The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1934
Page 6
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ILTTHUftttt. C6UUDBB tjftrp Gtinw GoSflf Strottf, Hu Club Leidinf Loop Marcui Qalne«, i product of thej Snndy Ridge ball club, rural team | of a conimvinlty near hero, Is prov-i Ing Ihe lending pitcher of lite' JTnlluIali team, leading entry In i (he Bix Sl.x league In Louisiana. , The Tnllulnli club Is well (jut In Ironl in the league race find \i . r> . 11 i A 1 Gnltics ultclieil flvi- wins. Ills • • , tv ,, .,.,., ^. ... Musi neat Hughes And mn-st was a i to i \iciory over hart Wlntchill In One Hit Win Next Week lo Turn : w S£''°;, ns „!„,, „ ,,-™,i win/ Performance Ago i n s t Tnck COMMERO1A1 Tram Robinsun R. D. Pastime Trachcrs- Ark-Mo Uteri? Terry . Terry Gnlnes \vns iiivrn n tryoul with the Memphis (Jlili-ks of llu- Soulli- r-in A.s.iocliitloii [Ills spring nnil funned out 10 the lAulslimn chili. Cook Cwnptay tad Ttrry State UMTS Meet Friday Cock coap«ny of .-Mtmphii Teniv, wknyirry 1 * out* Horn wiij meet in a toft UU j»m» «t Htl«r Field Friday night. No admUdon wlll be th»rffrd. Tte state Linen are mmb«r» of ir.e Commercial Sot: Ball k»«ue i:ere. Tlie Melnphians rank high In ))!uyi{rouiid .ball circles at Memphis. They recently defeated the Terry team, playing regulation New York Yiinkces In THURSDAY, MAY 81, 19&4 GOLF ^^ By Art Krenz JE The best viy to jet Iron shots to the green down pat la to practice. Retire to a quiet part of tlic course and'start pitching shots from about 25 yards from the green. ! Wr.m you have shot a dozen cr so I IILE ON SUN ;Priejt Favori Freneb i Guillotine for Execution! I em absolutely in favor of caplUl ; punishment. . and you are sure you are lilting I Remain Idle Play Weak Team Says Manager Jolin Smith .Hock Sallbn'.i Pasllmors. still . with a ctinnc? to tie 11. D. Hughes '. lot second place In the Commer- ', clal soft ball loop will meet the Cloililers tonight in the second ! half of n double header m Hnlcv ! ' Tlic place Cleveland dliins of Hie American league broke even nnd (lie lending Cauls ; of the National leimuc won two In Memorial Duy double headers. The Yankees nnd Washington .ors .s|illi a pair nf i!a;m-.s foe- Itl.OOO people at New York. Earl Wnltelilll, .Senator southpaw, held the Yanks lo unc hit In Ihe first ((!imo lo test Cioine/. l to i) In a hinllin! duel. Tlir> Ymiks MOD the second rame 5 to 4 In II Inn- Ings, l.n/verl's slnuL' wllh Die bas-| ,es loaded broke tiu Hie second j IJboriy Cash Grocers of Mem-1 The Cleveland Indians defeated pills <U'fcalcd Ihe O.<rcola Knnl-| tn e Chicago White Sox 5 lo 4 uf- neers 8 lo •> In n game at O.sccoia ll -'r Hie Sox had jialm-il an i! to 7 yc-.U~-<lay. wesrlic wcni tin- route I victory In the firsi mune. Hal for Liberty and E. Davis [or Osce- Trosky, Cleveland ( baseman, but In the second tjmiio. Hale. Indian second baseman, hit two playground uall, at Memphis. Tne ; ,'ocal ajgrejatlon believes it, will] v.avc bstter luck playing Its own gnine li»re Friday night.. Memphis Club, With Line- Up Very Similar lo Tigers, iakcs Jint'inccvs LOSE m YOUf? ICON PLAY 6V PITCHING TO THE GREEN AT25-YARO IINTESVALS nfsl'il as R. D. HURhes lost. A \lc- lory for Pastime lonleht followed by another for the leain In the finnl session of the first half race next Tuesday night would give Hie hiUard artists n tie with Hughes for second place. 1 In the first half of (onfehfs bill T^e Rn'lnecrs play the Mein- Ark-Mo !>owcr company and Lib- I'^ls Dry Cleaners at Os-.-cola Sim- crly Cash Grocers clash. . j day June 3 .Tlic two teams met Play starts at 7:30 o'clock. j earlier during the season with Oi- i ccola registering a :i to 'i verdict.! in YOU'RE in TELLING ME Errors contributed largely, lo O'»- reola's defeat giving the Grocers an early lead. The Engineers ral- „, •- —lied 'In tr.e ninth but their threat bmil "°" s Bot one. wns stop]x?d. _ I The Detroit Tiyeis look Ixitli icnds of n holiday double header from tiie St. Louis Drowns. The scores were 1 to C niul s to 4. The second game \ven( 10 Innings. The Phlladcliilila Athletics and undcfoateil i gers will remain Idle next Sunday accord,,,, to Manager Jo,,, Smllh ; I Photogriphlo ttle«op*s reveal NEW ORLEANS. lUP)-Publlo the presence oj'many stars In the Sulllotlnlnu should be substituted firmament that human eyes can- lor hangings In Louisiana, accord- not see through the most powering to Father Peter M, H. Wyn-! ful ' ' •Imven, one of Jour Catholic priests who administered the last rites ! ir.d •.vltne.'isvd tt:e execution of John Capacl and Cicorce Dallaho ui Gretna rocently, ! 'Some other method of cxecu- Blyih?vll!c Ti- llon si 'ou]d bo devised," Father *Vynliovcn said. -The electric chair OPPORTUHITX .,, known ,„ b e weak ,," We have nn opportunity to v.lia*oeu> the -ullloilne ' -- ., „ . .^.,.. tv .. ThD Llurrty Cash Clroreis. who! Boston Red Sox spill two games defenled t'-e Engineers yesterday ! nl Philadelphia. Tlic Macks took ! Mickey Cochran on l^c way to trc l:as a biothsr bit; He's Archie, who plays first for ui, c ,. tv nml Ihe lilylhevllic Tljicrs. wV.o i (he nr -^ 5 'to 3 and tin- Vied "s^ trounced the Englneei-f soverai days I|1L ' second, 2 to l. - - • • • - The Cardinals brut the Cincinnati Reds 0 to c and o to 2. Paul Uean and Carlelon were the winning pitchers. ago, looked very much alike. I'lai ers who apucnrcd with bum leim: included Cavelle, T. Mirshnll Dlckham, Hlchardson nnd Ore. The bo.x score follO'.vs:- AH -! . Mancliccter, In the' Northeastern '• cavet'e . loop. ... A couplo of ball play- T M.| r ;i ln] i ,',. ers are undertakers In their spare Rmv s M time. . . walte Iloyl of f-c Pi-' mokhain if 4 mtes and Johnny Hodanp, former- j uirVardson «""•'" ^ ly wltii Cleveland and Boston, and I £"* if i ,now with Rocliestcr In 1 the Associn- I F MoAli'n'li "ii j tic,,. . .. Brooklyn Dodgers have J^" hr "f' 3b socked Curl Hubbell for wins In 20 '. W nsi- »l ,' ,, 1 c\it of 29 times the Giants' ace lia-s j ' ' 3 it E The New York Qliinls matclied steps with the Cnnls Urat troune.- Ina the Brooklyn Dodgers 5 to 2 game. faced them. . . In race track parlance, t:c "twk" Li nil (lie equipment lised on or about a liorsc . . . . such as bridle, saddle, pommel pad, surcingle, blinkers, etc. . pair of tights ever since he won pair of lights ever sine clie won the Chicago Golden Gloves featherweight title in 1923 . . . Bill Bonthron,. Princeion track ace. u quit* a golfer . . . and is n 15- handlcap guy in his home town .: .. . Detroit. Totals M Chceola An Owens, 2b 4 Mason, ss 4 Williams, Ib 2 Welch, rf -.Great Britain ranks ninth in Uie number of telephones per 100 'of population, among countries containing - more .than 100.000 telephones. xHayncs. Ib 0 NxHoldcr, Ib '. 0 Cook, 3b '. 4 A. Sliced, If 4 Howertoii. cf ;i W. Davis, c S E. Dnvls, p '. j.,."' 3 lev. rf ..'.*'.'.'.'.'.'.'' 4 cult In the second „ ,. The Daston Uruve.s wo im ilon- O.ble bill from the Phillies The Oj scores were 10 to 4 and 5 to I n; Draiult and Ciintwel] were the - I winning hurlers. R F who snstn^Ticd a uursu-d nngcr In - 1st Inning. Z--M. Sliced batted for E. Davis In Smokies Beat Vols, Chicks Take Barons, Crackers Trounce Lookouts. Tlic Little Rock Travelers lost their sixth straight game and' flipped deeper and further Into' liie Southern Association cellar' yesterday. ' The Pels took the Travelers into them well, move back 25 yards and eamp 3 to 1 at New Orleans. The do it again. Then move back an- travclers dropped the decision be- oilier 25 yards, and so on. cause Ragland bested Nugent In a When you nnd the distance a hurling duel. ; whlch thcy Jal , , o cllek| conml _ I he KnoxvUlc Smokies trounced l (rate on your s.-.ots until yon liav; the Nashville Vols 9 to I at Knox- eliminated the Irouble. vllle. Welherell held the Vols to! • five nils while the Smokies an- ! rL I » T u . ncxed 12 blows. Charleston learn Meets The Memphis Chicks defeated > the Birmingham Barons 4 to 3 1 with Harry Kelley In the starting' role and Swayze the winner. -| CHARLESTON, Mo.—The House The Allanta Crackers defeated- of David ba5 *ba!l team will play Hie Chntanooga -Lookouts in lo " 1C Charleston Cardinals on the Innings, 3 to 2. The Crackers >of ^ diamond In a night gamt counted the winning tally on Me- June 8 > s'aft'ng at 8:15 o'cock. The Kee's single in the loth. - I visiting team will bring its own • ' portable lighting system. The House oi Uaviu team features Cirover Cleveland Alexander, t.-.c former major league veteran and \vorld series hero. A "pepper" game will be put on fans u ]XKi: we decided to have the day o(f' Smith declared. The Tigers have played four names, winning all, and apparent- j ly have one of the Etrcn';crst semi- i pro aggregations lo play o:it of .'.ere In several years. The Tigers will go lo Osceola Sunday. June 10. for a return game wllh the Osceola Engineers. TIK : n Tigers defeatel Osccoia abom uvt ill weeks ago. i Ktween halves in the fifth lnnln« , Tniinedlalely afler the regular game I in exhibition game of donkey base-1 ball will! b? played, both clubs r!ci-i ing real donkeys. the crime is committed. \ in the /ANT-ADS House oi David Nine The Soviet Government is the exploration of .Totals 31 820 x—Haynes replaced Holder at Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Pb»o» 797 THE BRAKES COULDN'T TAKE IT BUT THE NEW "Speed up to 50—jam on the Brakes every 2 miles—keep it up night and day.'" COULD! GOOD NEWS DELIVERS • You must see this huskier, handsomer, new "G-3"-Goodyenr 1 s greatest tire-the ; tire that came forth a champion from tests ' which abused cars, wore out brake linings every 72 hours-the tire that has proved more -than a match for today's job on fast-starting, high-speed, quick-stopping modern automobiles . . . Once you'see this costlier-to-build .but no-costlicr-to-bity, champion, we know .you U want no other tire under your wheels This marvelous new G - X All Weather with its many advantages over any other tire on tlie market costs you nothing extra. SKRV1CK STATION Ol'KN AM, N1TK WUKCKBK SERVICE KOA1) SERVICE CAM-S MADE PROMPTLY PHONE GM SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark. "THE BIG BAD WOLF" is not heat butPERSflRATlON Shewing how Potm B*ach l«tf In th« air and •vaporatoi body Bcrsplratien/. .Your b6dy is apt to give off a pint of perspiration on a warm day. Hence, these five jars, each containing a pint of liquid", were exposed to»ir. In '4Vi hours the jar without any covering evaporated all the perspiration. In the same length of time,95% was evaporated in the jar covered by porous Palm Beach Cloth. Note the contrasting results in the jars covered by other summer fabrics. JAR NO. i (wilhrocovelinji) fhnwi 100% crip- uritioo. MRNO.2 ( CO* trej wil hP il BrKh) iho«rj ?) JAR NO. 3 JAR NO.-i MRN0.5 Jui Noi. 3, X. •> (cnrefedwkh othrt mmmer Titjrici)ic[iTn . TIN air Hals rijlrt thranh * fata Beach Swt t* cool your skin That's why Palm Beach is .the coolest, as well as smartest, suit of summer. New Mead Clothing Co. NOTICE The Associated Utilities Wafer Company's office has liotn moved from the Gleneoe building to the Lynch building on Broadway next door to Western Union. Everij boitle is Your Guarantee of Fully-Aged Bee.- HERE •UT2 BREWING CO, E VERY bottle of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer has plainly printed on its neck label the exact date on which the contents was brewed. Thus does Blatz guarantee to you that Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer is fully-aged — and prove that guarantee beyond question or doubt. Row after row of huge ageing vats in the Blatz brewery — each sealed and plainly marked with the Brew- Date of the beer it holds — When fully aged —, when mellowed by "time"—when its rich flavor and satisfying strength are "just right" — then — and then only — is it bottled — and the exact Brew-Date shows on every bottle — your guarantee of Full Age. You will like Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer — "Brew-Dated" — and you have positive proof of its age. Order from your dealer today. Distributed By— A. S. Barboro & Co. Second & Hose Phone !>20 unJU9 0 1321. H'lltllinrfiii MILWAUKEE BEER

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