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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi • Page 1
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi • Page 1

Jackson, Mississippi
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THURSDAY FORECAST Fair and cold. Expected low 23, fe-yJ 48. SK ar I 7 cv riO expected high cpected high I II II 1 II INDEX AFFAIRS OF STATE Post 2, Sec. I AMUSEMENTS Page IS, Sc. I CLASSIFIED ADS P091 5-7, See. II COMICS Pages 2-3, Sec. II EDITORIAL Pas 12. Sec. I FINANCIAL Poses 4-5, Sec. II RADIO kGG Page 15. Sec. I SOCIETY Pages 13-14, See. I' SPORTS Poge 1-2 8, Sec. II TV LOGS Page 14, See. I Ay Ay WEDNESDAY RECORD High 44 at 4 p. low 37 I a.m. Pearl River at Jackson feet, up 1.5. Mississippi Rive Vicksburg 2.8 feet, up 0.4. (7 data on Market Page). Mississippi's Leading Newspaper For More Than A Century VOL CXVII NO. 254 5c PER COPY. Jackson, Mississippi, Thursday Morning, December 30, 1954 Established 1837 MmHHIIIIIIIIIIII II 'rf usiness ys Sabs on 5 a Year Is 5 een For Jackson Flowood Bank Robbers Blame Drinking Spree Armed Holdup In Rankin May Lead To Death City Will Stay Solons Get Official Notice Of Jan. 11th -x iV I A. A i On High Level Legislative Session Industrial Output May Be Increased By ROGER BABSON For the past four years business sentence now, an all-time record By CHARLES M. HILLS Business Trend Dp Over Nation Economist- Sees Bright Picture By ROGER W. BABSON 1. GENERAL BUSINESS. Despite wails from some quarters, 1954 saw a drop in the average physical volume of business of only 5 percent from the record year 1953. 1955 could see a rise of about the same amount. Certainly, the direction of business until mid-1955 will be upward. 2. BUSINESS WILL WAKE UP During 1954 many businessmen rediscovered the meaning of the word "competition." Sales will con in Jackson has been riding along upon an elevated plateau, at th A proclamation calling the Mississippi legislature into extraordinary session at hjgh noon, Jan 11. was issued here late Wednes high, he said. Other items to be considered are matters of appropriate legislation deemed advisable in consequence of the constitutional amendments. highest levels in local history. Looking ahead into 1955, I pre dict still another remarkable year day with copies being mailed to the 140 members of the house of representatives, the 49 members By JAY MILNER (See Other Photos 6) Two men were in custody Wednesday night after admitting to Highway Patrolmen they took in a daring holdup of a bank In Flowood. to climax an all-night drinking spree. They were identified as Robert Ford Westbrook, about 30. of Forest and Welborn Dent. 22, of Evergreen, and readily admitted the holdup. Officers said the men would be charged with armed robbery, a capital offense in Mississippi. The Fearl Branch of the Rankin County Bank was robbed at pistol point at 10 a. m. Wednesday. Flo- It was not derided ate Wednes-nlght whether federal authorities or Rankin county officials wonld handle prosecution. Sheriff Gray-den Holyfield of Rankin county said, TU decide who has the best tae against them." Laurel Cleans Up 3A ir- of the state senate and the lieutenant governor. Eight items are listed for con for your city, with general activity matching, or very nearly matching, the impressive heights of 1954. It is true that I look for more optimism in the first half than in the last half, but any corrective readjustment toward s. Jb. Damaqe From Storm 1. year's end will be of a moderate tinue to be made only with real ef Red Cross Named Disaster Agency LAUREL, Mayor A. S. Scott, nature. sideration by the legislature in the official call. Heading the list are three constitutional amendments wli i have been approved by the people in special electons the latter part of this year and which require fort in most lines. 3. CONSUMPTION OUTLOOK. Consumption In a number of lines A few of your local industries Jack Anderson, Welborn Dent of Evergreen, and Patrolman Merrill Pickering. Anderson and Pickering arrested Westbrook and Dent at a roadblock on Highway 15 north of Laurel. The box of money, a .22 rifle and a .38 revolver were found in the car. Patrolmen said the two men admitted the holdup. (Photo by Marvin Pruitt) JOKING MATTER Two men, arrested three hours after Flowood bank was robbed of $32,000 Wednesday morning, are shown with Col. T. B. Birdsotj (left) head of the state Highway Patrol, and the two patrolmen who made the arrest. Shown are (from left): Col. Birdsong, Robert Ford Westbrook of Forest. Patrolman has been proceeding at a more may even show an increased output over 1954: Cottonseed oil, fertilizer, heating materials, fruit crates, boxes, agricultural imple of Laurel. Wednesday signed a proclamation designating the American Red Cross as official dis only a majority vote of the legis rapid rate than has production. I forecast a better record in early 1955 for both steel and aster relief agency for the city in ments, shortening, and public wake of Tuesday evening's tornado which swept across 20 blocks of the western and northern parts 4. TEXTILE INDUSTRY. Textile Suggest Nominees Little change is expected in cer wood is a mile east of Jackson in Rankin county. Dent and West-brook were arrested in a Highway Patrol roadblock a mile and a half south of Bay Springs on High tain other lines from the good industry operated at extremely low levels throughout most of 1954. of the city, causing an estimat ed damage which it is said will Coal and railroad equipment also heights of 1954: Bottling, creosot-ing, valves, fittings, overalls, light fixtures, commercial building. far exceed a half million dollars exerted a strong downpull. I fore For Federal Bench Seven Are Chosen From Field Of 17 Senator Clem Britton, who re and retail trade in general. I do not look for quite such good con lature to ratify. Two of the amendments are counted to strengthen the election laws and allow the last resort abolition of the state's public school system to maintain segregation in the face of any attack by the U. S. Supreme Court. Another will allow corporations to issue preferred stock with no voting rights. This is counted to expedite industrial expansion in this state. Gov. White said that the other major item in his call is a request that the legislature give financial aid to hard-pressed municipalities. White said that he anticipates presents Jones County in the Mis sissippi Legislature wired Gover nor Hugh White as follows: ditions in your lumber mills as cast that the, textile and coal industry will be in a recovery phase after their long stay in the doldrums. 5. PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION. I forecast that home building and A Mississippi Citizens for Eisen French Solons Postpone Vote On Rearmament May Attempt To Overthrow Mendes-France By KINGSBURY SMITH PARIS, Dec. 30 (Thursday) "I have today been surveying the hower committee recommended seven attorneys to fill a U. S. Supreme Court of Appeals vacancy damage done last evening in Lau general construction will be some rel and surrounding territory by a tornado which did a tremendous way 15. A green paper sack and a small cardboard box, both filled with small denomination bills totaling more than $32,000, were found in the 1930 Cadillac driven by Dent. A .35 caliber, nickel plated revolver and a .22 rifle were In the car also. Dent and Westbrook were identified at Highway Patrol headquarters in Jackson by bank officials. Patrolmen Jack Anderson and Merrill Pickering, who made the arrest, said the men told them they robbed the Flowood bank at the climax of a drinking spree in New Orleans, E. O. Spencer, committee chairmano, announces. amount of damage. Many people The group includes two federal have lost their homes and others judges, a State Supreme Court what lower in 1955 than in 1954. but this important industry should still operate at high levels next year. 6. PUBLIC CONSTRUCTION. I forecast that public construction will increase during 1955. This are badly damaged. justice and a circuit judge. "As a representative of this dis Spencer said the nominations the legislature will complete its trict I am giving you this infoi mation in the hope some financial (INS) A weary, occasionally should mean a rise in the output would be submitted to President Eisenhower and the Departmenot of Justice and the the President would choose a successor to Judge perplexed and red-harassed French Trick Vote-Count May Give French Government Lead PARIS, Dec. 29 (INS) Sources close to Premier Pierre Mendes-France said today there were indications that a number of deputies would resort to a tricky vote-counting system in the National Assembly to give the government a slim majority on German rearmament. Under the rules, a deputy, when casting his vote, can accompany it with written instructions to the teller to change it during the counting of ballots. For example, a deputy can stipulate his affirmative, vote shall be changed to an abstention, or reversed to a negative vote if the counting shows the government getting a larger majority than the deputy favors. The tellers also can be instructed to reverse negative votes if the government appears to be in danger of defeat. Mendes-France suspected before the big confidence vote on German rearmament that his political foes would resort to this device to deny him a strong majority, while assuring ratification of the Paris accords. of cement. extraordinary session in a month or six weeks at the most. He said that the people have already spoken on the education aid can be given from the disaster fund or any fund that is availa existed in 1954. Employment is fractionally above the same time a year ago, and I would not be surprised to see some further gains over the months immediately ahead. Average hourly earnings in manufacturing industries have moved ahead from $1.21 a year ago to a current level of $1.30, reflecting a considerable upward pressure on purchasing power. Living costs during 1955 should show little change in Jackson, altho there may be some mild weakening toward year's end in the retail cost ol some goods and services. Everything considered, I 1 for another extremely lively year of business in Jackson, altho psychologically the second half will not be quite so encouraging to businessmen and tradesmen. Profits, too, will not be quite so easy to come by. National Assembly early today 7. AGRICULTURAL EQUIP ble." gave Premier Pierre Mendes- al issue and that the law-makers E. R. Holmes, of Yazoo City, who retired in November. Local relief agencies and civic Frances a vote of confidence in MENT. This industry has been suffering from a decline in demand, but should now improve. Govern- should not waste time on raising Following is a list of the Mis bodies were busy during the day collecting clothing and food for approving all of tbe Paris accords except the one that counts on which began in Mobile Tuesday night. J. C. Flowers, manager of -the' Pearl Branch Bank, and R. H. Broome, assistant manager, identified Dent and Westbrook as the taxes to secure $18,000,000 addi sissippi nominees: Cnntlnuc4 on Page 16) scores left homeless, while ap West German rearmament. Federal Judge Allen Cox of the Northern District; Federal Judge praisers of insurance companies Another confidence test on the were on the job making surveys heart of the issue whether the Telephone service in the striken Sidney Mize of the Southern District; Justice Lee Hall of the Mississippi Supreme Court; Circuit Retired Banker Is Found Shot Dead tional funds to maintain the minimum foundation program year and a similar amount to finance a school building program and municipal aid which the governor expects to start at once. White said that he does not expect a deluge of new matters to be suggested for the 1955 special session. He said that he plans to ask the law-makers in his mes Judge M. M. McGowan of Jackson; Gerard Brandon of Natchez; Bonn government is to be rearmed within the Western European Union was postponed until later in the day as a result of a technical snag. The Mendes-France government area was restored by 11 a. m. Wednesday, while electricity was back in all parts of town except three blocks on 15th street and 17th avenue. Blowing out of the southwest in Ben Cameron of Meridian; and M. M. Roberts of Hattiesburg. R. Clyde Williams Is State Native won a 31 -vote majority on the first Spencer's group met in Jackson Tuesday with representatives from Knight Purchases sage later, to correct the death ATLANTA, Dec. 29 UPi R. Clyde all parts of the state participating springlike -weather Tuesday afternoon shortly before six, the tornado struck in the Country Club subdivision wrecking many homes chamber bill to allow him to ap the votmg. point a state executioner and to The names, Spencer said, will Williams, 60-year-old retired Atlanta banker, was found shot to death in his home here today. test. The official vote was 287 to 256. An attempt may be made to overthrow the Premier in the second tost. Foes of German rearmament fought to the last to delay a final make the sheriffs in affected be followed by biographical sketches Charlotte Paper $7,000,000 Paid For The Observer hopping across U. S. Highway 84 and destroying a of the Lau Dots. W. E. Petty and H. F. to aid the Department of Justice rel Country Club, then proceeding two slender bandits who held a gun on them and forced fhem to open the bank vault Flowers identified Westbrook as the gun wielder and said Dent scooped, the cash into a green paper sack. Dent told patrolmen he met Westbrook In a bar in Mobile Tuesday night. Westbrook bought him a beer. Dent said, and later they purchased a 'fifth" of whiskey. Westbrook had a bus ticket to Jackson, according to Dent, but after everal drinks he offered to take hin in the Cadillac he bought several months ago In Kentucky. said Westbrook entered the bank shortly before 10 a. m. and got change for a one dollar bill. He left the building then and returned minutes later with Dent. "He leveled a pistoi at me," Broome said, "and told me he would kill me if I didn't do as he said. Then both of them came around behind the counter and told Flowers (who was working in Brown said the former president of the First National Bank was in its selection. He quoted John Minor Wisdom, northeastward it struck for 20 decision, which had been schedul Republican national committee ed for last night. They won a CHARLOTTE, N. Dec. 29 UP) man of Louisiana as having said 24-hour reprive after the assem Sheppard Jurors Are Subpoenaed The Charlotte Observer was sold found dead in a chair with a single bullet through his mouth and a caliber pistol clutched in his right hand. he will support Mississippi's can counties overseers of all execu tion of capifal punishment. "I want this load taken completely off the prison super int en dent's he said. White reminded that in the future, after Dec. 31, all persons under death sentence will be eligible for transfer to the new Parchman maximum security unit for safekeeping. There are 12 persons in the state under death bly's steering committee ruled a-gainst the government's attempt to today to the Knight Newspapers, which operate papers in Chicago, didate for the seat, believing the state should rightfully get the appointment, though several other The officers said physicians told push for an immediate showdown. Miami, Detroit and Akron. The The bill voted on this morning them Williams had been in poor health for some time. states are uwder the New Orleans Appear At Hearing On Mistrial Motion CLEVELAND. Dec. 29 WV-The reaffirmed the assembly's appro price was seven million dollars. James L. Knight, general manager of the Miami Herald, be A native of Wahalak, Kemper val, in separate votes previously, County, Williams was reared of the agreements to give West court's jurisdiction. Judge Holmes has agreed to retain his seat until a replacement has been named. mayor of Bay Village, a newspaper comes president and publisher of the Observer and will direct its operations. Germany almost complete sover reporter and three members of the eignty and bring it into the North jury which convicted osteopath He said the paper would be Atlantic Treaty Organization. It also re-endorsed approval of the Samuel H. Sheppard of second de politically independent. in Evergreen, graduated from high school there and took his first banking job in the Evergreen First National in 1910. He later worked in the Capitol National in Montgomery. Williams is survived by the wid gree murder were subpoenaed to The announcement of the sale Jackson Policman Injured In Wreck A 1 blocks devasting many homes, unroofing others and felling trees in its wake. Many large oaks in Mason Memorial Park were uprooted. Window blinds and porfocheres on many of the finer homes in Laurel were pulled down. Soon after word of the storm spread all off duty policemen were recalled. The Laurel Unit of the National Guard was activi-ted to give aid and rope off streets where high tension wires were a hazard. By midnight the guard was released. Policemen, working the Boy Scouts 'maintained roadblocks in the stricken area during the day as crews cleared the debris." Despite its havoic to real estate, which was confined to residential property, there were no fatalities. About 20 persons received minor injuries. All services in the stricken areas were expected to be back to Normal by Thursday morning. French-German accord on the Saar. was made by Mrs. Curtis B. John day to appear tomorrow at a hearing on a mistrial motion. The vote came after a confusing, series of rapid-fire develop son, who carried on with the paper The mayor, J. Spencer Houk, since her husband's death in 1950. ments and sharp debate, during was a cldse friend of Sheppard and ow; a daughter, Mrs. Frank Connor of Atlanta; a son, Clyde Williams a senior at University which Communist demonstrators It includes the Observer Transportation Co. The purchaser was Sheppard's wife, Marilyn, found Jackson Baptist Ministerial Student Conducting Revival Bob Marsh. 22-year-old Jackson Baptist ministerial student is conducting a revival this week at the Hernando Baptist church. Young Marsh is a student at the Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, following his graduation from Baylor University at Waco, Texas. He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Marsh of 432 Buena Vista avenue. shouted down the Premier dur of Georgia. bludgeoned to death in her bed last July 4. ing his renewed appeal for ratifi the Miami Herald Publishing one of the Knight companies. the back of the building) to put up his hands." After taking money from the cash drawers in the teller cages, Broome said, the two men forced him and Flowers to open the vault. They took about $5,000 from the cash drawers, according to Broome, and about $25,000 from the vault. "They were going to lock us in (Continued Par 1 cation. oacKson policeman was hospitalized Wednesday after his squad car and another auto collided at the intersection of Woodrow Wilson and Bailey Ave. while attempting to overtake 'a suspect in the bank robbery. Ptn. B. H. McAlpin was admitted to Baptist Hospital for observation. His partner, E. L. Sessums, was uninjured. On the morning of the slaying, Sources close to the govern phoned Houk and gasped: FIVE DIE IN CRASH SANTIAGO, Chile. Dec. 29 UPh-Five Chilean air force officers ment saw in the complex parlia "Come over, Spence! Someone John S. Knight, president of Knight Newspapers and editor and publisher of the Chicago Daily News, Detroit Free Press, Akron Beacon Journal, and Miami killed Marilyn!" were killed today. Their plane The newspaper reporter was George Dallas of the Cleveland mentary maneuverng a potential attempt to unseat the six-month-old Mendes-France regime when the crucial question of German rearmament comes up for crashed taking off from the Santiago Airbase. Herald, will serve on the new Charlotte Observer Board of Plain Dealer, one of the first news men to reach the scene of the slay ing. Other new members of the board The premier's foes, according The jurors were James C. Bird, will be James Knight; C. Blake to the informants, are expected the jury foreman; Mrs. Luella Ta ke Wh ite's Wo rd Ole Miss Will Win McDowell, secretary and general to explain the day-long maneuver- counsel of Knight Newspapers who negotiated the purchase; and Lee Hills, executive editor of the Miami ing as having been directed against Mendes-France personally, not a- gainst the treaties. Williams and Mrs. Louise K. Feuchter. Sheppard's attorneys, who ordered the subpoenaes, were not immediately available for comment as to their reason. Sheppard has been sentenced to life imprisonment, which means he From there, it was said, they Herald and Detroit Frce Press. Mrs. Johnson, Carl G. McGraw, Gov. Hugh L. White predicted "The Rebels shouldn't even have lost to Arkansas." ha said. here Wednesday that Ole Miss (Coniiaacd Fag 7) "They outplayed (he Razorbacks will defeat Navy by two touch president of the Union National Bank of Charlotte, and H. A. Allen, business manager of the Observer. all the way." lit- igvwfwMM-" will continue on the board. will not be eligible for parole for 10 years. He spent his 31st birthday White will leave Jackson about 9:30 Thursday morning for New Orleans, taking Mrs. White and Patrolman Dies While On Duly Mrs. Johnson owned the major in the county jail today and, like his fellow prisoners, ate a dinner his entire office force as his guests for the game. ity interest in the newspaper. A minority interest, which also was acquired, was held in a trust established by the late Walter B. Sullivan for the benefit of his wife He said that he had a box seat of spaghetti and meatballs. Judge Edward Blythin, the jurist who sentenced Sheppard, will pre OXFORD, Dec. 29 Mississippi Highway Patrolman Ezra L. Bill on the 50 yard line and would see every move the two teams make side tomorrow at the hearing on and a daughter, Mrs. 'Henry A. the motion for a new trial. "I am going to be watching Lineberger. iard died of a heart attack near here Wednesday night while issuing a ticket for a traffic violation. Patrolman Bullard, a native of luka, was on duty with Patrol Mrs. Johnson, whose husband the officiating mighty closely and I hope I don't see any such decisions as I saw when Ole Miss played Georgia Tech in the Su Automobile Accident purchased the paper in 1916, said she wished to be relieved of the responsibility of guiding a metro downs when the two meet in the 21st annual Sugar Bowl Game at New Orleans, Jan. 1. He said that Mississippi has equally as good team offensively as Navy and that the Rebels have a far better defensive ball club. "I refused to give a prediction on the Ole Miss-Miss. State game recently," White said, "but I am not afraid to give Ole Miss the best of the fight at New Orleans Saturday. Reminded that the University of Mississippi team has been a "butter-fingered" outfit and that fumbles might prove very costly a-gainst a team like Navy, White pooh-poohed. "Ole Miss may fumble but you can count on Navy for some fumbles too," he said. White reminded that Navy has lost two games this season while the University of Mississippi lost only one. gar Bowl," he said. politan newspaper. man Glenn Gardner when stricken. He was carried to an Oxford hospital by Gardner, The officers were between Oxford and Batesville, on Highway 6. Funeral arrangements are in Here Injures Two Two Jacksonians received minor injuries in an automobile accident at the intersection of Meadowbrook and North State Street around 10 The Mississippi governor was highly incensed over what he term ed poor officiating in the Ole-Miss MV a- ultf'wimM-' aw nun mm i in nmmwKt Georgia Tech game two years, ago. In view of the governor's leav complete. p. m. Wednesday. Attendants said John F. Waggon The paper has a circulation of 136,221 daily and 146.324 Sunday. FIRE ALARMS Sine 12:61 a.m. Wedariday 12:55 p. m. 1744 S. GalUUns houaa. no damage. POLICE ARRESTS Total 7. Drunk invesUsauon i burf-lary 3. CITY TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS Total 4. Auto-auto it auto-truck er, 3863 Northview Drive, and Mrs. MORE GI STUDENTS WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 (INS) ing for New Orleans Thursday morning, his offices will be closed for the entire week-end. It is an Bess Wright, 3879 Northview Drive, were treated for facial lacerations The Veterans Administration reported today that school enrol block path of destruction. By proclamation of Mayor A. S. Scott the American Red Cross has been declared official disaster relief agency for storm sufferers. ticipated that other state offices THIS IS VIEW of damage done in the area of Watkins Football stadium In Northwest Laurel by Tuesday Night's Tornado. Property loss estimates have soared far above $500,000 (mostly residential) from the wind which cut a 20- and bruises. The pair was taken to Baptist Hospital by Baldwin will close at noon New Year's Eve (Friday). lments under the Korean I bill reached an all-time record of

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