jim Thorpe did not play because of injuries sustained in Lineup; Cleveland (7i was blocked. Wilson recovered the ball on the Cardinasl 10-yard line. first down. Hgan replaced Halls! mm : Thomas. Chicago... for the Cardinals. Packers' penalized Sundt Wis Player A. Devine. Iowa Elliott, Wis Locke, Iowa BekttBf, Iowa Taylor. Ohio State. . Workman, ihio Sta'o Tin: I'C Total on PLAY BY PLAY Paddy Drlscoll won the toss and received (he kick-off at tbg ctt end of tho field. ".lab" Murray kicked to Drlaooll who came back five yards before be- 1 Ing downed hy Do Moe. The ball on Chicago's 20-yard line, (iallstrotn hit renter for two yards. Cardinals penalized five yards for Offside, A poor pass from center to Drlscoll lout another yard for the Cardinals. Tie ball Is taken out of the mUdpuddle and put Into tile center th,. field on the 17-yard line, DrlacoJI punted W yards to Harry who was downed In j midfleld, Packers ball. Schmael got I through for two yards over tackle, Barry wars dropped for a loss of two yards. Lambeau on a false pOnt formation skirted left end for about four yards floundering a mndpiiddlc. Fourth down, throe yards to go. V: 'Is In Drop Kick, Tsmliiu failed lii ii drop' kick. DriaOOll scooK,i up the hall and was downed on big 2' yard line by Hayes. llallstrom wept outside of left tackle for three yards. Kohler slid through center for four yards. Third down. Drlscoll punts .in yards, Pack ers' hall on their :;,", yard llm made a yard through right taekl ilnv n. Cat illniUs' ball on Packers , three yards Schmael failed to .- in ,... .. HaPslrnm ,-nl tin-,, var.l. through center. llallstrom caught a forward pass from Drlscoll. Cardinals bull on Packers' 20 yard lino. Uriscoll made two yards outside of tacklo Bodle got on,. ard. Third down, Drls-coll shot a paag lo right end for eight yards and another first down. Cardinals bail on Packers' 20 yard lino. Bodle got two yards outside of tackle. Kohler got a yard through 1 enter. 1'orwar,) pass Incompleted, fourth riown six to gn Cardinals' forward pass landed within the Packers ten yard line and the hall was given lo Packer! and put In plgy on the 20 yard line line for a 45 yard gain hut the referee brought the ball back from where, he started, giving the Packers' only four ynrds. Packers' bail on their 40 yard tin, Packers' penalized five yards for offside 1 line plunge Muck pfnted lo Dris- eoll who In rbt the liall .'111 yards in n sensational run Cardinals' ball. HaltstrORl smashed through tackle for three yards, Kohler lilt center for five yards. Cardinals' ball on Packers' n" yard line Time no for quarter. Second Quarter. Cardinals' ball on Packers' so yard line. Fourth down one yard to go. Kohler hit center for a yard, first llallstrom lost n yard on a dash ground right end. Drlscoll slipped through the mud for a gain of three yards over left tackle. Cardinals' bill on Packers' 25 yard line. Forward pass Drlscoll to Steger incompleted. Fourth down about four to go. Drlscoll faljs in a drop kick. Packers' ball on "O.yard lino. Malone gained a yard on a smash outside of right tackle. Barrv rained s yard round left tackle Third down 7i yards to go Barry lost three yards on double pass formation, Muck punted to Drlscoll who re. tttnted i'1" '"''I ten yards. Cardinals' ball on Packers' 4" v.ird line. Koh l r Is held bv Cotighlin without a five yards for offside after Howard had gained four. First down, 13 to ff to Cardinals, go. Lambeau smashed outside of Drlscoll who re- right end for five yards. Harry slid through the mud for a five-yard gain, forward pass incomplete. Lumhoau kicks g field goal from 40-yard line. It was a place kick. Murray kicked off to Kohler who ran the ball back to the Cardinals' i 5-yard line. Kohler goes through for four yards. Driscoll makes a yard on a line plunge. Forward pass is mussed, Driscoll fumbling. Drls- ooll punted 16-yardj to famtiesu who was downed In his tracks on the Packers' 10 -yard line. Malone got through for a yard and a half, Ma" lone fumbled on their 2:i yard line, rtrdlnals' bull. First down, ten to go. Kohler got about three yards. Kohler held ill his tracks. Driscoll gets three yards outside of tackle. Drlscoll kicked a Meld goal from tho 35 yard line, tying the score, 3 and 3. It was a drop kick. Packers' kicked off to Cardinals'. Driscoll runs the ball back ten yards. Cardinals' ball on their own 40 yard line. Driscoll was thrown for a loss of two yards, BodlC made a yard off tackle. Driscoll kicked to Lambeau who caught the ball on a dead run and returned about IS yards. Packers' ball in midfleld. Packers' penalized two yards for their fourth consecutive time out. Howard lost about u yard on a tackle smash. Lambeau smashed through for a lyard train and a first down. Hall on Cardinals' 10-yard line, 9 it 0 7 0 42 I 0 0 30 :t 0 0 IS I 0 0 IS 3 0 0 IS 3 0 0 1H 1 11 0 17 2 0 0 12 1 fl 1 9 0 9 0 9 Lawrence again won the championship of the Utile Five conference of Badger SOtlsyCS by defeat. Irj Carrol Snt irdiv $ to 0 In a close game, fli la makes the se-on. yenr straight that Tiwr-nee has captured the title. A number of Oreon Bay funs were disappointed when they beard of the postponement of 'he Kansas-Mendelsohn ficin at Mil- waukee. Many nf them bad Planned to stop over to witness the battle. fleneral Dinx who witnessed the Tlllnnls-Ohio State fam tblrks fontluili would ro big In Italv. and he thinks steps should he taken to Introduce the game In that country. Clark Fisher. former local School gridder got In'n he game against Notr Dame SatrU''ay and played s whale of a game on both defense and Sffagsg Tie tore off several long gains through the line and was lenfly instrumental In breaking up 'he far famed N. D. forward passes. j previous games, Staleys lit) . I lalas r I ; Blackloek r t 1 Smith, L'she r g I T rapt c (Tayler I g iSed. I. t. Chamberlain I o ! Pearce q h I Stinehcomb ' Hark y, r h 1 Ijinum 1- h Stertiaman, Bolen 1 h , Hufflne f b 1 S Corcoran I t O'Connor 1 g Pearlman c Sandy r g Murphy r. t., Howe r e Whelan. BauJ'n q b Brnwer 1 h 1 h .lonos r h Ouyon f b Calac RACINE LEGION HELD TO TIE BY AMOS A. C. RACINE. Wis -In 11 game marked iWith vicious plays on the part of the visitors and with both teams evenly matched, the Racine American Leg- lion eleven and the eleven represent- ; ing the Amos Athletic club of Chicago failed to score here on Sunday. In the first period Racine would have scored a touchdown when Scott, 1 right end. carried the tmll for fortv ygjrda. Be Was tackled bard by two of the visiting players ntid broke bis left shoulder blade, dropping the ball. j In the third period Dore. center for Racine, was tackled while making a run and carried unconscious ftom the field. Many Fumbles by East Side Team Prove Costly; Field in Poor Shape for Football Contest. APPLKTON, Wis -Taking" advent-age of every mlseue on the part of I their opponents, the husky Appleton high school squad defeated East Oreon Bay Saturday afternoon by tho score of 17 to 6. The game was j played on a sea of mud and slush j making the going difficult for bolli loams. A fair sized crowd turned out to see their favorites walk all 0 vc- the Hay outfit In their last game of tha season on their home fields. Dsapfte Mm eonditlon of the field open football was used to good advantage by both icams, Appleton scoring twice on forward passes. Koar h was the individual star Of the game. He ran the ball well on end runs, shot accurate passes and his kicking was the feature of the game. For KaSt Riley and Irmlger played well. Riley playing at end was in on almost every play stopping the last Appleton backfleld before they could get started. The Lame Appleton ki.kod oft 10 Kast, lb-urn-don retui ned to his own forty yard Una where Kast lost the ball on downs. Appleton made two first downs and then was forced to punt Kast taking tho ball on the twenty yard line. The ball was kept In Fast's territory for the remainder of the guerter, The second quarter started with Kast punting to Zussman who returned the ball II yards. Appleton made two first downs and tho ball went on Fast's 20 yard line. East held for three downs and P.oach dropped back and sent a tioat kb k squarely between tho uprights scoring three points for Appleton. The half ended with the ball on Fast's 30 yard line. Appleton Score. East's lino was starting to hold Ap-plcton's backs and Ue-y were forced to resort to an aerial game. Roach shot a long pass to Purvis, who carried tho ball to East's lo yard line li-iim where Brlese circled left end for another score. Roach kickid the goal. Kast elected to kick off to Appleton, Havens returned the ball to the 45 yard mark. Koaeh shot a long pass to Purvis, who galloped over East's taial for another marker. Roach shot the bail between tho uprights. Last NciH-es. East came back strong in the last quarter. Lambert circled the ends for three substantial gains and on a sideline play shot a long forward pas to Brandt, who made a pretly run down the Held for East's only score. Iimlger failed to kick the goal. East received the kickoff and after taking the ball to Appleton's 30 yard lino, held for downs. Tho gumo ended with the ball in midfleld. The lineup of the teams: SI TS BOWLING KKCOKD. DES MOINES, la. (! Becker. Mil ' wauke,. broke tho Middle West HuwI-ling association's record by rolling 720. Appleton (17) Purvis. 1. t. Havens. I. t. Berro. I. g. Honlni, c. Kamp, r. g. Morris, r. t. Ashman, r. o. Konch, qff b. Priese, r. h. 7, us s man, 1. h. Tappert. f. b. (O Kast L e , Hllcy I. t.. Grimmer 1. g., Murray c , Irmlger r. g . Hacker r. t.. Strauhel r. e.. Iturdon a. b . Hart lea r. h.. Heamdeg 1. h., Lambeau f. b . Qarot nummary; Referee, rtancok, Wisoon sin ; umpire, Waterpool, Kaukasna! head linesman, Hunks, Appleton; linesmen. Connors and Byran; timekeepers, Abrams and Downey. Substitutes, East. Charbonenau for Bartles. Cohen for Hacker, Bauber for Cohen, Morgan' for Oarot. Ilrandt for Strnubel. Kield goals. Roach 1. Touchdowns Brandt,, DtlSSO, Purvis. Substitutions. Appleton Jahnke for Kamp, Stark for Morris., .Malone got a yard off tackle Packers' oenalised It s ards for holding. Schmael plunged through QaJ) is ow ,, Packers' 35-yard line. Brown, Minn. . . . Romw ) 1 ihioagu PiXley. Ohio State Hevine's work ww by no means a surprise for the little quarterback has earned a groat reputation during his three years on the llawkeyc eleven.; HS recently was termed by Pr. Wll-Hams. Minnesota coach, as "the great est bockfield player, the country has ever known, a man of all American calibre." I sing Been Famous. Devine, wdio lives in lies Moines, i la., was all Iowa quarterback In high I 1 school and has been chosen by virtu-ally every critic ns all-conference and 1 I all-western nuarU rlnck during the past two esasons. He is stocky 111 stat ure, weighing 10S pounds although I only flve feet 9 Inches 111 height, Il I Is 23 years old. 1 During the past season the Iowa cloven was said to Is? a two man team j I so far as scoring was concerned. Do- 1 I vine and Locke doing most of the ball; carrying. Both were greatly aided j however, by Olenn Devlno, halfback, and Aubrey's brother, who is not a i , flashy player but is one nf the great est interference makers In the central BADER CAPTAIN OF 1922 WEST OUTFIT Richard Bader. star baektleld man! 'of the West TT'-h sehool foctbaU team ! was elected captain of the 1922 grid-j Iron squad at a recent meeting of the I West footballers. Bailor was the only consistent ground gainer in the West j backfleld and besides his plunging run. Buck punted yards to Driscoll who came back 5 yards. Ball on Cards' 3ft-yard .line. Whelen replaces Kohlcr for Cardinals. Hart" Intercepts forward pass. Packers fumbled. Murray recovered fur (Ireen Hay. Packers' ball on Cnrdln nls' tl-yard Hue. Sohmgel slipped through tackle for four yards. Bar-rv was stonned without a sstin gain, Ballet rom slipped through Puck Th,.(I ftown, ,x to 0 gohmael for three yards. Parry Intercepted I Bluncel through center for 3-vsrds Schmael made four yards. Buck bull in mldflold. Packers penalised punted to llallstrom who slipped and two yards for lime out. Lambeau got about 4 yards around right end. Lambeau stops a forward paag for a 28-yard gain. Packers' ball on Cards' 25-yard Una, Malone lost a couple. Lambeau gets a pass and attempts a forward pass an,! returned the ball ten yards. Packers' hall un their own (0-yard line. Schmael slid outside on the Packers' 45 ysrd line. Ball taken Lambeau shoots B forward pass to Barry for an 18-yard gain. Packers' ball on the Cardinals' L'Oyard line, ard replaces Schmael. Howard lost Lambeau gained two on a short end; ability can pass and kirk in good style. ROCK ISLAND WHIPS DULUTH K. C. SQUAD ROCK ISLAND. III. The much her aided Duluth K. C.'s failed to live up to advance notices as footballers and they wen- taken into camp by the In dependents by the score of 2S to 0. Novack. Wcinig. and Smith starred for Rock Island while .Method and. Hansen were the luminaries for tht visitors. to midfleld, Bchmeel fails to gain on a yard on his first plunge. Howard outside tackle for forward pass instead of a drop kb'k. Driscoll Intercepts ball on own 18-yard line, one half minute to play. Forward pass incomplete for Cardinals, ijimbeuu Intercepted Drlsooll's forward pass. Lambeau plunging a smash through tackle. Drlscoll in- Harry tercepted n forward pass on the Cnr- niade. three yards through center. Score; Packers. 3 time up for quarter. Packers' hall 12 yards. Cardinals, Time, 3. illnals. 3.ri yard line and Puck dropped on the Cardinals' 15-yard line. Fourth Call was brought to midfleld, Beoond I him. Hallstrorn shot through tackle down, five to go. ddwn eight to go. A fake punt failed ' for four yards, Kohler hit a stono. Luuibcau's attempted place kick Dancing, Armory, Wed. night. Special car leaves 12:40 NAB TICKET SCALPERS. CHICAGO Eleven young men arrested Saturday afternoon on Btggg field preceding the Chicago Wisconsin football game, charged with offering tickets to tho games at scalpers prices auDeared in the boys court tO day. H mm I s. -v. i. i i (mini m-ryw- v;ojt Thanksgiving One of Those Days When Everyone Wiches to Wear New Footwear For the Turkey Dinner the afternoon Football game and the dance, or theater "that night" Several dasning new styles in oxfords and pumps, just in, nr mcis- nnnTonn'nte for fn errnttnm Little difference, original style touches, shades of betterment and ultra niceties in crafts nanship, iilways distin-guis'i the "quality" footwear. We are proud of them and Pleased to show real shoes (SAGEtt-BRUNNEB - JVIXXJ

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