The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1939
Page 3
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MONDAY,.OCTOBER 2, 1039 rOPi/li i r l Mnv >' Jo Flslioi'. Blythevillc; Ian- 1 Flf tl/il \ i i lse - R ' ce ' . D1 y" i|iv|1|f - < HO GREET Visit By Gov. Stark Thursday. Will Feature American Legion Event I Food Preservation: -Tomatoes— Mary Fiances Field, Biythevllle; Pauline Brown,- Luxora; Pauline Brown, Luxora. , Cnn-oui—Horsella J-Yendi, Bly- Ihevlile; Mnrgnrtt Scoll, Dlylhe- vltle; Mary Francra Fields, Illy- thevllle. Pears or Peaches—Sarah Johnson, .Shawnee; Ditsy Slliiman, Ln:t- ora; Laura Gil!,'Dell. String Beans—Ann Wrlfiht, Bly- thcvllle; Frances Johnson. Shawnee; Virginia Paine, Dell. .Jelly—Knnna Jane Webster, Biythevllle: Anna Laura Frazlcr, Ke'l- , , LK, MO,, oot. i. c0m » !ea °» «<• We "ow .1)] I ™ n ™" OT 'e grandstand at Jam^ a 'l : hel ' e lllis week "id. IP. ' c^ hwn - P'-cskfcnt cf 0.0 Legion Pair Board, today announced that everything "all fi i- h opc "'" B ° r thc a'"™ 1 in In» ,1 " CXt We(1 »^lay, Oct. 4, w?f Ul ™»8h. Sunday, Oct. 8. ?>' w! " " e "Cl'lMi-cn's nv '„ d Mv • Allcm >"" ^Kxl -c ™T 1 J? evtry • SC " 001 "' ""Is s..t.iion u> bring then- pupils to ""' C1>ildmi » ttl te < are being „„, ,. "i^~L. ^nu-ji.s \vno nave "01. aisiiiissed for cotton picking, to dismiss at least for this particular day. Thursday, the first day of the running horse races, has been designated ns "Governor's Day" ., , «"<1 the guest of honor that day £f cl ' ; will be Gov. Lloyd Stark, who will nc £ ia<r . Oe hrn-n Hint ~ rt _ . IJiaffC Results, Of' Contests At County Fair Here Are Announced ser; Anna Laura Frazter, Koto 1 . fnlL'* fllnll.l.,., . nv.Jl I __.!-. ., iUHUW. First, second and third fnnn and home department of recent Mississippi County Fair -.^i.-ii.^, i u> LUHUII MJ ViW f*rt< (rtn• f\ r « Sdna Penrl Gieemvnll. Bhmvnee;! IO T,? n '?,,P',? L; ''.-^orgc Slsk, len Anders, !,,.«,«•. Jmu.lce ™',? ,,, Vlrt l 1 Sha.ieyfclt, m.. 3, -Her, Luxora. | B1 > l »«'i!Ie; Chas, Elslfincto', Driver. Laboratory Unlfcrm-Donna Had „, c ° u ° n: StoiioH)lc-u»>zo Rcccl, Long, Shawnee, Anna lluth Max, ,,,'• J; '™ ll)n : Ci. T. Graysoii, Rt. l, Kclser; Mary Jo Fisher, Blythe- B ' J ," " llle '' '" "'"'J'- ville. cotton: nowdcn—c«ll Benne- Ciiiid's Cotton dress—Uonnn llae l\, '; ! J'- ?• B| y"ievtlte; Lawrence Lons, Shawnee; Fiances Johnson, ,,',,' Bll K'<!tto; Loro.o Uced, nt. 1, Shawnee. Helen Anders. -Luxoi-n aianmi. Shawnee, Helen Anders,- Luxora. Silk dress— Flora Mayhtm, Show- nee; Eddye Evelyn Turner,' Kelser; Mara Low Simpson, Dell. Mending: Hemmed Palch— Ger' Smiih, Kclser; Maxliic Cotton: Any other except hnlf and half—Burk Swain, yaruvo- no m^lvlno. »,* - ..l-.l . «••»», llif entries; no entries. Corn: Ten ears of While -Mrs. . ....... .. .... 0 . A, Pepper, Huffman; Mrs. Brittain, Luxora; Maxin'e Brlltnln,: f tanlon A. Pepper, Huffman;' Mrs Luxora. j Stanlon A. Pepper, Huffman. f-tnf'kfmr flm-M n^mln l?,Jn Intltr 1 .LCBUIllCS: 1-4 hfllr* •.TWhO'ln lvn». ....u.... . --- - ~ l *l'*-'l "U^IIULIII. Stocking dam— Donna Rue Long, I .l-cgi'mcs: )-•) bale soybean hay— liawnce; Jane Wilmol, Keisor; C 9 cl1 BeniicfieW, Kt. 3, Biythevllle- .ivinn i>>.ti^n(.. T ....^..^ Vij'PH Khnnrnifcit* rti •» VM. ,. ... ' Shaw Mnxine Hrltlaln, Lusora. Three cornered tear darn—Anna Ruth Nix, Kelser; Eva WooOard, Keixcr; Frances Johnson, Sha\v. , w here ilia!, afternoon and evc- will fly by plane from Diagonal tear darn—Eva Woort- ard, Kclser; Patricia Wright, .KoJ- ser;. Geraldine Smith, Kelser. r , j "j puiuu riuiii OairolUon, Mo,, to the Kennctt "^' 1 - J *" w ' Ui '" 7 *»»»». ^viam. Mo airnoi't hnin« i „ tnilcw '| Consumer Education — Maxinc a wlcSgdoStio", lhero ^iBrJUaln. Luxora; LaPetra Mays, A total „? », C S°K« h «« ., Blytheville; Margaret Scott, Bly- A total of $1100.00 has ueen of rered in the various agriculture poultry nnd other entry group and $2100.00 is being offered fo tlic four-day racing meet. The ma pr purses will be Saturday, S250.0 in the AmerJctin Legion Derby anc $20060 Sunday In the Goldb'lum , ^Deroy. Five races, ranging froi tftine-nnlf to one mile, will be m fVach day, except Sunday, whei •-tliere will^le seven running races Floyd Bamhart, siiperintcnden of exhibits, said more exhibit would be on display this year than last, with a number of county ex tension women's clubs having en tries, as well as numerous FFj nnd 4-H members. Sol's Liberty Shows, which hav wintered here for several years will lie on the midway, and th Legion has secured the LaFiesta Revue to present the free arts boll afternoon aad evening before ih grandstand. Friday will be "iMayor's Day' and Mayor D. D. Pinion and the Fair Board j !ave j nv j[ etl a)1 may ors of this immediate vicinity lo b guests at the Fair that day. Saturday has been designated a. "Farmers' Day", nnd one of the features of lhat day will be a mule race, entries, restricted to farmers residing in-tliis section.. On Sunday, "Homecoming Day", fi lc sev en running races have .beeri-*speclalls arranged for the large crowd o visitors that usually attend on this ^lay from Tennessee, Arkansas, III- Wjnois, Kentucky and Missouri' Other officers other than Mr Ahem, the president, .are: Car Sheely, Steele, vice-president; Harry Mnlloure, secretary; R..c. Mulliniks, treasurer,' both of this city and George'dray', of Vienna, 111. general manager, who is also spcct superintendent. Exhibit department superintendents, nil of which is under thc supervision of Floyd Barnhart, are- Dr. F. L, Ogilvie, poultry; Murray Znvecor, agriculture; Mrs. Virginia Joplin, Baker, floriculture; Mrs. HniTy fine and dcn.estlc. arts; Mrs. H. T. Simpson, apiary, culin- . ary and dairy; and Supt. 'Harold S. Jones, education. Wins Most Honors In Fair's Home Economics Competition The home economics departmcn. ; of the Blytheville high school was Hie sweepstakes winner !n She licn;e economics division of the ; Mississippi county fair which closed here Inst night. Shawnee was second place winner and Keiscv was ihird. First, second and third places in the individual contests of the • Home Economics departments were as follows: Cake:" Angel food cake-Jo Ann .Terror, Shawnee; Lon Jo Hargelt, JUBlytheville; Rise Hollis, Blythcville. I'' Butter cake, iced—Maxine Reid, Blytheville; Ann Burket, Shawnee; Kathleen Baker, Blytlievlllo. Butter cake, uniced—Muriel IJa- vis, Dell; Ann Burket. Shawnee; Frances Hall, Blythcville. Cookies: Ice Box—Juanice VVal- polc. Blytheville; Frankie Bird, Luxora; Virginia Lee Bel), Blyths;- ville. iheville. General: Pillow Cases—Sarah Johnson, Shawnee; Mary Jo Fisher, Blythevillc; Mary Jane Johnson, Shawnee. Luncheon cloths—Pearl Brown, Shawnee; Sarah Johnson, Shawnee; Joyce Gill, Dell, Novelties—Bell, LaFetrn Mays, Blylhcville; Sweater. Jean Gros- inaii, Sliawnec; Kitchen stool, Mnxlne Reid. Blyllieville. ,, 1 ..». v, ijij nnj vnn; , Virgil Shaneyfelt, Rt. 3, Biythevllle Legumes: One stalk" Delsta Soy- l/ians— Vjrgil Slianc.vfell nt 3 Blyllieville; Robert Bcnncfield • lit' 3, Blyllieville; Cecil Benncfiield nt' 3, Blylhevllle. Lcsumes: One .stalk Mammoth Dr. S:ybcans-n. C. Bennencld. Rt %. Blylhcville; Virgil Shaneyfelt "';, J - Biythevllle; Robert Bennefield, Rl, 3, Blytheville Legumes: One stalk Arksoy Soy- Ueans-carl Wallace, Rt. -i niytlie- ville; Mrs. Slanton A. Pepper, Huff, man. White Yeast Bread—Mrs w J Fied, Leaehville; Mrs. ' n llford Doling. S. Franklin, BlylhcviHc; no Mrs. Jnc-k I/ivo, Rl'. 2, ntvlUc- vllle; no entry. Irish iiotntoes—Harold Wnkendd Rt. 3, Blythcvllle; G. \, while' Oseeola; G. L. white, Osecola. 1-argest pumpkin—Ira Koonee Blythevlllc; Irn Kooncc, lilyljic- vlllc; no jilnoe. Urges! watermelon—Johnnie fiwl- hiu-t, LeaelivJIIc; IJelty Jean Swt- Inii't, Uachvlllc; no entry. Women's clothing; nightgown — Oarls Anderson; Mrs. H. o. Blnck- v-'Cll, Arnicrel'; no entry. Women's clothing: PnJiunas-No pliw«; Mrs. C, S. Hmjjjelt, Blylhc- thcvlllc; no place. Women's clothing: Housecoat — Deris Anderson, Armorol; Mrs. w. , .,.,,!,,,, , f irufi, vnir ''• Annore); no enlry. Laundry; laundered shirt; Mrs. M. M. lllne.'ily, DJTCS.S; Mrs. Leon linker, 210 \ v . Davis, HlyihevllleLnuntiry: Iniindcred impkln-Mrs w'V, 0 ?"" 1 I!:IW( '"' IU - '• iJixoral M. M. Ultifsly, Dycss; Mrs. Howard Jipiveii, HI. l, Luxom; Mi's. Don Fletcher. Hnsscll. ii? l lJ lls ,V " k ' ml - Mrs - Ann sinliii, 313 E. Ky., Ulythcvllle; .Mrs. I,, p Bowden, Joiner; Mrs. W, ']' ,Mllcii. ell, Joiner. Quilts: -.ipj)ll(iur£l Mrs, L p Nicholson, joiner; Airs. L. i>. NM\- Hlylhc- SjircncU; ... •• -,-—•.-•, .Clnudlno Harris,' Women's clothing: kitchen apron, ville; Mrs. cha.s. S! 0: i.itnf' m"' > fnsclll "o' 2 °f N..given; MIX owns',' jlli. Blythcvllle; Mrs. C. S. liaggctt, I Spreads: Afghnn-Mr* Ulylhcvlllo. i Nicholson, Joiner- Mrs' w'll Women's clothlni!: house t) ,-ess- Luxora; Mrs. i/,m"cim>ian A.- Mrs. E. S. Wlldy, Klownli; Mrs. morel. •™«"'uwtmmn, Ai?'„ S \, J " cl ; S011 ' Klowali; Mrs. I Hugs; Jioskwl-Mre. F. E niner Jcim McOiilrc, m, l, niylhcvllle.' Blythcvllli'; .Mrs. Sam lierry m 1 Women's clollilng: knitted dross Yarlira; Mrs. P. E Blue" Blithe vmc- S M°' A ' c "" nlnelram ' n 'vn>o- vlllc - 'I mo CJHl'iO.'i, entry. Parker House Rolls-Mrs. R. c Blytheville Second And Luxora Third In Fair Contests Shawnee v;as sweepstakes winner in the Future Farmers of America exhibit at the Mississippi County Fair which closed last night, after .running for five days. Blytheville was the second place winner, and Luxora, third. First, -second, nnd" third plnce in the various entries follow: D. & P. L. Cctton—Wilson, Wilson, Shawnee; Stoncvillc Cotton— Leaehville, Wilson, Wilson; Rowden Cotton — Luxora, Leaehville, Shawnee; White corn—Wilson, Wil- TOII, Luxora; Yellow corn—Wilson, Wilson, Luxora; Alfalfa Hay—Wilson, Wilson, Dyess; Soytjenn Hay —Wilson, Wilson, -Biytheville; Stalks of Soybeans—Luxorn, Leaeh- ville, Dell; Sweet .Potatoes—Blytheville. Wilson; Blytlievilie; Irish Po- ialoes—Wilson, Wilson, Blytheville. Shopwork: Rope knits—Shawnee, Biythevllle, Shawnee; Rope Halter —Shawnee, Uixora, Dell;' Nai! Box —Blylheville, Blytheville, Luxora; rfaminer Handle—Blylheville, Ely- hevile. Dyess; Bench Stops—Lxix- ora. Bylheville. Shawnee; e Farm 3hop tool locker—Sliawnee Bly- heville, Blylhcville; 'Kitchen stool —Sliawnee, Luxora, i Dyess; Book case—Shawnee,'' Dell, Blytheville; Magazine rack—alyth'eville,' Luxora, Luxcra; Sharpened Turning plow Joint—Shawnee, Sha\7nce, Dyess; Sharpened solid sweep—Dyess, Dy- "•ss, Shawnee; Chisels or punches— Shawnee, Shawnee, Luxora; Open ings or repair links—Dyess, Bly- •heville, Shawnee; Single Tree— Shawiiee, Dyess, Luxorn; Hay or cotton hook—Blylheville, Luxora, -T-., , V^.UJ 1V11.-), IV. VJ Bac k ,yel, Armcrel; no entry; Mrs. Buford Young, s. Franklin, Blylhe- Devil's Pood cake (not «*«,Mrs. Spencer Bun;h, IU, 1. BlvUic- vi Ic; Mrs. Buford Young, s. Franklin, Blythevillc; Mrs. c S na<r» c 'it Blytheville. ' '"" LUl Angel Fo:d Cake (iced)—Mrs. Howard Bmvcn, Rt, i, Luxoru- no entry; Mrs. j. L. Jacobs. Dycss Plain sugar cookies-Mrs. .Spencer Bunch, Rl. i, Blythevillc-. Mrs. Bu- fv'i'd Young, s. Franklin, Blvthc- ville; no enlry. White Butter Cake-Mrs, c A Cunninehain, Blylhcville- Mrs Buford Young, s. Franklin, Blvihc- ville; Mrs. Stanton A. Pepper, Huff- Nut Brittle—NO entry Candy- Fudge-Mrs. ESsic Davis, Flat Lake Rt., Blythevillc; Mrs A H. Binghain, Rt. 2, Blylheville- no entry. landy: Divinity—Virginia Hodge 2. Blytheville; Mrs. Essie Davis Flat Lake Rd., Blytheville • Mrs Otto Scrape, Rt. 2, Blythcvllle Candy: Assirtnient—No place- Mrs.. C. S. Baggett, Blythevillc- no place. Meats: Home cured ham-Mrs w. H. Uyess, Luxorn; Mrs w II Dress, Luxora; no enlry. Meats: Home cured bacon—Mi's W. If. Dyess, Luxorn- us entries- no entries. . '' -Meats: Homemade lard—Mr? H K. Decn, Gen. Del., Blyfheville;'Mrs' B. s. Jackson. Etowah; Mrs w J Field, Lcachville. Pound of butter—Mrs. W L Smith, Armorel; Mrs. Bcnarcl McFarland, Blyllieville; Mrs W L Smith, Armcrel. Display of garden vegetables- Mrs. Howard Bowen, Rl. i. uixora- dress— No first given-/ Veatrlci) Lovelace, 119 Lake, Dlythcvllle- no place. Children's clcthlng: Girls dress- Mrs, Howard Boivcn, nt. 1, Luxora; Mrs. A. H. ISingham. Rt. 2, lllythc- vlllc; MM. P. c. Rothrook, in Ky Blythcvllle. ' Chiklrcn's cloliiing: Girls dress- Mrs, w. L.. .Smith, Armorel; Mrs P. C. Rothrcck, 117 Ky., Blytheville; Mrs. J. s. Hanilsh, Chick Blylhevillc. Children's clothing; Boys suit l2-0)-Mrs. W. L. smith, Aniiorel, Mrs. p. c. liolhrock, Dlythevllle; Mrs. A. H. Bingham, nl. 2, Ulythc- ville; Mrs, W. F. Coolcy, Joiner. Children's clothing: Boys slilrU- Mrs. Irn Koonce, lit. i. niythevillc; Mrs. P. C. Rolhrock, 117 Ky Blv- thevlllc; no entry. infant's Clothes: Bnby dress- Mrs. Leon Baker, 210 W. Davis Blylhcvlllc-, Mrs. Roy Hall, 10(i Dougnii. Biythevllle; Mrs. Guy Maxwell, Armorel. infant's Clothes: Can-Inge Robe —Mrs. Lee Stiles, Rt. 1, Blylhcvlllc- Mrs. Guy Maxwell,. Armorel'; Mrs Jchn B. Wilson. Armorel. Infant's clothes: iLnycltc—Mrs 1 . Ray Hull, IOC Doiigan, Blyllieville; no entry; no entry. Thrift articles: Women's dress— Mo place given; Mrs. W. J Field Leaehville; Mrs. Vnl Mnschlno, 207 N, 5th, Blylhcvllle. Thrift. Articles: Child's dress— 'o first given; Mrs. Joe Baker, Local Truck System, Bls'thcvllie' Mrs. p. c. Rolhrock, 117 Ky.,' Bly- thcville. Thrift Article: Table cover and lapkln—Mrs. W. J. Field, Leach- villc; Mrs. c. S. BaggeU; Blythc- ville; Mrs. W. H. Dyess. .Thrift. Article: Four tea napkins —Mrs. W. L. Smith; no entry- ho entry. Any other thrift article—Mrs tocrge.S. COOEOI-, joiner; Mrs M '. Queen, Gen. Del. Blytheville-, Mrs. M. p. Queen, Gen, Dei., -Bly- heville. Laundry—homemade soap—Mrs. . Repaired plow—Shawnee, Dyess, Shawnee. Poultry and eggs: Young pen— 3ell, Shawnee, Blythcville; Cock— Sliawnee, Wilson, Blytheville; Hen —Shawnee, Wilson, Lusora; Cock- rel—Blytlieville, Luxora, Sliawnce- 'ullett—Blythcville, Wilson, Lux- ra; White eggs—Blytlicvillc, Lux- ra, Blythevillc; Bros-n .eggs—Bly- heville, Shawnee, Ely the vi lieSwine: Senior gilt ' pi s _uixora' Vilson, Luxora; Senior male pig— Luxora. Shawnee, Dycss; Junior Gilt pig—Luxora-, Luxora, Shawnee- unior Male Pig—Shawnee Shaw- ce, Blythevillc; Breeding sow— hawnee, Shawnee, Dyess; Breed- ig male—Shaivnee, Sli^wuee Bly- icvilie; Pen of fat hogs-Shawnee uxcra, Blythcville. I Ifoiwhold linens' (pillow coses)— Mrs. W. Ji. Dyess, LIIXOKI- Miss Rose Kunkoi. Etcwah; Mrs c S Bnegett, Blylhcvllle. ' ' Household linens: scnrf—Vcnlrlcc Lovelnce. us Lake. Ulythevlllo; Mrs' C. S. Bni-gctt, niylhcvlllc; Mrs J M. Burnett, Joiner. Household linens: table cover nml napkin—Miss Rose Kunkel, Blo•wah; Miss Rulh Bradford, Kclser• Hn/.cl Johnsion, Dyess. ' Food ijreservalion: carrots— Mrs. W. .L. Smith, Armorel; no plnco given; Mrs. A. c. Diielos, nt i' Blythcville. ' Food preservation; green beans- Mis. C. E, Parker. Blythevillc- Mrs. P. B; Jan-all, HI. a, Biythevllle- Mrs. Howard Bowen,'HI. i; Luxorn'. Food preservation: tciiiflloc,-, — Mrs, w. Shaw, Armorel; Mrs. Howard Bowen, Ln.xorn; no entry P:oil preserviillon: Biiby beets- Mrs. Ann Smith, .113 E. Ky., Bly- lheville; no entry; no entry. Food presm-allon: cnbbinje'kraut —Mrs. R. L. Adkesson, Hutrmmr Mrs. c, J. Little, Rt, 1, Blythevlllo- no entry. Fruit Juices—Mrs. Lcc Sltles Rt 1, Blylhevillc; Mrs. C. E, Pnrkcr' Blylhevillc; Mrs. Waller Word, Luxora. Peaches-Mrs. W. H. Dycss, Luxora; Mrs. Clyde Fowler, 201 Cherry Blythcvillc-, Mrs. Walter Wood Luxorn. Blackberries—no entries. Cucumber pickle—Mrs. W. L. Smith, Armorel; Mrs. C. E, Pavker Blylheville; Mrs. Gilbert Lynch Osccoln Rt. 2. Pcacli pickle—Mrs. W. H. Dyess, Luxorn; Mrs, O. R. Redford, nt :i Blythcville; Mrs. A. C. Duelos Rt' 1, Biythevllle. Toinato pickle: Mrs, \V. H..Dycss, Luxora,-' Mis. Pauline Stone, Rl' : 3 Blythevillc; IID entry. Plum pickle: Mrs. L. Mctzgcr. Hickmaii, Ark.; no entry; no entry Preserves: Mrs, P. B. Jarratt, Rt 2, Blylhevillc; Mrs. Ann Smith 313 Ky.. niytheville; Mrs. W L Smith, Armorel. Je'lles; Mrs. M. W. Lewis, Dell; Mrs. K A. CraiR, l«. L'/nivlhellle; Mrs. W. I.. Smith, Armoivl. Meals: roasl In'ef—no enlrles, Meats: ronsl chlcken^-N> entries Ment.s; fork saUsaue—Mrs p )j' Jnrratt; Mrs. W. L, Kiiiith, Ai'inoVfl-' no entry. ' Punli-y shelf: Mr.-;. I'iiiilino Hlone HI. 3, niyllirvlllc; Mrs. ,, 00 K™1 l)«ly, Rt, J, Wilson; .Mrs G F Parker, nlylhcvillc. Hcmeiniulo novelty; VL'iolul—Dixie Jcnn Meyers. Holliuid, Mo,; Clnienci;' Kalon, nt. •>. Blyluevlllo; Mrs. Mln- nlo Viint'c, Cien, Del,, Ulyllii'villc Homemade novelly; ornaim-ntiil No first uieii; Mvs. j|, ,\, C Hlylhev!lli<; Mrs. l.illle .Slsk vlllc. ' lOopcii white eggs: t.ui-.i Davis, S10 Lumernte, niytiievlllc; Mrs. w II. Dycss. Luxora; no entry, noMMi bvown ci;t;s: Lura Davis, 510 Lumernte, Blythcvllle; Mvs W H. Dyess, Luxora; Mrs. p. B, j, u ._ rail, HI. 2, BlyiheviDi., •' Infunls olslhcs: No tirsl'elvoir Mis. W. R. WnlltlciN 111. |, iilytii": Villc; Mrs. w. B. Wnllnrc, Blythe- Infant's clothes: satiiu:—Mrs J M. llumetl, Joiner; Torry Mitchell Joiner; no entry. Household linens; ijuost Inwel— No first given; Mrs. C. J Little Rl. 1. Blylhevllle; no entry, Child's knitted dross- No flrsl Riven; Mrs. linrry Baker, Cnniili er.sville, ,Mo.; no entry. Thrift nrtii.-le: pillow cases—Veat- rlco Lovclnec, lin l^ihe, iJlythcvllte- vealrlce Lovelnce, 119 I,nke, Illylhc- vlllu; no (,'iilry. tho Homo Makeis Club ntlier liomc nenr Sl«le Wednev'.ny afU)inooii, iJurliiR the nl;sein.c of the presl-' now, Airs. j. o Uicdeilck, ihc wS w ' lii '" di "'" !C or M|lt> Mrs. W. R, Rioilcilcl. was elected contact woman from tho club for (he hi mi Bureau. Mrs. K. Prltchnrd, the fiothliiK lender, j-ave u very iiUcrcitliiff report ou 11,0 uiunly met held at Curiitlier.svlll!; recently nnd n lesson on bedtotim KCCCS--OI les was I'lW'n by Mrs. Aiiihln '/nlnu'r. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Mrs. Coo|H-i- (iuosl Of Club 'Mrs. Oils Cooper was 11 guest of Ihc Jolly ICijjhL Bunco Club when they were enierinlned by ^f^• s p m \ VaiiBhn nl ihc home or Mrs Tom niirns Thursday night. The- high score pike nt bunco went lo Mrs. Aimer Ashcmft, bunco (o Mlas Mai'unret McClure, Inivcliiig i)i mco to Mrs, Arthur Taylor nnd lew score to Mrs. Tom Perry. At the close ol the evening tho hostess served loaslcd hum nnd cheese sandwiches, pohiln chips pickles, cookies and Iced' ci-niii! Juice. Hook Club finest of Mrs. .lolinson Members'or the licok Club were enlcrlnined In the homo of Mvs Newben-y Johnson Wednesday ufl- crnoon when there were eleven members present,. The topic for the praciam wnu "Music On Die nndlo." As n prelude lo'lhe profjinm Mrs. Johnson rendered several organ selections Mrs. Cleo Onrrett (hen gnve n very liUcresttng paper on thc ab'ovii nninccl subject. Mrs. It. s. Iiolloy •Stive, ..several plniio selections...: Mrs. Johnson served a delicious snlnd course. The next nicotine of Ihc club will be with Mrs. p. F McCiilchen. • » * Mrs. Wells Hostess T« Home Alnkc'rs Mrs. O. V. Wells was hostess to - ~w(jn >\,is hostess tfl tier 'VueMluy llildgctpeis Club ot Cooler aiKl one jju<"Jl, Rfci p w Mcc/nut, this v.-eek, Tlic lilBh score'pri/e v,ent to Mrs. Floyd waster; 2nd hlijli to Mrs. Olynn wiiltc nnd brldeo to Mrs. McCunn. 'I'lu- hostess nerved ham salad sandwiches, nepncr relish, date roll with iced crenm and iced (en. Tiirscl.i)- C'liili l.'utfrlalncil Memupi-s of the 'IMesday Bridge Club of steele nnd four uucsls were entcrtnlned In (he homo of Mrs Leyon Envls this week. The guests' wero Mrs. Lcc Yeaijer, Mrs. \v. A Cm-tor, Mrs, Byron Weaver niK, Miss Kiijjenla Jenkins. The lilKh scoro prlw u(, • brldiie v.-ont U; MIS. linrbeit Ifudtjeiis . we members nml Mis. Vca- K'ic«t high; low score went to MI-B, Knyinond Brooks, The hostess soi-ml « snlnd toiirse. tcccl drinks nnd mints. Of Inlei' nt Cooler is tho mnr- iiBe or Miss null), Flnnnngnn to Jot- 1 Wocds l;olli of (he Lake Fnrm Community |,, u,e ollice of Justice of I'enco D. H, Barber, Wednesday night, MI-. Barber performed the ceremony in the presence or i\ few elasa friends, They will ninkc their home, on tin; Lake l-^vni wlicro tlic groom Is inrinhiu. . ' * * ' , •iiiiilf JMnlroiis Chili litilcrfulncil Mrs. Mnishnl) llniTOuglis wns hcslc.i.i lo the Yoima Matrons Bridge Cliilj of Stcclc nt her home Wednesday afternoon. The. .hluli score prizo wcnl 'to Mrs. Muschell.Hiiinrn nnd low scoro to Mm. W. A. Carter. The hostess served a refreshment plate nml icinoniulc. * 4 • Lucky N'in,. L'hili'Miitt-rlulnfd Mrs. T. N. UragnncQ whs hostess to her Lucky. Nino Bunco Club mid the (allowing uueftls: Mrs A. II. Bcckham, Mrs. Tommlc 'ovnvv- foid nncl Wrs Tom 0. Lewis' M.- iirekhnm/and Mrs. Lewis were reelected mcmbcis.'Mii Rue) Asher' Who hai ben absent from Ihc club' scvcial weeks localise of illness also attended (his mftfting The high score ,prl/e went, io Mji Olynn White; Mrs Clarice 011111,111(1, bunco, Mrs, Hugii Mlehic, Ji, traveling bunco and Mrs Ashei low ?core. Thc hostess served chicken salad on lettuce, crackers, jiickles anil Iced chinks Mrs. L. c. Spencer, who has beea In Joiner, Ark, and nl Memphis with hpj mother, Vilia pissc<| uway Monday, Is now In Joiner with her fnlhci, c. N Sasiders, who'i? very lick Mi spencer spent the weekend with her. Miss Maiy .Anna. Mlchlc, smal) duutjhler of Mr. aiul Mrs. Sims Michlc, Is recoverliiu nicely from a tonsil opeiatlon performed at thc Wnlls hospital'in Blythcville "last wet*. MlM Jcaiictta cooper has eonc to \Vcil Memphis where she has accepted a position. rtltwl Woody of Ccno,,Gotda, Tcnn., is spendlnn this week here with his sister, Mis. H. U cup- pies nnd other relatives, Mrs. Ellsworth Watson'Is rccov- cilng nt her home after a weeks Gold Mined Easy Way, Without Pick or Shovel MELBOURNE, Australia (UP)— Kenneth Bennett, a shopkeeper ot Creswlck hns given up golf for 'ild mining. His inln'o Is on a piece of land he owns Just outside the town As mining Is only his hobby, he does not believe In making hnrd woik of it, and ha hns worked out (he followliii; system: Go out lo the mine, put n stick of gelignite In the bottom of It, climb out and, for' thc bang, and climb In ngnlii and pick up the pieces No pick nncl shovel' work nbout that. The other week lie brought 11)1 ii migisct worth $2J)Q. David Is (he name which appears most fictiltcntly hi (he Scriptures, mm. i. f rom t|,(. oivtnc names. —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Drugtf Fowler Drug Co. Main & Pint Phone 141 To Feel Fine, Use This All-Vesetable Laxative Here's Ihb Insntlvc thfit, lids'ns thoroughly ns harsher ones, but. Is a gentle persuader for InlesVlncs vhen iLsed this way: A ouarlcr to n' lalf-lcaspoonful or spicy, nronintlc JLACK-DHAUOIIT on youi- longiie tonight, a drink of wnlcr — (here 'ou arel Then llih nli-ycBclnblc axnlivc iisiiully nlloire plenty of time- lor sice)),- nets thoroughly and gently, nnd iclleves constipation's headaches, biliousness, Irritability bnd breath. BLACK-DRAUGHT'S •main Ingredient Is an "Intestinal loiilc-lnxallvc," which helps tone ihc intestinal muscles. Millions of packages vised prove 'Its' meritl Economical—25 to 40 doses, 25c " Tffl Kirby Bros. Drug Co. and Robinscn's Drug Co. The name "weakfish" comes from o lack or gameness or stamina,' ul because the bony processes of. ic mouth of this fish aro sort .| nd tender, thereby causing them tear out when a fisherman's rlllG. -- - ~-~""^ii««-ll.J|H:| Drop cookies—Rayborn Slanfield, "°o k 's 'jerked too suddenly. Lxixora; Mary-Helen Mcore, Bly- thevillc; Sara Warrington, Blytheville, Assorted candy—Dorothy Jean Higglnson, Blytheville; Joyce Gill, Dell; Peggy White, Blythcvillc. Fudge—Dorothy Cross, Blythe- villc; Pearline Ellis, Blytheville; Joe Ann Terror .Shawnee. Mints—Pearl Brown, Shawnee; |\V On'y Graduate Optomc- "'M trlst in - J. L. GUARD Optometrist . Glasses Filttd Correctly The Morning AfferTaking Carters Little Liver Pills DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous and expensive lo ilrive with Steering and Front Wheels out of adjustment. Keeping (hem in K&nd order is so simple and inexpensive you should never tresi to chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEERING GEAR ADJUSTMENT, in- (4 ftp cltidinj—adjuslmeiU. IhT "D or all Ball Socket I joints — lightening * front Spring Clips and Shackles. (Paris Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above includes a complete INSPECTION and REPOItT on ro,trillion of Wheel Alignment and factors affecting- tire near.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 'tb A TPalnnt Phone 810 At the Aquacade, Show-Hit of the New York World's Fair, Chesterfield has the call You see more Chesterfield smokers every pl ace you go. That's because Chesterfield's Right Combination of the best home-grown and aromatic Turkish tobaccos is the only combination that gives them a cigarette of real mildness with a different and better taste and a more pleasing aroma. MAKE YOUR NEXT PACK /j CHESTERFIELDS... ^

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