The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1984 OM.T CGU1IK1 THM1 sent in estimated innual uvtngjther, Lex Webb, of Memphlt, ttjfnd In the home of Mrs, MithU 1 -. ,_.__._,_. .». ~* r^_.. T, ~.._.i— sister, Mrs. Mettger, at Concord, Rowland Hubert Whittle of Armorel, Ark., Profit Excected This Year From Opera'ion of Pen ilentiary Farms BY TED II. MAI.Oy linllfd Press Staff Correspondent TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark (UP)—A. G. Slcdman, former j game warden, is running a .51,000,-, OCO business for the Mute and making it pay. As superintendent of stale prisons Sledman is caring for 1,102 convicts. Tlie work of these prisoners is paying lor their keep— something that has not been done In years, according to He]>. L. J. Wllks. vice-chairman of ihe homo penitentiary committee. Small, fast-walking and bald, the former game warden fits the role of an alert business man better than he does a penitentiary superintendent. His ever searching eyes observe cotton rows hoed clean, drainage ditches free from rubbish, lawns neatly trimmed and raked, timber meticulously stacked, floors scoured white and kitchens made spotless by constant scrub- o! approximately »25,000. , .Dry Bayou Sundtjr. Among the smaller wvingi ef- 1 Mr. and Mrs. M. R. fected at the penitentiary U the , vlslu , d ,. Ment)y gt sti JtDWi Mo. tend Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Poster of soap-making for the enUre intern. , Mr and hlra _,_ E Mgthls and 8wm were guesta 0 , Mr ^ Mrs Ashes from the wood-burning daug!uer Manatu spen t tlie week 1 A. C. Blankenshlp Sunday. stoves are piled Into great - troughs . _ " _ *^. __________ K ___ __ _ . where water is poured over them to make lye which In turn Is used .11 making the soap. There are many Improvements .hat could be made at the prison, Stcdmnn grunts. He agrees entirely the recent suggestions of Miss Juliu K. Juffray, secretary of ;he national committee on pnsons and prison labor, on her visit to Tucker farm. She advocated segregation of diseased itnd hurdoned criminals '.lirouB'n a hit'tter classification of bing. Buildings at the headquarters farm are old and some of the enuipment is antiquated but that is no excuse for neglect and filth Bledman maintains. Old as thcs are the buildings somehow kave Ihe impression of old and patched entrails scrubbed to iimnaculat piesentableiicss. Order Prevails The orderliness that emanate fiom the superintendent liimsel is seen throughout the systcn- Each cut of the approximate 13.00C ucrcs of land under cultivation 01 Ihe several farms is numbered 01 a blueprint that tells the exnc acreage of the tract between th turnrows and what is grown there Each man at his post in the bak ery, the mule barn, the hospica Ihe chicken yard, the canner knows exactly whal is in his pro vlnce and takes evident pride i keeping his equipment and pre r.'ises in perfect order. Bricks from the old prison \vnl ceding, and additional recreation All of these are excellent reco:n-- lendalions, Stedmun agreed, "but icy'ie just Impossible under pros- it condillons." Given new build- igs and more money all the sug- ostions could be carried out, lie aid, "but we have to get along le best we can with what we ave." And thai Is what he is doing. JUST RECEIVED 200 BRAND NEW SAMPLE SILK DRESSES r« X *: \ Hightower News Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ltingley avc returned lo. their home at lemphis after a visit here. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Hlckerson ind W. Smith spent Sunday and Jonday in Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Fulrell were guests >f Mr. and Mrs. C. Cunningham lunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cook were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Har- '. icy Sunday. Gurllial and Voy Cook, accompanied by Mrs. W. W. Simpson and :hildren of Ueli, visited at Eearle Sunday. Mis. May Sargent was the guest Mrs. Troy Rtimcy Friday night. • The rllghtoivor ball team de- .'ratcd Luxora on the Luxora diamond Sunday. 1C to C. Netherlund News Buddy Lnfont of Portagevillc was the guest of Johnnie Troul- .7ian last week. Mrs. Myrtle Marcus of St. Louis visited her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dugan, rc- Miss Eloise Rowland is visiting friends and relatives at Sikeston. Mr. and Mrs. Will James and Mr. ar.d Mrs. Alma James attend- Little Rock have been laid tn sidewalks about the grounds, and flowers flank the walks and driveways. Many of the flowers were planted at Siedman's direction but tome about the buildings were set out by trusties who have grasped the superintendent's desire to make the prison as liveable as possible. To. .manage such an institution requires scores of assistants. Thfese are drawn from the ranks of the convicts—men In whom Stedman places implicit confidence. There are only 13 paid employes in the entire system, he said. The resl are trusties. Guards Are Prisoners The man who guards the en- Irance to Tucker farm with a big revolver swinging from his side is one of the 260 men in tlie state lerving life terms. Men in the watch towel's sitting behind machine guns or high-powered rifles are men Stedman has selected for their trustworthiness. In the two-story frame house p.'here the superintendent lives the only other inhabitants are two trusties who take care of the place anrl cook his meals. Certainly there are mean men among the prisoners. There ur? men in the "long line" who will attack a puard with a hoe if the slightest opportunity is offered— desperate lifers whose constant t) oughts are escape. From this amalgamation of men Sledman is building a self-sustaining institution. He is raising cotton that has been bought at open bidding at 70 points above the market price because of its extra quality. He is raisin? 74G acres of gar- rien truck in addition to 130 acres of English peas and 252 acres of Irish potatoes (o feed prisoners .\nd to can and distribute sin plus :o other state .institutions. He is raising more than 4,000 chickens lo furnish a supply of eggs now mining from the prisoners' diet. ' ) Profit fn Prospect With any kind of luck In weather conditions this summer the prison will repay $35.000 borrowed I'oi maintenance and purchase of •> new mu:es. and still show K .oflt for Ihe year, Stedman dc- .'aieri. In the past, it was pointed out. the p:lson system has run in ,1ebt from S50.000 to more thin $1«>,COO annually. Stedman never mentions this. He is interested only in preparing for the future. One great saving was the moving of the death house from Little Rock to the farm here, Representative Wiikes explained. Movement of the equipment was done p-, an estimated cost of $2,000 after 16,000 had been appropriated and Its new location will reprc- YDU will he. amazed wli'.'ii you lei- thrse drives and Ihr luu piict we urf otfermjr llu'jn fcr. All Silk Crepe Dresses and Ensembles |:I0.75 all silk crrpe dresses, i nsvmblrs, spurt anil Sumliy lifsht, M r*w shades, prrfrct. While Ihey lusl. I'M 85 Silk Dresses Ft'* ular priie $G.75. 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Can - - - liic CCSN Or Hamburger .T-i' ,'niirl Ijiliby's Golden lianlam No. :', Car _7^C ibc TCMATCK r-'/ri'r 25c I'lumd 9C SHOEPC!lJS« ^'"^"jy Tic Thick Kih, l,h. ir>e Shoulder Clod, Lb. - - - 17 V t v Old T :i .IX Cc.-irestioners. I,li. Kox FRUIT JAR ESfiS-L* Doxon - H'/?c 23c '" I'inlo, Mi. O Great Northern, Hi 4'/ 2 c Navy, I'ound - - - - 4c 27c STEWB1EF liriskc n d Sic All Crisp l-l,b. Uox lOc cr Jiin^v 2-Ijh. l!ox I8e .Mary .lan-j. 12 li:s. -»S Ibs. §1.70 24 Lb=.-85c Bt-lU LARD Hunt-h 3c Wilson's Certified -l-Lb. I'ail 40c 8-!,!). I'ail -. 75e Wisconsin No. i'ound GREEN PEAS «!ylhovi|5e. No. 2 Can J^ :i fur I, can Knd I'nnr.d 25c ISc TQMATC JUICE l,ibby's 2 Cans 15c Guaranteed Fresh Dozen 15c SPINACB^-^J PEAS_____1_^ CANTALOOTES 8c I lie 7c No. 2 Can • v 7ic - - 7c - - lOc Maxwell House or Chase & Sanhorn. I'ound All ['onntl lie Stvnmboal 10-1,1). Pail 47 c EGGPLANT HAl Pound Tie I'erfcct 3 1,1). 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