Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 20, 1929 · Page 19
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 19

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1929
Page 19
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SPORTS & MARKETS All the Latest Sport Newt and Market Quotations by A asoriated Press and Unitsd Prea Leased Wires Daily WANT ADS Have Proven Successful. The Press-Gazette Telephone Number It ADAMS 4400 Green Bay Press-Gazette "EVERYBODY READS IT" GREEN BAY, WIS. FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 20, 1 929. Qfl IP AM l JV IV V Twirl? mutt Efi mtt BADGERS SHOW GLASS TO TURN BACK CARLETON GREENLEAF WINS POCKET BILLIARD TITLE ON TOP AGAIN Midget Cardinal Cagers Trip Up Six-Footers, Score 27-18. MADISON, Wis. (A A pood little basketball team that followed thu ball, shot accurately and had an Impenetrable defense outclassed a group of six-footers from the Northland here last night as Wisconsin's midgets downed Carletnn college, Northftcld, Minn.. 27 to 18. A short-lived two-point Carleton lead melted as the BndRcr bllraard swept to an 18 to 7 advantage at the half, never to relinquish It. With "Bud" Foster at center a. the mly man over six feet tall, pivoting and feeding the ball as he has dodged old man eligibility the last two years, the diminutive Badgers presented a whirlwind, long-pass attack that would have scored more frequently had the ball-handling been smoother. Farber Is Star. Foster, who counted only fiva points, was chief of the offense, but his own tries were muffed by his own errors in dribbling. It was the lightning-fast Maury Farber, risen from a substitute to regular forward, who led Wisconsin's attack. He counted 13 of his team's 27 points by way of five field goals and three free throws. Defensively the Badgers were ps Stout as ever, allowing their opponents only five goals from the field only one of which was a short, swishing counter. Their offense was revamped with a long pass, quick -breaking attack differing from the famous short-pass plays that have made Dr. W. E. Mean-well, coach, famous. They did not sn-tirely abandon the old favorite, hut the long shots down the floor were more frrnuent than ever before. Make 11 Field Goals. Carleton played a fast breaking offense, attempting to use its players' height to advantage, but Coach C. B. Cowles' five could not slip by Chmlc-lcwskl and Paul, Wisconsin guards. The accuracy of the Badgers la noted in the fact that they made It field goals in SI shots, while Carleton had only ?f) tries at the basket, of which five were good. The summary: Wisconsin (27) MRt.thusen, f Farher, f Foster, c f'hmlelewskl, g. ... Pnnl. g Tntnls Carleton (IS) pcrrm, f leach, f Crawford, c Nllson. g Nicholson, g TotBls Official Referee, RALPH GRF.F.NI.EAF .Coming from behind in the final match for the Worlds' pocket billiard championship, Ralph Greenleaf, above, won from Erwin Rudolph to take the crown at Detroit last night. Green-lfnf lost the title last .'ear to Fran's Tabuski. TOD MORGAN WILL DEFEND TITLE IN BATTLE WITH BASS BEATS RUDOLPH II LAST K SCORE, 125-63 New York Ace On Top After Grueling Defensive Cue Battle. MULSHING UP OX ALL THIS SPOUTS 15VLAUFKU Junior Lightweight Champ Faces Tough Assignment In Fight Tonight. FO FT TP 0 1 3 S 3 2 2 1 3 2 0 n 2 0 3 11 S 11 FO FT PF 1 2 0 2 2 0 1 1 1 0 13 12 2 5 8 6 Umpire, Travnloek, Armour. Kearns, De Paul; FOSTER IS CLEARED MADISON, Wis. P The threat lf ineligibility which chased Harold (Bud Foster, Wisconsin's all-conference basketball star, for the last two years, had been Definitely lifted today. He was clear of all charges. Foster, originally protested two years ago on charges that he had played with an amateur team, was cleared on that occasion. Again last year, the Badfjer star was protested because he had played one season at Mason City, la., Junior college. At the Western conference meeting in 1028, Foster was cleared of the second charge and went on to win all-conference honors as a forward. A week ago, after he had been declared eligible for another season, one of the members of the conference protested for the third time. Prof. Fred E. Francis, of Ohio State university, chairman of the conference eligibility committee, decided Foster was eligible for another season of competition. Yesterday it wa.i announced that the protesting school had withdrawn Its Continued on Page 2(1, Column 4. NEW YORK U.R Tod Morgan, a dark-haired, handsome little fellow from the far const who for the past four years has defended the junior lightweight title as a true champion should, may retch the end of his reign over the 330-pounders tonight, Impelled among the has-beens by the capable fists ,f walloping Benny Bass, of Philadelphia. The challenger figures to whip Morgan on points or stop the champion before the end of the scheduled 15-rotinds. If Tod goes down to defeat and returns to his Avocado ranch, he will leave behind a worthy record of a title-holder who was willing to fight in defense of his crown. Since he won the 130-pound championship by stopping Mike Ballerino back in 1025, Morgan has engaged in 16 title fights, most of them tough ones. He has had his ears bnttended down once or twice in that time, fighting lightweights like Phil McOraw and Stanis laus Loayza, but he has always bepn willing and ready and able to fight, which is more than can be said for most of our champions of recent years. Benny Bass, who is a 7 to 5 favorite to take Tod's 'itle, is a busy, two-fisted little slugger who can box as well when he needs to. Bass prefers rough going, and is quite a body puncher, a style which should be effective against the none-too-rugged champion. Morgan has not been Impressive in recent appearances in the east, and so is one of the few champions to enter the ring in the short end of the betting. It will he the first championship fight in Madison Square Garden for 15 months, MAT MEET AT CHICAGO CHICAGO (P) The University of Chicago will hold an invitational national college and university Individual wrestling championship tournament in Bartlett gymnasium December 27 and 28. The event will open to all undergraduate amateur grap-plers who are eligible under the rules of their own schools and will be informal, with no team title at stake. ri'ROl'E TO MEET HITLER LAFAYETTE, Ind. Pi Purdue and Butler will resume football relations in 1930, after a lapse of 3R years. The game, which completes Purdue's schedule for next season, will be played at Lafayette November 15. They last met in 1892. DETROIT (Pi Ralph Greenleaf of New York st,;iin holds the world's pocket billiard championship. This star cueist defeated Erwin Rudolph of Chicago in the play-off fo the world's crown by 125 to 68 in 18 innings. The gnme was not spectacular, .but was marked by hard fighting and excellent delenslve work. Both players seem-d to be showing the strain, Greenleaf mlsculng twice and making a foul once, offenses seldom chained against the headllners. Ru dolph also was guilty of at least four misses on easy shots. Right from the si art it settled down to a battle of defense. At the end of nine Innings Rudolph was leading 25 to 0. In the tenth Inning Greenleaf found his stride and playing deliberately, also ratlvr slowly for Greenleaf and with much car he accumulated 44 when he miscucd on a side rail shot for the corner. Rudolph had an excellent chance at this stage but was stopped at 23 when he missed a left hand shot on n short try for the corner. Play "Safety" Game Greenleaf came right back with 41, missing the six hall for the corner on a long break shot. Incidentally, that was the only shot Greenleaf missed on a called ball during the game. He surrendered the table to Rudolph in the other innings on safeties, scratches, miscucs and a foul. Rudolph's answer to Greenlcaf's 41 was only 7 when he missed another relatively easy shot. For the next four innings defense was in order but in the 16th inning Greenleaf ran 12, when he miscued on the four ball in trying to get position for a braK. This brought his total to 102. Rudolph ran 14 and seemed on his wiy to a long run when he missed his second left hand shot on a side rail shot for the corner. His total then was 07. Greenleaf came back with two, being retired when he fouled on the one ball after pocketing the two. His total then was 103. In Rudolph's half he ran two and said farewell for the tournament when he missed a cut shot for the side. Greenleaf ended the game with a run of 22. By winning the title, Greenleaf earned $1,200 in cash, a salary of $6,-000 a year given by the National- Billiard association. Grec-ileaf also will receive sixteen per ce'.lt of the net gate receipts. The tournament this year outdiew ar.y previous tournament in the history of pocket billiards, playing to capacity crowds at virtually all of the games. Gets 1,000 Cash Rudolph will receive $1,000 In cash and a salary of $3,000 a year. He also will receive fifteen per cent of the net receipts. Frank Taberski for finishing third will receive $800 and 14 per cent of the net receipts. The other prizes follow: Onofrio Lauri $700 and 13 per cent; Marcel Camp, fifth, $600 and 12 per c;nt; Pasquale Natalie, sixth, $500 and 11 per cent; Spencer Livsey, seventh, $400 and 10 per cent; Joseph McCann, eighth, $300 and 9 per cent. Under the rules, Greenleaf will not bo asked to defend the title for one year. He first won the title in 1919 in Philadelphia and held it without interruption unt'l he lost to Frank Taberski in the National league in 1925. He has won and lost It a number of times sine;, dropping the crown a year ago to Taberski after a play-off in Chicago. In the present tournament he earned a tie by defeating Rudolph in the final game of the tournament on Wednesday night by 125 to 79. i f - w i iwni ii I mmmmm I ' . Jfsf A i Zj VlCTo THAT J a m . ' m a -w jw- . . . a w i vt. v xv x Slip Y ii 9 ( mv KID ;' '1 DO0U CAU-v UlS OPPONENTS ATTBNTlON lib UrATlG-O CbM(M6 U81AMCHE UMRlfD OH mS HEEL AND mmT his fist S?UAgEU CM 'NOfiCElL J AUK C DEMPb flL AS Y H(T 9 A OjUtf PARALV2GD vXCCCl?lTAL POrJCH'-' OJIULIE LEUJlS PARTED "WeCA-0 J BUSINESS NORTHWESTERN WINS FROM NOTRE DAME CAGERS, 30 TO 28 Grantland Rice's, Ail-American Team Ben Tlcknor, Harvard renter and captain-elect of the 1930 eleven: Ray Montgomery, Pitt guard; John Cannon, Notre Dame guard; Elmer "Red" Sleight, tackle of Purdue's undefeated team, and Chris "Red ' Cagle, Army captain, were the country's most efficient football players this past season, according to the rating given thrm by Grantland Rice In his 1929 All-America selections, appearing in the current issue of Collier's Wrrkly. Players of the Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountain district and Southern Conference failed to win s place on the team. Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Purdue Won two places each. Purdue and the University of Arkansas won recognition for the first time. Ball General- Sehed- Carry- Pns- Block- Turk- Kick-Name Team Position ship ule In ing log ling lug Ave. farideo (N. D.) Quarterbark 1)5 11(1 s. no nil 100 9(1 !).'! filassgow (Iowa) Halfhark .. 93 B5 80 S.'i 100 90 90 8 Tagle (Arm.vl tlalfhark .. 83 100 100 83 100 9J.B IVrlrh (Purdue) Fullbark .. 80 90 90 100 100 90 91.7 o kicking this year. Breaking Interfpr- Cnrer- fiprriv- Hieak- fnr and Srlid- Ing Ine dig t'p Block- Tark- lile Klrki Pairf Tavi ln( ling Av. nonrb I Pitt I fn'l 80, 00 9(1 SO 100 00 l.1.3 Krhonnover (Ark.) Erd 73 100 100 100 90 90 9.3 Schrd- Wag- Charg- Inter l'e of Tark- lile nosing lui ferenre Hands ling Ave. Sleight (Turdue) Tackle SO 93 100 93 100 100 93.(1 (Minn. I Tackle 80 90 100 90 100 100 .it. 3 .Montgomery iriltl Guard 80 97 100 100 100 100 9.J fannnn IS. D.) Guard 100 90 100 90 93 .100 9.V8 P.. Tirkimr (Marv.irdh Onter 93 100 100 93 93 100 97.5 "'Graded for miiipping rather than interference. Copyright, 1929 By Collier's Weekly) Michigan Swamps Albion; Illinois Downs Washington University. CHICAGO (Pi Th,; Western conference is looking to Indiana to maintain the victorious pare set by Big Nine basketball teams in early season games, when it tackles the University of Pennsylvania SutU'Vay night at Philadelphia. In last night's games, conference teams scored a slam against outside opponents. Northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois all emerging victorious from their tests. The Northwestern triumph over Notre Dame by 30 to 23 score was the outstanding achievement of the program. With Rus Bergherm and Captain Rut Walter shooting sensationally, the Wildcat took a bitterly fought overtime contest from the Ramblers. The score was tied four times during the game, and Northwestern pulled up a 27 all score, on Bert Riel'g goal In the closing seconds of the regular time. Michigan, with five regulars watching throughout the cortest, swampei Albion college, 51 to 9. at. Ann Arbor. Coach George Veenker started four sophomores, and let the regulars watch Norm Daniels store 10 times from the floor, while Downing; connected five times. Illinois, with its captain. Doug Mills, in the hospital, scored its first victory of the season In Downing Washington university of St. Louis, 30 to 19. Bur Harper led the Improved Illlnl attack vith five field goals, while the defease held Don White's team to six fie.d goals. Wisconsin turned in Its second straight victory, defeiting Carleton college, 27 to 18. Bud Foster, whose eligibility status was cliared up yesterday, was elcelrd ctmtaln of tie Badger five before the game, but watched Farber do the high scoring ! with five field goals. SALESMEN OF NORTHERN HOLD BOWLING PARTY A team captained by E. A. Lindbcrg won high three game honors at the North Side Community club alleys last night when members of the sales department were entertained at a kegllng party. Heads of departments acted as captains of salesmen teams, Mndberg's team had a score of 2225 for high honors. College Haskell Kill Northwestern 30; Notre Dame 28. Drake ?.V. Simpson IS. Detroit C. C. A?. Toledo U. 22. Fordhnm 30: Yale 16. Illinois 31); Washington (St. Louis) 19. Wisconsin 27; Carleton 18. Wisconsin Re.erves 16; Oshkosh Teachers 13. Mlchis'in 51: Albion 9. Monmouth 32; Parsons 24. Illinois Wrsleyan 37; McKei.dree Charleston Teachers 32; Rose Poly 24. Augsburg 31; MeAIester 15. Bilolt 28; Northwestern College 13. Khurl left 34: Elmlllirst 27. Gustovus Adnlphtis 2ii; Cornell 1 i, Profi'siimal Basket lia II Chicago Bruins 34; Rochester 20. PLAN 2,000 MORE GRANDSTAND SEATS AT CITY STADIUM EXPECT SENSATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GAMES AT "Y" ON SATURDAY Northwest Tackles Standard Oil; Northern Takes On Public Service. Many thrills should be in store for basketball fans tomorrow night, when a fine rard offered in the Industrial r.eague schedule will be presented tn the " Y" pvm. At 7:30 the North-vest Engineers will tackle Standard Oil, and at 8:30 the Northern Paper Mills quintet wi'l lock horns with the league-leading Public. Service five. In the first gmie the Standard Oil cagers, who surprised fans last wek bv their sensational victory over Northern, will try for a permanent, berth in the win column at ',he expense of Northwest. The Engineers have been unable to get started, although on paner they look as good as any ("am In the Industrial loop. They hav been working hard th part week, however, and intend to "find" Ihcm.-eU'eH tomorrow night. The featuie of the evtniug will be the Northern-Public Service cortest. The NoithTii ramp is pinning Its Packer Corporation Directors Vote to Finance Enlargement In 1930.. At a meeting of the Green Bay Football corporation's board of directors held Thursday evening at The Press-Gazette, Marcel Lambeuu, (hah man of the illy stadium grounds committee, whs Im.Uuctod to prepare plans fur the consliui Hon of 2.000 additional grandstand s'-ai-s. A goodly share of the 1929 profits will be used to finance this enlargement of the scaling capacity ut the football field. Mr, Lambeau will draft lils estimates and secure the necessary building permits for presentation at the spring meeting of the football corporation directors. It is planned to have the Improvements finished before the opening of tho 1930 season which will probably be on Sept. 14. The new slands are to he built along the lines of Sections A, Ii, C, D, E, F, O, and II, now In use at the pall park. The directors are of the opinion thai the season of 1930, so far as home gate attendance goes, will be the greatest In the history of the Football corporation. Routine business was transacted at Thursday night's meeting. Added dis cussion was on tap concerning location of Die flag pole from which will fly the National football league's 19;3 championship pennant. The flag raking ceremonies will feature one of the early sea.son games, according to present plans. SHAWANO CAGERST0 PLAY OCONTO TONIGHT (Special to Press-Gazette) OCONTO, Wis. Shawano high school will play the Oconto basketball team at the local armory this evening. Both tenuis have a clcit.i record so far this season and a rlos? contest is anticipated. It Is Oconto's hones on Nauman and Van Si'tlr.e to! first home game, to start about 8:30 break up the Servicemen's smart passing while the latter expect to take the Papermaken off their feet with a npw offensive combination, Nelson, Sharf, and )lor;kams. As a special featuie Saturday night, the two favorite bovrs, nm of "Andy", WiPard and Warren, 13 and 13 yenrs old, who put nn such a fine exhibition on the opening night of the Industrial Basketball league, again will mix Mows between halves of the last game The match has H. Ratachic took individual and bren nrringert after num'-roiis r. three game honors with scores of 244 and 588 respectively. TKAM MOIIKS TtmmermKn Hhcrmmi .. Vsn Donspl Plnkertnn . Mndbrrg ., MeOratlv .. c. J. Schiller f, Forsythe F. Mantle 67S Q. Lefcvre 612 87 () KM fi'lS s:5 85 1VI 639 71)9 urn 74 BH1 777 011) 072 60S 824 781 B72 2072 -2IKHI -21.')."! 1!(4(! mi 2208 10,14 217.1 6412034 MIAMI. Fla V Bob Goodwin, Daytona Beach. Fla., stopped Jimmy De Capua. Flint. Mich.. ilOi; Ginger .rnlgan. Columbus. O., and Izzv I Kaplan, Mcridan, Conn., drew, (0). uoets of the basketball fans who i flrre not able to be present at the ' first bout. Mr. turn will f ierce. ROLLS 300 GAME i MILWAUKEE l!.P.) Art Krurger, ; 22. Milwaukee, realized the ambition of every bowler last nlcht, scoring 12 consecutive strikes to roll a perfect 300 game. lll.LOIT FIVE WINS BFLOIT. Wis P: Using reserves during most of the game. Bclolt col-Irce easily defeated Norl)n.trin of We.trrtown 28 to 16 here lust night. Bclolt led 13 to 14 al half tlnic. and will be preceded by a preliminary match beginning at 7:30. The bleach ers will be used for the first time tonight. Jitney dancing will follow the game. HEIN MUELLER TO FIGHT CANADIAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHICAGO JJt Heln Mueller, clever German heavyweight, and El-zear Rloux, Canadian heavyweight champion, will be fighting for a match with Otto Von Porat, when they meet at the Chicago stadium Dec. 27. Ma'ehmaker Nate I.cwis of the stadium has lined up a promise from Ed Stevenson, Von Porat '. manager t" meet the winner late In January w early in Februrary. The Mueller-Rloux bout Is down as the scml-flnal to the Bud Taylor-Earl Mastro bout. INDIANA GOF.sYasT BLOOMING TON, Ind , (4i The University of Indiana basketball squad today was en route tn Philadelphia, where It will meet, the University of Pennsylvania five In an intcrsectlonal contest Saturday night. "LEW" HIE i'ED L SQUAD AND DIM ;hurlbutstied on honor terni Herricks and Nash Teams Win 3 Games In Local League. Crashing the Maples at, Ihe North Side Community club alleys lor fine counts, Hiirlbiifs Ford Coke and East Ftvrr Lumber and Fuel teams eacn won three games last, night and went. Into a tie for first place In the Major l.rwiing league, Tue llurlbut team had a scrre or fvODO for the three games, whipping Sunset Club rnffeemen, while Fast K.vrr lumber men trimmed WhlkrrV Cleaners in tluee games and rollea a 3(85 count. The llurlbut count was V.lgh for the evening while Fast Fiver three-game score was second high. The llertick clothiers also Joined the tanks of teams earning whitewash victories when they whipped Van Oss Plumbers In three games, Th.i Oreeu BaV Nash team pulled one of the surprises of the nigh" when they took three game from I-'eaiimont hotels. The Derricks had a 2:'3 score that was Uilrd high for the evening. Jones Slgnes found the National Bank of De Pera leant "easy picking" and took two of three games, in the other games of the league, Imllvldiial honors went to 11. Zeut-rms who rolled (181 for three games F, I'aniion had second high with dt and Leonard Rels. thirl high with tihft. J. Sluplnski had high single F.i'mc with a 25(1 score, I,. Rels was second high with 248 and A. Jons and IT. Zeiltzlus tied for third high with 247 each. High kingln team gnme was rolled by the East River lumber team when It (hot a 1121 count Herricks had second high ;,:i 1008 and llurlbuta third high with 1049. Tho scores: M.t lOll 1K U.I K W. K. R. L. and F. Co ?fl Hut Mint's Ford CJoke Hiinnet Club Coffee .... 24 lleiiumont llolela 2:i Merrick Clothing Co. ., 22 National Hank, Dti Pere 21 Vsn Oss Plumbers 20 O. R. Nmh Co 14 Walkers Cleaner 10 Junes Hlgns 9 Kern, Earpe and Blood Selected for Posts On Second Team. I,. Pet. ! 13 .(SH7 I 1 3 .S7 is .em 18 ..VXI )7 ,S4 18 ..VIS 19 .513 2!i ,3M) 2D ,2.'ifl .'10 .231 3 FIRST TEAM Left Fnd DHwrg Green Bay Left Tackle Itehman Trankford Left Guard MlehaUke Green Bay Center Weslnpal New York night Guard Rhenquist Trovldenra Kight Tackle Brattle Oranja Right Fnd Flaherty New York Quarterback Friedman New York Left Halfback Lewellen Green Bay Right Halfback I'lansky New York Fullbark Nevers Chicago Cards SKCONO TEAM Left End l.undrll Minneapolis Left Tackle Kern Ureen Bay Left Guard Raeis Boston Center Karpe Green Bay Right Guard Hansen Frankford Right Tackle Slater Chicago Cards Right End Johnson Chicago Bears uarlerhark Pease Orange Left Halfback Strong Stapleton Right Halfback Blood Green Bay Fullback Dletil Frankford The Nciirei Walker (.'leaner I O. llcnkelinaii 18(1 21S 1(13 Rfl4 A. Durand 213 IWI I7 SS8 J. Kerkholf )8 203 172 5(13 A. Torek 1H8 181 I'M - 571 W. I'lihll lirk 12 144 IM 1)02 Total M7 tll'i ''870 -2788 V.. II., anil Fuel ., Wnn 3, H. '.inn ,u 2)7 204 2.13 - 881 H. Hill It 182 HIS 214 (101 K. Margrsff 1H8 172 224 5S4 K. Becker , 1!lfl IM 221) S24 ft. WMlU'lie, 2)0 108 201 ROD HONORABLE MENTION KjkscII, Chicago Cards; 8. Owens, New York; Kieitlitig, Chicago Cards; Mitchell, Orange, Rawdoin, Green Bay; Murry, Chicago Rears; Koatoa, Frankford; Dunn, Green Ray; Hag-herg, Buffalo; Welch, Providence; La-tnne, Boston; Mulcnda, Green Ray; Slinleton, Ddjlon; O'Bonnrll, Green Bay. Total ...1003 001 11213083 June Slim, Won 2, lost 1. J. Bnkonkl 17t 17S 186 535 M, Fuller 218 170 1(18- SM A. .lone 184 113 247 S04 C. Raster 201 163 158 522 F. Thomas I.'i8 234 18 5,'8 Total 81(1 98.1 927-2773. Nat. Hank, De Pere, Won I, l.oat 2, ri. Cleoiue 14H 15!) 1 501 8, Hmll 180 174 201 555 J. ('fifteen 1S3 132 1H1 488 J. Hchtirnerth .... 1"2 184 202 578 F. Van Veghel 226 UK) 221 6.17 Total 907 839 1011 2757 llurlbut' Ford Cnke, Wnn 3. C. ClirlKl.ensen .... 214 173 202 - 589 l Morgan 2.14 191 160 585 I, Hel 248 174 243 885 M. Hllnaon ISO 2:15 203 20 K, Weeman 173 228 230 631 Total 1049 1001 1040-3090 Kunel ( liih Coffee I nst 3. A. Becker 200 181 195 576 Continued on Page :!0, Column 3. Prcfi sslnnal football came into Hi ewn this season and the race for tht 19'J9 pennant furnished o man) I hi Ills that the turnstiles clicked mer-illy rlitht up until the closing games According to league reports, attendance figures (limbed to new higb murks and, with hut one or two exceptions every tiam escaped the red Ink. Several new clubs, namely Oranr.e, N, J., and Staplcton, N. Y., enjoyed prosperous seasons while the Chicago Cardinals, under new management staged a remarkable comeback both on the gridiron mid in a financial way. Green Bay I'ndrfealed The Green Bay Packers, who havt always been a first division club In the Pro league, rase to their greatest heights this fall and won the championship. In their pennant winning drive, Green Bay established a new National league record by going through a schedule of 13 games with-cut suffering a single reversal. Thi I all the more commendable when it Is taken into consideration thai the Packers ployed eight of their Barnes away from home. New York, with Benny Friedman at the head, had a great ciub and the rlngle defeat at the hands of the Packers, was the Giants' only black mark. However, this los put the Gotham eleven back in second place. Alter getting off to a wobbly start, Ihe Frankford (Philadelphia) Yel- Contlnucd on Page 20, Column l . j I in i j '.! ! - i v. I : i 1 1 i ! : ll ! " ! You Have Any Doubt About the superiority of o lust Phone Ui For A Trial Order Hurlbut'i PHONE ADAMS 23

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