The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVILLB COURIER NEWS WKUNMCSDAY, JANUARY 2<1, 1915 t- » > Conclude Meet, Wartime Problems Are Discussed Here By Ark-Mo Employes T{ K The Arkansas -Missouri Power « Company concluded Its annual Cus- Momer Service Meeting last night at {•/Hotel Noble. r Climax of the meeting, after' two fxiays of Intensive study and dls- %cu«slon, vrss entertainment offered Jrby Otho Odom's 10-Girl Choir from r-Walimtf Ridge after dinner. The ft gioup/ presented numcr&tls selec- ptious under the direction of Otho 'i'Odom 'f Wartime problems of operating ,£the electric service company ^ere .fldiscussed by department heads, lo- *f cal managers, plant operators, and f.tothei employes In order to rruun- £tain the highest standard of cus- , V'tcmer service and cooperation with K'the government nftrtlme mcosmes I 1 ' Many problems *ere solved ttnc £J company policies changed to mce '.^existing conditions. 3! ?t Miss Cla,ra Ruble, purchaslni '"Jagent, slated she had 402 mcom ' 'jpleted purchase orders on file dat ! t 'mg from Dec 8,' 1943, due to short ', 'inge of materials or Government re t ttrictlons "Oa some items of ma 'jterial and supplies the situation {'Improving, on others we can see n t <^ immediate relief," she t sald, 'bi J(,vve sliall keep right on Irs Ing t JA render the best of service" ' E. R Mason, In charge of tax £ ords, stated The Private Elcclr "•Utility Industry /.tax. bill for 1M4 t estimated to be $100,000,000, an in ^crease of $20,000.000 ov'cr 1943 <»hl .'the government power agencies *- and 'Rode the^Tax Tr iln T i'to speak" He pointed in r j5.cfficlc-ni, and economical ,,of business managed _ uJlU'cs ' That Arms-To-Spain Embargo EDSON IN WASHINGTON EDSOX I identity of who might have given NPA WasMiiRloi" Correspondent (congress its slccr on the Spanish 'When t'lie Senate Foreign Rein- situation. oiis Committee was considering; The mystery, However, Hns now afification or President Roosevelt's been cleared up. -The, statement x nominntiims (or Assistant Sec- dime from the Into n. Walton rinrvihlns in the Department of Moore, who was then Assistant Sec- tatc•Senator Claude Pepper of rctary of Stale nnd from 1»37 un- lorlda brousht mi the issue of til His death In 1041 \vns counselor .meriean policy with regard to Ihc to Secretary Hull, ipantsh revolution and the Spanish nioOHE STATEMENT ifltntnv Trrntiplcrn Fl-nnpO HnPCif- 1'RV.f'RUpn nF.Vfil.II'l Ictator, Francisco Franco. Speclf- cally, Pepper cllcrt four- pages In ( 3um'ncr Wclles's recent book, "The Time for Decision," In which the ormer Undersecretary summed up he' situation by saying that "Of 11 onr blind isolationist policies, he most disastrous was our attl- udc on the Spanish Civil War." Referring to iho stnmpede ot l.eace-at-aiiy-prlce organizations to Vnshlngton at the end ot 1936, nnd Uielr pressure to nmend existing leutralily leaislation to prevent shipment of arms to Ihe Spanish Republican forces who were seck- ng to put down the Franco revolution, Pepper read the Welles passage which says that when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee asked for Stale Department advice 011 (his .situation, it received from the official spokesman for Ihe DC- ^ parlmcnt this statement: "You nre trying to protect the PRECEDE!) REVOLUTION ~Thc responsibility which Welles pills on Moore's shoulders Is not, however, os great as might appear [rom the Welles book, for In tracking down the crucial policy statement to Its correct source, It has also been dlsclasecl that Moore did not make the statement in December, 1D36, OB Welles snya he did, but In January, 1936. This wns six months before the revolution broke out in Spain. Furthermore, Moore made this statement with reference not to the Spanish-arms embargo act, but to nnolher measure which was never passed. There, Is'anothcr point of confu- New York Man. Is Santa For Eye Operation PONTIAC, Mich., Jan. 24. (IIP) —Snntii Olniis hns Jusl delivered his last gift of Ihc 19-14 Christmas season, normal sight for a benm- Ing, four-year-old girl from Ash- tnbuln, Oh'o. An unknown New York business man donfttcd the gift, n dcllcnle • muscukr opcrollon, to brown-haired Barbara Ann nigo. The story of Barbara begins vhcn nl the ngc of one, It Jlsecvprotl that her eyes were crossed. And physicians told th parents lhat her sight WD,<I threat racd unices an opcrnlliin was per formed. t It was then that Mr. tuicl Mrs. rank TttRO begun laying aside :tra money from the father's modest Income. Shortly before sion try Welles statement that coim- bv and Bone U.the ence They Don't Like Yanks—Just Yank Chow - • "'' Atlanta ................ M Augusta ............... 58 Chrlstmns they broke the happy news to Bftrtnre; there wns enough money In the family ditav- cr to save her sight, permit her to sec Ihe vnrirt she knew only by touch and taste nnd feel. , • 'Then misfortune struck. Mrs., lest Hie purse containing the- savings during n, visit with rcla-. lives in Pittsburgh. Tlic loss was reported by the United Press, an CTftem business man heard 'of the loss, nnd his check followed. • A physician in Pontiac perform- Temperatures • High Low 3D 40 Birmingham .......... 54 30 Charleston ............ 50 40 Charlotte .............. 54 33 Chattanooga ........... 62 34 Chicago ............... 32 21 Cincinnati ............. 38 28 Denver ................ 49 28 Detroit ................ 29 21 Jacksonville ........... G2 40 Tallahassee ........... 00 35 Kansas City ............ 50 30 Macon ................ 58 38 Miami ............ , ..... '81 45 Montgomery ...... ' ..... 56° 35 New Orleans ............ 59 43 New York .............. 38 2C San Antonio ........... 56 41 Savannah ............. 58 , 43 Tampa ..... . ......... .06; . 49 MONEY CAN'T BUY osplnn. faster-net ing, inuro dcponclnljle tlmn genuine pure St. Joseph Aspirin, wwld'e largest Etlbr at W(, Why pay morel Big 100 tablet tizu for only 35?. These German prisoners have no love for G. 1. Joe—but Joe's chow is an entirely different story. For Iheir first hot meal in days, they wolf down Army "C" rations. Captives were taken by 7lh Army Hoops oh Alsace-German border. Osaka—City of Flimsy .Buildings ii, » ii i " i 1 nvn 1 AUjlll J'V^Ut; tUlllL'l UJJtC" 111 ' I>U»-»»w«« neutrality of tills country, to prc- tri war <l thr end of 1036 But in i«n-csionara.ine enci 01 iiuo. «uu yon.t this country from becoming Involved In war, and nt the same time not sacrificing unduly the interest ol our own people by the en- nclmcnt of this domestic legislation. It is a tremendous step forward." ARMS I'.LOCKADK AIDED FKANCO " Thus advised, wrote Welles, Con— 0 . - KICSS bv an almost unanimous vote competed i with prUate complines rcv)SC(l - lhc neutrality legislation on J additional tux burden has been ab- draws , s Ulftt lh | s wovkca fo ^sorbed without Increased cost to nrtvlultngc or Nav j Germany •Ian. 8, 1937, and slopped further »rms shipment to Spain. It was na- 'urally a tremendous advantage to Franco. Tlic Inference which Welles to the "consumers of clectrlcitj ] Fascist"llaly'aml helped bring on Other subjects' discussed were ; ihe European war. plant nnfl sub-slitlon maintenance I Welles says thai President Itoose- b\ Paul areenwell, chief operator vc it recognized this danger nnd of tlie company, and W C Clark, | lhat when the Spanish arms em- . Walnut-Ridge plant operator. Ice bargo act cnme to him for slgnn- *• De\elopment top 1944 nnd 1845 plans ^ t u re, "he expressed in writing the deep djsqulet It causej him and the tlic Spanish policy had been determined, and announced previously by the President and R. Walton Moore on Aug. 22, and the President returned to Washington on Dee. 16. So the. President was In on the whftle PlW- It was Welles who was out of the country. He stopped off In Rio on the way back from B. 'A., ami-In the .Intervening years. his memory plnyed him a dirty trick. The President's message of rigret was over the earlier neutrality acU-not the Spanish em- bai'fio. Tills footnote may set the facts straight and mav be of more than historical interest If the situation In Franco Spain again gels hot. \ were presented m P. B Hanks nnd _ Hubert Reid of Poplar Bluff, Mo. Capital Investment nnd malnt«- — nance of the company was discussed by Banctof( Terry nnrt'F'E l Alkinson Reports of the company f v,as discussed by Hnrninn Taylor '-' and J B Sexton of Walnut Hldge regret with which he signed It." ; When all these old bones -were dug 'iip after seven years and nlred Before tlic S&natc Foreign Relations Committee In December, 1944, there arose some as to who this unnamed spokesman was. There In discussing Insurance and snl-l w ns n ) 1U nrh that it might be aries, H C Wilson and John S_ ' jnmcs Clement Dutm, who In 1936 Painter of Ironton, Mo, pointed and '37 was head of the division ,. out that the company's contribution of western European affairs nnd j-j-to the cost of Ufe, nccldent and, was now the President's choice for ,r health and retirement insurance ( Assistant Secretary of Stale, .for employes aided materially to Dunn declared that the statc- f employes' feeling of security for mcnt quoted by Welles wns not his, , their families which permitted but even that did not disclose the them to work rriorc efficiently nt ----p, the job of rendering better scrvlco j ln f lhcr (Ievc i 0 ,,i ng t h ls market ? ,to the public Operation of v\ago ( a t j Bdvnntn( , c of both Vcontrol, ,as_ _.p^rt_bi „«» Onttert M t , p . Airman Token Prisoner In Germany Writes Home OARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 24 —Mr. and Mrs. Snm Button have received ft letter from their son, Staff Sergt. Clyde J. Button, a Gennai prisoner of war. The letter was dated July 29, a which time hu had been a prisonc for eight monlhs, having been sho down over Germany in Novembci 1943, while serving as a ball turret gunner on a 13-17 Flying Fortress. ara's eyes yesterday and said It •PS n success. So, in a few days, Barbara Will inerce from n world of darkness o celebrat,e Christmas In January: Lone Oak New* The Woman's Society of Chris- ,lan Service of Ixmc Oak Methbd- si Church met Thursday after- loon nt the home .if Mrs. Ben : )ay. Nine members, including one new member, and one visitor, Mrs Ftarlynn Webb, were present. Mrs. Tom Brittaln led in the group singing which opened .the program o>i the theme, "The Sermon on the Mount.' 1 A scripture reading was given by Mrs. J. W Walters and the meeting closet with joint repetition of the Lord' Prnycr. Articles made, and donated by Mra. niiy were sold to KCIU' funds for literature, and the group b* gan working on a quilt. During the soclnl hour the hostess served a salad course. The next meeting will be he) Thursday at the home of Mrs. J W. Walters. PERFECTGRMMING Read Courier News Waul Ads. States .'Wai LAbor Boatd' and | '^Tieasurj Department, wns explain-1 f Employe cooperation was slrcss- " ed by F. O. Gardner of Cnruthers- \.l vllle, Mo, nnj J' V Gates, local > district manager. Jtvv as shown how i t-employe cooperation and their ev- , erj day dutv could snve time dur- ' ing the critical man power shortage and "expedite service to cus- ' tomers. Guests of the company were " Wayne -Butler.bfrMemphls, nnd E. L Ehrct of St * Louis, rcprescnta- * lives of Westlnghoiise Mnzdn Lsimp Company,- who explained what ; might be -expected in trie way of " better lighting and better sight In ^> the Post War era C. H B Richardson, rurnl develop- t-^- ment enjjlneer, e\plnined from the f":" farmer's view how-both the farmer X* and the company benefits from * complete electrification and what »i : future plans'of.,the .'company were Office Training Shorthand, Bookkeeping and Typing MRS.LM. BURNETT 1010 llcsmi rhoiie 3270 rise skyward in contrast to the two-story "skyline" of the hundreds of paper-and- E.' B. 'Tliomas, risslstanl lo the president, discussed customer rein- lions problems nnd remedies nnd the securing of necessary franchises. J. C. Walser. local manager of Pocahontns, led a general dis- cur.slon 0^1 the same subject. Jnmcs Hill Jr., president, who preridcd during Ihe two-day session, nnd Mrs. Hill, were host and hostess to out of town emplovc^ They were assisted by lh c local personnel In Ihe evening entertainment last night in the Blue Room of the hotel. SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you'with your,floral needs. FLOWER SROP F.T.D. Service We Deliver Anywhere I'll. 431 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Wiliinms, owner Glcncoe Bid*. Dr. Hiss Balanced Shoes r. u '}' V-i ?<; 3- /.d ^ V ALSO MEANS FOOT HEALTH! It is by the buoyant comfort and the new exciting vitality in every step tint you will know how well ARCH 't 'v .... - 1 .. i resigning . talies vurc of your feet. You will marvel at the beauty of their elegant leathers, and their trim tailored appcar- ance.^-No loolwcar could satisfy you more. Let our expert fitting prove how true they are to their name. Brown Kid, ' BUck PatwM Trim LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative —Phone 28H 208 Lynch Bid?. 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Mitn AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Phone 82K Full Stocks of DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- We have a comnlctely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. We service any make car or truck. BLYIHEVilLE MOTOR CO. 110 W. Ash Earl Slonp, Service Mgr. Phono 422 CHURCH is a place of prayer ... for Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mohammedans'. . . •it dosen't matter. Church is a place where those who believe in God, in a creed, gather to pray and to seek strength and courage from their faith. Church is a place where a lot of Yanks abroad would like to enter •again . .. and more regularly than in the past. Crurch is the piace to pray for their safe return. 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