The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Formidable Golden Bean Shift Movement Gives J California a Perplexing • Attack. By CLAIRi; BUKCKV NEA Sen-ice Sports Writer Some of you probably have woii- ;red why the Golden Bear of Cal. arnia hibernated so early tilts (all j --why he hasn't been out on several! ,:ccessful forays into coast foa:- ' --.ill camps. The truth is tiiat the ; LZ2y fella has not retired lor the ! •:ason; lie's not even drowsy. H . c o | •:ippens that lie's only a bit con- | : scd over a new trick given him i .r the first time by C. M, ir.'ibsi i, his chief trainer. "It may cost us a couple of V.ines or so during the first pirl .' the season," said His Nibs early n the fall, "but. whe.ii that shift -ts to clicking properly, it'll be . jrth our while; We'll be s'llf ! l ;e a bank president's town c:\r ;.ien the important games roll ..i.otmd." H might bo well at this point to •Tike the announcement that No-. :mber is here and the important ..mes loom Just around the cor- . cr. If \ve take His Nibs nt His' word, California will go out :'.d win herself a couple of BIB .iree football classics from Soutli- •>:n California Nov. 8 anc! Rtan- ..rd Nov. 22. « • * Despite a few murmurs to the •. .ntrary, the Andy Smith system ': still In vogue at Berkeley. Ths ov shifting step Price' lias put in- ;'hls line and backfleld this (nil : a variation of the "ONE—TWO —THREE—FOUll" made famous by . sckne at Notre Dame. From the very beginning. Price 'as sacrificed. speed in the inter- -.t.5 of accuracy and power In the movement. His aim lias been iiythm, rather than momentum. 'ut now, with five performances ..»hind him, the Go!den Hear snaps i ito his new trick with speed and ..•ace. He can count up to four and Make the accompanying motions— nd this announcement bodes no oad for either the Trojans or Car. inals. » * » Price's aptimistlc view as the sea- 'on opened gave coast critics the :mpression that the Golden Bear •vould be untameable this lull. They readily concurred In this optimism after seeing'the wealth of material which included 16 icltermcn; Ends. Avery, Bartlett, Thornton a n cl Whyte; Tackles Bican, Calm and Tirhmercan; Guards Beckett ami Captain Handy; Centers Eickmcyer and'Medarr)cn; ^tfefferbaeks Griffiths and Kinvin; Halfbacks Clar- rity.and HickkingboUmm and Fullback Gill. It'is evident now, that His Nlfc^i and the experts overlook the shift and effect a new style of offense would have on his group of vet- etf-ins. Likewise, they must hive underrated Washington, where Jimmy P.helan now holds forth, and Washington State. At any rate, the Golden Bear has been soundly whipped by the Husky, the Cougar and that ex-collegiate aggregation of Olympic Club griddcrs. A dlminuitive sophomore youth of less than 160 pounds has cased the pain of the passing o( Benny Lorn. He Is Henry SchaMach, a halfback of no previous football experience, who stepped into the tri- ple-threating role from which the great Lorn graduated. .The affair of Nick Bican, the tackle declared ineligible because Pop Warner, so Price alleges, du<? up something about the big fellow's previous experience, has put Price in a belligerent mood. His Nibs doubtless will do somelhlni about it when Warner brings his Bed Shirts to the Berkeley stadium Nov. 22. i jii::t.iiii. ~~-\ i < H-h in ZIJ. \ rules. BRUSHING UP : Kusscllville Man Favors ^ , Merger of Two Arkansas! Conferences. RUSSEL-LVILI.K. Ark.. Nov. 4. 1 1 UP)—Possibility that a n:w ;i'.;>- i lo'.lc association' will h? formed !i> ! Arkansas loomed talaj; wit'n Hie an- iiKincement of Dr. 'j. H. Grant, pic-sklent, of Arkansas Tech, thai in move to combine the two cxisili'j cailorences would !:.• laui:t:!i?:j MKIJI. At present there U an assom- . 1:011 of Christian collt-si s and a c,n- com|)osed of Mate colics::;, havinir Its separate -;?t of Discussing the no^-Sliltlly of or- nii'itig . L ncii an ass^ialicn. Dr. •Grant EtiiJ: ; "1 am for a new 10-" .per cent. I believe Eu one or^ini:. \- j tlous (or Arkansas colleges. As Ion? 1 ;is we have two associations, 01:1 . may feel the other Is not earn-in-' | cut its rules and its regulations may ; no', be (!ie very best. If it wen; ]:T>- Mlilo lor all state colleges to op?!-•ale under one set of rules it v:c:t! i Lr- r.isit-r to enforce and carry om 'riigibllily requirements. Th?re ' no: iniii-h inducement for one as- ^ciation lo clean 113 its athletic i i r.!e.s.s t!ic other does the sain:. \ :.c|if wi> can get together In en- :->-ccialion and this may be po ' next ve.i!-." CILU AVEHY i JTIM-TXT HECOKU IN 43 YEARS TOLEDO. O. (UP)-A heart st- • lack bruiitiht the death here re- contly nf John Caldwell, GO. civji- ' uecr. of Frankfort, Intl., who j i- -11 :• riilreiui employee lor 43 years. Caldwell had the rcmnrkablT ictuiiLs of never having n sorlous ;n-c:rieiit. "Let Us Spray," Say Bisl: lops Jays of "siionge-s'.ickina" an-onj football players at Ohio Wrsltynn Unhersity arc gone forever, all because of an invention b; Head :oach George Gauthler. The Battling Bishops now get w.iter to drink and to bathe their facea from the compression spray shown 'above. Coach CKiuthier declares the spray is not or:3y more sanltr.ry than a -pcnjc but can be used more quickly, with lc<.:; timber of" a .ilayev .oUiiij too much water while c-vcrheatcd.:. Tic above pho'.o s:iciv:s | Hackflcld Coach George Statin "watering his (lowers," In this caic. | Tackles Bob Jones, center, and Gordon Kraft, rii:ht. ! t , ~ ' j in Champaign. We want to win n Zuppkc's Revelation "My most successful football team," says Coach Bob Ziippke o] the University of Illinois, "lost every game we played that season ex cept one." Zuppke wrote a story for the American Magazine recently in which he described what he regards as a few of the essentials of football According to Zupp's standards growth and development are the measure of success. Zuppke's "most succesfiil team,' he says, was the 1921 eleven. Mos of the candidates at the start o the season were grccn.awkward anc ignorant of football. But ever week tneir playing got better. Leaves Stars Behind "We -were closing the season at Columbus," writes the Illinois coach, "and we hadn't won a game. Ohio State had the outstanding te»m in the Big Ten that year. Illinois, It was reckoned, would be easy for her. CAKV CLASSED AS NUISANCE JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (UP)—Carp were classed as n nuisance and their removal from streams in western Pennsylvania recommended by the Johnstown SpDrtsmen's Association al n recent meeting. COMSIISSIONEU'S SALE NOTICK Is hereby given thai the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the term's of a i decree rendered by (he Charcery j Court for the Chickasawba District i .of Mississippi County. Arkansas.: on the 23 day of September, 1S30.. v.herEln FhsL National Bank oil Blyll:c.vil!e was Plaintiff, No. 4790. j nnd F. A. Ifobinmn, cl al.. worej Defendants, will sell at public, aue-' Hca to the highest and best bid-', dcr, en n credit of three months, al j the front door of the Court House. I between Ihe. hours prescribed ijv law, in Dm City of Blytliovillr. I Arki'.nsn.i. on dm 18 day of .November. 1030, the following real cslnte. Ic-wit: Lol 13. Block 8, ChlckasawlM Addition to Blylhevillc, Arkansas. I CAIi} sale will be had lo sa'sfy EF-ltt decree in the sum of Sl.013.33, with 10 ptr cent interest from I-eb- I ruary 7, 1D30. j THE purchaser at said sale Mill j be required to execute, bond with I approved security, to secure the fnynunt cf the purchase incncv, and a lien will bo retained upon 1'AXTOH ASKS SALAIIV CUT KKNATOBIA, Miss. (UP)—Th: lii-v. Green of tlie First Prcsby- lerhn church-of tills city volun- i leered recently lo accept a sal- : aiy cut of 20 pev cent in line with , a "general retrenchment" program A UOKE GWEfi 15 ITS PRESENT OUMERCfvRLGOBEL OF CHICAGO fc FEED BILL, FEED BILl IS PAID 008 OFOACrl PAME THROUGH A FLIP OF ••••TrlECOl'Nj"" He was the second Mississippi pastor lo ask his church to reduce hi;l SETS PLANTING RECORD READING, Pa. (UP)— Chorte Jender.DernsvUle farmer, planteseed 14,000 tree seedlings on his far>.i in 40 hours here recently. The tr.- • were placed six feet apart in r~-v-. Same. TREK SHAKES FOU JO11I.ESS i WRENTHAM. Mass. I UP). -As his j L'scs Scrub Ends blt for " lc ""employed. Frederick j '•m,n.. i,i J* Roach, local barber recentlv nn- • <cS,s''^rk ' tirs <r ^nyr'ii,f cfrce tt ' could win and were infecting oth-j^" ers with the deadly wail of the! loser. So, in ;pii e of a storm of i protest. I left these veterans and sa!d property as additional security for Hie imyment of such purchase 1"<->11PV ; WITNESS my land and the seal of said Court, on this, the 28lh (lay of Oct.. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Commissioner iti Chauc:ry. 10-28—11-4 of REPAIKS TO All) JOIILKSS look in their p:ac,;s two scrub ends Illinois won. 7 lo 0. "I call that or.f o( the most nn- cciiful teams because (hey grew Into so much fro::i fo little. A:IT the members of thr.t tcnm, a losing taain. rcmcmbor, the kind of team where the relations between players nnd coach are slrainrd if they lire going to be, paid m? tlic greatest compllmcni of my canw They drew up a statement njid signed their names undur it a 1 -^ nest to my wife, I value that scrap BUFFALO, N. V. (UP)— City officials submitted a list of 300 streets needing repair to City Er.jiueiT William A. Katliiiunn ;>s part of Buffalo's program to alleviate unemployment. of paper more than COMMISSIONERS SALE NOTICE is hereby Riven thai the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court (or the Chickns.r.vba District of Mlss!ssij>;il County. Arkansas, on the- 23 day of Scptunber. 1930. ,„,, .. - - .— wherein Carrie F. Rhodes, et al. icss on earth. One sentence in il No -1812 might stand ns the universal slo- was Plaintifl. and.Gm Smith, et gan 01 tr.e. bro:hei-hcoii of fight-: nl.. were Defendants, will sell at "' 'Wh public auction to the highest and whatever O'.ir fanits. many! best bidder, on a credit of three people were gixxi enough to say | months, at the front cior.r of the that we never miil • •• ' i Court. House, between ;he hours * • • ; prescribed by law. in l!io Citv of "It is mighty hard ti bcconi" a; Blytheville. Arkansas, on thv 17th champion, harder still lo remain I day of November. 1930. the to'.one. No champion n; any walk of. lowing real estate, tc-wi;: me shculd be r-ncvied al--no' even ! West Half of Sonthea.-: Qnar- " ' ler of Section EUhlren usi, TownshlD Fifteen (IS' North. Range Eleven (11) EaM Sold subject to a pvipr ir.ortf.irc cf S3.100.00 in favor of Mrtr -pn'.i. tan Lite Insurance Co. SAID, sale will hart to satisfy raid decree in the sum of M.'- 45B.79. will! 8 per cent Interest from August 4. 1030. THE purchaser nt said sale . be required to execute Ixmd with . . npprovcrt security, to iccnre the laottall ; ,,„>.„,„„!. n f t.| le purchase inn-iev the croquet ehumpion. A sn-er is the last resort nf the feeble the ^'f^ d ' the lilll c-m',i'c:c(i. httle- spiritcd souls w!; 0 «j sh ,,,„.. H and can't. There is 3 ^- m ," m this neighborhocxi of oiirv" " r ' ( " T '"L d ' mlhC6t fainirrs" ahvavs raise the biggcit potatoes' "And who says ii? .\n Vl-e o'her wise fellows who try i a potatoes and fall." From which you may c >| EC cni one the reason.^ why r.ic big ' COFT-TONED,hGcu<rul, motiern wall cole:: ccsi 1 / washable! Economics I \vcsh- ing replaces redecorc'fin;- Vfelumina Hnt Wnl! Paint —-Shows no laps or brush marks— no dislurbi.-.g| Cell al this store for color u r-. 1 . When emergency calls- for food, for shelter, for clothing, for medicine, for relief of any kind The Red Cross h the first to render aid of _ toamsot nob'zKvi c V;.\,;ri IJ :" 1 M>ay m cnt of •There were few veteran players vcrsity of Illino : s --e V. . '" : nnd a lien will b? rctni:iei ujxin; on our team. Both the ends were.Igcrous -niavs aan- , ^^ p rcper ty as r.tlditloiial serur- These two had been members of j ' Uv for the payment of sueli pui-- ch»mpionshlp • elevens in previous j The minimu'ii »^7~r>f ' clla - c lnone >'yews, and to them our series of Ac- 1 plane capable of e' c ^-,,J n" ™' WITNESS nw hand and Hie seal feats was bitter medicine. On the | lantic Is -••-• • — Commissioner in Clunrcry. The Arknio Lumber ' 'You tw» ar» going te st»y here | about e a pi-u or more' Drawing of Santo Domingo Hurricane Diwstcx THE RED CROS Reneiv your membership

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