The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEV1LEE COURIER TOM DOMINANT N1WBPAPER OF NORTOTA §T ARKANSAS AND eOUTHJEAHT MISSOURI ^Blytheville D»Uy N«wt Blythevilk beat* Uiululppl ViUey Leader Blythevlll* Herald ROME VOL. XXXI—NO. IM BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY :}1, 103-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NAVY r ARAD ES FOR PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT KIEIl Slit I Catholic School Will I Graduate Class of Six STEEL Labor Troubles Brini» Menace of Strife lo Textile Mills Also WASHINGTON, May 31. (UP)— | Threat of a general strike in the steel Industry next week was Injected today into an industrial war flaring in two major centers and on half a dozen minor fronts. . The strike threat was made Washington by Earl J. Forbrck president of the Pittsburgh district of the Amalgamated Irnn, Steel and I Tin Workers, as hopes grew that c ' general strike might be averted ni Toledo, already ravaged by a bloody strike at the Auto-Lite plant, and as mediation of difficulties seemed probable In the strike for union 1 rocojnttlcn by employes or the American Distilling company at I'ekin, III. v Forbeck predicted the steel strike would hrino t'"-e sympathetic walk cut of ItO.QOO captive mine and automobile workers, br-lcr Michael F Ti^hc, president of the union, said the strikp threats were made "with- CIM authorization." Tlie capital-labor sllualion was further confused by threats of a nation wide textile strike on Monday. More than 30,000 workers in New England textile centers ajrced 10 participate in tlie walkout, estimated to affect as high as 400.000 workers in he nation. The School of the Immaculate Conception church, will have its i annual commencement exercises at Die church Friday evening, 7:3U. o'clock, following the closing of 5.0iool Friday morning. j Members of the eighth grade lo wcelvt diplomas will be: Mary (.urine Cox, of Osceola; Elaine Harris, Mildred Kills, Jewel Shanks Jack Robb and Ernest Roberts. | The Rev. James Millinuan, 01 Jonesboro. will address the students and the Rev. J. J. Thotnp- .son, principal, will present the i cilplomns. ; annual picnic was WWIWIUV. Ul I I Lll, HOLDS OFFICERS: fll Plan Homecoming for j Congressman Driver! > r T' H T 1 r- I sponsoring a oiice Finally lake Lrazed tainmem to w OSCKOLA, Ark, May 31.—Preliminary plans for n homecoming mlcriHinment honoring Congressman W. J. Driver were made at a call meeting of the Osceola Civic, club yesterday. . Other civic organizations will be 1 Invited to Join the Civic club In banquet and enter- hich zoo guests Win \V-»r Vptpran Frntn Dv- ** llwilod on Congressman Driver'* war veteran rrom L»> .return from was-ington. j, 'B. liamite Filled Car Bunn. president of the club, named ' _ '_ ! J. T. Coston, A. F. Bartmm, Ben (UP) ] nst moved from his dvnumite-fllled automobile today just as the dead- luncheon • Roland Green of Blythcville. Wils T. Davis ic planned to,set off the ex- | •plosives at noon. Just as the fac-1 lory whistles of Alamcda sounded 11! o'clrck three police officers rushed his aulomobilc. He was removed with a slight struggle. I/>n» Viell Kndeil ,11 n- \; . • Fiennett, crazed war veteran. cepted by Big Vote m ,„.,,„,,<! , vith dent)1 for 18 nours ! while a snuad of weary police | led at a'safe distance. | Administration Bill Ac- S]«tc of Attacks firm IITPn mn UL L U III. L II LIIU LEGAL REFORM WASHINGTON. May 31. (UP) — The house passed the silver' pur- Bennclt, slttliiK In his car. load-'D-,. A ;„»:„„ Ml with explosives connected to L)<XI rt »ix.ldllon blow u- if he threw a switch, kept Appeals to Lawyers Gravr Vrohlcms Loom WASHINGTON. May 31 (UI J )— Labor, larnr, and international crises challenged tile administration today. Trouble threatened on many fronts. First, three quarters' of the national area suffers unprecedented drouth. Second, thousands of wrathy wage earners are striking or threatening to -fiin^ down tools. Third, a war debt stalemate impends when payments come due •lur.e IS. Fourth, congress Is shy- Ing at -jorr.e urgent administration measures. Fifth, problems of international armaments demand sclulion. Riff Strikes Threatened Overshadowing spectacular localized strike violence on the west coast and in Toledo and Minneapolis are threats of steel and textile walkouts and a general strike of American longslwrcmcn. New Ir.bor provisions in the steel code, Roosevelt, are aimed al preventing \ Pc ^^ : a steel strii-.c next week. ver bloc members that it was a "lemon" and charges by Republi- cens that it was a speculator's bill, i The measure now goes to the' senate. The roll call vote had been delayed until today under an agreement by the leadership. For eight hours administration forces were! busy yesterday fighting filibuster! tactics, and succeeded in pushing the measure through intact, bcat- tlown a series of operation amendments. The bill, result of a compromise between the White House and congressional silverites, declares it the policy of the United States to increase to 25 per'cent proportion of silver to gold in monetary stocks/* .'• The measure authorizes the sec- rstan' of treasury to purchase silver, and jKrinits the president to nationalize all domestic silver r lcck r ,. In addition it places a 50 to Al dawn today police, tired ofj tlie Ions watt, sent Patrolman Wil-l Raise Standards HOT SPRINGS, May 31 (UP)— , Ham P'ies to talk with Bennett. It Reformation of the legal profes- was Pries who first discovered sto n In Arkansas was urged by Bennett's mad scheme and per- president Paul Jones Texartana siiadcd him to park his car in a a t the annual meetin° of place where, if he wished, EE JUft 8 IB fIX Fill FEES ]. B. Bunn Issues Call for County Democratic Organization OSCEOLA. Ark.— The first mect- .ng of Ilio Mississippi Comity D:m- ucratlc Central conmillU'e, prior 10 he August primary, will lit lieM 10 a.m! June 8 at lllylhevlllc, H wns nnixHinccd here tcdny by J. B. liinin who, as vlcc.-c!ialrmun of Hie com mtltco. succeeded to Ire clininiinii ill)) upon the death of T. J. Ma linn of Blylheville, who was fo immy years committee chairman. Tile meeting wilt be for the pur pose of reorganizing i.-.e committee which Includes many new member* elected at Ihe 1932 primary, nnd to fix nilns tees for candidates (or county office. Notice to the 59 committee members are being mulled this week Irom the Osccola office of Bruce Ivy, secretary of Ihr committee. The committcemen (ire: Big Lake township: \V. T, Coats. Epter Davis, W. K. Clrccn, und Joe Homer, all of Manila; Dowcn township: R. W. Crawford nnd C. E Cook. Blythcville; Burdeltc tnwn- Future Admirals Go to Sec he could blow himself up without ndangerino lives of othefr. state bar association today. ship: H. P. Listen and J. F. Tomp, kins, nurdcttc; Canadian lownthe'shlp: C. E. Crlgger, Armorel, and Sam Tillman, Tomato; Carson per cent tax on silver profits. Father Scmmes Returns from Jamaican Ministry OSCEOLA, Ark.—The Rev. Father M. o. Semmes, S. J.. who has returned to the States after a ministry of 13 years in Kingston. Jamaica, is in Oiccola for an cxtcnd- his sister, Mrs. Clai _ Father Se' nm «s, wlto at the end Textile workers are bitter against' ." 25 per cent production cut order issued by NRA. Their leaders will confer with Administrator Hugh S. Johnson tomorrow with demands for wage readjustments to com- rcnsate for decreased employment. The NRA order seeks to avoid seasonal summer overproduction. Wheat Cro> Hard IIK Integration or incorporollon of the association so thai it might' township: W. F. M. Ferguson, Marie, and Aleck Coble, Carson; Clear Lake township: Ira Koonce and J. - ..- -..- _ _ jm ^^. *'• Epperson. Blytlxjvllle; Fletcher here for hours. At a safe distance recommended toward the retorma- tmmshlp: J. A. Owallney. McFer- Pries walked cautiously toward ,eslabllsh standards and rules lor he car. Bennett had been sitting j( s members Is the major step officer stonned and shouted: Take No Chance* "Lis'en, vou. we're tired of fool- n a with you." Bennett shouted back: "Go way and let me alone." "Lot you alone nothing," retort- lion. Jones expressed hope for' rin ' an d Sam Bowcn, Luxora: Golan act by the next legislative to!*™ Lake township: J. R. Cullom give the association authority to| B "d Hy Wilson, Wilwn; Half Moon set im standards and rules (or the township: R. L. Hawkins and John profession. Jones urged higher le- 1 1- Galnes, Blythcville; Hector gal and academic standards. A township: otto Bradberry and E plea for faster handling of cases ' Woodward. Dell; Hlckman ..„, ______ d Pries. "If you don't intend to was also made. He blamed lawyers' township: Will Ray and E C. Ad !k>w up .the car and yourself nith I [fir many legal delays. kinson, Hlckman; CjhlcWwwba t.-this'is what'you "do. Takn off| Oovcrnbr J. M.' Futrell attendedT 104 ™ 111 ?: A- t3. Uttle, . the opening session o,f the two day lor . J- A. Leach, Louis Cherry. Mosi four clothes. Take off and then step out of the car. IJ meeting. •ou come out of (hat car with' L A our clothes on it will be the same Q%] a , as committing suicide.' "N"ts." said Bennett. "Nuts, hell," shouted Pries. Rowland of Bartlesville, address t^« as-'ocht'in | on "the Integrated Bar of Okla- 1 homa." "You! President Earle w. Evans of the Smith, Huston skelton, Herman Cross, J. F. Smith, c. W. Attllck and Ivy Crawfrd, Blyt'cevllle; Lit tie River township: H. J. Meadow I and W. H. trashier, Etownh; Me ! Gavock township: O. L. Salmoi two officers over on that' American "Bar" Associa"tion7 Wlclil- IwvMr'T^^in^a'''^^^ hill with rifles. Well, they shoot la, Kan., also will be a principal j B Bmin all „Osceola straight. And they are under or- speaker. 1 p nimavnnt tiers to kill you if you come out' with Vanguard of Uncle Sinn's nrmada congregating in New York Millions View Nation's Greatest Peace Time] Marine Spectacle AliOARD S. S. S. LOUISVILLE, o!f New York, May 31. (UP)—T-e :iavy proudly paraded three qimr- :ers of a billion dollars in gray steel ships and gray steel guns before President Roosevelt today, at America's greatest iwacc time marine and aerial susclacle. Up from the south lo the cllrrmx of mock war maneuvers over l|aU the western hemisphere, t-e fleet rolled in from a psllld, haze tring- ed horinon to pnss 1" review before the commander-ln-chlef. Fof hntl delayed the start of tlie procession. Seven hundred tlwusand tons of. fl'jhllng ships, almost 40,000 officers and men at their posts on 90 vessels, and 180 navit] planes were In the Briintl parade of United States naval strength. Millions of persons on excursion boats, pleasure craft,'in planes, and on score witnessed the exhibition at sea or as the fighting criifl circled Into New York harbor. The great fleet, led by the batlle- slilp Pennsylvania, steamed past the review ships, t!ic Indianapolis, : the president's flagship, and the Louisville, before entering the harbor. cix for the review by President Roosevelt, the heavy cruiser Louisville— utter anchoring In the IlmlBon — provided a picturesque sight for the future ndmhnls on lhc rail at right. The Lo-.ilsviliu was winner of the Navy'.s efficiency championship last- year. "Ride and Rob" Bandit Slain at Birmingham BIRMINGHAM. Ala., May 31. (UP)—Police iKlleved bevoud - a {Soubt -today that a bandU...elal(l. jf-..'.:- here''last night and Vis wounded" companion were perpetrators of a "ride and rob" racket in West Tennessee and the trl-stale territory. They were shot by James William Busby, against whom authorities believed the pair had plotted another nWiictlon and robbery scheme. The slain oulliuv was Ves- FERfl SEuREM Following the Pennsylvania were glnnt aircraft carriers Sara- loja and Lexington, with escort destroyers. In lino behind were cruisers, destroyers, battleships, and train, supply, fuel, repair and hospital vessels. Above soared the airship Macon, and as the fleet passed tlie review ships scores ol planes were launched from the Saratoga and Lexlngtop. Finally the cbtln licet, led by the Indianapolis,.passed to its Hudson river -anchorage. of antl H. Keiser; Nca] -^^ gridiron program of the Jun- j township: E. H. Taker. B F. Smith your clothes on. Were not Ior Bar Association of Little Rock O. J. Moore, A. E Robinson Bruce ------ er Winchester of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 'Uid the injured outlaw was Floyd Redding. of three years will celebrate his golden jubilee of fifty years service in tr.e Catholic priesthood, wa* born and reared in Osceola. He is a son of the lats Caot. and Mrs. S. S. St'.nmes and a grandson of Admiral Raphael Semmes. He was loaned 13 years ago by the New Orleans province to the province in Jamaica, where, he has since served as pistor of [he".C!iurc!> -oin" to take anv chances. And we will follow lhc anmlal banquet Fri- don't intend to sic;- here all day i day nl <, ht Matc om W. Gannaway while you hold hands with your-| of lMk Rcck (vill te toastmnstcr sc "- . ! at the banquet. With a dramatic pica for a 1 chance to "talk to dad," Virginia' Bennett. 14. appeared later at the police lines surrounding her fairer. Chaos in the oil industry Is prc-lof the Holy Family at Wcstchestc. iliclecl hy Secretary of the Interior Park and as pastor at the Jamaic- liarold L. Ickes unless further,.i n insane asylum and penal in- legulatory legislation is enacted by ! stilulion. His work with the pris- ron^ress. Louis R. Giavis. Ickes'i oners at penal colonies both in Ja- chief investigator, is in the smilh-|inatca and in the States is recog- western oil fie'db for a first, hand Mudy of excessive production. Dugs and drouth have zoomed wheat to Si a bushel. Drouth stricken farmers gain no comfort from high prices for what they do not possess. Pests and dry weather clipped 1,000,000 bushels a day Irom wheat prospects in April. If . destruction continued at that rate this month, winter wheat production will slump to 430.000.000 bush- nized by tr:e Catr.olic denomination as outstanding. V/iri- YOrh. Negro Loses $5,000 Highway Injury Suit OSCEOI.A. Ark.. May 31.— Jim Logan, Memphis negro, lest his suit in circuit court here yesterday to secure judgement for $5.000 againsl O. L. Salmon, prominent south Mississippi county farmer, for injuries '.ojan aliened he sustained when his ai'lomobile collided with a log truck btlonqino to the Salmon plan- Culp. J. D. Hodge, all of Leach- vllle; Pecan township: E. li. Criles and R A. Raney. Pecan Point: \ Scott township: S. D. Catchlmjs | Joiner, an dL. R. Clarke. Frenchman's Bayou; Swayne township: S. B, Rozell nnd Ben Permentcr. Roll »• U i C • sl; Trcj ' township: H. H. Cromer meeting at tlOt Springs and R. H Craig, Wilson: Whitton township: R. A .Jackson nnd J. A Attend Bar Association Judge C. A. Cunningham. Mayor Cecil Shane, Oscar Fcndler and Fay McHaney, local attorneys, have motored to Hot Springs to attend tne annual convention of i the Arkansas Bar Associatio. The Association will be in session for two days. McClendon, of Whitton. Ctom'nft Stock Prices [ M s Spots closed steady at 1155. oft 5. tation on Highway Gl near Joiner. I Coston <fe Coston, Osceola attcr- l neys "Presenting Mr. Salmon, in- traduced evidence showing that at the time of tlie wreck the truck jSchco! district to haul logs used in | conilrucling agricultural buildings on the campus and that the negro driver of the truck was employed by the community committee promoting the building enterprise. Logan was represented by Wils T. Davis of MempriU and Bruce Ivy of Health Unit Continuing With Reduced Force county health unit are continuing dlcatlons that a circuit court Jury *« n ii. „ reduction in the force, may start deliberating late todav roL- irlrlnrl Vin fVin TTfTJ A r™_ .1 r . S . ' NEW YORK, May 31. (UP)— \ had been loaned to the Shawnee Cotton closed steady. open high !ow close July .... 1138 1143 1134 1137 Oct 1158 1164 1155 1158 Dec 1169 1115 1166 11C9 Jan 1175 1178 1173 1175 Mar U86 1187 1183 1185 1194 1198 1192 1195 •*eip!te a Three nurses, added by the FERA NEW YORK. May 31. (UP) — Prices siggcd fractions to more th2n two p"):n'.s on the stock exchange tai^y in dull turnover W'-eat s:nred five cents a bushel, the limit of flu:tintlon for a s:n';lc dny. an-) other groins rose (wo to more than four cents a bintiel. A. T. and T 114 Anaconda Copper 13 3-4 B->th. Strel 31 7-8 Chrysler 39 1-4 Cilies Service 25-8 Coca Cola — Oen. Am. Tank 30 G"n. El-ctric 19 7-8 Gen. Motors 31 3-4 Int. Hnrort-r 32 1-8 Mid-West Utilities 1-8 i Montgomery Ward .... 24 7-8 K. Y. Central 28 Packard 37-8 Phillips Pa IS 3-4 Radio 7 1-8 Simmons Beds 153-4 St. L-S. P 3 1-4 Standard of N. J 42 7-8 Texss CO 23 3-4 U. S. Steel 39 U. S Smelting , 115 M New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 31. (UP)— Cotton futures held comparatively today in the face cof disturbing news such as threatened s:ril:«s in the steel and textile industries. open hlg^i low clcse July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 1132 1155 11G4 1170 1180 1190 1143 1162 1174 1132 I1S2 11S4 1187 1180 1131 1151 1168 1172 1184 Osceola. Court adjourned over till Monday to permit local attorneys to attend the meeting of the stae Bar As- oclelon In Hot Springs today and tomorrow. Workers Union Has Space in Courthouse of Activities of the Trial of Mrs. Menz Nearing Close Today JACKSON. Mo.. May 31.—Trla of Mrs. Edith Menz. formerly Edith Caldwdl of Blylheville. Ark., charged with complicity in the murdc: of Frank R-seme. Rockvlew, Mn. merchant, is expected to close here today. 'Rleht through Memorial Day the Mississippi t r | a ] continued yesterday with In Little North Sawba Boy Succumbs to Meningitis New 'Scrip' Agreement •'&•? Gets More Signer* Sharp Declares Unions Have Been Favored in Relief Program L1TTLH ROCK, May 31. CUP) — Floyd Sharp, executive secretary of . agreement" by"22 oth«i' was"'a£ Twenty-two more local concerns and individuals have signed the agreement to accept relief *£h « ' ' n Arkansas, in a !etleri nounccd yc3 terday. Committees are lodny lo the executive committee stm al work and expcct w i lnln a of the Arkansas Fc.tcrlallrm of La-, fcw t]ays to nyotl „ v i rtual i y 100 bor, denied charges made al a coiv| D( , r ccnt s | gn . uj , b local bll3taess ycntlon of the federation yesterday mcn to lnakc cnal)ge for scrlp ln that union lauor was Iwing dls- I Sharp Ls a me ration and -,vns U:e FERA. 3f the fede- a delegate to the W. T. Brown, 6-year-old son of. convention here yesterday Y. and Mrs. Meddle Brown of! Hc mWj on (hc conlrliry tllc re . the North Sawba community, died n cr ndmlntstrntlon had cooperated it six o'clock this morning at j n every inge any amcimt. The .*-w signers are: Haytws at Memphis,. nll d had always Invited t!:cin to assist Isolalion hospital Tcnn. His death resulled from iplnal meninsltls. •. union The boy had been carried to the ' t i lclr attitude yesterday, however Memphis hospital about a month t h e preference that had previous! ago and was believed to be hu- been slwwn In these matte proving until n relapse was silt- ; be withdrawn, l:e declared, fercil several [lays nyo. Funeral iirrangcmcnls are Incomplete, according lo the Cobb Men's Shop, Broadway Barber Shop, Ladles Toggery, Belt's Art Studio. 177 Service" Stallon. Day and Night Service Slatlon, G. Q. Hubbard Pur- nllurc Co.. Ark-Mo Power Co., Evr way wlln labor leaders cl . clt B aee ga!es C0| Jack Sglllba . . ,, Cafe. R. W. Bone Barber Shop, W. In Investigations Involving ' M phllllps-Barnsdall Refining Co., abor coinpliilnls. In view of| A . B HaM , at . Francis Drug Co ., T. A. Davis Market, Mow Yick. , . Hugh Chsrry, W. H. Voting. Thorn- tliese matters, will ,„„ Druf slorCt pt^^ Simmons defense completed its testis - Imve been dscontinued. as have mcny and state presented rebuttal the CWA nurses, who functioned witnesses, among them several of- separately from the county health (i cers from B !ythevll!e, where Mrs unit. The Wilson school retained Menz lived J. W. Jenkins of Blylheville has I been appointed to a Code En- < Undertaking company, but services forccmcnt Committee created will probably be held tomorrow j the Arkansas Stale Federation with Inlerment at Maple Grove; Labor to cooperate with industry The deceased Is survive.! by his'mc.-^ under Nrl A codes, according i>arent.s, two brothers, and two, to an announcement at the sr/c- 5lstcrs ' iclal convention of Hie slate fed. eration In session nl Little yesterday. Tin Shop. Unique Cleaning vice, Dr. T H Keith Ser- by'n n _,L-. t *-,.„». of. Uonane y ACCCptS Construction Dr. Robert E. Crump Chnrgc.s that organized labor arc Ignored by LITTLE ROCK, May 31 (UP)— Chairmanship of lhe state construction commission was formally I accepled today by former Governor ' George W. Donahey In a letter to Governor J. M. Futrell. He was ap- II J D i' A f 11 'representatives Heads Baptist College: county relief o „., „>- , . T . „ „„, • I t-ps in Arkansas nnd that "through Ju ^ e J^ f. Hill, Robert corrupt political pracllce pcnon* ..i,^ 1 ^ °J. ^^^^ the re-, and - belle Bryant and Eartna B. Ken- refused lo be s?ntcd at the order of drick. who Is temporarily In charge Judge Frank Kcllv. A defense mo_, .^ _.., . [|0a tl , at n mlstrl[l) ^ dcdarcd as » result, was overruled. of the mid-wife class. In sewn pre-school conferences recently held 65 children who will enter school In "•amined. Of this found to hay.e 82 defects and 41 these have already been cor- j reeled. Thirteen were given toxold Iwro within the next week or ten' days. He is a graduate ot Qua- RoOSCVelt Signs Code A$k chlta College, where he secured an A. B. degree In 1008. He has a M. A. dejrec fro inLouisiana State. Dr. Mkhie Released r o . , j Dr. Thomas A. Mlchie ot Steele, I0r Larming Industry I who was arrested at Memphis on » federal narcotics jact violation -nllr-ge. a M. A. degree from Col- WASHINGTON. — President charge, has been released under jumbia University of New York and Roosevelt yesterday signed a code S10.000 bond. Friends at Steele On Levee Construction: Hi D. degree from Columbia Uni-, f or th e " caniiUiaTn'dusS, providing pledged property valued at $27,000 Bids on projects to complete i verslty. A new office has been added to and 28 were vaccinated for small- in tnc new Mlsslsslnni ru- 'he group in the county courthouse i»x. Conferences were held at the | n p ern | S c 0 t and Mi-Blwini' h "~" ' "•— local elemenlary schools, and ' sal!ltlpl - Spols closed steady at 1146 Chicago Wheat May May July open high 07 1-8 103 1-8 96 102 3-8 low close 91 1-8 103 1- 9C 102 I- here. Zeph O'Brien, secretary of the at Armorel, Huffman, — • ac- alld Whitton. space in the record room of the countv and probate] court clerk. His office usually has number of visitors. | Until recently there was no sign' Clarence Eugene Perry, , 1194 County Workers Union, has i, off 4. quired desk space in the re :oun-iAsks $3,000 For Injury -• Shawnee englneeVs"'at"Memphis"'''Blds U wm' In Motor Car Accident ' | be opened June 12 and work must were Invited Chicago Corn op?n high low close SO 3-4 59 56 3-4 59 56 5-8 61 56 5-8 CO 3-4 drawn print)". — .. . .. LDOStS ID Navy begin within 20 days awar dot contracts, after the Corl Applewhite, former Chicago Mill employe, has filed a personal Projects In this vicinity Include Injury suit against the company in 690,000 cubic yards of levee near circuit court here, seeking $3.000 son of CMtonwood Point, Mo.; 106,000 damaws , . , lo advise those seeking Mr. O'Brien Mrs. Mary Haywood McCarn cf cubic yards near Long I^ikc, Applewhite. In his complaint, al- for creation within 90 days of an 'o secure his release. Dr. Mlchie, tigcncy to sludy and propose means for whose hearing no date has been of establishing quality slandards set. Is charged by federal agents and proper labeling, a chief ob- wlt-h the distribution of 20.000 quar- jcclive of the proposed Tugwell t p r grains of morphine since Jan- pure food bill. ,uary 1 The code order requires that; data for upward revision of wages; and Improvement of work hours bei submitted by Dec. 1. I Two classes of hour limitations] Arkonsas-OeneraUy fair tonight, were written into the canning i Friday partly cloudy, cooler In the code: For non-seasonal production I northwest portion. WEATHER of his presence in the room. Now this city, has enlisted In the northeast of Luxora; 530,000 cubic leges that he was jnjured when a line 36-hxmr work week estab- Memphis and vicinity—Fair and a hand-printed sign is pasted over United Stater; navy at Little Rock, yards north of Osceola,' and 400.- motor car. us?<! In Iransporllng I llshed as standard for all packing continued warm tonight and Frt- part of the painted sign originally He will be spend a four months 000 cubic yards near Golden Lake, workmen lo from the scene cf 1 employes, with nn eight-hour day. d as - •vdvlsin? that It was the county training period in San Diego, Cal., Olher projects on which binds lojglng operations, was wrecked. He! On seasonal packlm. a 60-hour, ' '. and probate clerk's room. It now before being assigned to one of'*'"! be received at the same time alleges negligence on lhe part of | week Is permitted, with a. 10-hour' The maximum temperature here reads "county (otlll In heavy black the ships of the fleet. |involve 725,000 yards of new levee, the company. [day and f> rrmiirement that all yesterday was 96, minimum «, paint) workers union (In hand-1 Young Perry was a student In south of Commerce, Mo., and 446,-j Claude F. Cooper, local attorney, women employed more than 10, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Ihe city high school. |000 yards near Hlckman Ky. counsel for Applewhite. , . , . [hours shall receive overtime pay. rfc. official weather obeerttK

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