Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 27, 1942 · Page 37
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 37

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1942
Page 37
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, SEPT FIMbtj & 27, 1942 HOUSING PROJECTS IN OAKLAND AFFORDED WAR WORKERS Prepare Surfaces THE IDEAL HOME TEMPERATURE Rugs Painted No matter how high quality the Most persons think that 70 degrees is the ideal room temperature, greet, In very cold weather, it Is pointed out, the human body radiates heat to cold walls and win- A fieleirati paint, it can not be expected to adhere permanently to a surface which TOfsm the floor beda When fbe winter nap is wet, frosty, dirty or greasy when but some heating experts say that comfort for many inactive persons lor Sammer stance. the paint is applied. The only sensi dows, causing a chilly feeling. Ab signs, which hare ble course is to make sure that the requires at least '72 degrees, and in sence of moisture in the air causes tral motifs, are revealed surface is clean and dry cold, dry weather as high as 78 de- a sensation of cold. as novel floor decorations Now You CAN Buy Plumbing 4 " "V. ", '""" "I '11111 '" -V v , J! ear mat if limnji'ife ask. Dark Hallway Is Lightened To lighten a dark hallway, one housewife had the two small square panels removed from the upper parts of two bedroom doors. These openings were fitted with ground glass, which were then painted with silhouette designs. This arrange ment permitted light to enter the hallway and aside from its safety angle, give a decorative note to the doors. By this device, sufficient light was supplied to the hallway, eliminating the need for an electric fixture. Change that coin and currency for a chock book YOU knew the danger of carrying money wtmyow ... or keeping H ot horn, lul do you Vnew thai checking account at Oak land" home-owned, homt operate bank can't pot tlbly cott you mora than a doHor a month? And than only whan yevr balance falls below $100. Thara'i no charge for checks) nona atalll mm1 Think of fho cmreerrfencel THE BfiflK OF CommERCE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS .a. T 6 5 tUT VOtl WAI (ONDI Hill 'X'''' '' ws '3 i ii r- i iBwgi-wgS Lockwood Gardens and PtTalta Village (upper and lower), projects of th Oakland Homing Authority, have bora tamed over to the use of war workers' families. Most of the residents of Campbell Village, the first project to be completed, are also engaged in war work. CHOOSING COLOR SCHEME FOR HOME Many an otherwise dull and spiritless house has been made to glow with new life by repainting the exterior in gay and lively colors. In choosing the color scheme, care should be taken to avoid combinations that do not properly harmonize. The following are a few suggested combinations: Forest-green roof, with pale coral sides and deeper coral trim and red-orange doors. Russet-colored roof, white sides and white trim, rust-colored shutters and front door. Brick-red roof, off-white sides and trim, and the front door in Dutch blue. A blue-gray roof, light yellow sides, with daffodil-yellow trim and deep gray for the front door. A blend of red and deep orange for the roof, yellow walls, orange shutters, and a dark blue front door. Funds to finance home repairs, such as painting, may be obtained from qualified lending institutions under the FHA's home-repair program. The Whole Production Plan Suffers if men are turned away for lack of living accommodations. Make every effort to provide a room or a small apartment HERCULES EQUIPMENT AND RUBBER CO. Manufacturers of Mechanical Rubber Goods 435 Brannan St., San Francisco Housing Units Needed in Oakland, Official Survey Shows By PORTER GILES A housing shortage amounting to more than 9000 family units exists in Oakland today, and is hourly increasing as newcomers pour into the community to engage in war work, the Housing Authority of the City of Oakland finds from analysis of residential occupancy data recently compiled. Of the 105,874 family accommodations in Oakland (flats, apartments, single - family homes) but 167 were vacant on August 20, and more than 8000 of them were occupied by two or more families. Study of the problem by Housing Authority officials, representatives of the many industrial concerns engaged in war work and city officials, has brought about general anxiety that, unless immediate steps can be taken to provide a large volume of new housing, efficiency of the current ship building program and other war enterprises will be seriously impaired. It is also feared that existing congested housing conditions may result in widespread illness with the coming of Wiater rains. UNABLE TO FIND HOMES Labor turnover at the shipyards is currently running as high as 10 per cent per month, the management reports, and in most cases is attributable to inability of the worker to procure adequate housing for his family. Many workers attracted from distant points, have given up the local job and returned because of lack of housing. Hun dreds of war worker families are living in congested, makeshift hous ing. often doubled up with other families, frequently in squalid and insanitary conditions, because of their inability to find adequate shelter. Reference to a recently published 6urvey will show the housing supply status of the Eastbay, exclusive of Richmond, Berkeley, Alameda and San Leandro, in which cities' lix-al authorities report housing conditions are quite as bad as in Oak land and in some cases much worse. This survey discloses that, on August 20. there existed a vacancy ratio or one-sixteenth ot one per cent and that there are now living here 9692 families in excess of the housing supply. It will be noted, also, that the least number of vacancies and the How Long Will Your Present Trailers Last? Here's the Answer ." . . Kit. M.nr aii'l more Motor Transport eqmn-in r-iii I s required for. the armed force s mid m now Trailers are available for civilian operators exoppt for those Trailer now In eilstlna; mo.-k piles It la ohvloua that present unite will have to run until the end of the war. Our joe, now, and for the. duration, la to help Keep your Trailers on the road, carrying- maximum i-aparitv. with the least possible time lost. Y'.u ran depend on prompt, efficient service t evr-rv one of the Fruehauf Service Branches helpful service that will relieve you of the reu,ns'Mllty of keeping your equipment roll-In. l'erhaps you have. Trailers that are not haul-tnc maximum letral loads, heraus they were i It under former Ixad-Lawa. This equipment ran he rebuilt quickly and economically the Increased payload will pay for the alterations fn Just a few months. fir you may have Trailers that can be used more effectively for a different type of service . . . Trailers you can convert Into Carry-alla ... or trucks that would be more efficiently used ss tractors. Each Service Branch I equipped to make these conversions, so that all equipment AVE KCBBEB Day r ear. as rear Trailer tires wear nttsl Dial Wkeels keeeaie mere sad aaere eeeasarr far ra aalleace that aseri set tress Dlffereatlal Deals mi will be used to greatest advantage. And for all your Trailers, there Is InrreaMnr need of regular checkups, hrake adjustments or replacements, wheel and ale alignment, body refinlshlng, or general reconditioning. Fruehauf has men and equipment to do this work right In the shortest time consistent with good workmanship. You'll find the entire Fruehauf organization Interested in keeping your Trailers on the road with the kind of preventive maintenance that aaves both hours and dollars. World's Largest Builder of Truck-Trailers FRUEHAUF TRAILER COMPANY 2030 3rd Strut, San Francisco Ulf derhin 360 WCSTEaVN MAtOjr ACTUBXNQ PLANT, LOS ANGILEI an as Ike reUaecaant aemly assesses saaaller. Dlffer- the nttnati. saeaessfal everatlea ef rear kuleew. The lit be las eiffereace between hiring tires let the earatlea greatest number of housing short ages exist in those areas where rental schedules are within the range of the average wage earner family; the only districts where ap preciable numbers of vacancies ex ist and where housing shortage is least, are those where rentals are greatest and are, in general, above tne level attainable by the vast majority of war workers. Practi cally all of the 167 vacancies re ported were homes unoccupied tern porarily, between tenancies. Although it is estimated that more than 2000. newcomer families have arrived in Oakland during the past 100 days, the city's building depart ment has issued permits for bu 189 family units of new housing during that period. The Homes Registration Bureau of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce has listed 2588 applications for family housing and 485 for single rooms and in re sponse to public appeal private homes have offered but 1124 ac commodations for families although 809 single rooms have been listed PUBLIC HOUSING FBOJECTS Of the three public housing proj ects sponsored by the Oakland Huosing Authority, all now re stricted to occupancy by war worker families. Campbell Village houses 154 families. Pcralta Villa and Lockwood Gardens now house 548 families and will accommodate 22f more families when fully com pleted about January 1. A Housing Authority proposal to erect tern porary housing for 2000 more fam ilies has been given tentative appro val by the Federal Public Housin Auinorny Put, although mat ap proval was given in June, no funds have as yet been made available for the acquisition of sites and con struction of the buildings. In an effort to develop emergency housing for the aevcommodation of war workers, owners of vacant store, office and warehouse prop ertics throughout the city have been contacted with the proposal that such structures be remodeled apartment flats and dormitories. To facilitate such operations, Oakland City authorities have established certain minimum requirements but agreed to waive other customary obligations which might establish costs sufficient to prohibit the re vision. A recent survey conducted by the Housing Authority disclosed that there exists approximately 1.000,000 square feet of floor space in vacant loft buildings, industrial structures, warehouses and similar buildings, now idle and probably adaptable for dormitory uses. There are. aLso, 572 varant storerooms in various parts of the city which could be transformed into flats fo: emergency family housing. Many of these have already been thu adapted to housing use and are be ing occupied at reasonable rentals as rapidly as possible. FOOT SI" esn tMOtttem. . .. l.ii . . eataios- and Heating Equipment FINE INTERIOR - PAINTS ARE PRICED LOW AT WARDS! Master Painters quailed every expensive nationally-famous paint we tested againat it! 89' At Gloss Enamel For a hard, brilliant finUh that will etay frenh even after repeated soap and water washings! Cal. 3.29. qt. Semi-Gloss Enamel Dries tn rich, ncmi-lui-ter free from glare. Will not easily stain, spot, Soften or fade. Gallon 3.29. 91 Floor Enamel For indoor use. Will give yon the hnroVM, alnfict. mnn wathahle Honrs you ever saw! Gal. 3.19. 91 qt. Poreh & Deck Paint For outdoor ur. Tough... esperially treated to resist sun, wind, r.iin, snow. Dries overnight. Gal. 3.19. MSB Just ' Arrived at Wards! Fade-proof Wallpaper As low a. 7 Single Roll Save now, in Warda complete department! Other Fade-proof pepen at low ss 11c a roll. wnhsMe papers at low as 19c. Lovely new patterns and colors! (And ensembles! ). Oakland has been designated as a Critical Defeiu ArHh' lou can quality for Plumbing and Heating equipment for remodeling to provide extra living quarters for defeat workers... to repair and maintain jour present house... to build new homes for defense housing. Call ANdover 9308' for complete information and FREE ESTIMATES! LONG LIFE CONSTRUCTION! TRIPLE ACTION HEAT CHAMBER! HEAVY CAST. IRON BURNER! CAS PRESSURE REGULATOR, More Efficient than Ever! Lower Fuel Costs! BEAUTIFY WITH GHH FlOCM FlimQC NEW TILEBOARD Less than 27i per sq. jt. Ask About Wards Monthly Payment Plan At a fraction of tlio rott of real tile, and for less than most tile-boards elsewhere, yon can remodel with Wards finest tile-hoard. Made of genuine Masonile for extra strength! Coated with brilliant larquet that won't crack or chip! Many bright colors to choose from! Check its imnnrtant features . haguv ? , . , . . . , j j vaoi uu ivy -m grille, convenient key control adjusts burner and pildt. latest type burner wastes no fuel Approved by A.GJLJ 20,000 B.T.U. Larger models available. Insulating PLANKS 5 " For beautiful remodeling jobs. Deadens tonnd. Already painted. Outside Door 1248 Attractive plank effect. IV thick. Hollow core construction. Kiln dried fir. With wicket. 5 4-INCH STEEL CABINET SINK FOR 5T OS Five Panel Keg. 3 44 One of the most popular styles. No. 1 Douglas fir, kiln dried. 1" thick, 2'8"x6 8". If you're looking for value., .come into Wards today and M this modern, space and labor-saving eabinet sink! At this IW, price yoi get the complete sink, cabinet, latest style "Mif faucet and strainer! It's heavily porcelain-enameled for long life, easy cleaning! Cabinet has plenty of storage space! Sold to "Eligibl Buyers" only. A Bath Outfit Puritan Window 2 2'6"1'n" Weialher-tlglil, rhrik rail design. Ponderous pine It kiln dried end sir seasoned. Combination Door rrx6T 8 06 f 1 Hardwood r ( A Closet Seat I 3 Pieces art This Low Pries Sliding panel Brake a Mom door or screen door wfthsot changing panels! BUY KOV! Beary (IK stock) aM with sprayed white eelloloid. KELLOG 3-2600 ' I Always B8D5j broosaira ICIV 'M I sfl aasftMassTsBMssV . For modern bat! completenett and nets at a bargain frietii ensemble is bard to m Porcelain enameled tub and lavatory! closet with a ktmty i sVM to "eUgfUe bVM" i is i i FRUEHAUF TRAILERS BIO. U.I. ITJCX-TXAIUB TSAXifOKT IS 0aa AM GmlJ&t& ALL VOMICA I- -w.: ... - i-i.. - i, mJm. ah&Mtr

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