The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1953
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 1953 Paps Gain Fifth Cage Victory Beating Whitehaven 48-28 Rlvf Vlovlllu'a Timim. TTJ~K n -_ • . . - ^^^ rV.I E, fARR.l .COURIER NEWS as Injury Expert Says New Rule is Okay Dr. Floyd R. Eastwood, chair-* man of lhe ComrrfHiee on Injuries • nd Fatalities for the American Football Coaches Associatiw, has made a 20-yenr-study in continuing efforts to reduce accidents EipecU No lncre»«« "I don't expecl any increase in Injuries or fatalities as a direct result of lh« elimination of the two-plaloon syslem," he said, "and there may be a decrease, fatigue InlnH. ? T" fRdtor '" football injurle*. Lack of adequate warm- up J« more a factor." Dr. Eastwood, associated dean of students at Los Angeles Stale £ jTim d the S real «l number 01 fatalities and probably injuries occur during the first five minute after a player enters a game Statistics point to most in Juries In action following lack of «<tequ»ie warmup." he said. "The centraled' 1 " 1 '^"" 1 * 5 '"'" 11 " 11 ^* 1 ' 8 *"" 0 ™ InjuriM Not j>5, In the 21st annual survev of football fatalities which Dr. Kashvood UoTl^t" 'ear^co 0 ^" °°^ Uftod" 1 " 101 """ '""''* p *^ "Recently, with the free substi. tulion rule and defensive and of- tensive platoon system, n reduction ot fatalities has not been sub-, slsntially affected." And he said today • this statement applies also lo Injuries He says players who come out of a game, sit on the bench a few Plays and then return to action aren t adequately 'warmed up when they go back In. Osceola Wins I nrsi.Ccrfre o/ Jim Corbttt Tiny Matmen On Legion Ring Show n OSCEOLA - Osceola's boys won their first basketball game of the ZZZZ Sg^™ »**"- .n^as^'sr^ : 2 scoring. . . - cnl no e n » n .!i h f>. 0 ? ener ' ° !ceola "s Sirls continued their mastery of county sex- tettes by defeating M i5sco 10-21 Katie Watson sacked 20 points Girl, • ' Pos. F . P. F. O. G. The Great Jjcliuitt nnd oroelt, a pair of midget wrestlers 111 highlight t«e weekly American nt»ht n W ™ 5tllng pr °S r » m Monday The pint-sized grapplers will meet A four-man tag affair will willd «t> the evening's work. In the wlndup, Piovd Bvrti HIM Eddie Malone will fake on Jack Welch and Jack Moody, i T /l e '? B "Wl-ch, as usual, will go fails lvi »ning Uvo ot three o'ctok ' ni>tchM wf ." be 8"> at « 'It was the second time this seaso that the Paps have had to overcom an early game deficit to defeat t)' ligers from Whitehaven In lhe preliminary B team earn Whitehaven scored a 32-28 vfclor over Ihe Pap B boys. The Paps had trouble hitting th hoop during the first quarter, as th Tigers ran up a 7-2 lead in the firs live• minutes, and held a 9.5 e dg at the end of lh e quarter. Besin Move Sparked by Akers, Abbott an Jones the Paps began to move dm ng the second stanza, a,, d «. en nto n 15-14 lead with 2:30 left " the quarter. With Isaacs showing good defen ceneirt'rormt^n"?'""" 8 ,^ Coach Harold Stockton's "charge le/yhe court at half-tlm, leadfn Tlie Paps continued lo•• mil [Mr advantage in the third nuaT T'. '-acWng up i« p 0 i, ](s for h , ighest single period tola! Coacli Stockton plavcd' his en '•« second siring during most o the final period, sending 11™ sHr? ing five bnck in only in the Km, A«i minules of play na Freddie Akers i«J'i h « p,,«. - Play Leachvllte ,N>v( Spence and Byrns for the Tl«e Next home game for Ihe '..„„', Ian. 22. The lineups: Ke 7 ... «:ers 17 .. Abbott e saacs . ' ones 14 " substitute's:' p . ven x , Rlc « '3 Ncj ' er n ""•'•• Hn r*r "' nc!lard - 1 He B ounsavall g liddleton 2 oster 3 ;ephen sa tanley 7 Substitutes:" Pos. .p. .. F. .. C. .. G. . G. .. Blythe' "haven B .. Steven Spence • Meyer . Byrns . Forbes FTV1! Ho* Stove League Throw-In Hurler To Help Phillies «)' JOE KKICHLEK 'fflWS®^* » M p3» «|^"ili ,P r 4^i N ' • wS.T _^^^J^4^eW^ -- charn- it Hardy, Big Time, Big Coaches Attend Secret Meeting CHICAGO (Al>) _ There was a Warmed in Chicago today and it was r , 'BUI f"": 1 " 11100 "" ™l« « going over BUI ,f this were the case, none ^ I he participants would admit It-was learned that the coach ad been asked not to tnlk aljo he meeting's object publicly li now" f ° J ' "" S secre ? v was ' » N'o Secret One of the mentors — stu Ho omb of Purdue—said, "I don 28 why it's any big secret " e wouldn't say what "it" wn Coach Bob Volglils of No'rthwes rn, chairman of conference er oaches, said blandly in reply ;;What meeling? Never heard i BBANAGAN nf 'I"? ° f ^ Tc " f °'° l b » ' ' Caces UlnL 't« Purpose was to give football's College Cage Scores Br The Associated P resa Columbia 15 Dartmouth 65 / Fordliam 92 Syracuse 70 CToniipi'Hfii* c~ r->_>.__ , Osceola Spiers s .. Cone 4 Watson 20 Peepers .. Kendricks Lotve _ Substitutes: Csceoi; I. Watson 6, Dona Cook, G MlMKO . Ragland 7 .. .'• Culay 9 i. Oirdley 5 Holmes . .• Simpson .. Simmons - Woolen 2, Connecticut 65 ColZegate 64 Slippery Rock 68 Clarion 65 ^Cincinnati 7ft Western Michigan Central Okla 76 ^Northeaslern okla n Phillips Okla m Southeastern j i »vujjci , ivilbfiCO , Stacks, Christian. Rose 10 ,. .Rogers 1 HoJlabough Lindsey 11 Burch 9 Pos. . P. ' 12 MfMCO •••-.... Bell 1 Griffin ..... Miller 10 ... Simmons 5 Davis i . Spain, Dunn, Harlan, StfcWand" nmltawr; Mte«,._ vancannon i' Ray a^Bryan 5, R. Miller 2, May 2 I>rnry 78 William Jewell 61 1st 5« hWCStem ° k ' a TO Okla B "P- Ottawa Kas 73 McPherson M lei- 6« er S ' 0c!a ° n 74 Missouri Val- H 5 ^ 1 ?/ Mfssouri . ; * Concordla Clenison 74 South Carolina- 83 Louis" TeCh K Wash - L « e «« ' Florida 87 Tulane &/ Tampa 72 Miami Fia'M \ ^™ >t L 9 «- Th =C'ta<tel.M MCiC ° exas t *» Sports Roundu Zebros, Pointers State Powers By The Assocfaltfl p r ... west's n lhe designaled as the Norui- fnost likely representative post-season state tourney. CO A&M 60 - ' California. 78 Southern California UCLA 87 Stanford 66 Washington 77 Oregon state 54 Oregon -,a Idaho 76 overtime Montana 55 Brlgham Young 51 Seattle 100 Portland 66 This was before several of Hi otbnll pilots ivei-e known to b Chicago. B 'S, T 7.' headquarters offered n arificaiion of a get-together thn ormaliy would have been wel ubhcized in advance However a highly re , iabl • nice said the meeting wn prompted by the action of the foot -Ball rules committee of the Na .onal Collegiate Athletic Associa f»un? ,T cn ' coacl ' es «e known It rail H "^ ll " e ' ' Vi " Ch S P U »'«f called 'two platoon" football I was not known whether the coache. planned any formal action, such a a resolution asking revocation , Uni M blyi stlld lne ^urc lose to the meeting, the coaches wanted to meet mostly to talk ovei the new regulation, Ho * e Y er - B >SSle Munn, coach ?n,, Mlc , higan stiltc ' s undefeated 1852- national champions _ while not gamg directly into the purpose ie "I hope Big Ten coaches will vote real strong against the new rule going into effect Immediately, My. idea Is (hat there should be ^"*•" waiver because tniniG fate application of lhe rule isn't fair to next year's, senior players These men wilh only a year eft an; going to find adjustment •ule very difficult. There -iralion.;." " ' PngCr 1)eri0tl Of prc P Dsceola Fighters Lose to Senath men up their, pre-Golden Gloves ampaigning Tluu-sclny nlphl IDS S ff « If 15 ' 0 " lo S =''"«° S N ? rll:east Arkansas .QoWen Hogs Could Upset Rice Title Plans It's all Rice The Associated Tress Southwest Conference Texas A&M put nice all alone in he top spot, by knocking off (|, c Jexas Longl^orns. 51-42. In nnolher conference gnme last light, Baylor came from behind to beat-southern Mclhodtst, G5-56. rexns had been tied with Rice for the top spot, but boasted a 3-0 record to the 2-0 slate of the Owls before running ;;p ng afnst tni! Ag _ .'Illcli has been practically .—itecl from championship condition, used its tough defense' nnd Leroy Miksch's sharpshootlng to land Tcxo, Its first loss in league "eld Ace Don Heft held.Texas' high scor- "SJjeorge Scaling to H single field Mlksch, who missed the Aeeles' same with TCU earlier this week because of flu, dumped In 13 points ot 12 M scori " g - Do " Blnford Texas hit only on ID of so field S^'^ftempts. A&M snnk 15 of 35 Baylor Iralied, 20-32, at the hnlf. but out-scored SMU, 16-0. In lhe third period nnd maintained the advantage. John starkey scored 20 points to «m his total to 05 In four conference games. Charles Galey scored n points for SMU " t T '£^«f.T s -? lce .. Bame lonf th' LSU r California, Texas Aggies Win Important Cage Contests LOR AMnwT T^C- IK „ ... VpTTr ~'*M.*J*J mijtu/T endurod'about^s mffi.7 fcJc ^ ^ )™«>tt p,ain ly had ohampion kept scowling and "± \ Jl /<^ *™™«** Phampion klpt scow.^ and S5* h ? ^ ^^ •P''«««hi a ]a Wy erco,,ld^t 0e Sj3 Bhi S 8b 2 kalll1 ( °™' ^ *™'" For 40 minutes by the clor old Pappy Ol ,y had been commissions. Felix al the time was in by hospital, the veteran Negro boxer^and fi" nally forced him to his feet Gets Anjrrj- "It's not fair." Walcott said tn "i i ™aS v °' ce ' " Here >*°" "™ L ns If he had done something wr°onK to boxing, i want you to know that hes not only my manager but my h:s whole life done one" thin" - wrong one thing that would lo?v° rate boxing. "It's not fair. He should be given a license. Why should he be drui?. through Ihe nnicl lie's none "fwhole lot more for boxing ihan » lot of men who haven't done like " . this point ?/"! ."''i n °< BPPear to Chrlstenberry said In a m »e- Piece lasl year that he did consider Bocchlcchlo, Jmons game"" ornamcnl to th e boxing Asks Why license ! ?" h ol' Cn ' 1 VOU g ' Ven htm R suDDos Ce vnf,"'' a P pl , ic O an fofone. 0 I Mv ,° r >OU vvou!d like h'm to ap- Ply for one now so you can sav I tet u R '°l'', SlVE " lm a ««Me. ! IJiKt,wanl lo say that from what out the boxing y tn- on Rocky Marciano In June," Walcott went April F P iil 0 "' V r 1 , n1a , tle v !l B00d case '<"• Felix Cbnslenberry said In a voice dripping wl t h sarcasm, "but V ° U haVC "' t sc '- Meat Curing . . . Processing Tor .. LOCKERS KOIt RBNT Freezers '.vv,i\r,rts I-OR RBNT BLAYLOCK'S Baby Chicks _ Custom Hatching _ WhoJewl. " l!lM "> 6I ' N 'O' Blythevllle thought he had settled n lot as h,. made his way to the door We w*e repeated his remarks at Kspl""ed rl |uc e h H " 5t ° Cr y" l o llht ave Whether he was right or wrong n defending Bocchicehlo might be subject to debate, bul we feel we better 'ihnn '»•"'"" ' r ° m Ca "" i<:a a man, he Is. LOS ANGELES; wv-cmifomia irtovi, B ii 3rs wcre oul ln fro! > way- m the race for the southeri vision basketball litie of thi •lS lffc Coast Conference The Bears turned on,the hen i the second half last nigh gnmst soulher,, California to take rnin f 3r v ' C(0ry ' Whi1 ° UCLA's rums, defending pec champions ore nosing out Stanford nt Palo Ho, 67 to 66. The Bears now nri " 1 m "' k in lhc Banding nd a chnnce to put some u between them and their illcngers In another game gainst lhe Trojans tonight Washington's Huskies continued set the puce In the northern Ision, dumping Oregon state. 7 54 Joe Ciprlano. the Huskies' ng-shooling guard, bagged 23 O'Brien Gels 35 Oregon nosed out Idaho, 73 ( 0 chiefly because It missed only ?e of 26 chances nl the free row line. Idaho, on lhe other nnncl. missed 19 of Its 45 gift tries Senltle' untverMly's scnsaUonai Johnny O'Brien pumped In 32 Port^ H 5 t , 111elchse '""^ swamped Portland University, loo to 66. Southern California made a^nghi of It In the first half »g a i ns t California trailing by only 33.35 ih. T < third l l"™ 10 * started, bul vSnSiwfc and caf ,u"w"?T UM izod on the obvious flaws "nnti tea Into n comfortable lead -1 s poise, smooth p a s s 1 n e game and lhe sensational shooting of John nickscn, who scored 23 tolifn. *'"" J " 5t '°° mUCh for lhc i aR ?£ "?ane conlrlbulcd 24 poinU in the UCLA decision over sian- fmm ^' e , lea<l Cllnn 8ert hands irom minute u> m i m , t e a s Stan- learns went Into the Inst l ca din«* ™^ the two minute.'; with UCf,A by only C5-D7. Stanford t, railed three quick baskets, Bruins had only „ 65 . 63 lhm ar 5 roC °e 5t<;1 ' 0 °" the !3 "' 1 ' n * Stnnford bounced ba^k on'oeo°ge Zanlnovich's free throw and Paul Johnson tapped In » missed foul loss to lenve the Indians one point short ns the final buzzer sounded Zions Win ninth 0 ''" 1 " 1111011 t ^ olumuls «'on Us mouth VS-fCin a Eir'sfru^g''^" 'prdhain, which lost Its first gnme (o Seton Hall a few days «8° : bounced back U> drub Syra- _ :e, 65-64, on Me! Klcckner's Jump shot In Ihe i ast 40 seconds The Tn aa Aggies handed Texas the Longhorns firsl Soulhwest Conference defeat. 61-42,'. whllo Baylor nicked SMU, 65-56 n anoihcr SWC tilt. In the Skyline Conference Montana bent Briham Youn. 66-51 r i vn) , ?, :n n 0n , do ' vncd r f " the ™ JT and f C ^ d Florida walloped Tulane, 87-51 the Southeastern Conference * S ' nle <Tempe) b "» L ^ '" ^^ M,c 8 S, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Btsl Prices <irby Drug Stores BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLI NG Monday, Jan. 19 8:00 p.m. . ^^ TAG MATCH Floyd Byrd & Eddie Malond Jack Welch & Jack Moody »" »»". Time [.iniil, Heal 2 out of 3 Kalis — ™ » ^ ^^^r Adults 60c—Children 15e MIDGETS The Great Schultz vs. Tiny Jim Corbtfr 30 Minutes Time Limit —! J'.ill .Match er for 1953. 'eterso eX '" 1 baergR8e Is Kent who has been Jinnglng'iirouiid'wlih lhe Keds since 1944 without accomplishing m,, ch . Peterson, who at the time was lolling I,, the Texas League, ivns tossed In when lhe Reds swapped Bubba Church lo the Phils for Johnny Wyroslck —Just to even Ililngs up. There was no gnashing of teeth In lhe Rhnelnnd because'of Peterson^ departure ns he had won only 12 snmes while suffering 38 losses. He Looked Great The personable southpaw was nl- '°"^ .'o st «y "• "ie minors until September when ho wns brought «P for late Inspection nlong several other fnrmhanrts. Ho made his first appearance for the Phils ngainst Chicago B ,ld disposed of five men m order. His next ap- *rt?«Twhen he'w'ns 'c^ln^ protect a 1-0 lead In the bottom alt o the 1211, Inning, role re; Ired three men In a Jiffy, fining two of them. He followed thnt up i rimless four-Inning chore ngalnsl the Giants. In a total' of seven Innings. Peterson pormlllcd only one safety and fanned six. The kid showed me enough to warrant a full trial in -53,n eaid Manager sieve O'Neill. "Even If he should not gain a regular slnrt- l"g berth, he should nmke nil excellent relief mnn and may star? some games In spots." The Phils will gather at ciear- wnlcr. month with the smallest group ot new comers in pitchers Paul Bluffel nnd°B"b Miller v?ill be on hand but they've been up twice before. The only outright rookies are pitchers Bob greenwood. Haon Mrozinskl, catcher JOE Lonnelt and oulfichlcr Joe Tnsauro. Greenwood, s-4, born In Cnna- nea, Mexico 24 yenrs ago, pitched for Kennewicfc In the Western -International League where he posted a 14-8 record, if Mrozmskl s as difficult to hit ns his name is to spell and pronounce, he undoubtedly win make , hi grade Scout Cy Morgan signed the 21- yenr-old. righthander out of n try- put camp nnd sent him lo Schenec- tndy in lhe. Enslern League where he won 12 nnd last 11. Army Relurne« Lonnett, from Denver Falls Pa served one year In the Phlls's sys'- tem Rt Terre Haute, where he batlcd .207. The youngster then went he In service for " rst t h h, , " CUt Out San Lo y Ur8eSS ™* E.tan Lopata safely b e) , )nd fh b . Tesaiiro, a .311 batter at SchZ "« l«ft year, w,. a second nil-star choice for the Eastern League' last year. He Is the on ? rookie fiyehnser who will go ^ Clennvater. All the rest are "hold" Stee/e Wins From Gosnell In Overtime ws gnme here last night. -8 47 Dl vIct 0 r"." y Thr e OUt W " h * ended MeVup' i3-«. rcBu!ar B a . m » Sleele's girls had' a ralher ei<v line of it. winntog 64-3,,^ $g son pouring 30 markers "iiell's French was h game. Ho ruin 21. Girls l l os. Gosntll Bevlll 17 Lucius g S. Potter 3 Lewis B. Potter Smltli Substitutes: Gosnel] Sttfle Farmer 17 McCollum 13 Wilson W Isbell Cunningham Hastings — Whittle 2, 2 p ~ sop ' R «" low 2. Potect 3, Teelcr, Johnson, strong. Gosntll Lollnr 4 Southard S Cnldwell 5 French 21 Copk 15 Boys ** 03 - • Stctl* P Funderburk 14 *" Hastlngj 8 C W. Isbcll « ^ James II Qosnell _ B. Fowlor Fights Last Night »J The Associated Prm NEW YORK, St. Niche]., Arena -Harold Johnson, I75«, Phlladel- Phit. outpointed Jimmy Slarte mu New York. 10 EL PASO Tex. _ qrurll. : Sa!M> 156, Phoenix, knocke dout Chebo Hernnndez. 168, Juarez. Mexico, ^ P »° E "«, Ar| z .-j lmniy Ma ' rtln . z, 1.8. Olendale, Ariz. outpolKted fester Mleszala, 160, Mllwauke*. V Sure, you jet 3-point triple quick-hitch f Naturally you get Hydraulic Touch Control ^ Constant Draft Control of mounted tools V Implement Position Control, to'o! f f wheel stability; rcw crop ability f Exclusive Proof-Meter jives you the facts you need NEW ORD Go/de/i JuMee MODEL ^Live-Action Hydraulic System,fast responsa V Hy-Trol gives choice of hydraulic speeds V New Ford "Red Tiger" overheat} valve engine 'V A bigger, heavier, stronger tractor ^ New Live Power Take-off* V And many more new features V Plus a low Ford price! •SoM KMrafrff. Now on Display... Come In and See It! Snow Tractor Co. 112 i\o. t-'r;mklm 8951 VM

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