The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1939
Page 8
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EIGHT 'IE LINE' (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS "Backdoor Highway" Supplies Chinese Army Native Built Highway Used To Transport Munition: and Supplies BY GEORGE A FITCH NEA Service Special Correspond enl .CHUNGKING, West China'. <« mail)— I have Just- traveled over n great part of (lie now lire line read China !ms opened to (he west 'Part' of it ; ls the hazardous route Marco Polo followed cenfurles HBO bul loiiay China is using it as a. buck-door highnay to bring In despcralely needed supplies mid munitions that the Japanese have cut oil from the east. Tills roaU Is an engineering marvel, winding ami climbing more than HOO miles through steep mountains, so 'lough that only pony caravans Imve crossed thorn before. It links this new Chinese capital. Chungking, with the nuv- mese border, Mandniniy, nnd the port at. Rangoon, liidia IlUlLT BY NATIVES . . it «as laid out, surveyed and built entirely, by native labor; constructed in less Ihan a year. It was cut through ancient pa«.?- .cs— some 8000 ,fcet high— willio'iit a single piece of road-building equipment, other than bul)(jck carts to Imul'attny rock and stone rollers to smooth the surface. Traveling from Kunming, Yun- nan, to this city, I covered lucre than half of tills new road, sitting on gasoline, cases in a truck, Kith my suitcase at my back, Counting delays •and 'stops 'In dingy hotels, some where Die tats frisked about nil night, It took nearly two weeks. s \Ve rode from 7:30' In 'the morning to There 200100 600 700 Slioding Indlcotes oreo occupied by Jap- NEW RAILWAYS Under construction by link Chinese, railroads Kunming with Lashlo, in Burmo, and Suifu, on up, per Yangtze river. -jij Kwelyong . . Canton Kunming Soor/i China Sea • PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 22. (OP)-A relatively sharp spurt, In the scheduled steel making rale Tor this week brought a rally Into stocks loday after the Hat had drilled lower in - , °»e of the dullest sessions .since last Twenty One Also Injured Jmie ' Anaconda Copper 24 Associated D. G . 7 Beth. Steel .'. 51 Boeing Air 22 "' ' fiG !25 Chrysler Coca Cola Genera) Electric "34 3-0 In Louisiana And Mississippi Crashes NEW ORLEANS, May 22 (UP)— Three persons were killed and 21 Injured In Louisiana and Missis- «-—— ~,~.w ji J-H sippl automobile accidents over the General Motors .." . . . M 1-4 weekend.' , Int. Harvester 53 3-4 Miss Hilda Moulon, 24. Lafay- Mont. Ward 48 1-4 te, was killed when nn auloinoblle driven by Hnrold Pcrrodln, 20, of .»^«.v Rayne went out, ol control on a Phillips go sharp curve nenr Opeloiisas. Miss I Radio . o 3-B Lydia Hebert, 19, Lafayette, Lamra "-' ISrlgnac, 27. of Rayne and Pcircdin MONDAY, MAY 22 1939 Livestock . N. V. Central ........ ' . 14.3.3 Packard ........... 33-8 86 were Injured. Eighteen persons were injured, 133.4 Schenley Simmons Hocony Vacuum 12 On above map. china's new backdoor highway Irom Chungking, the capital, to Burma Is indicated y heavy broken line. Also shown are railroads which .will open new nrea in west China ' Shad»d ires represents extent- of Japanese occupation of Chine. ; '.-""!•. 8:20 al nlglil one <5ny. 28 consecutive hair has arranged for 1000 pones to carry gasoline along the oute of the proposed new railway from Kunming to Si;ifu,. on the. Yangtze river above Chung- king. Each pony will carry two cases 'holding 20 gallons at a cost iiitii: \\uiv • /o consecutive najr- v-oato nujum£ ^u giiiiuiis at a cosi> pin turns at one stretch of the °' 530 per pony in Chinese money, highway. Twice we were held up -Bui even this is preferable to for hours by slippery ascents^.plane •transportation. Bngjjugc by finrP !lt. n nltir-ft «rlinf,n '« * ,-it,i)» l.^jl < nit" rn^l« Ifi rtmt<: unr i-irMlii/l mul once at a place where n truck had, only n few minutes before, skidded off the road and crnsncd down an embankment. We covered only 113 miles in that Interval. Yet, ovei this road a fighting China expects to transport the air costs 70 cents per pound and may be shot down .en roule. Still aviation business Is so brisk that ships nre scheduled ti full month in advance. Such Is the tempo these ilays in western China, where the gov- stippllc'; that she hopes may crnment is settling down for anew eventually turn the tide in her: defensive. Everything radiates struggle with Japan. Those siip-ifrom Chungking, the nn w capital, plies arc landed al the port of located at the head of the mighty Rangoon, Bui ma, 3100 miles His- .Yangtze gorges and on the thrcs- tanl, then trucked over the high- hold of the country's richest most way, as yet scarcely wide enough populous province for two vehicles to pass In most places. t I was fortunale, (01 thai: innt- . ter, to he making the trip to Chungking at all. For the transportation problem In this new frontier of China is staggering. Shoved back into this westernmost province, Szcchwan, the Chinese literally are. falling over themselves—refugees, soldiers, civilians. TRAVEL PROBLEMS Buses from Kvrelynng to Chung- king are booked' to July. Planes make the trip frequently but are delayed by air raids. Travelers nrc driven lo extreme measures to get about—as in the case of the Englishman I saw in Kunming. . Accompanied by two servants, he had come all the way from Rangoon, some 1500 miles, in an ordinary taxi. Fortunate for the taxi, there was another passenger waiting to take it back! Transporting freight is even more difficult. Everything must. go by truck — and tracks arc scarce. American business representatives are finding it necessary to pay as much as $1200 in Chinese currency j-cr ton of freight. Tills is because Ihc government needs every available facility. So serious has the problem become that one of the American oil companies operating in west Together with Yunlnn and Kwelchow In the southwest. Szcch- waii ; mil H finite recently was considered lob' remote and inaccessible..^ command much attention. But there has been n transformation. . - • AREA OF OPPORTUNITY The new niirmese-Ohungklns road Is being Improved by thousands of coolies — safeguarded nnd widened. .Pine cantilever bridges nre swinging- into place nt • some points Englneeis have just broken ground tor two now railways, each more than 100 miles in length. One will' connect Kunming, capital of Yunnan, with Suitu on the upper Yangtze. The other will go from Kun- ming to Uishlo on the Burmese border, both to be completed within two yetirs. 'Hie Burma motor road and these railroads will shorten the distance from Europe nnd India to West China by more than 20CO miles. 'Finally, branch roads to other Important parts arc getting under way. Despite the war, China Is building seven railroads lu nil. So opening of the west becomes China's newest concern. It may decide China's future. Little Girl In Care Of Mrs. Frank Conway . An , 11-year-old girl, principal stale witness against n number of men and her stepmother accused in connection with alleged sexual mistreatment of the girl. Is in the care of Mrs. Prank Conway, supervisor of the home for the aged at the counly farm for the present. II was erroneously staled In the Courier News recently that the child was slaying with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conwny. Mr. Conway died several years ago. Cantrell To Be Given Hearing On Tuesday Preliminary hearing for Lonnio Cnnlrcll, 10, who Is accused ot burglary and grand larceny, will be held tomorrow morning, it was announced today. ! " The Blytheville youth, who was arrested nt Steelc Thursday 'afternoon, admitted to officers that Wednesday night he stole a new automobile from the Sony-Perry iVfotor company and some money froln Miss Whllsitt's shop and: attempted to burglarize the Liberty Cash Grocery, Rite Price Grocery, Hubbnrd Hardware store and Sliib- ley's Wholesale company. It was announced at (lie lime that lie admitted stealing merchandise from Liberty's but It was later disclosed Hint he did not enter the store nfler opening the skylight. He tolrl officers tliat he decided not to burglarize the other firms after the jumps from the skylights were too great. Constipated? "For 30 years I Jia<! constipation, awful CAS bloating, headaches and back rains AdlcriVra helped right away. t Now, 1 «a sausage, bananas, pie, anything I warn Ncvff felt heller. 1 ' Mrs. Mabel Scboit. ADLERIKA Klrby Bros. Drug Co. Wife Of Man Killed On Road Asks $25,000 A total ol $25,000 damages, $15000 actual and $10,000 punitive, Is sought by Mrs. Edmi Norman, administra- trix of the estate of her deceased husband, S. T. Norman, In a suit filed In circuit court against w. I. Osborne. Mrs. Norman charges that the fatal injury of her husband, when struck by Osborne's automobile on Standard of N. J. Teas Corp none seriously, when a truck carry-, it ., a ^ n , ing 00 New Orleans picnickers over- IU. S Steel turned at Henderson Point, Miss. Mrs. Corn Mcnnnnt, 77 was seriously injured by a lilt, and run driver yesterday in Key/ Orleans At Charity, she was found to be suffering from a 42 1-4 38 5-B 45 5-3 . , in,, May 22. I—Hogs: 15,000 Top. 6.00 "0-230 Jbs., C.SO-OBO 140-160 Ibs,, 0.15-8.40 Bulk sows, 5,25-C.CO Cattle: 3,500 Steers, ,8.25-9.25 . Slaughter steers, 7 75-12 35 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 820-935 Slaughter heifers, 125-10->5 ' Beef cows, 5.00-G.OO Cutlers and low cutters, 7,75-12.25 Joiner Service Station Employe Seriously Burned Memphis, Tcnn., May 22-Tiurned >'?." a easoltnc tank at his filling station exploded Saturday night* P. M. Notgrass, -14, of Joiner Ark couplings linking the cars w the rest of the train, before it hail halted completely at U p, )n tag station which, is oil a slope TJuY cars, of which" 11 were fully loaded-' with logs, started slowly backward down the slope nnd soon they were hurtling,down sleep garden gra'les at 00 miles un hour. Only the fiat country around Lorcto eventually hailed their wild run. There was a narrow escape from an almost certain wreck when truck of uno car jumped the rails and was jerked back Into position again, Bead Courier News want ads. I stm scflous New York Cotton , , B .„,,*![ „ ,, (It tU I til 1>UI(.UI ilglH hip. a possible skull fracture and general body contusions. j»i y ., August Coins and Benjamin pet ... Stern, both negroes, were killed Dec when their automobile went, out of Jnn control on the outskirts of New Mai- Orleans yesterday, Two negro men' May and a negro woman were Injured. , NEW YORK, May 22 (UP) fractured • Cotton closed steady Live Stock Market Is Planned At Jonesboro JONESBORO, Ark., May 22.— Plans for establishing a llvcstoc'-i market In Jonesboro began to take definite shape at a meeting at the ""••' Chamber of Commerce rooms here|° ct Friday evening. J. L. Moss, Industrial agent for the Cotton Bell open high low 872 873 7(10 787 705 1SG 774 703 7BC 7C5 7S6 760 759 7CG 7CO 700 758 Close 813 794-5 774 TCSn 7GB 1Kb Spots closed nominal at !TO, off 3. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 22. <UP) — Cotton futures' closed steady today off 30c to up 35c a bale. railroad, met with members of the Chamber livestock committee and board ot directors to consider plans for (he market. The Chamber is studying several different plans for financing the erection of stockyards and other facilities that would cost aboul $35,000. Definite announce;men(s as to the future of the project are expected within the next 'few weeks. May .,*.n^n. «7jr vjauuiuL.*> amomoune on » • .>• n Highway Gi, south of Biytheviiie, Leachville Pleased on Dec. 20, 1938 was due to Os- «r-,i n j- i C L' home's negligence. She further " ltrl KadlSH Shipments borne's negligence. She further charges wanton negligence as the basis for her claim for punitive damages. Claude P. Cooper Is attorney for the plaintiff. '. City Studies Malnutrition '•'••''" ST. LOUIS (UP)—The "Boar;]''of Education has ordered an investi- gallon , of malnutrition nnd other bodily impairments among •chiH drcn living In the central business and Industrial district, here to determine tile connection of health with more than the usual amount of failures throughout -the area. ' LEACHVILLE, Ark., May 2.-A banner week in which 39 cars of radishes were shipped from Leachville, closed tiie radish season for 1939 here. This was the first year in which radishes were grown for commercial purposes in this community and (lie project proved so successful that ,n much larger acreage is expected for next .year. According (o Uie records of those in charge of the shipping the growers received $12,001, while ap- pioximalely $2,000 was paid the laborers at the shipping plant and 440 tons of Ice were used in the packing. July Dec Jan open high low close 881 881 874 878-9 197 804 191 804 781 769 May 784 1G9 710 . 777 780 709 770 717 784-5 717-9 777-8 Spots closed quiet at 943, off 7. Chicago Wiieat open 80 high 81 1-4 July 74 3-B 15 1-8 low elosz 79 7-8 BO 1-2 -81 1-4 74 14 1-8 July Chicago Corn open high low clos° 50 50 1-8 4fl 1-4 50 5-8 50 7-8 50 3-8 48 1-4 50 3-8 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For , Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service <HV M M - dny. Mr. Nolgrass suffered second degree burns on his hands, ar neck nnd shoulders. rms Freight Cars Run Wild Like In Movie Thriller SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO Av- gcnllne (UP)-Pourlecn cars broke loose from n freight train In this Argentine province and traveled along 30 miles of track l>efor- came to a standstill. they A shunting worker loosened ihe The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pitls THIS BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PJltS A new edition of an illustrated book has just been published by the Thornton & Minor Clinic—the world's oldest institution specializing in (he treatment of piles and other recta) affliction.';. This book explains why recin! disorders fre- sucnlly cause such common nil-,, menU as headaches, nervousness, J stomach and liver (roubles. Upoints out the danger of neglecting even u minor case of piles . . . shows how malignant and incurable con- ililions may result. The mild treatment ul Thornton ft Minor Clinic, by hlch more than 50,1100 men and . women have been relieved during ;° .he past 62 years, and which requires no hospltalization or the use of radical surgery, is fully cx- jlained. If you are nfflieled, send :or a copy of this frank and informative book which will be sent you in plain wrapper absolutely 'rce. Address Thornton & Minor 311nlc, Suit 1019, 920 McGee St., Kansas City, Missouri. Freshly Churned COUNTRY BUTTER AND BUTTERMILK Produced in our big new churn just installed. It's Delicioiisl Delivered Daily CRAIG'S DAIRY Phono 74 WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Bring to Our Blytheville or Gosnell Gin R. B. HUGHES GI8 C(K JorMore Smoking Pleasure Visitors Day WITH The public is most cordially invited to visit our plant WEDNESDAY, MAY 24th, 1939. We are anxious for you to visit us and see how Coca-Cola is bottled. Hours: 9 a.m. to 9p.m. Blytheville, Ark. Bottling Co Ash and Elm-Sts. MISS DOROTHY QUACKENBUSH (Win Amtrifem Aviolion oH cho/ming T. \V, A. hotttntt, it o your j«r/ice el«or ocroir tfi* country. ijhi 1959,1 IMITT it MnM Timeco Co, ' Dorothy Quackenbush, with her smile and her Chesterfields, keeps smokers happy from coast to coast, icsterfield's happy combination of the world's best tobaccos gives smokers just what they want in a cigarette. . . refreshing mildness, better taste, more pleasing aroma. When you try them you will know why Chesterfields give millions of men and women more Smoking pleasure., . why THRY SA TISl'Y

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