The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1945
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUKSDAY, JANUARY 23, 19-15 Baseball Facing Gloomy Outlook •- Athletes Throughout * • Nation Disappearing '. "From" Sports Picture •NEW .''YORK, Jim. 23 (U.P.) — The-sports,world Is,faced with the possibility of a duration "dim-out" unless Congress comes through with unexpected concessions to athletes*ln forthcoming "work or el|e'' legislation. -Profelemal sports leaders arc one bit enthusiastic over the re'outlook of athletics In view oKlhe' latest War Department rul- I'rig on 4-P athletes. l ^The' ; ruling • provides that pro- fejsiorial athletes. shnll no longer b'$ given rejections until their cases hive .been reviewed by the War Department. That takes the matter of deferments from the hands of. local selective boards, and puts it> into the hands of the higher- ups DOPE BUCKET Bt J. P. FRIEND buck sergeant. . had just received Colorado. men aic pajilculirl> gloomy over Ihe future • prospecU man for the 'gainc. They feel Hint Presi- Iherc, loo. d.yit Roosevelt's pale "green light' may >iot mean so much'after all. ••.When the President'said at his press conference last week that he \y§uld*llke lo sec baseball carry on l£wp.5 believed that the.-ball parks would be.asked lo close Howe\er, the question of manpower grows greater each day and tiiere :mny'. not be enough men lo pla\ ball lliis jear •Most baseball "clubs.: are" continuing wltli.'cautious.plans for tlie cpmlng year on n' wait and see basis. "•Chairman .Andrew May of Ihe IJouse Milltsiy Affairs Committee secm^ Intent on mr.klng a definite fight for a complete stoppage MAINTAINS ENTHUSIASM For ft boy who apparently "enjoys" being' in Ihe army, consider Sergl. Jlmmlc Parks as exhibit A. . . . Now there's'a fellow who fniv- ly bubbles over with cnlhuslasm, regardless of Ihe branch ol service. ... It was only a few months ago that Jlmmle dashed off a lout!, Interesting letter exlolliiiB Ihe merits of the Anil-Aircraft, the modern gun weapons, training, etc., when he was In Texas. . . . And lie most have been pretty'good, wo, for lie earned a special commendation from Ihe C. O. for speed ami dispatch with Ills gun crew. Since that time Sergt. Jimmle has Joined Hie wide, cx]»tidlng ranks of Ihe infantry—the foot soldiers, if you please, from hLs record as Thoroughbreds truth, so help me. You know, J. P., I thought my AA trainees were pretty good when they finished their training. . . : But In tills oulfr, it's a shade more nigged than I've been In YET. . . . lint the spirit of tlie fellows in my company puts all the hard work In the shadows. So, if Roland wants to Join the "fighting forces" all he has to do is tell his C.O, he'd like to go Into lite Infantry and become a IS.A.R. mini. . . . I'll give him my word he'll lose part of that 2DO pounds. Well, 200, anyway. And to any other Hlylhovllle boys who want to get into the Army tell them to take the Infantry. . . . . Judging he is blated lo do all right . He earned an extra sirlpc right off, making him a . Possibly he Hint promotion when" this thrilling,- timely Idler was written from Camp Carson, Since it cnme Jim- It's tough. It's rough. of all suorts. iThe Deinciat from Kentucky mle lias moved with his Ca. M, 90th Infantry Reg I., to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, his parents, Mr. anil Mrs. Max Parks inform me. Jt follows: Dear J. P.: Just got off k.p. for Ihe third time In a year and a linlf and found that one of the fellows got. illy first Courier News since 1 have been in the Infantry. CHANCES OPINION I lurned right to the "Dope Ducket" and there was ol' Roland Houn- snvllle raving aboul the Air Forrc Bui its lops wilh inc. Sincerely, Your friend, Jimmy. P. S, I'm sorry I didn't get around to see you when I was home but will ihis coming Feb. And the "Bucket" Is slill doing swell. What Is Everett Croslow's address? (Here it Is, Jimmy: O. G. E. A. Cvoslowi 18113101! 8lh Co. 3rd S.T.B., Port Helming, Oa.) says he sees 'no reason why some .healthy young iherij should be play- ling baseball while others arc over- sjeas fightinn for theii country *.On". Ihe brighter, fide of Ihe oucsllon, Manager-William Kyne of the Bay Meadows;Ra.ce -Track In California savs he behoves Ihe racing ban will be- lifted in the verv near-'future. * Kyne sajs his track Is making plans ; to reopen .-}ri'March 11.for.r Spring racing season and adds thai he .has every- hope thai Hie tan will be lifted by dial time ^Meanwhile, athletes throughout the nation are fast disappearing from the sports scene for. the duration Mp.nv of them are being drafted, and others have announced that they will stay on,war Jobs. ^Standouts who have been lost In th» past week are * Baseball—Outfieldoi Stan Musial of Ihe^St Louis Ca,rdlnnh Inflplrier: Rus Mack: and. .Pitcher- Allte nnd his arm-chair Jobs. . 1 did call nouns a USO . Yep, soldier. But, J. P.. at that time I really didn't know that ivns all I was— at that time, I'd trained three groups of fellows In A. A. and really thought Unit was a tough outfit. : . . I sure found out differently., . . . 'When I got buck to my outfii at Port Bliss (Texas) I discovered that a few ol the fellows, Including myself, had been replaced by men who bad been In combat. . . . Good enough. . . . They deserved n break. . . We were transferred to another outfit at Bliss Hint turned (excess . They out to be a "cartre pool" baggage, in other words) . . lold us we were going overseas. . . . That was O.K., too. We were ready and have been for some time. . . . Well, J. P., we hung around Uierc for some lime (two mouths) nnd nothing happened. ... So 11 of tis volunteered for the branch that now has it's pick of the troops —Ihe good ol' Infantry. . . . Now Booibers Defeat Greenville Five BAAF Enlisted Men's Team Wins MldSouth League Game, 51-50 The Bombers, post enlisted men's team, continued their victory streak by defeating the Greenville, Miss., AAP quintet 51 to 5p ill a Mid- South League (jiuno- there last night. It was one of the most hotly contested games the Bombers have played all season and for a while their chnnces for victory seemed dim. At the half the score was 2V lo 25 In their favor, but the Greenville cager.s quickly forged ahead and were leading by four points three minutes before the fi With Scarcity Of Golf Balls Spotter Freckles Is Invaluable Bringing Pellets Out Of Rough .Mrs. Charles S. Howard Eiti gracefully in saddle on great Sr. biscuit, crslwhilv greatest money winner on Ihe lurf, owned by f>*> husband. The grand stallion is not bothered by Washington's directive against racing, as his running clays are over. Now at «tud. he ^vas recently voted best horse. 1 ever to race in California. Myers, Linskcy and whistle. However, McGuffey of Ihe Bombers cut loose with successful Irlcs at the basket lo grab their narrow lead Just In lime for the tlnal victory. It was Bombers They have 1 lost only High point men the eleventh game the have won this season. Revnolds of the Cle\eland Indians; \ ero w ? nve , at Camp Carson for Plfcher Johnny Corsica of the De- "' "'"" '•"'"'— troit Timers Inftelder Hugh Luby ol the New York Giants' mid Pitcher - Les Fleming of the Chicago Cubs : "Boxing—Featherweight Chamubn Willie Pep and Bantamweight Champion Manuel Ortiz Major League Hockey—I3II1 Jcn- rilngs. Norm Calladlne Jack Crawford .of the Boston Bruins. Pocket Billiards—World Cham .pion .Willie Mosconi. - Professional Fiolball — League Leading Ground Gainer Bill Pas- cp'nl.qf the Ifew Yprk, Giants. V '; 'College Football—Halfback Claude' 'BUddv 'Young of Illinois who "is also, the national'' collegiate 100- yard <'dcsh .chamnlon,. ' College 'Basketball—Carl • Meln- l-.ild,. freshman star, of Long Island University. ix weeks training. The second day we wore here out; Col. told us we'd go over al the end of the Iralning. Now they tell us they are going to keep some of us who were Instructors in A.A. as cadre and the rest would go lo other Infantry camps as ctidrc (instructors). (His transfer lo Camp Grnljci probably means Hint he was selected as one of the Instructors. . . . He is well equipped with such a background as they furnish a Bliss, I'm told.) TRAINING RUGGED So, J.P., tell Rbjand I guess there will-be' a-lot'of us who are really ily qne. en for vcrc Myers, with 20 points, Linskcy, with 17. Blythcvilie and 'One-Arm' Daily Made Grade Too Pete Gray's Reconi '\: Recalls That Of Old Chicago Pitcher NEW YORK, Jan. 23. (UP)—Pete Gray, the one-armed outfielder recently signed by the St. Louis Browns, has been hailed as the first ball player with only one arm to make the majors. But a check of the record books have revealed that such i£ not the case, and that there was' anolhci player with a similar aflliction who did very well many years ago. lie was Hugh "One-arm" Daily, a pitcher for the Chicago club of tlie old Union Association in tlie 1880's. At that time the Union League was a major loop. Dally was good enough to" tie record that has stood over since ind was sixth in the batting order jf the Chicago club as against the ninth spot usually reserved for the. [jiichcr. In addition, Daily was one of the best fielding pitchers of his day, am ilising batsmen very rarely attempted to bunt when he was 01 the mound. AKRON.—Freckles, four-year-old Dalmatian belonging lo Preston B. Hergin, war production drive administrator of a rubber company,' is the best lost golf ball retriever (•xtant. licrgln, who lives only 50 yards from Akron's municipal course, was surprised when at the age of four months Freckles began bringing mine a golf ball following her dally half-hour walk. He soon discovered that on calm, warm days she could scent the 'enamel on a ball a distance of 30 feet. What wilh Ihe golf tall and caddie scarcity, Bergin trained Freckles to confine relrleving lo Ihe rough, and it wasn't long be- fer he bad changed her from a pointer' to n spotter. BAKKS IF PLAYABLE Freckles knows golf now. When she finds a lost ball in the rough, she barks If Ihe ball Is playable, brings it out if It is an unplayable lie. Her Judgment is infallible. She does p-ol pick up Ihe ball until II stops rolling, never chews one. ,. During llic last three (years Freckles has recovered 3000 of llic now precious white pellels, Roaming alone in search ol them, her record Is 43 in less than an hour. A fragment of dog biscuit is her ward for each recovery. Uesirtes her master. Freckles frc- ic-ntly assists other players who sc balls. All Herein has lo say "Find the ball, Freckles." 'We don't let her retrieve balls 'om llic waler,' 1 explains Bcrgin. A couple of summers ago oil n lort hole I drove a ball into a akc which served as a hazard. Freckles saw the ball splash and •cut after It. She got it all right,, ut it seemed there were hundreds Oklahoma Aggies Trim Phillips U,, 89 to 28 STILLWATER, Okla., Jan. 23 (UPl—The Oklahoma Aggie bus ketball team turned one of th neatest dclen.sive tricks of the sea son in their victory over Phillip University last night. The Aegies won 89 to 28, bill a the end of the first half, the scoi was A. & M. 33, Phillips 3. Louis May Fight More Than One Post-War Match USO soldiers. Of course now- Japanese is similar to Chinese and" one who reads Chinese can read some Japanese. here In the infantry we don't spend the whole day In the PX. . . . ALL we do is so to eight classes a day nnd carry our full field pack all day long. ... No, \ve don't take them off while classes arc being conducted. . To and from classes we double-time one of each three minutes. That's the OTTAWA, Out., Jan. 23. (UP) — Stall Scrgl. Joe Louis, the world heavyweight champion, says those stories credited to him about fighl- iny only once afler the war Ihcn retiring for gooil are all a mistake. The champion says':, "t want to fight Billy Conn and then retire but Ihen a lot of things can hnppci to make n fellow change his mind And that probably will happen." The Brown Bomber Is in Ottawi lo rcferrc a boxing card at the Up lands Air Station tomorrow. H thinks It's too early yet to comml himself one way or the oilier. Although Conn, in London,' prc diets Hint he would lick Louis i DePaul And Hamline To Play Return Game CHICAGO, Jan. 23. (UPl— There be a return engagement between tl DepuuJ and Hamline fives at & Paul, Minn., Wednesday night. f balls submerged in the lake, nd she brought up eight before he got the right one. She doggon- d near drowned herself, and she's oo valuable a caddie to risk losing ler that way.'? • P'tcklcs' record is 43 balls located in less than an hour. Last spring Freckles had a litler, and neighbors nnd friends swamped Bergin wilh requests for a pup. He gave all away except one, which he calls Caddie. None of the others inherited mother's talent for nosing out lost golf balls. Most of them use them ii.s teething rings. But Caddie has been going along with his mother on golf ball himls and bids fail- to emulate her as a lost-ball rc- Iriever. NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Ncxl Dnor To Clly Super Murkci) Foster's Liquor Store WHISKIES—WINES—LKIUEKS '• .V '•"•'' : ' I'lionc 3127 Files! Ow!! -But He SMILES, Now Be wise as Jic wns. Use same formula U3CJ by ilorlliM iiiljimcllvcly nl noted Thorn- Ign &. Minor CHlllc, Siirpi-lsuiE QUICK palliative relief ot !>ain. i(c!i._ soreness, ilclpa soften and tends to shrmk swell- InK. Get Uilie Thornton & Minor's Rectal- Omlmeni—or Thornton t Minor Rectal Suppositories. II not UeliBMeil with this DOCTORS' way. low cost is refunded. iU ell BOOd drag stores everywhere. I At all drug stores everywhere— in I Blytheville at Kirby Drug. Depanl defeated Hamline -55 to 41 in a bitterly-fought game Satur- Is day. Thai was when he struck «t 10 mrai on July 1th, 11)8-1, to tic . ,,„,,, , , , mark set by Charles Swcen# oi day night. The Wednesday contest Providence a month earlier. r il!ls llml scheduled lo sooth hurt The ncniesl a modern player has feelings on both sides. o'mc to that record was when . _ Bobby Feller of Cleveland slruck uia Yf right, JoyCC Matched 8 men in 1U38. Daily was In rare form aeiimsi PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 23. (UP) he Boston club the day In: .suuck —Former' featherweight champion out 10 men nnd sjuiiu-n u i\ it, i> chalky Wright and Willie Joyce hulout. He allowed but 'one hit, | mvo i^o,, matched for a 10-round triple by Sam Crane who lului bout at the Philadelphia arena. ayccl mi 11 it: Ni-w ii-ik 01:111.-:. : Thcy will meet on February 5th. Tile one-armed hui'lei is Ihe only nan so Recapping and Done By The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" PATENTED EQUIPMENT MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway 61 tforlh I'hone 2ZOI New Theater! Manila's Finest What have you done today that I sonic mother's son should die for| you tumorrow? —BUY BONDS— Tuesday "SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT" \riih Warner Baxter Serial & Short ;ual niouncl 'duty leagues, although several batting since hl.s day. He also was a very g<>un in inc nmjui ituric lia\t u:ci. pnictu.u i>iu:iu:fE their post-war match, for jhcjchaiii- plonship, Louis •' , .. himself on the- m'uc^i 'Jliur Jfdetl re turn bout between the pan '' Military Uniforms Require Special Handling Ejttih » . . . And Hint's what they get here nt Hudson's. Pockets ;uul pleats ave carefully hand finished, buttons are ironed around—not mashed flat, and every effort is made to return the garment in a "like new" condition. A trial \vill convince you thai \ve do better work here at Hudson's. 24 HOUR SERVICE Military personnel are especially enthusiastic about our 21 hour service ... hi it your clothing will receive the same careful handling we give regular dry cleaning. Expert Military Tailoring UDSON • i.' 1 ' f ' • ' ; Cleaner— Tailor-Clothier TANK Wednesday & Thursday "LAURA" tvilh Gene Ticrney and Danu Andrews Fox N f (jws & Short • CHICKASAW Wcsl Main Near 2Ist SI. Sal. slarls 12:15; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and San* Tuesday BUDDY NITE Two tickets, for the price of onn.1 "ENEMY AGENTS MEET] ELLERY QUEEN" with \Villi:im Gargau & Margaret Liiulsey Leon Krrol Comedy _ Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "LUCKY JORDAN" Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants —lubricants that will fight heat- keep motor' and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-wnxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. wilh Alan I.add nnrl 'SWEATER GIRL" with Kililic Bracken SAVE WEAR B. J. ALLE PkmZIIS " Afeit -* ItjtkerilU, THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS .. Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrti at 7:30. SATURDAYS & BUNDAY8 «ox Office Opens 1 Show Start* 1:15 Tuesday & Wednesday ; Tuesday Night Is OPPORTUNITY 1 NITE "DARK MOUNTAIN" || wilh Robert I.owcry anil Ellen Drew KKO NKU'S and SELECTED || ; | SHORT-SUBJECT

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