The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY. JUNH 27, m- DON'T QUOTE ME- Colonel Barton Meets Opponent Banter 1$ Exchanged :• With Bill Fulbright At Press Convention By JIM DOWNING United I'ress Staff Correspondent UTTLE ROCK, June 27 (UP) — Among the more hilarious moments at ast week's Arkansas Press Association meeting ID Hot Springs whs the meeting between Col. T. H Bnr- Tlie two good friends shook hands and grinned amiably nl each other Said Fnlbrlght: ^How's it going, Colonel?" "Ah," said Barton, "very well I tlilnk. How's It with you?" "Mighty good," returned his Sena" HaV ' ng 800d "Very nice crowds, I believe," said the Colonel. "You? 1 ! "Uh huh. HOW'S the medicine show drawin 1 'em?" Being a reference to the Barton Grand or Opry which has been puckln' 'em in all over eastern 'Arkansas for a week or so. • . "Well honestly." said Colonel Barton, the folks seem to like the snow. And of course, they slay to hear me speak." . • • . Bill grinned even more-. DL -cn sayin' any nasty things about -me in your speeches, Colonel?" Barton's eyebrows rose. "Why Bill, I don't even mention your name. Uh-you doing any speaking or anything? Never hear any mention of you anymore. . . ." And Fulbright threw back his head and .roared. Recalls "Poker Game" k Barton said he hadn't seen Ful•<%)bright "since we had a sort of a poker game one time." He probably referred lo their meeting in Washington just before they announced for the Senate. '•We sort of tried to bluff each other, but we didn't do much good at II, apparently," said Barton. Several candidates were introduced to the editors at the closing banquet Saturday. When Barton was introduced, lie waited until I he applause had died down, cleared his throat impressively, and boomed"I accept the nomination." ' J. L. Bex Shaver says he has been campaigning cuddly "out in the bushes" for a second term as lieutenant governor. He said he hadn't come across Opponent Lee Baker's tracks often, but the one time lie did, lie found litfle Bobby Baker, 10 years old, distributing his Dad's 'famous matches around the crowd. "I didn't know who, the little boy was," said Shaver, "so when he came near me, I gave him one or my cards." ' Other Candidates Attend Dave Terry, J. Rosser Venaole Governor,; Adkins, Claud? • RJmMn Guy Williams, Judge - Minor" MU: wee, Barton and Fulbright "were among the "candidates who circulated around the convention on the lost day. Mllwec will open his campaign headquarters this week In Little Rock. ..JThe manpower shortage kept •Jfjmy newspaper editors and publishers at home, but some took the bit In their teeth and came anyway. Said President Ernest St. John of the Mena Evening Star: "I wonder if the boys got the paper out. They ' were in a heck of a mess when I walked out." Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant of the Hope Journal arrived late Friday Hrynnt said he put his final Issue of the week to bed before leaving. Neither Bryan Sims nor Ben Laney showed up at the publishers' meeting. Bolh were filling speaking engagements elsewhere. Sen. Hatlie W. Caraway was the only Sena- BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER HOME, EROM DIEPPE" By Strgt, fvtrttt Oghsby As Told To M«nrio Duerksen 'Hello, Jock, Glad To See You!' It was A slow and haphazard, business, (his lesmiiiiK lo to be n soldier in Canada in '.1940. Kvon after we received our uniforms ami'equipment;-we got only enough basic training lo enable us to join> regiment. Finnllv a group of about 75 of us were picked to go back to Windsor, where we arrived on the Fourth of July, a dull day (o me because the Canadians didn't celebrate On the fith, however, I cheered up » a bit when word came through lhat a few men would be hand picked to join the Essex Scottish Regiment overseas, one of the most historic regiments In the British Army. 1 Immediately began hoping I'd be picked for I wafted to show these Canadians thai-I could soldier wi(h the best,of them..' The. officer rived. emed n strange mid lorn 1 ' 1y Innd. TOMORROW: Tralnhiir In nr- n«st. . torial aspirant absent. Which reminds that Fulbright tiskcd Barton how he thought the Senate race would turn out. "Well, Bill," said Barton, "I'm sure of one thine—it will be n Democratic victory." Will Test Gauges Freeman Robinson, vocational ag- rjj|*!llure instructor, has announced tirSt lie will test the gauges on steam pressure cooker for those who will bring them to his workshop at the rear of Blytheville High School tomorrow. Tills service will be free. w:'mcii rind'ap- [ pareritjy he , was * impressed ; witfi Sergt. Otfesby mv desire ,tp 1«ht, .' for lh:i:weht, under the colors I was to carry «t Dieppe. .... '..., Prom Windsor of picked nen were sent to Camp. Harden; Ontario .'for. Just one week'oMnten-,' sivc drill before being'sent overseas: We did recruit drill, learned to pack our equipment, got acquainted willi gas masks,- took physical drills and irepared for the trip. On July 14, : ess tlmh two,months after joining.' he Canadian Army, we set out lor hat overseas trip. . . •'. I Get a Nickname : It was during this time that someone dubbed me "Arkle," because I,' apparently, was the only Arkansas' oldier in the Canadian Army. The name stuck like a leech. By now we began to feel a bit nore like soldiers for the ' people lad begun to pay attention to as. They met us at the stations with candy, cigarels and the like. "You'll set your Job done and you'll be oming back," they told us, and it made me wonder. : Would I be back? looked at Canada as it flowed past he train windows. It ; was a'beau- iful country and-I hated to leave. But my heart was with these Canadians, too, who were marching off o war with me. I decided that this ovely country .was worth fighting or, like mine. ':-. ; Spirits among the men,*-ere high on that trip over. Some of the men drank a bit of English 7 beer," ml not too much. Everyone seemnd ager to do whatever.he was tbfa o do. I remember that I was de- ailed hs a mess cook and 'I even enjoyed that. The men-made fun of the rocking'or the"'ship when .they had to hold^keeu them from falling' ofT'llie table's. About tiie only dispute-we had ou tlisl trip over was once.when, we got some bad hash and the toys b». came 111. Even that didn't last long. Scots Welcome Us '. Our first glimpse of the British Isles was Orenard, Scotland,.where all the Scots seemed glad to see these Canadians'who had crossed the sea to help them fight,the Germans. People stood on'.the river bank as we move Inland, waving and shouting words of encouragement. High officials came aboard to greet us. ' ' •.;- ' : From Grenard it wasioverlandron one of those little English', corn-. popper trains to Aldershot, a huge'' Britisli training base hear London ' We were packed into -those , tlrrj trains like sardines, rbut. no one complained for the.officers istayec right with their men ' to . try ti make, them as comfortable as pos sible. But because, ,of the crowding, when we arrived at AltieVshtr it was a tired and ; sleepy'gang.o soldiers who got off the-train. We- iiad been trying to sleep on .the flooi-s, on the coat.racks and some even tried to sleep standing up. '.. An English band, met 'us : at tlie station, trying to cheer'us and the Jcople ran along beside us as we narched, crying "Hello,' Jock, gla< lo sec you are over to win the iya But we hardly felt like winning war at that moment. Tired, hot am dusty, we trudged along what seemed an endless road to our new barracks homes. Great Britain at that NOTICE! If you became 21 years of age after APRIL 10th 1943 you can vote in the coming election without a poll tax receipt. This also applies to tlie boy or girl i a the services. Request the County Clerk to send him or her an absentee ballot for the August 8th primary. Notify the boy or girl in the services to return it to the County Clerk AIR MAIL, together with a statement from his or her Commanding Officer that he or she attained their majority after above date' if We can't ALL join the Army or Navy, Just the WOMEN i H WAC or the WAVES, But we ALL can join the £, 'FIGHTING FIFTH', Where our money FIGHTS as it SAVES. R. B. (Skeef) STOUT -The MAN for TREASURER Political Announcements v Tb» Courier News na» b««n »u- thotlied to ftnriounco Uxo foUovlxui MndliUcle*. tubject to tht D«mo- enao prlmu-y In August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election. Post No. 2) •: Wi J. WCTNDKRLICH {for re-election, Post No. 1) . • J. LEE BEAHDEN (for re-election, post No. 1) •'•LtOIEH a COLEMAH • • U. 0. "GENE" FLEEMAN • (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEY 3VJE C. SPENCER MARCUS FIET2 (Ftor Re-election) •BKMTF AND COUXOTOI HALE JAOEBON (for re-election) W.yW. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREASURER R. B. (SKEET) STOUT Hies DELLA PURTLB COITNTT JUDGE ROLAND QREEN '(for rt-electlon) DWIGHT 0. BLACKWQOD CIRCUIT COUR1 CLERK. HARVET MORIilB <Por re-election) CpCNTT CI.EKK . T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Careful, Lady! F-ngrossed in sludylng ruins ot Rome's famous Coliseum, Scottish Pipe Major William Mac- Connnchle was unnwore of tlio Kalian girl, curious nbout his kills, who Is seen examining the material;. . \ , ; Fourth Of July- Events Planned At Walker Park Plans for a Fourth of July celebration for Blythcvilli. youngsters w HI attend (lie various 1'liiygroimds * II bo completed Mils week, Miss \\uiTon foster. I'laygomud super-visor, announced today. The celc- Jimllon will be singed nl the weekly 1'layday Friday, ,md W HI , cnl , |r( . j 1 , patriotic (rlrac of Hugs of (hi- united Nations. New efiiilpmpiit which was added W the playgrounds this week In- chiiios horse shoes, saiid|il!es and sand boxes, and dominoes and T.S, Miss Posler snld. ^..118 the pant wi'ok children at llu> I.iinge playground made clialrr, and inblop out of crnies for tee on tlw phiyfi-ouiKl. Uurlng last Fridays nayduy, the following won in (lie games and contests: croquet l(. O. Uolknau, Ann Ulndnmn, ami Mary Jo Katon; washer toss Kay Hnmi, Robert lirnccy; bean bag, Kay Smith ami Hm-rt wylle: quoits. Nn- than Wade; handwalkcr race, l.lnda inylor. Two plays, one given by the l.aiijjo playground, and Hie other l>y Central, were also presented dur- I»K 1'layday. Miss Foster pointed out that the Playgrounds are free to nil children who may come any lime from 0 a.m' until 11:30 a.m., and j;3o | )m lw _ til !> p.m. any day in the week exccpl Saturday and Sunday, Tlio t'layday celebration Friday will be held :it Lunge school In the afternoon, while the first of the commando Indies course will .Now Available In Book Form— HOME; FROM DIEPPE awed from his wounds, he has returned to Arkamiis nfii'r !•,,.• honorably UlMharged 'from the Cana-lla,, Army , '" r be tiiuijht FrWny morning nl ib o'clock nt the Lenlon Hut. Threp out of every four ,,„(«,,,. tilnn faUlitlts are male. More tlian 600 enemy ships have been sunk or damaged by the Brit- Isli uoinber Command's. 1'J.OOO sea- "'I'lfiiK sorties over n period of four i ('HIS, While they last—a limited number of special autographed copies, mailed anywhere postpaid. SEND OKUKKS TO SERGEANT OGLESBY ' Courier News, Blytlicvllle, Aril. T :. American IcSedls Are Still Upheld? Upheld Editorial From The RAILROAD JOURNAL The above reprint from "The Railroad Journal" indicates that the public trend shows full realization of what Government in any business really means. • J r Socialization of the medical profession and the electric industry, or any business, on a local or national scale is merely the first step in the plan of those who advocate it to socialize all business and - - AMERICANS DON'T LIKE IT. You Bet! , . , It's Ben Laney for Governor! TmeYU CA Wa«A, CAN Havc Whot Yo «ve Been Wonting , n Arkansas . . . and Ben Laney Is the Man! 'V< i.t\ Not Just Another Candidate in Search of Another Job, but THiSTATE'S BIGGEST BUSINESS IN SEARCH OF A REAL EXECUTIVE , Who Is,Offering for Governor , and NQtHING ELSE- BEN LANEY b . . or a governor, what kind of a man would YOU choose? •You'-needn't reply \VK Know YOU kn? * lhi „„. BEN LANEY js the Man! Yoii'd pick the man who didn't need Die job i,, UIP first niace' Thn mnn who real ,e.s that Arkansas is i.ulispunsab e to hi n but th L Ai-kiiiis«« «.i,ld uxist with- DCkl I A kll-\y • i' ' i 7 1 « iitlii '» ! BEN LANEY is the Man! ^;^ nt ^ «*»«! "I" hat! ALRKADY made ,rood on his own LANEYistheMan! You'd aelocl thaman who hud ,, 0 idlinncc.s, scci-cl the 3! The fearless and COUW l)C ' Sl problems of all with hi* ms o a n,en ; "*V^ r n V 10 T? wlth LANEY is the Man! BENLANEYistheMan! fcnnw ' C " ced here in Arkansas. Good- knows we ve had enough of the other kind. That's the k?nd of a man we want for GOVERNOR! We invite you to join he thousands and thousands of us in every section, in every county in A ' kn$ ' For Governor- BEN LANEY is fhe MAN! Friends and Supporters of Ben Laney -Political Advertisement.' £~ II. *:•* .fsr. ^

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