The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1931
Page 2
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(ARK.v COURIER NRVVS SATURDAY, FEIfflUARY 28, 1931 Society Calendar • - Monday i The Woman's Mlssionarl society or the First .Christian church Is meeting with Mrs. W. T. Barnelt. Mrs. J. Louis Cherry is enter- tahilnjg the. St. Stephen Episcopal Guild. • : The Beta Chi Sunday school clnss of the First Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. J. Meal Cicsell at:7:30 o'clock for the election of Officers. Tlie Woman's Missionary society of the First Melhodlst church will have a business meeting ut the church. The executive board of the Woman's Auxiliary ol the First Presbyterian church will have a luncheon with Mrs. Roy Walton. Tuesday • . .Mrs. C. R. Babcock will enter 1 tain the Tucsflny Contract club. 'Mrs. Sam Manatt Is hostess to the new Tuesday Bridge club. Tlie Entre Nous Bridge club is : meeting with Mrs. Thurman Clemens. Exclusive-For Youth CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CIIUliCH "Christ Jesus" Is the subject of Illiu Lesson-Sermon to hu read in ! (he Christian Science service on < £LKichty, March'1st. ! Hie Golden text Is, "Rejoice ^fircaliy, O daugliter ol iiion; shout, •Q daughter of Jerusalem: behold • thy Kin;/, cometh unto thcc, he is just, and having salvation." (Z:i- lihsriali 9:0). j 1 Among the citations from the Hi-' ,, „ ,, , , . , ble ii the following: "And these Mrs. Cecil Lw Is rcturnins Io itl sn!lU iMaw tlK , n Um ta . her liumc in Dycrsijiiri; today aftc; • -AVIiEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Jesus Sending Forth Missionaries I Bits of News Mostly; Personal The International L'niionn Sim- ilay Sciinol Lesson for A!arch 1. Jesus ScnJiriff f'crih Missionaries, l.ulie 10:1-11, 11, 21, 22. IIY WM. E. GlUtOY, !>. n. Kditor of The Congrcgalionallst Tlie method by which Jesus proclaimed his rucssage and made it mlliienthl In the bricl years ot Ills ministry Is set Ijetorc us in the lessen that tells or the sending forth ot to missionaries In addition to Ihj Inner circle of 12 dis- Lesson-Sermon will ulso in- aad-Mr5.IraCra-.vtord.-Mrs. Cra : w-: dl ! dc ^ K ^ K < rom , "": Christian ford is their d'umliler ' ' i S^-nce lexicon.!:, "fccicnce and Raymond Martin "Crawford 15 Hcahli with Kuy to the Scriplures," visiting his grandparents at aas-i m v Mary Bauer Eddy, null. Services are held at the Hotel •Mrs. Hubert. Potter is-liavhig'the; Matinee Bridge cliib. ' : '' .Mrs. J. Nick Thomas is leader of the Delphian program at tlie Hotel Noble. = - .. - ' Thursday .Tlie Young Matrons club Is meeting, with Mrs. W. P. Veazey jr. •Mrs. Ross D. Hughes will have the Thursday Luncheon club. . V . ' Saturday There will bo a story hour at the •Blyhevillc library at 10:30 o'clock. Class Strives For Attendance. - -The Beta Chi Sunday school class j Mllt liews and Mason,) -.wh^^s'i^tnntcUest* ' Hight: I*, the dashing young Miss,-spring is personified in , the school, is striving for a pe, fee., attendance Sunday monin: with •school opening ot 9,45 n. m., and the class beginning at 10.15 a. m. Demuro or vivacious, youth hns its own fashions this spring. Left: A square cut decolctlage, quaint ruffled short sleeves, and n sash of black velvet give naivete to a parly - frock for Miss 18, fashioned o( clilflon In the new pastel blue Paris Is wearing. (From Mis. M. C. Sccoy is seriously 111!Noble'. at the home of her son, Picas Sa-< cuy FIRST .METHODIST CIIUKCH Mrs. U. G. L:in«e s seriously 111' .Seventh and Main btiuds at her home on Uavis avenue: • | P. <!• H«ric, 1'aslor Mr. and Mis." W. W. Shaver have i ' Worship and sermon 11 a. m. and a:, their guest:! for lhiyv,-ei;kon'd Mt-i • V:JO P. m. Lillian Ohavcr'-and' Miss"Joi-.unilc Morninj service broadcast -over liell Urthehower, of Manila. ' " IX iKLCN. Miss Julia Chumblu', ot Trumahn : U"'. J. A. Anderson, presiding s tlie guest ot Miss • Elizabeth • eMer, will preach at the eveim;;; Blythe for the 1 week-end. • ' | hour, and iic-:a the Second Quarters. John II.'Long was in Mem-' lerly conference following the se-r- phls yesterday. She accompanied & \ vice. Rcporu will be read from Sim- yoiuuj girl lo Campbell's Clinic for'day school, tLe three Leagues, Wothe Red Cross and also brought an-' man's Missionary society and the othtr liirl, from Wilson, to this city Hoard of Stewards. on a probation case. -. • Junior, Hy und Senior Leagues, Joe Felscntlitil, who recently wcii 1 . ^3(1 p. in. to New'Orleans by airplane,'is now ' Board of Stewards Mciuliy 7 i: at Brownsville visit before row. the New Testament story might, suggest. If we had only the general record without the cvidcnc: of U:e training of the 12 and of (lie appointment of the 70 to go two end two through the land, we should have much warrant for as summx that Jesus had no mcthc< other than that of sicuttrring th. seeds of truth ami leaving th spiritual results to tlie divliu in Stressed Treadling Here in our lesson, however, w have a clear Insight into the woi of Jesus, net only in preachlng.bu also in organizing preaching. Jei 1'aps we should lay stress upon th fact that the organization tha Jesus effected was an organizalio cl preaching. He did not, appal rntly, establish an institution. He uiri not stavt first of al by building up a great organization. His n-.jihocis and his organization were themselves closely related to spiritual ends. Modern churches rjight stand lle, Trail., for n brie:':». Important, business. Every mem- | noll;ist at lhc (akin" 0 { relatively returning here lomdr-' bcr is urged to be pr'.-sent. untrained inc: WecnesJuy ab 1:M »e will begin Mrs. Will! Memphis by = M. Cox was called la : »'e study of -Evangrlh.n in the y the illness of he; i ol - in ^ hchool Every teacher is To Give Program. -The-Wilhelm union of the Firsl Baptist church B. Y. P. U. will give a program in tho church audl- toriurn Sunday evening, 6:sOo'cl3Ck iln honor of the paiior, dr^cons and other; officers of the church. . ;Tlie general-theme is "God and Nature"- and the program Is to be featured with organ accompanists. These numbers make, up the program to which all members of the church and friends.are Snvlled: crisp white pnvty frock of plain and embroidered organdie combined so that the peplum bodice and tight hip yoke Is embroidered, the flnrlng skirt iilnln white and the lltlle oll-the-shoulder uerlha of the plain orcaiHlie. A bow and sash of black velvet accents the whiteness ol this sweet frock. (National Hctail Dry Gooils^ Ass'n.) grand-daufihicr, Rose Msri 8 Misses Virginia and Linls bridge party tills evening, J> - m BRIDGE: BY WM. K. JicUENXtV 1 king of diamond's. Although he Scirclary American Bridge League j has a five-card heart suit, the dia- the drop of the mond is the stronger suit and he Watching cards Is the. most Important "La Fonta(nc,"-.organ prelude. : C, | factor In the piny o( the^hantl. ; • Lysberg. Mrs. J. T. Hall; Invoca- " J " tion, : Morris Cox; Psalm 1W, -Muu Pauline Pructt; '•Thanatopsls," Wia.'ijar, \/hen j you artvise mm 10 au O.'irya'nt,- Miss-Virginia Crnflon.i.scnlt'liIiWs, "you alone arc respon- ''' with" "Meditation," R. S. Morrison; js!b!e if''ihr hand fnih. "Crossing'.tlie Bar," Alfred Tcnny- ' • ' ""•- •"•'•"• son.'-Male'Quartette;-"Salute to the Trees," Van Dyke, Miss Althea Edwith "The Anjelus," F. M. is assured of the fact Ihnl he can get n look at the dummy by hold- that your discards i ing (he diamond trick. a s.jjvy td yov.r! plays small. NORTH S—8-5-2 I H-H-9-4 D—0..10-5-2 C-Q-9-7' four, Shackley; "Shade-," Theodosla Garrison,' Sam Branch, with "Mcluq- ries." i Guslave Kahn; violin solo,' Everett MacDowell; "Trees and the Master," Sidney Lanier, Miss Annie Lee, with "My Heart at Thy Ssvesl Voice," C. Saint Saens; "For- i est Hymn," Wm. C. Bryant,, Miss ! • Eunice Jenkins, with "Pastoral • n | Rs Reverie," Morrison; "Trees," Joyce | Mrs. Paul Tipton; "Mak- Tlic lllilillng At auction, South would start with .one spade. West would overcall with two diamonds, »nd Nortli would bid two no trump. South would bid three spades.• At contract, Sou\h, Instead of bidding three spades, would bid Weil's The proi>cr opening Is (he ^y the Wonder Sunday school [ 0 n goodly audiience. Characters who participated were irig of'the Flowers," Annie J. Flint, y-n Wigr-ins, Carl Rylec, Claud At- Miss Georgia .Lee. : with "Night onLxarider. Earl Sullivan, Henry „ uu|j „,„, __ the Waters," LUy Smckiand; 'Flow- j oncs , Harry'Wcidman. Mrs. Anan ho i ding Mc ls -^, nm \ of a trump! cr in a Crannied Nook," Alfred ! church, Mis. O. J. Uoclgers. Mrs. [r | ck Mvj it is lhc wrollg plBy for | \ WEST S-4 H-J-7-G- 5-3 D—H-K- 1-6 C—5-3-2 Dummy 3-7 H-K-ld D-9-3 C-i-10. 1 84 SOUTH—DEALER - S-A-K.Q.6-3 H—0-2 ' ., [1—3-74 C—A-K-8 Ordinarily, wlirn your partner shows a suit, headed by Ihe ice- king, and yon hold only Iwo, you! should play high and then low echoing out so that partner continue the trump. But, w 11 suit and yon can with Enst's trump week-end, Miss Elizabeth Conley, c! 1 ' ie Bylc- '""Wl to take, this course. Evjryon; .inlse tiial c:i:vs lo do so can take a cred- h on this course lu count on tile old Si.-m diploma. Cliolr rehearsal, V.'ecinesday 8:15 FIRST CHRISTIAN C1IUUCH D. Iv. LathiH'r, Minister Church school, 0:45 a. m. Comrtiin'ni'i and sermon, 11 a. m Christian Endeavor societies, 6:30 p. m. Evening o'clock. ' ien and sending -them out to preach, for it would appear that Jesus did n;t subject the 10 whom he sent forth to anything like the long years of study and training which are regarded as necessary for a modun minister. We may assure- 1 : tco eur. that these 10'were untrained The Jews had one of the greatest systems of schools and of teachc-rr over known prior to the development of popular education in the modern world. Every Jewish bos was trained In the law. We maj asb'.mn that the entire 10 were oi the type o! devout and earnes 1 Tennyson, Miss Madge Hawkins, j George Shanks. Mrs. Bert, Mayo and with "Love's Dream," F, Liszt; iMr S . noy MouUrle. "Four Leaf Clover," Fearis, Misses | . . • Lois Hill and Jewel Brian; "Ode to I officers Named. God of the Open Air," Van Dyke, I officers of the Fidelis Sunday Miss Delia Purtle, with "At Close j sehcol class of the First ISaptist of.Day," Roy E. Nolle; Organ post- | church, were elected in a meeting lude, '.'Hosanna in Excelsls," W. D. !'i as t evening at the home o! Mrs. Armstrong,' Mrs. J. T. Hall. Many Attend B. Y. P. Tj. at Kciser Church.. him to echo willi this holding. If he were lo play should continue JS. H. Hall. They are: Mrs. Hcrschel I Smarl, president: Mrs. W. G. Mnx- jwell. first vice president; Mrs. Pleas. Sccoy, second vice president; Mrs.| '.The 100 members of the B. Y. P. Is. H. Hall, third vice president; U.'s b-. Mississippi county attend- , Mrs. Ernest Hoc, secretary; Mrs. ed the county meeting at Kciwr Marie Hickman, corresponding- s:c- last night when the Rev. C. E. J rotary; Mrs. C. W. Alllick, ircas- Welch, pastor of the Osceola. Bap- j urci; Mrs. Ira Crawford, reporter; list church, speaker. . was the principal j Ms. U. -II. Ueaettc, chaimau of tne ; house committee. iUsiing as his theme "Youth," he : There were 2G present, including stressed the golden opportunity, the rive visitors, for the business fcs- I>erils and safely of youth in, an : slon and social hour which, tot- irileresiing address. [lowed. [The : .'senior:B.- Y. p. U. of the; The holcsses, Mrs. S. H. Hall and Second'• church J-.cre won both the { Mrs. Chester Nabors. served a i ; .e- attendance and efficiency -banners: licicus plate lunch, among.the eight tuitions represent- i • ed. ! txcculivc Board Plans r'Floyd Chafin, of Jones'ooro col-: Fee-Easter 1'rayrr tirrvirrs. lege, presided as acting president.' The executive bcr.rd »; \\K V •^Churches represented were-. Osce-1 uiaii's y.L^wiaiy S^iri.^ ola, Dell, Kciser, Fail-view and the ' Firft Christian chuixii had a lim- [ the nine, West with the diamonds. East would then Fliow out by playing (he three. West woui'J continue with another diamond which East would ruff with the seven. Now, regardless of what Easl returns, the dcclorcr will ' go Kami: as he can discard his losing heart on the good nuccn of dia- mcnds and the declarer's ace, king, and queen ol spades will pick up the outstanding spades of East. Supposing that Kasl had played the three ol diamonds en the first trick. This would tell part- Sixicfn-ycar-olcl Oi't,:inlsix C.\\'.fi 1 al»ve, yjunyesl daughter of Presideiit Callcs .of Mexico, i sho'.v her noted father n thinj or two in the camo of politics. E:rk- ir.g election as carnival rniecn a an exc'msivc San Diego, CaliC. where slie attends, Callcs wired political frifncls i'l Mexico City for their support; tin aid of the Mexican consul wai forthwith enlisted and when illi balloting ended -M}ss Callcs uns 8000 voles ahead of her iic-.ires competitor. Fairest Go-Ed. i nor not lo continue ni:li dia-: ' moiHl?. West's only logical switch' would b= hearts. He would lead; the five, the declarer wouHl'havci to !ct it ride to ills cmccn, but' K..ift wo^ilcl v.-i:i with the k:ns.! Now East can rctiirn a dia;.-,r.nd: a'ld V.'est, his partner, would wins with (h? ace. Ens', is still h,n;:n:l i !o make a sp:ide lr:tk. thncta-e- ;, l "i they wutiUI hole! tho declarer's cn:i- .'.;: L itrc,c. to three. .ITrst and Second churches of this , chc city. incrllng at the I Mrs. L. L. Ward ye , ;1 In|M!l c'i' ' asMn- [o f \<. n &\ ! "C'T p-"-trer for . . L _The Second churcn here will en- i cacIV member taking a disi-, lor the tt'rtain the organization in iits nc\t j appetizing menu served at o:ie tfertain tne organization in nts next, appe meeting when, it wilPalso be in • o'clock. charge of the program. *. • » * • lias Luncheon Here. In the b'.isinrss session, presided 'over by Mrs. J. C. Mclianey. Jr.. : plans wcie made fcr the ptc-Kaster •Crawford Noble, of Joneoboro, wts! week of prayer to begin March '£> hijst to nine guests Irom lhat cily and coniUiiic throitph April u, Ipr a. luncheon at the Hotel Nob 1 .?' • • * today. ;To Present Program. —^The parly, which made the trip'. The Senior Epwcith Lcajuc of here by motor this morning,! the First Mcthdbt church v.ill preserved an apix;tztng four ccurss sent t-he program at the county nlenu at a table-gay with spring meeting of Epworth L-casut-s L»i;i- ftowers. jciay afternoon at the L^kc S'.ire; rull when there is i:.i chnnro of j your making the Iviimp in your; hand, but if you arc assured of a; trump trick and a switch irom | partner might inaki- >on an i\tr.i i trick, don't ask for ilu> infl. I tCopyright, 1031, NEA Service, Inc.} t {Methodist chv.rcli. Merc than l'»j &ncl idelegates arc expccIC'.! lro:n the U^-\ '"'' 111 J. Cliicken Feather . ,,. r ,....,,,,,.,,. Pierces Windshield j|||| CAMDENfl N. J. lUl'i— Can a clilckcn fcalhcr p:ncc a pane of S' ' Scientists say n:-b;n they-re] praise and sermon, 7130 ! ptoplc, trained in religion, who had been looking fcr the coming of thr McMiah and whose background o religious life and teaching prepare: them admirably for the task tha Jesus assigned them. A Simple SIcssagr. Moreover, ii one could seiue a all the message that these 70 iiai to proclaim, we should rind tha piotnhly it -.VHS a very simple mcs sage, based rather directly npo their cxperlncce with Jesus and tl :epticn into their own hear 'Tlio public is cordially invited to ::1L services. , FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Walnut, anil Eighth Alfred S. Harwell, I'aslor. Sunday school, 0:45 a. ni.'U. W. i Mullins, geneial superintendent. Pioachinj by the pastor at H el. i .and 7;.lb p. m. Mprniug. subCt: "Gc:t tlie I'iither and (lie ^Io- le Gospel." Evening subject "Etc-r- I y." Baptismal service at the lose of Isle night service. The B. Y. P. U. is giving a ;]ccial program in the auditorium unday evening ut G:;!0. This pro- rain is given in honor of the otB- ia!s ot th; church, but everyone is rged to hear ihcc yiiung people, will to K program well worth our hearing. Sunday SCMOD; council Tuesday ening at 1 o'clock. Devotional and Bible study Wed- uday at l-As p. m. Choir rchc-arsnl Thiirs:i3y at 7:30 m. Mrs. Paul Tipton, leader. Please do not iurgct that Sunday s the firs: Sunday in March, and II pledges to the church should x paid up to ante if at all possible. Mease do not get behind with your .ledge. Text: Luke 10:1-11, 11, SI, 22 After these things the Lord appointed other 70 abo, and. tent hem two and two before his face into every city and plac:, •hither he himself would come. Therefore said he unto th?m, The harvesl triily is • great, but he laborers are few: pray ye "tlK-refore the Lord of the harvest, hat he would send forth laborers into his harvest. Go your ways: behold, 1 send you forth as lambs among - wolves. Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and saints no man by the way. ; And into whatsoever house ye shall enter, first say. Peace b? o this house. And if the sen of peace be there, your peace shall re>t lipcn it: if 'not, it shall turn to you again. . ' And in the same home remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: ior the laborer is worthy of his hire. Go .not from :iousc to house. And into whatsoever cily ye cnlo: 1 , and they receive you, eat, such things as are set before you: And heal the sick that arc therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.- Hut into whatsoever city ye Fhail enter, and they rective you not, go your ways out into lhc streets of the same and say, Even the very di'ot of your city, which cleaveth on us (to o'.ir feet), we do wipe off against you: not\vilhsiandin; be -yc sure of this, that th? kingdom of God is come nigh unto you. And the 70 returned a^ain with joy, saying, Lord, even thc^j devils ave subject unto u.s through thy name. In that hour Jesus rejoiced--in spirit and .said, I tha,!'.k p lh£f, -P 5 ! Father. Lord of heaven 'nut! ertrtb. lhat tlwu hnst Md thc;r thing-i from the wise ;ind prudent and hast revealed them unto babes: even so. Father; for it seemed good in thy sight. : All things are delivered to me of my Father: and no man knoweth who the Sen is but the Father; and who tho. Fattier is but the Son, an-.l he to whom the Son will reveal him. had to declare. One woi:'der.s at times whether we do ml make ' too much of preaching in tlie modern world in the sense of nsscciating it with extensive ami elaborate discmuses. Groat preaching has always been j gQ t . UCCCSS [, u v : ^ e tac 10 ll; pro . characteristic of great religious I ,.j ail u iug Uleil . w " 01 . d o£ uulh ancl epochs. And it is impossible to jn the Dxca . isc or th( . ir m i ni5U . y dissociate the great and large ex- jh£t (h Km cv iii elllly humcdi- 1 pression of rclision with the great I and lai'^e exj'oriencc of it in the I soiils of men. I One would not in any sense disparage til? need or the power of preaching. But pleaching is often npt to ti-coiitt formal and involved, making a mystsry of simple things and departing from the vitai realities of experience and the elemental values fiat all Christian p::achhiE o'.s^ht to maintain. The preacher and the teacher will always wish lo bring his methods Pli.GKiM LUTHERAN' CIK.'HCIIi and his v.orh to the test of New H. J. Klrindioml, Pastor I Testament simplicity and New- Sunday school and Bible class, ( Testament effectiveness. 0:15 .A. M. I That the preaching of the 10 was Divine worship, 10 A. M. Sermon! effective is evidenced in the record, subject: "The C-hrisli:in's Lenten Demand 'We Would See Jesus'". | tablisiicd, possibly greater and j vaster than he contemplated. But whatever we may think of the Church and its organisation, as ately assailed with Ihe iomntatbii found in our day, ir is that too often conies to the Micce-ss- that wo shi'ild not depart ilic fui preacher; n&raeJy, the tenipta- simple methods by which the lion of magnifying his own powers. Church Use-it was brought into Success c\en fnr tl?o teaciicr or 1 being, preacher brines its perils, and it is [ wh(m ,,, c cil ., rch c; , ses , a unto him 33 llial his name is written in the Bo>: OL Life. Must Carry on Mission Out of these simple methods of the spirit of Chris', and the fulfil- ment of the ccnnnlssicn o' Clnisl thai makes the Church wr'rlhy ,10 be called by his name. In the LAKE STltliKT ttCTtlOUiST CIIUKCH W. J. I.citoj, Pablur Sunday school, 0:-io a. :n. | We will Church, II a. m. Sermon subject, i superintendent. new church. The.Rev. E. J. Fleming at 11 a. m. and Eunday evc- pa'.uh Saturday and Sunday mornings at 11 a. in. and Sunday evening at 7:30. have our district the Rev. John W. •The Meaning ot the Temptation [Oliver, Little Rock, who will preach of Christ or the Forty D.iys in tlie : Sunday, 3 p. m. Tho dedication ser- the Master carrr- ultimately a great | tondins forth ci the 70 the church organization. Kwat?r ami vaster] may stili sluSy its commisuo:i for llun anyliiins tliat he himself es- its most distinctive service. BOOKS MENACE LliSliAllY COLUMBIA, MO. (UP)— Tn-; li- •nry at the University of Missouri ha:; toa many i:oo!-a. Lad: ui shelf space has made it nc:e',_aiy to stack them on the flsu: and I':?, weight of the volumes is mnnct:.^' the library building. SKCOMI HAPTI.ST E. Z. Ncn'som, I'.Titnr Sunday .school. 0:15 a. m. W. M. Dlaylock, sup.'riiilBndent. Preaching 11 a. in. r.nd 1:15 p. m. by my brother, J. L. Ncwsom of Tunica. Mifs. Conic and hear him Eunday and Sunday night. We wan; 1o have a large crowd at Sunday Epwoith League, G:3i) p. in. Church. 7:15 p. in. Scrsnun sub- | Come and enjoy these services. I vice will bo Sunday morning, n school and church. i o'clock. Also communion service. , The opening exercises in the ject; '"I he Sain'is.' Devil, Sinr.ers N. Y. P. H. meets at the church at. 0:30 p. in. | Sunday school. 0:30 a. in. C. E. OUST rnrs«YTKHIAX (JIIUKCH Ccbb. sui.crmtenricnt. ir.crning will be in charge uf Mrs. Ellis and ho rclass. S|>ccbl music al the evening hour. B. Y; P- U. at 0:15 p. m. Marsh JI. Callaway. i'aslor Sunday si-liool, D:45 .1. in. Tlie CAlti) OF THANHS We wish to thank our many friends ff;;- hinuiicss and sympathy shown durin-j cur recent tciv,;-. o- mcnt. J. J. Mcdlin and chikUen, Mr. ai:d Mio. F. M. Hyde. Prayer meeting Wednesday evc- .liii;. 7:30 p. in. Kenneth Me Anal- : DALLAS. Tex. tUP)—ThnushC:- cil A. Keating, D.illas capita" place Ior you in the j day -.^ school: It you are nx ,\ of |director, tins denomination but, w:nu to at- j k-nd we will welcorr.c vou. Mcrning wrrsiitp. 11 o'clock. The Rev. W. Moore Scutt D. D., of Little Rock, will preach. I Evening worship. 7:30 o'c'.oe:-:. .Scrmen by the p^.-.oi-. Christian Ender.ior ,-ctLily, C:^D p. in. Session mcrtiir.s, Mcni.iy evc- 111:15-, 7:30 o'clock. Prayer racclimE. Wctincsd.iy evening, 7:30 o'clock. Board of IXaroi-.s rr,r.-;i:v:. Friday evening. 7:3D o'e\-;k. "He that (l-.vclk-tli In I'.-.o s.-i.rf. place of thi: Mo:.t. Hish ,s-h:i!l abide under tile .sliado-,v of the al:r.i,;hty." MATEliNlTV HOSFITAlr—FW lin- tortuii.i'.o liirls; sech'.Jed. p/ivate, rates roa.^oiir.ble. I-\5r infortn:icioii write i-'a.raiount Hospital, -1311 Er:st 2"iUi, Kansas City. Missouri. A'SSLMULV OF con CIIUIUH Souih Lilly Street K. A. Work, I'aslor Bible Ecnool, 9:^5 a. m. : Morning ivorship, H a. m. , Meeting o: Christ Amb.isir.dcrs.] 2:30 p. in. Evening pi ruse and sermon, 7:30 o'clock. ; Prayer meetings wi " bo he-Id | Monday morning. 0 o'clock, at the I home of the Rev. and Mr;.. II. A. V.'ork; Tuesday and Friday evenings nt 1:30 al the church. Given. - ' ia readiing by Miiss Mario Moon. 'The play, "The Path Arrow lhc | Games and relrcshmcnts will Sol-1 Hills," vas presented at the Lake:low the program to begin at 2:301 'Street Malhodlst church last eve- o'clock, four inches stick f.n <n t'nc • |.»>ilioii. A res-irtcrt of t'uion- !I:T ^:de. r.cwn. ;Ala., Wilrftn VMS recently He announced he »o.a:;! leave j t'nosen wli.T.'ir'ot a colleje beauty I tl:o feather where It was. contest.'* FIRST curitrii in Tin: XAXAUEM: C'onicr f.f Scrpntl mul \'iiu' A. T. Mf \llally, l':i-.tor Eevvices Sadii'Oay evi-nin;; ; it this new church, 7:30 p. m. This will be our firs', preachir.c strvice in our in any language/ i LIQUID OR TABLETS . ! Cure Colds, Headaches, I'cvcx'; Cherry & Railroad Phone 12S

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