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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin • Page 22

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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on a rate base of $280,893, the GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE m9 I'. tmm 22 Friday, August 26, 1949 Increases in Rates Given Water Utility Press-Gazette Madison Bureau YOU'LL ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS SUMMER MIXES 6f Fort Wayne Visitors Special to Press-Gazette GILLETT, Wis. Mr. and Mrs Ervin Husman and family of Fort Wayne, are visiting Mr. Hus-man's mother here.

commission calculated. The order related that the charge of $2.58 for fire protection water service is higher than for many other cities of comparable size, but the commission ex MADISON, Wis. Higher rates Air-conditioned Comfort GLASS BAR 1374 Main St. Enjoy Green Bayt Largest fV Beer (16 ot.) lor 10c 1 plained that it is "quite in line for fire protection to the city government of Sturgeon Bay and TELEVISION When Weather Permit Draftees and Veterans when the physical aspects of Sturgeon Bay are considered. higher charges for private and commercial water customers ore contained in an order of the public service commission boosting the rate schedule of the Sturgeon 1 Legion Meet Sept.

6 FISH FRY TONITE IRISH'S SUNSET CLUB Highway 41-141 Duck Creek GILLETT, Wis. Due to the first Monday of the month being Bay municipal water utility. Labor day, the Krause-Simpson Bat Whiskey The increases will amount to $15,358 a year in new revenues for the utility, which the commis post of the American Legion will meet in their regular monthly (The orareit VA urflea far th readers of tht Preta-Gaxette li 111 I. Adams itreet. Greeo Bav.) By MAJOR THOMAS M.

NHL Questions and answers from all ever: From J.C., Lower Merlon, 190 meeting on the first Tuesday of sion found has been operating the month, Sept. 8. with inadequate income. Chicken Plate Lunch Every Saturday Night it Dally Noon Day Lunches FISH FRY FRIDAY BLANCHE'S BAR BLANCHE HIRN, Prop. (Formerly of AlUj Inn) 1.1 DlUlM Hld(.

The fire protection charges will "I am a W. W. I veteran receiving A BAY BEACH a total disability pension, not serv be boosted in the new tariff about 99 per cent, while other users will be charged 22 per cent more for cj in FOODS I 25e MISS. 3U Main Wast Do ice-connected. If I were to procure part-time employment would that In any way jeopardize my pen general service.

The 1848 earn ings of the utility amounted to "The Man Who Plays Sweetest Trumpet In the World" also makes mighty sweet music at sion?" The VA says It encourages vet $38,585. The new schedule will produce a return of 5:.5 per cent TONIGHT FRY CHARLES Tavern 201 North Broadway Under the Management of Clyde Steeno and Geo. Doyle the box-office. Charlie Spivak Is now the record-holder at two of New York's leading hotel spots. SERVICE AS YOU LIKE ITI OLD TIME DANCING TONIGHT Music by GENEJHEIER SUNDAY Dancing to the Music ef BOB MLADA He holds the top mark at the Ho tel Pennsylvania, the most famed Attention I Bowling Leagues Have Openings for Two Complete Leafues trans with total and permanent disability rating (non-service connected) to get part-time jobs.

Here is an-other Dcnsion dancing place in America, and TONIGHT FISH FRY AT WALTER established a record. The band will be at Nitingale Ballroom Sun day. WONG'S question, this Every Saturday Ml SERVED DAILY XYTLmS Booyah Sat. Se Sun. (Except Friday) I 't I Trt aJIDkllftUT It SERVED DAILY (Except Friday) TO MIDNIGHT ROLLER SKATING one from Mrs.

4 NEW ALLEYS I JOHNNY'S BOWL-INN-BAR Denmark, Wis. Phone 86-R R.C.B., Thorpe, I widow BILL'S COCKTAIL BAR West De Pere Presents "VI" ANDERSON Sepia Entertainer PIANO SONGS Nightly and Sunday Afternoon, 3 to 5 AIRPORT BAR IS 1G89 Cass St. I STEAK I CHICKEN IS 5 STEAK CHICKEN PICNIC GROUNDS KIDDIE RIDES 9c Chlneae and American Foods oi a una ar t1111 STEAKS 8EA FOOD CHICKEN cnops Local Option Included in New Rent Law P. G. Madison Bureau veteran: "My Maj, Nia husband, hon LOOK! LOOK! orably discharged from the army, ijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM 11 a.

m. to 3 p. m. Noonday Luncheons 75c up p. m.

to 8 p. m. Evening Dinners $1.25 up LOBSTER TAIL French Fried Shrimp COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN 3 to 1 GOLDEN 0 MADISON, Wis. Gov. Oscar Rennebohm has reminded WIscon sin municipal officials that there is a local option decontrol pro vision in the new Wisconsin rent SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS act.

Century Alleys Opening Tomorrow Night Get your pre-season practice now! Be ready when the leagues begin. No Wisconsin city or village has was killed in an airplane accident In the winter of 1947. He was learning how to fly under the GI Bill. "I have no income of any kind and I am not able to work. Am I not entitled to a pension of some kind?" No, unless your husband had a service-connected disability at the time of death.

A World War I widow does rate a pension (if she meets the income qualification) regardless of whether her husband had a service-connected disability. But not so with a World War II widow. Some day, presumably, the World War I standard will be applied to World War II widows, but yet acted to end controls under INN DE PERE ROAD that law, and the governor office Located on the Corner 5 W. Walnut at Broadway apparently is concerned about the general knowledge of such a pro vision. "The local option provision per' Come and Hear the Man Who Made Frankie Yankovic Famous the Man Who Sang- and Played THE BLUE SKIRT WALTZ and Many Others JOHNNY PEG0N Now With His Own Orchestra Recording- On Capitol Records Aude's Pavilion KEWAUNEE ONE NIGHT ONLY AUG.

28 Adm. Only 50c Plus Tax mits any city, village or town board to initiate action leading to a consideration of the desirability Opening for a six team league Tuesdays at 9:00 P. M. Contact "Shorty" Sorenson. fJftTlfllTI 8 or lOteam leoguei (straight tlU I IVblor mixed) interested in bowling en Sot-urdoys or Sundays, contact Derroy's Alleys for further particulars.

3: of decontrolling rents in the lo right now it is not in the offing cality," the governor said in a statement. Query from G.E.M., Grand "I would like to know Expert measurements for conventional or Connie The local governing body may hold a hearing to determine the If I am entitled to wear the Asia CONTINUOUS presence or absence of a housing tic-Pacific campaign ribbon. I went overseas on Oct. 19, 1946, for shortage, and whether conditions ten months. warrant a continuation of con I yi trols.

Termination can be by an OPEN BOWLING AT ALL TIMES Schwoegler special finger-tip bowling balls. Dining Room Featuring Chinese and American Food Open 11 A. M. to 1 A. AA Daily Except Tuesday CENTURY BOWLING! You are not.

March 2, 1946, is the date governing eligibility for that ribbon. If you weren't over official resolution of the local gov NO MINORS ALLOWED erning board. The only qualifying provision In seas by then you don get it. the local option law is that the governor must also approve the municipal resolution. He will do Question from E.A.E., Vineland, N.J.: "I was discharged from the army last May.

My wife was preg nant at that time. When the baby ALLEYS and BAR I MEETING FOR MOOSE LEAGUE Thursday Night, Sept. 1st ot the Bowling Alleyi Free Refreshments and Food so, according to the law, "only If it appears to him that the finding based on the public hearing Is supported by the record of the hear arrives, will she be able to get any medical care from the army, or Phone 118 East De Pere ing. An official public record, including a stenographic report of the entire proceedings of the hearing, must be taken," a statement by the governor's office yesterday DEVROY'S ALLEYS from the VA? Sorry, no. The VA never gives pre-natal or obstetrical care to the wife of a veteran, unless the wife Is herself a veteran and then only if complications develop.

The VA does not consider an expectant mother to be ill just because he is having a child. The army often does provide obstetrical care to wives of enlisted men, though it is not compelled explained. The local hearings must be given 10 days notice, so that all interest DUCK CREEK ROAD ed parties have an opportunity to IS3 -Lm attend and to participate. Sunday, August 28 CHARLIE SPBVAK AND HIS ORCHESTRA tt ItlUrAPn IM THE WORID" Adm. Only The executive office said county to under the law.

It says it never clerks meeting here this week to discuss their functions and respon sibilities under the state rent act 7 A New Thrill in Eating! Steaks Chops Chicken Complete Dinners Sandwiches PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE VF PARK IN CAFE On Tour Way to the Starlite BELLEVUE and CASS STREETS i reported general ignorance in lo cal circles about the local option feature of the new state statute. $1.25 Tax Included Duluth-Superior It's the Best Place In Town to Eat Bridge Proposed WASHINGTON (JP) Spokes DENNIS VADNAIS Distributor 5 DENNIS VADNAIS Distributor men for Duluth, and Su perior, urged the house pub L1295 West Mason St. Howard 2881 lic works committee today to ap Featurlnc Beautiful Irene Day Vocalist and Bobby Ricky on Drums WEDDING DANCE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 Marion Schelbe, Route No. 2, Kaukauna and Norbert Brittnacher, Greenleaf. Music by KENTUCKY ACES Coming Soon Al Trace and His Orchestra Direct from the Blackhawk Hotel, Chicago prove purchase by the two cities of two existing bridges across the Saint Louis river and plans for a handles an obstetrical case if the father has been discharged.

Question from P.B., Salem Depot, N.H.: "Where can I get a list of on-the-job training programs in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire?" Write to the state department of education at the capital of each state and describe the line of activity in which you are interested. Query from A.E.F., Marion, S.C.: "I've used up all my GI Bill education but still have three years to go before completing my dentistry course. Is there any way that as a veteran, can get a loan to finance me through this last portion of my schooling?" Not under any federal veteran's law there isn't. You might be able to work out something with a rich uncle, but it wouldn't be Uncle Sam. (You may write to Major Nial In care of this newspaper in connection with your own service-connected problem.

Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.) Twins' Birthdays Differ WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. new bridge. FOR DRINKING PLEASURE William J. Degan, city man ager, and Mayor George W. John son of Duluth outlined plans INSIST ON of the Duluth Superior Har bur commissior to demolish one of the existing bridges and to ap ply tolls collected on the other i toward construction of the new DON'T FORGET TO BE OUT TO span The committee is considering flippy imm BOBS identical bills by Reps.

Blatnik (D-Minn) and O'Konski (R-Wis) It's New! Enjoy the Flavor of This New Imported Brewing Formula! to permit the harbor commission to collect tolls on the bridges after paying off financing bonds. Located 5 Miles West of Green Bay City Limits On Highway 29-32 Congress in 1939 authorized the iff') Twenty-two minutes was cities to build a new bridge, with the provision that it would be toll dmt PILSENER BEER pi Oconto Pilsener is fZlIL'4 sheer brewmasler'a 3 maeic with a taste thrill that most peo- I pie like bert. Two size i bottles the 12 01. XjZIII 4 Export and 7 oz. Bud- A dy bottle 22? if f-l s-m it' i i WEDDING DANCE-Saturday, August 27 Cree after construction bonds had been amortized.

O'Konski said "a high bridge" enough to give twins James and Joseph Henke different birthdays. James was born at Riverview hospital at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday, weighing 6 pounds 5Vt ounces. Twenty two minutes, but a whole day later, Joseph was born. He weighed 3 pounds 1 ounces.

The twins are the sons of Mr. end Mrs. John Henke, Port j'i li to provide for the uninterrupted flow of water and highway traffic "is the most important thing In Honor of Annie Orlando and Orville Katers MUSIC BY GENE HEIER for our area. E. W.

Lund, Duluth city coun cilman, and George Erickson, Next Tim Ask For "The Little Dutchman" president of the Superior city council, also testified for the bridge program. FISH FRY FRIDAY WEDDING DANCE SATURDAY, SEPT. 3 in Honor of Dorothy Hackl and Elmer Van Gheem Telephone Increase Special to Press-Gazette New Translation Machine SALERNO, Italy (U.Ri t'ed-crico Pucci claimed today he has invented a machine which can translate copy from anv language into any other. Pucci said the machine was electrically operated but refused to disrlose other details. He said he has entered it In the Paris International fair of Inventions to be held next month.

CASCO, Wis. The Casco Tele DANCING EVERY SATURDAY phone company has been author' zed by the public service com' Music by DICK RODGERS AuJ IIU KaJio Arilits mission of Wisconsin to increase OCONTO BREWING OCONTO, WIS. its rates to yield $160 more an nually in revenue. ROOM AND BOARD By Gene Ahern they don't serve enough WHEN M3U GO THRU WJ POOD HERE TO SATISFY A BOWL OF TROPICAL FISH'- BAH. GIVING US ONE LAMB CHOP APIECE LAST NIGHT, AND THE TH' OFFICE LOBBY DROP ONE OF TH' BAGS FOR.

A HINT-NO- -YOU'D BETTER. NOT IF (ID (ID tip SERVED DAILY 5 TO 1 By George S. Hong TH' STAFF MIGHT ALL CHOPS VERE THINNER. THAN SHOE TONGUES SO I FISH FRY TONITE SATURDAY SPECIAL Chicken in the Basket and Steaks KALCIK'S New Bar and Restaurant 1351 Cedar St. COME UP AND JOlM iPty ft IN WITH US ON TH' EATS WENT OUT AND BCUSHT US SOME ORANGES, APPLES, CHEESE, SAUSAGE AND BYE BREAD 17 b7 AFTERNOON AND EVENING Phone De Pere 48 for Reservations finTIPCf We have opening for one team Monti I lUbi day niKht at 7.

Business Men's League CHINESE AND AMERICAN CHEF Brewed and Bottled By RAHR GREEN BAY BREWING CORP. Green Bay. Wis. Phone Howard 3200 DUD 9 M6 TTTtD LU 1LD 1 DANCE AT Denmark Pavilion SUNDAY, AUG. 28 Music by DUKE JANDAS ORCHESTRA Adm.

50c Inc. Tax 3921 SOUTH WEBSTER AVE. 3 STEADY PIN BOYS WANTED Undet an exclusive license from the Brouweriz De Peli-kaan, Nederweert Holland STEADY PIN BOYS WANTED Auxiliary ft DEGREES COOL GUARANTEED AIR-CONDITIONED BOWL IN COMFORT 70.

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