The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNK 8, I IMG HLVTHKVIL-LE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE lannegan Raps iapilal, Labor 'Give Me" Attitude 'Termed Unhealthy v For Democracy. ST. LOUIS. Jimp B, (UP) — I'ust- lui' General Hubert K Ilanr.r- ;;m .s:ikl Uxlny Ixrlh cnpilal n Itiljor iirc afDieted willi the diso uf "uivc-nie" and predicted another wave of strikes if price controls uiv discontinued. Haime^un tolct ii meeting of Mi-,- ionri postmasters Uu? "prospei't, if Congress elects to discontinue t>'l^-~ controls, is iippullini;." He KLiid tlie government "can [race, a i>voup o[ workers to end their strike and accept a sdili nient which it deems f:iir. But six uumthK later, if lt\c \iricc' (if livm^ has etmlinm'ct upward, your UOVCTII mcnl eantiot forc-e these men to ke' p themselves utul their cliitctreti alive and heallhy on the same •-;etlle- BllCllt. In the Mississippi County (Cblek- ii District) Chancery Cour r , (Sl:it c of Arkansas, Plaintiff V. No. 19583 (1042 Tax Snil). IMinniieut llands in <Chickasa\vba nistrict) •Mississippi County forfeited for pion-payment of taxes and sold to [the slate of Arkansas.. .defendants. NOTICE Nolice is hereby Riven that, pnr- ^uant. to Act. No. 11U of the general Assembly of the State of Arkansas of 1935, and amendments theret- khere has been filed in the office nl the Clerk of (Chickiisawba Dis- KricO Mississippi County Cliancery Court the Complaint of the Stale bf Arkansas to quiet and confirm tix s'.vul state ;iiHl/or redeemers, B>urchafiei'.s. donees and assigns, the Ititle lo certain lands mentioned in Paul ComplaiiH mid lying in the County of (Chickasawlra Disrtic f .> ilississijipi and Slate of Arkansas, persons \vltt> can .set up auy lo the lands so forfeited and old are hereby warned lo appear In the (Chickasawba District) Mis- ^iissippi C'bancei'y Court at the (September 1D4C Term, after the l>ub- ' ntcatioii of this notice, to-wit on flic -'"<! day of September. lOlfi. land show eause, if any there be, Iwhy the title lo said forfeited lands •should not, be confirmed, quited |ind vested in the State of Arkan- and/or retieciners, purehasers, llonees and assigns in lee simple (forever. The dc.seriplion of said lands and Ithc names of the persons, firm or Corporation last paying taxes there- are as follows: Township 11 North, Uangc 8 Kast W. King S of I) SW SE 32 4.03 2.47 |Ti>wnsliip IS Nnrlli, UailRc IS Knsl Ci. W. neicher w of Chute NE Cor NW 7 8 4.41 Township 15 North, Kanjjp" It trhelma Ogle, \V50', E 222' Lot, .S3 SE 17 Lot .8!) Town of lUythevillc |llarn>n * Lilly Adlln. (o Illytbevill^ xionard Taylor 9 C 11.35 Unknown 15 C 4.54 Jnknown Iti C 13.S2J iVKK Additicm lo r.lvlhpvillc tco Swift 7 2 G.81 I J J. I'. Pride Sub-I)iv. \m E. Pcpiier 4 A .19 I gS.linysidc Addiliuii to Ulylhcvillc Ipnildis Fitx 5 3 13.0'^ Robert Small 6 G 4.54 | West End Sul)-I)iv. lo Hlytlicvilln Jnknown 321 .89 Holllpclcr Shonyo Addn. lo lilythcvillc rUlle McClish 10 1 4.51 TOWN' OF I.KACIIVII.I.K IJaycs AlUtiuii to I.caclivillc •L. Mitchell .. Smith Aililion filaggic Galycan :Q\e Galyenn TOWN OF €. I). JV<Uln. Wins National Spelling Bee Mrs Is 1 . L,. McK'mney of Woodbine, Iowa, alfccUonately conuriiliilaU's her son. John McKiuuey, 13, at the completion ol the National Spelliiij; Hi-e in Wiishinuton. D. C. John won (he contest in competition with finalists from throughout tlie nation. His teacher. Miss Mildred Halm, describes him ns having a "photographic Mind." He likes history anil math, and wants to be ft lawyer. (NEA Tolcpholo.) Order Issued Increasing Price of Milk i.rrri.K UOCK, Ark.. June i; (DPI—Arkansas bad to dig just little deeper today for that i|iia:t of milk for breakfast. The OHice of Price Adinlnisi.ra- lion in Little Hock aulhori/ed a !;cn eral hike In the cost of milk, c'.van and milk products, and .said Ilia Ihere were only two localities exempt from the new orders. Tlie\ were West Memphis and Mario.i Ark., where price boosts were al ready in effect. New regulations provided -10 eer.t more per hundredweight for lluii milk, and a hair-cent per quav more for buttermilk .or ehocolnt milk. The half-cent rake was also applied to JL, hftlt-plnX of, the OPA saia. .; .' Without encouragement, the OPA Announced that higher prices for butter, elieesD nnri evaporated milk would be forthcoming. 4 4 2.02 lo I.eaelivillc 23 13 24 D MANILA Asliabranner to LcacUvillc TRI! klarrcl Daniel 4 tlnrrcll Daniel 5 1 Parkview Alldilinn (" l.eacllvillc r.corf;e CurtwriKht S'.ill 2 .13 Jcorgc Curtwright 12 2 Witness my hand' and seal this the 2nd day of May. 19-16. HARVEY MORRIS Chancery Clerk E. "WILLIAMS lAUorncy General IANGSTON •Assistant Attorney General At recent Arlie Lcvlnc-Charlcy Pndiilino bout' in Cleveland, Ohio. Ihe lighters had a slrong rival for fans' attention in screen star Carole Landis, pictured above in her ringside seat. Roads Proposal Arouses Skeptics Bofcsvillc Man's Idea of Borrowing $150 Million Rapped lly IKHl ItllOWN I'liUi-il I'rrss SlalT ('oiTf.spumlrnt i.rrri.i-: HOCK. Ark., ,iime n. (Ul>)—A <1rhv to remodel Hie state hlltluviiy system with money Iron) a $1SO,UOU.OUU Innul issue Is meellni; no small amount <>[ skepllci.sin anioim lilKliwiiy ofllcials and lUvu:- eial expn'ls around Iho rapllol. Most ot Ihe objection comes Iroir men who admit I lie need nf new highways in the slate, hut they art. lull ill favor o( ilouWillK the al- Ciiily licavy Highway debt. Tlie (lisrussion arose ai'ler o. N ,a\vra:;ou tit IV.itesvltlv said he \vil Irt-uhillm; lu'litlous for mi act li mend the Highway noncl KefuiKl un ad so thut the rcfuiultiiK Ixwn ould exleiul the stale's lilgluvn. udeljledness by $1!>U,'()UI).OCH>. .awtuson's plan \vould comiilo^e y revamp Die highways of I ho sl.xti lie would build more Mum 11 najor roads and Dave virtually all if tile state's primary roads. Ho pcclties several Ihrce-laiie ht[;li- vays anil sets aside $10.000,01)1) for super" loor-lane highways for 10 • I the slate's IcaeUue, traffic ar- eries. l.awrnson says present hlitlm'ny •i-VL'iHies would be used for Mie rc- .'Hiti; procram and would »e- cl.unl lor a (,'rcat deal of the uost. Hi:; proposed initiated net does not I eeify where addltiomil reyemu'5 •voulil be oljtained lo pay the Increased indebledness. Hut stale officials say H wont work. Wimlcl Double Stale's Delit Termini; the plan as "visionary" r.utl "imimsKible." ihi-y jvoliy.. out that Arkansas already is burdened by a $]25,000,UO« IdRliway bond debt wlilch it eaiiuol ll(|Uklate before. !I7S. They furllier iioint out, thai, (.very penny of Ilic highway leve- nue lias been allocated by law lor a specific iniriuise. At iiresenf the highway i\>v>;iuu' must be spent for these six specific purposes. 1. Approximately $1.000.00(1 Ink a one-halt' cent turnback lund lo Lniinlies. ". About $7.175.000 as payment Hie principal and interest on iires- ent highway indebtedness. 3. About $3.(nr>.ouo for maintaining the present roail system. •1. A second turnback of ourlli cent amounting to $500,000.' B. Approxlnuitely $7. r >u,ooo lo an Id fund for special bridge districts, arm-to-iunrket roads and .1 nui- ili'lpal turnback fund. li. Any surplus may he iiulliiirl/od i.v the legislature for constnu'lloii. nalnteniiuee or application on the Hinded debt. And there you are, say the olli- •Inls. D.iutil riuu's Krasitdlity Hefori 1 you can sej! new iKtnds you've gol to pay oil (tie Ihsi ones. "H )usl Isn't (easll)le." siiyi on, ullleliil. "A coiul would halt the sale of bonds ill the retiuest of any •>f the present Iwindholdcis \vlio naluially have (list eall on Hie stale's income." n^ Storey, secretary of Hie State Hoard ol I'lsciil Control and the mini who probably knows inor:- tluui uiiyoue else about stale l\i>- nnccs. Isn't particularly opposed to this one plan. Hut he says he's "eoniitlluttoii-.iUy opposed" lo Increasing Ihe bonded debt. Hecalllng llml the stale found it necessary lo default on some ol Us bonds In (he past, Storey say.s "we've worked 10 years gelling Arkansas' cn'dtl built nil lo where we can borrow money al less Hum live per i-eir I'd halo to .sei? It Ho;) back down again." Storey points out Unit we sue now paying lor roads that were bull) LT years ago aiid worn oul by year; ol heavy l rut He. The same liilug couU: liapiien again, he odds. "With a huge bond Issue, we'd I) 1 , saddling our children wllh a deb on which they'll IK' paying Ion;; alter Die roads were gone." Officials see no particular pollll eal significance In Die proposal u( though the highway problem premises lo he one of the 1 main Issues if Ihe gubernatorial campaign gels liot. Bible School to Begin A Viicnllrm Dlble School lor buys nnd girls between ages of four und 1U will benln. al vlrsl HaptlM. cnuich Monday moi'iilng, B:3() a. m. The Uev. 1). H. llledsoe, asso- clnti- pastor, will be pi'liwlpal. The departtnetit siiLierlnlcndcnl.s are lo he: Mrs. Ti'd King, ileglnner UeplulilieiU; Mis. Marvin Llllie Primary Department; Mrs. ]•;. (!, Hrown, Junior Department; Mis Kljb Caisvn, luteniu'dlato Department. Other workers will aid In cai I leparlmenl. The school will bt oiifliulcd June ID wllh comineiicc- iieiil. exercises. Sessions for the HejslniHT am I'rlinary IJepailmculs will be con •luded each morning at 10:^1 Yclock and Tor Iho Juiilin- om Inlcrmcdlnte iK'pailinenls. alll:3i >'clock. Russians Sec Early End Of Bread Shortages MOSCOW, June 8. (H.IM- 1'iepariitloiis for opening r>,0i)() ne hi eail slores and bread depurl mi'iils In general food stores n prllminary to the abolition of ia lliiiiing were aiinomiiTd today, Orders were issued lor Die ne faclliili's between July ami Se] leiuber, when Ihe rationing ol hieiid, (lour, grain und macaroni Is expected to end. Wher» Yoyr Flowers Are- — You Are! . • !*;, One call to us wilt arrange ;; to tarvt your rcnicmlirRiKcs sent, not ju^t 'once, but' month after month. A»k about IKta plmn. r.TJ*. flcrrtOT W* DHtrcr fk. Ml Mn. J. M. (Mw) WUfauM, vntt Refrigerator Service OP MA, KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Bandit Obtains $600 In Liquor Store Hold-up MEMPHIS, Term., June I), ui.p.) — Police today sought a lone bandit who escaped v.-illi S(iO() in r, retail liquor store holdup Iv-ro last night. The bandit,, armed with a pistol, forced L, S. Boyle to open the store safe. The inafc-cpire, or busliinnslcr Inakc of Central and tropical Soulri ] l\meriea.\vs to a lenylh of 1^ ( Veet and develops IOUK lungs cap- j lible of iniliclini; wounds causing I IlcaMi within a fow minutes' time. 1 RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or rnorfel Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authored Motorola Radto Salra mnd Refrlee IDS .South First St. For" Tfnur ' Stanley's Household Cleaning Chemicals, Furniture Cleaner. Window Cleaner, Wnull- work Cleaner Call MRS. AI.MA KCHICKKll Resilience 1'Iioiic 8,19 'INSURANCE n,,, 2311 For Complete Vrotection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS ^TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd HOT'S BODY SHOP }!<><ly [inil FrlldtT Spocl:iUsl. Wrrvks rcUulll. CunrLtnlccit Work. Keiisonulilc i'rk-os. I''ri'C lvstiiii:ilr.s. •112 K. Muin St. :wr>r» Day or Ni CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! I''iir a quick wile sec me. 1 liavo buyers for homes. List yimr pr«|!«rty with me. My cominissiun ia 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 Bo. Second 1'lionc* 440 or 283 Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS 22IH) 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans mutlu to fit yotir'liulivldual noctls. Our I'o-piiyiiH'iil [ii'ivik'KO Ki'iintiJil nil ))'r)i't.'Owci'K. .,1,01 us v>xplnin our I'ns-l'ayinuiit, Hcjuwvu Vliuij.. .'.,". v ' NO EXTRA CHARGES— NO APPLICATiON, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING .FEES and NO COMMISSION If wo arniiiKi' <i li'iin will) you it is Rood liusincss Tor us lo iiutktu it lil your inu'ds lii^iiiiso-fnrm loiins art; a K'lotl iiivt'slnit'iit only wht'ii thoy :u-i! jjood 1'or the ia mi NOBLE GILL AGENCY 3131 Need a 24-hr. Service TAXI!! Coll Bonded and Insured 968 Bill Wundcrlich Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title 213 W. Walnut Lands — Loans Phone 2381 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE IN ONE AGENCY AT Lower Cost United Insurance Agency A. l'\ Dk'liirli, MiiiiiiKer IJIytheville's Only Kxclusivc Direct Wrilinf Agency of l.eadine; Companies 20!)'/ 2 West Main SI. I'hone 510 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Slink-baker Service WE HUY AND SELL GOOD USKI) CARS Lex Chamblin Hill Chamklin Phone 2195 Itailroad & Ash Sta. WASH TUBBS A Killer to Ride BY LESLIE TUKNEH THAT WWKIWG Y OEWONSTRATIOM \ ABOUT saD ME.MC.1SH.BUV ro IIKE ... AFTER ALL. VOu MUST DECtCE WHETHER VOU Oi. IORWM l »IC.,WILt HOLD THE KEV TO THE •nasisye MVRAWUWV STOREHOUSE- FOR 4 MlERE « 20,000 IN CASH ! „ . ,„...... flKl ^"5' «» I HftVE MO DESIRE W RUSH WUR TWS F1SURE DOES NOT. I REGRET TO SAV, INCLUDE THE PRICE OF THE TRIPOD. THAT'LL BE *4 EKRA! tlH TRWM DCESN'T LEAVE FOR ANOTHER TEN MINUTES ! Forty-One. Forty-Two .KKD RYDER RY FRED HARMAN E BEST 6EA15 LJ E B'o TCP ARE FCR 10'J LITTLE M V;A TODM,:vcer.-WE'LI FURNITURE Of course, wo don't net nil we coiilil Koll, but us wo get It our policy will l>c first coino, first fibrvccl. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co, 301 K«Kl Main ' ' Phone 2302 All our Employees arc WLIF Vclrrims. ' For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 * 'V . • - . '- • . ' . ' * ' . , .^™ ^^^ ^^^: ' : ' <''',* Even if you^i-c able to buy a new tractor next season, you can't lose by having your/old tractor/overhauled now. Money] spent for ; .| reconditioning will boost your trade-in value. So don't wait. Let/us put your name on our advance service schedule /now,' and order any near-dec! parts. Don't risk not being ready. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY / BlythevilU, Ark. flu'YcCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES 'III PARTS AND SERVICE Also Sell Good Black and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. M. I .ark In — — — Hulen Holme* USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. V If you arc jj»i"K 1<> keep your present car let us give you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. Cmlil terms can lie arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and home radius fur sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Olrlsmoliilc CMC Trucks East Main St. Phone 519 FARM PITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLEJVRK

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