The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1947
Page 7
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'MAY 8, 1947 BIATIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pels Increase Lead in Southern Bears in Mobile Win 15 Inning Siege V/ith Nashville Vols ri ATLANTA, On., Hfny 3. (UP) — 'lii> Cnntfiinnoga Lookouts were '''''i'^.jdl within rarsliot today that il '* '^JEJ.vluH they say about New ''rlean" Tlie 'Nimijit nine \vero well qunU- f ^d to speak about (he ainayins 1'i-lioaiis ntter the first meeting ! 'f the campaign between tile two iiams at New Orleans last niaht 'Iho I/Dokonts held the rlp-'-oari'iR ivis iti eheck over .seven of the nine inning conlesi. But a pair of fence- busthiK gents in Pelican spant'les— A] Fair and George Stumpf—connected for round-lripjjers in those • other two frnme.s. ; Flair bushed one over the fence with one male aboard in the first I However, Chattanooga carnp b^'jk with ihrcD tallies in the fourth and • ;ttlded another in the next s'.in?a. ' Dmvii 4 to 2 in the last of His ; sixth, Plait and Stiimpf hoth homer• ' d and before the inning ended the I'els led (i to A. ChatlnnooKn pushed • ai-ross a lone score In tile eighth '» make lh c final tally C to 5. .Iclm UiNon. Lookout starter, -,va.i i:iEK''d with ihe defeat. Wright, who relieved Pete Mrxlica in the fourth, received credit for the win. Iu winning, the Bayou Boitibp.i-s lengthened their lead to six fnl'- i:ames over the seeond-plaee Lookouts. I Flashy seven-hit pi celling by .' Itcmer £pi-at',in5 paced thc reviving I' Memphis Chicks lo a 3 lo 2 triumph over the fourth-place Atlanta Crackers last night. Four errors by I the ju<.mr learn aided the Chicks I in :!^ing up their third straight I win. TJQr veteran righthander Slicl- I by Kiimcy hurled the route for Atlanta, and allowed but 10 foing- les. The prsky Litlle Rock pebbles l^nwled over the Birmingham Barons at Slagtown last night. 0 to 'i, lo run their victory skein to ' 'wo hi a row. Traveller "bad boy," Ben cantrell, poied out a four-master in the eighth with the bases empty. The loss failed lo dislodge the Barons from their perch atop - 'he Southern second division. Thc victory for the Travelers, however, Too Late to Classify For Sale Boston Braves One Bright Spot In Majors for Sports Prophet* PACE SEVEN fs NEW YORK, May 8. (UP)—The j the game. Vic Lombard! and Clyde Hoslon Brave.s were the one biH'ht I-viiHi gave the Cards only lour spot today for baseball prophets. | hits- Almost tinnniniously. the foreoas- | The Reds-Giants lei's said the world champion SI. IXJiiis Cardinals would repeat as National League champs, but the Cards are iti the cellar; almost as ..niformly the seers picked the Boston Red Sox In the American League, and the sox are in fourth place. | Most frequently mentioned as dark , horse was the Boston Brave squad, I which was credited with ability lo surprise the Cards or Dodders if those clubs should have trouble. T<xlay the Braves are in second place, only one game back of Brooklyn and six games ahead of St. Louis. Their 3 to 2 victory over Pittsburgh in a nlglU game last night showed the Braves as a typical Billy Southworth team—last, alert, hard-hitting and hustling. Opponents realize that a mistake against thc Braves may quickly be turned into a run—and tliis knowledge sometimes presses a jittery ( opiioncnt into the very errors he I is guard ing against. But the Braves have one scri- and Cubs-Phillies games were rained out. Cold weather forced l>osl|x>no- mcnt of (ho Yankee-Indians. Hon- ators-Tigers and Tied Sox-Whiti work day. Sometime .'unii;; ihe day. (hcie probably will be infouniil ol'fcr- vana- of his bir'hdr.y with members of his fain-!/ and office s'aff. The Presio.rivVy phjsic;an, tliiK- Cen. Wallace Graham, was pleas- sed with Mr.;".i".i |.Uy.slcal condition. Tlir: Pi e:il'.k-llt luiw weighs 173 |>o!tiul.s wliifli Ciraham reels Mr. a IliH Sphin mild inrinb cliltls . _ '.crmu ro.d rtiivluu I ; which, UUiM- lull h Ijiomlilus. IMI ncio ei's uf <\'t stuff, 11 i!ii w has disuppc:ire red by early with c'lnK Iu 1)1011- Kead Conner News Want Arts. Sox games in the American but (lie night game at St. Louis was played—an unhapiry decision ] for the Browns, who took a (j to I j pusling from Philadelphia and drop- i ned into the cellar as the Athle- ! tics took seventh place. ! Hank Majeski's three hits, Including a two-run homer, led an 11-hit A's attack. Dick Fowler let (he Browns down with seven hlls. Yesterday's Star: Earl Torgeson of the Braves, whose eight-innins homer beat Pittsburgh, 3 to •>. Truman Feeling Fine; Observes 63rd Birthday f'oniiovdililc o lictlvooin house, . Possession .Itine 1st. See 01 call i\!;ix I.oLi'iin Realtor, l,yncli Rids,'.. ' I'honc 20IM room morlei'n house. Wil sell compleJcly furnished linmedialc possesHioti. Eas ily financed. See or cal i\iax fc l,(i!fan Heallur, l.yncl HI(ly!«l'li. aO.'JL S-ck-lL I SPECIAL Kany Chid;::. SI 2.00 pe: lunidrcd. ! week old to ! d:iys, SI 1.00 per hundred liiilance of week only Lewis 'Poultry. Plume !M5( S-ck-lfl quer before they (he pennant—they will have j find a way to beat Brooklyn. Last year the Dodgers won 17 of 22 games and began this season with two straight over Boston. With Ihe Cards off to a miserable start. Boston has become a legitimate pennant possibility and Southworth admitted he was giving n great deal of thought to a "beat Brooklyn" j tmipaign. ' Earl Torgcson, Rookie first base- 1 lan, used a simple method to beat j 'ittsburgh last night, lie slammed in eighth-inning home run that irake a 2 to 2 tie and relief pitcher Anton Karl protected thc lead. <Rt\ came in during the seventh in- ling as the Pirates whacked Mori hooper for four hits and their .wo runs Edson Bahr and^ Hank Behrman gave Boston only five lits. but Torgeson's,good base riin- ling after a fourth-inning walk enable^ him to score when Ralph Kiner fumbled in left field, sibby Sisti's hit batted in another louith- inning run. St. Louts edged Brooklyn, 2 to 1. s Howie Pellet staggered to his first victory after- being 'batted out Ihree times, Follet allowed nine hits, eight walks and made a wild pilch, but four double plays saved him and Terry Moore's two-run homer in the seventh gave him the runs he needed. Moore made a great catch in the ninth lo save solidified the hold of the Dickey- men on sixth spot. In a grueling IS-inning game at Mobile the local Bears finally won a 9 to 8 victory over the Nashville Vols. Each team sent four pitchers to the mound, most of them while the pressure was on'In the tight contest. Both teams went seoreless from the ninth to the last half of the loth. WASHINGTON. May B. I UP oils weakness which they must con- can think about President Tnimr.n c;'lcbi.Mes hiM to i;:ird birthday today ru:d the heavy bur- fcelitiK fit c|i?i|)it- v dens of his ;<>G. Mr. Truman' ; birthday included an ^ni'ly tno; n: a nc\vs c(»]\fc-rp!LCff u;i:l I Notice of Red Cross Annual Meeting Noliee is hereby ulven (hat ihe annual nin>iin;> of ibc chlekn- raivba Dislrlct Chapter of the American lied Cross will be held In the Comlroom of Ihe Chk-kasawba DWiiii Oiurlhous.\ lllythe- ville. Arkansas, un Tuesd.iv, Mav 13. Ill IT. :d :i:no pin. Tliis nu'eiini; is beinc held for the pmpui.e nf making itn annual repoit lo the people of all activities cmira on duiini; (he past year and lo I'leel officers and beard members who will direct III" opei-istlon of the chapter' dm Inn I ho IK-SI twelve months. Kvery person in the Chickasawba Disuiii ni Mississippi Counly who has I'ontribiiUd one dollar or moic m rh- punt iwelve months is a mcmbei- of this chapter and each liii-iub:-i- is urp,ed lo ulli-nil and In vote. 4 George M. Lee Choptcr Chairman • Every Shell a Freoier Shelf • Convenient Upright Position • Sofa Z*ro Dcgroa Food Storage * CU. FT. FOOD IIEEZER $279.95 ,-,t 1 rrinin,,. vvilli :., nn.l .v.-n.'r lii.nlrr in- .i;,i,i,,.- li,,iit,.,.. ll,,,,,l I,,. For Rent Iliri' !, Til,. Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Feel Miserable ? To i;ct real relief yon must Increiuw - he fl<w of this vital K^strfc JuTcc. Medial mi'horl^<*3, in Independent !&bara~ 1 orv tt.^Is r.ME.uman stomachs, have by = •(•)$itivo pttWshown that SES Tonic La tnn/fni-rly clTcctlve In Incrrasing this •!i)\v \\hfii It Is too little or Gcanty due a R no:i-orEnn1c stomach disturbance •his is due to thcSSS Tonic formula .hich rontnlns special and potent attl- .UFO. fcSS Tonic helps build-up non- rgnnlc. ^'cnk, watery blootl In nutrl- icnnl nnrmin—so with a nood flow of 1 his f^ptric dlRc.stlve juice, plus rlchrcd- •loo^l you j-hould cat hotter, sleep better, rcl hrttcr. work belter, play butler. Avoid punishing yourself with ovcr- 1 oses of foda find other nlkeillxcrs to ountcract gas and blotitlng when what ou so df.irly need la SSS Tonic to help imiuits ui uuiLiva auju, \jsv u. uubbJO ul SS Tonic from your drug store today. 1 38 Tonic helps BuUd Sturdy He kith. K m • 8 Is the Essence of All Things . do you need your suit now? We Give Service in 8 Hours : ^ For the Askpng the HUDSON FINISH That Gives You BETTER CLEANING HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Afk. Phone 2612 Top Quaity • Famous Low Prices PRESTO s-M Cooker ' <'"> nrals In (inc-fonrlli I hi' Mini'. -I fji • DELUXE 9 Piece JUJGER modern Jlilcrr will re- e Juice ID ;h^- last drop luirt pulp and •il.i. Altraotlve^ il sanllary. A • il Ijuy. 24 Piece Cutlery Sets Kiinirl new. This bcan- tllul sliilnli-Kv. Klcel set will sin'e itiidher huurs of cleanlllk' and ]u>llsh- iniv I'lasil.' tiandles In Vacuum Cleaners Clnnis runs thm'Miuhly and quickly. Const rucial tif \\\\\\{. weight. ulmnhuim. I hi-; ciciinrr caii bij ust?(t for lunin; without futl^iu 1 , CointmiTs with hiljliri- |ii Iced ELECTRIC COOKER Automatic Eletric Iron Uolls, Hiikps of Trios. A ycnr ii ron tid nccr.ssot'y you won't want lo hi- without: Jdoul lor Mm i 111 nparltnrnls. Ma<li i r r r htrjivy ^nii|(i: tiUitnlniiiii, o])pr: COFFEE MAKER l L- o J. A I UnuiJiiriil ':; i r (. thui Will l:isl. fin- yours Id roiiu , Tin- modern way to make [-olf.'c\ Attractive. Kasy to rk-..n s.nd keep dean. Makes It delicious cups. Made of special < _ A f bn-ak 1C- 795 «'r; i i f p 1 n s tit: *» iKindlt'.s. ELECTRIC TOASTER A leal Lift Type Toaster. Never before i>rlc«l so low. You've wanted one for y.'iu-s. 2 slices. OAK DINETTE SET 3 pc. Handled Carving Sets D:ul uill be prfjf.d lo t sirvi* tlic fjiimSay ronsi b:'cf u ilh this line: -slrnnu'. ; .r j.lccl si'1. Curving knife, fork and slirr])- Admiral Farm battery Radio liirh, clrnr IOIK. COIUCK m Opi'nitr.s rrotiomii^iUy on B;it- tcrv-Pju:. Cnn?i!.''ts of tnb'o ni'nl ton i cluiirs. ClviU's hnv: vrd )cu- Du'ii'l 11- cu:>hi')n.>. Complrlo with tablr Ijrjunls. PRESSURE COOKER • 7-qf. Si7i\ AInki:s rnnuiii.; a (jiilfk off or* less prorcss. Mndc of oxtra-]i*T.vy I'.Uimimitn Coni])U'( {' wilht canning orcci^orics. 3 pc. Alum. Range Set Indispensflble to niiy ivcll- etiiiipped kirchon. 2. H f.i.d 4 qt. lii'iivy Kiiai;c nlu>niiiinn pans with cov.v;, 2 qt. Alum. Sauce Pan 339 Salt, Pepper Shakers CAST IRON SKILLET A,1.1 1^1^ n ,«l r:,«,i,,,li,m In . _ \->r\>J I II\V/I^( J6\l^«_l_ I Made of cxtr.i heavy c.,st :iUuninun\. tins (!o?.[-ns ot '.very day kllchon usos. Ccmplru- v.uh cover. Add tuslr nmt clislim'Mim In yuvu 1 diniu'r paring \vjlh* nil nluiniiumi iiulivuhiul s:i]( :ind p'.-pprr.s. An MotlHT's D;iy Kill 10 C That Extra fryc.- \o:i'rp always looking for. N T o. (i si?.'\ A Mothers Day Mni 1 . 60 C CARPET SWEEPERS Battery Factor 3050 Radio 795 famous 1)t:r-A-Hilt .swreiKM's rcttH»'.'o tiirt in a jiffy. ConipniT.s will; nnn'o rjoslly A thousand hour.; of iviiMilc |;o\vc r for your Rn lio rnjoy- niont, 110 volt.

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