Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1974 · Page 28
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Philadelphia Daily News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 28

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1974
Page 28
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28 Friday, October 18, 174 Phim. Drily News inc. M-ttz&m-rj n &xj Lorry n tm ur .w mw. Mil miwm. r i s-'vir m tmtw iun i r ii Write On, People Almost this entire page today was written by the readers of this newspaper. We have received dose to 200 pieces of mail and more than 12S phone calls on the column I wrote last week complaining about President Ford's newest plan to stick it to the American taxpayer. If you promise not to take advantage of me. I have a confession, I love you. Now that you've said it all Larry, where do we go from here? How can we beat this? Please tell me!! Mrs. Mirxfc Snkk We have always had the power, Margie. We are Just now learning how to use it I think we are at the beginning of a new Age of the People. Many of oar readers have already written President Ford and their congressmen to ten them what they can do with the surtax. If the politicians do not Ksten to the people, they can start looking for new lines of work. Have you noticed how many politicians running for office now claim to be consumer advocates?. Some of them are lying. A few will fool us with their lies and win elections, but we will learn the truth eventually and kkk them out of our lives. Despite the problems, this is a great time to be alive. We have found one voice and we are using it. We will be beard. We are doing it with consumer advocate groups, with neighborhood coalitions, with our own voices through letters and phone calls, and the mass media and with the ballot box. Hie People will win. fc. OK, Larry. You're not buying the tax bite. OK, I agree. Now what? Are you going to tell us to write our congressmen? That's a copout and you know -r ' Nixon People's Machinery, voices booted him from office. The politicians have not quite gotten the message yet, but it has been sent. As the indictments mount and the vote totals tell the whole story of this new Age, the politicians will become so virtuous, they will blush when they are kissed. As much as I hate to change the subject, some of my recent mail has dealt with other things: I am in the late 40s (age) group. Let me tell . . . what the Feltonville residents are complaining about. Smoking marijuana and drinking. You have never laid in bed at night trying to sleep over the noise of screeching brakes, loud mufflers, screaming and cursing coming from drinking teenagers on the corner. Fehoavflle Resident (name withheld by request because of fear of reprisal by teenagers) As you know, I wrote a column on the problems with teenagers in Feltonville. You and 1 must be wrong, Resident. I received a lot of response from Feltonville BMMtfr who said the older people picked on them and that is the only reason they broke their windows and cursed at them and robbed their stores. So stop picking on these whacked out, drunken kids, Resident, and they might even let you live. M moke. mcSvicW reply it. What are we supposed to do if we don't want more taxes? How do we get Washington to cut spending? How do we stop them from their planes and cars and junkets? How do we tell an all-powerful President that we don't like him pardoning a criminal? Ron BaribeaaH We already have told the President we did not like him pardoning a criminal, Ron. He heard us so good, he went before Congress yesterday to try and ex-think Nixon left office in the you think Nixon left office in the first place? He did not repent. The the media and our individual am V?ritf 41 : t After 40 Years. No Bail Tins was the greatest tiring I have read fa any newspaper ' anywhere in a long time. Larry put into words what I have bees wanting to about to the bnm-biing idiots in Washington who over the last 40 years .have been stealing my savings, my life insurance and more than a few of my freedoms and liberties. I, too, had pants with boles in them, ate oatmeal for sapper, got myself a high school education, making myself a pretty good living after putting a couple of tids through college. I have about 10 years before retirement, my retirement fond being whatever I win have been able to save for myself no union, no pension fond. So I dont want the gay who has been stealing from me for the last 40 years now to ask me to bail him out now that he is broke. -Clack Barclay Watch If Hurray for McMuUen for telling it nice it is on President Ford's S percent surcharge. It's always the hardworking middle class mat politicians want to burden, thinking once again well remain silent. The working man has only one friend among politicians and mat's our own great Mayor Rizzo. He said no more taxes and kept Iris word. -Larry Weinman Jr. His Man Larry spoke for me. No, Mr. President, the sons and daughters of past poor are not willing to take a step backwards. We see too many dollars going to foreign governments in aid and crooks getting off free with huge pensions. Robert Win. Boll Sr. Crowd Peoser Hail! Hail! to Larry Mc Mullen. His sentiments were mine exactly. L. Stewart White House We are compelled to write. Larry's "1 Man's Advice and Dissent" was the most direct comment made on the President's surtax. He hit the truth like no other journalist We were surprised to learn of McMullen's lack of journalistic studies, for he certainly rates among the top. We are forwarding the article to our son, a student at George Washington University, who is the youngest member of the White House press crew. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dworkiu Got o Clown Suit? Just who does this clown McMullen think be is? It appears as though all be wants is a hero badge. He does picture himself as Horatio Alger. Where does he or anybody come off with the gall to tell the President of die United States to "stick" anything, especially on the front page of a (bo ho) leading newspaper. He is a liar. I say bis family does not eat hamburger three time a week unless they happen to prefer it McMullen is a phony capitalizing on what people want to hear but not what necessarily is true. The great majority of people in this country were nappy with Mr. Ford's message. That s my opinion but I can't get it printed like you, Rolfe Neijk Ofdtinter i read "1 Man's Advice and Dissent" three times and am keeping it for further reference. It is so refreshing to find someone unafraid to speak their mind. Larry's mother was right, he is "something special"! -Met, Marie A. Bradley (Sr. Gtizea) More, More The article should be published on die front page in big bold letters and everyone should send a copy of mis masterpiece to the President -David Babias We're Related It is not difficult to realize that Larry speaks as one who has made it the hard way. 1 sure can relate to him. I sent a copy to the President. Jos. C Lewis ' A Prayer Thank God for guys like Larry. I hope the two-faced N. Y. Daily News reads it. They thought Nixon was good and now they drink Ford's better. G. Anderson Where? My thanks and appreciation to Larry McMullen. President Ford talks about us tightening our belts. He better tell us where we can get belts. Alfred E. Noyes 'Niiff Said Amen! He told the whole truth. We have been used as a tool too long and should be given a break this time around. H. P. Powell Pursed Right on, Larry! You took the words right out of my pocket book. Irene Fenster Send it to McMullen McMullen ! ttsT rtCSdSatfCt IIBS3QCI tacai - i " 1 I ! (rtet m.) L 22z-?-J My Man McMullen spoke for me and thousands of other people who are of an average background and have a average job. He was blunt and pulled no punches. Yon have a gifted writer. With his continued columns about the little guys it will lead to more and more sales of what I consider one of the best tabloids ever printed. I'm an ex-pohceman on disability pension. Paid D. Kefly Sr. Forget This I cant remember when a story impressed me more than the one written by Larry McMullen. The "oatmeal'' really hit home, but Larry, you should have included the mush, (both boiled and fried) and die corn flakes boxes inserted into our shoes to take the place of soles. Mrs. B.J. Rang Bell Right on, Larry, you expressed our feelings 100 percent BeU Telephone employes Rita, Irene, Dorothy, Peg, Gen, Anna. Keep It Up Let's have more front page staff on this matter until it's cleared up. Larry made sense. Paul GoWeaberg Everybody He speaks for my family and the people on my street. Charles Quay, Maxwell at Repeat, Please Please run Larry's article on President Ford again and again. F. S. speaks of corporations like they are the enemy. Isn't the Daily News owned by a major corporation? Fd like to see your profit and loss statement printed. Are you making money? You criticize die 10 percent? With die cost of investment today, where are companies going to get money to expand, which Is die major way to expand employment? Of every dollar of profit a corporation earns, they give 52 cents to the government Do you or any individual? Fm sick of you yellow journalists twisting just to sell papers which will earn you more profit (oops, I forgot, profit is an ugly word). - -r4JhterJ taatKnry Fot Cooused As usual, McMullen is confused. Inflation, by definition, is die increase of money and credit with respect to die available goods and services. It is, was and always will be caused by governments. It will continue until the electorate becomes aware of die true cause and elects politicians committed to stopping it. Governments are die only organizations capable of taking perfectly good paper,' adding ink to it, and making it absolutely ..worthless. A. G. Mutimer Halt Century I can never, in my SO years of reading editorial comment or other such articles, re- that makes more sense than Larry McMullen's. Congratulations to him. Max H. Cohen lap Right to the point and Larry expressed the sentiments of every working man and woman in our local. This proves to us that yours is indeed the People Paper. Fred De Berandnris, Pres., Local 1, IUE Senior Speaks Thank you, Laixy, for being brave enough to speak your mind and die thoughts of thousands. I'm a senior citizen. -Mrs. Ana Marett Comparisons After reading countless editions of newspapers I write this for no other purpose than to praise Larry McMullen. "1 Man's Advice and Dissent'' is the best article I have read in the last 50 years. It was pure and true. So now we have an army of two. I fervently hope that this letter might awaken the silent majority to the extend of volunteering. With Larry as our leader, we could really stick it to 'em. I recommend to the big brass at the Daily News a big fat pay raise for our champ, Larry McMullen. Leonard Zaccaria Editor's note: Don't get carried away, Zac- carial.

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