The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 28, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 296 BlythevllJe Courier, Blythevllle Dally V Blythevllte Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. HLYTI1KV1LLK, AltKANSAS, SATURDAY, I-'KKHUAUY 26, I'M SINGLE Roc! Cross Drouth Relief Program Is Drawing to a Close Distribution of 1,750 packages of garden seed among families who have been helped by the Red Cross in the Chicknsawba district of Mississippi county was nearing completion today, marking one of the final phases of a drouth relief pro- Biarn through which food or other help has been extended to 3.500 families. Involving a cash ex.iedi- liire of nearly $00,000, besides the seed and two car loads of donated foodstuffs. Relief Task Near End With planting season at handj the time hns arrived when farmer. 1 ; who expect to produce crops this year must make .their financing arrangements. and the Red Cross regards its task as practically at an end. Whether or not there will- be nny help extended after today in. the Chickasawba district is still unsettled, but representatives of .the national Red Cross have advised the local chapter that if any further appropriation is made it will be sufficient only to care for a small percentage of the families now receiving aid. for a short tion labor will be helped by the and for them only time. No planta- Who Cami If It "Ain't Gonna Rain No More"? j j]|[ ifl^. ! m TIMES FDR barrels a day. Ihe artist having Alabama Solons Demand 'Loggers Give Full Phil Sim Worshiper R>ches Follow Drculli and Depression in Region Surrounding Longvicw. j i!> NEA Service l.ONGVIEW. Tex. — The above photograph shows a typical daily production of from 30,000 to 40,000 of gold which Is indeed very literal. At Hie right, below, came In and who, as soon as the well and holdings were sold for $3,500,000. quit .ills job. slacken and penullcsK—uml then (hoy struck oil I Liinil owners of northeast Texas, calloused by misfortune, uro tempted to. plncli ilioniselvrs lo sec If they really are awake. 11 is difficult for them to realize that Matlicr Nature'(it. last Is milking iiintiuls jfor the. adversity s'uc has dealt then>..Yct It must be true, for millions of dollars arc belni; handed them for oil leases, and experts tell them that their flekl already Is the j largest In the country and promises .to. be one of the mcatcsl. Picturesque among Ibes? who liave profited by the Filmier ol 'black gold" Is :«alco!m Crlm. keeper of the general store at the village of Kilgore, near here. He still smokes a corncob pipe and wears a eather coat, though oil made lilm a millionaire al.nost overnight. . For years ,Cflm had financed a lot of farmers who were MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Feb. •>». j(UP>—The Alabama legislature has aken note of the "slio.l pint" being sold by bootleggers and by u resolution lias called ou the gov?r- nor lo aii|x>lnl u commission "to remedy HID mutter or iMilo a. proclamation forbidding the sale of such." Representative Massey Ed^ar, Wasl.lngion county, Friday Introduced the resolution In the house and Speaker Tn'.istall referred It 'to a conference committee. The resolution sel forth "the shower' well it local s^nnw'Ts V/vl ^"rrfh*™ u vrtii P ! ° w c° m ™nv and retired. Above him is Malcolm Crim, proprietor of the peneral store at • Kilgore, stance Is given to others It will only be in cases where because of sickness or other reasons there Is no possibility of the family beilng able to provide for Itself. The allotment of garden seed granted the local chapter hasprov- • en altogether inadequate to supply those who have been dependent on the Red Cross during . the winter. Application has been made for an additional supply, which It Is'hpp- edJ,will-be sent here In' time to erP" . able all f?ed Cross families who' can obtain land for the purpose to supplement what other resources; they may Have with spring gardens. Not. Enough to .{Jo Around • The 1,750 boxes of seed sent here were sufficient for just about 50 who sold his oil interests for a million dollars and forthwith owed him money. sent receipted bills to everybody wrio Condition of Mrs; Wilson I Is Unchanged Today; The condition of. Mrs. Ethel Wison, executive secretary of the b- [ cal Rei Cross chapter, \vho is no* 1' '•-'•J in a .critical condition at the Bay .i.r.-Vii»=w..i_.- families whojr * T r • /M ' tlstl hospllBl In Memphis, was a;:-• .-, • ' the purpose i ln come 1 ax LvaSIOn Lhar-1 nounced as unc A second blood bootleggers of this state have lak-, en advantage of a helpless and fl- i nanciEtlly embarrassed public," and' dlrccls Ihat coplles be forwarded to the "recognized bootleggers" with the admonition that n lull standard 10 ounce pint tc served. per cent of the famtlties in the Red Cross flies, and to bring about the most equitable distribution of this seed possible under the circumstances each community in gCS , ,F«i, ual . v-iaug v,iuci- []ast njgnt had thus 1 far broughi lit- ! tain Likely ' ' J ^ e improvement In Mrs. Wilson's i ^ j condition, it was reported.- Blood ! CHICAGO, Feb 28 (UPJ-Scar-! for lhe sccond !ransfljsi °n was giv- •facc Al Capone, already under sen-!™ by Mrs ' Rllth stil(ve11 Holde - ° r : iweinpius, VS5 a;:- • r . „... . , „ changed today. county Uincials ravtici- <d transfusion made „„, • p M _..1_ . • r> »» i Rate,in .Ceremony. Mark | re Building's . & uunumg b tl0 " .«.,.. *»» \juyuiii:, aui-duv iiiiuiri 3CII--, _. ... . n „. . I tence of six months for contempt 2?'™,"' e> , ? ? ""' was glv ' ?!1 The new school of Forty and ,,._ **•***•. TTmrcrtttV Tllrjht Vvtt \Ti- T7nlr4n» »hn- . -..__. . ' of federal court, was faced today | night by Mr. Holder, the raght was dedicated in a public pro- with the probability of indictment! fir5t of ^ven volunteers whose bloo;i :Ernm Inst n | gilt . on another and much more Eer-j th? | lous government charge. Recently constructed • at a cost . , _ ccuuty was allotted half as many | That Al Capone would be brought r Ol' boxes of seed as It had Red Cross to trial on charges of income tax U1 families. If any additional seed is evasion was cursidered almost cer- obtained it will be distributed over tain after two former employes o the district on the same basis. No " ' distribution of seed to families who have not been receiving Red Cross help is permitted by the Red Cross until all of the families it lias cared for who have ground for plant- i boy". his had been questioned by the grand Jury. The two men questioned were Willie and Benny Pope, brothers of ths late Frankie Pope, Chicago's "millionaire news- ing have been given seed. j It has been charged frequently A car load of potatoes for dis- i " 1DV managed gambling houses and tribution among Red Cross benefl-! handbooks for Capone.. Willie claries sent from South Dakota hus j P 0 ?* entered the grand jury room arrived here .The plan under which i yesterday carrying a large pack- thcse poUtccs will be given out a se of records and it was accept- uill depend upon %-hal provision made for carrying on relief work during the early part of March, but in no case will potatoes be given to persons not, approved for further Red Cross help. i !of 535CO. the two rbom brick bi.llrt- • iimj is unusiiDlly modern for n ru- along with their cotlon. He \vas known as "lhe poor man's friend and the neg.o's ideal white man." Then, when he struck It rich, he canceled every account that was owing him and moiled receipted bills to all his customers. Many of t!:e:n owed him hundreds of dollars as lhe result of two successive crop failures. The colored people of the community held a big meeting and presented, him a diamond stickpin. He had been their merchant, their lawyer and their friend. Sells Out for Million Crlm had believed for a long lime that oil lay beneath his land.-Finally,--he secured-* -driller- *iid aLtvoll waa started. A few weeks ago. It spouted the "black gold" all.ovci his derrick. He sold his holdings to the Humble OH Sc Refining Company for more than a million dollars. His mother. Mrs. Louella Crim and Cri.n's partner, Ed W. Bate man, former newspaperman, shared an additional $1,100.000. Mrs. Crim Is a deeply religious woman; she attended church as usual en the morning the well came in. .The Moncrlef - Farrell ' KliFTi $2,000,000 x Embezzle-1 ment Charged Against | Bancokentucky Officers ^^^U^-JTJ ss Kr^iC 3^ .cky corporation and allied organ-! jo |, M ,' ^Intor colo, . dn >- ^ „" °^, a . St ...°" »'"!.. «:« ha «!!»«h,ra resort while- her divorced , / The day WHS sunny and so was Llla Grey Chapllns smile whe; AttenclFuneral • ral community. Of attractive de-1 brought in six miles from Longvlev. sign 1 , the building is completed with I on the P. K. Lathrop farm, wa; ., . ;up to date playground equipment sold-to the Arkansas Gas & Fue Ol 'VlrS StllllVl arranscd on a lar S e playground 1 Company with its holdings, for ap- _ i o. uuujju.^,,,, „„„„„,, „ ,._ u .„_., proximlUcls , 53,500.000. Whereupon Mr. Lathrop. production manager e grounds are to be bcautifle-J „ . More than a hundred out of town ! by Ihe Parent-Teacher association people attended the funeral of Mrs. land C. J. Little has already laid r Merym Saliba. 4a, wife of S. G. Sa- ! gravel walk and built, a bridge to liba, held at the First Baptist j the road. church yesterday afternoon. Xfany of these were former students of j Mr. and Mrs. Members of the school board in rict are: John Metz;er, E. ed as a fact he was questionei concerning Capone's income from gambling houses. Capone's attorneys were given 30 ,,j I were also present and the floral of- i n iferings bespoke (he esteem held tor the deceased. The Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pas- t ms Ioa " fund - Funds for erecting the school were obtained through the revolv- in which to prepare their ap- t" 1 ".. conducted the final rites, and I For the program last night Mrs. j P-'«l fr=m yesterday's sentence by| bnnnl was nmde «t . Federal Judge Wilkcrson. cemetery. Tile Blythev the Eln.woaa ! c - J - Little welcomed the Boy's Confession Read j ing company was •ille Unrlc-rtak- In e'narge. ?.t Indiana Murder Trial i VALPARAISO. Ind.. Feb. 28 (UP) | —The brief, sordid confession ofi | Blytheville Boys on . The deceased was born at Mount in behalf of the school P. T. A. Airs. T. E. Tale, president ol the county council of Parent-Teacher Lebanon City, 50 miles from -Je- associations, extended greeting ru5n!cm . where she lived until 1908 | from tr: at group and W. W. Shaver ... .11 n u . ve un University Honor Roll when sne came to the United Sbt es [ congratulations .for the coun- N-t. , • PAYETTEVILLE, Feb. !8.-Tho llb . a * a , s superintendent of the hig _ , .«nhnni in .,-hi/.v, v,ic ».ir ..... ._,.. shortly alter her marriage. Mr. Sa- ' '>' board of education. Ellen Snydei Virgil Kirkland. made a few hours! names after the gin party death of pretty' thevilie «... ..*v.u^ u ~. n lt ^,*v •. 18 year old Arlene Craves, wasi ars hip honor roll for the first sc- y ' admitted into evidence at the' mester, announced today by Dr. V. youth's innrrlcr trial today and read. L - Jones, dean of the college of to thc jury before a crowded court! arts and sciences, University ol Ar- of two students' from Ely- ' Echo01 ln Vvl1ich >lU Kifc r '"« «" In- '• and are included in the schol- i f ru=tor beforc «ming to thlscotm-;««. room. Defense attorneys for the 20,. year old Gary, tnd., athlete made! Tcrr l' i kansas. They are James C. Terry and James C. Hale. a sophomore in the arts , ., a strenuous fight to bar the state- i collcge and was one of the 2G S °P !I - ment in which he admitted he O t-!° mor€s whD were named on the tacked the girl, but was over-ruled • ^onor list. There arc 220 sophomore by Judge Crumpacker. i arts students. Terry's grade-point response for Ihe students d another pupil, Jacqueline Llt- gave a re.idli.ig. i For the principal address Miss The out of town friends and rel- i Willie A. Law-son, county sup-'rinl atives were from points of Missouri. ! tendent. spoke on "Getting the Tennessee, Illinois, California and j Children n High School Edii Arkansas. "Getting the ;;cation Dirigible Los Angeles Arrives at Paris Island atcme" w" After Finishing the Eighth Grade.' j Grade." Among thoje who attended the ; nlle Virgil Turner and Miss Willii.- Cecil Lowe is WASHINGTON', Feb. 28 tUP)—JA. Lnwson, cf this city ;average was 4.12, indicating that he ! The navy dirigible Los Angelesi — ;made a better than "B" grade in all' moored at Paris Island, S. C., at! „ 'his studies. Hale ranked 17th in j 8:43 A. M. today, completing a>BooV o' Slain Ynnlri i, flleht. frnm riih.-i tlm rr.,'1,,,1 !?,„« I _ ««aul 1UI.III the senior .«T ,. . i« . . i c aeuiur uitu>& ui wv iiieinuer Wuh AppendlCluS'grade-point average was 4.00. of 90 members. His night from Cuba, the United Press I was Informed. Suddenly in California B arttTth?£lo e to taK Former Resident Dies Racco °^ a '' ld . Beccs Ke ^P Service company, was rushed lo a Afemphls hospital about noon today where an emergency operation will be performed. Mrs i of this I Found on Streams Bank LTTTLE ROCK. Feb. 28 (UP)— .. , „ r ; «jc.ui:ii was. u House in oame free lhc sla y £r ° f Mr. Lowe was stricken suddenly with appendicitis this morning, according to reports. „ n Jordan, 22, | North Little Reck youth whose bul- i. HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—Uac-! )et riddle 4 body was found on the Clyde SIsk. former resident 1 coons and bees dwelling peaceably 1 b ;" k cf a !ma " stream southwest .city, succumbed suddenly i ln t he same hoJIowcd tree were re-[ of hcrc Ust n| S ht - nnrnp In ft. nnlilnrnia •'{(« , . . ..* , _>..... ! T«._j_ u \-_-j._ .... . at net home in a California city re re- by W alson McClarin, game 1 Jorda n had been shot through A'.k "Pctters" Rond AUSTIN'. Tex. Wl cancrs along the old burg Road which Is Frank Moore and which fenced In by htm to keep out "pst ters," have petitioned city authorities to order the reopening of the , . , • , yuiwu uv %Y<\iov.i .Miijiurm. Fame «"•"«*! nuu IATUJI SIIUL mruugd '.i'*vo tn early this morning, relatives here! pro tcctor, at Salladasburg, Pa., to i th<; b »* several times and e\ldent- bringing |W M C "si k I ^ d b h i thC StatC Gi>m ° Cornmissi:in here.] 1 *' nad be™ dfad about four days.1000 has of a local plow company, retired. It was only last fall that experl declared (here was no oil in north east Texas. But not long ago a 3000-barrel well was brought in 01 the C. M. Joiner farm 25 mile, southwest of Longvlew. Excltemen reached. fever heat a few week; later when the 20,000-barrel wel was brought in on the Crlm farm 10 miles north of thc Joiner well. Huge Well Comes In Then all it took to drive north east Texas oil wild was the bring Ing in of the Lathrop well, cstl mated at 30,030 to 40,000 barre on Jan. 2C, 14 miles north of th Crim well. The Joiner, Crim an Lalhrop wells are almost on straight line, already proving th field about 35 miles long.' Thc strike came Just in time, de clare the landowners. They mak no bones about their plight: Las summer's drought ruined most o their cotton crop and what lilt was left did not bring enough t pay for the picking. Many of thei had been compelled to mortgag their farms and livestock and fore ed to an existence on the bare nc cessities ol life. Now the picture Is changed. On of tlie greatest oil booms In th history of Texas Is growing | every day as more derricks ar reared toward the sky Practically every acre oi land 5 miles west cf the eastern stale lln and 105 miles south of P.ed rive Is now under lease. Scores of te wells are being sunk throughou lhe entire area. Landowners, many of whom wcr nearly destitute a few weeks ag now find themselves able to pay th mortgage on t!-.etr farms, build be ler homes, and provide luxuries for their families. Leases four and five miles from the producing wells are ere today with Indlclrucnts largcs of cmuerzlrinent of James _ .... divorced on husband. Charles Cliuplm, famed Brown, former president of the orporation, Charles F. Jones, form- r vice presidenl and W. T. Zur- rChmiedc. secretary. The three are accused of cm- ez2l!ng $2,000.000 in a, deal arls- ng from a note for that amount lleged executed by Browa to Wakefleld and company, brokers, nd later endorsed, by the-Banco-! cntucky, which with Us affiliated. I rgan!?jitl6ns' Is nqw In bsri'frptcsJ-,.--- screen comedian, was winning the , acclaim of his fellow sountrymen on a visit to England. Veterans in Need o{ Funds Rush lo Take A age of Cash Offer Passage by congress ot the adjust-; cd service certificates loan over Hie veto of President' Hoover has made available- to veterans of . _(!! world war In Dlythevllle and i ;Mississippi county & sum that may/' exceed a half-million dollars, .••.-•; Announcement ot the loan,bl.ll'((^. imssngc brought an Immediate.rush^' by veterans here and elsewhere to*,.lake advantage ot It. Omces of Sam ''• Maualt, AnicrlCF.ii Legion seryke T. otllccr. and'of Iho Vcterans.of.ForijV elfin Wars, received many nppllcaJV for help In securing the lo'ins":: today. The Veterans of .Foreign ',: Wars announced that 1.000 .appll-/ cation, blanks were ou haiid in thejr , olilcc in tho city hall here, aml-that.'- all vclerans desiring assistance uv oblninlng loans would be furnished, it there. . . ;,;';;:• The legislation allows veterans i j borrow up to half thc facs value.of llielr compensation certificates , which were allowed by gong rets WBE seven years ago over the .veto,.tit n, n ]Pre.5Mcnt Coolidge. ' . . '.".^r;.-. : The available tq.the-. 'ornier- service men will be" $5dp''. ntcrest o( 4K per cent Is charged. " Based on Population . ," ; The estimate of half a million-: dollars as Mississippi county's share V of the available money la based- orVY Secrelary Mellon's statement that It . will take a billion dollars to nil applications under the new law. A' billion dollar." l« ^rn'oxlinatcly $8.; for every man, woman, and child;'i In the United, Slates.. VAssuinlnii?: that Jillsstsslppt county/-hai. aboutj- the -average- number of .'persons', eU'- iglble for loan's under .the 'JawrVn'a.-i Local Organizations Plan lo Carry On After Retirement of RediCross, With the assistance of the Am- festerday Was Unlucky for Pine Bluff Family PINE BLUFF, Ark., Feb.' 28 (UP) —Ill fortune grimly trailed the Roderick family yesterday. It | erlcan Red Cross ln"tlie hoTluncV. tarted-when Jlrs. R. M. Roderick program mw .In progress in Mlss- iteppcd irom her back porch, slip-: isslppl county schools to be wlth- ped and fractured, her right arm. | drawn March 15 arrangements arc A few minutes later Mrs. Clem i being made to place the hoc luncl ^Icrcy was bruised and severely J program on a permanent basis. il.aken up In an automobile accl-' A higher quality of work dom cicnt. Later the same day Frances '. by [ha students win have been Brecky, Mrs. Roderick's grand-i seived nourishing focd at the noon daughter, fell down the stairs alj hour has been an incentive for high school and received painful; mothers, teachers and other Inter- ?8'pc-r. person ratio can" bc v appiled.-^ feirtn's-- thls-'cburity' sam=-t^'g:?n;':r': $552,000 on the -basis of .|( 3 .,io30v population. .Because , Mississippi: county;. In common with the .rest of the mld-soutli, has . been , partlcu- ; - larly hard hit In an economic, way'; by. drouth and business depression,- It Is likely that the. -percentage of veterans applying for loans 'on their • certificates here will. be .higher than the average lor the country. Many; cases, have already. .been revealM'' of veterans whom the new loan will rescue .from virtual destitution'. njurles. As a final chapter to the day of bad luck W. C. Reed, son-in-law o! Mrs. Roderick, caught a severe cold when -he had lo sit all night jror.sons to make plans for continuing the activity. - Crowd Memphis Courthouse T" MEMPnfS,' Feb. '28. '(UP)—Vete- : rans filled the halls of the coiirt-' house here today waiting to niaka amlieallon for • loans made' avail-" In this clfy'lt has already been «ble b'y the passage'or" the bonus anounccd that the Central Ward bill. . ' ' '--'-^f Parent-Teacher Ward association will on a roadside when his car was! Ecrv e lunch the remainder of this mired in the mud. Missions Superintendent to Preach Here Sunday The Rev. W. Moore Scott D. D.. of school year to pupils of that school who have not the proper food at the lunch hour. Mrs. C. W. Atfllck Is chairman of the committee ill charge. There are now 27 schools in The late arrival of loan blanks kept nearly 400 waiting .In ths halls until 10 a.'m. when the doors were opened. .••.-. Rush for Checks Is On '"•'••'WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. <UP.f4. county r?rving approx-jWith more than 1,000 checks ternd .Imalely 1852 boys and girls daily, to World War veterans in. two hours Undent of home missions In the | lunches. A tola! of $1350 has been Arkansas Presbytery. In his Jjr- j Riven fT the project In this coun- mon he will present the tcncvolsn: | ty by the Red Cross since it was cause of the church to the local ; inaugurated six weeks ago. , congregation. Included in the 21 schools arc Besides having visited here on 21 whit? nml tlx m>irro Institutions, numerous occasions Dr. Scott con-! The white schools are at r ' ducted an evangelistic meetling In: Carmi. Annoiel. West Rldac. Ih,, C i[y. i cell, Hatcher, Dell. Gosnell, Many In the small army of.for- mer soldiers assembled were from out, of the city. " 7 ' .;; Reiser. Wir- ned Line. Number Nine, Roecc, Stillman. Ekron. Huffman. Luxora, r j- />• i » •,. T I '"an. EKron. Huffman, Luxora, Indian Ijirl Acquitted Fmzter, Shawnce, Clear Lake and 01 Marchand Murder, £ thc Sudbury. Central Ware! and Langc grammar schools here. The ; ncjro schools are at Puxlco. BUFFALO, N. Y.. Feb. 23 (UP)—; Frenchman Bayou. Shonyo. Kuni- Lila Jimerson. ful! blooded Seneca ! her Nine, Grlder and Clear Lake St. Lotus Gang Strife I" Claims Another Victim Indian woman, was found not gull- j farm. ty of charges of Instigating the, murder of Mrs. Ciothilde Marchand i by a supreme court jury here to-' Two Eilter RflC£ for ; Mayor oi Leac Wisconsin Honors Famed j LEACH viLL E ~7rk.-Two ST. LOUIS. Feb. 23 war flared again here ' last . night leaving the 14th gangster to' die of gunshot wounds In recent we'eka lying In a gutter. -..; . Police said Lafayette E. Shaw, 31, Cuckoo gangster, had bsen ' "taken [ for a ride." He had been killed by j five bullets from an automatic, pls- I lol fired at such close range the i powder burns blacked one side ol [•the face. Shaw's body was found i in a gutter from where he oppar- ' ently had been hurled' from' or auto. • •. ...»,_ LflJ-T^tlT 4UUt/. nllV. *1*U ldUU|- OMIW. Indian Chief With Bridge dates have entered the race- for p ollcc cspr e s sed the opinion'the i mayor of Leachville. They are W. | slaying was a renewal of gan DESOTA wu riipi— fTnmn.«-'R- <EH1> Edgln, proprietor of the nrnnilv and arrested four susneeti Is survived by her mo- Jim Neely of this clty,' are occupying the lowe: V Miller and the tree and the raccoon , „ , * ./' M™ a bro • 'hrec In m.mber. keep hi..- ik Neely. A daughter, Mrs.'the upper part of thc slump. sva Klrkscy, made hen home with- *'^_ 1 ul '.'• Mrs. SIsk in California. c ad j tract ha milf r $50 to $300 an acre, $25,been refused for a 10-cicre Uth^ Sac and DESOTA, WK. 'UP>- Comple- _, , , tlon of the S750000 Black Hawk Ed 8 ln Undertaking company, and bridge, now undo- construction w - A - R°S"s. justice of tho peace over the Mississippi river between f ° r Ncal township. The election will here and Lansing, la., will bring to °° hcltl Tuesday, April 7. realization a dream of more than. 30 years. ; _ . ,, The bridge has been named as a cerVICCS Steld memorial to a greal chief of thc i slaying was a renewal of gang emnily and arrested four suspect: for questioning. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy with local 'rains in the eastern portion. Cold- Im.n lribcscf : ' For Mtt, Mary Medliil | er tonight in the north.-est, Sunde --- P artl > cl01 "--' nnd < xilier - . The body will be brought here the nature of which offirrs refused to tiivulgc, and decided to began about 350 years for burial according lo Ihe Cobb sa id to have originated In Flan- lindertakins company. r cart of i bee" "taken lor a ride." It was te- well, and $10 to $15 an acre Is century ago. It will bo exactly 100: n f amilv. ' lf( =vcd his murderers susp:ctcd Jcr-:b;lng paid for leases' In comities wars ago next s-jmmcr that Black: ho:.;-: in c ™ knew too much about a crimr-,:50 miles from tho proven area. H"^ led his warriors In their last ^ on Dattl ° tslflnd ' .llln .who succumbed at the family [was <G degrees and the maxlmurri it defeat, Block Hawk home In Norlh Sawba community JG4 degrees' partly cloudy rit'a rain jghosit the country .Thursday afternoon. • i beginning at 0:30 this mornliw. On line nr ?f tt'pfi \n r\nn *A nn AVV-AV *u« >I AA A_,_J ,. . 3 . . , The us? cf stench in the laundry P !ace hlm "on the spot." and Is dors. Sinclair Enters Field Harry F. Sinclair ,who says: "l| : bellsve this ,1s Ihe biggest oil field' Jordan lived In North Little Reck I ever saw In the making, and It with his molher and disappeared has not yet been scratched." has I stand at Bad near rare. After his last traveled thrcv making speeches. He settled Funeral services were he!d yes- According to the official weatlici terday afternoon for Mrs. Mavy observer, Charles Phillips, the mln- ' J ' J- Med- '• i mum temperature hero vesterda MetUili ' 3J > I a week ago. (Continued on Page Three) to an error the deceased Po 8 ,^ CoURl >'. Ia - uhcrc he dud I" j was referred to as Mrs. Mary Hyde m;:m temperature was 47 degree: 1838 - ' ' in yesterday's paper, Kn d lhe maximum 67 detmx..

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