The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, PKRUUARY 27, Two cents a word 'or first Insertion and one cent, a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count Hie' words tu'.a 5i'ad tl\e cash. Phone 306 BLYTIIEVILLB, (ARK.)' COUH1ER NEffS PAGEFIVB-! FOIt SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Dlytlicville. 20-CK-TF FOR SALE—At sacrifice to settle estate, beautiful black, brand new Oakland eight sedan, C wire wheels. Purchased by lady who Ue- camc suddenly ill unit never recovered. Can be seen at Dent's Garage opposite. Noble Hotel. M. Faires, Administrator, Box 551, Sleele, Mo. 23C-K2 FOE SALE — Two incubators, one 00 CBS and one 150 egg. Mrs. j. B. Clark, Phone 1511-Fa. 25C-K28 FOR .SALE—Alfalfa and timothy | liny In car lead lots or tes. W. j H. Wfrner, Canalou, Mo. 27P-K13 FOR SALE—Zar and snapped yellow corn. \V. T. Rilcy, Nt\v Madrid, Mo. 27P-K7 FOR SALE—Trer.s and shrubbery. Reasonable. Will plant and guarantee 10 grow. W. S. Langdon, Highway 61. 27C-TP KENT FOR RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heat. NO. 1110 Cliickasawba Ave., Phone No. 615. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, dose in. Phone 165J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TJ- FOR RENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to bath, excellent meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. I.augli- lin, M15 Main, Phone JI19. 19P-K2 IIEOIS IICUE 1'OIMY To kern III* (rum gran-lap (oo dull In lU'd 'I'hruth, Io\tn. CIX- tiliU Kt.l,.\ TOU.IVfiU, ilitiiulili-r of a mlnkler naj fttvpiliiiiHblcr ol (lie tvtulthy nntj IrjilulKrnl furmrr 1'IIIL VAN IIOOR.N. orKanlinl a Junior Country Club. IIAItl) IKII.I.OWAY, a jminB nrllil Mho MIL* Lolmlng ihruuAti thv rouatry, utanpt-il In llrd 'rhrilHli. 'AUrrii'U-'l Lv CtiiKrr, lie KKrfrd lo Rlny mid tinlni porlrnliN unit drcurale tba cluUbmito. Hi* fiijiurnlrd KrndlriK ro Chicago fur MrOI.O (MI,l,i:\O, «lio unuld L'oitk HMJ *fnp jmd Mlrum u !?ull:ir, llul Mfulu outilil nul eiiini*. In hu |il:u'i: fume llirce ur lil« t-miiilr>nirn. A\**Kl.O could I'layi i'H'M'ltO roalil oanLt III^MTO t-iuilil kins. cl[>"cr luok Ibrtn on. IJi-elnnlni; to rrallzu lie w:i» hi lu\v Miih '.;hiBi-r. Hard »[i£}:r»u-il K-jnlnK. llul rljll iirrnurtdcil him in lm,i£tr n» llti'lr Kiir*t> unit •ilii- \vniu- (LI Kl'Ki:l» UUNUY. a foriiK-r Crlrail nr Ginger's, niiU In- vlli-,1 him. Site fell be would civc- IlnrJ »onic competition. tllnucr nift IlilJ* move by InvlCini: I'.VITY SHAHS In Hike c.ire of Siin-il. Wln-ti *]:ri..(l ulrt-il thai lie M i:* lirinylliE III* fcUlrr (tho nl><> |<lvil KI>I>V JATKSilX in romr. anil Idlcly dri-IJril ii> li.-ill lliinj;» m> hy Id'rihlnjc cliiwrr nnd lliiril ci iiflrnlril. 'Ihl* lie Ulil. CO'ITOX. LJdy <trvlllHhly cnn- triifit l" I.II-LI tier nnil ll:ml l<>- Ki'l!uT nlilli- hr ^Ilioit to f:lnk!i-r ,-inil |i:iln-d I'Htly nil "Illi Siicrd. fcvsrjiirri- liriu" n mlKi-ralile time. .MrnnnMlF. lltnKu [ml iciidr a (rli» to rhli-.-iKo "nil relurnr,! ultb 1>rr»rnta Inr nil nn«l .1 1'lrui lu Illtlimp Ginger Mild tinlJ hrr Cur rniivntu. Mi- Mdt-Ll Itl* lluir. U'tirn SIH-L'L), mil kn»Mln>; IKMV IIKIIUTN Kliiinl. tnl-1 llnril ihnl Uln^fr mid - Ivrmlnfd lo li-:i"e. At lli:M t'U>m nf Iht* prueerilln^M (Hnger tllnnir- m-nAil. Shortly ;iftcnrnrd n nolr \U1.% ItiunU. vonliiliila^ n demnnil for Ji^U.WIIl. I'ltll Itiuneilinlply uircd lu t'liic^pj, fur Ihe nioiu-y nn.l u p^lr of iirlv:i[c- ticle»-live**. \ l):iski-l ccmcnlnlnp n c.irrlrr liiKi'dn \\n* dt-ttierfd in l!iv '1'ullt- vcr hiiRir iiilb lDxlructti^ii<i In fn«1(-n Ihe mnnejr In llx yoiu'h nntl rvIeriKC It. While they l.iltitil Ihv IilKron cKeniieil In the Tnnut. U^rd rcc'[i|ilureil It nlij Identified It ni llrni[,,-» hlrd. NOW CO [)N V\ r ITFI TilR STOUY UHAl'TEtl XXXIX lien! to lioso kegs, Jenky sniffing and cnny blind, nuil Ilia detcctlvo rcaO- ti' a book. It's iirelty touah." pllE arrival of tho uoya worked *• havoc with Benlto's r'ans, an<l :io realized lliat ilio details lie hnJ t'orkcd out so carefully during all hoso mouths liada fair lo laiscurry at Iho critical incident. He had douo overythins possible ;o Insuris Ginger's safely wiille uoi compromising h!s o\vu chances to collect llio money from Plill. lie .ail rushed Iho iictlun at (lib crhuo !rom tbo moment ot l:er nhilncuun to a Inirrlod demand for tlio money sent every bird QultorliiE »way In a curried oul tlio lunebcon I'letro lire- I'm Keullo," ex- tugs don't "It's becansQ plninct! Ilenilo. .Ike Lurry-iin. Scares them." "llcnito," JSard tald. "what do yon think about—Miss Ginger? Do yuu tblnk H would do nuy tood for mo lo search tbo wocds itgalnf" Itcuilo moved, close- to him, his "Mr. Raid, I Con'l thlslc so," ho said sudly. "I'm nfrald sfu'll never see tbo iioor little dnrlliiB ngatn." "Clvo mo tbo can," tnlit Hani nbrmitly. With his own baud, slow ly, ns llonlto bad shown him, lie (or tl;cni, and they nlo u ullcnco, sprawled out on tuss abuvo Ibo boat lauOiuy. tlio AT two o'clock, mnbto to cndiiio " Ilio bUsncnBO, Pbll called on Hie from Doorudeo. "No sign ot GlnEcr," vvaa ill) that Hard could fay. More- dreary wMtliif. (kciislonally, when thoy hntl op- ' l:oilu:ilty, iboboys conferred Iti low voices. "Hither they've- alroajy—ilono sometliing to ber," Bald Hard. In n lone- of deep dejection, "or wo'vo OUR BOARDING HOUSE -Nk)^ V6t) Ui^T'-A GRIEF" QLrrUU5 CF ME FOR Wrlo"JS- WllQ ., -&Ci~ WKUL, MA-vSoR AMOS "TriACKE-RV AuOP(-E 7 'UErnREP CAPI-WLIST — SOLDIER ~51XTeSMAM ~ SCltfiTlS^T' -v Alil/HoT? ~ EX-PtoRER — AFRICAM lltlMTfeR -PATRoM oF VirJE ARTS-i OF QVFORD -~ DOCrToR OF By Ahetf iu order tbrit alio should be closed | siivluUlcir tccila uiioii the mmU Hoor |R»t to give them n chance. M.iybo "Che-eu!" ho 'bey nro v;althiK lo turn b«r looso no lonser than necessary. | 0 f Mio robins' bonre. For Ilio kidnapinB Itsell lie had aid. "Cbc-cp!" FOR RENT—Furnls'.ied apartment, • 108 W. Kentucky. Phone C83. 10P-K2G FOE RENT -120 acres 1 mile north of Lusor?.. Cash or crop I'cnt. A. O Little, First National Bank. 21C-K28 FOR RENT—ti room ; newly decorated, Garden. 111! Cherry. Phone CH. 25P-K2 FOR RENT—Bed room, 110 Uoitgan Phone 200. 20P-K3 WANTED i'.I'M Bias you've, come,' *• said conlidcntlally. "1 don't trust liial detective. Why, the girl cou-d be muri'.ercd under his eyes anil he'd never catch on to it. Know vrba: he dncs? Lies 1n tbe bani- mock and reads a book he brought with him. "We'll do what «o can," said anything no compunctious. Mrs. Tollivcr had more money ihnn slio needed. Ttio inero detention of a £lrl for a scant 2-1 hours, as bo figured it, was about the simplest possible form oC citor- tlon conceivable. Tho success ot the whole venture Iny In his ability o return tbe sir' uninjured and to jcket the ransom without laying Imself open lo suspicion. With tbo party waiting nt Doom dee tor the culmination of events, vlib tho detective at Mill Hush comfortable in tbo hammock with a ;ood book, and witb' Iho members j of Ilio household Innocently about their own affair.?, it would be a simpla mailer for him to lay Hie ,trl gently on a grassy bank under the trees wliare she could safely sleep ber way back to consciousness. llut with the a::.-t Md watcbtul youus men prowling atuut such action was not to be thought of. Benlto slgbed. Anyhow, ho told hlmselt complacently, lie had taken every possible safeguard for Ginger's sake. It things went wrong lu the end. it could not lie laid to him. A man's Oral duly waa to protect "Tbat'i rli;bt," approved Iteulto. | "But where have tbey got hcrT 'TliiU'B good. H'a tenllcncss— idemaudcd Edily. Sho'B not bcro, -liat'n wlml llrda like. .Tber can't I I'd swear U. We'vo rausackcil Hie stand excllcnient. Iton't use up all Iplaco n hundred Unica." wben wo nro out of Bight." !iat sceil. Sir. liard. I want some for my doves upstairs." luvoliinlarlly tbey raised their eyes to Uie houso beside his allic wlinlow. A sleek, fat, bluo-uw lilril alighted on tha small porch, Ibrust nn cxplorativo beak Inside and quickly disappeared. i41"\OVF.R arc my favorites." said * J lienlto. "Tliat lltllo uh-hiib ol lliclia Is lust like a lady's thank- you. Doves are Iho polltcot birds of all." "Yes?" Eeiiilo moved slocly across tlio wood toward Iho house and Card moved aa If to follow. Cut he thought better of it and returned to the robins' house. "This bingo Is loose," ho called after lienito. "I'll fU It for you." "We've got lo to'.low IJoulto," en Id Din). "Tlio first clnnco ho geta !r.-'ll go where tlio other! aro— wbcro they've, got lier lilililt-^. lle'«' our only hope." Tliey stretched out dejectedly on tho Brass again, lying opposite each other, so that between them tboy could command a broad view oE lie-use, and woods pud river. Ceuito caiuo down a few mltiutca later, llo ivaa wiping great bcadi of sweat from his brow. "Tlita la terrible-," bo saltl, "Just terrible. Tlio \valttns is won;t ot nil. 1 wish f wna dead. Cnn't we do Fomclhlns!" "Nothing to do that 1 can SC9," muttered Hard. "tied, tbo suspense" eltcuislrt ncnlto. N'ur was his emotion isounierl. IJenito wag In what Ginger hcrielf "llo slow_ with birds," cautioned | would bavo called n lenlbio juni. Ronito. "Bo gentle. birds like." That's what .\nil It nil duo to \fhat called lila- greatness ot Bout, A few minutes later bis larpc j supreme and unchanging kindness. himself. But for tlie first time Renlto felt worried. Ginger would sleep a coui'lo ot hours or so longer— be •as sure o! that—but suppose the boys did not go back to town? you ECOU — Family Washings. Washed and lioncd by compa- tcnt white woman. TO1 S. Lake' St. Mrs. Hrown, 11CK-TF FAY O.DAVIS I'hone 4Z1 Eddy. "Have suspicions?" "No, but be oiiglit to bo on the lookout. There were some people gathering flowers in tbe woods, and ho paid no attention. I told him they were there and be said, '0. K. 1 and went on reading." "1C you see anything from this on. you tell us." "1 will." said nenlto. "I'd glad 'you've come. It's been prelty tougb on me. Augio seared 6E Uie Malia Piotro sora because h= saasbcc oys aid noi go oacu 10 io\vn: as —•• ••-• ••• -- - •-•-- sual will, him, In any stale ot cine- ''" w '' <; 'ucrily. "Uh ; huh!-rhrmk ion, he set out to feed the birds. J;™^ Ijli-bnlit-Thiink you. Doves aud Bard, seeing him, got up from | face, affectionate aud kind, was 'braining dor.-n from bis nltle window, llo tilled the glns-s howl wlUi fresh water and scattered Iho rest of ihe seed upon ihe lltlla lloor. "Hear him. Mr. Hard!" be called Im grass and followed him slowly rom tree to treo. « • • • 1T\ONT como too ' close." CM •*-' tioned Cenlto. "Birds arc easy frightened. Me—I don't scare them. Tbey know me—how I'm kind." "Tbey do seem lo liuow yon." said Card, wiio watched his every nmve- ment wllb intent interest. Little Bright ejes peered 'up at b!m (rum every nest, with no show c( al.uia, while, tho sligbtest stir ot Uird's are tlio nicest." Ilcnilo pouiulcd his hands softl}' one upon, tho other to dust Ihe bird seetl from his palms. "IJh-hnhl Tbank yon," bo re- po.itcd gently. But Card, staring intently up from lowered head saw that hand adroitly touched a fimal! spring door v>hlcti slid ncrnsn tl'.e opciiius ot the smal house, imprisoning tbe birds with- iu, : After that tlicro wr.: dreary wall- inii. , at tbelr lu bis solicitude for (.linger bo :ad given her but the scantiest tot- Iblo portions of "sleeping tablets." '.ot wishing her even lo feel slett ifter her oxporlcnco. • Now by h!-i very kindness lie had Biibjccled liuisclf to tcrrlUo dauger. Oliiger mlsbt "come lo" nt any minute-. Bcnilo abhorred tbo very thought ot suffering and death, but obviously a man's lirsl duly was lo himself. "Let's go fishing," he ealil. "Como on out and lisb. Vbhhig's yery good to get tbo mind ail ouo thing and on to another." Tbe btiya shonk tlicir beads. "Well. I'll go," Mid llculto. "1 c.iu't eland tills any longer. I'll go fishing. It you want me, you call me. I'll be right there. God, what ?uspouse!" (Tu Be Continued) AM cures iti' QWU^S CLUB, A SUiT CLUB"-^ SPEKiPER, IM A EAJKW ARCADE J-Blfl' POOL opERA-rcsn ^ MA A SEATT w- MeAR~ffr TARK 'RESERVOIR -v IS 1 A MAM ABatl-f MEMBER ciF-fWo* EXCLUSIVE: CCUBS i : BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HOW COME? By WANTED — .House-keener. Apply Frisco Rooms, opposite Frisco; Station. 27P-K4: POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF Coats Relined— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. KE-NU CLEANERS I'hone 179 I POULTUY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF Local and long distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team Tor local hauling. V. R. WASHA51 TilAN'SFER 1100 Chickasawba Plionc 851 JACK DELK Pculialcr Expert, is mnv witii us. Ney and Used Radiators For All Cars Jackson Aufn 1'arts 5020 W. Main—Phone M One ta!c or u, (rain load. KAU CORN. slu:ck on. 88c bu. Shuck olf, SCc per bu., in car lots. Cotton SLitcs Sales Co., Inc. Blydievillc, Avk. Phone 174 or Lt> 1600. WANTED—Sewins-Coats relined, prices reasonable -Fur coats a Epecialty-had experience in Mcm?lm Fur Shop, Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. Sippie McGaughey, 219 W. Cherry. 26P-K28 PERSONAL Taviii; Distrhls 2 and 3 in preparation for a tourney whic'ri is planned here for iadeper.^.Mit • teams. 'Ihe Frisco quintet hnd t--vo m?n named to the All-Star siuad of 12 jiiis:-, and the Hi-Jackers two. The ; Apes are represented by one p'.nysr .as aro the scldiei - s of C'--mi>iny - M. , The Dixie Fliers find Merchants The , Gas Hounds and llub=i:il | faiied to tfacc a man on the All- Officials Name. All-Star Squad of City League The , Gas Hounds ana Hubunrfl | faiied to place five, champions and runner-up, re-1 £[ ar selection. spectively,- in the firs! half cl \'. City Cage League race, caiii-d thno men each on th» All-Star leasuc The following players were named as members cl the All-Star : Von Alman, Raycl^r, Ellis, Abe Klnnir.ji-am. Ta- lum , BUI£ , OI nubbard; Sonty, Holie- : !and, Frisco; Stewart, Warriuston. team picked by officials last nigh: i Q rs no and announced tcday. ' • The Ail-Star league team Iscted by Thomas Ivy aiu! Crr.v-' Hi-Jackers; \Vook-y, Apes, and Nick ford Greene, who have cnichtid: Wright, Company M. in most of the league games, and ! Graham Sudbury. Courier News': Rco;cvelt was the first sport writer and league scorer. | Pivsident of the United Slates to At a meeting last night, inana^s-'--1 Itavj the jurisdiction of his own Bocfcsv.ill close in a of th ? leasue teams clecied Them-, country and visit a fcrei;n coun- ' Iv >' to coach the All-S'.ar ten::', i tvy during I:l3 administraticn. The Tax very short time. Thereafter the penalties and oilier costs will add 'c lo your tax. Yon can see the advantage in paying now. C. J. EVRAP.D. 27C-K13 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 27 (UP) — Cotton cltsed barely steady. open high low c Mar 1111 1117 1106 May 1140 1143 1128 1 July 1104 1167 1152 1 c! 1192 1104 1178 1 -c U'lQ 1212 H98 1 an 121B 1221 12CS 1 Spots quiet at 1115, oil 10. New Orleans Cotton NLW'OHLEANS, Feb. 21 CUP) — Co'.ton closed steady. open high lor.- close 1117 1117 1103 110S 1142 1121 1120 11G7 1132 1154 1131 1199 \T ti'- 6t\\. vt VOR. ~vwo T^Mtfe WOT X PC.VO M'tA^t BfcCX. SOME Mar May July Oct 1142 1167 1103 HIM 1170 1211 1212 1157 1J13 . 1220 1'2C3 12QD-Cb Spots steady at lQ8li oil a. Dcc- Stonevillc Xo. 1 planting seed inch and sixteenth staple, savctl bfforo any rains, big boll, easy pidc- inif, turns out well ;i.t gin. J'rice S30.00 per Ton. Less than ton $3.00 p.ev hundred or \vill exchange ono for two for good prime seed. XR Smart, Sr. 112;i West M;:in I'hnnc Sal Dunklin Co ti nly Basket Tourney Gels Underway KENNETT, Mo., Jan. 27.—All hich schODl basket'oa'.l teams, boy.-, and girls, of Dunklin CDuniy. galli- crcd tcday at llolco:nb where th: seventh annual county 'tournament was started. Games will be played today, tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night, the linal games deciding ti'c championship ooy ar.d girl teams of the county to be played tomorrow night. It is generally conceded that Hornersville holds the cdse in the eirls tr,^:namcnt with the srmi lineup that won tV.e county chain- picuship last year. However, Card- xicil is claiming a look-in again this year aud may make trouble for i the chaiiipior.s. The finals were | played off last year between Ihe i mo south-cud -trsms. Maiden in I the 1101 th er.d of the county, is ye* ['knocking at the dcor of a cliam- p:oiis!ii|). but is conceded little chance agains', the stellav Homers- ville ar.d Cardwell teams. Among the boys with ssrious con| tent ions to the Ihroue of mastery of ' the county, it is extremely likely that the ScnaUi five will be hard to <i:spDsc of. Carrtwell. too. has a strong five, while t'r.e five holding the championship from l.ibt year's victory, Camiibell, is coi'icdcrt little chance against the south cud teams. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TOO MUCH FOR FRECKLES! By Blossa G1SWT VlUD LB31 UUE IT MUSHT GE SGR'.CXIS AM' THEN ASA.1M IT WV3HT BE.. e A I CA**T STAHO To VIATCH Mte. F^R IT'Lt. NjlHAT TOLI> H& IT AMD'IT WAS AL-U. FAULT. Climese writing is so yictorial that China has never boon able tn make u>e cf lc~C3iT..}ihy—:'s bneu- agc dees net lend Itself to the use of ft code, HAVING HIS TROimU'JS -sfh By Cra» />v- < l ' ^ vm -vl*i «*sr^§ l/ri4-fefc^^^ *\ ttT U30H5 UKE WW^ 74. W^5« DOESN'T COWS UE ROMS Witt) PUWI GNVS (\BROpruV, wo RK WMOMER A FENCE. f< ttWP llKt \KM CUMPS J . VMS WOUTH. (JEVER wvs f.s FE'.t S'JCH A povKRfUL &Ruy

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