Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1974 · Page 23
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 23

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1974
Page 23
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Wedalty,ltif74 Pbjfk firfrtfcrk 23 There's nothing stnail-fTne about Peter Gabriel, the versatile songwriter a1 lead singer extraordinaire Arf the British band Genesis. As a storyteller, Gabriel's lyrical visions casBpaee fa-' vorably with, the work of Louis Cares' r Ottos Cns-taneda cartoonisa pipe dreams at once wry, caustic and highly fauufut, ' ninui into a tapestry f classical rock reaking "of pomp and circumstaacc.- As a showman, Peter Ga ANDAlUSIA0i. f rtsiJcTnrid Awn). 3 BIZASSESyTA rs! if YOU CAN TAJC WEMi Plus 2- -BRUCE LEF V". THE BLOODY BtOOB tde Show Nifeiy In-Cntr r4atert iTPft 77 -rows R. No 73. AIM N j . m TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS (R) TEEXAH THAUP Plus THf CLASS OF '74 BOX OfTICE CHMS 7 P.. BLACK HOUSE MKET". wT SAVASE SISIEBS ff) DIBiTfrhtt W BtfDCO bscics ctuatiy o";,r33. Rt . 41 1 , 5 M:to Her of WHlow Grove Shows Coot, fr 7; 15 Elec. In Cor Him. (RJ TEXAS CHAOISA KiCSI OF MASSACK A HEttAfiSr Plus 3rd Shock' NiM of e Uyla BUDCOXTCf CTIYtW, 364-W4 t RH. 30. TOO Showi Com. b 7J5 tac. toi Co Kw. ) TEXAS CHA9SAI -lTOI OF MASSACRE 4 THE DRAGON Pi. s Ntft Of Wt IflMNC KM BuDC0FAKUJ3t- MA 3-9060 Ctiton'M. Com. from 7:15 El. In-Car HtH. IR TEENAGE TEEAVSfiE TRAMP i wrecss vunrn umm mr twrvi-iNMu 2so VUUUU MMUM., Milei W.ofWdy. Shows '"e 'ffT:15J-le 1n-Oji HM.-H TEENAGE 1 ItEJWBt HITCHHIKER ' TtAJSP Plut In Color IrOCHtH BOMOMflMSmiETr Ooir 5 4S Snow Conr. fr. 7;fS fT TEXAS CHAINSAW TMf AH Color MASSACHE t amOHHrMM t n9am BUDCO NAAMANS OMVE-IN. I.4S & 13 302-798-;70C Del. Shows Cont. fr 7: t5-;Joe. -k ENTER ' CLEOPATRA THE DRAGON & JOWES aiinrn prkuiaiiKPH Mv-a 71 3 m fr Sir Shows Co-, fr 7;15l-e. to -Jrf fQ TEXAS CHftg-SA IO IF MASSAQfE 1 M BSSSI Plus NIGHT Of TMf tlIN BUDCO RIDGE PUCE' MIVE-IN 8?3-363?! Show. Contft J,J5r-f lee..VtKa. IHI l Trvic itijMkcav... nrivstwir"' M Plu, In Coior TMf HTTCHHtKEl briel is equally enlivening his fa and subtle pantenuase, a theatricality which many otter British performer kaye beea ajpfct te isnttate. "BDTOWEUJJIG an com-parisant is unhealthy -inbreeding," said ?eter Gabriel the other day at a center city hote4, di'tuniBRig op trade Car (he Geaesia thaw aaaaarraw sight at the Civic Center. "Besides. And besides that, Gabriel tA 7- 1!22 .hat Sakuy. e. at en ' Cr. Show, CO"' fr 'i U Elc. In-Car Htrj IR) Tottsosasa ieiosf MttSaSSE X DtEC&SeM eW-tn Ce4 OMMfff MUM 3 S. 38 W, 6.LOW Near E.v-of 309 txowy., MontgomeryviHe Shew. Can. 7:)S -Cor , t) Plul In Color TM WftlVliUCI BS3C0 2R SStVE-fll It- . lyiOWS Cant. Tr::J- mux. dec. 'n-Cfr M--s. (R) IfSASE HITCHHSa & TUMHP Color IMMWPMimi, p;, ., 1777 3 MULT COLOR HITS? CXPLOSWEefllAMlIE..: SCTASE or SISTERS BUCILL Hu3d Terror f Hsd Sh-jA.-rl UTE " UWJSfi ttAD 14. fcw Ni-oioj n-CarlW IU 3-7?o? MocDode BUd. 5. I G' vo -n. Pa. SAIfAG! SlCTBtS ) kulTY StDL 09 9 isst as Mowmffntawi - r i thiase onusazs so 2 TEENAfiE TRAt? 49 STMBjTEm-P.'LL'iLr... GL 6-3624 THE TEXAS w tm saw nsitttE AUO , Lee M-mtrn, Gene Horltmon SWve .. AS HI UC .. lIDBBivr. ' tos9Sa Oem 7 f ' " flecinc m-ar hgn Oifr.ono' leuani 19(1 dis-in i. No. .130 h" -t uAu in CJf S77-71U TEXAS VSSSkVSk ttSACS IFffilt F THE 1330 f4 A3 NIGHT. Of THE II VIMS OtAS) ppfAll Affce otidge, Rou'eNo. 73, Palmyra. j TA 9-3O0O TB(A HITraKERS . . Ion QaOpM 7 P.M. ' fee. In. Cor HeoJars OjS'ioiaT" -II ? ITSflfTliOlrJt Bhro. lrrAUICC CKTCtK' JDV Wio' is having enough headaches of his own right now, attempting to justify Genesis -new, four-sided thematic album, "The Lamb Lies Down en Broadway, as something more than an imitation of Tle Who's rock operas "Qaadraatieaia and "Tommy. v All three works share the theme at aaiamatiaa aod despair. "The La lies Daws . . detests the jaaracy ef an earthy Puerta Kicaa youth named Raei Itoaagh the bowels af a subterranean homesick nightmare, populated by aU manner af gro-teaaae, vagwly tMsaian creatures. "AcruaBy, the oriptral idea lor the story anpeared duriaj; ar last America tear. Then in the summer, the groap had a big chat, whether to Ewery Fri. Satwsttsd f f p)NNaSMtWtM-t5-l OWNIKGTOWNIKNil Kk OIBNEfl THEATTIC Jtt tlOUYWflflf TAVEtl NKUUXt FIAKlWEYtr HiaUlfsl: cinmitrt0tBiTa mmqij paif est miimiaunKSUTS) ur&sttOLiw. .ESS 3311 ESSES! m Ctt.10, t ?t A -1 J 1 1 CWtTAM AN RA1 WM. SiOO Pl tinnaTMas-4 nMfi t MEMCtB tnjw1 MON.-THUtS. PM. : Jr "sirhhidisiLtiii'" t 1 m 5-47an t do it as a concept piece or as hits. We were very reluctant ta aaake it as a double record, Mace enact doubles that are released would work better as singles. But we found that the story, the concept of overcoming fear, couldn't get acraas hi less space . . . and it is a logical extension of i h nihil we've done hi the last eevea years. fined jap hythelaag hi cow-sag ttopwlarity for Geaesis (and a rash of afhwaa re is raft etcploitiag their earliest material), the groap recflttted "The Laasb Lies DtM.. . posthaste. A sefroat tear f TSritain 'was sa follaw avksnediatery, then a U. S. jatutt, but . tire band's plans were short-circuited when bassist Steve Hackett accidentally severed a tendon in his left naad. "Actually, it was a blessing hi ilisgaise, and Stem's Just aheiit tMCfc to par vw," relates Gahriel. "We finished astsiaf flat atesa fanr days itcfarc the fsritiah taur was to start, sa the stag show was naae tea tagrthf r We're uti-lohkf caeapiicatad, three-screes slide shew by Jeffrey Shaw, which really hetas pot ecass the ptat Judging by Atawirtw teieviawn. pesate here have aa idea af the tnat poteotial af visaal fantasy. Shaw's images shmild prave a revelation.'' -Joaarhaa Takiff StChtai "SasaTrr? nHCa4lU TtWplf (ssssnsWlf Tittkio tin . a aw. u r Tpapit haHM Reliiiii Qwiii. OSCAftiMsOWWJR. - JOHMeU-LMMCA Mu.. CTONONELLI On UMVARMU . . a TOMVrtUTS ICTWV'UffJCE ntANKSKUECJI PfuOnrUteW!) Adm.ltr Tl44 KIWI n)iHV UI1S3MY sfaijatrrf Canrteij McRae AntAIWG SfJOH Jlec.HHsarrfrt. (215)Sf7 9597Sfi7-3tS9 Lorrsf fields .jdWj Ttb Pe$f men Comcffi Dear Mr. Fields: You wrote recently that the Flyers would attend Kata Smith's Dec. 9 opening at the Latin Casino and wondered ''who's going t he gutsy enangh to teach Dave Sohuks table manners?" Since when are you an authority a manners? Are you you I? I like t i jwn have i gtsts ta Schuttz face that m Bisansrt, I also would lse to know who yon pal araand with that ht better auaness dua Schnltz. An naraaaaai fchasst Fan. The photo on the right is the pal who's taught m almost everything I know about dealing with people. And he doesn't even use a knife and fork when he aim's Dear Larry: Sa you don't like Yasser Arafat. Thai alane sigmfie hr must be one sweM guy. Carol y a And off this time I thought you were hiding out in Argentina, Adolf. I never muapected that you changed your mex aa weU at your name and moved to Went Philadelphia. Fat Ass: Wha hi the heU do you think you are? You are MOTH IMG! You're a fat, very four-eyed creep. You just better layoff Elvis Ires1ey. Presley is No. 1. If I ever see you, I'm gonna spit in your face. It. fVhkaiu.-r. I've always said Elvis had the classiest fans. Dear Mr. Fiekb: Recently you ante . . . "I've just dt towered that blaok REALLY can he hesssartd. I've net a new dog, a Scutttsi Terrier" . . . WeaL ,1 hope your feeling hasn't changed mu-. e ckea becanse far the past four years my mother and I have bad a Scotty juraed MacDougall, and your statement struck a soft spat ia oar hearts. We treat htm like one of the family. In fact, he is a big part of eur family. He's like a spoiled rotten kid. When he wants something, he gets it. Most normal people take their dags out far daily wafts. MacDaagatl ene far his, hut he also gets a daily ride in the car, even with the price of gas so high, because he looks forward to it and I just cant resist those big brown eyes of his. And anyone who love dogs must he very nice. Knthi Mawut and IMen Satmcfci I've never met a dog l.didnt tike. 1 can't say iht same for people. ' Dearest Larry: When I saw that Bicture af you ia your Not. 20 colta wearing kttts and playing the bagpipes, I just went to . pieces. Take it from me, Larry, a Rachel Barlow yoult never be. Stick to manhood. Your editors, bricht as they are, come up with screwy ideas far you reporters. Just oaci, I'd like . to see the shoe on the other foot. Seme ideas: For l8e Tttffi, editor, rd like to see hun do an "Oh, Cnl- catta!" hit aad take aff bis clothes, y For David Urwreswe, maruMgmg edi-I. tar who's sert tif jtahsm i aiim hat I'asseet, rnaheiurn ahwn at Vet Sta-' -i dnara like he did to JUtty CnphraSa. Rcra 'Jareea, the Btban Party Pooper, let" him ran dawa Broad st. streaking. That shairlrl take the paop out of Ron. A w.orttder if yoar edrtors have the aos to 4a what riwy ask the re- ' -- - -- A An. If Rolfe and Ron' lid Anna, you'd discover that Fntlr teii to his he has what you want them to J . their legs aren't nearly as Pni 2119 Arch St. Phila.. Ps. 191031

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