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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 19

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SAN PABLO BRIDGE OPEN TO TRAFFIC Oakland Tribune, Thursday, Sept. 6, 1945 19 Concerts Park On the Home Front SAN PABLO, the tortuous San' Pablo Dam Lions' Barbecue. Road, cutting across the county, at To Be Continued DRUG SALESMAN Officer-Center Plans Carry.On Newly elected officer's and board ations werse under way todzoM Salarv mmm. The Sunday recorded concerts lion of. the $500CVan Ness Street Bridge over Wild" Cat Creek, built at thejirgent-iequfist of Fire Chief Manuel Mello, was announced today by County Engineer Joe- Barkley.

Supervisor S-Sj. Ripley revealed nians fnr-everal Droiects, now un Ubonua. Established territory -in Sr. the annual barbecue of the San Le-r an estimated tost of $150,000. "Another would widen and straighten Alhambra Way, and another would appropriate money for a netf bridge over the Pablo linking MriulU9CD ana Mn Jnann CHEAP FOOD MAY BE BASIS OF POST-WAR FARM PUN' andro Lions Club, to be held Sep held at Tilden Park eveflr Sunday UGive Particular! of education and and holidays since the first of May tember 11 at' 7 p.m.; at 1989 Davis Street, with Orland JohrJSon as general chairman, assisted by Carl will be continued tnrough Septem Frederick Sttarna and remain Rollinewood Tract 'with the San 8th San FrancUca Calif.

der consideration by the Board of Scholz. iiiixiiinxiiixiirmx Pablo Dam Road. Supervisors -One involves straignv ber because of the popular interest, it was announced today by Richard E. Walpole, district manager of the Eastbay Regional Park District. By OVID A.

MARTIN strongly-of tackling the post-war WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. JP Harold L. Lindsay, who haspra-J Now Valid Red Stamps members jof the Metropolitan Officer's 'Center in Hotel Leamington are busy today-with plans to keep the center 'open for another -six months, or until the need no longer exists. New members of thf center's board, ot directors include Bill Linn, rvice chairman, and Orrin Pitkin, director.

Re-elected to the board were Fos-ter Weeks, president: Richard Ly- Cheap food may become the keystone of the Administration's postwar farm programs. farm price problem angle. They feel certain that a downturn in farm prices stiead. sented. the recorded concerts for the last four years, will present five additional concerts at the Brazillian Building in Tilden on September 9, 10, 16, 23 and 30.

Before the war: the Government American agriculture is capable of sought to establish agricultural la mw av rm- producing more than markets wiu take at present prices. prosperity by increasing farm prices The Government is committed. to a certain levels-called "parity. By parity prices that would under wartime legislation, to sup. No Blue Stamps Needed Sugar Stamp No.

38 v. y-j( OP I rpfHIMHEJ SuCOBJo secretary-treasurer; Fran.k nort give farmers theinshare, along with larm prices at not less than skj cent of parity for two years Burhans, finance chairman, and DaWhabor and industry, oi the nation; aiiper Marovich, Ivan Schiller, after the end of the war. The ob icome. jective of this commitment is to The Government used various de Warner and 3, F. McGregor, direc tors.

vices to pull farm prices higher than those which otherwiseWould have Sponsored by the Metropolitan prevent too sharp a drop in prices while farmers adjust their production from high wartime, levels to Club, headed by Andre Fontes, prevailed, under theeconomic law smaller of supply and demand. The pria president, the center is open daily to commissioned officers of all There is strong belief among the- cipal device was production con armed forces'" branches. Recreation trol. Administration top-rung advisers that farm prices should be allowed But thisr approach to the farm facilities, a housing service, courtesy byreau and travel service are Advertised Items Limited to Stock on Hand None told to dealert. Right reserved limit.

Open, nights and Sundays. Prices effective May and Saturday, jf September 7th and 8th, unlestpew OPA'regulationt require prie and point chalet. 'Ik tVlir Jtreesweet 2T. A grapefruit Jnce2 llty 'fWf; Jf) DEL MONTE 0 probleraf was found to have many to drop to levels dictated by sup. ply and demand.

i disadvantages. provided. The difference between the free lifted American farm prices price and 90 per cent of parity- above levels prevailing in world P.T.A. Plans to Stud) markets. Asa result, foreign buy providing, of course, that the actual price, is below SO.per cent of parity --would be paid the farmer in the' ers turned elsewhere, -and exportij Post-War Problei markets for American farm1 products shrank badly.

Agricultural in- form of Government payments. PABLO, Sept 5.rrA program 'come thus was affected adversely. lor "Fost-wwuvine in, Han faDio SuDDlies which: otherwise would "Utility" beef is jusUas high in will provide the basis for activities. Wf vcxii ikiD lvu I '2 Bonie for k.w itf 'r have moved overseas- emaned at nutritivekyalue as are the top grades of the San Pablo Market Street nome xo create new iarm-prrce proo. of beet School Parent-Teacher, Association, Kcgil Amber VSaBrewma Co.Sm rranciOT I JJ A jlS 1 lens for Jarmers and.

the Govern- headed by Mrs. Antone Aguiar, An executive board meeting at the Likewise, as food prices advanced, Broadway home of Mrs. Aguiar re the amount Americans bought eently planned the annual budget tended to Millions of lew and appointed committees lor the income families were forced to buy all term. Chairmen of committees less, particularly less of the better include: Mrs. George Shepard, publicity.

Mrs. C. O. Dickinson, finance foods, such' as- meats, dairy and and budget; Mrs. Mary Gallino, pro- sram: Mrs, MBose, hespitauty; Mrs.

poultry products, and fruits. -Health, authorities say that fully 40 per cent of pre-war Americans were living on nutritionally -inade- Md iififi ggs gfe-y ImfeS- carnation J. TEASSk, 100 John Henson, membership Mrs, A. HOSPITALIZED WAR VETERANS SORELY NEED HEAVY CANES ana CRUTCHES TW te Tritical rfwrtagi'of lioavf canes and erutche among Bay Area military hospitals YOU CAN HE1P by donating aithor of thesa rhsmsto tha cause. rwu MMt eniterMM vou care to donate at vow orris, magazine.

-Farm officials, now thinking AUT PASTE Rots C. Gather, 68, Colusa Bankfr, Dies COLUSA, SepV C. Cattrer, 68, president of the First Savings bank of Colusa and brother of Writer Willa Cather, died suddenly yesterday of a heart ailment Cather had resided, here for eight years and formerly was in the banking business in Caspef Wyo. He is survived by his wife "and three daughter I a MtaUaeU I un una, i MB Vy Sty I SMEWAY STORE- TEA BAGS Alta 8's. pkg.

47" MAKES ANTS DISAPPEAR ARMOUR DEVILED WEAT 9IQlS No. tin fis IV They will picked up by the proper autborities-for immediate use by hospitarixed veterans. 12 Quart Bottle. i-goi. Btle.

23 BRER RABBIT GREEN LABEL (1 4 Point) MOLASSES 24-01. Al lyrO Early Calif. Ulalf CO CombinaUon Stuffed. Pint STOKELl CORIV ROSE BRAND CASHEW NUTS Salted M-os. Un 59c LUCKY LARDER ASPARAGUS 9Q; Natural, No.

tin JfcsV MQiimuxumimKB Country Gentleman Creamy Style No. 2 tin Joy Popover and Corn POPOYER MIX TOMATO No. 2 Ting CARROTS stLlQ0 Diced. No. tin.

at IUI I CARROT JUICE Here's Heal alth ala a 8-oz. Tin 2 for. I 2 for 2Sc No. 2 Tin AIR MAIL Standard TOMATOES No. 1 at for ni llire Oraber'a Green SPINACH Libby.

No. 2 tin. UUIE.V Ripe 229 VINEGAR Olives. 6 -of. bottle PENTHOUSE lth Tomato Sauce tio sauce BRILLAT lluBches for Lunches Mere's our blueprint for a taste appealing, well-balanced box lunch.

Expand each section of the blue print as the year progresses and. soon you will have a ready reference) to take the monotony out of the daily luncheon for both the young ten and oldsters in your family. One Hearty Sandwich Meat, fish, egg or cheese One Variety Sandwich 32-01. bottle 205 SPAGHETTI 25" iiusisRDOMs Pieces Stems. 4-ot.

JbV 12-or. jar. for WOOL TOILET tr.i BATH SOAP -AW Large Tf Peanut Butter dt't lVii 11 r. Tar" ippy nurK or creamy 1-10. ju w.

V- i WILSON'S BY BEEF f.fARSHfrfALLOV CREAM -ntU Transpac Fint bottle nV Transpac. bottle 55c PINE GROVE 2315 Sweet Potatoes. 1 Kg" Mashed No. 2 tin Concentrate; PEANUT BUTTER BEVERLY Carrot and raisin, marmalade or jam, peanut butter and jelly Something Crisp NAPKINS: Topas. Sanitary.

JOJu 219 Clam CHOWDER 0KJ No. 1H tin liV Vi'ILBERT'S wax PEAS Cock Robin. 10s tin PEAHUT BUTTER BREAD w1'0'-1-if 12 i PREM Swtft's Uteon Meat 3 phj-12. Con 32 GRAHAM CRACKERS -1. t9 i GRAHAM CRACKERS GINGER SNAPS n.b.c oidfaji; 23 CHEESE Philadelphia nainCroIrr STOKELY BABY FOODS Whole tomato, carrot strips, celery Something Sweet Cookies, cup cakes, turnovers, pudding or candy Beverage Theamos of milk, chocolate, cream soup or egg nog HONEY SPICI CU CAKIS Vanilla Extract 040 10" CIGARS (Box for $4.75) REAL ROAST 4-os.

bottle 67 Assorted. ...99 37' 2H 2 for 15 V2 cup all-pur- '3 cap shortening No Rub Vi-gollon Post.e 1-lb. No Rub Furniture POLISH. r. SHOE WHITE, No Sub, amall COCOA Houten 2-lb.

Glow PECAN DAR AOKt Khirsfeast 10 Mmli 7 CHEESE FOOD (2I Package 11 1 V-Aai pots nour tbtps. lugar Vt ttpt. baking Vi cup honey powder 2 aggt 54 tpi sods Yt cup mitk tap. salt Vt cup-ftnely tap. cinnamon chopped 'i tap.

eiovasr nutmaata tap, fMtmeg tap. vanilla Sift jAd measure flour; sift again with baking powder, soda, salt and kotex om 12s. bt nf brooms nnrj American VU SPICED GREEN WALLACE POMEGRANATE nectar, Quart bottle ...29 FIG JUICE. 12-or. bot.

2 for 23a) PAPAYA NECTAR, 12-os. bottle. .2 for 29 TOMATO SLICES Glotg 39c! MIHCEMEAT 9C0 Z8-6s. Jar AsV Instant Postura i Cm apices. Uream abortening; add 4 peppers sa 9 Style.

12-01. botUe CiU Unee WkoU Roajj-l-Jb. P4cU.9e ZWC tableapoons of the sugar graduaJly; Coffee MaxweH 31C rflk until mixture is smooth, aavimt MARMALADE 0U Jar ats I Mb. 1 I I am atkam. 'I ASnkam aTaaVaV taVtlltatt fM frMHIIaVIM tAnnina FRUIT BAR Pauliner i4-os.

box. 29" mK OcrvbEvaporated-TaHCan. jrorZft AddXui BLENDED JUICE Oif Trupak. I ata-aTTaTaaaTaatiasaMMITaTTaTa ARIOUR i mux; aaa 4 taDiespoons oi tne-nut I meats, and flavoring, mixine thor-' Hunt's CHEESE PRESERVES 9110 SAW Apricot, Mb. alaW Kraft.

CHERRIES 69" Fl0Ur Pancake ft Waffle, Suurm-40-ol 2 for29C PeaS Highway, Sweet No. Can 2 for 25C TomatOeS Del Monte-No. 2 Can 2 far 27C Igg NJodleS Fischer's Med. or 38" Royal Bread Kk Wheat Cereal Mac, ma. cton 20c Cereal MoMeHcton 22c Cora FlakeS Afcer1Tfc Carton 2tor15c Cora 2fof25C SOUP MiX Tomato Sauce Dei Montc-e-oz.

c' 6 for 29c Baby Foods Salad Oil Swik Jewel (ny-on gu 49c Soda Crackers n.b.c wA.kc-2-ib. cm.29c FrCUr Pancake ft Waffle, Spcrry-48-oz. Ctn. 29 Salt Morton's Plain, rodized-ScVoz. On.

2ort5c Wie mm trntirrUk 74c oughly. Fill well-greased and floured I cake or muflin pans full. Top each -cake -teaopoonful of meringue made by beating remain ing egg white and euga until stiff. TREET ..77.31 Bad ralsU) Anne. No.

2'S tin. Velvets. 2-lb. box Bed Points) DONEY 20C Superior Pure Jar Peaches Petite YellowCM Halv-2H Can 20C itt -odertf jvn Pear he? Petite y-iiow ciino niv ou r. CRACKERS PEACHES W.onte?R0 Spiced.

No. 2(4 glasa aVV 19" 2-lb. Jar a law A' UiUIUWB VI HllkU UUIIO. 12 medium-sized cup cakes. Layer Cake weekiySpedai 33c HI-HO.

1-lb. CLAM JUICE aClSM 230 Doxie. lS-os. bottle: Soda Crackers Busy Baker-S. Carton 29c aaW Safeway Old DutA Cleanser 14-ox.

Can 2 for 15C Hmim' Burea Can 2 for 15C sijaRAPiri3i WsaW KaWj 17" CRACKERS K' Graham. 1-lb. APPLE s.w. JUICE Bottle 227 JCmgsford Cora Starch 1-1. 00 2 fort5c 2-lb.

pkr. I'JIICEDULArtS QP? Sea Haven. 74-ot. uV aiaiaiaiaaia HAND SOAP 0 OKt Soonlte.22-os.Jar Iml SEASONIKG 910 Ma-tis. 14os.

la I CaL TOMATO Volendas, Small Size SUr. 0RAHGES 3 U. Mesh Bag 3 SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT SKead, Vy TaA (7 49 Extra Tm for Jvkt 1C- cnniirc s-o. ZEST-O-LEHOri OC0 4-os. bottle 2 for JbV QHnUlllta Tin.

POTATOES SHREDDED WHEAT U.S. No. 1 Russets 10Lb5 42( (S Kad Polnta) TOMATO CI line Hunt's 223 AMERICAN LOAF CHEESE 36 314 8-os. tin OHUUk till Carnation PilUbury FARIHA 1 7 28-oi II SIRLOINS TEAKS ft 32 Baby. mm TENDERONI Tscok II CLEAIISER) Case of 48 tXSl CAULIFLOWER snowboM GREEK BELL PEPPERS 2M5 PEACHES Hale's, Rne Quality 27( CRAPES Seedless, o.r,.BIackRibier 2Lb2l POK SAUSAGE a i ri tialini, TaaShr liamd, Tyaa 41 PC7C0RNTfnr Seed, 10-os.

pkf. at 1 0f I TGajda STEAKS PSar 48 41 P-PETRI4 FEARS- lake County Bartlett' FILLET OF ROCK FISH 35 INSECTICIDE 2 25V I HaW MM MB att i a.ara at AdvarHttal priest axbdlng produce aibjad ten tk on hand ond price cbongta aoda iMcawory by SMrlwt AwctuoHom or naw raguioHom from OPA- 25' Qiioit Prices effective Sept. 6, 7 end 8 Port, Sherry, Muiv rn i MOWER ffVOS AFTER ALL r- 1 no use to siwr jfMt xte rr. you NOTICE! WVTWO ON THE SEASONS rMyTWOINDMeSDOSlYl rHEXMOrVtCOUU) Wax A-- I VACATION PPI ff ONiy 1 I IT LOOKS LIKE KAFEWAi OUR fxpecr fresh FRurrs best- tspeciAoy JIMSAjeS WOUU5 CAST Pillsbury's Best 6EM TO LOSE NV- HAVE SOME Of TV06C fclN I TT 3 WHEN YOU KNOW. THfZ SCHOOL yl IN TMO(? LUNCH BOKCSi A amia mi I ITS eUARANTEED, eotel, Dry.

Sherry, Angelica, Tokay, Whit Port. 15 Gal. Bottle :95 APPLES OraTaijttala Flour PEACHES Oraraa Bala Sra-aif MM Bunan.T. Zlnfandd, BELL PEPPERS CUCUMBERS 3 lbs. 23 ZJ lbs.

27 2 lbs. 15 is. 5 ea. 20 lb. 6 lb.

71 Clara. lt-al. BaMla Raalamc. U-aal. Baltlt.

Laxia WhlM Hfj. MIND MY GO NO CAULIFLUVYER OralOXS T.l... shopping wrra yoa i 25-flb. bog I WANT TO 8Ee WHERE Swaat ar Or; Virmaata SQUASH Oaalak yOUf HMD THOSE BSOOy BUI LOCKS! U-ltL BaiUa y. i.

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