The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIEH NEWS PAGE THREE THE NATION TODAY Public Servants, Good and Bad, Must Take a Lot of Punishment, Much oi It Without Real Cause Hy James .Mar low WASHINGTON, May 24. (/IV-When u inun Is offered a big govern- •^nt Job, he'd bettor have extra thick skin find the understanding before he starts that nobody ever pleases everybody. He'd belter be able to withstand criticism, fnir and unlnir, hi trying to do the Job he thinks needs doing. Whnt he nrobably needs most is the long view, the realization that: Performing a public service is one of the greatest contributions wan can nmkc to his fellow-citizens, but It is not without danger. While some men emerge from the hurly-burly of public life shining and with a feeling of success, some creep away luirl nnd broken-spirited, even to the point of death. * James V t Forrest a 1 was one of the broken-spirited ones. Yesterday Rep. Hale BoRgs, Loulsann Democrat, told the House: "Mr. Forrestal was subjected to a campaign of abuse and vilification the like of which I have never heard." Hoffman Comments Forrestal didn't need the government job or the money that went with it. He was a wealthy man who was head of a banking firm when ht quit to come here. Nor did Paul Hoffman, who ran the Studebakcr Corporation, become head of the Marshall plan tor the money. After one year running the Marshall plan, he told congressmen that he has no intention of resigning this job ",ut— "Havtnt observed the way public' savants work, and the way that I have had to work during the last year, I have no desire for any political office whatsovcre . % " Perhaps no one has taken a more constant drubbing than David E. Ltlicnthal, who for nine years was with TV A and for the past two has been boss of the Atomic Energy Com mission. He has received praise and the harshest kind of criticism. His particular and long-Lime critic has been Senator McKcller, Democrat, from Tennessee, where TV A ha.s its headquarters. After Lilienlliul Ag:iiii And now LiHenthal is in for more scrutiny. For yesterday a House- Senate Investigation was ordered Into his handling of the atomic bomb and the atomic energy program. But Lilienthal has done a lot ol thingink about the role of a man in public service and no one has aaid more about it. In writing and spaches. Here are some of his views: "Public employemnt has become, in a very real sense, a hazardous occupation. The possibility of public Mfrlory, so often unjustified and Beyond immediate redress, does indeed cast a shadow of fear over public service, . . . "The procedures in the world cannot possibly provide an absolute assurance against unfair criticism or attack. Indeed, whether the criticism be fair or unfair, whether it be justified or unjustified, the right to criticize those entrusted with public responsibility lies at the very root of our conception of democracy. The real assurance of fairness rests upon the basic &ood judgment and the conscience the America n people." College Ballplayers Die in Crash Many Russians Planting Wheat Of Branched Type MOSCOW M'i—Mirny farms near Moscow arc to plant branched wheat this year. Branched wheat*flri of having one ear to each stalk like ordinary wheat, has many ears to each stalk. The manuEier.s of the Moscow farms which were selected for the first use of this new wheat variety in the region around the Sovlc capital have undertaken lo produce ' from 75 to 112 bushels of "branch- 1 ed" wheat per acre, Russia now averages about 115 bushels per acre or thereabouts. Branched wheat has been bred aud developed by Soviet agricultural ficicnlLsts who have done intense research on it for many years. The area under cultivation to it i.s being rapidly extended, and rc.sult.s watched carefully, "Moscow Bolshevik" reported :i conference al the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences at which the leading Soviet agricultural scientist T. D. Lyfsenko explained to farm inatuigcr.s in the Mo-scow area how they mast handle branched wheat acreage. Lysenko stated that the amount ol branched wheat sown must be from 0.9 to 1.0 bushels per acre. Lynseko ?aid the branched wheat .should be sown in single rows 40 centime tens apart at a depth of from 3 to 5 centimeters. Cultivation, he stated, should be undertaken with horse cultivators only ynci not with tractors cultivators Ly.sunko told the farmers that ni the Moscow district the branched wheat must be sown before May 1- >:;-v? •-*•; *-.*>'_.. Two members of Ihc La Cross, Wis.. Teachers College baseball team wore killed and three others wen Injured in n car-duck accident near Eau Claire. Wis. Pictured In the tar Is William nenrdltl, Jr., atl, ol Sparta, Wis.; In the road (left) Larry L. Mitchell, ID. of Wilton, Wis., and Harold u. Iliinx.stiiil, 21, ol lilnvk [liver Falls, Wis. Benedict and Iliuigslnd were killed. lAP Wlicphoto). Peanuts yield oil for salad, cooking, margarine and soap manufacture. Lightning, Fire Level Historic College Building ARKADELPIUA, Ark.. May 24.— /Vy— The Gl-ycnr-old main building of Ouachita College here was destroyed by fire early today after lightning struck its tower. No estimal-e ot the loss wa.s available Immediately, but the Ihrce- story brick structure will have to be replaced entirely. Only \valls of the lirsl two stories were left stand- as firemen continued pourlnc water Into the ruins nt 1:30 n.m. A bolt of lightning touched off the fire during a severe electrical, wind and rain storm .shortly after 'J a.m. The (lames got a Rood start in chemical laboratories and were fanned through the remainder of the building bj In'rjh winds. Authorities of the Baptist College previously luul discussed replacing the Old Main building but had derided lo leave it standing for senthncnud reasons even if a new building were constructed for actual use. Destruction of the building will handicap final cxnininations for undergraduates. They have another week of studies, although commencement exercise for seniors were held yesterday. CIO Rubber Union Fires Its President PHILADELPHIA. May 24. 1,1',The ClO's United Uubbo- Workers Union announced today llial L. S. Biickmaster hus been liieri a-s International president of the union. The announcement, was imnle by Robert Cruden. public relations director for the union. Crilden said liucktna.ster's removal was ordered by the i:t other members of the union's general o.x- i celllivc board who acted as a trial board and heard testimony on charges against Buck-master here fr April '.!5 to May 20. German Slays Youth In Quest for 'Peace' FRANKFURT. Cienminy, May 24 fil'i—A Frankfurt man confessed he | forced an eight-year-old boy to praj for "eternal world peace" and then killed him with an axe in the belief a dying child's last wish would be ; granted. German police said today ! Police said they arc holding Walter Iliicgcl, 30. as the slaying the boy, Slgnmr -Schuster. of In the Matter of the Probation of tlie Last Will and Testament or Joseph Homer Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary were issued to the undersigned on the y day of May. 1949 on the estate of Joseph Homer. Any and all persons having claim or demand against said estate will bt required to file said claim or demand properly authenticated with me, the undersigned, within six t6) months from this 10 day of May, 1013. A. J. Horncr, Blytheville, Arkansas. Holland & Taylor, Attorneys for Executor. 5:10-17-24 WARNING ORDKR In the 4!l«anccrv Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Victor M. Craig Plaintiff. vs. No. 10,873 Clara T. Craig Defendant. The defendant, Clara T. Craig is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named i" the caption herof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Victor M. Craig. Dated this 29 day of April, 1949. Harvey Morris'. Clerk. By Betty Ball. D. C. Percy Wright, Ally, [or pur. H. G. Partlow, Atty. ad litem. 5;n-24-31-6i7 Oklahoma Governor Pays $2,000 for Bull Tillies. The sixikcMiinn wild, the officers, nclutllni! two generals, have been icld in ItusMn since the end ol the war. Itallm dc.iruirtls for their rc- ease have been ignored ,ho said. Engineers Offer Lease At Wappapello Reservoir The Corps of KiiRlncers Is offoi- .ng for lease, (or llnec years, n site :>n Ijike Waprmix'lln for furnishing bnal rciilul facilities to the gone- nil public, The bite I.s known us Horkwond Lundlug and Is located at Hie Miulh end of Kockwood Point In the Wuppapcllo lleservolr Area, Hulli'r Counly. Mo, The recreational facilities (o be required of (he lessee Include hlr- i>« of boats, sale of itiisollne niul oil. and urnlshliiK facilities for uuxiring or docUng and care of privately-owned boats. In nddlllnn, If he so (ic.strc.s, the lessee tnay oper- nlc malnionauce unit repair service for |>i lv:\trly-owned boats, sale of bnals ami boat accessories guide MTvk'o. transportation n[ passeuaers by lioat-for-hlre, und sule of fond, refreshments, fi.shlni! tackle, fish ball, and oilier sup ilies. Tin' property (o be leased liii'luiles pli'iiic (•.icllllles, parking "lea. am lauiu-liliiK rani|). Thn c'oilstnu'tlon ot a lluathiK baat tlock will be ciulrcd anil I he consl ruction ol oilier tcmitoi ury fin-llltles necessary (o provide services listed may 1» pcr- intlli-d under the lease. HUls for leasing (lie site must, ho Mibinltteil on forms furnished by (lie Memphis nlslrU't, Corps of Hn- Klnevrs. p. o. liox 111, Meiii]ilils. TVnui'ssoo. or from Iho Wappapello .Sub-olflci\ Wn|)|ni|x>llo, Mo. Illils will In- received ill Ihn otflcc of Ihc dIMiIrl enuinccr In Memphis, until ^:l>0 p.m. June, fl, nnd then pub- lii'ly opened. The pciinul plmit, Arachis hypo- liieii .\\ii.s Ijcllovi'd to have orlgi- sit... Joe Marsh Never Too Late To Learn Italian Officers Face Trial in Russian Court ROME, May 24. M'I—A foreign Ministry spokesman reported today the Italian government has [earned "indirectly" that 27 Italian officers will [nee trial In Russia for war Cn|i]iy Miller's ynunj; son, Sciuiiil, Is ftirrvrr ctuaiiiK up vvilli new lilcas. N'ovc they'ri! mil nil Mini.I beaters, but Cappy is usually will. iiiK lo give tlieiu n try. Seems Squint, found a new way to cleii r hrusli. They bike, two U actors, almut tliirly feet njinrl, ami cmmccl them with » lionvy cluiiii weighted down on the ground \\-ith old iron. Kirsl they liulli KO ]iar- allcl in cue direction, then tlicy KO back over tile sumo swatti in tho opposite direction anil up comes tlic lirusti—rools anil nil. Worked line ami sus-ctl timo. Tlint's why tilings KO so well at the. Miller fnrm. Cappy in opcn- miiuled. tolfi-aut of now ldcA« nnd new ways of iloing. He doesn't think liis way i« Ilio only way. I'niiii wliere I sit, n lilll, tolcr- inii'i- will iniiki' tliiiiKs K» liclter for rill of us. Vim ri-s|ioi-| my vicwn anil I'll ri'S|ii>cl yiuirs—Vhclhcr If, on fiinninj.'. iiiilillc.i, or rlmralnK h«. Iwri'ii nil ire crcura »ixl« or a tun- perjile x'lJlHS of liter. ARKANSAS DIVISION, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION' 107 priAMID BtOO., L1IIIE HOCK, AUK. HARRISON, Ark.. May 24. OP Sixty head of Hereford cattle were sold for a total of $30,540 at the John W. Olvey ranch near here yesterday. Purchasers included Governor Turner ot Oklahoma. representatives bought the highest priced bull. 7.ato" -mil., for S2.000. Top price of the sale was brought by Our Miss Helms 761. purchased j by Honey Creek Ranch, drove, Okla., for $3.500. Antiseptic Uintment Soothe; SKIN IRRITATIONS For helplul antiseptic and medicinal di to exleinally caused (kin irtilationi th* itch, iuch as teller, rath, simple lintfworir dTynesi or eciema, USB GIAJS Ointment & directed. Medical&d lo cling longw io more thoroughly telieiing itching. STEEL BUILDINGS Something New! BUTLER BUILT PACKAGED BUILDINGS • Small industrial type*, pock- aged in size* to meet your n«edt. • Lower C«t du« to vdume foe- toryfabrkotion and packaging. • Quicker Erection. Easy to dismantle and re-«rect with foil salvage. • Covered with durable 24- gage galvanized steel sheets for long-life Mmce. BUTLER^ BUILT °^v^^r^r - r " * — AVAILABLE AT LOW COST II 40', 32', 20' WIDTHS Spacious truss-clear buildings, quickly erected in just a few days... adaptable to many industrial, commercial and farm uses. Straight sidewalls and truss-clear roof give full use of interior space. Sturdy aluminum sheets on sides and roof are tough and durable — actually thicker than 24-gage galvanized steel sheets. Butler Built Aluminum Covered Steel Buildings are available in 40 1 width, length 40 ft. or in any multiple of 20 ft. Also in 20 ft. and 32 ft : widths with lengths 24 ft. or in any multiple of 12 feet. The Mark ot C. A. TANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Authorized Dealer for Hut let- Steel Uaildings — General Contracting Phone 89« Blylhevllle, Ark. P. O. Box 8J METAL BUILDINGS FOR INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND FARM USE DREIFUS Joins the Silver Parade with a New Pattern at a Special Saving- Chwk Dampness in CONCRETE < BLOCK Protect and Decorate Outside Walk with MNDEX Don'l let moiiture seep through lo seal up tht porn, k*«p wallt dry. tpoilyour enjoyment ol your home. Bondex alsoaddicolorandciiarm. Just bruih on Bondox and il will Co>l»le>ilhanyoutriln(c.Conipor«. BONDEX Cement Poinf :i.i 5 .is 1'nlin. I:I:I I LH K:iM M.IIII Sli.vt llllljl):inl,ir Co. ilJ tt'cit Main Slr«l Tfi* Cost is Lowt A 5.1k* .1 wKI n«V« «I>»U1 1 («ll», *• | Q Kill f«r .nl, .... I Color-Styling Ideas In FREE Bondex Color Chart ot Co. on«Hil|>|ii I'l.untT Lumber L'». I Ml I Wi>l Main Xlrrrt K. I;. It.. I, Ills, HI t.unihrr C*. 31!J VVcsl Ash 8lrm BONDEX HYP R A U LIC CEMENT Chkuyo, SI. LouUjUiA*e»Uijloy<>iu»,N.AjMl«tr»<l-ta LOOK AT THESE VALUES.' T.a Set, S pktil $74.50 Walter, 22" 22.50 Coffe* Set. 3 pieces 46.50 Waiter, 17Vi" 1S.7S M«at DIlV Plain, IT" 13.50 Meot Dish, Plain, 19" 15.75 Well * Tree Platter. 17" 15.75 Well i Tree Plotter, U" 17.75 Vegetable Disk 15.75 Gravy Set 13.50 Water Pitcher 19-50 Bread Tray 9.00 Sandwich Tray 9.00 AH, ! Sain $100.00 30.00 60.00 20.00 17.50 20.00 20.00 22.50 20.00 17.50 " 25.00 12.50 12.50 FOR 4-Pc. TEA SERVICE AFTER SALE PRICE 90°° 22-Inch waiter $ 225O After Sale $30.00 To introduce a now pattern by the world's largest silverware maker . . . substantial savings for a shr>rl lime onlyl Wickforcl is extremely lii^li (jiialily . . . heavy, Insling silverplale, with i icli soldered border, ami gleaming perfect finish. Get yours wliilo tlie values lasll A/I price* lubjert 19 ftdcral tax DHEIFUS ^^^ ;"|[" s • • • }y ^i!li : """i"!i I VJ J V^ I I I J I V/ /(/ I^VJ TT I I "* i TCfiu , N MlW.'hll, KlTMiVltll KB DUHUM Year to Pay at No Extra Cost -- Charge It 4-footer outside, 6-footer inside \ Big space for small homes! All-porcelain interior I Big sliding Hydratorl Sensational low price 1 Exclusive Quickub« let lray» Ruft-railttlng shalv*s 15 Ibt. frozen food capacity 1 1.6 iq. H. ihelf ar«a All-porcttlain inlanor Famoui MaTvr-Miiflr m«chani»m A II- aluminum cold ilarag* tray Many other f*alur«t you should c*«1 ADAMS APPLIANCE CO, INC Siiks S; Sfvlix Dealer .». U T . ADAMS, Mgr. West Slain Phone 207X AMMONIUM NITRATE I will linvc n c.-\r here next week far local distribution. CaD me ff Interested. Paul D. Foster I'honcs 3118 or 3153 Blytheville, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Type» Except Cancer) Clinic 511 Main, Blythertlk, Ark. Phone Z921 4% HOME LOANS Klberl S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6'JM Kvenlnj;s PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores

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