The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS 1TIERDF EXPERT Mrs. Myra Dougan Will Impart Cookery Secrets at Free School Here. "There is more magic in the oven than in any other klichen article." declares Mrs. Myra Dougan. nationally famous home economist, who will conduct the Courier News Cooking School at the city audl- lorium, which opens November 18 and continues for four consecutive lectures. "In baking, the clement of time mutt be double checked. A matter • of minutes may mean the difference between n culinary masterpiece and rank undisguised Incligcs tlon. Fortunate tha woman Vhcss baking hours can be arranged free from Interrupttcn. Muny a 'phone call has heralded the cremation into cinders, of what might pU»:r wise hav.2 .been beautiful cakes o: biscuits. "In the larger bakeries of today the bread on moving trays, (ravel: through an oven In which constant temperature is maintained ut n regulated speed, such thai no element of chance may upset a thorough and complete baking. It the mechanics of n speedometer can Insure LUCCCSS lo a baker whose out put runs Into hundreds of thousands of loaves a day. surely the watchful eye of the housewife on her kitchen clock, should Insure baiting success for her home baking. Too many times a recipe has been condemned or ingredient products labeled unworthy, simply because the presiding mistress of the kitchen trusted to her own \ mate of time rather than to the minute hand. Temperature Important "Another factor in baking, which is essential, is the .Item of temperature. The early Aztec woman, with her crushed maize tortillas bnklng in the sun warmed threshold of her humble hut, tested the prcduct of her' labors rvom time to time, lo insure their being done. Today, modem stoves mark a rare advancement from .that first humble sun .warmed hearth. Tlie woman who has not equipped her kitclwn . with a cork stove embodying the ialest finding in temperature maintenance for her oven, facos a hand- Dazzling Society Pageant Marks Opening of. New York Opera TUESDAY, 1030 approach, which was said to be ;£.».;._,»<, I-., • f- cnl' ! running 35 m,iles an hour at me I KStimatS L «SS !H 'oaSOfme scene of the accident. A judgment : for $3,000 to Brewer as next friend i cf another small son for the loss of ! care, custody and training of his mother was never appealed by ll'.c railroad company. One Damage Suit Dismissal j"Hot Dog" Gets Cold Affirmed, Another Re-1 Welcome in Old Ertgland versed by High Court. . llas folmd the British public skcp- jment. LITTLE HOCK, Ark. - H. D. Brewer won a partial victory in thc Arkansas supreme court yet- Icrday In his appeal from Missis- Tne premier sandwich of Amer- slppl county circuit court decisions ' c « was introduced by a small rcs- Oi.«!!)!j£ing tv/o suits which he taurant in historic fleet street, brought against tlie Frisco rail- Homesick Americans, however, thus road, based on a crossing accident '"'' ' liu 'e been the only buyers. —->r wiKcn las: y.:ar in which his wife and n son were fatally injur- Still Blast_af : $750,OQ()^ GARY, Ind., Nov. 4. (UP)—Explosion of a high pressure stiii in the Whiting plant of the Standard ! Oil Company of Indiana, largest '.refinery in the world, caused damage estimated at 5750.000 today. No one was injured and the fire which resulted from the e.xplcsion was brought under control by we LONDON, Nov. 4 IU1 1 ) — The i plant department without outside 'hot dog" has come to London and laid. Plant ollicials declined to con:- HOME THEATRE After (he "hot dog" the most tartling innovation Is the hot roast beef sandwich. Since the be- All week. The high court utfirmed the cir- ginning of history Britishers have Olllltil - \V 111 IS olOCrC cuil court's dismissal of Brewer's been eating cold roast beef -sand- i /-< claim for damages for the death wlches for lunch and hot roast beef v_,OIll|)ciny of his wife, uphr.ldin? ti'ii lower lor dinner five times a wci?k, but it j court's refusal to Instruct the jury has never before occurred to any- thai Brewer's remarriage should one in the British Isles that not be given consideration. . j piece of hot roast boef could be In a second suit in which 'he IP'""*! between two slices of bread. asked damages anil compensation " for pain suffered hi the death of his D-ycar-old son, who died a few hours after the accident, the supreme court reversed the trial ! ccurtl which had dismissed the DANVILLE, VA., Nov. 4 (UP) — suit. [ Five men charged variously with The accident which resulted fat- ' ally for the mother and one child occurred last.year when Mrs. Brewer drove Ihe. car onto the Frisco Hold Five in Virginia Textile Strike/Trouble! incendiary utterances. aUemplms present's 'Nameless Children' A Three Act Comedy Drama Vaudeville Acts iiiK — Talking — Orchestra. .to incite riot and carrylr.j con-;c-,,,,,1..., ?, ;\r n , u i.,.. / cealed weapons, will be tried here £ u ;«.''> £. MOIKlaj — i .this week In connection with thc |Talking Piclliro -- Riehfi .this frf..!!, Scer.i:s from smart society's coloiful annual pageant of gleaming gowns and glittering jewels—the cixrning of the Metropolitan opera season In New York—are plctuicd above. The two lower tiers of boxes In the picture lit'the left ate a part of the famous "golden horseshoe," always reserved for New York's "flrsi families" since the opcnir.g of (he Metropolitan r fa 1883. At the right are Mme. Gatti-Ca-i sazza. bride of the noted director of the Metrcpolttani Opera, and Don Orestes Ferrara,-Cuban Ambassador to the United States, other! prominent folk [>tc!ured on their arrival are, upiwr center! Miss Anne Slorrs (left) and Miss Florence Wicker; center, Orovcr Whalen, former irollce commissioner, and Mrs. Whalen;, i\i:J lower center, Samuel WogstafI and-Mrs.- Anicry L. Haakoll. The opening production was Verdi's "Aida". ."..',':' .tracks. It was charged the .. rail: ("strike of approximately 4.500 tex- Dix road company was negligent in not I tile workers at the Dan Hiver cot- LADIES", sounding a warning of thc train's ton mills. Coming — Home Then!re — All - Richard T II E SUIEH PLEI IB SOILTI THIS PUN (Continued from page one), my daughter say," the mother told the Jury ns she sobbed softly. Flrd as Hodge Shot Hcxlijc took n. gun out and pointed It In his wife's arm and side and company with Mr. Llntzenich Pickerel Bite Costs Finger entered the house 1 and found Ihe GREEN BAY. Wis (UP) The woman's body lying under a- : bcd. A ' bile of a pickerel r'e'sultcd In the went lo church he was going with ler?" E. E. Alexander, defense counsel, asked of Kitchen on cross- cxninlnallon. baby boy lying "on"one of tlie beds amputation'of the index finger of ;l didnt understand It that way," |In the room was crying and'askins ! cnrl Martin's left hand. The fish for his mother, the officer ' ; sald. bit him when lie attempted to re- J. R. Stovall of .the Cobb On-1 m - vc it fiom n hook, causing 'an Kitchen replied. Kitchen ic-ft the house before the , .leap as great as though she still.' pushed her back across a ted. Mrs( carried water from the spring and . Ring slated. "I didn't sec anymore - lighted her home with tallow dtp- j —I ran." the woman srbbc-d. She / ped candles. The laving in tin- said she heard two shots as she • spoiled takings alone, not to men- ' run for the dcor and as she rnu Urn the ruffled temper of the across the street two bullets whiz- cook presiding, within a short time i zed by her head. Mrs. Hodge cle- more than offsets additional cost ' clared she locked back after the involved. first shot .and saw Hodge standing "One ol the. oldest among pn- [on .trie doorstep, and then tura3d fessions, and one that is known (o ; and. ran again ns Ihe second shot nearly every nation, regardless of i was fired. stage of development or racial ! "Whv did you le.ive the rocm," background,' is baking. The carll- (Mrs. Ring xvas nsked. est Biblical reference to cooking is I "I-don't know— why didn't I sliiv to the art of baking. Archaeolo- J there and d!3 with her? Then I gists have not'yet plumbed the unfathomable depths of the past, to such a degree thai the crumpling wrulrt be happy." Miss Verla Snow, and a Mr. Kitchen, roomers at the home of Mrs. dusts havd'not revealed baking Hodge, testified for the state. Kit- utensils. In old New England, one chen told of how the couple appcar- of the social requisltlcs of the ed hnppy and contented early that housewife of the day was l:er bak- night. Later, he said. Hodge and IngiStandards. Today, baking has his wife began arguing and Hodge reached its zenith In the hands of . threatened to kill her if she went the Germans. From pumpernickel to church. German baker i "Are yon sure he threatened to jkill her or did he say that If she pretzels, the •elgns supreme!" Will Demonstrate Recipes | -. Mrs. Dougan, whose baking pres- • flrst ftrr i v . als arc the firs[ seated. A tige. is recognized from coast to cornp i ete program of Mrs. Daugan's •shooting' occurred, but Miss Snow wits lying down in a bedroom next Lo .the bedroom where the shooting occurred, she testified. She told a story of the controversy between Hodge ami his wife, similar to the one.related by Mrs. Ring and Mr Kitchen. Heard Screams, Shots Miss Snow gave her version of thc shooting as It scmed to her from the sounds she heard ns she lay In the adjoining bedroom. "Alice screamed one time—two I shots.were fired In the bedroom—] someone rushed to the door—a third shot was fired—I heard steps going through thc house to the | back—then the baby began crying." When officers arrived Miss Snow stated, that she was frightened and standing behind n curtnth In her | room. Defense lawyers questioned Miss | Snow closely regarding the number of shots fired. Both the roomer and Mrs. Ring testified that two shots were fired In the bedroom but Miss i Snow stated that only one was fired' afterwards at the front of the house, while Mrs. Ring stated that two shots were fired ns she ran across, the street. Questioned regarding licr statement that a car Hodge had been driving around this city was stolen Miss Snow admitted that she did not know it was stolen—but only had a policeman's word for It. Clarence Colboth, H, was placed 6n the stand by the state. Colboth related that he was standing on a street corner' by the house the night of thc shooting. dertaklng company was the first' rnrcctic,-... witness to take (he stand. He tckl' of the bullet Wound In the woman's body and described the course of Uie bullet as going through the woman's left arm and ranging down. through her body passing -but on the right side. , -NOTICE- Miss Wilnia Graustaff of St. Louis, j\Io., is introducing the Progressive Series bl' Piano Lssson^ at the Immaculate Conception School and will give a free demonstration to the public Wednesday, Nov. .5th at 8 P. M. RITZ THEATER 1 Tuesday and Wednesday A WONDERFUL PICTUKK i DOM One Slip Make a Bad Woman ? It's Cot to Come It's Going to Come is an I ECONOMY not a LUXURY It costs less to liny plenty of ICE than . to spoil food and ruin health. : ' coast, will give practical demon- ; , ec tu7e ^hedme wiU be p.ibU^d h, "Theard™ me™ say two or Uuce strations of her recipes In a lee- thc Collrfcr Ncv ., s ln or ' dcr llmt „„ I ^^^0 Snat"' he Soy " lure devcted exclusively _^ to this prospKt | vc vlsUors ,„ this rascln . } * ?"" "° "T' "\« »f> '" prospective visitors lo this fascln most Intricate, • and at the same at | ng scrles of ; ect(]rcs may bc , crc . time most fascinating branch pf , warned as to the topics under dis- the household colsine. Every • cussion ench day. housewife should make it a point, | regardless of whether or not she • Admission to the Cooking School absolutely without charge, being tified, "and then two shots were fired on 1 the inside of thc house." "Mrs. Ring came running out screaming and I started running, too," the boy stated. After the first shot, the boy said he looked around || Is able to attend each of the four [ McrcA os „ collrlcsv to the -omen I f rom toe middle of thc street and lectures, she will be present per- of Blytheville and territory, by the heard a man standing on the porch serially at Mrs. Dougans, disclosure .Courier News and co-operating ad- steps shout "run. damn you, run." on baking. Bitcuits. cakes, pastry, vertisers. N:w attendance records Then according to Clarence, he ran pies, tarts, cookies—all come In for , are anticipated and It is desired | again and faster, a share of the dUcussion and dem- j that as many us possible get there Jack Ozmenl. police officer testl- cnstration. Biylhevllle housewives early, In order that seating ar-1 ned to receiving a cull and golnc are warned to bear In mind that rangcnwnls may be completed wilh ' ' " ' these lectures ttart promptly at ;the miriimum amount of dis turb- 2:30 In the city auditorium and the.,ance. to the scene of the tragedy after being picked, up by C. L.-Llntze- nich in'i car. He stated, that in Above Merc M«n, y e t their plaything until faced : with a (jreat, vital stnijr- lc. Constance Itennctt .mil Ay res tierul a bifr rasi in (lii.s i Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" How It Will Help You- How It Will Put Money in Your Pocket, See Wednesday's paper From tht' Harvard Prize Play tjy Cle\x3 Kinkeacl. A Vital, tremendous drama that will grip yaur soul and make your pulse stand still. Novelty Reels — Spanish Fiista—and Cnckco Murder Case. Adm. Matinee—10 and 30c. Adm. Night—15 and <10c. Coming-.Sunday & ,^Ior,(!;r.- —Walter Hustin in "THK VIRTUOUS SIN." Now running in (Memphis — l.otws Stale. 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