The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1939
Page 7
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MOM.PAY.jUY 22, 103<T (ARK.). COUKIEII- NEWS THEWANT-AD5-?/ w •PAGE SBYJUl! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING fNl?ORMATION. Dally rate per lino for consecutive Insertions: One- time per line lOc Two limes per line per <liiy....08c Three times per line per <lay...OCc Six times per line per diiy—05j Mouth rate per-line..' .fiOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 75o Minimum charge OOo Ads ordered for three or six times ami slopped , before expiration will be charged for the mim- bcr of times the acid appeared nnd adjustment of bill 'jnade. All Classified Advertising' copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city nuisl be accompanied by cash. Kates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered lor Irregular f Insertions takes Hie one time rate. No responsibility•• will ' be taken lor more llian one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent 2 or 3 100 mfinnislied apartment. VOO VV. Wahnit. 22-ck-tf STEADY WORK — GOOD PAY. RELIABLE MAN WANTED to enII 011 fanners in Mississippi ramify. No experience or capital re- riulral. Make up to $12 n dny. Wrlle McNESS CO., Uept. S, Frce- BOi'l, Illinois MAN—able to Iwiulle steady route- approximately 100 families local territory: Earnings up to $22.50 In i week to start. Automobile as bo- ms. . No experience required. Ks- .ablishcd -.line quality foods ivurt necessities. Trial offer. ZANOU 7180 Monmoutli, Cincinnati, Olilo. ICEHCE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN 2 unfurnlslied rooms. Light and water. 510 Chickasawba. l!C-pk-27 •1 ropin furnished apartment. 1015 VV. Asli, call 44S-W. '.iO-ck-ti- 4 room funiMied house. Reasonable. Call between 4 and 7 P.M. 1413 W. Main. 20-ck-27 Store building, corner of H.W. Bl and Piirk St. Phone 730 !Cck23 Bedroom. 622 W. .Main, Mrs. Me-' Miillln. IS-ck-tf Conifortaule bedroom. 625 W. Main. Phone • 217-J. 15-ck-0-15 3 bedrooms. 102 Davis. I'll. 385. 13-ck-U Store biiilcling and residence combined. Good location for grocery ni;t! meat market. 640 Lake St. See Dr. j. A. Saliba. Phone 4ta or 418. 12-ck-G-12 Attractive front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. B03 W. Main Ph. 6«. 10-ck-U 2 room furnished apartment, downstairs, 1315 W. Main St. 9-ck-lf For Honlr—Comfortable fmnishecl home for the summer. Mrs, Geo. Cross, 300 South Lake.' 9-ck-tf One fr"nt bedroom. Twin beds 10QO W. Ash. Gall 445-.W. 3-cklf Well appointed 5 room house on S?iitli, -'Tenth. Pbiscssion' ' immediately. 'Phones 197 ^nd'571; Scktf r.*\ I . '-.I ')•" f ,l 'Ki-; r, \'l Newly (i ceo !•& ted ' 3 'room furnished apartment ioa • w. 'Kentucky. Phone Jjto. 25-pk-5-25 2 room Iiirnisnefl .apartment and 2 soiitn bedrooms. 102 Davis, phone 3K5. l-ck-tf Furni4)ic(i roam entering into bath. Bcantyrcst Ufaltress. VVill give 2 meals a dny. 818 Chickasawba. phone G3D, l-tla OfTice rooms. Sndbury Building. See Graham Sudbury. 27tf For Sale Crosby Electric Refrigerator, SIS. Colcniim Instant Oas Ran°c, $10. Baby Bed nn rimaltre.w, ffi. Porch G)i(ier, 55. L-awn Settee and two chairs, $3. Lawn Moiver. ahnoit nrw, $4. Chest of drawers, S3. Moore's 5-room Cabinet Heater, 520, Call anytime. 113 W. Kentucky St. '22-ck-32 One S-rootn house. George M. Lee. Phone »2fl. 10-ck-lf Rccoitciitioncd motors. Ford S30.5oi Chevrolet $37,50. v\U( exchange of old motor. D, W. Cianford, Dell, Ark. 3-i)k-Q-3 Mules for snlc cheap. Delta Imple- Ice Wauled Copies of the Courier News of April 2 nnd 13. 5c jmld for cuch iier of the dates stated. Courier News offlci. Dairy quality and service in nairy products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 602-J, for Halscll's Grade A Raw ^filk. Cream, Coiinlry Butter, Bu.t- termilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. Halsell's Dairy Promised land, Rome 2 Personal Arquse Sluggish Uver, tvork off the bile, to rid yourself of constl- paHon, gas pains and Hint sour, pin* feeling. Take one OOK of Ihc KIKBY'S ACTIVK MVKK HM.S 25c al all Klrby Stores. Position Wanted Elderly liuty desires iiosHlon HS housckeejirr. Bo.-i L.. W. Courier News. . : 10-i)k-24 Lawn Mo>ycrs BARGAINSlN Use4 Lawn Mowers SOMK IN KX(JIil.ilJNT CONDI TION SHOUSE^HENRY HARDWARl? CO, I'hotlc 35 Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 300 E Main, phone 800. o: 0. Hawks. 'M-ck-5-25 B. F. Goldfish Bragdon, Minnows 310 Dougun KINNOWS Jfc COCK ROACHES <S»rl Damon. Cor.. Railroad * Ky NOTICE Or 1'IUNfi OF CAT1ON FOK LIQUORPEI'tMIT Notice Is hereby uiven thai, the undersigned lins filed' with the Commissioner of Revenue's" of the Stale of Arkansas for' 'permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirit- HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis "Coniiilock has nlwnys had ;m atliludc of fulihty." CANADIAN OFFICIAL nous liquors for beverage nl lnil t on the premises ilrscrlbi-d iu 310 East' Main 'SI, Ulyihevlllo. . Application is for .permit to bo Issued .for operation beginning on expire on the 30th''dny of June, 1940, as prescribed by Bulletin iliH- ccl January 7. iWuml Biipplenien- tal Regulation No. 10 cltcdlvc July 10, 1931. Robinson Eiist End 1'hurnincy M. I 1 '. Hoblnson, Owner. IN tt'AKNINO OHDKK IN THE C11ANCKHV COUHT OP C111GKASAW13A DISTHICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNT*. M\KANSAS. Uohcil Stout, I'JiilntliT, vs, No. B912 Niiomi Stout, Defmilaiit. The defendant, Nnorol Sloiil, Is .warned to npuear within thirty days in Ilic court iiiuned In the caption hereof am) answer Ih'o complaint of Ihe plalnllir, Robert Stout. Dated this 8lh diiy of May, 133!). HARVEY MOniilS. Clerk By Elizabeth Dlytlie, D. 0. Clauilc p. Cooper, Atty. for 1'1'lir. Percy A. Wrluhl, Ally. 'Ad Ulem 8-15-22-29 W IKNINCi OKDI.ll THE CHANOEKV COUrtT OF HlCIUaAWDA U 1 STH I CT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, AUK- ANSAS. LK'wey llnmby, Pliilnllir, vs. No. (TO JOe Lynn llnmljy. Dufendniit. llu- dtfi'iidniit, Joe Lynn UtnnUj', is warned t o n \>pe»r within tlilrly (lays In tin, cour i ntiined In tlio CHjillun hereof mid answer the coinnluliii of the iiliiliitlll', DeW Hiimby, Ltoti'il tills Dili dfty of May, 103!). 1IAUVKY MOIIIUS, dork Dy EltaiMli lllylhe, p, Q Unudu V. Cooper, Ally, for ITIIf. IVn-y A. Wri B W. Ally. Ad Ulein ' 11-10-32-20 SIM coml tunned In the 'caution nml rfnsw the comphjnt of Uio ))!ii!nti|r, K. K. Hawkins. T »rtled this 8lh diiyof Hinji, 11)38. HAHVUY MOIiKIS, clork By KlIznucDi lllytho, D, 0 JVnnk ' Ouiiglus, Ally. .f or . v Chunk- IV Cooper, Atty Ad 8-15-^2-29 Onion Planting Brings Second School Recess foj', DUO .. l>ltrln(j the wonkier wiis — „„,„ tu onloijs—(His men's iirlncipnl Qiop. So.chlldt<>n woio (jrmHtd the extia llrne nlf lo Hid tlieli parents In limiting, ^ I'rccniillons now beinx lakey to reduce tho likelihood of blindness Include (he pulling of, nllrnU of 1IATHISUX ciuiso smiles, I'hlliUen here. Vot Hie snvofy (Ul')-OJ>l01J5 loars, not vegetable- wns ro- There are more thnn miles of copper telegraph the United Slates. 1.80<l,043 llmvs hi Complete Line of Hciiiififul, Klcclric WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 11,0 So. Second I'iionc 311 IN Till! UHANCE11Y COUliT Ol ;> • CIIICKAHAWHA D 1 S'J' II I CT ..MISSISSIPPI COUNTS', A1IK- ANHAS. K. K. llftwkins. PinIntIII, "• vs. No. CS.U Ada Hawkins Hunt, et a) Defendants. i Tlie defendants, w ldmv nml iju- knowu |,dvs ol Gayloul or Oalynid nawuns, deceased mi! valued lo within Uilrly riiiya in the LAWN MOWERS uiicurd, fnuiory method, adjust- oltcd-pitited up ,t delivered 51 ATKINS . Shop & (,'antirc 110 S. 1ml Phono i!<U FOR SALE 2 New Dixie < Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delia Implements, Inc. .'112 'South 2nd 1'liime 802 Now l.oralcil sit lot North Swond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EBWAlllis, I'niprlciur All Jlakes ot Uehulll '!>,,«.«,'Hers, A.hll,^ M,,c|,| ll( .., „„,, J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Orartinita Oiiloino- IrlHt (n IHylUcvllle. ' KlUrd Cornell^ SEEDCORN Scvci-ii! hiisliolit of so oil com grown m New Minimi County, Mo., Iowa 13 viu'icly, priced lo close ottl nl $3 per husdul Also ijcvcrtil bu.sliols of ro- Soybcitiw per bushel PAUL BYRUM HOW LONG SINCK .YOUR' CAR ;i/Al>; AV "Aiiproicd I'pra Lubrication?" VK8I nicrc Is a dtrrerericc bi lubrications. Every placo doci not (hi; sjnne itnndtirds. . . . nor cnn they give you th« special r-'ord Lubrlcnnts niada especially far Haul cars, Get the following; ,. ., CHASSIS 1-ymucA'riQN AND WHEBI/'PACkiNt}' (Var 30 Days Only) ; COSH>F,PTI3 CHASSIS ' UUMHCA'HON I'ressmc ami Orense In nil pies- suri) aim ntthifs. Springs, Uood Liiolnxs, Door Stilkcr Wales wnxejl, Door HIngc« Lubricated, Epcclal Cii roses In Universal Jolnlf,. .special lubilcnnt in ttecr- b>B (jcnr nnd dlstribulof ccim. I'ACK raON'l' WtlliKLS Wash out hub and bearing;, puck \\lin special Foul Short Flbci Sodium Koap grcaio. Ad- jubt wheel bearings. All Above Service Itun^ht Jn (Jfimbinafion, Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Phun<- Hill tncul Co. ' 24-c!:-lf 808 Hrarn Street; 0 room rotttme liolil al school. 51250.00 Cash. Rents for $30.00 month. I inn W. Ash. Comer lot 75x140. n room cottage with 3 bodrooni^. No paving or sewer tax. Rents at S"0. Price $2000, $500 cash. 530.00 month. 123 E. Vine. Pretty Ininjalow. Pink of condition. .SsSo.qq., ,. ' ' ' HORIZONTAL 1 Leader in the Dominion of. Canada. 12 Sacred ' '• interdiction: 13 Rowing lools. M Midday meal. 1C Consumed. 17 Monastery inhabitant. 18 Shoulder • movement. 19 To putrefy. 20 Snug. 21 Begone! . 22 H;i)f an em. 23To pierce;, • willi horns. 24 Drop of eye fluid. Answer to Previous Puzile 303 N. 5th, stucco 'bungalow, hardwood floors. $2000. 5250 cash, $20 ' month. >!•> TMinnn 5 mom buiigalov. $200 cash. $15.00 month.- 116. \V. Davis-* room cottajc $1500. $200 cadi, S15.00 inonlh. 801 Chicknsawba. Corner lol. 5 rcora coltasc $2000. S200 cosh NO month, " '. ...,'..•'•. •'.'-• 232 Dugan—6 room collage on corner lot Vvlth cottage iii rear that rents for $7.50. fticc $1250. J200 cash $12.50 month. .„ 312 ^f. Fifth—5 rbcm.coUnge $1250. $200 cash anil $12.50 month. C% interest ,6n" above Thomas Ijiml Co., Sole. /igls. 20.CK-25 Room and Bqard Comfortahle rooms. Reasonable rates. 112 E. Cherry,- phone o02, .8-ck-tt nedecoratcd south bedroom. Cou- plc preferred. Phone 626. 2-cktf 36 Wickedness. 38 Cistern. 3,1 Upon. •10 Beliolci. 41 Work of skill 42 Chaos. 25 Musical note. -S3 Slight lasle 20 Arabian. 44 Right. 27 Mischievous. • 28 Membranous bag. 1 • ' ' 29One who; negotiate.' 32 Balsam. '33 Brawl. : 34 Pertaining fo diet. , 4 5 Contraction, ever. . 46 Ho is — .". Minister ot Canada. 48 Inhabitant of U. S. A. 50 Maple shrub. VERTICAIj 1 Slnns Cfiltcr, "<;'!'(.' fjment. 3 Fish. 4 Measure. 5 Hangman's hallcr knot. 6 Silly fellow. 7 To bore. 1.5 Important industry in his land. 17 Sickly. 18 Persian ruler. 20 Older garment. 21 He is also -—' of stale. 23 To thrive. 24 To jog. 25 Evils. 26 Contest for a prize. 27 Dined. 28 Man's slocking. 30 frelnnd, 31 Tinec-locd slolh. • 32 Tinge. 35 Inerustolion on teeth. 36 Broth. „„..., 37 Packer. 8 Electric, term. 40 cill . ic fru|1 0 Ethereal fluid. -12 Want. 10 Roman 43 Thus. emperor. 45 To piece out. U Antelope. 47 s un god. .-- — — ~. .._. ut , v , < i k^uii yuu. 51 Pastoral pipe., 12 Soup dish. 19 Norllicaslcni. KRKD II ARM AM You A!OT WAI'T RAl.^ CLOUD COME WITH CAGE WAGON' HE'LU QE HERE soqrt.' 6TAND BACK, LITTLE OeAMER..'1'rt A-COIN'UP/ RED UVOERWANT \tAlWE, BUT IF BIS DEVIL CAT HURT PAL fAE ^\^KE WELL,SCAR-FOOT:. 1 A50T6RIOOS STOCK KILLER SCAR-FOOT, RED RYDgR The Morning After NEXT. MORNING- WHEN ALLEV OOP 6QT MAO AND \ MAN "HE'S LEFT THE M6^^E [BEEN 60NE OF DR. WONMUGATOR HOURS j OOOIA THE EMINENT SCIENTIST THAT THE BIG CAVE MAM WOULP SOON RETURM BUT.. ABOUT OW^l}^^ VoSi-T AMD IT'S f5ETTJNfll FIND i... T. THINK- IAU.EV? WE'D BETTER TRY TO ROUND GOOD HEA.VEMS! IT'S HAPPENEE).' CAMT HAVE 6ONE FAf?--NQTIIJW&AlUCH HER BUDDIES EDGAR WARTIA WASH TURHS HE WAS TEACHING \«E<JEB BEFORE HAS THft COURT 9EWELD HIS DAUGHTER TO \SUCH «,WRAU WCOMPETEHCE OR SUCH BIDE FREIGHT TRAWSjwAHTOW PISRE6ARO FOR Ittc PROPER VOURHOUOR. -*— -->~..., — . —-. CEM21US OF A CHILD.' T FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '%Z%jjjjj AVID UUtlL TilE CHIID CA1J BE PLACED IM A PROPER IUf,TlTUTlOU, PEEHAP5 MES GBADV.THE SHERIFF'^ V.IFE.WILL BE SO iOUD A? TO TAKE HER WTO HER OWN HOWE. WHV.VOU DEAR. SU-WEET UTTLE SIRL! OF COURSE I VIILL! 111. GET you 50ME PRETTY ^-—^DOLLIES TO PLAV WITH, TOO.' '-' • —~- ,J - M V'.l YOU STAND ON Trie HIGHWAY NEAR TOWN AND DO EXACTLY AS WE INSTRUCTED YOU TO OOt On I he Spot Again BY MERRILL BLOSStIK AMO DON'T MENTION THE INITIATION.' YOU'RE OJ 'iF.AMYOMS- ASKS You OUEST1OMS, ANSWER. THEM IM K6EPIMG WITH YOUR CHARACTER' .MATTER. WHAT HAPPENS, YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE tr/// OKAY, BUT OPNT BE SURPRISED IP A CoUPi-S OF GUYS IN WHITE UNIFORMS COME ALOMQ AND PERCH MB OM BAT ROOST''

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