The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE.a?, 1944 Asks Employers For Cooperation Priority Referral To Go Info Effect # Saturday, July 1 Voluntary complinncc of new regulations providing for (lie hiring of nil mule workers not engaged in agriculture through the United Stales Employment Sen-ice was asked by Floyd Sharp, state manpower director, In n wicssage (o more than 18.000 employers of the stale vcs- terday. "It is conceivable that an employer operating a simill grocery store in some outlying section will not readily understand how. nor why, one single man he wishes to employ will afreet Hie war effort fn any way." the letter said. "Just one Instance perhaps wouldn't. But a lot, of Instances have, and will muka a different story." He expressed confidence that when employers "understand why this rather drastic step Is being taken, that In spile of Its Admitted Inconvenience, yon will gladly cooperate." Mr. Sharp explained thai all available male labor must tie offered jobs rated as most important to the war effort regardless of w.'ierc they are. Some jobs arc so vital to the war. effort Ih.-it they must be filled to Die exclusion of others. Arkansas must continue Io send men to certain war plants out of the stale because their production has been rated as more vital than ours he said. "Like our boys at the front, our manpower must be sent' first to where it Is needed most. There is reason to believe this will contribute much to the shortening of the war and the saving of cnunUess lives," Mr. Sharp said. "This pro- Kiain is designed to do this—nolli- . • A copy of the administrative order of Chairman Paul V. McNutt of the Wnr Manpower Commission extending the program accompanied the letter. Texas State Candidates Reflect Drain On Youth <U.P.) — War's men was noted A0STIN, Tex. drain upon young in filing of candidacy for offices in Texas this year. state Youngest, candidate for governor is 37 and the oldest 82. Average age of nine announced candidates i.s (JO. Should the youngest win he would be four years older than the state's youngest governor. Average of 35 candidates for nil slate offices is between 54 and 55 years. Youngest are 35—a candidate for attorney general and on Lilliof the Lamplight « • • ' * . 4 . She's the Song Sweetheart of Soldiers in Both Allied and Axis Camps—She's Coming Here _ BLYTHEVILIB (ARK,* J30UKIEB NEWS Cover illustration for sheet music of spirit of (lie haimling melody. By TOM 1VOI.1' NBA Staff Correspondent LONDON.—It begins to look more and more as though Ihe "Tippcr- ary" and "Over There" of this war was not going to be the product 3f a British or American tmiesrnlth, but of a . . . German, After nearly three yea re of unofficial recognition in the samps ind foxholes of the Allied armies, 'Lilli Marlene" has just been published in England. Already, less than a month after publication, daily sales have lilt, (he phenomenal figure of 4000 and plans arc under ivay for immediate publication in the United States. Almost every one has heard one or another version of this "sentimental soldier's song about the 3irl-He Left-Behtnd, Who-Lingcrs in-His Frontline-Dreams. It was first published in Berlin in 1941. INSTANT HIT Lani Anderson, blonde Swedish songstress who is said to have been 1 close friend of Hitler, mtide a -ecording of the time which was sic Co. rney genera an one cong o e tune which was for lieutenant governor, both of an instant hit. It was such a huge that age. success, in fact, that the Nazis tried There is one woman candidate' to soft-peddle the song because il was hogging so much radio time. But it was no use. "Lil)i Marlene" (which is pronounced "Lily Marlane") WHS just the right sentimental, nostalgic note io strike for governor. Her election would upset no stale precedent. Miriam A. '(Mn) Ferguson twice wns governor of Texas. • •• .- The result, and the official Enc- Vml0n " f tlle 5 °" f! ' Slfu1s liko Golden Wedding Date Observed By Missourians Mr. and Mrs. W. Ji. liurbor of Holland, Mo., C'olobrnted tlielr golden M-cddliig iimilversiiry SnUmluy nlglil by luivlng n (tinner imrly nt Hold lYulxxiy, Memphis. The I'lniUntlon liool wns the scl- tl»B for (hi! nffnlr with George Ol- ti'ii nnd Ills ou'lu'stni pluylny "1 lave You 'l'nily"to honor the couple. Mrs. liiirber. CG, niul Mr. Unrbcr, "13, wore |>;imiis of 1C sons i\nd daughters. AKcnditit; the SOtlt wddtnn nn- nlversiiry parly were Mr. Umber's skier, Mrs. !,. T. Murray of Memphis; their daiiBhlcrs, Miss llendcc Harbor and Mrs. Uiiby Circshnm, mid Trunk arrslmm, iill of Memphis. Steel Among Speakers Who Will Boost Sims LITTLE ROCK, Jllllo 2ti ("!>)-- Slatc Si'tmtor 1. N. Moore of »u- nm Ims been appointed assistant campaign manager [or Ciubcr.ui- torlisl ciindlilnic J. Bryan Sims Moore will be In charge ol the sp"!ikers' bureau. Heading lh e list of speakers for >Uns will b;; .Steel. 'U'Xiirkunu JHW- yer who recently withdrew from the governor's nice. Other members of the speaking staff arc Piilaskl County Judge C P. Newton; Kl Dorado'lawyer Joe Mahoney. Critlenden County Judge G. K. Bond ot Million and Warren lawyer Dnviil L. Perkins. Returns From Overseas I'vl. James Isolds, .son of Mrs. ila Lewis or Blythcville, has ic- lunied to Hie slnles utter utmost two years oversells. Veteran «f Ui c . North Africa mid aiclly invasions, Private Lewis Is will) a servlte group. ""'tn^",,^ la " tCr " »>• H l;.-^ .«'«« Tway you barrack 'jatc, Darling, i remember the used io wait. T was there that you whispered tenderly That yon lov'd me, you'd nlwavs be My I.llli ol the lamplight, My own Ulli Marlene " s-t "'Copyright, 1941, by Apollo Mil- Co. Copyright, 1911, by 1'etcr Maurice Co., Ltd., London, New York. Court House Janitor Has Own 'Pin-Up Girl' Feminine pulchritude cnn bri"hl- en up lhe dullest spot, T l. Loll court house janitor, has found since he put up his "pin-up girl" m the musty regions of the court house boiler room. On the dark walls shines u slinky Varga girl, clipped from an Esquire magazine. Her charms makes one overlook the dusty boxes, baU«red .crates, and r .tlic stem furnace that casts lls shadow In the gloomy Taken from a captured German ncwsrccl, the photo above shows ^ Field M.-irshiil Albert Kessel- riiiEj, head of German armies in Italy, observing Ironl-lino action through Held periscope. He and Ills troops are now in full relrcal before slashing Allied advance. Mr. Lott has been court house jnnitor for a year, succeeding Floyd Sharp upon the Jailer's induction Into the army. a responsive chord in the homesick heart of every fighting man on any Tllc Vilr Ba creation, posed on n front. The British Eighth Army,™ 11 nea <' the door, smiles brightly picked up the song from the Ger-| !lL each visitor who goes.Into the . man radio and from German nnd' bollcr room to sec the newest addi- )| Italian prisoners captured durin? tlon lo the Court House /amilv I [the Lybian campaign. They immediately substituted their own words and dozens of versions were sung in English French, German and Italian al across North Africa, Such was the song's appealing, sentimental quality that almost none of the substituted lyrics were bawdy—an almost unprecedented fact in Army ballads. When the tune got back to Britain, no music publisher would touch it with a 10-foot pole. It was, iliey reasoned, an enemy song But as lhe song began to be sung —unpublished though it, was—more and more people began lo demand lhe music and lyrics. COPYRIGHT TS A PROBLEM "A song Is a funny thing," says, Jimmy Phillip, president of Peter Maurice Music Co., Ltd., holders of the British copyright, "A tune is like a disease. You catch it and you can't get rid of It. When I first heard 'Ltlll Marlene,' I thought It was a nice tune, but l certainly never though l I'd publish it. But finally so many people asked for It that I had no choice." Publication wasn't easy. There was the question, first of all, ol copyright. That was solved by paying reproduction rights to the Public Custodian, cvho will hold ;thc money for the German copyright owners until there can be a postwar settlement. Equally important was the problem of lyrics which would exactly recapture lhe nostalgic, sentimental atmosphere of the German original. Delicious Foods — Reasonably Priced! TIN'S CAFE Specializing In " Delicious Steak Dinners Special Plate Lunches Real Southern Barbecue Sandwiches—Cold Drinks HKKK ON TAP AND IN BOTTLES HI W. Main JOHN FOSTER, Manager Phone 565 Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blyihcvillc, Ark. BOISE. Ida. <UP)~Al their animal convention here the Idaho Cattlemen's Association adopted a resolution favoring elimination of nil beef rationing, tii cn t |, cy ll( i_ jmirncd for tbeir annual baiu ( uet. A 'is. (he Imtei chief stuck by (he pPA anil Instead of their tioiui T-boncs Hie turkey. ute PAGB * EPSON IN WASHINGTON Economic Warfare Hurting Heads Medicos BY I'KTEH KDSON Courier News Washington Corrc*|iomlen< Without Inking «way miy ot the lmi ''I'sonriTS of her own solely services' rlxlilful glory for B the Cierman iirmu>s, BOIIH>- can be lold about lioiv oco- ! warfare Is helping to do (he Job. Kconomie wnrfnre nloiio or |>f,y- MioloKtciil warfare alone cnn't brlnu the Germans to their knees, llui combine economic warfare ami psy- chologlcnl warfare wllh iidiml W nr- fare and you have the iml>oalubli> combination. Dlnelo Mackintosh 1'oot. parliamentary .secrehiry of tiio British Ministry of Kcouomlc Wni 1 - f»re, now In WnshliiRtun, ulvts u good picture of how H Is Mug done by the combined British and Auu>r- li'iin eflorl. One reason for the comparultv lxsen™ of Onimn plum's »u MJC: western front Is thought to lx> ,, «nortii|{o of bull Ix'inlnns. Tho Al- Ics begun wagliiK war on liv Imu UfurliiR front two years H K( I. ;.'| rs ; tjw Hrlllsh iniulu .1,1 aBrecmeni will; the Swedish SKP ba'l boiivf opoly to reduce 1911 exports to tli-i- iiimiy to M per cent, of 1013 deliveries. "hen in August American Flying I'urtresses bombed Scliwoliifnil where 00 per ccnl of Gemum production was coneciitriik'd. Thnt Ims now been topped by the new agreement with Sweden Just concluded by Stuiiton Grlllls for the American government. further curliilllni; Swedish bciirhig exports lo Germany. HiN'NKCKSSARY CUT Ciernian labor decrees Imve already squeezed her working force o the limit. Unnecessary occupa- ttons have been cut oil as far ». ; the Nazis can go. That being (he cnsc, II Is the role of economic warfare to contribute anything a can to make the German manpower sllua- 1011 still laugher. Bombing. German industrial centers, for instance, has iml nn estimated six million workers out of their homes. The labor iimlcd for rehousing lhcsc siu vlviim victims ol bombing raids puts a fur- Ihcr strain on Clcrmiiuy's manpow- _' fnkc production of synthetic pe- mm who's after your Spray FLIT on nil mosquitoes . . . if, „„ cnsy wny lo kill > m quick.,Beit of nil it wipes out Anopheles . . .^tj, 0 mo^nito t |, nt , tva ,,\, mnlnna. Yes! Flit! not only moivj dmvji'tliij of iliienso . . . but kill, iho ), n t,y Anopheles, wlicn sproye.l on sln s nniil wnlcri where it breeds. Arm yourself will, Flit, today 1 hills files, ants, moths, bedbugs and all mosquitoes. - r. ISM.- Iroleum us nnolhi'r p.viiniple. Ocr- ninny wns able to Benin the war without siiflk'U'nl niilurnl |ielrole- PtANfS RELY OIL— It's Miss Mildred Jackson speaking, chief stewardess of Chicago and Southern Air Lines. And -.ill Chicago and Southern planes rely on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively because this oil saves wear, helps costly airplane motors last longer. Now chat the motor of your car must last longer, coo, give it the same protection against wear. Get Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. It stands up longer and lubricates better because it's both dc-waxed aad'de-jelJied. Phone 2015 >- Afe«? -, Blytkefillc, Ark, hi'i' rhcmljstti hud licked Hu> problem of making syiniu'ilc oil nnd llusuUm! from con], she migmcnli'd i IHT synthetic .supplies by linpoici from lliiiininlii. Hinublnp. O f (lid Plof.stl oil Holds and rcllnerlcs wns hot iilmcd solely nf (U'slraylnu this source of supply, however, for llu-so raids linil the further clfiTl O t foic- lnn the Ueriniuis lo produce niou< synthi-tlc iH-trolciini products, which ri'iinlru seven limes us much labor IH'i- ton produced. 'Mils put.s 11 fur- UHT strnln on Ciennmi manpower lOTculs ol the I'loi-sll raids will' l hurt-lore Ijogln tu npprnr In full in Ihrt'B or four months. CAl'TIUlltl) \VU,U'O,\S riiu, TIII; TALK Ciipl in I'd Oermiin wnmons 1m',! iitlu-r rammnle uses than exhibition In public purks lo nlimiilato \Vnr lioiul suit's. Motallui'c.lsts aiinlyA- Dieni, like eeonninli: wurfim- dclec- tlves, in sec wlml nmlri-liils a«r- many may Ixi runnliiB short of, this being a war of spcdul alloy steels Dr. Hcrmnn I,. Krctsclimor, above, of Chlcni;o, la the new pnvilu'cnl of Iho Amorlnm Meri- lenl Assoclntlon, luivlug been elected nl Ihe orgiiDiznllon's D'llli anninil session In Chlcuito. ..53 Is in textiles' and clothlnf. that's why CKrman textile mlS'' MC considered good targets As loiiB as 10 months ago the Nazis wcie compelled to cut out ration cauls for everyone save neV-bom babies, victims or bombing raids who were stripped or all,clothing, nnd mourners who wished to buy" blatk In honor of tlielr 'dead.'To- " day lhe average German has only " one pilr ol stockings or socks as the sex may be, and that Is fight-, i big economic warfaie lo the point wlicie II hintb worst , , ,^ >JW Amusement Park Gives Balloons for Sick Child AKHON, O. (UP.)-Mr nnd Mrs'" 1'aul Shelb> of Coining, N, Y,, sent 11 Hibh call lo thcli Akron friends- . for help In filling a doctors pre-" scilpllon The doctol had ^said " Ihcli Miinll daughter should have rubber balloons lo blow up as a lung exercise while she: recovered' from pneumonia. ' I'Vieml.s. even In the rubber .city,' were at n loss lo find the scarce toys until they remembered"'a" booth at n local amusement center where balloons were used-'ns dart lui'licls. The park niatinccmcnt co-" operated mid the doctor's orders were obeyed. , "" of i-xtrii Imrdm'wi nnd iHiigliiu'.ss niolybdcnum mines source nf n ,,,.i- c-miti Ibued by chromium from Tin- cent ol aiunuiny's .sui ,,"v' K/,,,1 ft. tey mid the iiaikiins. ulcki-l and warfare deals with Tmkev h, io ± mol •hdcnjini from Norwuy ami KI U . n complete embargo 0,1,1 chrome I|>IU| - w " lfnlm '"" - -- «»|iply. one of the chief v,,hu,""f Mnrshiil Tito's gnenllla warfare In .V'" 05 '"!'." ls »« "Uack eh.™,,. «|ialn and 1'orlnunl. luui;steii from Read Courier News Want Adi. Ilombliig i-nlds hy Urltlsh Musiiul- l<i«'s nnd Anu-rlenn fortrcusea have tvvlct [nil out of upvrulltm Norway's •• >" I'Will.A mines still open to the Axis. One of Clermiiny's \ vo rxt, S ||<,rt- /-"=\ Ufa : T (WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU M REGARP TO YOUR DAUGHTER'S " A Mt>. MLL YOU LEND A NICKEL SO W PUT A BOTTLE DR. PEPPER IN / Buy Invasion Bonds Spend what you save using Shibley's Best Flour. Yes, we know that 99 degrees in the shade is prefty hoi. But you can get relief in sultry weather if you follow simple cooling off methods! Cool off the atmosphere by watering the hiwu ami spraying the sides jiiul roof of your house. Take gloriously refreshing and relaxing baths. Incidentally, while you have the hose on give the kids in (lie neigh-' • hood H treat. Have them put on their bathing suits and sprinkle thcnV ': wiitt water, iiiey'll love it—you will too. lytheville Water Cor BERNARD ALLEN, Managar "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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