Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on November 24, 1922 · Page 11
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 11

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1922
Page 11
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GRfeEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE Friday Evening, November 24, 1922. A. OF C. CIVIC COMMTITEE 0. K.'s BOOSTER GAME Lauer and Lyle, Pair of Rock Island Stars, Play With Green Bay Sunday Big Blue Team Bolsters Front for Milwaukee Game; Bobby Cahn Referees; Kick Off at 2 o'Clock. TVhon the Pays tip out on tha irridlron. Sunday uftcrnoon, to Blvo .1.. mi.. r t... - cf the strongest 'pro' team In tho ennntry in a National Koiiihaii i.-uKuBj tronif..Ht oKRiPKiuion of timt evir played together on a (ireen Hay I gridiron. ' NEW YORK Roughness that wo IVwey I.yle, n line man I " 'l0 uncullwi for, and not In Of the first water, will be holding I ",,'ll11" '1,h the "Portmanshlp ex-flown it guard berth, Lyle got in here ' Plotl in athletics In the big colleges from nck Island early Thursday I waH t1"' llr"'t c,u,im ot tno roportod morning and Immediately reported hreak between Harvard and for practice. However, the bin guard U'Hnceton. 3t hag been learned that Isn't tho only addition because ha th b,'Ml" undoubtedly wu''l MV brought wilh him Ri" Lauer, the '6 through and Harvard won tho I.tlnmter. tiinnirinir l.f kf u.i.inr LimiKume from the Tigers. "As It stand was mentioned hy Waller Camp-for hh football hrlllliiney while at lo trolt University. It wfl Lauer who plunged across the Own Hay line for two tourhdowfis in the first game Of the league at Rock Inland. Willi I.auer, Usher, Lnmbeau and Mathys behind (ho line, the Hays have a set of bucks equal to anything In the country.' ('onzclinnii Willi .MiluauUee. There will bo llf"tla love lost in Sunday's game If tho dope runs Irue to form becatiRe Jimmy Conzelman, tho Itoolc Inland captain, has been signed U) by the Milwaukee club. Conzelman wfl a storm renter on the Rock Island team this year and the former Islnnilers who are now with C.reen Hay are Just aching for a. chance to (lump their former captain In his track Conzelnuin, win was .Flanagan's right bower at Rock Island ruled -with an Iron hand and there win be some old so,crcs settled on the league gridiron .Sunday afternoon. Early indications point to a banner turn out Tho reserve seats nre selling like hot cakes and it looks like a sell out before the whistle hlnws. A bleacher admission price of $1.10 entitling the holders of these ducats to seats In the "home plate" stands will be on sale Sunday. Th; capacity of trfls etand Is only 650 and it will be the "early birds" who will have the advantage of the cut rate. Cahn to Re'erce. "Bobbie" Cahn, considered one of tho best "pro" officials on the gridiron has boen named by IPresiident Joe Carr of the National Football elague to handle the trame here on Snnd;iv Carr of tho National Football league cago football star. Sunday's game will start promptly (at 2 o'clock. Individual Sweepstakes Bowling Classic Scheduled Dec. 9 and 10. (Special to The Press-Hazel te.) FORT WAY NIC, Ind. This city, the home of fhe national five-men champions, the IJnooln I.ifes, Is soon to be the site for wha gives promise of being the greatest individual sweepstakes howling classic ever held in this section of the country. The event, which Is the (Irst annual tournament of its kind to be staged here, is set for Dec. 9 and 10. The meet is open to the world and although the date Is still more than three weeks away and the posters and blanks have Just been placed in the mail, inquiries have already begun to pour In from many distant points embracing mid-western, east ern and northern elates and indications are that no loss than ISO out-of-town bowlers will have enrolled when the lists are closed, , The forty entries guaranteed from here are already assured as more than that number have signed the roll and numerous others are to he beard from. Phil Sutton and his crowd from Iuiville will be on hand, his entry already being recorded as are others from points as distant as Rraddock, Pa., Indianapolis. Milwaukee, Columbus, etc, the I (nosier capital promising to send at least a score. Judging from the interest be Ing displayed everywhere It. begins to appear that the tournament will have to be extended another day as there is every reason to believe that the. lists will total well near the 200 mark. Preference for dates, will of course, be given out-of-town bowlers. The estimated prize list Is placed at $1,000 and as thirty-five per cent of the entry money will go to first place winners, the awards will be such as to make it well wnfth the while of iMivvlers 'traveling considerable (lis- Cuticura Soap SHAVES Without Mug gUraraopiitHfTnrltforMftrmorihTin, Hey, Boys! Thero's lots o'iun smok Inn Union Made LOWN s nriffABRTTrC Q (IHWUItillW and you'll come back they're Juat (hot good FORT 11 WILL STAGE PIN EVENT; STARS IN ACTION I o I. PICE IMS BAmE TOO ROUGH 1 OF 110 NdW JCrseVUnS TaCtlCS , Bring" Complaint From i Cambridge OLicials. now, football relations are UKeiy to continue until Harvard wins a game from Princeton. Nothing was said about the cause of tho injury to Capt. Charley Huell of the Harvard forces at the time, hut it has leaked out that the Harvard men are convinced their cup-tain was Illegally handled. All of which has caused additional strain In the athletic relations between the two schools. Apparently it is Harvard's intention to enter no direct complaint in the Huell case, but players and coaches who sat on the side lines are said to have stated that a Princeton man deliberately twisted the ankle of Capt. Buell In the play that put him out of the game. It the undue roughness of the Princeton players a year ago, It is Kald that started the movement to break relations. tances to take part. Secretary Frail k Carr, of the Fort Wayne Bowling association, and known personally to many or the bowlers over the country. Is In charge and all entries and Inquiries should be addressed to him. El Milwaukee Pugilist Has Been l raining Hard For Past . Five Months. MILWAUKEp, Wis. Richie Mitchell may make his comeback against no less celebrated a person than left hook Charlie White, who eeems to have taken a new lease on life and is now battling his way toward a match with Leonard. New York wants the Mitchell White quarrel, but the promoters and Billy Mlt:hll haven't agreed on terms. Billy thinks that Richie 1 entitled to 20 per cent of the gate for his efforts. Fair enough. The promoters think such f fight could attract a $.",0,000 gate. Richie's request' Is not exorbitant. They remember Richie's Inst appearance In tho metropolis, when the little blond nearly lifted the crown off Benny Ieonard's head with the stiffest punch Benny has known since he climbed to the top. Unobserved by Ihe public, Rich has been training steadily all summer at Ihe MitheeH up-river camp. He has not been making claims for a comeback, but has been content to let nature have the say as to whether lie can regain thu form that made him one of the country's near champions In his division. rz : VOMMENTS V.. J Chicago is beginning t0 think about putting their best efforts into their tilt with tha Badgers this coming Saturday and it is our modest opinion that it would not 1k safe for them to rest on their oars for one minute In that game. The Maroons have always been In the habit of taking things easy when they had piled up a. lit-lead on their opponents, and consequently they have lost several names the Princeton game being the only one this year, by Just such tactics. In the Badgers they will find if they are not OTi tho alert every minute, that the 'Last Minute Bad-sers', will walk over them for a scare or two Just as they did with Michigan. Kollie Williams and Shorty Brr are not to be trifled with." Fun Is flying In Chicago professional football circles. It seems a though the Cardinals had a. contract for" a game with the Hoars, on November 30 at the Sox Park, and now the Bears are said to have notified the Card that the game would he played at the Cubs park or not at all and went ahead a.nd scheduled with, Toledo for that date. The Cards are hot under the collar and we don't know as you can blame them. They say that the Hears are afraid to play them, and the teams are awaiting t lie Judgement of the head of the league. Nlcu petting parly that game will make if played. At last Superior is willing that the winner of the Superior-La Crose game' shall play Marinette at Green Bay for the state title. This makes the sailing rather clear In the selection of the champion: Aeeordini to the dop. Superior should w'ln, but ups.-ls are unpleiasmily frequent Mil. season, and It. Is also our opinion, that Marine) la should win from Superior. But. you never can tell. RICHIE MITCHELL TO TRY COMEBACK MAY FIGHT WHITE THANKSGIVING DA FRAY TICKET SALE Civic Organization Getting Behind Movement; Record Crowd Expected. At a moetlng of the Civic committee Of the Association of Commerce an official O. K. was pluced on the "Booster Day" football game which will he played here, Thanksgiving Puy be. tween Green Bay mid Puluth at the ball park. A committee will be numed today by A. of C. group to assist in putting over the big game. Other civic organizations are getting behind the movement and it looks aa if the Turkey Day gridiron attraction will draw the biggest gate In the history of pro football In this part of th state. Not alone are tho booster activities being put over in this city but the followers of the big blue town in the neighboring towns are also doing their "bit" to put over th game In a successful manner. In speaking of the boost game on Thankglving Hay, Mayor Wenzel Wlesner issued this statement: "The Green Bay professional football team has given our city considerable national advertising. It has brought Green Bay to the front on the football map and, despite the fact that the team has been playing representative squads frpm gome of the largest cities r in the country, it has held Its own in admirable style. "The post graduate football, in my opinion, is here to stay and I think Green Bay wants to keep Its, 'berth' among the big fellows. The problem of financing a team of this caliber is enormous and the weekly salary list climbs higher than the average football fan realizes, "Green Bay is considered the best i football town in the state. The news . . .1 1 V, .. nn Tt,nnl,n v D7y has been nosed around. T,-ev. nf the .tntefnothnli world ere upon us. , Many of the out of town football fans are wondering 'What is the Bay going to do?' Let's show them next Thursday by turning out the biggest crowd that ever attended a game in this city and strengthen our claim being the best football city of its size in the country." LEAGUE IN MICHIGAN MAY ENLARGE WHEEL GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. riann are being considered fcr the extension next year of the cmtral Baseball league, J. W. Dlckerson, president announced today, Several Cities In Ohio and Indiana are to be addiM to the circuit, he said. President Dicker-son denied reports that the league which operated as a purely Mlchlrran circuit during the past season had had an unsuccessful year. The majority of the Michigan cities now in the circuit will eeek franchises next year, tha president Bald. "" E Matchmaker Johnson Books College City Favorite Against Akron, 0. Ace. APPLETON, Wis. George Hill. "Appleton'g wrestling champion." will be seen in action in the Paper city for the first time this season on Wednesday, Nov, 29. ' Announcement was made Wednesday by Elmer Johnston, local promoter, that he has signed the Appleton favorite with Bill Leon of Akron, O. The contest will be staged in the armory. Leon is considered a, wrestler of the first division and has met many big fellows in the east and south. Leon is in Texas carrying out a heavy ..program but he will be In this vicinity before long. ' suamicoHplanning on big cage year (Special to Press Gazettel SUA M ICO. Wis The Athletic club held its annual meeting last night in the director's room of the State Bank of Suamico. All officers of the club were re-clecfed for ' the ensuing year. Several important matters weiV disposed of and the club decided to start the basket ball season immediately. Twenty-six boys are already out for basketball and Hevera i more are expected. Hdward Rondeau, who handled the team last year will coach again this season and with the material he has to choose from a real squad is assured. Hev. L. D. Hopkins gave a short talk In which the use of the Guild Hall for basketball was offered to the club. BOWLING FORESTER HOWLING LEAGUE . W, L. Pet. tOlfs 17 7 .708 lirothers Ill . 8 .660 St. .Willelword 15 9 .625 Blarneys ..1.1 8 .019 St. Patricks ...11 10 -524 Specials 12 12 .500 Shamrocks 12 12 .475 Pere Marquette 10 11 .475 121 l's 10 11 .475 717's 11 13 .400 St. Leo's ' 7 7 .410 273's S 13 .3S0 St. Peter and Paul 9 15 .370 St. John 5 16 .203 High Individual, three sanies. Al Marquardl, 597, Herman Mongers. 698. Walter le Muyser, 595. . 'I High single game, individual, Herman Bdngers, 2.'!ti. High three game team 121 1's, 2693. High single game, tea.m, 121 l's 945. Pep Gasoline The real high test gasoline. Green Bay Oil Co. Balloons Turner hall Mon. MB PROGRESS ORG HILL WILL MIXWHON APPLETON CANVAS TWO CRACK GRIDDERS WHO WILL PLAY WITH MILWAUKEE AGAINST BAYS HERE SUNDAY sTZp ljj:-;- la lisLsJi u a In Pudge Garrett and Dinger Doane, tho Milwaukee Badgers have a pair of grldders who are rated among the Garrett, another one of the Mil - best in the "pro" came. Doane isinaukee backfielders, learned bis foot - ' 8latf'- " for the Hrew - I on Sunday against Green Bay Verbal Guns Still Roar in Scholastic Football War; Keogan Files Reply S FOR FIRST PLACE Mrs. Winter Evans Shoots High Single and High 3 Games on Slides. Women's Bowling league W. L. Rolls Nice 8 1 Snap Shots 5 1 Holy Hollers 4 2 Parker House Rolls . . 4 2 Topnotchers 0 6 Ginger Snaps 0 ,6 Tct. .83.1 .067 .Cfi7 .000 .000 The Parker House Rollers and the Rolls Nice teams mado clean sweeps In tho Women's bowling league Thursday afternoon nt the expense of the Topnotchers and Ginger Snaps. The Snap Shots copped a pair from the Holy Hollers. Mrs- Winter ICvans had high single score of JfS and also MrIi three game count with 182, The Snap Shots had high three games 1094 nnd also topped the team single game with 70H, The scores are s follows: ' ... Parlier lliiiise Hollers. Mrs.'R. I Parker H3 148 141 Dorothy Wendells 131 124 107 Fritz) Heath Ii4 314 127 Mrs. !'. 8. Wagner ,.,.107 107 117 Amanda Barkhausen ...109 100 IIS Totals 044 Topnolcllers. Mrs. L. IT. Joannes ,...141 Mrs. C. K. Rich 7 Mrs. M. K. McMlllin ..138 Mrs, ,T. S. Dousmau ...144 Mrs, K. B. Warren R9 6L4 60- j 111 141 , 133 110 137 132 80 112 R9 SO To:Ms 5S8 581 50 Rolls-Nice. Mrs. W. J. McCormk-k .13S 177 1B7 Alex Parker 131 131 131 Ann Kellogg l 103 83 Mrs. A, B. Winter .....112 104 92 Helen Ulynn 1-3 135 15 Totals 587 639 COS tiiniicr Snaps. Mrs. It. Joannes 147 142 123 Mrs. A. U. Turnbull ,9H 143 111 Mrs, .1. S. Gittlns 94 10". 87 Mrs. J Partnentler 110 112 130 Mrs. H. Rhode 1 123 Totals Bfi 690 697 Holy Rollers. Mrs. L. 1L Barkhausen .139 128 133 Mrs, Walter Evans 178 18S 14-1 "Mrs. Al Wasserwleln ..125 110 109 Mrs. Milton LarBen ....110 110 110 Mrs, St. John HO HO 110 Tolnls 662 640 Snap Shots, Mr John Welsh ....158 182 135 Mrs. F.'E. Purrall 188 138 138 Mrs. -W. L. Evans 1 24 143 1G Mrs. George Nau 121 120 10M Mrs'L. Uotfredson 108 121! 102 Totals 649 700 639 MILLION DOLLAR . FOOTBALL GAMES NEW YORK Million dollar football games, two of them, will mark the climax tomorrow of the Eastern gridiron season. Money to be spent by the 7ii,-000 persons expected lo -a trend the Yale-Harvard event at New Haven and the 50.000 ot the Army-Navy game at Philadelphia, Is estimated at. $2,000,000. For tickets alone more than $600,000 will be apent. Care fare, meals, flowers, theatre parties, clothes and other incidentals will cost more than tho tickets. TWO QUADS TIED i WOMEN'S LOOP u.i;r tiurreit at left; Dinger Uoaii e i He is a graduate of Tufts collegejout by Foster Sanfoid ft tho New land tips the beam at 1!)5 poinds. I. Jersey institution. .turret I is a 200 jbaH at lungers and is rated as one of the best Pigskin chasers ever turned La C r o s 8 e Coach "Shakes Coffin" and Brings Forth What He Calls True Facts of the Case. (Ky Associated Press.) ,'.'-LA CROSSK, Wis. Replying ta a statement of Paul Neverman, superintendent of schools at Marlnetuito the Associated Press yesterday, Coach George Keogan oflhe La Crosse High school, issued u statement today, in which be declared the "facts of the case" referring to negotiations between tho La Crosse and Marinette High schools were truthfully presented in detail. The statement was made in answer to Marinette charges yesterday that Marinette agreed to meet La Crosse High eleven in the event the latter remained undefeated up until the Thanksgiving Day date. Coach Keo- South Dakota State, which comes gan contends that La Crosse was yet , ),,. ,, Thanksgiving day, will not undefeated when the Turkey Day I i)0Ve tho tearing backs that Detroit game was called off by Marinette. ' iaj, unj the Hilltoppera stand an ex-Coach Keogan's statement is as fol- j relU-nt chance of completing the sea-lows; l kii with an uncrossed coal line. "Up until the time I.a Crosse met Madison last year, on November 17, the local team had been undefeated Marinette up until that date had been nothing. Even with La Crosse unde-f en led - n ml Marinette with R defoat ! acotinat them, we agreed to play Mar-i inette here on Thanksgiving Day. "On Friday evening, Nov. P", the night before La Crosse played Madison and the day before the local learn met with defeat, Marinette. In a tele phone conversation with myself and G. M. Wilev. hiKh chool principal, i ii nff the "Mat-huHte-La Crosse game, which had in the first place been suggested by I'. A. Neverman at the Milwaukee conference. "These are the facts in the case Ironwood May Play Marines at Eau Claire IRONWOOD While It is doubtful if a large enough guarantee can be made, the American Legion post of Kau Claire, Wis-, is considering a proposition to have the Ironwood Legion und Minneapolis Marine football squads play u titular game at Eau Claire Thanksgiving. The proposition was broached several weeks asb and is still hanging fire. Manager Jeppensen learned today. W1LLAKII CJETS OFFER LOS ANOELKS, CALIF. Jess Wi! ! J, former champion boxer, has reo-lved an offer of $30,000 from Chnrka Murray, boxing promoter of 604 : Nul'tulo, N. Y., to meet Floyd John-j son, In that city, the latter part of January according lo Gene Doyle, Wi'.lard's local representative. AVII- lord has taken the matter under ad- vlsement, Doyle said. FR VZKK DKMKH RFJ'ORT. NEW TORIv II. H. denied a report from the I'acillo coast that Frank Chance had purchased nn interest In the Boston Red Sox. FOR THE RELIEF OP Coughs, Colds' Croup WHOOPING COUGH, HOARSENESS BRONCHITIS -SOLO EVERYWHERE- m right. : pounder and can play any position 1 on the line or in the hackfield. Ho , is a mighty handy around. man to have KEEPS GOAL LI CLEAR THIS YEAR Milwaukee Hilltoppers Are Making Splendid Showing pj.1 Pigskin Grid. MlLWAUKKKFootball critics who are singing the praises. of teams that have gone through the season without having their goal line crossed had better keep an eye. on Coach Murry's Hilltoppers. in eight games played so far the Marquette line has withstood all attempts to puncture it for a touchdown. The only points scored by an opponent were made by Detroit in the homecoming game last Saturday when Hogan drop kicked from the twenty five yard line. Each successive game has seen the Hilltop forward wall show greater strength. Against Detroit, the Marquette line was at its best. It allowed the great visiting backs only three first downs through the line. 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While 4ntermt eenlwriM chiefly In tho Chicago-Wisconsin; Iowa North-western and Michigan-Minnesota guinea!, tho Illinois-Ohio game prom Ised to draw a record crowd as Saturday is "statu" and "Kiwanis" day at tha Held. Tho Badgers entrained this morning for Chicago and this afternoon were to takw a light workout on Stagg Held. Tin" lino-up for the game was atill in doubt, with Indications, however, that one or two positions will be filled by submarines. Michigan arrived at Minneapolis today, A light workout was called for this afternoon. BADGKKS ARK READY MADISON, Wis Whti every man on the equad in the prime of condition, drilled in all the football that four hard conference games and a veteran coaching staff could teach, the University of Wisconsin eleven. ! accompanied by 30 reserves, left early this morning for Chicago where the final game of the season will be staged tomorrow. A decided feeling of optimism per- ; vaded tho local camp as its team j started for the Midway prepared to j come back after defeats at the hands of Illinois nnd Michigan. The team is known lo have n righting determination to win that will require Chicago to resort to all Its tricks to stave off a first defeat. JANESVILLE STAGES GRIDIRON ARGUMENT JANESVILLE, Wis. The Wisconsin School of Mines and Milton college wore booked Thursday morning to play a feature Thank igivlng day game here under the auspices ot the Jaueeville Chamber of Commerc". The entire net proceeds of the Contest will be given equally to th. two schools. Arrangements are being made to handle the largest fooiball crowd In the history of the city inasmuch, u.i there will bo no other game in this vicinity on Monday. A preliminary soccer football game Is to bo played between J.inesvllli' and the Internationals of the University of Wlwconsin. EENT CAGING SQUAD j IN ACTION TONIGHT; The B.-nt basketball team will rpenj Its season tonight w.hen it meets oci Delniore'M cugern at Two Rivers. The' local ti'um htt a number of swift men j to be put in action, including the! Klaus brothers, Summan, Rnndou and Roy. With a lot of hard practice and swift plays, the Bents expect a battle royal with Ix-lmore's husky playors. Balloon dance, Turners Mon. H!llillllllllllllll!!lllllllllll!llHi I BUY III m n a n mt s n n its ifsq m osrm I X To increase your jjjj This size if used save you coal and you how to use it. HURLBUT CO. PHONE 23 III nillllllllllllll!lllllll!lli and be sure und get them at Jenkins. Our new stock contains only merchandise of the highest quality, flavor and freshness. Reasonable price for high quality tobacco is our motto. H 'The Thinking Fellow Buys at Jenkin" SPECIALS 2-25c Alcazar Rothchild size 2-15c Rezago, made from the La Vinga stock, cut to .5c Straight Chesterfield 10, 4 packages for 25c The Jenkin's Cigar & Tobacco Co. 226 E. WALNUT ST. Conference Will Be Held in Milwaukee Dec. 8; Lay Plans to Put Teeth in Eligibility Rulings? WiriTKWATER-Tlie Athletic con. feienoe of Wisconsin colleges, through lis chairman, Prof. J. II. Farley of Lawrence 'college, bus sent nn invitation to the faculty representatives of the Wisconsin Normal school conference to meet with it in Milwaukee, Friday, December 8. It is understood Ihe normal schools will accept lu ill-vital iuti. it is planned to make this a conference of normal schools and colleges to discuss ways and means for united action in stemming the outside pressure for professionalism In athletics. An effort will also be madt at this conference to secure common eligibility standards and ideala in in-teracademic athletics, Tho conference 1h to be strictly a conference of academic men, that is, professors and presidents, since It Is to bo held strictly in the Interests of academic ideals. At the present time the normal school conference has no rule covering professionalism. Most of the normal schools feel some effective rules on professionalism are sorely needed, The present rules require every member of a normal school athletic team be a bono fide student, regularly enrolled and carrying a full program of work, it is further specified no athlete shall receive any reward or remuneration for his athletic services either direct or Indirect. The Milwaukee meeting in December is expected to succeed in adding beneficed rules barring professionals. 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