The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1930 BLYTHF.VILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS West Coast Noali Building Ark to Save His Family 111' DAN I5OWKKMAN United 1'ms Ktau t'orresiionilcnt CLYMIMA, WASH., <UP> — A ilry-litnd Noah today continued pie.parat:oiis for his personal es- PAGE THREE News of thft Blytheville Schools High StudcntslEjr icy for tilings not actually The officers elected for (he term are as fellows: Hubert llerrlck. 100 1 CT (jCllt President; Virgil Boyd. Vic,? Prc-si- . dent; Mildred Scott, Secretary; capTi'n'arT aYk when'' the Pacific i ' A .. • ,. ., ,1 „ „ ,. „ ' »«SE Sunshine Swift, Sponsor. COEJI fe.'ts the wrath of the Lord 1 111 r\. L I \j 1IU.U 11L and yinks into the Pacific Oceon.; Thtre is no question In the mind cf William Lcjnd Greenwood, CO, i but that folte alor.s the F-u:iir-. sl(i,:e arc ncing to let a smprtee, some fine £ay after tl.e year 19K \ Mcunl Hcpe, in BrilUh Columbia will sii:i into the Frascr river,. ncr.nrdln , if. tie g(iz:liU "Ca:K;:.::j Billy" Greenv.cod, who nevtr skip- 1 l.eredia boat In-his life. The cojs'. line w.ll disappear, victoria, Seat-i lie. and all cities as far south as. The onpils of Mrs. Trieschmann's room have ben very busy for the During the past six weeks of the past month gelling orchestra In- Througl Mnreawt Crlner, Ella Ray Baker,'local Baptist Church, came lo a ' iietty Jo I.iwler, Dcmelra Oldlmin, | pastor, Rev. Stephnison, of the ' '••'-'•• SlH'pherd, Gladys Uo/ier, close Sunday evening with 9 con- Hallov ,vc en 'sent fo Hie lor Creamer Penmanship correction. This Jeddy 1'lHllilli Fowler and Juanltn Perry. 7A1 versions to Its crodtt. Miss M:uy l>u Baker who re- The 1A1 Ki'oup Is looking forward , mitly moved to Dyeisburg, Tenn., e.uierly lo .Mch Held cluy. He-sides hns wiunu'd i-.> finish her Senior Tlie Jack O'Lantcrn's eyes In wicked gleam Ami the moon comes yliost-likc beum. For tills of nil nights is Hallowe'en. _ ' l' Lim oifers cerllflcules and biitum- •'us iA.mis io, standard work. T\w up with uf these grades have Marled "n'-r puiMiunshlp booklets. l-:i- .1-A I'luss has made scrap perfect attendance records havini; been neither tardy nor absent: Sunshine Adams, Melba Alexander. tiimunts. Through the generosity of (he parents and special don- ail'Jii? tl:? money v.-;»; ralsjd. Tlie The witches are riding through (he air— .The owl and the black both nrc there, I No one Is tint, not even on a dare. fun und exercise that the pu- year in Hie In-ul hlgli school, pil:! .wine they' feel llml II helps i Prof. S. II Myrant, principal of them to do tlulr tchool work bel- : Ccioti-r hith school, 1ms returned U'r. from having spent n vacation . group led In attendance for Cnjw Giraidfun. n. It wns recently linn- Mr. and Mrs. Chester Woods ilk-ill Sunday us the guesls of Mr. nnd Mrs. AHvrt Allrcd- graduate of Cooler high school will be a member of the Independent girls basketball team here. • Mrs, R. O. White who has been a patient in a Memphis hospital for several weeks will return hcme this week. Ark!, e I.Kcrnry society hns us Mildred Lou Hubbard. Hill CMIboiv, vice pii'sl- liistrumenis came (he flirt of Iti'-i Irma Laura Baines, Eula Bishop. u - ct .k n nA practice be;;iin in earn- Mamine Branson. Eunice Brogdon. Virginia, Louise Hour- land, Elizabeth Burnett, O'.hus Bracken, Marlon Cooley. Mary ;s, Lucile LJ.iwson. Jeanne San 'Franc-tro wlll be swallowed ill bj huge waves. There will be a second inundation, and then ' Dillahunty, Jennie Wren Dillahun- (.-t, BCllhiS ready for their first performance. Among (I-.' 1 musical lalcnt of ihi- ro'ni are Lioyri Ward, trap drummer, Sara Lou McCulcheon. director and specialty dimcer. Bill I Chamhlin, songs and dances, Betty Jo Essary. Jean nourlaiul, nnd This is the night when mischief is done, And if yen fire out a great risk is run— Tonight the spooks all have their lun. The spooks are out—lhe ghosts nsiir, The urea I blnck cut will lose his fur,! Anil tills Is Hallowe'en night. —Yseldah Crocker 8-1!-! i'»'--'i-iii; inn Cillbow, vice pivsl- ""•;. ,. 'I'm: Mary Hue J'ullcn. sccreurv. ' "' 1A l ' M ^. I mi.! l.-uvlk. Deactle. rciiorler. A • " '''' S 1 "* 1 wlli ! II.;.: -.-,r'cn i.vcuiain .'•'!". ':iv afternoon. I" Will lie t'.lv.'ll 'the piiliic room. 1 A immbL'i of hill-reeling sales' lalk.s have been given recently ill 1A1 English chiss. H looks ns produce some com- pcu-nl business men nnd women. 1.« Class Mr. and Mis. Haburn Ihillcy and Walt Kirk of Huffman, S|\3iH Saturday In Cooler. . Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hatley and 111 1 family went shopping in Steele and Cooler, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Aimer Ashcraft spent Saturday nigh t in Stcelc with Mrs. Ashcraft's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L, C Spencer. Junior Hifjh Murk' Wucds jpjiit .Sunday u 1 . Su ' e:c BACK CHAMPION NAMED Horace Iluynrs nnd little (laugh- ! NASHUA, N. H. 'UP)—The Ne;: tcr, iMiia, of Number Nile, Ark., Hampshire Chiropractors' Asso:la-lion recc-ntly held" a contest to de- aijd Mrs Sc- termlne what woman In the state [Were In Ceol.-r Mondiiy Mrs. Albert Allied ai This B run [i has sponsors! tiirec phrunlu Hnyne.s Fliupiwd In Sleele. -had lhe best buck 'Mr,'t of lhe ^•imbly programs to date this Tw.sduy. .compclllors were young women, but where, but "Captain Billy" will j Ml , (lre j Koct , lcr- Helen Laden. O'.i- ca inly knock off work in the saw- L;lrki Sa ,: a Ju Liule Marie mill where he is employed, board i Lc E1 , ctt Mamie Magc-rs Marjo-ii- the"Ark Ecw-ncT and sail to safe-1 Mutil ,; ^..herine Man-iu. Jean craft that sailormen say • MllCl( ppgyy McKeel, ~ .sinnrner. the glass being iec|iiired lo replncv breaks coslini; S23.00. liming ll's first I'.vo months of schcol much interest has been shown in the first grade of which principal nnd the rest for Interest. ty couldn't float ii: a cairn lake. Greenwood told all about it, in the astonishing cabin of his ns- tonijhir.g craft. Eight years ago he startod. Ihe Ark. It will be completed by low, when he expects firs', forerunners Lean. Moore, Pattl Moore, Lila Mae Morris, lowne Oakes, Carma Patterson, Helen Ridings, Dorothea Homers, Chailcen Robinson, Mary L. Riggins, Jewell Russell, Emma Saleeby, Annie Mae Sallba. Cb.j Mrs. Banister is teacher. The following ladies ' having visited ihis Kit) (jruup Tl:e (oliowhu; home room |iro- nsm have been given by the 8lil group '. a diile: Hui:ur—A general discussion. Honor—talks by two pupils with reuiid ta^if d:sciusioii. Cumu'sy-- (lie ulrls wrote what The fall payments lor bonds and j' 1 '^' ''xpc-o^d from u bey mid the liilerc-.l arc belnu completed. A to- j" 0 ^ nnuk- n list of councMes ex- tal oi s-l.titl-l.2I was paid in sep-|l |u ' : "! l"im [Mils. temker o! which S2.0M was for; "t-iiion.tuition <m (able etiriuelto. Ob.'..'rviuion — a contest to tost Another payment of $1.033.57 has j tin- obsi'ivalcry jwwers of the pu year. It lirsl had Dr. Harwell talk I on "Our l-'illhiB Stations." It lixt- cr ineseii'.xl a Fire Prevenllon pro- urinn and then ll,e science class presenter! a ptny, with n crntcsl on "Inventlcsis and Inventors." A nuiHiHT of Interesting home loom |);<i;;ams havi 1 ly?cn urratiged and givi'ii by the group. SIl'Z Griiuii Cliuid. Hubert. Arvll nnd Lllbiirn Woods spent M-nidny inornlng In Sto.'le. R. O. While went At the the clas ivci'>: ITi Y-.iitar weekly niei'tlni; ot McLeod, Margie-.. llmc . M , sdnmes j. Mi been made lor interest due Novcin- : l ?:;% "round sduvil and lhe city. R. N. ber 1. Other payment lo be made , Thi» Kroup hns rendered three Ware Jr., Marcus Evrard.' 0. B. this school year includes $8.644.08 | assembly programs this year. The Boons Robert Purvis,' A. B. Hoi- on March 1 and 54.839.51 on May 1. ] fh:t was-given on (lie topic "S;p- land, C. R, Uabcock. Harry Haincs. There payments include $6.000 on ; tember while the second was a Ernest Ifo'e. T. N. principal, the remainder being for j program on music. The third was in home ro:m the past h!! v.-iis the topic of ills- cun-iion. l?ci»rl:i were made by Jamr.s Uuard on the School for t'ne lllm-.l, by Fivdln Socoy on the St.i'.i- ruliL'rcitl: »ls Siinllnilum; by^ to Memphis i the back chmnplon selected by the judges was 43-year-old Mrs. ALc: Bullock. Sunduy to vhlt his wife who has | A whale Is worth, commercially, been u ptittcnl at the Baptist hos- ] fr:.m MOW) to $12,000. tnl for several weeks. lidwurd While who Is employed j , by the (iovcrnment Fleet near Os- ; ' ccoln, spent Mi n day here v.'llh rel- ative.s and frlemls. Miss Kllwl Brooks \vi\s the E»c^t Dt Miss Uuliili Wi-iRht. Sunday. Dr. mid Mts. L. E. Cooler s;)ent Sunday in Piiragould. Ark. Mrs. Snlllc Ford who hns been cunllncd to her Iwd with Typhoid (.i destruction ol the Pacific ccast '- shephard. Icle bhephard. Marjare 1 . toI . a( " rl - j Elmver, Lois Nell Stiles, Mary Alico ^nlike Noah, "Captain Hilly'| Taylor, Ella Taschner, Ruth E!ea- w.ll take r-D animals along, aside!nor Tucker, Loin Thompson, hie?. from liis two do?.s. His craft is the despair of seagoing isn't S. H. Martin, _ Simpson. Win. C. Higginson, and Interest and collection fees. Misi Winnie Virgil Turner. : Reports of the grades given In Tills room has won the prize of lhe hiijh school during the first rna dollar for havlnc tl'o most six weeks show that there were i mothers present at each of the two five per cent subject failures. This ' lever lor several days is Improving. Mils Hura Hnlford of Tyler has n miscellaneous program In which 111? group was assisted by Miss gobs, but Cap'n Greenwood wcrried. Noah Thompson, Tnelma Wells. Thclma . Worthineton, Lorna Wilson. i T meetings this term. During the past six weeks of ;h2 f-.,i,,, ^..,, i- ,, W:1£ 1!0 sea " high school the followini; boys had tat in/ man himself, Greenwood ... pointed cut. The pupils in the third grade nrc perfect attesidance records, hnving all n-.irabir: ^hlp Club". is beloiv the general average. The junior high school also had live i:cr cent subject failures ; Ciilllcolt. Tiie for having ^ J:nu>5 iliiitid on the "School for Ihe Denf, by Wllliiim Fnusthl on the Comity ilome. by Max WnUon rc^ntercil (ho local hlyh school as on the County Health Depiirtmcnt; |n .Senior. by E. B Rogers on the Water Sup- I P. B. Cnrotlicrs spent Saturday ply. Other rep'.its Included Vuc- ] in Rtectc, on business. dilation and Inoculation by l.ucile j Miss Thclma McAdnms of Tyler, | lluurland: the Health Crusade by | - 1I!3 Noips I Mury Si«ln Usrey; the Pupil's'" group r«.;lvcd Hie dollar] n.ily by Elo:5c Reynolds nnd "The lhe InrgeU niiinuev of | chambered Nautilus" by Hill Me- Getting Up Nights If GcttlliB Up Nlgllts, linckncho; frctlUEiil cluy calls, Letf Palug, Korv. outmcnj, or Hurnliip, dun to runcUon- nl Itlndilor JrrLtullon, In acid conditions. Tnnkos you feel tircJ, Jcpr^Hacd (nitl indconrd^ed, try tho'CystoxTcr.t. Worhu fuflt. slarld circulating thru tho Bynlcin In lli inlnuloj. Prulnod ty thouflAiiilo for rnpld nnd poaltlvo action. Don't fflvo up. TryCyfltex (pro- nouticcil Slxs-tox) today, under the Iron-Clad Olinrunteo. Must quickly alluy thofio condltlotiD, improve restful tdccp nnd cnorKy. orinoaey back. Only COo at Klrby Drug Oo. ] mothers present at (lie last I'. T. ] Kenzlc, MAKE IT YQLRSELf. of a "Gocd Citi/Dii- the first leim. For the fust month Each member pledged the failures in the grade schools A meeting. The assembly Friday. were ns follows: I.nnge school, four i class. October 24th. w;is spuiuniii'd by the A pltiy. "Tlio. Duchesii of per cent; Sudbury school, three per ', Trent" iviu acted by several of the cent; Central Wnrd school, four I Birls. Little Miss S:iin Lou Mc- licr cent. Langc School dren wear their mittens. Exceedingly useful to the girl ; , _ friend or neighbor who cooks is a i Havnes Frank HuITiiian, Tommy • ite *'»y allcl '' vcars ChrlsluiBi gift of a couple of kitch- Hawkins John Holland, Mitchell •»«» "e -'« ts tn:l1 lle can " ss " K en holders, sewed onlo a tap to put! Jo i ins rjurtis Kelly, Charles Ken- «'-rd correctly. nround your neck, in the way chil- C IJ K rji 0 i s King, 3. P. Lee, Frank : There have been made seven! ' lvo ™- "-" ! - -'"-— inickett, Curtis Mccarty, John Me-| very good health nnd Halloween ! Dowell, Oils Osbron, Preslon Ha- 'posters and booklets:. The 3A class • nicy, Charles ' Ramcy, Horace has worked up a Hallowe'en p'.ay I Bcrape, Don SmiU:, Tom Short, | and wlll give it in Language cla^s 1 Leon Stilwell, Harold Sudbury, J. I Friday afternoon. Thi; third graic D. Tale, James Tipton, Max Usrey i has a "Community Store" in its and Clyde Wilson. ;rcom which all enjoy very much. Junior llis'i School The following pupils in Junior High School had peried attend- nce for the first month ol school: Cu'.chean delighted lhe nudlcnco willi a song nnd dance, accompan- :td at the piano by Mrs. Joe Trieschmann. school has some new play- roimil equipment, consisllng of swings nud a baskelball and Reals. ^ _ The goal posts were donated by the . j ng |,j m a clothing shower. Robii:son Lumber company. j During the past week ll:allh ns The fifth grade has organized a j n p |, nso ot character bnlldina was Thrift club. j studied. Louise Lcggctt in Miss llalstead has organized a . c i ;;u -g c 0( u,,,, program. An lir- Kiddic Band in the first grade. , t ereiting Health plav was At the piny hour Thursday for: (he BH groups a sii:cinl 100 yard rnce Wi>s held for the boys. Jnmes! Fowler cnsily outdistanced his 59 j Lonipclilors and crossed the line 1 first i Troop 31 of the Boy Scouts will I spend the week end at Camp Frtcr- son at Joncsboro. About 20 members of the Lroop accompanied by seclion expreswd Its sympa- Calvin Jprdan. James Downing and lo Bernard McFiirlnnd. whose' Scoutmaster Sam. li. Unwell wlll make lhe trip. The Ensl Arkansas Lumber Co. is providing Iransp: rtnluin for the group. The Junior Mothodlsl League hns elected new officers. They are: President, Maurice Lutlrcll: vlce- thy home war. burned recently, by giv- , Through u' is stresied health, pol- itcncss, gcod Eiiglth, Aruhmctic. Salesmanship and order. •i-B-2—Ko'.and Bishop. W. S. News Notes from the ^^_^ o >it t _ j president, Frances Holland; trens- The fourth and sixth grades of | Another interesting character de- '' »rer and secrclnry, Louise Luttrell; school have subscrit-d for j ve !opjng program wns recently giv- reporter. Barnes Crook. The Hallowe'en season has cans- iwis me ciminimii. mi- bun ui «' ollc of lll e pupils of UIQ junior Tiie Ihlrd grade pupils have re- ! cently sold candy and picture, 'Tlie Boy and the fc.- tbe room. j poem, read by Tlielma McCarty; fifth grade library consists | "The Story of Sir Galahari" uv of one hundred good books for chil- | jane Branson. Mr. Greene was n visitor and .spoke briefly on the hc Weekly Reader. This little pa- cn on 1)crsci . v ,. ml , cc . .I-'rnncCi Little er will be used for silent reading, j „.. lhe c , lall . |nall . T he story of " lmvc re ~ I Robert Bruce was toW by Bill Hnr- high s Alight a I risoll . ... rn( , LU( , of CoUllnl)u ,;. by ]KCTO5. he Rabbit. : MRUr j ce i( C i C ) lc i; "Colummis," a dah C dren. high school to develop a pair of is. They are products of Ysal- Crocker of the 8B1 group. They are given below: Cooter News Notes fit together, making them a neat gett, Louise Leggctt, Thclma Mc- filler. Slip into the envelope and button shut and sew one of them Carly. Betty Lou McCutchen, Vera school supervisor Saliba. Molly Jean Secoy. associate high for Arkansas, was a visitor at the high school club. This club plans lo leave memorial to the school at the end to each end of a piece of colored 7-A-l—Carlyle Handcock. J. J. . tape long enough to go around I nar»ett Herbert Mack, Byion;" 00 "your shoulders and vaach out to! Moo ° re , '.Mack Morris, Gene Sykes. I "' lift pots and pans Any ' ...•••• - . i for a short while Wednesday afler- having lived here for n mmib?r of years. The couple will lor a while make their home here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Huey McClure spent Sunday at Coltonwood Point with Mrs. McCiure's parents, Mr. end Mrs. Edd Shearer. The evangelistic campaign of two conducted by the CORRECTION Two Errors Appeared In Our Advertisement. Oi' Last Night LADIES SILK LINGERIE •M;i(k: of IHITO silk civpD, tailor.;l iiiul lace Lrimmcd inodets; \v;is (itiotod al ?l.-lfl, wliurcus it should have been $1.79 MEN'S VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS New solid colors and paUenn:, resular $1.95 quality, wore qrnilwl at ?, vvh:rests it should have bean $1.49 Sudbury P. T. A. Profit-Sharing sale Continues Tomorrow The New Dixie Store Co. The reports for the local for the state department of housewife i p- K - tl Tipton, Lystra Brnckln, Opal | ! maintain its present high racing. red bull, missing lor a. month, was found dead in the center of a straw stack near here. The bull had crawled through a hole. Pushing around inside he had dislodged one of the supports and the stacl: had suffocated him. ,.,„... Plans are being made for the lo- caudle, Charles Fender, Ben Fish- , mnr Mhoo , s (o be hoi(s to er, James Fowler, Eimer Lindsey, , Eevcm , . of cmml teachers Martin Payne, Eddie Sallba Geb- ; , n , he near (u ,, lr( , s , a , dcmoll . ' ber Saliba. Raymond Slmnlin, Reece Wooten. Jessie Mae Edwards, POWER..;."; in every drop! . wi| , ,„ the var|ol;s dcs given (0 [he vis , Uns tencll . CANDIDATE INSANE NEILSVILLE. Wis. (UPI—Frank Knopp, a farmer who ha-J . . Freddie Hopper, Mildred Lee Nor- e , s whQ arc n;eetinB ullder the dl _ | man, Maybellc Snider, Fran*.; ! [e - [ion o[ ^ [iS5 Winnie Virgil Turn- ! Tucker. Gill. :rr. county supervisor. RaymonJ . Tiie cnrol'.iner.l in the w.^ite nopp, a armer who l.a-J ju;: --- . . announced his candidacy for *her- Johnson, llcrcr.ell Mosley, herman i schools for (lie first month of school iff Of Clark county donned "cow- i Turner, W. J. ^"^^".VirPnm | this year was only 1522 comiarsl ' various i DAKOTA MINT, RF.-OPENED CUSTEH, N. D. (UP)—Ore laden with lead, zinc and silver once niore is moving out of the kane mine near here after mine had been closed for two Hal Moore, Robert Reedcr, Jene Ar- years. Extensive drainage and i mnnlrout. Lucile Bourland. Rul'n j with the windows of the ;_B-2—John Fayetie Burns. Me!! ! schools. Mischlcvious boys broke Brooks, Barnes Crook. William j many windows during the past | Faugh*. James Guard, Loran Ho- Spo- ganfi Deck Johnston. Maurice Lilt- : t'".c i Irell, Hill McKcnzic. N. B. Mennrd. : pumping operations sary. were neces- Burks. francos Holland. Effis Mnore | Sarah Hichards. Kloir:e Reynolds. | Armanda Thrasher. Rus?el! Blair. '. Helen Hanveli. 7-n-l— Forrest Moore, John Rose- ixrant,!e Bell Alley, Margaret Criner. Pauline Fowler. Eli?.ibeth FI.OUR MILLS FI.OURISHIXG HOLMFIELD, Man. (UP)— Mil; Io "g lines of grain wagons wait on every road leading to the local mill as farmers as in pioneer days are again bringing their grain to ex- ! Lultrell, Demetra Oldhani. Glenn cnarge f or flour ^^ whcat prlcc ,. . D parks Juanila Pmy Janc «<• terminals have resulted in all I vicre. Anna Bell Stacy. small mms in Ule r( , gioil opor . u . j - . "« a ho« Lunsford, Estell Lunsford, Louise j __ WORM BAIT CATCHES 10,000 i HASTINGS, (Sussex) En?., (UP) ' Tn the six wcoks arithmetic tes; —More ^ than 10,000 fish were Mrs. Elma Armstrong's 5B gr.iup C i B i \'i '" onc <iai *"*" womcn P ar " ' iacl n medium scoic of 708 as com- Ucipatlng In an anglers' festival. '. pared with the standard of C1.2. \Vorms were used. I Sixteen of the 28 pupils taking the tcst wcr '° above thc standard. u., -PRISON PAI, AT FUNERAL ! Morse KoclKilzky led the group. KUMFORD, R. T. (UP)— Among being the only pupil to score 100 those who attended recent funer- per cent on Ihe test. al services for William F. Conine, > ... veteran of the union nrmy. was , The 4lh grade has a Thrift nnd Thomas R. Harklns of Newark, N. !H?alth Club. Its motto Is "Spend J., who became acquainted with ' wkely and keep well." The mcm- Coinrle when both were prisoners bers pledge themselves to keep all in Libbey Gaol. Richmond, Va. : health rules faithfully and to spend SAME PRICE forover 40 Home room programs have been given each week, among those par- The children - have being • week duration, money to buy a their room. The fourth grade health program for the month is stressing care of VKSTERn.W'S I.CXIMRY TO BAY'S NKi F.SS1TY I The lime i.s past ivlicn people look : upon ICY, as n j I uxury . Tli«y ! know it <•<>*!* ! Insg to order • ICK rotfularly (lianlosp;)il food : nnd ruin hcnllii. as help you ! SAVE WITH I«:E Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" "Listen in on the Phillips G6 Flyers every night except Sunday. 0 to 6:30 P. M.. Central Standard Time, Station KMOX. The Voice of St. Ixsiiis." NICK I1AWSON GARAGE 312 Smith Second St. M10-MOIIT INN GM Link'! SAM BAILEY V.lrbro IV II. SKCOY llrll. Ark. J. C. CRANE 640 S. Lake CHAS. ASHCROFT Dogwood Rlrljte School J. II. ROBINSON GROCERY Clear Lake Rwil and CUr!< 'St. J. F. JOHNSON SERVICE STATION 315 South Division St. DAY AND NIGHT STATION Broadway, and Walnut EAGLE CAFE 408 North 6(h St.

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