The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1939
Page 8
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BLTTHimiJUS.-' CAKK.V COUBIEIt NEWS, MONDAY, - OCTOBER Bluest Baseball Day in 20 Years t^O tmx-^^m, tjtitw- " "£% y/ST V "9& ^ 1 ' Alabama Tackles Forcl- ,S'.ham, Tulane Meets Au'"" burn; Tech Faces Iiish B¥ WILLIAM J. TUCKFR United Pwss Staff Corresponded ATLANTA, Oa ,'Oct 2 (UP)-H that old dolge "playing under wraps" explains the mediocre show - ings of'some Southeastern Conference powers in then opening games, the fans wpn't, have tp wait much lorjger to sec tlvm ^hoot the works, - TliU \veek-end sends Auburn against Tulane and Vnraleibill ' against Kentucky in ding-dong ccnferenc'e'ba'llles while Alabama and Louisiana State Invade the eist,,suh, to uphold Dixie football prestige against Pordham and Holy ^ Cross. ' The tough lime Auburn and Tn- lane had in punching out single touchdowns against Birmingham Southern and Clemson doesn't help , their chances to break (he string 'of scoreless ties that started "i 1936 Three limes the Tigcis fiom Auburn and the Green Wave heaved and struggled ft lib, each o'ther without a point being scored. ' 'It's conceivable Auburn held something in reserve In defeallng " Birmingham - Southern 0 to 0 George Kenmore, Auburn back, didn't see much action until lale in the game and then ran like a house afire. Tulane, though, had lo come from behind to defeat rugged Clemson 1 to 6. Bunks McFaddcn of Olemson nearly ebbed the wave bc- foie It started to flow. . Vanderbilt's rem ai kable last- minute win over Rice by 13 lo 12 was the outstanding feat of a. conference member to dale. The Commodores had been tied by Tennessee Tech the week befoie and were only hoping to hold Ihe scoic down against the learn favored to take the Southwest conference title. But with only foru minutes \ left to plav and behind 12 to 0, Doc Plunkett lan and pas^d Vanderbilt to two touchdowns and an eNtia point to spread consternation in the cattle country. Vanderbill, however, will nle . . I'd suggest Howard slrirt enrciidliiE Doyle on the troubled waters before, the last five mln- ulos of Uic game ... Wacht am Rhine Warren Giles, general manager, pals big Paul Derringer on Ihc Hack as Reds whoop it up in diesiin room following' pennant-clinching victory over with loolhsome cardinals in Cincinnati grin Is BUI Werlier. Rlilnelnmler at Giles 1 ic Leads Three To Two As Teams Return To Texas NASHVILLE, Tetm., Oct. 2 (UP) —The Dixie series scene shifted tack to Texas today with the Nashville Vols holding a 3 games o 2 edge over Port Worth and lecditu; but one more victory for he title. Sad Sam Nahcm pitched the Vols o a 7 to 3 victory In the fifth game yesterday, allowing nine hit* and iclding the Tcxuns scoreless un- II the sixth. Nashville got off lo a fast start with tlu'cc scores hi the opening inning and two more In the third Calvin Chapman of Nashville cracked out a homer while hi team-mate Woody Williams go iwo doubles and two singles ii live trips to the plate. ai Greer, Fort Worth startin pitcher, was knocked from the mound in tlie third and succeeded by Preacher Doisctt. Bill Yocke hurled the last two innings for the osers. Surplus Food Supplies Help Stabilize War Prices BY MRS.'GAYNOllMADnOX !IEA Service Slid' Writer WASHINGTON.-The housewife who Is trying to appraise the possible effect of world events today is keep her family well led should remember this very Important fact: la 1914, when Hie world war broke out 111 Europe, the world food supplies then available were just about encugh lo feed people under normal conditions. But today, at the beginning o the war in Europe, the world food I supplies arc all In surplus. Whci this wnr broke cut, there was a tendency for consumers to think In levins of 1911. when l«e United Stales entered Ihc war. rather than in Icnns of 1014. Hut v:c are not at war. SIHJAH BOUHCK IN'CKhWSKU Another favorable difference in on to feel reassured about Ihc food Ituatton. CONSUMER UXJ1NS TO IEARN The suddenly increased interest n the consumer movement Is !m- lorlnnl, too. 'llic Consumer's Coun;el Division of Ihc Deparlmcnl of Agriculture, informs me that every day the department in Washington receives many letters from women, from clubs and often from small Although world series docs not move to Cincinnati until Oct. 7, Art (Happy) Foisch of Milwaukee camps at bleacher gate of Crosley Field in or'der to be first in line when ticket sale starts. The PAYOFF footwork. / "Kist spring, in training 1 fooled around with side-arm curves, and when I threw them I must have brought my left foot down so It was in front cf -my body. 1 kept on . I pitchlm* with Ihe .wrong sort of footwork and the first thing I knew I got a kink in my shoulder. Sometimes it hurt like a toothache. 1 But even 'if Rod Ruffing stayed Bj 1IARR7 GBAYSON Editor 1 tml ' NEW YORK,/ Oct. 1 -- ch "J 1c y ao'mcv/side remained'sore." which Butting's mighty . ^»V *^£ v ^ |l wlli not, and Monte Pearson as the senson ended.anil Vernon csoincx was doing his ulmosl to get 'seven blocks of granite" play up lo Ihelr name—from Ihe necks up, thai Is ... Panzer's Rose Bo'.vl hopes soared as it crushed mighty Bust Stroudsburg Teachers, 7-li . • Tulane's Green Wave looked just lhat in barely beating Clcm- soA College, also 7-0; Chicago further'' solidified ils position as an Institution of higher learning bv losing to Bcloil, G-0; mid Illinois' Big 10 hopes were as broken as Coach Bob Zuppkc's dialect when Bradley Tech tied the -11111" O-o . When you can't score BASEBALL STANDINGS National League W. L (How They Finished) Cincinnati St. Louis ... Brooklyn .'. Chicago New York .. 'iltsburgh .. Boston Philadelphia ..lulu.-.. i>»..< "—o • , . 7,1 forward wim-n tlt - " i>l nut, w*. a pulled.: muscle pulled back to his ™* , d sU ,, )mvc onough ngl.t side, yet Joseph Vincent Me- ™ * RKmA Cniihy has no cause for alarm in 1!""•" s . &. connection with ( Uic '" world series pitching. Red Ruffing wllr slart the first game against the Reds at Yankee Stadium, Oct. 4, of course, and Lefty Gomez, undefeated in whut the the autumnal classic, undoubtedly will be : ready before k| . fin W IIP li YOU t-uil L- auw»"~ putting his lei fo:l ™ ^^ Jf e y Tteh. you'd better •lilch he will nol, Joe i n B n " lbl '""„/, _.,„'„„ „_,„. vr .t. |Ll*klll£ V« f,v ....... "Yankee's! Tlie ,Beds have pitching quality but no quantity. The Yankees hnve liolh. have VU11MC1U11V, jiwii «• • ~-» little edge over Kentucky Sntuiflay. The Wildcats showed they were up-and-coming last week bj socking Virginia Military 21 lo 0 Captain Paul Shu of the Virginia eleven was out with injuries and a Shu-less VMI was no match foi the Blue Grass entry. the last shot is fired. Monte Pearson ami Bump Had- Icy will be the other two New York hurlers, just as they were againsl Ihe Cubs a year ngo. If Goofy .Gome?,' wamd Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLESIOItE doesn't | d YORK, Oct. (UP)— Alabama tackles one of the *- 91 92 84 n G8 Pet. .G30 .001 .543 .545 Family Finds Church Trip Perilous SELMA, Ark. (UP)—Dave Moor-j er's most hazardous job is gettin- o church. 85 88 45 IOC .411 .29 UUUlllSfj I Ji uvin^ i »,i-*'i j •—— — book John Oclclicll a-s your .referee for the next 10 games-vain Don" Conlgan as head lineman. Isn't It time lhat Tennessee was broken up along with the Yankees? Tlie Volunteers haven't lost a game since Major Bob Neyland got there and .'asked for volun- 'ecrs Holy 'Cross so disfigured Manhattan that even the Indians wouldn't take 'cm back « s a good thing Arizona's climate Is so bracing, becavise the university team of that state will need every aid in recuperating from Minnesota ... The score, 02-0, Icokec like the World's Fair's lop atlcncl- ance figure ... Howard Jones has not changed American League W. L. Pet (How They Finished) New York .. Boston a9 Cleveland 8 ' Chicago ...:.-. ••• 85 Detroit ,<-•••• ••• 8l Washington .'.....— l>5 Philadelphia •.. 55 , the present v.irlil supplies as compared with 19H is that South Africa Australia, the Fi)i Islands Java and British Guiana are now producing sugar. Furthermore our own sugar supplies from Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Cuba, and th mainland, new on hand, exceed by 349,000 Ions last year's supplj 1 which was considered excessive. With such surpluses^ we canno face a scarcity. As to prices, th I power of the President to lift suga uuota reslriclions will have muc ------ them \vithi manufacturers all over the country, asking for advice a reporting local profiteering or gouging. It looks as though consumers, themselves, are going W- have somc- ilng to say about the inevitable EC in food prices which must come with war conditions. But the rise s going to be controlled by active ml Informed consumer groups this line For years we have been a latlon of consumers. But perhaps ,-e are now ID become also a consumer nation. Such is the hope of most serious students of the increasing problem of maintaining Ihe welfare cf every in the United States. The stunts of chin balancing heavy objects done by Milo Brlnn never have been equaled. Brinn Is capable of balancing a canncn, Another Important factor in the I food picture today as compared to Ihe 1914 sel-up is the great change o church. I \ n natlnal did, Since 1914, Ihe im- In the past two weeks, the Dal- pvovcment ln machinery, both in- las county negro has had two Uustrlal and domestic, has cut,down wagons demolished, his head crack- tl)e amoul ,(, { f muscle work reed and six members of his church- quire(1 by individuals, going family shaken and cut up in As a r e sm t, we do not need us highway accidents. much sugar and starch, (sweelen- M'ooror says they'll walk to| m g - m foo ,j 3| candies mid cereals. potatoes, etc.) as we did then. Add this lessened need for Ihese pro: . i ducts te our increased supplies of The cocatoo is the noisiest bird ti lcm aiu j y 0 u have another rea- cmmuii: v * " D . with carriage and all, on his chin. The ancient city of Troy was built on top of eight other cities. Excavations showed the nine cities, each built en Ihe ruins of ils pi'C- leccssor. the first dating back to tlie late Stone Age. church home. from . they'll now on— or stay " Two. quarts of liquid should lie drunk dally by an adult. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 relief man. gram oy -si«:nKiiis uuv «' '-"•••• ,,,„..,. lu the music of only five bands "wm , Ioe \ nntl flying 2,000 miles to complete- • - lv de-emphasize Its nntilrnl rival, toughesrassigimi'e-nls-iu the coun-1 ^Do^r colters" oflcnglW 1 Unlversily of "«U>n at ^ Iryin bearding the Fordham RjunJ "^ slrenks , n l u( die southpaw I attle . . - these two teams were his strategy at Univcrsity^of- .10 C3 .58 67 .56 GO .552 13 .520 81 428 97 .362 .219 in the world. The din made by a single bird is enough to drown a _ dozen automobile horns 3THE HOUSE OF MEAD: St. Louis • *3 111 Read Courier New.s want ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores Save Your Soybeans See us about a Massey Harris Clipper Combine Pull 6-foot cut. Full width, straight through separation. .Power take-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. K.R. SI. Thone 555 the first line, .mu i •-.,— 0 ----- Stc've Sumlra and | IV- de-emphasize , Its In its den I'ordham Ibis year Is] ,_ regarded among the best in the east and the Crimson Tide will have to show, more Jlian it did against Howard, if It expects to win Tlie little eleven from Bnm- ingh'am held Alabama scoielcss for two periods before finally falling 21 to 0. ' ' '-Louisiana Slate will go ngamst 'Holy Cross as underdcg, a rare rating for the erstvrhllc Giant of the bayous. LSU played good football in going down 14 to T before Harry Melire's hustling Mississippi eleven but demonstrated clearly It is not of that strength which m the old juvenile, Mnrius Russb, not mention Spud Chandler. Russo would have stood more chance of 'drawing a starting assignment had St. Louis prevailed in the National'League. REDS HAVE ONI A' TWO LEFT-HAND .HITTERS'. The Reds.are-not n •collection : of left-handed hitters,like the Cardl- ival Goldman find:Lonnle TYey are the only letl-handcd hitters In the Cincinnati baiting order. Pearson recovered his form for to'drawn together by such common bonds as r,teel and salmon, soot dajs-was nearly invincible. -Mississippi trotted out a back . feiirsun i ecu*ATI f i »"-> »»»•»•• — Ihe world champions just lu lltne The califcmlan believes in himself again and <when lie is in tha frame of mind It usually is just too bad for the opposition. Pearson had .been troubled will pain In his shculder. "I knew I was doing something wrong," he explains, "and discov- nnd sail air, Hie Monongahela river and Piiget Souiid. and stogies and Redwoods . . . The score was 27-0 and if Jhmnle Pliclan, Washington coach, is smart be will qulp:hls scalp with a zipper . . • Because Ihe alumni,, who-luul ex- iccled a national championship from Ihe Huskies at Ihe worst, will lear It otr him any time now. - Amos Alonzo Stagg, who learned foolbiill while in charge of Inlra- mural sports with Washington M Valley Forge, won the award for the best coaching job of the year on the very first day of Ihe sea- when his College of the Pa- New 1840 HEVROIH \vr011g nc L'^lJiuma, in." ^....^". i now OCCOtllL'i, me ,u5.v.... .. — ered my fault In the bullpen when lo ' Hnrry Hmulinl and nexl- w«K I llnew a curve to Arndl Jorgens ' •• - - '-'.««»« that really exploded. -naiMi.isiiJH 1 vivrvvi.— wh'o may fill Ihe shoes of Pinker Hall He was Junie Hovins, as scrawny as Hall was huge and a devilish broken-field runner. He was the sparkplug of both Olc Miss scores. Mississippi takes on Southwestern this week in what should be anothei victory for me Mehre forces. Mississippi State came through with a surprising 19 to 0 victory over Arkansas' beefy Porkers and gets the nod o\ei Florida in their conference battle this v.eek Florida, howevei, picked up a few lessons in -losing to Texas, i2 lo o, timn n, v/ua »nt.. *• *•*>- - *'and will be anything but a set-up vlo u s pitches. Tlie thought struck lor State I me .that my left fool was Just Tlie defending champion Tenn-1 whcre Tommy Bridges of Dctro essee Volunleers dldnt leveal any puts his .when he Is completing in secrets in trimming North Carolina delivery- • State by the ordinary score of 131 "i kept on pitching and to o and they get another work out' brought my left foot down UK Saturday with the hapless Tigers Um .. instead of to the right and i of Sewanee as the opposition Se- [ r0 nt of my body. V* u*."•»«•" ._..i_ nr-.t, ->-, . ^»r«i^vt IHITO bOll '^i«.»t *«'•* ^•w-o— _- - cine team defeated the University of California in what—believe _ll or nol—was Ihe second game of a double-header . . . This oldest o nil "Brand old men" of any sport becomes the logical successor 'That's if, Monte!' shouled Arudt. 'New you have that curve "I had to think of exactly what I did when I threw that curve. 1 looked at my left foot and noticed it was more lo Ihe left cf my body than it was when I had made prc- il 13 iium.i ....... -• — produce the Bremen between es . . One more loss hke for California, however, and one will be able lo produce ib Allison. -„...!„ Vhat has become of Cousin rris McLcinorc? : lost »s first start to Washington and Lee, 9 lo 0 Georgia looked good offensively and defensively in crashing the Citadel 26 to 0 but v,lll have to little harder Saturday PEARSON VUTS FOOT IN ITS I'R'Ol'EU PLACE "I had a better follow throw and didn't feel any muscular p» in my shoulder. "So when I pitched in Washiu tTsouth Bend to meet the Notre big difference I IAJ u««v«. __ ___ tftnr- T i... A..- inmiT T tr .Dame Irish. Tech supporters fear ~ the train'ride back will be a long I know how I got messed up in r Yesterday's Results National-League (Final Games) Cincinnati 9-0, Pittsburgh 1-8. Chicago 2, St Louis 1. .BrooHjn 3, Philadelphia 2, second, cancelled, rain New York 5, Boston 0, second, cancelled, rain. .„ _-..j Leaeuc '(Final Games) Cleveland 8-0, Detroit 3-1, second, called end fifth, darkness. Sl^Louls 4, Chicago 3, 10 inn-! .Boston at New York, two, cancelled, rain. . AVasWngton at Philadelphia, two, cancelled^ "rain. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES 1 BRUCE-MEMPHIS . i note at he was not In 'the line-up Vnnderbilt overcame Rice. . This leads me to believe c'y'v'e added spelling to the cur- mum at Vanderbllt, and he is L with scholastic difficulties . . Never mind, Morris, Roman imerals interfered with my Pro" 1 - ng nlhletlc career . . Fordham launched what ils pub citv department has been pleas- d to call a "suicide schedule" dc- eallng formidable WWJ^urg. M- NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service WRESTLING ROY WELCH vs, GEORGE BEHHETT vs. BEtiNY BOLT ' Air fe 20 degrees cooler inside a Panama hat? AMERICAN LEGION ARENA. MONDAY 8 P.M. You're in flie dog house in high-water sleeves Nothing brands a suit "low bred" . m n r c accurately anil emphatically than a pair of hi R h-w«tcr sleeves. And it «ives the fellow who wears it about as much poise as self-conscious Johnnie at his (irsl recitation! High-water sleeves are the usual result of poor designing, and cheap, inferior materials which have not been properly tested. , You can avoid this embarrassing malady by insisting on the Hart i Schaffner & Marx label in the clothes you buy. Ml Hart Schaffner & Marx woolens are thoroughly tested for shrinkage and all-wool content before they are ever allowed to carry Ihe famous Trumpeter label! The prices begin at $29 50 As Usual the Hest Is Always At MEAD'S MAIN 315

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