The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 6
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PAGii SIX E^Ti[ ) [: :v . l J-J'J:L. ( ,AM-L coi:iilKK -^ I ' : ' vs ' __ __ ' • FIJIDAV. Gas Hour-ds Cop First Half Chief of Buccaneers Hounds Come from Behind ''•''": to Cop Over Fliers; Sec-; • ondHalf Starls March 5.] The first halt championship of I the' City Cage Loagm rate rests! .witii Ihe Gns Hounds. The Gas' quintet came through vllh (Vyiir;! .colors, moving up from behind to! defeat the Dixie Filers In- a (jam:' thai decided the championship lasi night. .. Kubbard's five finished second in . Vtie race, disposing of the Apes tu easy style in the final same of lire first half last night. The Frl:cj| quintet ended in third pine; by -winning from the Merchants ns the ptij'rs and Company >.?, with v.-lir:::: I liie position had been'stmred. !::•:. I 'The Hi-Jackers, Uefc.nlris tfc Soldier Boys, finished on even terms with the militia and Fliers while the Apes and Merchants shared the cellar berth with Uvo wins and five defnats each. The second game ol the nlcli' .was easily the feature contest with the undisputed championship claim of .the Gas .Hounds hinging on th? contest. The Hounds van, 15 to !), but not before the fans had their share of thrills out of the ga:ne. Come From Behind .The first quarter was fiercely contested and unusual in (hat botb teams failed to score In the'Initial period. The Dixie Filers sprinted out in front in. the second quarto-; and sent the hopes of the Huhbnrrl j five, which still had a chance tc tie the Gas Hounds, upward as lli;y finished the first half in front of the" Hounds, 9. to 5. •But the'seorlng nf ihe Fliers w.-u to" be confined to that second quarter spurt. The Dixie boys failed to count a single marker after the second halt'opened. Ellis, crack center of the Hounds, wlio had been kept on the bench during the first half, "entered the fray and his presence was a material factor in the last half drive of the champions. :ElWns and Ellis of the Hounds and Cox of the Flier* accounted for four points each. ':' ' . Merchants Railroaded ; in the opening contest of the evening the Frisco five had a fairly easy time in defealing the Merchants, team, 21 to 14. The railroaders led 12 to 7 at the half mark . \ylth some long shots running up the Frisco score. When the Ililrd quarter ended the Frisco team leu 19' to 12 and each team counted two points in the final quarter. Holland and Secoy of the Frisco arid Wright ot Merchants tied for high point honors with six pD'.nl« each. The Hl-Jui.«s downed the mi- litia'of Company XI in the third game, 19 to 15. The soldier boyr looked better than In their last contest, .but could not match the offense" of the Hi-Jackers. At the half the boys "outside the law" were leading, 12 to 7, and the soldiers could not overhaul them. •JjVarilngUm of the Hi-Jackcrs was, high point man with ten points, while Boggs was second for the Hi-Jackers with five points Newsom of the militia hnd five points and McCarty sank four goals for the soldiers. ' Apes Have Lone Scorer Hubbard's basketeers walked away with the Apes in the final contest, 32 to 10. Boatwright, new Ape forward" went out In the quarter on fouls and Hubbard lound the i;o:n; easy alter his removal. Woolcy crack forward of the Apes, scored all" of the losers' poinls despite the close- guard rr.ainUiin?^ on him by the hardware boys. The one man offense of- the Apes hardly had a chance against the fast play of the Hutbard team ana a spirited defense. Abe Ktrmin;- ham, center of the hardware troupe, was high point man with 13 points. J. Kinningham accounted for eight points. .The second halt race will start next, Thursday night. PlTESllEftl couple of Mississippi Volley 1 liaKUi-rs, complete the pitching • ; rosier. Personally, I don't sp-. 1 whsrr ' j lhat, .stall .should have to back ivnt- 1 '* 1 ior an> i )itcn|n e c ° r P s •» in - W ft "^""y PW through a deu! ', which would strengthen our catch- i ing department. We obtalind Phillip?, who was with Dclroit S3mi lime m:o, to help lialstcn llemsley, who caught more than. 90 gainer, , ' for us in 1030, Hi'insley lias thu Cllicftan Thinks Jlllilit >' to become one of the stand-. r i T L ' 1 OIIL catchers of tlic loop. Mealoy, I Has technical ficm the Wichita club, and Tin-- noy, whc-sH \vc cairicil btu last fall, Hiimil cut the coi'iis. There may IK belter Infields (linn the Pirates' this year, but I doubt) it. Kulir at first should be one o'. the most dan^eicus hlttc-rs in the circ'iiit, juclKlni! Jroin his record of Qualities of a Champion nv .H:\VKI, KNS Manager, rilhliurKh 1'irales If 1 am able lo 'figure out n Ecliemc for keeping our players out _ ,..-„„ - _ ol the hospitals this year, Pirate'id? mils' driven in as n bit' league fans fire going to be Riven an op-, freshman liist year. The least we portunily ol seeing their (cam in; can say ol Granlham at second and lho thick of (he National league! Captain Pic Traynor at third Is pennant race. - • ,(|i a i o, e} . : , 1)llt ar 10 be regulars at PIlL'Ojiirgri surely has had its Ihelr corners. We got Thevonow .share of accidents In the past few:'from I tie Phillies for linrtell. and years, but I'm satisfied that with, I believe Tommy wilt go great for anything else than had breaks v,-e|us at shortstop. InlielJ rcservss iii- \vill liave us goo:l a diance fcr Hi;; tlucli; Sankey. who was one of us flag ns four other clubs 1 can name, i last, year; lU'enu. recently boiizht We've cot youth, speed, strength I from tlie Ite.lon Red Sb'x; claike, afield, a fine pitching staff and is I farmed to Fort Worth last sca- wallop at the plate. son; and a youngster named Pie I am more than pleased with our vvlio conies highly , recommr-nJcd pitching outlook. For regular i from the Texas league. • momulsmen. we have Kremer, who As I write thls:I have my fingers j topped the league In victories last' crossed, for the WE nor jinx has iyear; French, who with Krcmer:inbbecl up again, this tim; In the led In the number of innings pilch-! form of an operation for an Infse- ed; Brnme, winner of 17 al-'.lion on Paul's left leg. His brother tcr kolHE out 10 weeks and wiiom I-Lloyd has fully recovered from his consider one o[ Hie few pitchers I sickness of a year ngo. and Como- hnving a fine chance to bag 25.vie- Irusky Is ready to go. 1 think Paul lories this year; Spencer, Swctonk, \ Wancr will round into shape on Melne, nednar and the left-hand- I time, ns I'm told the operation was cr, Charley W<xxl, who proved | only a minor one. Our outflow quite n sensation after he joined;sucks up as good a? nny In the li'iigtie. For extra outfielders \ve Imve Mosolf, a good pinch-hitter: us last fall from the Wichita club where lie won 22 and lost three. I'rr ulso counting on some help from ; Dugan. the batting champ of the Grant, drafted, from Rochesl=r. and j Western League; Jensen, another Wlltoughby from thu P.hilltes. a real I Western Lvngucr with a line record, hard worker. Bivens and Kennedy, ami McCl.inahan from S.hreveport. Hov/ They Finished inrd. Blankenshlp, 2, Henry. Hef- eree—Cra\vford Greene, games one ind two; Thomas Ivy, gamc*> thre? ind' four. Timekeeper—Kyle. SCDr- er, Sudbury. • W. Gas Hounds 0 Hubbard ....: 5 FlISCO 4 Dixie Fliers Company M Hi-Jr.ckcrs Apes Merchants Pel. .851 .TH .571 .429 .429 .420 .280 .2CO Dccving and Cooler . Divide Double Bill COOTEK, \fo.-The Decrlng. Ivfo.. mid Cooler High school teams di- vlded a double-header played here last night In honor of parents of the two communities. The Cooler girls continued to show Hie brand of basketball that has slami«d them one of the best j teams In this section by disposing 'of tlie visitors, 28 to 17. The Cooler-, boys were defcuteri by Ilia Dcerlng visitors. 32 to 23. Both giime.-; were interesting ninl attendance was good. It is calculated that millions of dyes can be made from coal tar, a prcduct of bituminous coal, ns chemical science lias not yet found a limit. HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday i . First Game Merchants (14) PCS. Frisco <2D Nsaacs,F. 3 F Van San 2 F Wright, 6 C -Isaacs, 13. 2 • G Wilson 1 G Substitutions—Frisco, Holland. Secoy McHalfejr Carman 3 £?cad Courier New." V7ant Ads. RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday A EDDIE QUH.LAN Robtrt ARMSTRONG JAMES GLEASON M 'WAK KIGM, KUOAU r UViNGUON Atimission—JIatinee & \'ip;ht ! 10 and 25c. Admission—Matinee—10-JiOc. Night—10 find 35c. Sunday and Monday "You Can't CASH GROCERY A Blytheville Store EGGS Fresh Cotmtrv Dozen iSc BACON Sliced .Hlackhuwk Pound 25c (iuld But Dot ore | L.D [ JJU'H'ER Sunny lioy Joy 99* !,li. LL MEAL 2.1-Lb. Sack 47 c LARD Compound S Pounds 93c POTATOES S27 c i,PEARS. N M?i n 19 c CRACKERS Pound Box 25c COFFEE Maxwull House or Canova Pound 30c BUTTER Bargains for Saturday and CABBAGE CARROTS CAUMFLOYVKIl Know White 1A Hwuls. 1. 1). Ill ANANAS """* }i 12 Ib. Peck 39c 2Qc or Spa f! hb , 10 C PORK & BEANS 20 .n.l5' No. 2 Standard 11C Can li BUTTER Brookficld or Clover- hluom 33i'; SprirtKhrook, LI), Pet or Carnation 3 Tall or 6 Defiance, Plain or Old £AC Ruse S. R. 24-Lb. Sk. t53 PEACHES ChoiceEvapora r tc H d 10 c Kunny. Plain 'TAC or S. R. 21-Lb. Sack s*< 1 Can Hi!Esda!@, Can CRACKERS OATS Quaker ' Quick or Reg " Pure Crcjimury. AH lirnnds Pound M1LR Evapurutcd. All lirantls. 3 Tall or 0 Small Cans SUGAR 10 Lb,50 c l FLOUR 2 ,u,65' PURE LARD Bulk Pound 12k CLEANSER Light- hnuso. K:i. Sunday and Monday There's Absolutely No Sense To It!i The nitvt nonsensical, jaekassiest picture ever made. Osborne 2] Sanly 2| Sfcond Game Gas Hounds (IS) Pos. D'xie F'ers (9) Elkins 4 F Bitoe 1 Taylor 2 P Christian 3 C Von Alman 2 G Raydcr G Substitutions—Hounds. Kctlinier 2 Cox 4 Ellt;. Third Game HI-Jackets (19) Pos C'pany M (15) Wilson F Ncn-som 5 Warrtngton 10. F Wriaht 4 Boggs 5 C Wiggins ? Stewart 4 G Bon? Fealherston G McCarty ' Substitutions—Hl-Jackers, Cavilt .Apes 10) yroo'.ey 10 '.Boatrlght • Rnlth . Stevens Foarth Game Pos. Hubbard F Tatum 1 P J. K'ingham 8 C A. K'insnam 1' G Grimes 2 G Burge ^Substitutions— Apes. King. Hub HARHYIANWON SUM SOSIM BESSIE UOVE SNOW UltlFT 6-Lb. Pail Adm.—Matinee & Night— 10 and 2ac. IVORY SNOW 1C Box Ti P. & G. OAC Bars OU 10 PURE LARD Pure OCC Leaf. G Lbs. OJ PEACHES No. 2'/, Can Xtw Green Pound lie COFFEE Four Loaf Pound BACON Swift's Sliced Pound CHEESE Full Cream Pound POHK CHOPS Lean Lb. PICNIC HAMS ric 12 PORK RIBS 17*5 Fresh AC Lb. J FRANKS All Meat cat 19C Lb. 10 cot Tissu Toilet Paper 3 Rolls Shoulders i lie Spare RibsIb.l0c Bacon Breakfast Sq. Suijar Cured Pound 14c PlJJvei^Jc Of Veal, Miik Fed Fores I'ound S Best Bellies Pound 12c PORK SHOULDER 111C I ROAST PORK >ER 11K Lb. 112 PORK LIVER 15c Sausage ; 'ork ound Bacon Blnclihawk Mixed, Sliced Pound Ufinf New Bflrre| firctua. pQ1 ind CHH^^M^^SBHHHiVci^EVim^TClT'n . C. Club or Round K C Shoulder Clod Ib. 18c Baby Thick Rib Ib. Beef Brisket Ib PORE SAUSAGE 19c I Bacon ISe Country Club Whole Pound CAT FISH

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