The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST G, 1036. BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COUJUEU CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION you can CET WHAT YOU msft horn the WANT-Abf i , • ,. I- PAGE: FIVE — Business Directory Complete course In typing, fhorti- Imnd, bookocpins. Also review shorthand class.. Prices , very reasonable. Mrs. L. M. Burnctlc rate pet line for consecu- Call WA W. • liuertlons: I Get, the benefit of summer prices. lam time per line 10s Two times per line per day .. )8c Month rate per line HOC Minimum ciiarge 6Co {"hrce limes per line p.;< cl«y . We Blx times per line per cinj .. Oac .1<1» orUcj«) lor tnrce or alx times and stopped before expiration will he chared for the number of times tlie ad appeared and Mjustment o( 1)111 mode. ±n UmsslMCt Advertising copy libniitte'l by ptrsfiiis residing out- UtJe ot me city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be etslly computed trim auova table. Aavcrinnifi oroereti Jor irregular Insertions take the rme time rat* cipon-siDliuy will be taken for more ti|i»n olle Incorrect In- (ertlon of any claaslfled ail. Personal I GET V1C;OR AT A. N W cnlrcx Tonic Tablets contain ri\v oyster inviy- orators iind other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, jdands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Cull, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store. AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced —Confidential PAYMENTS nKDUREO No cc-signcrs. Just uring car and registration card along. U. W. MULLINS •»"5>ury Blllf. I'hoiic 405 Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main Lost REWARD for return ot black mure mule, 8 years old. wt. 1030 to 1100 Ibs.; black innru mule, 9 years old; wt. 1050 to 1100 Ibs., lost, strayed ur stolen. Notify or telephone Smith in Co., Luxora, Ark. G-pk-0 Position Wanted EXPEUIEN'JED STENOGRAPHER and Bookkeeper \vanls position. Good .,rct<;rcnces. Elcanoi SinUi, 1315 W.' Main. Cail 335-W. '''" ' ' '"For Sale JCE CO-LT) WATKH.MLCUiNS ARKMO 1CIO 1'1,ANT GROCERY and trade. L-eavincj Courier. Market. Cl o o d state. Box 10 •lp kll ANTIQUE scxla fountain. Mrs. W B. McMullin, 022 W. Main l-lf Good Used Trucks 1934-V8, I'.i ton truck 103J Chevrolet I!5 ton truck 1A3 International 1',^ ton truck li trailer 1C35 Intermilional I'.i ton truck & trailer •/• ton International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. Slightly used FACTORY BOAT and late incdcl Johnson Sen Horse 12 h. P. OUTUOAUD MOTOR, good shape, $100 cash. I'a'.il Byrunv I'Oi; SALE B room house, bath. Large lot. AcrobS from high and grade chnols. Cheapest taxes in lo\vn. Could be made into aparttncnt. BOO Chickasriwb dh tf For Kent For Rent.—Furnished Apartment. 103 W. Ky., Phone 683, Elva I'oe •l-p-k-11 APARTMENT—5 rooms, bath, lit class condition. $22.50. Mrs. Moll Mornighnn. Phone 4U8 J. 3-c-k-tf Furn. Apartnicnt in Slwne ctu|)les at 11H w. A5h. Call 191 or 511. 3 and 4 room cool FURNISHED Bl'yincvniu. duplex oparltnents. Moderate. Bess Hall. Phone 280. 27c ktl Up Now My Coal Is Black But. f Trent You While I.OCAI. IIAOMNG JOHN BUCHANAN — I'HONE 10J Irs J. J. I>avis—Spnicer Corvette Call 421-W for nppolntment.s i-'UBSH' KKKLl'OOT CRAPPIE I!5c I'cr Order Lion QMS IG.Sc ,•• •. I'cr Gallon HARRYlAILEY? Slitic Line . At the Arch DliCOKATI.N'C, Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN W. BURTON, Kast Ark linililcrs Supply I'lJDiio 2!) TUANTHAM . TRANSFEH CO. Moving 50o room up. Pianos $1 up PHONE 901 Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES THEARKMO LUMBER CO.; P1IONK 10 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN WE HUY nines & ALL KINDS METALS We Sell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give Us a Trial ••''•'and Be Satisfied ,:, Blytheville Fuel Co. . 118 S. Railroad St.' 'j/\WN mowers sharpened tlie Ideal way on the Ideal Mower grinding machine. Guaranteed job only $1. Blytlicvillc Machine Shop Keep Kool With Hun lei Electric Fnns Hubbard Hdw. Co. Ship by J. W. I'AKKER. TRMK LINE Dependable Daily Service La and From Memphis Keep Frciglif aioney at Hume Call 127 809 W. Aill SI. WANTED—A1.I, KIN'nS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to S5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2o to 4'ic Ib. . Copper Wlrt, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4'.6c ib. HIDES & FURS WOI.F ARIAN PHONE 17G 128 E. M.AH> Salesmen Wanted MAN WANTED for Kawlciyh Route of 860 families. Write t-Mlay. riavvlcigh's, Dept. AKH-27-SA, Memphis, Tenn. Keal Estate For Sale: Corner lot E. Kentucky near Pail;. TERM!!. P. T. Elder! i Bell Cafe, West Memphis, Ark. 18-p-k-lfe Several FOR SAL* thousand acres southcasl Missouri rich alluvial cotton 3-c-I;-tf «"T lands. Any si^c tract. TERMS RENT. Everett B. Oec 4 room & bath lumirnislicd apartment, 123 W. Kentucky. Newly decorated. Phone 76i. F. Simon. 25-ck-tf "i room furnished apartment C05 Fifth St. Call 142. 54-c-k-tI 4 liootu Furnished Apartment, Hill W. Ash. V.ieant Aug. 1. Call -!I5\V. Jlrs. M. Ci. Goodivin 22c htf COOI, bcdroo~c for permanent fc transient guo.sts. Fans ftcc. Kc.^ il'-ft' "' "'«'". Wanted TRUCK for log hauling on slioil fcaul. II. tf. Hales,, ll!l W. Cherry. 3-p-k-10 LOGS of all kinds, espiciallv walnut. Hicliof.t prices p^id deliver- . ed. H. H. 121 . Cherry. Batteries BETTER BATTKRY SERVICE Call J. B. Chne At Tmn Jackson's Service Stalfon SALKSPERSON Wanted: One who has had training willi a national sales organization, with traveling experience preferred. No preference as to ago, or whether man or woman wit. MUST he experienced and understand principles ot salesmanship: willing to follow Instructions mid have- n good handwriting- To call on all local residences business houses and" offices. Ca earn jjo.CO weekly. No car • Will advance S12.00 ., week, steady employment... Apply in own handwritjng -'taling ex- in rc- 3-p-k-10' vllle. perience. p. o. Box 376 Blythe- THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson USED THE H13MAN-UKE eves OP cuT-rtEF/SH FOR. THEIR. MUMMIES. ANY WIND BLOWING- AROUND AN AREA OF" LOW PRESSURE. IS ,A CVCLON/C W/INC3, WHCTHER. IT is BLOWING XWO /W//./ES PER HOUR. on. HOUR.. 1 Convict Looks Back. On Crime Crusader Role job In the prison library beiMiisc he Iind studied tlmt work in col- "Whntever they give HIP j'11 Ije n 'IVx. (Ul>)—c. "'oilol prisonsr," he .said. J;i!jM," r ''MirhiKo, 45. is convict No. I E'ArMRi 1 siild he wanted to for- 1-077 t<i;liiy-.-]u.s|. year | w w! , s |1:ls . Ki't Ills trlnl-l,ul one phuw of the u>r ol llu. ij.,|,|i s t church «i I I^Hmony worried him. He dlil not UKm:! " ' rvv wi'Hl ix'oplc to think hi! shot Hie officer JM Ilio Ijack of 111,-, lieiid. "llu \vaS slandliij. there |alklii'< to uuollk'f man when 1 slowed my ear," the misrnllng uilntster m\!(l. Tito Wg. fiim-tollm; minister wlu> llumdorcd from the pulpit last JW lliitl "mum cloj'.s not pay" Is stiThij a Jiiv-yeur srnlfiicc- in llu- H'Xiis sliile prison for (|i,> shotaun- * l»il'"s to bit iissli;ned "'Tirfiiii'iiiii Service - G; ls !N ALL NK 1'HILLII'S Plioiies 717 . uio 'He WHS looking ri«ht ivt inn jmnrts woiv ,,t |,| s B | fk , lhm «c from'. I hud to yet my sli ''•'OH SIT ON THEIR. E53GS TO HATCH THEM. A low, as tlie weather mini knows it, is an urea of the reitUlvoiy, lowest, barometric pressure. It Hinders not what the 1: wo metric 'rend-' ing in a low may be. as Ions us there i:; no lower rcadinii wiihln [he low. The low Is called n cyclone, and (be wind around it is luiown a cyclone circulation. Centra! India is staging a "sup-[ are limig in conspicuous places port the cow" movement. Thou- with placards;!ii)|iciillnj to Hindus sands of "cow contribution boxej" I In support.their sicred hnhnnl. : ALLKY 001' ~ ~~~" r ~^' ONE STO SKKV1CE STATION VOUK CONVKN1HNCK- SINCLAIR GAS AND UJmuCATION M'/fKCKKK SKIJVICK >:i.v |>honc Nitfhf I'ltono . sss : . SSK -BATrERY SKItVlffe —IIADlATOll UU'AIK -HODV WOIIK -I'liNDKK 1VOKK -t!1,ASS INSTALLED -AUTi) J'AKTS W, T. BARNETT ACTO SALES lloilce & rljmimlh Dealer Y WELDING KS'i' !'iiici P'l' BlillVlC ale Mfg. Co. out tliroiio'ii a window. He reached for Ills nun anil m s jumil tnrnud Just a little iK-fore i sliol. l saiv him fall. K looked like his hand Irowj to ills (nil." Courier News Classified Ads I'ay. lVert!Tw«r OPTOMKTRISTS Over Joe lames' Storo "H'F MAKK 'KM SEK' Phono OK) A .Soviet expedition . In Orlmeti' has found hiiiimn 'hones bel'cved to lie 'ID^O jcar-i old. REPAIRING:" A Cempiei* Un« of Tul>«» aad l>»rl» HUKBARD TIUK « HATDOtV CO. PHONE M AT BUST I'HiCKa I'KOMPT BL)iivici<: P11ONU 10 N«w Ixicalci) a) Id Noflh SMorid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAlinS, Proprietor •»«. of rrDullt Typcwrllh-s, Addlnt M.eniue. U4 C«J- ciUlon-Kcpklrlng—l>*rti_iUkbo'n* Now Contracting Fall Acreage Beans See Elytheville Canning Co. Blytheville, Ark. OMCE ? WHOA, DINN^, tVKOA .^1 WHO'S CKA/Y, NOW 1 .' -vr' m (JUST WHEM WE'RE - '.'ABOUT ^ T 1 L AY HANDS OM- A LOUT ( THAT MESBE COULD SAV ) Gy Hamlto & !H15 EARS JAN 1 PLUMB iDISAPPEARS, X AND HER BUDDIES SO THAT'S ~-^ ? :A ^•^^ OH .FtRO- YOU VKJOV'J VM U- V\ -V' V ^-^ VJ£\-\..5.H l-JOr! VCftM "btt VER St\.f — f\VV \ HNCE WttK lAt \ r o LEOPftCO'S «b«VVi , m' MY OWM WASH TUliUS . h WMW-t ,OR '. V'M 60MMIX U«bT Afe St^fvVi \\E-Mf\N X'EVJtQ. RETO Mtirtlii I M T\\Rf \. COOV.O \T- \. VOfvW . MEET HE WERE.'ifci TWO lAjtEK^'\HRt- OU&WTTA COWVJ\WCE v;\' vu at WWVW ^ER Vf\ .AM' Vvt St iUW ft<b HEKV.VW ^ V AM K50UJ . WUWO^ A ecRWjcv^ ovi HE- vMtv\ -S'LOMS \ JV)I?IO BY JIE* SERVICE. INC *^?P^**$&#«* S OP DUCKING PEOPLE IN A HORSE T " EM ) S^ Y^IK^^^^^^^'-'' HOOT OWL. / AT A LOS55 Ky Cnim ,'FTTESE PELTS SYERE COLLECTED WITHIM THE UW, THEY V/OLILDWT H%E BEEM HI AV/AY LIKE > TH1S!! -^ ' VtZZZZSZZffo THERE'S 1 SOME- J 1HIWC3 SUSPJQOJJS ABOOT TXE \VHOLE THING! OSSIK HAS AN IDICA! SURE.' ru. BET V?( HAT THEY'RE ILLEGAL SEAL PELTS! THEY CERTAIMLY WERE V/ELL HIDDEW.' THE/ VAHRE AWAY ROR A PURPOSE.' y^SE-^CriED THE .BOAT mOM STEM 10 STERW AWD IT V/ASMT UWT1L THE DECK WAS BROKEN THRU "SKAT WE FOUND THEM f/ . MAYBE THEY AREN'T ILLEGAL PELTS.' OHAWCES ARE THEY WERE PUT UWDERTHE DECK ID KEEP THEM \ GETTIts'G 'rVET '.! BOLOWEV! DID NtXJ EVER HEAR OF A SEAL CARRVIN' AW UMBREO-LA? WATER MIGHT RUIW THEM '!

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