The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 19-16 ' PLYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS r ~" — CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION for Sale PACK FIVE . 7 i.k-1 1 ___________ to, 1 tin. p. r llu, ----------- , 6 , I tta«« per Hat p«r d*7 ____ lai »«•« par Umi p«« 4»y __ , ___ (l lm«i vtr Hn a p tt U»y ___ _ f. llmei p»r lln. inr 4»r __ ~ 6. «i°°a i»r nn. ____ : ______ -- ,{;; Count tiv. i..™*. word< U till llm. *d« oiilered (or IbrM or ill llmet « n a onied b«(or« eiplmlou will t« ekiried for tin muuber ot llme« I>IB ,d tt>i,«»riid ud tdjuilmeut of bill in.da n "' a " ' Now slake truck book's 12 ft. long for long; wheel huso truck. Kin-lory hiiilt bodies, only a few Iff I at (he old price. Hlylheviile Motor Company. 1'hono 422. C-7-ck-(i-l'J All «iilll«d ty jiersom rOBi.linc oulilde o ( cily IUQSI bo tccouiLiaiilcil liy c*ib rl ui»y be eully coi/ii-uu'd from ilie A , ub . . Adrertlllnx ord»r for Irregaltr Inicr- loiii Ukei the une time rtte Xo ii-jpuiullnlily will be taken (ur mor« bHQ ona Incorrect iiiBortion of tny elkt- For Safe Used Underwood Sunstrand ' electric posting; inachiue. Can he used for adding ' machine only. In the very hest of condition. lily the- ' ville Motor Company. Phone '122. 0-7-ck-d-i 1 i ! four rniirn limn,.. Larc,. r , 1(1 ,,,* w :,|. | l,».h I,,,, wac..,, ,„-„- r.,of. ll,,l,,,•„.",,!,, j .'t i- l ii < ii-,,n.i'",,i,''"i'.:,k!"'"iv r ', 1 ,"" i.; 1 ,",',;!-' ' (i'.-iy, -' win. I'll"".. -.1:1. , U.sed Trailer, 2^1 ft. Nahors Trailer \vilh 1000x20 tires in the very hest of condition. Terms. Hlytheville Motor Company. Phone vl.-t I'riiriilni •si I '-:"! W. Tor ln>lli>r ilrrrsiiiiiki.n ^•|i).-]'^ , srp Mr.-. S]I.'IT,.,| Mn .-'t II I, 1-1 llnvu IIIDVI-.I It. new nJ.lrriiS. \VM)ic- l!,,|l I Or.-.'ii. Aiross (ruin Davis Kloii' 1112 • s '-"I"'. f.'|ik 7|f. _7-J.k-ll ^Sni^.Mrs. IVol^-. Duvl, f,,r all l)|,,-s ,-( ,!'! I -»l'»"'li"H'"lt -S'i>. a. 1IU 's. X.Tiiiill M. . f I -l-i'k-1 I I'll, .. 7 ,!!| If . ~ - ' !«I. LOANS . r > frood used stools lor foitn-I J' 1 • 1<OAISlS tain or restaurant, wifhi 1 ' - v()u wanl :l 4 % (;l '- O!ln foot rest. All "> for $:!() Oil I *" 1)uy !l hom'e, see MAX 2 desks for store or office l| I-O«AN, LYNCH HM)G. new S:i5.0(l and 1 used roll I l>h<)n e 2«:M or 502. top S20.00. C. C. Adams, i n-20-ck-U-lL! Adams Drill; Store, llol- Vuncrulo llock laj-l., E canui>.tor work land, Mo. (i-7-ck-li-ll j 1 ""' s<! i' : ' ir " L "f- '''""» z^u.^ Complete sawmill Inlcrmi- ."^r'tu^u.'l^^S^ ^""SV-d tional power unit in irood ---- ^___i! conilitinn; hu-e «,rria ff c v "^,^ ll ^."SS/llr ^'l, and ciljccr. 20" planer. This ""n--"*- _______ iv-pk- mill Sold nil together. Four HOIIKCJ muvi-J »nd fuumlttiiLn. ropair trailer wiisons; S heavy' „';,',',' vlf.e" "" F """ < Ori>c u";k lii mares; exlra mill - - --- - — — lls *•*" '""'"K. '!nt«!«* or rounti dry, u i™ i |u iiis nn.i btaiikni u-iiiio """'!.":. 1 - I! 1 ' 11 "' cil >' lc " ' ...... '• tra carriage and other mill „ „, parts; small 1iitcrn:ilional ! - L — motor. This mill is running, 'Tn tj" in Pride Addition, S. 21slj J™^ St. I am retiring from) Jiiiivo hiisiness. S. 2Isl St., Pride 1 . Addition, O. S. Hollison.. Tractor repairs and service. *" lll » r i'»" 1 »B »"•! mMur iiiyi!"v'iiie*" jiacbin 1 B lp sii 1 uii'. *iia-ck ii G-7-ek-li-M Kl.Tlric- -^ 1.1. i Kiiitr . . . --|i-i J'l Acn-s '2 ?i ]ni. Konlh of HlylJiovilto, '/i Jiii. off lh\y,. Ill un i;r.'ivH. Xiro .1- rnnni In. us,- xviih li^-Uis. tlulhiiililin^'^ .......... ' ....... liw lan.l. «,.|[ drnim-d. in. ?l-lu*t will P-li.l l.lir IlKll |-™>ni II.MI^ :,in lol t,, I' flo Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Helta Implement Co. Phone S(!4. ji-in.f>u-_t.-f for Rent . •l-lik-ll Slice t. music and all kinds ot musical inslrumcnls and Rupplk-s. We also have liccn appointed dealers for the famous well known line of Century. Retails l~ic copy. Over i(iOI) selections to choose from. Now in slock. Parkhurst. Company. (i-.|-ck-(i-I7 Huy your (Jould's Electric Pump now before they he- come scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-c'k tt (Ino Allnn Jtntor Tunc-np iimcliine fno [<iry rnronJili.iinr. Motrjr K,i]n3. r.iisl Mivtn. TcnVjie 5U9. 4!20-ck-tr - 50 Hn. Whippoorwill Pea«. JJlylhcville Curb Market. 130 Ii. Main 5-7-ck-U Ilyhrid seed corn, early maturing. ?7.SO per bushel. L. K. Ashcraft Company. Phone .!!>;). 5-28-ck-U For l c 'ine Porl raits It's O'STHEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tt It.-ilrooin, convciiii-nl ii:)5.->. CM \V. 'Main. l.r.lli I':,,,,.. IH-|ik-i;|ts iiriuslinl npnrtnLi'nt \\-ll\i kitr]i,-ti nrivi- 1,-L-,-^. ir.ul \V«sl H.-nrn Kl. J-|ioii.' - IIU; - II |ik-lrU Ilcilronlu. Wanted to Trade Will trade 'I1--I2 model cars 'for ;{8 or ,'{!) models. Coml deals. Phillips Motor Co., • r >fh and Witlnul. <i-:{-ck-ft Swap New Phonographs, automatic record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 1 I -makes to select from. Parkluirsl Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 Jus! arrived large shipment. Traveling hags and accessories. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 Picture frames made to order O'Slccn Studio. 4-24-ck-tf to lrttffrr Btora wtit, livinj,- .jni Kollicr ivilh .( renln\ lunisc-,. - Imfttcly 2 »rrrs (if lni;,l. Krimts i-| H\vj-. fil, linriTi-rs on {'mton Holt tt.K,, ]<]f*\ incMiun (or InrhiAlry. Hro IlitrlijiiiRn's (lorcery, N, Hwj- (11 -I ii).. 7 I 2 used (ii International combines wilh motors reconditioned. Price reasonable. Company, Phone -Kl-l. ti-ck-fi-13 The STRIKES ARE Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substan- tialdrop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at P H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements •titborUw to anoouno. UM toUom'- IX'mocr»llo primary: HHF.Kirr AND ooujKrrOB MOK ranxr ROBTNBON WILLIAM BERRYMAN COUNTY JCDGK QKNE E. BRADIJCY ROLAND GREEN FUK TAX ABBEB8OB DOYL.K HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CUU HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CUWK ELIKAHKTH BijYTHB COUNTY TRKAHCIKDI DELLA PUIITL* STATE KKPKKSKNTATTO ALENE WORD E. O. FLKKMAN LKSI.IE "DUKIE" 8PBOK Ii. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDERUOH (I'm- re-rlrctk>n) STATE 8ENATOB ' J. I.EE BEARDEN JEFFERSON W. SPECK ciitiwiT Ji)in;i: K. Cl. WAllO I. M. GHKRR Rc«U Courier News Wiint Ails. Wanted To Buy )ONT TAKE A LOSS, fk-l •Hie (op • in-lee for Vflin- ejir or (ruck from PHIM.H'H MOTOK CO. Tofliiy. li-3-ck-tt (or ]i»rl5. .l|7-ck-tf Vr |i;i>- rnsli for un>il rnrnilnrr ono ici 1 ^ nr a hnus*- full. (; : ill 2:102, Aln Hnrdy Furniluro Co. -lliO-ck-it Read Courier News Want Ads. Help Wanted .M.VV WAXTKI) Tl) SI'C'CI Baby Chlrku Jl 00 to (12.00 per IW. 3 d»>» (o 4 wrrkM «lil—.\( Ht4)re Fi*rd<< uu<l SupplleK. WANTIIK K«r »«d iihrlki! <:or|i—All |[r;nli'S. One bu>hrl up - Ojls - Wtii'iil - liarley - AlfuKu liny unit INml- try ul all kinds. 1'uy tup m:nkit prices. Elevator Feed Store N. llh'Briiailwuy at Hit Orosslni; J. J. Fli-lH, Mur. Itlrh I'nrt 'I'lin ]«iri :) r NHW Orlrnns Is wild i> lie t'lspunsibli'. rlthi'i- (llu'clly n 1 indlriTlly. for 70 I'rul.s of i.vrry l.illai t-li-ciiliitlni; III Unit, rlly'.s Wonted to Rent V. M. C. A. s..,. ri .|:n-y w;,,,N In r.-,i r. "J r, ,..,„„ („„,... ih ,,,„„, r ,,,, .l.-llllill ^-.-|il,M. (.-.,11 ,[ |. |i.|,,. (if | ' Landowners If you arc troubled with Johnson Gross on your land you need ATUGIDE Jt's a Sure Killer Get a Supply 'I'mlay Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone515 126 West Main St. Kriiehanf i^oline trailer, •12")0 gallon wi(h :i com- parlmenls, landing Rear, 1000x20 tire.s painted white in perfect condition. Priced to sell. Terms. lilylhcville Motor Company. Phone •122. V.-7-rk-fi-M John L. Lewis Inughs hcarlily— and produces the rnre pliolo- gr;iph above—<it viclorious end of his long vi'ceks of ncgoli.ilions over signing a new conlract for his United Mine Workers. Heart Courier News Wunt Art? Dr, J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Clnncoe Hotel Bldg. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sices 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Ilwy. til at Stale I/me I'lion: mvthcvillc 7M SELL NOW Your Automobile Will Bring More $$ Now WE NEED CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. IJaltery and Klectric liudion 21!)"W SFain Phone 34 Visit Our New Recording Studio! We have installed the very latest K<|iii|>mcnl for Itecordinn Voices, Hand and Orchestra Music and Messages. 'We iilno Kent S o u n d ' K(|uionient for Indoor nnd Outdoor ICvenls. BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY WiloieHille Only Phone -Hi7 H2So. 1st St. Good Used Cars immediately. Bring your car into our bigt :•'- J Used Car Lot today and get i the top $. No stalling, no I waiting. j i LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oil* 301 W. Walnut rhon. 578 Local & Tariff Distance Moving OolLLlieteKt llQl|i kiirl C'lUliinifliLt. A<1»- Q,uat«lf Insured. Oonimct Hauling and Mile. UflTTtcei. Home Service & Btoraie Co. I'ton* 2HQ1 Ucforc you start out on that summer vac-alinn trip. . . let our mechanics check and double check your car. Test Batteries! Change Oil! Reset cnsjinc timinu' 1 . Tune-up motor! Adjust carlnirclor! You're assured »f smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wrofen Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & liroadwav Service Mobilgas WRKCKKK SKRVICI-: Telephone We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetable! Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 K. Main Phone 973 rtrffol repulrtilt for today'* n- quKitn footwear aM:ureil when rr- hulll in «ur nuxleru nhap. • H-P-L.TG 'UHLITY SHOC SHOP - - --I M a i N ST. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter" UOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA'dlil ItKiWINflTON 1'OUTAllI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. ' PHONE 33<M (Every Transaction MOST I5E SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock (.imranlecd Hest Priee.s Kirby Drug Stores Roaches Bjddfe Exterminators Meiulwr N»tT Fnrt CWntnl JtWttL 115 B. Third Bt. PbM» mt Sec us about your serv-' ico on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and* lubrication makes-your, car function properly; . and more economically., Hqvc your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and ' trucks. , T, ! SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slock* of Parts For Chrynler Product* 121 R. Main Fhom ZIZZ 'ROOTS AND T-TKR Tell 'Km. ff I OOWT TIW OW ¥Wft\ OVtft « BUDDS' 5CX3N. VORD5WP VIOULO HPNE WOTOS VOTH VOU (W, BY' RDGATt MARTIN. WtM \F KV »tVJ REQUIRE Mt TO ORE65 UP A Brt, YOU KNOW IU. (\LWW6 BE "WE eftMt OLt) CUDVtV! I KUKCKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS '.- - _^_^^ :>--^\_, !_, \TMATLL BE )GosH. A BUCK SEVEMTY-FIVE KINO, BOTH OF YOU, FOB. } * 1-95-/ / (S ALL WF GOT.' CAM YOU TRUST WvB FORTME DIFFERENCE? [(-operation VouVe BE EM INO, BOTH O AKIN& Mf HOME / BY MEURILT, BLOSSRH AT.LKY OOP .tASEft r HC 'I GUESS I CAW swAUovy ~,^ 714E 2O CENTS, BUDDV' Youteef A cnupt-E- OF GOOD KIDS FOR HELRM& THAT OLD LADY our/ ...^^ ,-HiS ]7 I PiONT SEE TH- \VOU gnoULO OUGHTA / LOOK PlLL^ ALLEV OC? tl aiKK... SOME KID I BE MOKE CABEFUL.' / NO8OPY ; S EVTB V60TSI&ME?\ MEAGER /SOME HKK MISHT VcOLLECTiO ^^ TO F&HT V.E ? J? HANDLED TH'/ TAKE US To TH' ** i- u t LtcTtu ' WHAT'S HE. /I DEAL! V CLEAMERS...I UK£ T' K.MO\V WHAT T'M 1 —i UP AdAI.VIST.' Oh, Shucks! . j MLJNMERT VET, HAVE NO, I'LL SAY THSY HAVEWT.' AM' WITH TH- SGT-UP \VE &OT KCSOOY EVEC BY V. T. HAMILTON f^ /»>-•-:

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