The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1946
Page 4
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PAGEi/OUB BLYIWEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BLTT WILL! OOUBBEB NBWI ioa H. W. HAIMB.' JAMES L. VERHOEFP, Editor THOMAS R, ATKINS, Advertising U*n»«*T •oi* Nattontl AtrmtMnf l>«t»m«it«HT«i: Wtltee* Wltm«r Co, Me* Tort, CMcaco. Dfr tratt. AUuU, llemphfc. Published Every Afternoon Krapt Bundfty Entered u ncond <Ma» matter at tbe po*t- tOtcc M BIythevllle, ArkaaiM, onMr act of Oon, October », 19"- Bmred by UM OatMd Pna> SUBSCRIPTION RATB8 St. carrier In Uw city of Bljtbeniie cr aoj •uburban town when carrier Mrrtee U maia- talned, 20e per week, or tSe per month. . . By mill, within • radlu* at « mile*. M.0» pec year. $2.00 for «U monthi, $1.00 for Uuce month*; by maU ouUlde M mile KXM, 110*0 per year payable In adTanc*. Will Case Bill Become Law ? Ri'ght now all America scorns to l>u divided into two camps. On one side the President is besieged with roqiicslK to sign the Case bill and make it a law to save the nation from labor leaders who are actinif more like racketeers than saviors of the working man. . On the other side wo find the labor bosses and their henchmen in the legislative halls of the nation seeking to influence the jKinple's representatives who are friendly toward labor. News items in an issue of the Courier News this week told of action by the Hlylhcville Kiwanis Club, and the Memphis Chamber of Commerce urging the nation's chief executive to place his stamp of approval on the Case bill. It provides definite curbs on labor ' but is not HO powerful as the curbs recommended by President Truman in a recent message to Congress. These organizations are to be commended for their interest in the matter. Their interest, and the interest of the individuals throughout the land, is important to the functioning of a democracy in a wholly democratic way. . .:.. The sumo could bo said if the expressions had been on the other side of the issue for the democratic way is the rule of the majority, provided a majority shows enough interest to de.. tcrm.ina what is best in the way of legislation for the whole of the nation —not just best for labor, or best for capital. One can hardly sanction, though, the disgraceful display in Washington where petition packers are pouring the names of coiiKivssiiien into the- While House who, want the Case bill signed, or those wlio \vat:l the bill vetoed. Did not these lawmakers indicate their stand whei: they voted on the bill? They voted for, and against it and the ayes \von. Thai should In' sufficient' and the matter, insofar as the lawmakers are concerned, left in the hands of the President will) his mind free to use his own best judgment.. With the rank and file of taxpayers, the mallei' is different. They have no other opportunity to offer assistance in matter of interest to them. The legislators should be willing to stand on tln>jr record. Too often we find legislators voting one way and then pli'adinj; a cause different lo I hat which they parade before their constituents through the Congressional record. SO THEY SAY SATURDAY, .JUNK 8, Ifl'IO It's No Use, Boys, He's Still Here! ffL II- * .IN HOLLYWOOD To s:iy Hint wars nf nlomlc destruction ean be prevented in Die luluro by mere control of Die supply and I\KC nf unmiuni i s to nil! | n io I he fallacy which rnuulfeil those historians of science of 40 years a;;o v.ho mistakenly predicted thn virtual end or fcienllfic advance because Ilierc was nothing [ell to do.—Dr. Sidney ,1. Trench, Coff.ale u. chemist. The German occupation -was lerrlble Imt there Is not much difference between that, and the Russian occupation oi today.—Gen. Tiiadeusx Komorowskl (General Bor), I'nlisii underf:rnuiid leader. * » * 'I his nalton is in possession of scientific factors which place It in an enviable position. The scientific Cud on; n( hand would result hi devastation equal In if not Ki'eater than the atomic bomb.-Hep. ll.-iny Shcpparcl (D. n t California. The short age of materials Is expected to extend the conslnu-liou peilod for most dwellings from the normal period or four months to between six and seven months.—Wilson W. Wyau, National Ilousilli; Kxpediler. • * » The disposal of this country's .surplus of ship!;, acquired dmin K (lie war. has domestic ;.nd international ramifications, because ttie United States has more tonnage than the rest ot the world combined.—Vice Adm. Emory S. Land. General By LUCY AGNES HANCOCK CHAPTER II STOHVi sully Mnrnnr,!. nnirrj- hrrn sp Sully IIII lncc her n 'AT chapel next morning Sally sat, in her regular place. Margaret Adams was beside her. The i-.vo had visited for a moment as they stood before the bulletin hoard exchanging items of news. Norma liolden hurried from the elevator and paused for a glance at the board then with a bare "Hi!" went on down the hall. Jim Hallock, senior interne, came in from a rear door and Norma greeted him with laughing en- .imisiasm. Apparently her ardor was not shared by the young man for he passed with a casual nod, aud dashed into chapel a'heafl of her. Margaret said nothing. Sally •vos sure she wouldn't. Margaret never gossiped and Sally admired her for it as well as for other Irnits that had made her loved and respected by the entire staff. Now -r. .the superintendent approached Irom the rear, the two girls went on into the shabby chapel with 'Is rows of chairs lately barely half-filled with muses, doclors internes and such of the employes ' .-s could be spared even for the brief service. Seventeen stars studded the Reid of the service flag hanging on Iho wall behind the reading ^esk and unconsciously every eye seemed lo focus there as the superintendent opened the psalter nnd read the morning lesson. 1 was a rather long psaloi and Sally found her thoughts wandering. This morning the chief of start was present and Sally thought hi looked very tired. No doubt h had been up and operating the grealer part ot Die nighl. The .resident and a visiting surgeon were beside him and on the other side o£ the rostrum were two strange men in Navy blue and - .wearing the insignia of the medical corps. Sally wondered if they were here to recruit more of the staff. But if the staff was further I»V ICUSKINK JOHNSON XKA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, June 8. (NEA1 — Pev Mai-ley is Irying to talk Linda Darnell into adopting twins...Jack Car.son and Itosalind HrisscH will i!o another picture together at Warner Hros...For the first lime since she made "Ecstacy," iledy Liimarr Is posing for leg art, to exploil "Dishonored lady." Sec- inn as how she is producing Ihc show, she's celling publicity-conscious as well. • • • Producer Jules Levey is paging Hunk Johnson, lh c 07-year-old maestro of jaz/, for a role in the flicker "Conspiracy in Jwtr..".. .Eddie Albert met 80 of Marge's rel.i- ves while the couple spent a be- ted honeymoon in Mexico 1-C.i-M will feature a typical 101B lent comedy, "Soles on Fire." for .sequence in "Mcrton of the Mo- ies." Red Skelton stars In both ilms. :'<1]'-KICK'S OOMKIKHVN Frank Lalitnore, the bobby-soxers' :itest delight, experienced a thrill hut comes to OIK- ex-GI in a mil- ion. His former top-sergeant stop- led him at the Bevi-rly Tropics and sked him for his autograph... ,awrence Weik. the maestro known IK the "Polka King." is in town to: musical short at Universal.. .The atest censorship ban states that tissing couples must keep tbeii nouths firmly closed. Or didn't you ;ee "Gilda"? • • * Patricia Morison is llroadway- lound for a musical.. .Roddy Mc- 3owall has turned songwriter, with i couple of his tunes due to be published soon...Paul Ra(li. the -as \\-gas attorney, will give the WASHINGTON COLUMN Six Hurdles for Housing IIY VKTKIt KDSON NKA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. June 8. (NEA> — he main problems confronting .eminent hopes to recover nearly all t,f its advances for- these guarantees. The big catch here is that too Norma greeted Jim Ilallm-lt with laughinc cntliuslasm but apparently her ardor was not shared by the younff man. .voicing s?hcclnle. Actually ev^ry- >ne was on duty ten and more sflen twelve hours while the doe- .ors seemed lo u-ork straight ihrough the twenty-four. I low was it possible to lose even one iicmbcr of the stall arul still run ho hospital? Sally didn't know nid as she watched Doctor liich-!n u ,' j,,j cu llt •mis' lace she knew he was won- and I waul :lering the same thing. J^ depleted how was the hospital to go on? She joined in reciting the twenty-third psalm and at its ." close the older of the officers • -stepped forward and made an impassioned plea for recruits '-Her eyes traVeled around the sparsely filled room and she wondered If anyone there would sign up. They all listened attentively but every one of those present rtalized'the conditions existing In Lmton Memorial—the only hospital within a radius of twenty miles. The hospital still miin- .Uintd—in tbeprjr^-iti eight hour [IF, palo rays of early mominc sun were filtering lhrom;h the big stained glass window v.-Ken Sally left the chapel and hnrvird along to the elevator which carried her to the third floor :md her new assignment. It was barely seven. "Ccod morning, Mrs. itohhes," she greeted her patient. "It seems ' good to have evun iliis pale .«nn '• after last night's storm." She ! picked np the chart and saw that 1 Hobbes snapped". tie lady had slept -.veil—rousinj'' "nit once when she demanded a lot water bottle and an alcohol •ub. The woman watched her virily. "I hoped for an older mnse." ;he announced truculently. "You ,'oung girls have no patience or sympathy for what I am suffering, i'rh paying good money for service and care and what do very strict diet. I.inlon ' tried to satisfy everyone and usually succeeded. P.ut in eases like this there was little to offer. "I never 'eat much at breakfast," the woman said sourly. "And before I touch a mouthful 1 want a u'ass of hot water with half a lemon in it : hot. Understand?" "I understand," Sally said quietly. She brought up a thermos jug of !„,( water and a class which contained the juice of half a leiunn. She watched the patient si|> the mixture with relish, (hen lowered her bed and helped her turn so that she could lie on her ri^hi side as she demanded. "Ami in half an hour you are lo have a slt<v of toast and a cup of black «'ltee -nut loo strong. In tbe cantime I'll leave you to a nap." "Where are you eoinrj?" Mrs. SIDE GLANCES Indifference, even neglect, or else ' a lot of platitudes fed me in a sugary voice that is simply maddening. 1 should have yonc lo Quaker City as my husband suggested, though I have a notion he wanted me far .enough away so he wouldn't have lo visit me so often. Menl" She spat out the word as if she hated it. Sally listened with apparent attention but began mapping out her line of attack. This patient must bo handled with firmness—kindly but firmly. She saw. that she had been on a "Just down lo tiic to sec that your tray is right. \Va: there something I could C? foi you before 1 go?" "1 don't like being lelt alone I think." "I see," Sally said. "Then I'll call the kitchen and have a tray sent up to you. The speaking tube is in the corridor. If you want me just press Ihc button. I won't be a jiffy." She wondered why the patient didn't want to think to he alone wilh her thoughts. For a long moment there was , quiet in the room and Sally slipped out to order Mrs. Uobbes' bic'ik- fasl. I "Gallbladder congestion—calculus—" No wonder the was bad-tempered an woman viewed the world through dark glasses. Poor soul! Sally determined lo hi-st in making Mrs. Hobb iu LiuUm happier. (To lie Continued)' ' slay Vilson W. Wyatt's National Honshu: i many building codes may not per- \Kcncy in pulling over Its veteran's .mil use of these new materials. He_ louslng program are these: First, to lick the black mark?) buitdiiUT materials. Second, to ircvent misuse of priorities grant- id on building materials intendec or essential construction. Third, to define the $400.000.000 prcmiiun payment plan and prepare orders how and to whom (lies? subsidies will be paid. Fourllifc to issue regulations and put, into*'effect the plan for a guaranteed mar- : kct on new materials. Fifth, to I nodernize old buildint,' codes s'o as to permit the use of new consiruc- tion methods and materials. Sixth. recruit and train enough skilled building labor. With all the demand there is for higher-priced housing and commercial structures, there is tremendous pressure to divert building materials away from the low-cost veterans' housing. That, is resjxin- siblc for most of the black market. Over and over the story is told of builders sttuling a house, Ihen not being able to find furnace or bathtub to complete it. In the search for missing parts, the builder has to be held np on the black market.. This is principally OPA's problem, and its Compliance Section has not been too successful in licking it. OFA's Huilding ami Construction Price Division has granted over 100 price increases to encourage production of scarce building materials.get supply closer to demand, and so eliminate the need A Cltll'ri.KlAn'A WOULD IIOOM THE HI.ACK MARKET If OPA is seriously crippled by new price control .extension laws now liefore Congress, the black market in building materials will get worse. There arc now IB critically short building materials on which HH (housing) priorities assistance is given by local offices of the Federal Housing Administration. Priorities s-.ssistance is given to channel these scarce materials into low- cost housing under the vets' program. These are houses and apartments of which approximately half will sell for S7500 or less or vent for SliO a month or less. This priorities assistance has been j granted for 500.000 new units and fiO.OOO existing units beini; convert- ' ed and modernized. There is a ecr- , lain amount of inflation in these, authorizations, because there are; enough materials to complete all units started. The rate of is.iiini: priorities assistanee is. there>Me. lieing cut down in .June. HI A has just issued new regulil- ions for triple Inspect ion of construction on which prioviiies assistance has been grantrd. Builders A ho misuse priorities will have their future rights lo assistance withdrawn, and they will be sub- to civil and criminal court ac- ! lion. About 12 of the 18 scarce materials i,vill probably be declared eligible for premium payment assis- lance, or subsidies. In simple lerms. the idea is lo pay a bonus for extra production of items in short supply. The mechanics of how the SltW.OOiT.OOO incentive money will be paid out, will be announced shortly. WYATT MKES TUP, OVA1S- ANTKKD MAKKKT PI.AX Housing Expediter Wyrut is exceedingly optimistic al>out the guaranteed market plan for ne-,v building materials. Noarly ](>fi mw products nre already under lost. Those approved will be Riven an NIIA certificate, and np to no per cent of their sales will be gunranti'Cd. just to put I horn hi hmine,;s and Ret them Into production. The gov- vision of local building codes probably the most backward phase of the whole emergency housin; program. Further restrictions on the us of new materials are written int the veterans' housim; law. New ma terials must avoid "adverse effect upon established business." Furthei flic, number of prefabricated hou -ses must, be held below 200.00 units. That would menu 2.500,00 conventional-type structures to lie started by the end of 1948. lowdoAvn on those six-week dlvorc In n new book coming up, call "Nevada Lawyer." The Articles of Death," n film script by Seeleg Lester Merwiii Gerard, has the s( fueling. It's about a rare ili- known as catalepsy, which" t! trances strongly rescmblii death. ..Mike Ma/urki, who playc.l the stronii-arm gent with rili'' Powell in '-Murder, My Swcetj just, lost a cauliflower ear via plaj tic surgery.. .Dorothy Clnire, 11,a Broadway singer, will be screciS" tested. <:ONM-:SSI-:i> WIFI'-HKATKK James Mason, of "Seventh Veil| fame, is chuckling over rumors (hi he beats the ladies off (he scree! too. It all started when he wro' a witty Piece of sacasm for a Loi' don magazine tilled, "Yes, I fie! My Wife."...Tim Gayle. formj Press agent for Fred Waring, \vf publish a new music'' "Finale.". ..Charles licnnelt tull^ ing about a highbrow: "Ho loot' like the Arch of Triumph." That good-looking nurse in til ^•uiy scenes of "Sonmvhcre the Night." is Polly Dose, sister Billy. Her screen name is Paul Reid.. .Nestor Paiva. for n yea (he villain in "The Drunkard nets his hair marcelled every morij ing now, for the role of "Curly* a rancher, in the western "Han I rod.".. .Barry Fitzgerald hns a net lightweight English motorcycle. ll rlrtiji it like a motor cop. with sti| dio executives worried silly. Most insects lay eggs, but the! are p. few exceptional species th;| bri!ij> forth their young alive. U. S. Army Unit Ansitrr <[> I*?*-viou* Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,7 Depicted is insigne of U.S. Army ^ ~ 12 Alt' 13 Constellation 4 Measure 5 Waste allowance C Demigod 7 Geometric figure B Either U Tear 14 Speed contest 10 Skin opening 28 Call for help -10 Goddess 15 Ireland ^l-j-^v 17 Precise "' ."' 10 Goddess ot infatuation 20 Compensates 22 Roof finial 23 Right (ab.) 24 We 20 Property item 2D Flower part 3!) Selected 34 Enamel S5 Trials 30 Korebodcs | 37 Street (ab.) i'38 Rupees (ab.) 3U Decline 1 '12 Type of poem 47 Article 50 Dull and ! monotonous ! 52 Shift 53 Lade 54 Get up 5G Horsemen 58 Dishearten 59 Indians VERTICAL 1 Accomplishment 2 One time 3 Shoshuncan Indian 11 Shred •14 Sun god 10 Within 10 Tone E (music) 20 A(lirms 21 Prop i 23 Pauses 25 Lines of junction 20 Deed 27 Her . atsca/C-V.. 30 Hind J.^" 31 Girl's name 32 Lieutenants « (ab.) 39 Editor (ab.) 40 Nail ' ., -•41 Barren •$&: 'El Bridle part 43 Above '™" -• 54 Beseech 44 Compass point 55 Symbol for .45Kon]ati " selenium emperor 57 Anibary discoid 47 Weight . deduction)] 40 Serpent'sJ ; v -- noise 49 Cloth measure! ."Couldn't you tell llicni al llic office Hull we'll Kike our vacation as soon as we yet our new car? Or is tlial a lillle ...... hit indefinite?" THIS CURIOUS WO&PJ* FED HER BABIES IN ASIN6LE DAY. IN HOW/UANY ARRANGEMENT'S CAH EI6HT PEOPLE BE SEATED AT A TABLE. -£/, /Z.O /OS, /3S REACHES THE AGB OF ,*VAr>? THE CHANCES ARE THAT HE WILL NEVER. m Out Our Wav BvJ. R. William: OH.WHAT HAVE 1 EVER PC WE TO DESERVE THIS? fW OWN CWUGHTEC. SITTIM' AT, BOLD AS BE.VS5 S-^ WITH HER SKIRTS UP OVEC THiery VEACS 7>C. TV-*^ C.»^^v i *'?/•; . J Boardina House with Maj. HcxDple T. V. Bed. U, S. PM. OFF. ANSWER: The diners could be seated '11,120 different ways. NEXT; \Vh«n cophers had horns. . PICK SOME APPLES, VOLJ MUG/-"-TKlS /X YARDSTICK X'M TAKE HIS GUM AMD •DECORfVTe HIS WITH OUR. ALCWRfXZ. COSTUM& SeWELRY/ COME UP FROM 8ELOVM GET \ EXCITED SHORTY.' X'W. FLPCf- FOOTED OFF FIRST TWI6GS VM6 DID THIS

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