The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE BIT' BLYTfflfVTLLB (AMCJ COT7MO KKW1 THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, Hoover Stresses 'Clean Records' Comment in Bulletin To FBI Agent* S««n A* Reply to Critics WASHINGTON. Aug. 18— f*V- J. Edgar Hoover •dvise c i his FBI men and other law enforcement officers today not U> worry loo much about public criticism "when their record Is clean." "Oftentimes, law enforcement agencies are placed i n positions where, for the time being, they c«nnot detend themselvs," the FBI director said. "When their record is clean, however, there is not too much cause for concern." Hoover gave his views in a signed editorial in the "FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin," a monthly publication circulated privately among FBI personnel and other peace officers. Aides, who gave the required permission 'for reproduction of th Hoover statement, declined comment on the publication. However there was little doubt that the ditorial constitued Hoover's reply to criticism of the FBI growing out of the recent espionage trial of Judith Coplon, Justice Department employe convicted of taking official secrets from the files for the benefit of Russia. Top-secret FBI reports which were read into the trial record at the demand of the defense attorney, crated a ftnore. Criticism was largely based on the fact that the Investigative data 'romlied Land School No. MUM CHn W*l«fc Ottlet JMMOtk School OIVBT thta Utb 4ij W Ann*, JOHN UAYBB, County Supervisor JWJAJt BBtRYMAN, Sherilf Th» annual jehoei election In 9>«nell tHttrlet No. « of Ulsalaalp- pi County, Arfcanu* will b* held September 91, 1MB for the purpotc of electing 1 directors lor a term of 5 yean and voting for or ijalntt a proposed Khoot tax of JO mill*. Thu l» tncludei the millaxe for all costs of school operation and maintenance and a continuing mill- age for retirement of bonded indebtedness outstanding. The polls will be open from S-.OO a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and polling place* will be u follows: Gasnell High School Given th!» 11th da; of August, IM9. WrtUAM BERRYMAN, Sht-rUf of Mississippi County JOHN MAYES, County School Supervisor of County Mkduiprt County. Ajrkaniu. will b* held •epUmbtt V, 1M», for Uw •urpew of eketlnj 1 director (or a o>. I jttf*. l director (or a at I ynn, 1 director, (or term of 1 j«tr, uitf votlnc (or or t&taxt a proposed tehool Uz or a* mill*. Thto tax include* the mill** «or ill «o*U of school opentioo and nuJntenthce, the eoatinuint 'mill- age (or bond* now outstanding, and a tax oM4 milk, which will eorutl- luw a continuing annual levy until th* principal of and intemt on a proposed bond Luue of Ma.OOO which wilt ran approximately 30 year*, are paid la full. Ttu surplus each rear arising from the bulldlnt fund taxes, «ft*r providing for principal and interest maturing th&t year and the next six months' Interest on all the outstanding bonds, may be used by .the district for calling bonds lor payment prior ta maturity or (or other school purpose*. The poll* will be open from 1:00 o'clock a Jn. lo «:30 o'clock pjn. at the following plsces: GIVEN this II dsv of Auxust 1M*. JOHN MAYES, County Supervisor WILLIAM BERRYMAN, Sheriff RAISI.VG SWINE TO UK BOVSVH.I.E 1'ROJECT—Hog raising will be one of the practical project! (o Boysville of Arkansas, which has been located at Wynne smci expects to be in operation by February 1, 1950. according to Chancellor Francis A. Cherry of Jonesboro, prc.sicient of the board of directors lor Boysvillc. Scenes • like the one above should become familiar on the project when it gels under way. 1 SOTICK OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN ARMOREL SCHOOI DISTRICT NO. I OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS The annual school election In Armorel School District No. I of Dell School District Mo. a of Mis- iisippi County, Arkaiuu, will be held September 17, IMS, for the pur- oi electing one director (or a i of 5 yean, and voting for or against a proposed school tax of M mills. This tax include! the mlllage for all eos'a at school operation and maintenance, and a tax of IS mills, which will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal of and interest on a proposed bond Issue of *«,000 which will run approximately 3 years, are paid in full. The surplus each year arising from the building fund taxes, after providing for principal p.nd Interest maturlnf that year and the next six months interest on all the o standing bond*, mar be u«ed by the district for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. The polls will be open from 8:00 o'clock s.m to «:30 o'clock p.m. at the following place*: Dell School .Agriculture Bldg. Half-Moon School GIVEN this IS day of August, ms. JOHN MA YES, County Supervisor WILLIAM BERRYMA*!, Sheriff o< i »e»« an* voting tor or agalnrt a proposed school tax of W mill*. ThJ* lax includes the millage for all cost* of school operation and maintenance and a continuing millaa* for retirement of bonded indebtedness outstanding. The polls »'U1 be op«n from g:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and po'.llng place* will be as follo»s: Burdette School Given the, 17th day of August, M». WILLIAM BERRYMAN, Sheriff of Mississippi County JOHN MAYES, County School Supervisor of Mississippi County NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN DELL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. t3 OT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ABKANSAS The annual school election In The annual school election In Burdette District No. M of Mississippi County. Arkansas will be held September 21, 1»49 for the purpose of electing 1 directors for a term The annual school election In Brinkley District No. 52 of Mississippi County. Arkansas «'i!l be held September 27, 1»W for the purpose of fleeting 1 directors lor a term of 5 years and voting for or against a proposed school tax of 30 mills. This tax includes the millage for all costs of school operation and maintenance and a continuing mill- age for retirement of bonded Indebtedness outstanding The poll* will be open irom 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and polling places will be follows: Lost Cane School Building Given the 17th day of August, 1949. WILLIAM BERRYMAN, Sheriff o! Missisrfnpi C<nmly JOHN MAYlo, County School Supervisor of Mississippi County aiivts u»ii»% rr v - r included names of many prominent f™ 5 . '' persons not connected with the contributed Coplon trial, complaints also were heard that people were anonymously smeared. In some quarters, there were demands for invstigation of the FBI itself. Throughout the hubbuto Hoover declined to make any comment. His thoughts as set forth in the FBI publication therefore appeared to be significant. Chancellor Cherry .s:Ud [hat a. about 25 boys on the fiOO-acre form financial campaign to obtain $50,-1 three miles east of Wynne. It is 000 for tile project will be launcher! ! planned to use SM.OOfl for opera- in Eastern Arkansas September 10. tlons the first year, and S5.000 to „:., ... ,„ _, ,.__. , equipment and Wynne already have 56,001) to this fund. It Is planned to use S25.000 to build and equip the first units. which will provcle quarters for purchase farm dairy facilities. Boysvllle will provide home eare for neglected and dependent boys between the ages of 10 and 16. The boys will attend school in Wynne, and churches of Lheir choice. It Is j the aim of Boysville to teach good j citizenship through work, play study and worship habits. The project was Innuched !!••' years ago by Walter Rodgcrs of wouldn't permit her lo see the girl. , be held September 27. 1949, for the Acheson Warns Germans Against Abusing Freedom WASHINGTON, A \l g. 18— <-•?>— Secretary of State Acheson warned .the Western Germans yesterday R- ' gainst abusing the freedoms permitted them by the Western occupation powers, Acheson sounded the warning In a news conference statement on Sundays elections in Western Germany. He hailed the results as a "victory for moderation and common sense."* He noted thers had been sharp criticism of the occupation powers during the election campaign. He Indicated he wasn't worried - » bout that but: v "Abuse of such freedoms may at- 'lenate Western sympathies while failing to serve the best Interests "pf the German people." Mrs. Beshears was ordered lo bring Ona Jerrilene into court in an effort to nullify the adoption. Only on one condition, said Mrs. Bcshears—thnt the child be turned over to her maternal grandmother. Neither the foster parents, Mr. and Mrs, Lullicr Whltlcy of neniby Sand Springs, nor Mrs. Beshears' divorced husband, Claude, n greed. Alaska, which the United Stales bought from Russia for $7.200.000, has produced more than $600.000,000 worth of minerals since 1RBQ. purpose of electing 2 directors for a term of 3 years, and voting for or against a proposed school tax of 30 mills. Tin's tax include.* tris millage for nil costs o( .school operation and in a into nance, the continuing mill- age for rjomls now oxiUtandhiR, and a tax of 7 mills, which will constitute a continuing finniMl levy until the principal of and Interest on voted. The surplus each year arising from the building fund taxes, after providing for principal and interest maturing Hint year and Lhft next six months' interest on all the outalanding bonds, may be used by the district for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other sihoot purposes. The puths will be open from 8:00 o'clock a.m. to 6:30 o'clock p. m. at the following places: ELECTION PROCLAMATION EXHIBIT 2. NOTICE Is hereby given thnt, (he annual school election for the year 1949 will be held In each school i district of Mississippi county. Afk- \ ansaj, on Tuesday, September 27. ] 1949, fot (he purpose of electing school directors for 1949-60. and voting on school taxes and on such other ireasnre.i as may properly be submitted at said election. Votin? precincts in the respective districts are named below. Schools which have consolidated with other districts should go to nearest dcs- ;| proposed bond Issue of $450,000 j Wiud One—City Hal) which will run approxinisitcly 30 j Wrnd Two Goodyear Store yours, aiP pnid in full, with a pledge j \Vnrd Three—Weal-end Fjre 'for U,c proposed bonds of .the! Station available surplus each year from j Ward Four—IAS I Boy Courts the building fund taxes already • Ctrar Lake School DANCE at the Silver Slipper The Germans "may well be re- j iguated polling place. minded he added, "that they • are exercising these freedoms only >b*cause they are privileged to live -under the jursidictlon of Ireedom- -loving nations." .: Acheson simultaneously expressed himself as favoring the acceptance of th« new West German Republic in the Council for Europe. The United States, he said, be. lieve.s this would be a constructive step in the integration of a peace- vful, freedom-loving Germany into r the community of Western Europe. The secretary emphasized any such invitations to the Germans ' must come from the European governments themselves and he would not presume:" to advise them to issue such an invitation unless they j •wanted to. Giving this the 12th day of Aug- | list, 1940. WILLIAM BERRYMAN. Sheriff ol Mississippi County ; JOHN MAYES. j County School Supervisor of i Mississippi County J 8 18-25-D;l/j fiOfl Eusl Miiin Street To the Music of Doyle Turner FRIDAY, AtGUST 19 from 8:30 til 1 :«U NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL KI.KCTION IN BLYTHKVII.I.K SCHOOL niSTRKVr NO. S OF MISSISSII'Pl COUNTY, ARKANSAS The snmml school election in and the liiniHl Hillbillies • FEATURING • FREE BARBECUE and SQUARE DANCE Wilh a Professional Caller Btythev'-lle School District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, will Jailed Mother Still Hiding Her Daughter : TULSA. OWa., Aug. IS. W)—A r mother \vbo has remained in jail ! . three weeks rather than tell a court • where her daughter is hidden stood ! "pat yesterday. } Twice authorities have oflered •Mrs. Nellie Beshears her freedom, but she told a court "I'll stay in jail forever before I'll bring my ; .child into this court fight." *' The 29-year-old cotton mill worker is being held for failing to make $500 bond alter being charged with stealing sev«ri-year-i:ld Ona J;:.-i- lene from the child's foster par- •erits. The foster parents liavc denied the mother's charge that they PIANO TUNING With the world famous ."Stroboconn". The only 100/b perfect liming Not available elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by a government licensed operator and every job guaranteed. Why lake less than (he best? PIAHOS for SALE NEW AND USED Sheet -Music, Records, Supplies Everything in Musie BROOKS MUSK STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 &*•••»*** POLAROID COME IN AND SEE IT IN ACTION! A MESSAGE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS IN THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE You snap the shutter - then lift out your finished picture a minute later. Yes, it's as simple as that to use the amazing new Polaroid Camera. No liquids... no dark room ... no fuss — the camera and film do all the work. GUARD'S from a S*firo ,— . m 60 Store The Courier News has recently undergone a change of procedure in the city circulation department. Since you are the chief concern of that department it is only fair that you know and understand the •way it it operated. Your carrier is now what newspaper people call "A Little Merchant". He is a free agent, buying his papers and selling them back to you fur a small margin of profit. He must pay for your paper each week. Many people do not want to pay their paper hill weekly; therefore you can pay in advance quarterly, semi-annually or annually at the Courier News office. If you are a paid-in-advance subscriber and you leave town or for Home other reason your paper is slopped, proper credit will be refunded upon request. ff you are a paid-in-advance subscriber and you do not renew your subscription at its expiration dale, you will be automatically changed to the weekly basis. Our circulation department has endeavored to make this change with the feast possible inconvenience to you and we will be glad to discuss any problem* that you might have regarding this matter. Under this LITTLE MERCHANT SYSTEM (which is employed by th« majority of newspapers) your carrier DEPENDS UPON YOU for his pay. He has more incentive to do a good job and it will enable him to learn •mr* of the bask principle* of bonnes* TODAY'S NEWSPAPER BOY IS TOMORROW'S LEADER

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