The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1930
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •l-wo cents a word for first in- jertlon end one cent « wjr6 lor each iubse<iutnt liuser- tlon. No JdvertUeiuent taken for lea tliRH 5U,;. COUllt till) wordj »nd tend the t»'li, Phone 300 PAGE SEVEN FOK RENT FOR 11ENT—Two inodeni stucco ljuildlnjs, coiner Frnukllu and Missouri, and 512 N. First. Dr. J. A. Halloa, Plione 410. 291 J -K5 I'OU HEKT—T-.vo furnished li^lu houickeo;iin3 rocnis. To couple without ohlldren. 1)3 V.'est Missouri. P1-K15 FOR • KENT—rront bed room, EUain heated, adjoining bath, OKI West Main. Phone 612. 3C-TP FOR REST -- Furnished apartment, garage if desired. 305 Uougan. 3P-K7 FOK. RENT — Modern hcme on West Walnut. Sec G. G. Caudill. 3P-K13 FOK RENT — Modem five room home ccrncr Ash and Division. Aoply 1315 West Main. 3C-KO \VANTED- -Wnite hcusehecpcr for family of four. Must h? near middle age and settled. Phone 7015 or 333. 3C-K6 WANTED—Famllv washinss, blankets, quilts. Mrs. Farmer. 703 Lake St-. 3P-K10 WANTED—To rent—3 or 4 furnished rooms or small houee. at cnce. Address "H", % Courier News. 3P-K5 FOR RENT—Three rcom furnis'.i- ed apartment. Oarage if desired. COS N. Fifth St. 4C-Y FOR RENT—Five room house in 1000 blcck cr Adi St. Call M G. Goodwin. 4C-TF WANTED — Family Washings. ..'uunca and by compi;- ctm/ vvliitc woman. Mra. Bruwn, 'iu-i B- i-uKe bt. I'/cK-il AT ON'CE-EOCTH AMERICA OH UNITED STATES. • Permiincnt posiucna; laJior, clerical, mechanical, saicsmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries 525.-5100. weekly, tiansporulion furnlsncd. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. i'liivoOJVAi. TAXI—F. A. Day cr Kight Service, Phone 16. 1C-K30 i\ew York Cotton MEW YORK, Nov. 4. CUPj— No cotton market. Election day. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORI.-EANS, Nov. .4. (UP) — Gotten closed steady. Open High- Lo\v Dec Jail Mill 1 May July Oct 1112 1114 1110 1129 112Q 1125 1153 1154 H49 1175 1117 1171 11B5 1195 1191 121C 121U 1210 SpoU steady and unciiangcd at 108Q. Cloie 1111 1128 -1150 1172 1191 1210 FINOS KING LOST 40 VEAKS WATJSAU, Wis., (UP)—Forty years ii3J Mrs. John Gros5 mid Mrs. William H^.rtkopf hr-p^d search for ti:.2ir mother's ^^eddintJ ring lest in the Ilowtr garden • of the family hem-. 1 . While v;crkin^ in the garden recently Mrs. llarikopf found WERT He Aiikcs 'Em Set V. U. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips 10 Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special -.ucs on carload lots. Local Phont 8S1 Memphis Phone 3-9^ SPECIAL Merchants Lunch 35c TOM'S CAFE Paving and Sower Taxes District Xo. I. Now Due G. G. CAUDILL, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank BIdg. NOTICE \VilIi our recent partnership with Mr. Gcc. Carney, we now liavc llic ucs t equipped indc- poiidcnt shop in (own. CAUSEV-JENKINS GARAGE i'Ukwick Building "^Vc know we kuow how" m:ur. TODAY Ci:i.l 4 jmrHlH,!,, IT, lr«v»» ll:i!llnn,ri. uhirr »hr bin llrril utlli lirr «cnr«»lrr*» inullirr, M •.!:<: U:I:T uoclllis, m join !n-r u-fiilrfl) (Miller. .101! N )IITCH 1)1.1.. In \i-iv i i>rh. The iHirrnfi nr? dlrurrfd and Mra. llcijcri-H l» n .. I»:I{IIT litKifu^ullilirr. Ift III Irnc ..III, III,' i;[r). MICrlirll :i»k» KVK- 1,1. V I'AUSO.NS. lu-a.ll trill ivlduiv, In lulrddiirc hi* ilnufshler 10 iidirc jiiuui; |icii[:l<.. Mr*. I'nr- Kin* iitzrrp*, rmiaMrrEtiK CcLIn n KUM.ns lu \\in Mlfclifir* nfTt-rlliinH. ^lii- Hunt lii'i'iiiiLi-ji frlllimn ot llie Kirl rtnil i.i-[ii'nir» In U'l-l rid of [irr liy c-iK'iicirriL;!^}: n rdinniir* lir- n\r<-ri rHIn nnd Till! JOIIDAN. friM-'nalhi;; but ol dutiluui chnr- ,Vll!ioii K fi Mltrhrll fnrlitiln (Vlln in *fr .lnri!:ii] hhp tiuiM iilinul \\llh Ihc >OUT:J; rnnn fmiuvnlly. I, Is; IIUM'AX. n ttlrl i>r Crlln'i <KC. I/i'i-'iHii. hir ll»»l frlfml. SlilrliN cmni-i tit ,\tiv Yorlt la \rnrlf for n |illiilncr[i|i!ili- Ncrvlcc ^nrt meel» Ci-11.1. SLf Tc-IU tilnl Hhf ttn» Init !jcr Firnrr r,, Jurdnn. Kr:i!lrulliMi llinl U In rfally].* xlip tini-j, dimrt in .Cf-thi Ol'll 1'RKMIUM ib Roods lo suit your laslc and the Morknianship. \Vc deliver i>rc;niitly. You pay for \v!iat you Ret and j;cS w!ial you n. ly f or . BIythcvillc Uphotslcry i Kcpalr Shnp J. H. Jenkins, Mgr Fhonc J60 H7 S. 'lit, St ujiftl In n liurnliit; r»>r» unliurl exi'e rirnla-n nrni, 3lr«. J'n Ikrct^ml.-, lo [ic- frlcniUy ::nri <u lllti-ln-l ' Imllillnsr. He i'ept fur n J'ni-Atm*, who In shields trll< him laces!" 'Newspapers?" Mitchell glanced I tho young man quickly. "Inter IK, Indeed. Cella, 1 mist risk Ir. Shields to excuse you if you on't mind. I bavo some tilings ish to tnlk over with you. Maters of Importance. You'll pardon o, Mr. Shields?" It was done suavely, but there as unquestioned flnallty In the cy tone. Doth of Ilio young people showed .urprlse. Hot color came tnli>.Co- in's checks. Shields stared lor an nolant, then ho stepped back. "Why—why, certainly." he Bald. Tlieu, to Hie girl, ho added, "Ex cusc me, won't you? I'll alcr." Tlio VOUIIK man hesitated moment, tipped his hat -and walked away in the opposite <li. rcctiou. r>KLIA'S ^ [lash of MI Colin ii if] KM, Id, uri- ilrollln- I cdlirr \\lien Mllckpll n|i[ir.l». vow nr> ON WITH Tim STonv CHAPTER XLVI rjI'lTHEri Cclia nor narncy no '* tlccd the man until he wa directly in frnnt of them. Ecarcel 10 yards away. The hoy and glr walked slowly. Darney was Ins and Cr-Jla raised eager eyes t 111!!. Suddenly she saw her fatho Jnhn Mitchell ivna Rtrliling toward tlicni biiskly. The- g[(l tcreil a lo*.v cry. "It's father!" she exclaimed. i;arnoy/shields looked at'lier. puz- zlccl. liefoie he could speak Mitchell had reached them. John .Mitchell's fare was a mask for tils emotions, cohily formal, hut. there wan n glint In his eyes which startled the girl. She had seen It once before. "Why. father!" Cclla ocean, "what a surprise to meet you here!" Mitchell halted. "And a surprise to meet you. too." ho said evenly. "Won't you Introduce- me to your friend, Celia?" "Of course! Father, this Is Mr. Shields. Mr. Shichls, my father." Her Riutcring laugh added to Instead of decreasing her appearance of embarrassment. "I was Just wishing I hail company for my wall; when 1 met Mr. Shields. Wasn't thai fortunate?" "Very. How do you do." Mitchell said curtly, offeilng his hanil. Barney took It eagerly. "I'm certainly glad to meet you. Mr. Mitchell. .Celia's told me a lot ohout you—" "Really? Have you—known my daughter long?" "Oh, yes." Cella spoke up, know Barney before I came, to New York. He's a photographer, father. Makes pictures for newspapers. Ife goes to the most exciting eyes followed him. resentment overcame cr.utlon and she whirled toward her father. "Why did you do that?" she ilc tnanJeil. "Why did you scud hlu It sounded aa though yoi were, deliberately trying to get rid ol Barney—!" I was." 'IJnl he's my friend and I won' sec him humiliated. He came her today because i.particularly asked him to!" "Oh? 1 thought you said you two just happened to pieet!" She saw what sho had done anil colored more deeply, Cella • wis angry and Mitchell, taking exactly sUi{ii>eii"al- " I0 wron s tactics, prodded her. His own face was- .white and he spoke carefully, attempting to coutrol his voice. \'ollhcr of them spoke. They came tho drive anil Mitchell signaled cah. The driver halted and the wo got In. Mitchell gave tho nil- ress of Mra. Parsons' nrmrlnicnt. Ho would have delayed convcria- Ion, but Cclla'a weeping was nded. Indignation succeeded chagrin. 1 have & right to choose my own friends!" she said determinedly. "Darney Shields Is a flue •enng man. When you know him R'llcr you'll sec that I'm right!" "Wo will not dlscusa the subject urthcr now." Mitchell's tone was so healed that tho eirl looked at him. Ills taw was Eet and his eyes gazeil stonily ahead, hut hln lips twitched. Cclla's brave show of resistance dwindled. They- reached the apartment. With rapidly watlng pulso Colin entered the building, rode to the- 22J tioor, handed Mitchell her Uoy and waited until he opened thd door. Sho look off her hat. tossed li aside anil \valkcd into Hie living room. HIT father followed. Suddenly Cella turned. "All risht," sho said, "what 1: It you're going to say?" 'John Mitchell approached ti within a foot ot tor. "Just this,' 10 spoke slowly, "Hint you'll one; me anil do as 1 say or you'll leave Its you ucderslaud that?" It was not what Cella had « pccted. Mitchell's voice- tremble with suppressed violence. , "I do waul to obey you, father!" at. will jmi?" Involuntarily Cella shrank back. he put o::c hand to her face, "I've ;.-cn him, yes!" Tbo vords inr. Ko! barely above \'<>ur solemn promise- was ''in a lie. How Jo you ei- ?ecl u:i.' [u believe, anything you ell a:\-! Ha<n can 1 trust you?" "Father, listen!" the girl bcggs'il. •1 kiioiv li wnii wrong! I admit hat 1 should, not have seen him afltr I uroiulscd. Hut that's nil over. Don't you midcTSiniul? don't caro about Tod. It's Unrnoy. lie's diifcrciu!" OUR BOARDING HOUSE <%p Aheri* "T.n-.MI «Y° U ' LL not ° ul future, hut yo 1 "I will not hare you meeting young men In a park or any other public place. Your home 'is tbe place for you to receive guests, nnd you know that. No respectable young man would stoop to aucb subterfuge. I am thoroughly ashamed of you, Cella. This tblng Is never to happen again! Aa for Shields— your acquaintance* with ilm is ended." "Father! You wouldn't — you don't mean that!" "I certainly do mean every word of it! I Insist upon It! You are not to see this young man again." Anger and dismay filled the sirl's eyes as she stared at him. Slowly Cclla shook rier head. "You've no right to say such a thing. You don't understand. Why— you wouldn't even tnlk to Barney a minute. Oh, now can you be so uuiust!" Sho turned to hide the tears that would not stay hack. John Mitchell did not trust himself to cpeak. The man waifed an Instant, then said in a low voice: "Wo can't stay here. Come— I'll get a cab." Cella dried her eyes and walked along slowly, but she would not ily want to III the you will! Is that clear? All right, then. Now 1 waul you to answer this question, and If you don't do It truthfully I warn you I'll know It. Where did you meet this young man you cali Barney Shields?" "In Baltimore. He lived noxt tloor to us. Mother knows him, too, atid she likes him." "Vour niclhor? You're telling the truth now?" Of course! Oh, father, how can you talk liko that? I don'l lie!" "You'll aOjnit you were deceiving me. Is there, any difference? Cella. will you that Ihls yrmug man is not an associate of Tod Jordan's, the man I forbade you to see?" She was startled. Then, after an Instant's hesitation the girl said: "Barney's never even seen 'Tod Jordan." The minute tho words were out of her mouth Cclla looked confused. Sho remembered that Barney had seen Jordan the day they were in the store together. Her embarrassment was not lost on-Mitchell. "\ever even seen him, eh?" her father continued. Suddenly his face came close lo the girl's. "You'll look at her father. A break of tears seemed not deuy that you've, seen him, though! You'll not deny that would not you've broken the promise you gave fresh out-1 mo ^-hcn I warned you that Jordan imminent. I was a scoundrel! You'll not deny You BaM ho was a .. I'bcr, illdn'l yuti? Makes pictures for a newspaper, fine profession! First thins you kuow you'll sec your picture tu come of tbiMo tabloids, llliickmall'a his eaiuo I'll bell" Tbo uh-1 was eryliiB ngaln. "Ho wouldn't!" the Insisted between ECUS. "Itarney's—woiiilerful. Ynu can't nitikc me slop seeing him became 1 Invo him!" "O!i;i. this Is more than I will stand for!" Tho sound ot the hull door ope.v Ititi Interrupted them. The nest Instr.i:! Kvclyn I'UIEOIIS, wreathed in Kititle*, appeared in the door- 5, ay, "How nico lo hiivo company!" sho excUitncil sweetly, hurrying forward (mil jiving her hand to Milcljel], "I'm so ulad to see you, John. Why—Cclla, has somolbhn; happened?" Tho girl looked up through misted eyes. "Oh, Evelyn," sho said, "you make him understand! Father sayc I have lo stop seeing Darney. Ho met us together hi tho | only ho wouldn't let llarnoy slay and defend himself. Father thinks Barney's a blackmailer. You loll him lie't: wrony! llo'll believe yon." Mrs. Parsons' brows drew together. "Hut I don't understand!" she said. "Who do you mean, Cella? I dun't kuow any Barnr-y!" . "Ilarncy Shields—you remem- jor! '.Vhy, ho was here yesterday!" Evelyn Parsons' gaze was Incredulous. "Child, what In the world are you talking about? I never hcanl of such a person." Cclia Mitchell stared unbelieving. "Why, iCvelyn!" sho gasped. Sirs. I'arsoaa dropped Into a chair. "Do sit dosvu, John,"^Eho aid pleasantly. "And you. too, Cclia, anil tell mo what this Is all about. I hope it's nothing disagreeable!" ' For a full Eccotid the, girl held her ground. Tiicn slit! Oed from the room, locked the door of her bedroom and leaned against ft, weeping. No one came- to disturb lier. Two hours later Cclia planned course of nction. (To lie Continued) base piers and carried out Into the roads. A transport braved high seas to JHE6IRLUMO LOOKS BACKWARD UEPV FOR-UJARD"' rescue enr : A boat frcm the U. r rom * 6 ' 000 Questionnaires in draw- S. S. Taylor rescued another, and ! '" ' 00 " 01 "" 0 " ' With nllmv ether naval vessels brought business research Iwlieves, making r. four-year survey. Dr. Manson's used the answer; i workers in business for themselves. after | women was placed at $1,548, com| pared with $2,043 for independent in SCHOOL GETS AlHI'LANE nnces for age and experience, he 1 GHEENSUUKG, Pa. (UP)—The said, single women are almost in-; school beard has accepted tbe of- variably better employed at high-! fc-r of an obsolete airplane by the or salaries than married women.' Naval Reserve Training Station in The - average • salary of widows, or. Michigan to he used to instruct If i ' U. ,„:_„.,,, U7 _1 J divorced women, is about half wnv : high school pupils in nirpbnc mc- Most in Business World | De twem the averages for single and married women. I Earnings of women increase Uur- two others. Two are still missing Unmarried Women Earn ANN ARBOR, ^tich, (UP)—Sin- 'gle women have the best, chances o earn large salaries in business, or professional career, Dr. Grace E. Manson of the Michigan bureau of ing the first 20 years, remain sta- I "OUJ IV(£ 'AD'A OF TfeA, I\L BE r?eFRESriEP FQR A BLESS WBLCOME-fo tfOQPLE MAM OR I wm. MAKK VOUR AS EtUtfoVABLE Wl-r^ US', A5> I WAS SbuR IM LOrUPOr^^ 1>S-5-r, OAKLEV PLEASE •REMEMBER , ARE "SIR l QAktEV / WILL BeMEFir OF US' BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES 111!MI'S KKEl'S HI By Martin Jersey Gangster Slain While in Hospital Bed NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 4 (OP)— Search for the assassins of Joseph PaEsclli. known to gangland as the "Apr." centered today in the r,iics tioninc of icnr men held by police on an open chare,; pending further investigation. Passclli W-EIS shot to death last night uy two gunmen who walked into the Newark General hospital where he was recovering from three bullet wounds inflicted within 24 hours before the hospital shooting. Police Indicated Pajselll had narrowly oscspotl being taken for a ritie earlier by gunmen who com-1 pitted the job :it the hospital. Virginia Coast Swept by Severe Storm Today NORFOLK. VA.. Nov. 4 <UP> — A r.ortliensL storm along ihc Virginia coast and inland today tied, up water and land traitic for sr.v- ctnl hours and did severe damage. : 'fhc Mind velocity reached 52 miles an hour at Caps Henry. Six large naval lighters were twept from their moorings at the. Hampton Roads naval operating i tionary for (he next 10 and then ! decrease, the survey revealed. .Average annual wage of salaried FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS W?vWZK>f&3*S^&A VOO BoslT VJISH I SHOULD E'o BE paenv soow. RAfl'pOES THIS SO NEMER. SET oor OF HERS, DO 666... ABouT THST IE W1SMT WSJE3. COWS. To IT... ^ / WASH_TUBJJS CONFLICTING CHARGKS „ S'UEVP WE, OFFICER, CRNT U\T MY 111 UKTlMECOP COMES 0(4 THE H£CKl ft KM* OUMVS PUNS. THE PU2ZIEO OFFICER HE IS OF UOVBW& TvJO.

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