The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEWLLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIi—NO. 199 Blylheville Courier, B;?1hevlHe Dally News, Oiyuievilie ^OUrier, D JinCVUie IJajW WeWS, ^, *> r nrT1-^rTi t n AT11/Av.n*n VnniM. Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLY i'HKVILLlO, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMIiKU 5, J030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. EMOCRATIC LANDSLIDE HITS HOOVER 'Arkansas Voters Adopt Eight Amendments -'/ ' M ™ m«^ * M IE BEITEN Rumors of Insolvency Are Denied Parncll and Wilson Pile Up Majorities Over Republicans. LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 5 (UP) — Arkansas voters kept, with (he nation-wide- Democratic landslide by re-electina Gnv. Harvey Parnell and the full Democratic ticket. At neon today Parnell's lend over J. O. Livesay. Republican, hart increased to more than 26,000 votes frith returns from 5CD precincts recorded. Lawrence E. Wilson held a lead rf slightly more than 25.000 over his Republican opponent, C. 11. Harding, in tlie race for lieutenant governor. Income Tax Upheld Act. 118, providing for levying, collecting and paying of a state tax on incomes \vas carrying by a ma- j-iity of approximately 15,000, and the act providing for reading of the bible in state public schools appeared to be carrying by a similar margin. With 460 precincts reported tne voto v.'as: — For income tax, 25,385; against, 10,013. For bible act. 25,313; against, 10,114. Eight Amendments U'in NASHVILLG. TENN.. Nov. 5 (U P)—Humors UtJt Catdwell -and Company, investment bankers, were! insolvent were definitely denied af- I District Mav Swintr ter a meeting of officials ot the '-OWCl UlSiriCl lYiay OWing Mississi p p i County Jouett Shouse Sees Democratic Rule in Both Houses of National Congress WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (UP)— Ollio. Dcmociatic control o( the. houcej illinol. •S company and directors of (he Nashville clearing house last night,. All loans are amply secured a signed statement declared, but due! 1 to conditions over the entire coun- i A heavy vote In the Osceola dis- Against Proposals. try it. Is difficult for the firm to dispose of its securities at this time. The statement \vas signed by Paul Davis, C. A. Craig and P. D. Webb, officials of Nashville bunks. Traders Answer Democratic Gains With Wholesale Selling Today. NEW YORK, Nov. 5. (UP)—Disappointed over the outcome of the election, traders threw stocks overboard today and prices broke wide open, many touching new lows for the year or longer. | and probable control of the senate i Shouc was' claimed today by the Demo- senatori tratic naticnal committee. Chairman Jouett Shouse of the national executive committee 1s- jsued a slatemnet at 1:30 P. M. in which he said a Democratic majority irj the house was assured, and that "It would appear the Democrats probably will organize the next senate." "The Democratic party has eleet- HEFUN GOES mm Bankhead Easy Victor Over "Collon Tawn" In Alabama Race. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. ; i 5: (UP)—Democrats of Alabama have added Ihe south's final touch , of The nine proposed constitutional a quiet ~ s fart" until Selling gathered momentum from I wcrc P° llcd aiiiendmenls showed littb change frc.-n earlier returns, all apparently baing carried by • safe majorities - except the highway amendment of lare - * '.. .!ticns rear the close. Some support was developed around the lows 'but it lacked vigor. '' a V ani?n am ent lhe J40 i eve! aga , 1Bt a pr evious .which showed several thousand] u/.S. Steel wa= fcrced dov.-n to close of 145 3-4. its loss from the record high- of -last -year-to today's 'low exceeded a billion dollars in market value-. Stock after stock broke with steel. Losses ran to ten points for Eastman Kodak, which brought it to a new low. Elsewhere declines "ih'o're agairut (hah for. A-- noon today computation in eluded less than half of the total 'precincts of the state. Returns from-outlying districts were not available and election officials expressed the opinion it would probably, be some time before complete unofficial counts could b? obtained. | wer e from one to four points. Returns continued to follow the rarly trend and left the outcome of only one itsue in doubt, that beina Proposition 20, which was losing i;y a slender margin. Amendments Carry Amendment 19. designed to limit the power of the general assembly In establishing state educational institutions, appeared to have been adopted by a safe margin. With one-fifth of the state's.2,259 precincts unofficially reported. Votes for the amendment were leading these against by more than 5,000. The seven other amendments were carried by majorities ranyin^ between 3,000 and 6.000 votes with four-fifths of the state unrcport^cl. Proposition number 20, which provoked a bitter pre-election fight, appeared to have been defeated, unless late returns swing directlv nway from the trend of the first 20.000 ballots counted. The nrr.enl- menl provided for election of stat? j highway commissioners and a rii?Ji- ' way audit. Tabulation oi tlie firs: I 400 precincts gave 11,580 for and, 18,805 against it. Grains and cotton followed stocks to lower ground and bonds turned irregular. Response to the election was n:l at the opening. Pi-Ices were irr?g- ular in a narrow range. The outcome of the election was not known definitely then and traders wer? feeling out their way. As Democratic gains ran up stocks sold ofl. Control of the •^ouse and senate by the Democrats, even though the successful candidates would not take office until December, 1931, \vas considered embarasaing to the adminis- Iralion. trlct against all 1 of the amendments to lhe Arkansas state constitution, voted upon In yesterday's general election, may be sufficient to overcome substantial majorities given most of the proposals in the north end of the county, it was Indicated by meager returns available today. Because of the apparent lack of interest in the election. In which victory for the entire Democratic slate was n foregone conclusion, clerks at many boxes sealed up their votes and sent them in to the county election commissioners without keeping a record of the vote. Returns from these boxes will not be known until the vo'.c is canvassed by the county commission. Osceola Beats Amendments Returns from 11 boxes in the Osceola district including the two Os-, ceola boxes, Joiner, Bardstown, i chastisement to Hoover Democrat! Hatcher, Etowah, McFerrln and • of 1928 • ; Kelser piled up p lopsided- tola! ! B 5' a majority of 50,000 in a total acainst every one of the nine pro- j P<>" well over 200,000. Unitsd ••-- States Senalor J. Thomas Heflln, "Jeffersonlan Democrat," has been driven from office. John H. Bankhead of Jasper, regular Democratic „ „ nominee, led the old line Iorces;to In the Chickasawba district the '' J: V 7 f 3 to 88,843 victory over Hsf- meager returns secured, represent-i^J 0 ;"^™^. 6 ^^?^™ vote polled at six boxes, show a substantial lead 'til' fa'vo- of every amendment with the exception of amendment 20 which was defeated at every box reported except the Manila box, which , r . . . . . . amendment 20 carried by one vote. | Victorious in Oklahoma Act 118, the income tax law, | which was submitted for referen- I dum, was upheld by the vote of' every box reported. The closest vote i ray, Democrat, who hitch-hiked on the act was at the city hall In j through a "shirt and suspender" Blythevllle where 129 votes were j campaign as a "candidate for Uncounted for the act and 95 At 40 an^i 3. nclling place i ; Jckman towrxhip. West Virginia, Colorado. 5. Oklahoma nnd Kansas," said. "Tlhe lends of lhe lal cnndidatcs In South. Dakota and Minnesota seerit safe. "The count In Kentucky has not progressed far enough to make an absolutely accurate prediction, but reports coming to our headquarters indicate such increased vote assumption we have carried three possible doubtful slates above nu-nlloncd the vote In the next senate will be 48 Democrats, Mine Blast Traps 150 in Ohio Pit in Democratic sections as to war- t new senate. r*nt the assumption the Demo-' 47 Republicans, and aHUmlcd with the party. "Thus It would appear the Democrats will probably organize ATHENS, More than O., Nov. 5 (UP) — 150 miners were rc- erotic candidate will win there. '•The only sitting Democrat who has been defeated in the senate "In the house there is an assured Democratic majority. We have lost no sitting house member. In Kentucky we arc morally cer- ono senator ported trapped today when an ex. Fnrm;Lnbor I plosion arid fire wrecked a shaft of thct Sunday Creek Coal Company al Mlllflcld, near here. The day shift of 300 men was at work in the mine when the blast let go. More than half of them managed to reach the surface while senators in Massachusetts. Is Senator stcck In Iowa. On the (aln of. a.gain ot five." Pinchot Beats Hemphill In Pennsylvania Contest PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5 (UP) — Governor pinchot,. Republican and prohibitionist, today ha'd apparently won the gubernatorial election over John M Hemiihlll, Democrat and liberal wet, by a plurality that mounted hourly. posed amendments,- Over 1400 votes every a'mend- while less ment at the 11 than 80 votes were polled for each amendment. under a "liberty bell" banner. he was banned from.Uie party pli? rnary'm Augiist! ' "Alfalfa Bill" Murray OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 5. (UP) -William H. "Alfalfa- Bill" Mur- DEI! SHORT IS Indications Point to Democratic Congressmen for Southeast Missouri. ST. LOUIS. MO., Nov. 5 (UP) — IET101II1E m mm Hoover Commission Will Tell Findings on Prohibi- Iho remainder were reported trapped behind a wall of flame In the mine. tion Situation. against, peachment," Is 'Oklahoma's: new ! obratlc candidate, .by 2,000 ,ace for! governor. ' with 323 of the district's 4: ell of the I Murray was conceded election by cr/kiidmcnts received 68 votes, the| his Republican opponent, Ira Hill, number cast except No. 20, which former slate senator. ' wa< b°aten 58 to 0 and No 27, ] Returns from more than half the which" was' -Iven ore opposition' state gave Murray 173,017 votes to vote. This box also voted unanl- i 102,599 for Hill. - motisly for the income tax and G7 to 1 against the Bible reading Maintaining .their leads in J&» con- to congn tests still undecided In" MissoufT ' ''" congressonal districts, Democratic candidates watched late returns I today, hopeful their pluralities would stand up. giving the parly 12 of the stale's sixteen seats. In the present congress ten ofl the representatives arc Republl-l cans. •' ' i Ccn.3re"man Short, Republican, of the" Hth dlstricl. southeast Missouri, was trailing Fullbright, Dem' ' "• ' ' -TOO votes, 411 pre- vote stood Fullbright, WASHINGTON', Nov. 5 (UP) — President' Hoover's law enforcement commission convened here today to wril.j a report on prohibition which it expects to submit to congress In December. Chairman Wickersham presided and all members except Newton D. Baker and Judge William S. Kep- yon were present. When completed the report 1> ex- peeled to be sub.-nllted to President Hoover, who will then transmit It DO-X Completes First Leg of Right to U. S. AMSTERDAM, Nov. 5 (UP) — The Hying boat DO-X arrived today from Lake Constance on llv first stage of its flight to the Unit ed States, The ship fondcd a 4:25 p. m: FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany Nov. 5 (UP)—The giant Dornle flying boat DO-X started for Am stcrdam, Holland, at 11:30 a. m. to day on the first stage of Its fllgh fo the'United States, via. Lisbui Portugal, and the Azores. LK.IUIB SMUGI! La Follette Wins Easily in Wisconsin Threaten to Kidnap Bank Bead MT. CARMEL, III,, Nov. 5. IUP1 I—A letter threatening kidnaping for ransom was left beside a crude bomb nt lhe garage door of th? [estate of J. M. Mitchell, president iof the American National bank and state park board member. . • The bomb, a dynamite stick with COOTER. MO.-A pair of oM; C ap and fuse, was attached to the shoes is the only clue leading to j garage door a:iri fixed to explode th? identity of tlie juvenile burg- wh'en a car entered. lavs who "broke into the Cocter Supply Company building and took! c:ie pair ol shoes, ten dollars in! c.v h and a supply of apples and | trr.nrrs: ar,1 left a pair of old! .-'noes, ske one. ! It w.i" son-.e time Sunday nfter-j UN ALASKA, Alaska, <UP>— Ro- act. Bible Act Wins Here Initiated Act. No. 1 which would provide for the "reverent daily reading of the English Bible" in . the public scho:ls of tha state was : ° [ the '^ Fighting favored by a vote of approximately i^ ro , r "' «•<! prcser.., un ,3 to 1 in the Dell. Yarbro, and .Senator Robert M. La Follette,held Blyfneville boxes but Hickman : tt commanding lead today In the ' race for the governorship of Wisconsin. MADISON, Wls.. Nov. 5. (UP)— Philip p. La Follette, youngest son Bob" and States I township voted 67 to one against the net and the total vole of the _ ,, III boxes reported in the Osceola : La F°"eUe received 314.378 votes jdistrict went against the act over i»' 2 - 204 of «'= stat c's 2.826 pre- 3 to 1 i clncts. In the same number of pre- j ctncts his Democratic opponent, Youthful Burglar Leaves Shoes in Cooter Store Total returns from 11 boxes in Blythevllle district Including all but j 1 "" lu "^ approximately 25 votes in the city | . . of Blytheville are as follows: i Parties Share Amendment 19—For 471; Against' ir,~s~. 'Amendment 20—For 282; ; Amendment 21—For ' OMAHA, —Fcr 594; Against I ment 23—For I Amendment I ; cinsts reported. The Short, 35,455 'and 37,427. Democratic Prospect {or Clear Majority Does not Seem Bright. \ WASHINGTON. Nov. 5 (UD-The powerful assault of the Demo-j ^ujV the "remark,""I anTgdng'to The Democrats will have control of Premlscot County, Mo., political alfalrs for the next v.vo years. According to the unofficial coun- l ycf the 36 precinct boxes the Republicans lost more races than did the Democrats, although practically all contests were very close. The results follow. Representative, H. T. Simpson, Rep., 5361; S. TIIBjIKIDE Donald Hall of little Rock Drinks. Iodine . in .Nashville Driig, Store. I _ _ NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 5. (UP) —A well dressed young man, believed to be Donald M. Hall, son of a wealthy Little Rock, Ark., family, was frustrated In a suicide attempt here late lait night by the prompt action of a pharmacist clerk and » physician. Upon entering a drug store the. young' man exhibited a scratch on his arm and asked for a vial of r«ll strength iodine *lth which to fix It up. Seating' himself at a s'jrb table the young man suddenly thfi contents of the bottlo crats on the Republican majority In the house of representallves was wavering today wlt'.i control of Ihe hcuse in doubt. kill myself." Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Oliio and Others Turh Against G. 0. P. .,.'.; NEW YORK, Nov. 5. (UP)-Pil- Ing.up one unexpected gain'after another Democrats In a nation-wide sweep had- come extremely Inking outright control of the sen- ale on returns up to noon. . ''; This development was more than" many Democratic leaders expected^ However, they were still -some distance from winning the hous;. despite their pre-election predictions.- Though the Democrats confidently expected to win the lower hoUsa results at noon showed the Republicans apparently within three votes of nn'actual majority. They-had 137 members elected deflnltelyV'Sv.fth. a probability of .Increasing It to"2io, Just three short of the 218 needed for a majority. . • • . Democratic probabilities at this lioiir were for about 195 scats, with a chance It mlgbt reach 200.- Only an unexpected series of favorable overturns could turn the.hoiiso now. . '..'.'.'.".:' . .Kansas Beats Hoover Favorite During the long hours throughout the night and well into the day states regarded as certain to elect Republican ssnatprs the.balance as the count rose and fell.. Just before noon came woi'd that Kansas, Republican' to! '*ie core, had defeated Senator Henry J.. Allen, Intimate friend and defender, of President Hoover, elect- Ing George McOlll, a Democrat, tha first time within memory a. Republican had been refused-'a'senate ««t except In the 1913 'progressive party split. Senator'Capper; hbw- ever, running for the .long'term. . J \ had a long lead. -• \ Few of the reverses Jiave..como,.'as r ( cto*» • fo' • Mr. -'Hoover'- n a th e' Allen • .fjj defeat.' Just a few minutes before 1;1 Allen publicly conceded 'defeat his- '•'] intimate friend in thenVhlte'Hou'se ?j was advised of it'by long distance -j; telephone from Kansas. 1 "•• '.'. 'j Severe as this blow from .the heart of the Republican wheat belt manifestly was, there were others In this category and still more were- so doubtful as to be within-the realm of possible upsets for the ad^ ministration parly. • .i". Chane* to Wn Senate - -\ r . At rioon there was a strong chance that if the Democrats..did not actually win the senate-,It would hang by one vote, giving-the only farmer-labor senator, Herf r drlck Shtpstead of Minnesota,, the Tile druggist promptly admlnls- j decisive, vote. Hitherto he has-altered antidotes and summoned physician. The youth was removed Democratic gains cut hugely Into i to the general hospital only to leap the majority achieved by the Re- i from an open window and rush to'- putllcons In the Hoover landslide | ward the river banks. He was cap- of 1028. Democrats were assured I lured and returned to the hospital. of 183 seats, and had good prospects for IBS and an outside chance to attain the 218 required for a majority.. Republicans had won at mid-day i In 138 contests with probabilities' favorin? them In 215 districts. Minnesota chose one farmer- labor ccinrcssman. The great majority by which! McCalTs Condition Is Reported Critical Today E. Juden, Dem., 5191. 'presiding;| aoinlnlstration leaders controlled ; county Judge, J. H. Henderson, jRep., 5261; J. H. McFarland, Dem., the house during the past two years was gone oast recovery, what- 5316. Ji'd?e of the county ccurt, . ever ma y be the outcome of the <*"> as yet uncertain. H ap- cd certain rebellious western I First. • »i i I r-i ir.rsc. cn'irin.. uscar Wltkerson, >••">• in Nebraska tlection I Rep., 2m; John H. news, Dem., 'P eari .2023.' Judge of the county court, ! R fP l publicans In the hcuse could Join i Emma Kate Richards on Main street yesterday, was reported In p critical condition ' at tne Baptist hospital in Memphis.this morning. The Injured man is said to have rested well last night, but his condition was regarded as serious by physicians. He has fractured pelvic bones, lacerations and bruises. min or Drives Hunters Off Island ! - when'two or three 'boy's en-1 ;embling a boiling pot.'with a cone! cn ether amendments. ,, " Includes vote of four precincts Ml,,,, A,l m ;t c addition to 17 included In vote ; rt " en rtom "S noon ttrert the building by prying open; rising in the center, GarcH Island' ~- deer am- ravaged the far west in the Aleutian chain, pro-1 r r I 1 store, sents a weird sight to tailors pass-1 i T'-rT.'SS Oj LVf.'i IhU is tlKiight to be the same in^ the Andrean of Islands. i r" 1 '. ,—\ C.",-, ;r ,, fang wi-.o i us previously broken GanolDl has been in more or less : ' "" "' Into tr-veral [tore?, dw.llin'.s ar.d'of a turbulent stage as long as i by - -- the bate Judge, Charlie D. Travis, I other remained to bo won In r«p., 53)4: n. B, Panders. Dem.,I Pennsylvania. Illinois, Ohio. Indl- 5273. Collector, Charles G. Ross, ana, Kentucky and Missouri. 1 Rep., 5C34; D. Deri Holly, Dem., 5007. Circuit clerk, John W. Asher,: „„ Former Italian Premier. Ousted by II Duce, Dies 1 WICHITA. Kans.. Nov. 5. (UP) — •Senator Henry J. Allan, in a l:!;- and. Rep., 5152; E S. Huffman, 5638. Trcasurer. Isaac 5JSO; Robert C. 19 vjSl in TCH ! McKay. 59 ' JACKSONVILLE, old timers can remember, but its \ Gill. Democrat, congratulated . , 1 ; °' :nc . Lak5 , streDl - latter on his victory and con::ded Green n»m ' ' present state of activity is greater^ Mctn:dijt church, taken to the an- | his mvn defeats, .than it has even been. ,"'»' llorlh Arkansas conference at' WBCMM Cehnty Holds . ! ^ s ^y ^« S J H-VjS.^J'S &' Ahsent-Minded Professor ihclnhcatian Record h.^dri^, and ,„ ( %£*£ !> !r^<"^ i L-cfrin* in Wrong Room ^f^ j^^^^\^\^ c ^. WAU8AU. Wls., ,UP)-M a ratho, ! .The isbni appears to b, the top: ,^'.' ^™«>J^*^ ^ ' BERKELEY.!^ (UP)-There', *»*.£* city, limit,.' V I Fact* was premier at the time n?niti Mi'ssollnl led his fascists in their famous march on Rome and . . . - - - - established a dictatorship. .. Inspector and demanded i.r be sent _ to Atlanta panltoitlarv. rj, .. «,, . . "I served one term ir. Atlanta * UrnstllCS Checking j penitentiary and I liked It there. I Jktfa From Library HI clerka'at'Boston-poSrherd-i^ 10 '^ f"*^ "Ivf" rtVi - —•-- • - *..**. my Qjd JQ\J back. WhtTt do I _,, »T13., v U r I .Mill ItLJIU-l- * "*- t-J« -• •*«-: n|*^-«-»w \v v. \iic lUlj ... . ... . . T)T?T3l< uiinly holds the record today of,of a hine mountain extending iip-: tori - Mlar >'-, folding r.dcr and BER* Mv'ng a Center mileage of ward from the ocean floor At- "nfcren^ clr.lms have been paid somethi flcctrinca.lon than any ot!-ar c-un- Ihough increased activity lui b;cn !"J 11 ' 1 lh , e Chu1rc " o««alng ha-, ^ny ly in the United States, according noted en all volcanic islands in (he ' '"^ ^ rci.ecoraied aad Improve-, ^ °^ !" n claim or county Acent W. J. ncinity. and several earthquake "" ;nt5 '°..' °? 3r ?? na !° " CU(le , re " '• mt ^.j have been (ell, disturbance. and the erection of I- -s'r Oi 370 miles of electric pow.->: line- and the servicing of approximately 30 per cent of the fnrm? with power. Power service HOUSES GKT IRISH HAY BELFAST. Ire., (UP)-Irlsh hay taken to the United ~ .cnsncerng problem. OLD CHURCH IS MOVED HASTINGS, N. Y, (UP)-After cd i~ Hun n vats On one tpot, the ' Those who use Wldener Library of tortal [lower c[ the mauve Governor's Air Gun ,, Whereas. 125 volumes wero miss as HeHln of Alabama, whose negro Tex. <UP>— Anyone can, icthlng in the old gags after all- JI*^ lts J lv " tan :any « time, Professor Stuart H,^ 1 ^ 1 ,. f ™". wmeermg prooiem. AUSTIN. Tex. (IJPI-Anyone can AUSTIN, Tex, (UP' -G Pr-mptod by a student, he blush- bul!d a railroad but It Is more dif- ' Dan Moody U rlddnu :lw 1, salt! "I mua be in lhe wrong ficult to provide a grove of cotton- j executive mansion cf ra:s. ^m," and left. The students wood trees. So at the insistence of Uring R small n'.rji-r. h, Irilte ,r,«a«d from 77 rural customers Svnh ^--t™™ W^c!T • ^7 fTa neT ^ ^ » ^ ^ <T t °">" "*" ^ ™£ *'"'»«• < ™™"& t«£ Z'to^t. 'the ^ nvc years ago to ^"ofCS ^^:^^l^^^^,^^^^^ ^ ^^°^°^^ ^T^ %?Z.*<^ ^Fe^lw^v h,s i rnamlon, dating back to the time •VF.ATMFR clan. Mark Hanna. will i among those present. . - .— 6,700 sportimn.1. Is entering In New York'ing. a fina!l frams one, was orect- fnvin, in county in 1930, j and Toronto jumping events. |e('. In 18G8. by an-ther professor, which wns detoured its line into Mexico; of Sam H'Uiton has many what they had come for. around Wilson'* eottonwood grove. | Ing places for th: rodents. ways voted with the Republicans In, matters of perrdanent organization of the senate. . ••'.•«_ Democratic control of the senate wn"'d o\erlurn control of Uie powerful committees and, • because of the extreme, latitude of debite and (procedure in'that body, their, piw- legislation. Influence •ol.loj.- eign affairs, and In the tremendous power of confirming or • rejecting Harvey McCall, local farm imple- presidential appointments It would ment salesman, who was seriously an event of vastly more far- Injured when an auto he was driv- i reaching consequence 1 lhan'-.a Ing crashed into one driven by Miss i change in control of the weaker house. Democrats also elected thcir;Een- ators and ousted Republicans in Massachusetts, West Virginia, Colorado, Oklahoma, apparently 'in Ohio, and even possibly in So'ulh Dakota, in addition to lost night's victories in Illinois and In the un- co"tested southern states. McCall Is expected to be removed ! Even In Montana, where Repnb-. to Dr. Campbell's Clinic for fur-' licans threw their full force to de- ther treatment. '• feat Senator Walsh, exposer ofTe.a- pot Dome, running a wet against him, Democrats held their ground. They had feared for Walsh. In Iowa, which they wrote ofl as a dead loss weeks ago. Senator. TURIN Italv Nov 5 (UP) - Steck ' C*" 10 ""'' was " mnln S c ^ ss ,1, J.',. ?*' »°!'l,.. 1 "^ ,7 with still a remote chance ot coin- Wets Gain Victoriss Prohibition played a fateful part in some of the contests, contributing to the defeat of dry Republican senatorial candidates in Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio, and figuring in rcferendums in Massachusetts. Illinois and Rhode Island. , Drys los' by large margins In lhe/ ARKANSAS —Fair, colrhf, frost Pure radium Is not h:mlnottr, ( "nt nr'bably freezing temperature Tlie faint glow from tubes of rn- Itonight; Thursday fair. . ]ilium salts comes from ImpuriUos,

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