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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland • Page 11

Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland • Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:

Columbia Pictures To Install Cartride Video, Closed Circuit TV In Nine Hotels cartridge circuit rooms. A division Trans-World has signed ICK DU BROW OOD (UPl)-G'olum- Industries Inc. has steps to take advan- polenlial market for video and closed- levision to hotel of the company, I Communications, an agreement to loscd-circuil services in nine Loews holels New York City and Miami Beach and D.C. The services, whi installations in more hotel rooms under ment, are described by Columbia: "Tele-Theatre, transmits current individual rooms which is added to in eh involve than 5,000 the agree- i movies into a fee hotel bill." which sends into the rooms "a sponsored film designed lo acquainl guests with the attractions of the city in which they are slaying." Various Events "close' designed, locked rewind sys- tem," said Ihe announcement, 'limits customers lo only one showing for each rental fee." circuits various into events' rooms the of conventions being held at the hotel." As for its other step, Columbia announced earlier, with Cartridge Television "a joint venture to distribute rental videotape cartridges for individual viewers throughout the world." Plans for the new firm, Cartridge Rental called for the establishment of 51 area distributorships in the continental United States, and for movies and "other special programs" to be the initial basis of their rental libraries. At the start, said Columbia and Cartridge Television, pro- gramming would be contained in a unit called the Cartrivision "Red Cartridge," described as Among available, the Hhe first movies announcement added, are "The Bridge on the River Kwai," "High Noon," "Dr. Strangclovc." "11 Hap- pened One Night," "Guess Who's Coming to "Hamlet," "Stagecoach," "Di- vorce Italian Style" and "The Quiet Man." Approached By Businesses A statement from Columbia and Cartridge Television said lhat even before the new firm was formed, more 11-Cumlierland Evening Times, Thursday, July 6, 1972 Oversight Gives City Dual Taxes On Entries Don't look now, but the city las two sets of laws on its books regarding admissions lax. A week ago the Mayor and Council approved a new muni- cipal admission lax of per cent, and at the same time an was raising its prices because of the tax. Commissioner Sisk said the tax is not a now a hut merely replaces the levy which had pre- viously been collected b'v the stale but dropped. a was a a other i i a i i in the state a i were able immediate- ly to begin imposing the tax on their own. As a result, local bus- inesses affected by the a in- cluding the theatre, a been paying only one-half of one per tojcent on admissions for the past a Mullis, a a of UIB Strand, said thai when Ihe state dropped all but one-half of one per cent of the lax one year ago this month, the Strand also drop- ped its prices, lie said thai since Ihe city is now re-imposing the tax, the theatre in is forced ordinance was introduced to re- lhc lcvy laiit '-atlicr than per hike its prices a a i peal the old sections of the code dealing with the same levy. After the per cent tax was given approval, the measure to repeal the old sections was tab-! led after Commissioner C. Glenn; Watson voled negatively to auto-11 malically lay over Ihe for one week. When Ihe measure came for another vole than "ioo Council again delayed a vole companies and proached them inquire about businesses separately entering ap- "to the cartridge rental business." An executive for Ihe new company saici "there is no limit lo the kind of retail operation that will be serviced by these distributorships. a range from home delivery services to retail outlets and shopping centers, to concessions in department stores and being capable to play up to 2 a other forms." minutes of tape. "The red cartridge's secially- MISTAKEN TWINS-Dorothy Crisp, left, as Viola and Peter Kangas as Sebastian, portray twins who are mistaken for each other in the mixed-media musical, "Your Own Thing," playing 1 July 22, 27 and August 4 and 10 at the Allegheny Festival Theatre, Frostburg State College. FSC Play Based On Characters Of Uncle Remus Review By GEORGE ALFRED HAZEN Associate Professor Allcgany Community College In planning the Allegheny Festival Theatre summer pro- gram a treat was designed for children. This play is based on the beloved characters of Uncle Remus. Several of the stories have been brought together lo create a beautifully costumed and acted play. The similarities in personality and societal structure between men and animals have always fascinated writers. In this play, several delightful similarities arc studied. A central theme is thr way in which Brer Rabbit Sears Roebuck, meanwhile, another week so-that all bers could be presented for a vote on the repealing Council members yesterday seemingly, forgot that they passed a new measure supersedes the former provis-j ions of the code dealing with a admissions tax. After the mcet-j ing one aide to the city fathers i acknowledged that council a apparently forgotten the overall! status of the admissions tax. During yesterday's Council! meeting Commissioner Keith T.j recently Angeles displayed a videotape siiric). Brer Fox (Vincent Nie- mann). Brer Bear (Larry Pfeif- fcr), Miss Meadows (Elizabeth Zang), A.unt. a a (Linda Bass), Sis a (Dorothy Crisp), Miss Goose (Mari Jones). One Of the excep- tional features of this play is the artistic skill with which! makeup a Sometimes in technical aspect will stand out and merit considerable praise. Another pleasant feature about Livin' De Life is the opportunity provided for children to-mingle with the actors informally. The production was directed by Peter Kangas, costumes by Jack W. Vrieze, set and make- Plumber Injured; Mill Is Sued Russell Leroy Mertens, ED 3, Bedford Road, for his own use and use of the Globe Indemnity Company, has filed a damage suit in Allegany County Circuit Court against the WestvacO Corporation of Luke. Mr. Mertens, as an employe of Natkins. and Company was working as a plumber at the Luke mill on or about January 15, 1971. He contended that an unguarded rotating shaft was protruding from a motor. His Clothes got caught in the rota- ting shaft and he sustained injuries. Globe I i Company was involved in the case as the Workmen's compen- sation insurance carrier for Natkins. recording-playback unit that can be used at home. It records programs off the air on to a cartridge you can play a when you want to. It' plays rented or bought material. And, with an attached camera and microphone, it enables you to make home movies, also on a cartridge you can play back. in LosjSisk expressed displeasure cartridgejan advertisement taken out byi the manager of the Strand Thea- tre announcing that the theatre PALACE 689 -9881 7 4 9 A Hal Wallis ProductTM GlrniU Redgrave Jackson Queen HM.IAH TFf HMf Of OR CENTER "The Last Picture Show" POTOMAC 2h9 80 Tonite Slarfs A Duik "Diamonds Are Forever" ALSO P.O. lady Liberty SUPER 51 TONITE.STARTS AT DUSK "Cool Breeze" ALSO "Clay Ridgeon" A FILM THAT DOES FOR WOMEN "SUMMER OF 42" DID FOR MEN! m. To explore the sensuous world, a young girl needs I someone who's been there before, Presents dNow an The story of a flower that bloomed after it was picked A PERSHING 722-6070 FEATURE TIMES mng DANIELLE OUIMET- CHANTAL RENAUD CELINE LOMEZ LOUISE TURCOT EASTMANCOLOR NOW SHOWING HI-ROCK DRIVE-iN A ALSO SHOWING "MARCY" handled, a production a and some of his friends by Edward Thompson. about worries a morel Children of all ages will love this experience in the world of about the absence of worries. The cast performs beautifully as a group, and it would be dif- a believe. The play will be performed Wednesday ficult to single out any oulsland-i and Saturday at matinees be- performance. The cast is: ginning at 2 p. m. through Brer Tarrypin (Gary August 9 in the Pullen School Brer Coon and Doc Crow A i i Frostburg a Ford), Brer Rabbit (Tom Marine Drill Team To Perform Here The Marine Corps silent drill team will perform during the Queen City Drumfest Saturday, August 12, at the Fort Hill High School stadium., composed of 24 Marines, maintains the year-round Intra-City Games Held Second Day capability of per- forming a 10-minute precision drill without verbal command. A a of the drill is the rifle inspections where the in- spector, standing six feel from the line of troops, executes a series of spins and tosses of the 10-pound M-l rifle. A new man normally obtains I I 1 1 1 I I i The first day of a Iwo-day in- knowledge of the drill tra city playground games event opened yesterday with approxi- a 70 children from the 17 Cumberland playlots participat- ing. Quiet games were featured at yesterday's competition, which was held in the pavilion at Con- stitution- Park. Games were chess, a a checkers, back-up- three and beanbag toss, and three age groups, five to nine; 10 to 13, and 14 to 17, partici- pated. Chess winners were Tim Foy, Centre Street, five to nine; Dar- lene Iscr, Ml. Royal, 10 to 13, and Gary Rogan, Johnson Heights, 14 to 17. Beanbag toss: Bertie Esh- a Columbia Street, five lo nine; Margaret Barillaro, John- son Heights, 10 to 13, and Bill Robcy, Jane Frazicr Village, 14 to 17. Checkers: Kim Sullivan, Gcp- harl, five to nine; Eel Martin, Braddock, 10 to 13, and Steve Bcrkcnbaugh, Pcnn Avenue, 14 to 17. a a i Sullivan, Gcphart, five to nine; Buddy Mullan, Braddock, 10 to 13, and Dottic Roheson, East Side, 14 lo 17. Back-up-three: Lorrie Tich- nell. Braddock, five lo nine; Dnug Martin, Braddock, 10 to 13, and Patliie a a Gcphart, 14 lo .17. Games today included horse- shoe, tug-of-war, foul shooting and box hockey. The first a gas bal- loon flifihls were attempted successfully by France's Jo- Montgolficr near Paris i i 1782. Some 200,000 pounds of cnp- por sheathes the Statue of Lil tiOn. It then requires approxi- mately 25 hours practice per week from two to three months to reach the desired level of proficiency. Tickets to the drumfest arc a a i a at Scars, Vandegrifl's Music Shop and Ray C. Lapp Air Conditioning. SXXXSXSXSSCSXSXjneKXXXJft 1 99 STEAK SPECIAL Tender, juicy 11-ox. strip sirloin, topped with onion rings, served with crisp French fries, fresh tested salad, hot roll and butter. White Coffee Pot Open 24 Hours Family Restaurant loVole Plaza Shoppinn 689-8679 CURTAIN 8:15 TONIGHT "The Miracle Worker" Fri. Sat, July 7-8 "Ernest In Love" Saturday The Children's Play "Livin 'De Life" Matineci 2:00 FURNITURE TRADE tomorrow through Saturday only AA Downtown Cumberland 4 2 4 6 Baltimore Street on any 'norwalk" ihcyre our finest iving room suite If yoiMO always wanted a "'belter' 1 hip: room bul Avcre slopped bv coslv-hcre's your solution. Nonvulk has i their a i tcputalioii over 60 years thousands of folks know the i they can buy for comfort, and a i beaulv. Tiade up this week, when your old suite can he replaced i a JNorwalk and it's- $75 on i a Collection'' (Colonial American) ISew (Contemporary) Collection (Provincial). i your taste for a a i color, a or loo, with scores of beautiful fabrics "custom-ordered for any sofa, chair or love Kadi one warranted lo ill its promise of comfort and quality for years to come. 55

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