The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 2
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5 PAGE TWO .BLYTHEVItiLE;- (ARK.) CO U RIER NEWS - '.-si.'COURIER NEWS COJtPUMEKTARY TICKET t i^tf Ticket wui Aamit 6. B. SJTnford i, 'Companion J * Holljrfd, Mo ( r — (o "irw T 1 lilTZ THEA1FR —io s«— "DARK .VICTORY" FLAYER FANNY By Sylvia Social Calendar WEDNESDAYS EVENTS Chapter D, P. B. O. sisterhood, meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. H H. Houchms Mrs Harry Klrby entertaining Wednesday Bridge club. Town and Country club meeting , with Mrs G. G Caudtll | Mrs Hiram Wjl'c having Wednesday Contract club I , Bachelors club having picnic at Walker Park, sejten o'clqck THURSDAY S EVENTS , Cro-Tat-Em club meeting with Mrs. Carl Calri; _, Mrs peofge A Hamilton cntei- <a!nliig .Thursday! Bridge club. i Double Four Bridge club meeting with Mrs Text King Mrs Rodney x B-inisler having Thursday Contract club , Thursday Afternoon club meeting w'ith Mrs Louis Applebaum Mrs R F Kirshnei entcitnlnlng Thursday Luncheon club t Mid-Week Bridge club members and Jiusbancis tia\lng party ?t home 'of Mr ahd Mrs ,W , L Hornpr. _ Mr _aHd Mrs, L&Gromic Whittle atfci^Mr and,, Mrs pob,Gw>mi en- tertalhtng club Informal nine o'clock a£ Woman's club' FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs George Shamlln and Mrs H E iSshot havliie tea, 2 30 oclock, at Sharnlfti homo R and P W Clnb \IK Mother- toanghlir Party The mother-daughter' party, an nmiiial eient d'f tlie Business niid Professional Womnlis club was ghe'n InSt night At the homo of Mrs J. G Barnes Mrs C C Holder, Mrs_ BarncS 'and t Miss Cora Lee cole'm^rr nere hostesses ^Throughout the Bnincs hdine, boiiqiiets of rftonics, sweetpeas, roses, cornflowers and bachelors' buttons were nrrmged fai n dec- o'ratlt'e setting Miss Dolores Psalinands rend Am} Lowells 'Patterns and "Oh, Dr McQhen" before tlie members plijed games Nfembcr^ of (he wlniimg side weie pfescnteil a bo\ ol candy Prizes were presented to Mrs W c Stilwcll, who has attended every mothcr-daitghlci partj gheii by tills club, "to Mrs G B Peciy, »)io was tlie oldest mothei piesent, and to Mrs Clare Perry, who «ns the jomigest motlier present in secbml^rhy hew sho'cs are Juliiii' me." I surprised with a party lust night given by eight ciders 'of (He church and thqlr wives. ' . The Crane, family lias Ion* been assocliitcd with tlie.:ch"ui'ch.. Mr Civile,, one of .the fjrsl elders of the church. Is »ow senior elder of the. session, His 'daughter, Mrs Ionics Crane Hllo'r, wlio Is 'also active In affairs of the church will leave next Tuesday to spcild the summer with relatives' near RJpley, Tenn. In Hie 'fail jjhe plans lo j;o to fit. Louis. ., After rook had been played at the party last night, refreshments were served. . * • * •• '• ' • Announce Plans for Tea Plans for a tea 1,0 lie given 'Friday atlemobii were hmioinleed." hi a luceliiit; of tlic Woman's Missionary society of the Lake Street Methodist church yesterday atter- I'oon nt the church. ( ..The tea for which Mrs. George Shamlln and Mrs. H. E. LaShot will be hostesses will be given at Mrs.. Shamlln's homo at 2'30 o'clock. ; Mi's. J. M. Go'ad presided over; the business Session In the aijifencc 6f the president. Following two S'CDSS, Mrs. Goad read the scrip- due, from the 4'Gth Psalm. Mrs F. M. Sweet led in prayer, _ H was reported that $3.ib was made from the tacky party given at the church recently.. The meeting was attended by n meiiiuers jind two visitors, Mrs. T. D. Estes fVnd.Mrs. Allen AndcrsoH. They were '(lismlsscd 'with prayer by Mrs. Ive'r'soh Mori-is. no joungest mother present unui give it Gueits were Mrs G B Peny, o( l " c \<$* ^tire: HtnHin TJnnl H*i-_ TI r\ -ri,» J 1 A ft PI" tllf the home of.,Mrs. J. H. Smnrt Jr. Mrs. H. H. Brooks and Mrs Frank Peters led in pr.iycrs. Mrs..,Ney HuiH \vns hostess lo U .members, cf Circle Four, After Mrs. .Raymond Schm'uck had led the devotional, und Mrs. Theodore L-ogan, the mission sliuiy, MVS. J. W. Aiilcn and Mrs. Logan offered prayers. Mrs. John Buchanan presented the devotional nt. the meeting of 18 '.members of 'circle Five fit the home of Mrs. Arch Lintlscy. Prayers were offerer! by Mrs. T. n. Shepherd and Mrs'. -John • TyroiVe. Seven members of Circle Six !iiel at the home of Mrs. Robert Grimes when Mrs. H. u Chambers led In the aliening prayer. Mra. Hurry nitaliis..,taught the mission study. The meeting was closet! with sentence prayers. '. '. ' * ' * SfHs- I'-irly for I,O;IE«C Ml^s^Hpso liy'tiii Yates cntcr- laincd h'ltli a pjiily nl her home Friday nighi for rifeinbVrs of the Lnke.Slrcel-Melhodisl Young p<lo- ple's.l^qguc rV ., : Tlie 2B guoits present (lecided to each give ten cenls to the treiisiirer Mis. Barhrim, who gave the cie- votioiiiil from the fourth chapter of Luke, had ns the topic of lief program, "Aimdlntc'd to Sery'e". /lifter the opening prayer Mrs' Ocm-jjo \y. Biirlitith dlsciussed "A invjng Heart lii Shaitglml" and Mrs. N. D. Strand Spoke tin "Serving i\s \Ve Go". Tlic mlsslbnnry beiieriictlon closed the mc'ellhg Duriiig the brief biisliiess session presided over by Mrs. C. A. Taut, group chaliihaii, lite year's work' as tlone by the division was suin- iiiarlz'ed. The hostess served a saikKvlcli plate with,iced ten .'during (he social hour. Tire Hnll hbiiie was decorated with roses nnd other garden flowers. Mrs Maltie Neal, Mis H O Hold er, Mrs Clara Peerj, Mis T E Epperson, Mrs Stilncll, Mrs B A Biigg, Mrs A Jaggcrs and Mrs Ed Duncan Miss Camillc Kobiiison was enrolled as a new member of the groiip. The hostesses served n ttcsseit course of Ice cream and angel food cake with Iced punch Bud \nses of sweetpeas ««e given as fa\ors * » * Slndj MiSMOiiarleS Missionaries, bolli home and foreign, were discussed at a meeting of members of the Maigaict Hutchinson Girl's Au\iliars of tlic First Baptist church jcstcrdni afternoon at the home of the Icadei Mrs J T Weslbrook The meeting «a<; opened with sentence prajers led uy Blossom Grahani After the rol! was called, Ihe program was presented by Blossom Grahftra, Carllyim Hood Louise Rice and Wlmma Stlre 1 , Hie iflectmg «as closed with sentence prajeri, led by Carlliim hood Tlie seven memuers were scr\ed refreshments during the sociil hour winch followed * » t W M U Circles Bfccl Six circles of the Wohnn's nn,- sionary Unl.n of the First Baptist church met 1,1 the homes df \ari- ous members sestcrday afternoon for devotional periods and Bible studies. Mrs W W Watson nas hcstess M 14 members of Circle One Mrs , R E Parks led the devotional and Mrs Kendall Berry, the imv I study The meeting was clo'cd' to 1th sentence prayers Seven members of Circle Two, who met at the home of Mrs Ras- mcnd Smltn, heard Mrs M T Burr teach the mission studr Mrs Walter Bishop offered praser Mrs Ted King presented the ctc- \otional and Mrs Murray Smirt the missro^ sludv al the mcctin» of 14 members of circle Three at After .the gnines Were played, re- frcshmciils were served. . . * « * Have rrugram illccliup Mis. Russell Baiham was ieadcr of the program .presented nt (he meeting .of (lie Bertha Fuller dl- \lslon pf the Woman's Council, First Christian church,, yesterday afternoon at the home cf Mrs Ray Hall. •'-... The nine members present Included one visitor. Mrs. John Dur- — S. Sleets Tonight ., Tliq .Order of the Eastern Slur will, liavc a slated hieeUiig tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the Hall, Mrs. J: A. Saliba, Worthy Matron, announced today. - * Mi tiny ' ,. Members of the F. L, Eiiglcr Aulb S0!1 ' Ell * CI ' c PiirU and their faiiiilies were eh- C " ™ 1 ".. arr l''' c (nijninpd isy \i,- n.,ri vi,.;. ^.'--v_-;. the eiicsts o tcrtati'icd liy Mr. ami Mrs. Eiiglcr at an all day outing Sunday on tlie Big Lake Federal Reserve. Fishing and boating we're the diversions of ihe 36 "picnickers.' RnrhrifMitifl Mini,,r *".,',i —:.•:.(_ '!,' Bits of News Mostly Personals .pilyer W, Coppedgc. has. retimi- cfl from a b'uiiness trip to polftts of Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dpbyns are expected to rctuni ibdaV from jpb'rl jSmith where they visited Mr. Dobyns 1 niothcr, Mrs. g. w. bobyiis, nnil Vn'n Biiren ii-here they \Ver'c' Uic^guests of other reiailv-es. They liHVe Keen away for ten clays. ' .. .Mrs. L. I,. Ward •has retiirae'd hbnie from Memphis where she miderwent an 'oji'eratiaii a few weeks ago. She 'is stehdily recovering. . _.:•.. . S. B. Vail lins gone lid Clinton, Mr} tn I»V> rnrt'rtff'lnt: Virtili ^l.« />li«i [lie (frajlualion exercises of . lljblr hlcct, Miss Mary Curtis Reed. Mr. Koonce returned Saturday morning and Mrs. Kooiicc fcniafheft o\w (he weekend. MLss Reed will attend Gull Park college for girls hi Gulfjjort, Miss., next yciu Miss Jo McGliee, ' Miss Jciill Bom-land, Worcc Nccley ami Eci Tlllman were In Memphis last night for (lie opening of tiie Plan- (nlloii room it the Ifotcl Peabocly Jofiiitiy Hamp and his orchestra arc playing tlie'rc. MIHon Webb, of Chicago, h tlic guest of his parents, Mr. and Mis S, E. Webb. Mr. and 'Mrs. W. I>, Green weie called to Nashville, Tonn., Saturday lifglit IJociuiifc of (he ciHIcil Illness of Mr, Green's mother, who died there Sunday. Mr. aiiti Mrs, Marvin Numi and (laughter, Miss .Virginia, spcnl je.s- tctday In New Albany and other points In Mississippi. James Shamlm of Denver,' Colo., is visiting h:s parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. T. Sh'a'mllii. He plans to Ire here • linlil the firai of the month, ., , . Miss lielcii iiughbs returned Sunday frtim Brownsville, Tenn., antl Jonrsboro where she spent her •summer vacation. In Jon'esljoro, she was (he, finest of her cousin, Mrs, Louie Mlekllsli. She accompanied Mr. anii Mrs. Washer Acl- nms to Brownsville where they visilcd Mrs. Adams' relatives. Mrs. Adnms' brother, Curtis Lowiy, and her aunt, Mrs. Lilly Mcliilurir, returned home with them to spend a few days here. Thumb Amputated After Injury Clearing Land R B. Lucas, fanner living in Missouri near the Arkansas state line cut the Ihunib pf his right hand so severely _yesterday afternoon that the thiihit) had to be removed. He Heads B. & R W. Organixalkm Here TUESDAY, MAY 23, 4939: the festival commemorated Ihe anniversary of the giving cf the Law at Mount Sinai. The Book of Ruth, with Its universal message of brotherho-.d, is read on ink occasion. The sernicn topic of Dabbl Herman Pollack will be "flcligion and, Rural Ufc," which will deal ivlihl the 'back to Hip farm movement" i embracing 400,000 Jews throughout. I the w:rrt, and tiic specific taste confronting religion today In the farming areas. A most ccrdlal invitation is extended to all, Kabbi Pollack announced today. Memphis Raplkl !i!is[i|( a | Harold Hill, Bassell, admitted. Dr. M. E. Slaudeumayc-r, Leaclr- vlJle, admittou. Memphis Methodist hosnllal Juanita Ray, Manila, admitted. Miss Mane Iliimsh was iccently Installed as pi evident ct Ihe Business and Professional Woman's club which gave its anmml mother- dauehtcr party last night. was clearing limber when the accident occurred. After haVing bec'n given Ircal- ment at Ihe Walls hospital, he was able to return home. At The Hospitals llh/llicville hospital Mrs. J. H. Sniotfrcrmim Sr., city admitted. Mrs. J. O. Lente, city, admitted. John c. Story, Manila, dismissed. Mrs. Ora Sue Eaton, city, dismissed. Walls liusiiif.-il Wllliaiii Dingier, Tomato, admitted. Carl Dciilon, city, admitted. ..Charles I.nGrosse, East Prairie, Mo., dismissed. Joe Hoecolt, 'city, dismissal.' Jewish Pentecost To Be Observed Sunday The Jewish Pentecost or Shoviios the Festival of Weeks, will be observed in Temple Israel Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. The holiday occurs seven weeks after the first flay of Passqi'er, and originally was a thanksgiving celebration held at the end cf the grain harvest In Palestine. Later CAii'n OF We wish to thank our friciiils for their kindnesses during o'iir recent bereavement and also for the lovely floral offerings. "We especially jvlsh to thank Dr. J. E. Bejislcy, the ncv. Alfred Carpenter and the Rev. 1'. H. Jernigan, , The family o[ the late Mrs. H. D. McLeod. —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main ,t First I'hoiie lit . , Mo., to b'e cbiihecic , the Clih- ., cc wi e Ipa Eye, weekly pubiicalipn. He tila'ns to be awny for clip stfmmcf. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. F. sli'll.'.nnti soti, aigctic II, of Pfjittoith;: N".' ., e this a.fternoon.'tb; be the giicstK of Mrs. Still's psifehls, !Uld rs - c - s - : . ^lis. Mr. •- . r - - - : . lis. r. S' 1 ," w))! return in ft few 'd^ys,.but ' ' ' s "" for several weeks. P''°n '° ' ' -,— ...^ "' .>">*• ow p'v.iiivt^yib. •-•---. .,-. ~: . v .;,..Barbecued lamb, beef and pork ribs *''""• , nnt ' J ! rs ' Roy v Kounce • went »Ttli salad and iced di-'lnks were lo R lpley, Tenn., Friday \o attend » • T Surprised \'Vi(h Fiirencil Party C. J. israiie, one of. llie clmrlcr members of the First Prcsby'lcHan ciiiirch who is icavltig tiihbrr'ow for Montyeiit. N, c., for an liicleh- . , ., a iice- nile visit with his brother, was Wfert OptoirH'etKst "HK MAKES 'fe'M Skli" Over Jbc Isaacs' Store I'hdlic 540 FREE SHOW TICKETS To trie Rilz or R<Ky Theaters. , SaU fiuUer-Krusl Bread Wrappers—25 good lor one adults ticket or 1') good for one child's (icket. 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