The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 5
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JANUARY 2-1, J045 LOOKING AHEAD n 0101101 i UNION BI/YTHEVILLE 7945 Income Tax Primer What Income To Report and How To Report It «*„,„„ ., $ ifo) 1V ] DUAL mm m mm ,, JJJ44 FORM 1040 Trw IU tutmtl FARMER'S FRIEND U-o southerners sal Hear iti e in a ciawdtti day-coach recently and i <-->iiied on a hoited and revealing 'lUiiwsHilon. Both men were farmers, but ihei ; - similarity ended "We. They v.-cre not nt nil alike, "lie seemed to be about 70 years , ol'l. Ke spoke with a soft, "beep J -outi," inflection. He had attended «"li!|$e. was well dressed and had lived- in several bis cities, 1 lip; other man was nearer 30 spoke ;y,-it|i the accent of ilio rtch'a country and was obviously a practical dirt farmer with very" limited ^lioolm;;. The conversation was aboH rice. The older man in- M S«af:"Cfi was not grown in Aikansas; "It would be so foolish " •"c said scornfully. "So long as Asiatic labor is cheap (here will cotinlry" mCy ''" iSi "° r ' cc '" lhis ynunjf Jl:m \\-as Hight ,,„,,, °! (l * cl »l™an almost per- iimtled the young man that he had calling somelhinp rice that was nntilcc at .nil, i didn't intrude to .say that I drive through miles h-mT o CVC|ly timc : milk = il I U> fioni Scnrcy to Memphis al- HiniiBli 1 hated to see a man m possession of the truth so " n i,fa >™er courteous lan sl ,a,c?,nd id ™ years ° Ut of flalc f0r ^ Workers in the Arkansas rice FOR CALENDAR YEAR 1844 , r»,i NAMB..fei!DlY.t...find._Ido..e.,.. i ]3pj5i hands are compensated. They more than cotlon unuppcrs antiI Pickers; draw wages more like nm " " lill!BC 6'-ove Corker. Jiisi the same, Arkansas rice is. Pnced rlglil, Our growers could ship 1to Japm, ,„ normal times and HI n, , ' ™ c - ilt a prorit j " Competition to Chinese rice. Coolie raised Custom-|),aii Economy 111.' ?,»""'';' <|l ' ite Jnmilia '- «"'cn tie cultured gentleman-farmer explained. "The bisgert POT of the cast of anything is labor" The sueimmt used lo be made, of ten •"id used to be almost true, but ....... s vol 'i"ie production by ycars: idea -'..x.xw.ji., ilM, 1 > lUiiKcr tii*iii lie younger man could remember (ice m Arkansas, a new industry is tooleci up well. rice That's exactly why our C? S r,£" V2S, "£ £r%T&.T,i±S ']To° as " c - hi " a - boy wlth a incry expense. 0 he can ' earn 30 tines as much as the Chinese. and does. At ihe same time, the nee costs less per bushel -•••' — profitably sell America. of 1'rosjierity t -~ • — —...p..j^*, ai^ Shorler hours and higher iva^es Exem l )Uon N °- 1. your wife would for people who work, lower n-ic« ™ No - 2 ' r ' n(l others are added ami betier merchaiHlise for peo Your Income ho not vrita b <• n 5 i d We. Tiiis shows how John p oc , „.],„ K . orks nn ., 3, and 4, «nd enttr the total here $3058.21 . u - f . - , * --—-.— ~..-* »Je i income here $ . 3640 92 account, would s(ar , Here is the fifth of 10 au- thoritalive, ensy-to-follbiv articles telling the wage-earning taxpayer how to prepare his income tax return. Readers should clip and save each installment of -the series" By S. BURTON HEATH NBA Staff Writer Now let's turn to thc new, simplified Form 1040. This Is the blank for use by three who are not eligible to file their withholding Receipts.-It also is the blank 3n which those who can legally file the W-2 receipt have oppo-- l unity to determine which method will make their income tax small- In the proper spaces at the lop give your name, address and- So"3,1 Security, number—both names if both husband and wife had income, both S. s. numbers if each had wages. Then list your exemptions, referring back lo Articles II for less ""Thai* and IV if ' you do not -"member ' """".how to determine dependency. He- member—you. the taxpayer ar the year. 'You <lo not need (o yive details. Just the total, Dividends are only lhosc oll r or]K)ralc s(cck Dividends" on muiual insurance are not tine dividends, but refunds of excess payments INTEREST ON WAK !»)S'|)S Interest includes all received hv you and your wife o-.i bari accounts, corporal- bond!;, notes awl , loans; and on government bonds ivhally In.x whose interest i exempt, if you have .,,., ,.,, ltu mast smaller taxpayers have only war bonds, of the E,)/oinnn,,,i ,-.- es, I shall discuss only Iho-o War bonds are "appreciation " bonds." You do rot collect in- ALL INCOME ...^nii.tijiij^t. lor ueo- PC who buy. are.universally pop-' As Item 2 enter . ...„ ... uar ideas. The same people want "celvcd . during. ISM as paymeii tin. fn,,,. !,„_ . . . for scrv |,, DS rendered, li'heiher o rot it was subjectto withholding ta.x. r Include both husband's am wife's, if both received wages o salary. Commissions, tips, bonuses Bifts from anybody for whom yoi did anything, jury ices, striki benefits, alimony and separatioi allowances go into this item, besides ordinary wages and salaries In reporting such payments give their amount before any payrol deductions such as withholding'ta> snclal security taxes, hospital insurance, pension contribulions bond subscriptions, union dues, etc But If you incirrrefi erpenses- in earning your salary ,-jr wage, aiu were not fully your employer, you should tjcdu'ct tnc unreimbursed portion from your gross wages, before entering the ECP- ierest periodically, bill lake profit nil at once when you them in. YOU do not need (o lv port the accrued increases in value, by year, unless you prefer; cnn wait until you cash in each bond, and then report the entire appreciation at O ncc. Since income lax rates sl-ould be somewhat lower after the war you probably can save mom v bv wailing.' But you can't fliittcir i-i,v ih ] ? c "" se working people Uiy the biggest part o f everv- hmg lhats .sold, it is " 5t rm L however Unit M foilr o{ ., " benefits come from the same ource (investment) which is not a popular idea. Good equipment costs something. It c.,| ls for investment, with good .equipment, workers increase production per nun and get Ihcir pa y raised, also increase production per day (or per acre) and shows ihe investor a profit Rood equipment also increases the available supply per customer and inns lowers prices. What America needs, not to mention China is to encourage investment. Cow Helps U. a. COOK, Mi,,,,. (TJP)'_Exponsivc loddcr was the $100 war bond Andrew Hollies 1 cow ate. First chairman to go over the top in his area Rome was on his way lo deliver the bond lo a neighbor when he stopped to feed a calf in his barn As he stooped.- a cow behind him filched Ihe bond /rom his pocket and ate it. Roine recovered a small portion of it, eiioiiirh. he hopes so that Wellington will replace it, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana, lowj). and Tennessee, arc the only stales which have no official b'^'J-i " "fct-'J, UIJ1UI U tMHtU. amount in Item 2. Aitdch 4 ccp- aratc statement.of siich exrfenses A specimen statement accompanies this, article. Deductible biiEhies.s expenses will be discussed lii Af- „ personal service inrome from each. source, with employer's name and the city in which you dirt the work, add up the amounts and enter the total in the right hand column, opposite the S-sign. As Item 3, in the right hand column enter the total of dividends and interest received during SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swiff's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL Ill S. UUwy. Ulyihcrille, Ark. Ph. 2631 Special OF RUM to 5.50 - 2.50 .to 2.85- -1.50 sell K. Marr's I09 S. Second STORE Phone 3970 around, reporting upprcciutini; one year and deferring n another Yon should handle it the same each year. If you l, 3l ve start,;,-! retorting it you should conlinua..' The schedule on each bond tells how much the value increses each year The following lis; of non-taxable income may help lo ilcler- linc if you had any dial you need . ...... for (he purpose of work hiy, and who Intended (;> ictiir; and resume residence when the job wiv. done.. Interest on adjusted service bond, and on bonds Issued by stale.' eounlie.s, cilies, or any local sub divisions of states. Loans. Mnr- viaoe settlements. Moiiev rccelra in repayment of loans, unless thes had pmv'ously been charged off a OIK! deMs. Ppns'ton and dlsabllllj [-.llownnces lo wa'.- velerans am then- families. Social Security benefits of any kind. Value of quarter.., provided by a parkh lo its clergyman. Amounts paid by the Government lo wife or dependents of personnel of the t — —....1,1 - Ji i in,- a nil fit forces—and also the service innnY own contribution to his dependents. Tin; service man's exfraordiiiarj exemptions and special privileges, will be discussed jji special : later. Officers Installed By Lodge At Steele The Steele. Mo.. Rebnkah Luil||e No. 783 ,,,et Thursday night lo install new officers for the ycur wllh Mrs Vi'lda Olover deputy president. I hasp installed were: Mrs Dol- hc BIship. Noble Grand; Mrs. Marshall, Noble Grand right supporter Mrs. Gail Wenbuiff, Noble Grancl .„ S11 .i;! )01 ' l 5.'" Mrs. Jeanne Andcr- rancl left supporter; quest.s and inheritance.';. "Ilivi- dends" from mutual insurance companies. Compensation for sickness or injury, received from in- iiirance. workmen's compensation court award or private settlement. Gifts, from persons for whom you have done nothing. Income corned outside the United Stales by persons who were abroad during the entire year as l-oiia fide resident's of foreign countries (but income earned abroad is taxable persons who were out"of this conn- . , , . Perna Howe, Warden; Mrs. Minnie Crawford, outside BUardian; Mrs. I'enrl Knight, finance secretary; Mrs. Vclda Glover, recording secretary and Mrs. Ocic Turner, treasurer. THREE RIVERS, Mich. (UP) Undaunted by the word that no iron luni; was available, for Ihcir institution, (he Three Rivers hospital officials immediately set out to build a "wooden lung" to be used in Irtaliug various types o pneumonia and poliomyelitis Grand-na Switches Millions of Mothers To »nu ?i e f Idea ° f Mutton Saet <*nd Medication Old Reliable 1 ' For Relieving Chest Colds 1 Muscle Tightncis—CoughmK Ncuralg.c and Rheum.itic P ain , Clipped Lips M 6 N os t,il s S™.' pic Bruises and Sprains and Many Other Homo Uses. phlegm and relieving coiij'hs. Uubliccl on chest, tliroat, back it melts instantly, quickly vanishes to act 3 ways—(I) To relieve pain at nerve ends in f kin. (2) '(•<, ease chest muscle tightness by coimter- irritalion. (3) To soothe irrilatcil orealh passages tliroiigh inhaleil aromatic vapors. Many households cnll Peiietro n real fricurl in so many other ways, too—as it eases neuralgic and rlicu- """ : " takes sting f rom Grandma was a great one for "rubbing" the miseries df chest cold.s ami many other simple pains and aches of her family. Thc rub she used was medicated in her own way but she insisted that it contain mutton suet. She liked (he way mutton .suet disappeared as it rieliied carry medication lo nerve ends in Ihe skin to relieve pain. Today science lias modernized Grandma's old-lime, pain relief principle to bring you Pcnetro, Ihe salve with a |jr. so tl 1a t contains olJ fashioned mullon Kuet plus 5 active ingredients. Now mothers everywhere arc praising this-newer relief and thanking Grandma for her idea that is switching habits of long standing, nuring this soa- wm of colds, Pcnclro is so helpful in easing chest muscle lightness-, suolmng chest rawness, looscuini' Hi it IIC [,...,., vl , n v,,, «i 11 u y 11 (I II cli:i|>pcd lips .-ind nostrils, nets n* soolliing dressing for bruises, minor cuts. No wonder mothers today are praising j'cnctro and druggists everywhere are recommending it, •So clean, KO white, FO easy-to-use and aid) a comfort-briiigcr for sio many simple every day home needs ')o a.s millions ,"ire "doing—todav ret your jar of economical Pcnetro. Our Prescription Dcpiirtiuenl is ever on duly to help safeguard your family's health. The most, modern equipment . . . the finest of frcsli drugs . . . the professional accuracy of Our Pharmacists arc at your service. Many families know that they can always rely on Our Store W for dependable prescription service. K. Depenilahle JPrcwriiHion Surviv KIRBY BiOl Mm STORES Main ft Second-Main & Division-Main ,v nroathray Farm Bureau Opens Drive In Pemiscot '"IP annual meinupr.slili) m-lvi; (if "' l-emlscot County, M 0i . ].•„,,„ iJurenu bcuiiii at a dinner mectliv B\ l)oi'i-lH B , Wodnesdny. I'liiily mnnbers of Ihc Count v i- iirm liureini from nil pm-ls of ih'c coiinly m-ro present for ( , aimwr «•"'«! by Ihc.ncci-liiB Men's Club. After illinier, Mrs. Charles Sdml- ' • ''r. i-dHor of (!lc M i ssmil .| p ft| , m "'"•""I Ni'ws, ifiive n talk onllii; or- B«nl/allon of Ihe Furm DurcAu, lls work ii nd (he importance of Inciviis- "18 its nicmbershli) «t this lime. J, I. Jlurlesgn, president of IVnil- scot County Fiii-ni l?in-eau, presided nl Hie election of-J, K, Owon und •A. H. Wcljb.of Holland, ciiptiilns or (he drive. Mr. Owen ond Mr, Webb chose nllcnuilely from Ihe incmlKTslilp list of th c r,i, ln n,,. reim. 15 solicitors for eiich (cum to conduct the membership drive. Mr. Ilurli'Non announced (lull (he nrlve would close Fcuniury 1. The memlwrshlp i;oul WHS pluce'd nl loot) nieml>ers. an Increase of uixnit 350 members over lust year. J. H. Huclcllck, luemberslilp chulr- tiHiu of the I'nrm Unreau closed the nieclliiK with i, pep tiilk lo solid- tors, explainhiH methods of sellliiB the Farm Ilureiiu (o funiU'i-s and cxpressliiB Hie hope thai every fur- mei- In (he county be Riven an opportunity to become u member. INDIANAl'OUS. fml. (UP;-. More Mm-loii county prisoners un- "miblcdly wish Ihat Jurtw .lolni I, McNeils, would slip'on Ihe lee mid tall ngiihi. For the last lime Ihe Judnc did ibis, |,e ordered Iwo prisoners to cleiin the Ice oil tho slde- wulk nud Ihen frunlcd them eiich n release » ivcek eiirly. Administrtitor PAGE FWfi, Mercy for thc Fallen Foe Americnn medic:; Iroal n nn.sly |i!ii\ilio»|iiT, wliu was wdimd wound in Ilio arm of ;i ixl in Ihu lli;liliii[! at liast loday, &lni,e.iho<>e-.,who-d'o>so will Krt ,an t.niy',ktaf£' r pnJthe yeai's opeiatlons ,aC,i PqVwhen well planned inoducllun. will .yield high iclurns toi the farmer himself and the nullon.nt l_argc. Form Production Plans For 1945 To Be Discussed ^ Pi.'Dilscot C'liiinly, ;»;<•.. fiiriiu'r:; will lUfd at Curiilhci-svllU' 'I'liinwlay ID i-nirMi'f lli(>lr iiiiKliicUon plims for IDiri, lUTordlni! U> M. o. Amburuey. sen-clary of Ihc Cditiity Wur ll»nr(l.' From 1U n. m. (<i :cir> p. m., Uie proBiiun will !«• parked svllli Inloi- iniiilun OH I lie war'n di'iiiuiid for • fiinn pmddcls niitl the wippurt price tlint Insures a i;oud iclmn [a llio producer. .The fnvin nulloot; for Uilfi mid tin. 1 filings (.hut (tirm pimliurrs cun do tu iild most In winning the win- will l» pivsiiiitccl by C;. C. lli'nrni! ol (he Ai;rlcullurul Kxlensimi Ker- vlce. Lutcst Information on production Bimls, Kii|ipnri initi-s; and tlie now schediili' of AAA prat'tlcc payment;) will Ijc t!lvi:n by Simon IlKlllnui'r, IRRITATIONS OK EX1 t^NALCAUSE iMaj.-Gen. Robert G. Brcen, Jr., iibovc. h;is been appointed Deputy Commander lor Acl- rniiiisttaiion for the Army Air Forces Pacific Ocean Areas. - ini!iit. IMncli tinil U'hiln i iiitliii t >nt J'LI-.S Id \y"ikn(,<irico. Aiil.'ilii-iiliiii'. wuhii'tlm anlin'lilio way. '^> ycrtul hiirTe:^. lllc |!5c. fiOc iii/i'a. PurcliiiM! 1,1103 ri'tilinl.'.l if yim'ru lint H:i!i-li:;[, I, 1 ,,, only n:i <li- IWU-cl. Vlllil ill rl.aniihH is ni,'ralwjii|,. linjuy lllaclc anil \Vlii(u .Shin Wij-jj, rl.'iilv. SPE THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL WOODEN SALAD SPOON and SALAD FORK SET 25 C SCREW DRIVERS Onlu 49 C 4 incli blaJc, heavy fluted wood handle, red finish. Streamlined case, nickel platcJ, ln'glicsi quality push. pull 6 It. i.-irc, 1/2 in. uidlli. "PISrOL GRIP" HACK SAW STURDY SMOOTH 2,50 Adjustable Inr bljJcs (i to 12 in. li.vlrn line HnlsLcJ nickel pl.tled frame. Unhrcnk-nhlc handle. OCTAGOHNAll HAMMER mm CRiP HAND SAW SEf $1 [~ I 1.95 popt price. Mils ond Ilick Iiandlc. A tfooJ nualf.y <$M0*\ Wheel shows •'"»*•'" s //i| ™,r,r // >) I"""' '",1,1 A/ 4V »i»v. f.crrcct 3 \ anvil S cain/!. -%/ I 'C-..t ..__! Mccl PLA HARDWAR IZfi W. Main 1'honc 515 Trlplc-A Held num. A commlll'ec of Inrmi'i'K will Ix; iippoluti'd by Clmlnniin Arlliur Wnj;- ner lo nuiko a study of the production uoiils pioposcd for this county and In reporl thiilr rocommemln- llons to Ilio county wnr bonrd nl ihc^ close n( ihe inc(!llii(j, I'Virincrs will Mild R well wcnlh Ihelr time lo iillend this nieetlun, County Alien! Ainljurney predicted SEE OUR I WOMEN'S BAGS' I'onnwly I.U One Lot Women's HOUSE SLIPPERS Women's Corduroy, PLAY 'SHOES .Funnelly l.!)5 simple steps Improving the -Energize your body w!»h RICH, RED BLOOD! THESE TWO STEPS may help yott. So 1 if you arc Sulijccf to to 1 '.! digestion or snspca deficient rcd-blood-w t)>c<cm,jc o4b»C'-- .rouble, yet have no organic complication or, {ocai',i|,fcctj Q iij-•*! hbb I omc m.iy l,c jnst what yon need. It is especially desbiied "' (I) to promote die fiow of VITAL DIGIiSTIVI; JUJC!''S in the stomach and (2) to liuild-up DI.OOD STKIiNGTH wlicn'dcfi-'° cicni. Ihese arc i wo impbriiint results; Tims you "'act 'fresh vitality... pep... do your work better.-.. become :inini.iic-d ... more attractive! SSS Toiu'c lias helped mill ions... you can start today ... at clriir. stores in 10 and 20 m. sixes. ^'sTs.S Co. BUILD SlUHDr HtMTU onj U.p $TAIWARI . SlEADY . Sl80NO NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Next Dnor To City Super Markc-l) Foster's Liquor Store WHISKIES—WINKS—M(U!I!KS 1'iionc ziav ' . .- . • Recapping and Vulcanizing ))onc liy The Hawkinsoo Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" ' IliSlmay Cl Xotlli I'lirmc 2201 FIELD SEEDS—'GARDEN SEEDS .. . ' SPEAR Poultry, Dairy and Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean$orp. 1800 W. Main Si.

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