The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 1«, X-1KK.T OOUkUUl MEW THf NATION Economic and Arms Programs, Plus Pacts and Other Plans All Aimed at Bringing World Unity By J&MM Mulow WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. W>—By this time you may be getting dizzy trying to follow all the international plans, pacts and programs. The Marshall plan, the Atlantic pact, amis for Europe, the Council of Europe, Western Federation. What do they mean? Tney mean—except for Western* Federation, when Is something in when the future—just this: The nations of the Western world are teaming up in one way or another. Take the plans one by obe: The Marshall plan—This is economic help which the United States Is giving in 16 nations to help them recover from the , war and stand off communism. They are Britain.' Prance, Western Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, .Greece, Norway, Sweden, Trieste, ttTurkey, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland. The Atlar^ic pacrl—under this, a military alliance, the following 12 nations agree to go to one another's help If they're attacked: United States, Canada, Belgium, Britain, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, The arms program—Under this the U.S.—if congress approves—wtll help arm its partners in the Atlantic pact, or some of them, so they could withstand a Russian attack for a while. Congress has begun debate, it's expected to approve. Council Not a Defense Agency The Council of Europe—Thirteen European nations taking psM. The council can't really do any thing Its job Is limited to debate an recommendations on political, cultural and some economic matters. It cannot discuss defense prob- ; lems. That's a job for the Atlantic ' pact countries. The 13 nations taking part are: Britain, France, Italy. Belgium. Netherlands. Sweden. Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey, The council is really a parliament of nations, Europe's first. It's the outgrowth of the European unity movement begun by Winston Churchill in 1946. The council can't enforce anything, so its findings on whatever ^^t examines can. only be recommendations. That's another way of saying this: No nation which has joined it has yielded any of its own sov- erignty- That is. no nation or group of nations in the council can tell any other member-nation what It must do. The council Is divided Into two bodies: a committee of ministers (a cabinet) and a consulative assembly ta parliament.) Censorship Irks Some Members Each member nation of the council is" allowed one delegate—its own foreign minister—in the committee of ministers. This committee can limit and control the matters to be discussed by the assembly. In the assembly there's alreadj some opposition to this rigid censorship by the committee of ministers. In the assembly—which is free only to approve or disapprove matters put before it by the minister —there are more than 100 members or delegate, from the member- nations. The number of delegate, from each country depends upon Its size. The council started meeting Aug. 8. v This may be the first step toward if real union of the countries a Western Europe. Federation—A number of resohi tions have been introduced in Congress this year, urging various kind of union among nations. They range from suggestions that a limited number of Western na- ions unite, somewhat as the United tales are united, to a union of all the members of the United Nations. No action • ran be expected in Congress before next year. Hear- ng.s on the resolutions may atari n the senate in January. Chancellor Jails TwoforContempf Failure to Pay Alimony and Support Minors Brings Action Chancellor Francis A. Cherry of Jonesboro in Chancery Court here erria y orde re d to ni en sent Lo Jail i'or contempt oi court, one for alleged refusal to pay alimony, and the other a? a result of failure to pay support for the benefit oi a dependent child. Woodrow Wilson Scott was held in of court in connection vith a divorce case in which a de- ree iiac* been granted to Prances Louise Scott several months ago. Tn the case of Willie B. Lucas hi vas in contempt for failure to pay or the support of his child in CILS- otly of Opal Marie Lucas. At the conclusion oi yesterday's Mirt session, which was a one-clay adjourned term. Chancellor Cherry adjourned court until the opening of the September term on Septem- jer 26, except ior a session September 2, on that day he will hear the •emainder of testimony to be pre- seated in a case in which the members of the Wes t End Mission a ry Baptist Church seek to enjoin their pastor from continuing his connec- •ion with the church. The hearin- was started last week but court recessed because of illness of the defendant's attorney. Cases hoard yesterday Included: Bemile Fatten vs. Lydia Mae Patton divorce and custody of children to defendant, William Nail vs. Hazel NaJl; divorce and custody of child to defendant, Mrs D.L Cagle vs. D.L. Caale; divorce to plaintiff and custody of children- Gladys May Driskell vs. James R. Driskell ;divorce to plaintiff and custody of child. Winnona Patterson Is may vs. Joseph -Istnay, Jr.; divorce to plaintiff. Glen M. Bailey vs. Vera May Bailey, divorce to plaintiff. Fannie Russell vs. Robert Russell; ! divorce to plaintiff. j Iva smith vs. Roy Smith; divorce j to plaintiff and custody of child. tegro Leaders Plan Fair Exhibit MEETTHEMRS. - Mrs. Jeanne Par ham will represent her home city, Atlanta, Ga.. in the IHh annual ''Mrs. America" contest to be held at Asbury Park, N. J. ( on Sept. 10-11- Contestants, competing for $6000 in prizes, will be judged not only on pulchritude but also on their ability to whip up a batch of doughnuts. County Agents Aid In Preparations for District Exposition Tti« Negro exhibit building will carrying a full house at Ihe Northeast Arkansas District Fair, which opens al BlythevUle September X George S, Stewart, Negro county agent from Osceola, U supervising the exhibits, and said today that the show would center about the heme. "Eastern Arkansas pro- vitles." The KCKTO exhibits have boon rti- vlded into seven classes of exhfbi- tors, and are open to 4-H Chib Bnys and Negro Partners of America men, 4-H Club girls, home economics women, home economics girls home demonstration women am community women. Entries in one division will not compel* with the other.s Mary M. Banks is superinlc-hJeiH of the women's exhibit. She ts home (temoiislration agent for Mississippi County Negro [arm women. The building and grounds for the exhibits are already being prepared by A. E Lester, A. C. Boone and Paiil Schumpart, A.E Wiley, M. B. Wilson and N. Ma bins are to direct the education and heal'h exhibits; Schumpart ana William Hoskplns, poultry; Geneva Hirawny .community projects. Mary Banks. George Stewart and Mary A. Whitficld will be in clinrge of 4-H exhibits featuring home demonstration and farm improvement. Vocational agricultural exhibits will be under the supervision of S W. Allen, A. E. Lester and J. L. Douglas Home economics displays are to Katk MMll NU SUM WfK« Take a Good Windup, Ma, And Pitch Statistical Strike! A recent maguinc poll uncovered some interesting sUU&tln on just hov well house-broken the American husband Is. According to the ficurc* thus brough to light M.8 per cent of the 2390 husbands who answered an American Magazine poll do the dishei with some degree of regularity. Fifty-three per cent sometimes get their own br«»kJasf. J».1 per cent know hov to cook a meal, and 42,» per cent admit they scrub a floor now and then. Now there's a report American women will probably read with even greater Interest than tt» recent Kinsey report. At least, judging from the mail I get from wives, the number one complaint husbands hasn't anything to do with ex or morals. The number one complaint in my mall Is that the husband Is % no-good, lazy loafer around the house. Generality Ii a Deadlier Weapon So I'm afraid the American hut- banda who don't ever lend a hand around home are going to have some statistic* thrown at them. The statistics will be tempting to women—there'! no doubt about H. It's much more shaming to announce that 94,9 per c'*"' of husbands help with the dishes than to argue that John Smith all-ays helps Mary. Cause Papa'i retort to any specific is: "Ye»h. and look at him. How would you like to i married to HIM?" But juat In case the itatUHcs don't aha me a lazy husband Into mending his ways, a wife ought not to let them make, her leel ahe suffering alone when ahe tackles a sink full of dirty dishes, without any offer of help, or drags herself ottt of bed to get a helpless husband'* breakfast. Let her take another look »t those statistic*. It says Ml p,, c , nt o f husbands do the -llshes with some degree of regularity. Once a year on Mother's Day could S- called some degree of regularity. Fifty-three per cen' sometimes get their own breakfast. Probably when Mama ts In the hospital hav Ing another baby. Thirty-eight per cent know how to whip up a meal. But how often do they demonstrate? As for those husbands who claim they scrub a floar now mud then 1 Well, a floor e*a fa* between • huabsad's BOW tat fee*. So use the *Utt*t!e* «• your to*. band. But If they 4esVt him don't M 'em Weak WOBM! Put Vigor ta"Uf« Straw* Vow ** tat' tour biaod. ] 4MMWC 'M Bl -At au drug itona *?« Bljta.TUi.. at Kirby e> Woo*. Dn».- be entered with Carrie B. Aiilhimy and R. C. Nutm. SHRUBBERY We otTe- a complete line of Stark Landscaping plants and trees. Order now for Pall planting Stark's 131 years experience in this field .assures your getting the most for your money. Allow us to give you a free estimate Telephone 554 today. BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES COMPANY PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET 1044 Chickasowba Avenue Telephone 2043 IN BETTER Washington. Oregon, Montana and Idaho have 20 per cent of U. S. tr'iroetecLrte power and half the estimated undeveloped potential. Read Courier News Want Ads. " AT PENNEYS - - - Another One Day Sell - Out! ! ! On Sale Friday 9 A.M. 45 Gauge Full Fashioned NYLON HOSE 50 pair FIRST QUALITY ----AS ALWAYS! ! ! Supply it limited—so be on hand early Tomorrow Morning. . . . A.LL SIZES , . . . . . FALL SHADES . . . aupf*- \. -— ayffi FOODS 1 FRESH PEAS Vita Best I Black Eyes I Crowders » Purple Hulls 6 PARKAY OLEO - - - - - ib. 18c Fresh COUNTRY EGGS - - • du. 57c 6 Triangles in Container, Imported SWISS CHEESE 79c Carnation or PET MILK 6 tan cans 69c AH Popular Brands COFFEE rt ib. 53c FRESH DRESSED POULTRY EVERY DAY Del Monte Sliced PEACHES 2 N M£ 69° vSugar Glen SYRUP (. S oz. Jic Bottle 41 AH Popular Brands in Vae- poc tins Excellent quality Baby Beef RIB ROAST ,65 CHUCK ROAST ,,49 SHOULDER CLOD ,59 Baby Beef LOIN or ROUND STEAK ,79 Fresh, Tender Cteverlwf • RFFF I IVPP CC C POWDMIIK 9 9Q< Dttruft » Lb .DO • WWIV. mikn t boxes £9 Economical, END CUTS All flavors, JELLO PUDDING or DAD If PUADC CC C JELLO 3 «Q C "vKKviwrd Lb DD All flavors JUNKET SHERBERT MIX 9 90 •"•1 t boxes fcW Godchaux SUGAR 11^* Any brami, large si/.e SOAP POWDER Balh & Toilel Deodorant Bar Z5 I Balh & Toilel Deo DIAL SOAP CANNING SUPPLIES Chime fr«m ttmr e«m- plflf seteelkn nf JUT c«p«. wide-«mth and rtt»Ur jun, p>r«rn». Jar rinn >i>4 Ndi «n4 titter canine BABY, ITS COOL INSIDE! INSIDE THE RiTZ THKTRE T&VI CcmdittonecL -BY REFRIGERATION Yes, come out of (he heat. Enjoy the delirious coolness Inside the Kitz Theater on these hot summer days and nighU —(he realty pleasant coolness that comes from Refrigeration Air-Conditioning. Enjoy the fresh, hot popcorn in the lobby concession... as well as ice-cold coke* and soft drinks, gum, candy and other refreshments. And enjoy the excet lent movies brought to you by Blytheville's First Run Theater the Ritz. COMING ATTRACTIONS Aug. 24, 25, 28—Wed., Thurs., Fri. GOOD OLE SUMMERTIME • Judy Garland and Van Johnson Aug. 28, 29—Sun. Mon. TAKE ONE FALSE STEP William Powell and Shelly Winters August 30, 31—Tues. Wed. BIG JACK Wallace Beery CANADIAN PACIFIC Randolph Scott and John Wyatl THE CHAMPION Kirk Douglass and Marilyn Maxwell CALAMITY JANE AND SAM BASS Yvonne DeCarlo and Howard Duff RITZtHiAtRf BY REFRIGFR&TION

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