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Vacations II pod, Hood THE OUTSTANDING PICTURE OF THE WEEK New Issue AUCTION WILL DISPOSE Maligned Lens Captures Fleeting Days Plcant Scenes Can Be Taught and Held for All Time Discoverer OF MANY RARITIES to Grecrtw A four-day auction sale by Hugh To Be Honored In C. Barr. 38 Park Row. New 1 jew PtcturM Championed York City, beginning September 23, will start disposal of the late Col. X.

H. R. Green's huge philatelic Vacation days fly all too fast, but hoard, said to be the largest ac you can capture them forever if you take pictures along the way. Two widely misunderstood and mMr malifned aids to bttter cumulation of rare stamps and covers ever amassed by any one except Count Philippe R. Ferrarri.

Argentine Plans Stamp in Memory Of Columbus Argentina will issue a new com Lazy clouds drifting in sultry oep-tember skies add variety to the Retort makinf are tripod and lena The Barr sale will include a wide natural beauty of California land and asked to see any large collections or accumulations available, and then with but a cursory glance at the material asked the price, wrote a check for the full amount and took the lot to his car. His most publicized purchase was that of the full sheet of 24-cent airmail stamps of 1918 with inverted center. The sheet was purchased for its face value. $24, by W. T.

Robey at a Washington postoffice. He later sold the sheet to Eugene Klein, a Philadelphia dealer, for $13,000. Mr. Klein passed it on to Colonel Green for $20,000. The sheet then was broken and several single copies and blocks were distributed through regular channels, but more than 30 copies still are in the Green Thty add up pww scapes.

The beat subject for pic and more clarity in any i memorative on the 450th anniversary of the discovery of America ture making are almost invariably found off the highways and neces ioh. yet many photopapbm assortment of United States and foreign stamps, with such rarities as a complete set of the "bluish paper" stamps of 1909, a full-mint sheet of the 2-cent imperforate of 1916-17 October 12, Columbus' birthday. sson them with outright aup- sarily requires search on the part The stamp will be a 15-centavo of the camera enthusiast, but do not t'Jtatetav tfctom, at if they were nor trouble with three 5-cent errors, all of the value, which is the value used in ttmn they are worth. t. th fact.

A com inverted centers of the 1901 commemorative and a mint copy of the 24-cent air-mail stamp of 1918 with ordinary correspondence between the American republics. A total of 2,000,000 stamps of this commem t-. MicniKlAl miJi wrth I inverted center. bandheld camera, tripod-madf ipte-turts frequently have an extra become disappointed should you find the setting unsatisfactory. It may be necesary for you to wait for the sun to move around to its best position or the wind to cease moving the objects, the clouds to clear the sun for a moment or for them to form perfectly behind your object The foreign section includes prac orative issue will be circulated.

This is a smaller total than Argentina has been bringing out recently. abarpneM wnicn euraw now 11 wl. A. fnr lame hood. 1 TWO MILLION OFFERED GOVERNMENT MINT Matty increaM the brilliance tically every British colonial stamp up to the 5 and 50-rupee values.

The condition of the stamps generally is very fine throughout The issue will be printed in the the "map" rf any picture on wmcn im mmA ThMt two nhotoffrtDhC Whenever a picture present it Casa de Moneda Governnr mint) xic linal AT FANCY'S DICTATES self, map it Seldom, if ever, can Moeaaoriea are not gadget. They iS practical, teited aid tor any you hope to capture on a return trip, The Green holdings represent Two of Argentine's designs of the what you see at tne moment, wnen more of a stock or hoard than a col 1935-'39 set have been issued in new value, according to the report The you are in doubt about a particular setup, there i a simple test you can portrait of Martin Guemes, formerly on the 20-centavo. now is on the 4T trouble to place your earner mo a tripod whenever yod vast to Zta.rdeturt. In fact It mUbt be lection, for he rarely bought anything but job lots which dealers happened to have on hand whenever he entered the shops along Nassau Street in New York City. apply to help you decide whether to shoot it Juit ask yourself whether the picture will show 15-centavo, pale blue.

The head itf)4ty awkward if you war 4aitM" to quickly cover aome. fait Colonel Green's collecting procli a bull, formerly on the 15-centavo, is now on the 20-centavo, slate blue. something you want to remember, whether it will illustrate something riWtmlA la a mluahla) ldetlirmak vities embraced many fields, and because of almost unlimited financial resources he bought any objects that you want to describe to your friends. If it will be of use, shoot Colonel Green died in 1938, and since then many attempt have been made to purchase the entire lot from the estate. One syndicate formed for the purpose is said to have been prepared to pay nearly $2,000,000 for the accumulation.

Earlier this year it was announced that the sale had been intrusted to Walter S. Scott, veteran philatelic auctioneer, and Percy G. Doane, an auction dealer, both of whom had been consulted a appraisers by the estate. According to present plans the material will be staggered on the market through auction sales over five years. Seven dealers have been designated to auction random sections, each of which is expected to bring about $25,000.

Using these preliminary sales as a guide, the estate will decide when and through whom the rest of the material shall be offered. In addition to the Barr firm, Irwin Heiman, Mr. Doane, Harmer, Rooke J. C. Morgenthau ti An unexplained oddity of the) printing of the recent 5-centavo aidf WMan i mean 7u which satisfied a transitory fancy.

it but if you are still in doubt, go ahead and take the picture any tt'as tM nine, ine vies a mmA vrftan eireumatancei At one time he was interested in commemorative honoring Educator Jose Manuel Estrada by the Argentine postoffice is the fact that sheets It Make it wont lor you anchors and had agents contact nearly every shipbuilder in the world to acquire old types from ves jarce ycureeu wot ior iv. A trlpo4cmdalohodlMW you want bctrpor, briahtor compare farvorably wWi thla, um tout trtpod cmd lona hood mora oflozu how. It easy to discard a negative if you don't happen to like it, but hard to acquire a shot once passed up. 19 by 8 contain 150 stamps each and two dummies occupying stamp ICI CITED to rita itut one inatance. sels about to be scrapped.

The roads on hi vast estate in Round Hill, Summer weather bring with it a space. NO FACE VALUE itaixlv mm tnla were curbed with length of high level of illumination and this UK Ta fihartrttioh wu made. Her Tips Given for eeverai inponsn presents the camera fan with the problem of selecting the most suitable film for the shot be plans to Brief Rules for Genre Shot Told TRIBUNE CALENDAR nrft, it wauea we tn atm dawn to a verr Flower Shots make. "What kind of film and what AfiMfuff. ana mi am ax- 1 the difference between them?" .1.

atiutra miij atvmt II anchor chain, and nearly an acre of meadow was used to store every conceivable type of anchor. His philatelic and numismatic collections, however, are most widely known. About 20 years ago, when he was especially active in the stamp field, he made frequent trips to virtually all the stamp dealers in New York and other cities he happened to visit. is the question most asked by the aaeaad at fJi-ao at to The dummies are drawings of si medallion and have no face value although collectors have paired off the two which were printed next to each other in a bracket of other stamps. As a result of the printing: contrary to the customary sheet of 10 by 20 for 00 or 10 by 15 for ISO, "crummies" occupied the space which ordinarily would be filled by 266,666 stamps in the issue of 20,000,000.

Flower cloie-upi have more ap and Lawrence Stryker, of this city, and Daniel Kelleher, of amateur photographer. The answer Here are brief rules for "genre" and character picture. In a "genre" or "story-telling" hot, the action oonawarahie aepta ox new. peal than ahoti made at greater to this would best be accomplished it permitted nor, accurate distance. The more detail vMDie or activity must be shown clearly, Boston, will sell initial portions.

Collectors desiring catalogues of the sales are invited to communicate with Mr. Scott at 56 Seventh Avenue, New York. by first explaining what Ortho-chromatic and Panchromatic films mean. The names indicate the dif so that a person viewing the pic the betten Correct expoaure i da-airable, but take care not to over-expote white or light tinted floweri aad better compotiuon, he gar a bit more time to plan tor aad atudy the compo- eWa a.ant alaaa AfuI fin. TODAY Tribune radio broadcast over KIX Dinner dance, 11:30 p.m., Athena Club.

TOMOKEOW Tribune radio broadcast over KLX. Whlat p.m.. Havenacourt Town-send Club, 132 Frultvale Avenua. Whlal, i30 p.m.. San Lorenzo Town-asnd Club, Aihland School, lMtb Avenue and latt 14th Street.

ture understands it at a glance. In a character study, there must be He simply entered a dealer's shop ference in emulsion and their ability and not to underexpo on dark to record the color range of the age IB) bmw pvw" i i ii it produced la an portion of floweri. TJe a panchromatic film character to bring out in the sub iect tor moit nower photography, eipe-dally with bright colored flower aimi IHHII we unrneumai ran- tad to la moat diatant fence Club to Get Date Set for Elderly person art most often rainbow. Orthochromatic, called "Ortho" for short, is almost blind to red light but records other visible colors well. Panchromatic called First-Day Sale Figure Given Flrst-dav sale fimiraa nf ihm "7i aha.

ariMiM aharnnaaa and chosen for character studies, be And uie the fine grained type if big CLUBS cause tbeir personalities are more the line that ii 0 ea- "Pan" for short, is affected by all the War" Stamn at Wohinotnn TIP obvious and definitely formed. every food landKapa pic enlargement! are planned. Rett the camera on a tripod or other firm lupport whenever pouible. Mexican Set Air Mail Show colors including red. Therefore if But there's no reason why a July 4, 1842, were as follows: 191,168 you were photographing an object younger person, caught at the right ip your tripod to capture covera canceled; ZKl.HBH stamps sold at the Washineton Port Dffira anrf containing the color red on Ortho moment, shouldnt make a good 294,568 stamps at the Philatelin wen like that, ihouid na out work of moment The trick 19 palp two of the tripod leg Competitive Showing Of Movies Planned Air-mail stamps and covers expected to fill 29 frames will be exhibited at the last of three regional study so long as the subject' character i definite enough to be interesting.

emulsion film, the red would appear black on your finished print while Pan emulsion film, being very sensitive to red, should thow the same From Mexico comes this group of attractive stamps, three for regular postage and one air mail stamp. Members of The Tribune Stamp Club may secure these stamps together with usual story-telling al- the bead, punt tne wira iej Agency. The total receipts for the first-day sale amounted to $17,293.68. The 5-cent Chinese Commemorative Stamn whirh competitive ihowing of various meetings of the American Air Mai Society at the Hotel Essex, Phila iiy to front or you, ana men I th two vou're holdlnf and object in a light grey tone. There 16mm amateur movie will be held at p.m.

Tburiday, September 24 is also a third type of emulsion 1 VII sale for the first time at Denver, tham firmly to your left and delphia, October 9, 10 and 11. A printed prospectus has been is at the Photo Forum, San Francisco Museum of Art, War Memorial, a you atep hack a loot or found on the "process" or "commer cial" film, used for copying or com July 7, 1942; 168,746 covers were canceled unA tha sued by the Philadelphia Air Mail Society, host of the meeting, and mercial purposes and which the amounted to 257.946 making a total f.AXD-Tnr TOP TODAY Mowwood Cheaa and Checker Club, p.m., Moaawood Park. Phllotopheri' Club, p.m., 11th and Grove Street. TOMoaaow Tribune radio broadcast over KLX. Builders Exchange Club, noon, Hotel St.

Mark. American Lesion Service Club, noon, Athens Club. High Twelve Club, noon. Hotel Colt. Electric Club.

12:10 p.m., City Club Hotel. Klwanla Club, 13:15 p.m.. Hotel Leam-lnston. California Contented Club, evenlns, 2011 0th Avenue. Ladles Auxiliary.

Oakland Lodfe No. tt. Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, JO p.m.. I.O.O.r. Hail, 11th and franklin Streets.

Rockrldge Improvement Club. p.m.. Rockrtdla Women's Clubhoues, MS2 Keith Avenue. aCanianlta Improvement Club, p.m., Manxanlta School Auditorium. TOWNSEND CLUBS Tribune radio broadcast over KLX.

TODAY Maaa meatlna. 1:30 p.m.. Sixth District wiu be sent to collectors desiring to a ana in ia j.jja,;j 1 amature photographer will have 6 oi u.o ior the first-day salf a pan-and-tilt top enter collections in competition for Characteristics Of Pictures Told Probably the three most important characteristics of a good picture include: 1) Clearness so that you can tell what the picture i all about. (2) Life, human interest, "story" Civic Center, San Francisco. Two industrial film in color will also be presented; "Behind the Cup" i a picture of coffee from plantation to your kitchen; "From Moo to You" show how milk ia produced little use for.

Unless you wish to emphasize rour tnpoa or an aojuvuneni SramD Precanceled of the "otll and iocuv type, some one color, probably the best make your outfit completely solution then, to the film question, is to select a medium speed film and yeuH be abla to place your The 3c "Win the War" stamp has been Bureau Precanceled for use at Albany, N.Y., replacing the Jc Defense issue, according to Parker use it continuously until you are on ne tnpoa, -point lr in Mfam au annaaa. and have from dairy to bottling. A day in a modern dairy. All amateur photographer are invited to show their movie for crlticlim, suggestion and prize at the Photo Forum, almply writ or telephone prizes and certificates. Nine sections are open for various types of aero-philatelic material, covering such subjects as air-mail stamps and United States, foreign, censored, balloon-flight and pioneer covers, and "any group of stamps or covers specialized." A copy of the prospectus, outlining rules and a list of prizes, may be obtained from Irvin D.

Wolf. 3140 Street, Philadelphia. Entries close Octobes 1. so familiar with it that you can depend upon it to produce certain results under ordinary conditions. quality or novelty to make the picture worth looking at And (3) Pleasing arrangement or that ooaltioa without dan- Jiayaon or Berkeley, precancel specialist and publisher of Old Stamps Magazine.

-rt falling. The great variety of paper that are itatlng what you would like to design, and good tone quality so that the eye can view the picture for available for making print will aid Mi a tripod, a food lent hood tOae uttd in making tbia plc- how. you in introducing variou textures a reasonable time without becom Townsend Clubs, 1328 Trultvale Avenua. bui na tract lor au practical A I A i and tone to your finished work. ing tired or sestive.

Mass meeting, p.m., seven tn uu-trict Townsend Clubs, S38 17th Street. Exhibit Date Set boi a evmeni. now- aame acene photographed TOMOBROW Tha North Bav a lan a hMd int nave Keep in mind that good pictures "Tell A Story" the action of your subjects should appear natural anl not posed. It is less difficult to Chemical Stains Tribune radio broadcast over KLX. Dewey Club, No.

12. p.m., 132 rru It- tttmek of ita appeal. Should drom of chemicals fall in vale Avenue. Salon of Pictorial Photography, sponsored by The Vallejo Camera Club will be held October 22 to 26, at the Club' Gallery, 717 Marin develop the creative and artistic the floor mop them up before they drv and turn fa rtuat that will finat in picture making than most people believe. One sure way to gain this knowledge is to make pictures Alameda Club, No.

1. I p.m., Pythian Hall, 1610 Oak Street. Alameda. San Lorenzo Club, No. 1.

8 p.m., Ashland School, 164th Avenue and East 14th Street. Havenacourt Club. No. S3. p.m., Mark- into everything In the darkroom.

Street vallejo. Members of any camera club my enter print, and the three best will be awarded oweepmg xnem aner tney dry will only result In soot on films and Paraguay Plans Anniversary Set The set of Paraguay stamps to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Asuncion, the capital, were received here last week. The set for regular postage includes the 2-peso, green, a Francis- THi STAMP LOUNQI 41 14th Street, Oakland smr.i jritt a rvrra learn the best method by doing a thing often and eventually you will ham School, Krauae Avenue and Church Street. prints. medals.

Closing date for entries jg ALBUMS and ACCESSORIES September 90. experience the thrill of lifting a really fine print from your hypo THURSDAY NIGHT Llvermore Club, No. 1, p.m., City Library. Twenty-third Avenue Club, No. 3.

1:30 p.m., Library Building. Miller Avenue and East lfith Street. tray. Cleanliness Urged "A bit of grit lodged in the gate Print Salon Entries The Pacific Camera Guild. 420 bum page for 5 cents either by calling in person at The Tribune office in Oakland or by mail.

Orders will be filled by mail when additional m-cent accompanies order. of your movie camera may scratch Bike Ride at 80 POTTSGROVE, P. (U.B Mrs Ada Teufel, of Milton, cele P-rTttl Nuw (jptn Thursday NISMe BARNETT Market Street, San Francisco announce that entries for the forthcoming Pacific Miniature Print Salon will close October 1. Entry y)K- R. every frame of your film keep it clean.

Use a camel's hair brush and blow the dust out of the entire camera as often as you reload nth Or. TrtVama, brated her 80th birthday recentby by riding five miles on the back of umi ftuitf a bicycle pedaled by her nephew. VISIT EAST BaVs LARO8T THE GLOBE STAMP STOR1 MHI0 Stamps in Sals on Dlislar Collactlona Bought SPECIAL: 1MJ Catalogue Only GLOB I STAND' STORK blank may be obtained from Miss 8. B. Yae, secretary of the Guild.

Entries are limited to four prints and the fee 1 $1. vmwmmwm- Activities of Negroes USX aad KT PMC! rekt a 3113 Center. Berkeley Stiffness Held Unnecessary Stiffnrsa in Informal portraiture is definitely objectionable and quite unnecessary. It can be eliminated if you choose co-operative subject, and give them somcthinR to do. As a general rule with certain exceptions, it's best to tell your subjects not to look at the camera, but to concentrate on what they are doing as if there were no camera about.

Novel Honored in Columbia Set A set of two stamps has been issued by Colombia to mark the centenary of Gorge Isaacs' popular ro for STAMPSl Maa aesMMi amM-m lack -I iiyaii 636 Market, S. F. Opposite Palace Hotel aali1l Mm 1000 all different TRENCH COLONIES Sit III ED'C 830 Market Street, Linden Branch Y.W.CA. to Seek New Members Soon mantic novel "Maria." San Francisco MIMatall ATTENTION PHOTOaRAPHEHS The 30-centavn. plum, depict the Photoa taken of HARRY A.

DIDDY OIOII POIM laaw aW "HOOT KM Mm" la the ee tae OPnf Market Ktreel WRWv SAN ntANCISCO coat of arms of Palmira, the city where the plot is laid. The 50-cen-tavo. aDDle-ereen. shows Paradise. Best prices for collection, rare stamps in navy unuorm, U.S.

Air Corpi Division. Photoa uncalled for. Mother de-Irei to obtain photos an hoy Haw action and 1 unheard from. Please rail MA rket 0634. Job lota, mixtures.

1143 Cat. VoL I 00. WYSINGER By LENA M. a famous ranch in Palmira, which Camera Inspection can Indian archer on a promontory overlooking the Paraguay River; 5-peso, carmine. "The Vision of Irala," and 7-peso, blue, coat of arms of Domingo de Irala, a Spanish con-questador who is credited with founding Asuncion.

The same designs are used respectively for the following air mail stamps: 20-peso, magenta; 70-peso, brown, and 500-peso, olive. The stamps were printed from engraved plates by the American Bank Note Company. They are Miss Betty Jesn and Lucy Nice Stamps on Approval Mainly Latin-America I Pay All PostVia t.u in in BMM. outatandlnf prnfanklonal comedies wV Aaa 9lWMa hKia. Vaa Meflfca NAM C.

DOAN. Pemberton. I. iiu lut, icnam ivMiuirs ill oinm. 91 per 300-ft.

ral. Cnpa Studio. 3730 S. Fls-uaroa, Loa Angale, California. ROMANIA.

SO nirr Sc. WITH appro als. fH ANL ISC AN STAMP SERVICE raOTOORAPHIC book a. ircut bnvinns; aand want lilt on allffbooka. Cavalier Camera, 1S28 Center Ave.

PHtpbvirgh. P. AONftl- If you air planning a vacation trip or a week-end jaunt, inspect your camera and other photographic equipment now. Don't leave the final inspection and possible repairs nr adjustments until the last moment. Clean your camera well with a small brush to loosen the dirt and a blast of air to blow it out.

90 Different BRAZIL stamps to approval applicants. 20c. Reirienbach, (9 Lax. WANTED for cash, cameras, prnirctors, blnoculan and lenses. Write for hlthr-st Iiisu.n hvt.i itvj.

ngw turn. SPICIALI 73 dlfi. U. S. commems.

and 1 1. fXUfKEB NFC. CO. It LartMt MUn Plvtari rlaat In Ntrthtra CftllloraU IN Turk BU, San Francisco airmaUs; regularly BOc. now only 35c Collectors to Meet Ann, who gave delight to the service men with their dance, which rivsled national figures.

Tor cookie distribution, the committee is able to obtain sugar for the purpose under the chairman. Mrs. Mattie Smith. DANCE IS GIVEN Thursday evening the hostesses sponsored the "California Bounce" dance. The guests for the evening were 35 first-class musicians from Livermore air base.

The U.S.O. Club chartered a bus from the Bav Salle 'o. 133 West Jack-on Boulivard, O. SHULTZ. Lincoln Park.

Pa. 23 Diff. Canada 3c with approvals. Fortax, OR-8909 aBaBaaaaaai The California Collector's Club will hold its regular weekly meet Box SC3. Springfield, Ohio.

INSURANCE ing Friday, September 25, at 8 p.m was the home of girl used as a model for the heroine The novel va. published in 1842 and was translated into 10 at Hotel WMtcomb, 1231 Market Street San Francisco. The stamps JOHN F. STROMBERC PHILATELIC INSURANCE of Newfoundland will be displayed by Miss Elsie 1ohbrunner. New Is 1411 Broadway.

Rm. 421. GL encourt HIT sues will be discussed and exhib System to return them to their base. SUFERHflE JUfflO South African Stamp ited. Visitors are welcome to attend.

This was the first off-the-coast en JOIN THE A SJiiiuier mp inui. in Africa stamp in the l'-j -penny value Otve coneantratad van IN THE LOOSE-LEAF MINIATURE ALBUM tratlon ot Inlra Rad is tne lirst to ue issw-a smancr ara osvttt on li TRIBUNE rwM dard vnllasa! Tha No 102 "Claar may uaad size to conserve pap'r ana omer materials used in printing in that country. In making the with any typ reflector 5c From miniature negative, j.27 Brownie Reflex sixes) printed on 3V4i4V" paper fACH i Stamp Club Removed from Sale The United State; Post Office Department reports that the following stamp issues have been removed from sale at the Philatelic Agency, Washington, DC: 10c Frederic Remington Stamp of the Artists Group. Famous American Series; 25c Trans-Pacific Air Mail, issue of coat only ll.fa each. (Sant postpaid If canh with ordar).

WrIU lor if smaller, tne ut'SlKO mr planes which were on the original larger stamp and leaves a modified rrti-oit Partnin Rnh Karshaw. cataioii The time for the annual membership drive of the Linden Branch Y.W.C.M. is fast approaching. Because of the many members who are working now because of war conditions, and because of transportation, it will not be so easy to make door-to-door visits. The board of management has planned a third big birthday party today at 4 o'clock, at which time members are asked to bring their membership of $1.

The party will especially honor those born in July, August and September, but all members are invited. Mrs. Augustus Bell is chairman of the Board of Management. Mrs. Teresa House is membership chairman and Miss Lulu Chapman, executive secretary.

U.S.O. GOES FORWARD The U.S.O. Club at De Fremery Park is progressing under its present routine of activties. Committees are being formed under the newly-assigned chairmen, namely: hospitality, entertainment publicity, house management, cookies, collection, library, public relation and senior and junior hostesses. Many volunteers daily are enlisting for an opportunity to render some service to our men in uniform, who are vital to our National defense.

Vesper hour on last Sunday evening was beautifully directed by Mr. Roy Nicholas, student of the Pacific School of Religion. Music was furnished by a trio of accomplished singers. Miss Gloria Ro-maine, Miss Winifred Henderson and Miss Elmer Lee Saturday evening, Freddie Mc-Williams, dancing instructor, brought a large group of youngsters, who gave a grand entertainment. Charles Clark came in person as a Houdini.

He actually ate fires and did a mystic Indian act. The Morrow trio wert at their beat 6c SACH From 1 20 or 1 16 im negative. The small stamps are expected to be tertainment in which these men had participated since they left their prior base thousands of miles away Tuesday and Wednesday evenings found various games in evidence. They engaged in parlor table bowling, throwing cards in the basket jig-saw puzzles and many other games. The evening was topped with their customary dance music to the new juke box, which the U.S.O.

has recently installed. A soldier boy has only to press a button, and "presto" he has music Never a tent to pay on the soldiers' U.S.O. Jukev Things are humming at the U.S.O. Club every evening. Monday started with a "ping pong contest." with the girls in the lead.

There wu also pocket billiards. 1935; 3c Victor Herbert, also of the Famous American Issue. arranged alternately in Afrikaans as previous issues With the Coin Collector Send your name and address, NOW, toprihrr with 10c for enrollment. Yon will reciiTt along, with vnur membership card, a free packet of stamps, packet of hinges and Perforation Gauge. Membership Is Open to F.veryne TRIBUNt STAMP CLUB WILTON'S far latter Photo Finishing A LOT MORK QUAtITT for only A LITTLE MORK MONEY T.

H. WILTON CO. patea Flnt St, SJ1. ll.Twr War to tha Taradaal A fine specimen of the half-dime AN OWL EXCLUSIVE FEATURE of 1802. one of the rarest United MAUUAGE ANNOUNCED Mr.

and Mrs. John Wesley Parks of 1608 Union Street Alameda, have announced that the marriage of their eldest daughter, Miss Verna CASB tmr PleaM enroll MMhM States coins, was sold for S02 50 by A. Kosoff. 42 East Fiftieth Street New York City, at a public auction held 25 in rnnjunction with the Cincinnati convention of the American Association. The 1H02 half-dime is generally arrepted as the rarest United States silver coin In the Wilson sale, in 1907, one specimen wa.s offered and the catalogue stated that only 16 specimens were known to exist mr camera TV Of The Tribune Stamp Club, far which 1 enclose lor.

Mall supplies) to 1 ia Name Doris, to Mr. Romance Patrick Wiggins will take place this afternoon at the Chapel of the Chimes, Piedmont A reception will follow the ceremony at the residence of the bride's eouin. Mr. Debora Clinton, Tyler Street, Berkeley. Addr Citv.

llVaaatiyaAraAaaAaI, ftfrfrftiji'lsl Vl arhi iiaa jjaui lTaallal'-aVi g'aVltl'ain'Vft "vlirff.

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