The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAY 23,1949 BLYTHEVILLE <ABK.) COUKIKR NEWS PAGE -ELEVEN . OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople CW, rJO./W LAt) < TrflS IS AS SEHLOOS AV * PASTEUR'S VJORK. CW VACCIrtef — T'M M*V IOOT se _ POSSIBLE — SOT I'M. & WORKlMG OhJ A DEVICE THAT VOOOLD THE HARASSED LISTENER.TO SACK TO RADIO AMD peaf CREEKS wwo issuer HIS NOW rr LOOKS> LIKE we LIVE our OF CANS SO MUCH THAT WE H*WE X> USE SIDE BCXRDS OJ OUR WHEK) I DO TO to A MEAT JOB I ilT JUMPED ON.' 1 PUT THAT OLD SET? OR TO VJARki A HE'S APPROACH IMG A STAIR STEP THA>T cuz LOOKED BAP LAYN' ALL OVER WHY MOTHER'S SET GRAY Hwjh Lawrence Nelson Help Wanted, Male FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL 3LOSSER Jwt Go Sit Down ''' DRAW $75,00 WEEKLY again commissions and small token quota in selling roof leakproollny direct to industrial, commercial and (arm building owners. High prices new roof- inw create llv« market lor tills eeonom- t>£> compound. Exclusive territory wPJ.unum supervision. Home every nlyht. Enjoy own business. Write: M-22. Hox 1166, Cleveland. OtiLo. 5 21-pit-22 Reliable mm with cur wsnted to cull on larmfrs til Ei.-a Mississippi County. Wonderful opportunity. J15 to 520 In a day. No experience or capHal required. Permnn«nt. Write today. Mc- NFSS COMPANY, Dept. A, Frecport. 111. 3^3-pk Female Help Wanted "Wanted ft good saleslady to work in rtry goods store have experience Good pay > ml steady Job Write Box 6*5, Osceolft. Arlc. S;i7-clt-24 Help Wanted »f ihe (km Ih klllrJ r. Fo terr II u rxp ve* »f wo Tfc*" Br rmrm*rr* thmt Mile, »l tea ffari he I mnhe • C* wl M» »» • her. She r». HKr«l» She haa <«•• IM the ! »w«perl r m*d U afc * e*»cer»l BOOKKEEPER WANTED Have position open in our office for manager and bookkeeper. Good working conditions. Will pay top salary. Call Tom Little Jr., phone 4422, Blytheville Motor Co. 5-23-ck-30 Auckland City Council 4-i'ans Tree Memorial AUCKLAND. New Zeland Wl— Auckland plans to plant trees typical of allied countries. The City's S4,- 000,000 War Memorial Museum, built after : WoYlci War-1, will be enlarged, and made a memorial [or the two wars. The Auckland City Council soon will write World War II allies asking for trees. It thinks that among the trees that can be included are oaks from Britain, sugar maples from Canada, Battles from Australla, silver trees from South Africa, Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices VIII TJEA felt Handing's stare, knew he was far from as drunk as he pretended, "You might like to see my 'Elistory of Speare Island,' " "Anything you wont to show me." She knew she had put the proper unconcern in her voice when he laughed. "With your training," he said "you might even work up to assistant historian. Sit at the desk here." He took the leather-bound notebook from a locked drawe and put it down before her, opened to the first page. It was hand writ ten, in neat copperplate script. Shi read aloud: "In the year of our t-ord, 1111. H- M, S. LtgliinmEbolt, commanded by Sir Rodney Fowllca Speare wa* blown by a •torna into wat*ri unknown 10 the eapialn or may ol his crew. Lund was sighted, ye-t jince dark WAS at hand. Sir Rodney gave orders for the anlp to b« hove i a uniil tnornttiR. "By light o( day th« land wa* found TO be «. am all 1 aland. Th« currents In the only fUlble landing place were *trong and ireach- eroup, and only a great need for frejh waier prompted Sir Kodney lo mnk« an attempt to land. "Three boau. loaded wlib ca. made the efTori and two of them •uccecded in reaching th« beach on the oaat side of the Inland The third was not »o BucTleRs It capelzed near the entrance the cov« and the crew wa* n no more, "Of ih* two crewa who landed one made their way up the *tee cliffs to a natural spring of ewee water and hriran immeftiatelT th bor »f fllllni; th* cask a. "The aecond crew procraBitd i land, but returned moat quickly bringing with them a atory of th» orror they had heard and Men, 'hey had found « cat a. « cava wllh an arched opening In which a piU of yellow, cl*amlna; " Where'* the gold? What goes on here?" Lilly Warren emanded from the doorway. Bend her were Agnes and Mabel ones. "I'm reading aloud," Bea «aid. "Reading?" Lilly said scornful- r. "Reading! Well think of that. :ome on girls. Let's have a drink." Harding bad paid no attention o the interruption »o Bea went on "Rot when ona of tha aallorn. braver than th« real, approaches th« pile of precioua matal and anatched up a small plec*. from the depth of the care wai heard the parting and ajaapLna- of lha m on Bier gun rd Ian of tba lr«aa- • re.' "The terror of tha nion waa BO great they would not Leave th» tiny beach again, and In fact only a small part of tb* water caika w«re filled. "Lured by the piece of fold the Bailor had clutched even In Ma flight. Sir Kodney had blravelt rowed ashore and. since no one would accompany him. went alone to tare«ilgat*. 1!« did not return. For two daya the Llglunlngbolt lav ofTahore. until driven before a violent atorni. "lieAching England eventually, the tiny Inland waa riven the name of the man it had kLUed. Sneare I a land. And the sailor a tlietnselvea a poke often of the Place of the Monster and bha Cava of tha Oaapa—" Harding interrupted. "How do you like it?" he asked with pretended indifference. "It—it's very interesting," Bea said carefully. M l found the cave you mentioned." she added. M I wondered if you had. 1 was going to show it to you on our way back up. There really isn't any mystery about it. The cave drops deeply at one end. There is a huge rock, balanced, caught between immovable masse* that form a perfect natural hinge. The action of tides in the underground opening to the sea makes the rork swing back and forth. It makes th* sound.* "What makes the smell?" *The smell? There's no smel' but the sea,** "It—it really smelt to me like the lair of a wild animal." Harding chuckled. "Your imag ination. Or It's possible a shee| might have wandered inside ant fallen. That rock moves its top end enough to crush out a life, t Now, I'd better fix drinks for the others. Read on if you like." • • • W/1IEN she was alone the skimmed quickly through the pages. She read carefully the pan which told of Harding's acquisition of the island, his first landing with gangs of men and loads of male- rials to begin the construction work. One paragraph dated only' a few months previously called for special attention. Th« flr»l accident today. A prn- malur* bl»Ht cBugl" four wiirk- men, cBrrled lh«m wltli « rnnai of rtibbl* dowa the a tope ntiO left them *t th« cliff fool half In *nd hnir out of the water. All null* de*d. 9Tiiptd fool*. llnvr wn* 1 to know the-y did not iinderniniiil when 1 told them to Jtct out *n4 »*t off the blast T A few pages later she found the entry: Thl* da? I hare choiea from th« a p pi I can im fnur who mlfbt pror« worthy to nhar« th« Lit* on Speftrt Island with me. Antonlih- \ng\y few applied, which I cannot understand. Bui In a few nhori week! now the n«w era of life o» Spear* laland will b«flD — Bea looked up again, saw Harding watching her from the doorway. "How much of Ihi? is true? 1 mean oJ the old history of the island?" "You're discerning," Harding said. "1 was right lo trust you to read. 1 am making history here. What is written is the way 1 want it lo be. So it is true. The past and the present, 1 control and make them both." "And the future?"* That too ! shall control," Harding said firmly. Mabel JOURS called, "There 1 * something at the door." "Impossible." Harding snapper*. "It'i the wind." Lilly Warren screamed. "A facet A face I tell you. A white lace at the door." (To FV ContinnM* redwoods from the United Slates, while beams from France, Spruce from Norway, ginko from China, vihus from India, and olives from Grecre. Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFl'S ITIKU m Kumu. HTmrntu AM I-IUMMC -All Work Guoranteed I Have At All Times For Sale several Iractun ana equipment both new and tited I hat* John Deere. FarmalL Ford and other makes. I non havr new Ford tractors and equipment read> fol dcliier? at dealers prlr« I will trade for most anvthinc yon hare- Terms can b* arranged Stt F. C. CROWE I mile south ol HramiadocUj Mo Save i • Timct Money* Labor! i Plant Sinkers ! ACID-DELINTED ] I Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry ft Railroad Phone 4493 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch* pluin nr reenfnnreft. - Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for hams, rhicUrn houses, pump holism, (enttnt houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . , . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. "Madam, all I can find wrong is worry; if it's money problems, go talk to the GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORAT/ON." Ren! a Camera for Color Pictures I'he Idea] wa; to remember special occasions. Also other types of can- eras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3B47 .STUDEBAKERi Phont 888 Phone 888 CHOOSE FROM THE FINEST • In Value • In Price C D 191S Sludebaker Land Cruiser, has overdrive, heater, and only 15,000 miles. li))0 Plymouth -1-door Sedan, completely overhauled and has new paint. 1938 Chevrolet 2-door . . . lots of service left in this car. 1936 Chevrolet 'l-door, good sound body and A-t mechanically. x 1!)4R Studcbaker '/j-Ton Truck, in really excellent Condition, •in-ll Chevrolet Yj-'fnn, a gotxi serviceable picknp lilSB Dodge '/i-T'ifi clean and in good shape. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer- Railroad & Ash Phone SS8 'STUDEBAKER' WE'OE FROM SHQOf 'lllC. MAGAZIME THAT CHAWGe ClOMtS,COM« IKWCR, ARE YOU 'Hie IAD WHO W04 A VALtr ON IWt »DRK *JU IN \ MY RIGWr PfiOFEEL 6 SeNWVkUV , . BUT SNOOP I CONSIDERED QLHTS PHOfO6€»*C S4B / rc'i.-'iTcn j\ We MtGHl" WORK in ACE IS (.VAINLY . IN 'THE VALET I ft) >l \ A I VI I'M be along any minute! I'm waiting for Junior s to tell them what things I positively don't want them to break!" I'KISCILLA'S PO Tlml's Our (iii'l I ItY Al, VKIIMKUR YOU SHOULD SAY "AT CARLYLE AND ME. 1 WHY WHAT DID YOU DO? 1!Y MICllAMI, O'MAI.I.KY and RALPH LANE THIS IS WHAT Alt THE UJSISA»OOT. ANINVtlOff TAPtOWWE BOTTOM Of A DRAWER/ I'M CONSUMED MUM CORtOS' ITY, MR.CHANNEL. YOU CAM KEEP THE HOUSE, MRS. POND. ME TMAT ., INVELOPE. —•<•' JIOGEB DtES.THI POWOS BUY MIS MOUSE, AND SOMEWHERE IN WE MOOSE IS THE JIGGER JACKSON AND FOC CHANNEL TAKE OVER THE SYNDICATE, JAKE DOLL IS MURDERED, THEN SOME KIND OF AGREEMENT IS MADE ... BY I.KSME TURNER A Girl, uml Ghosts WASH TUimS I CN).,,,1F THC OWHEE I5WT CAREFULV ] RW SHE MUST BE 1HE OIKL \WHfVT »BOUT I'LL SHOW VOU WHAT I MEANT CWN...THE GROUND flOOK. l» BOAROCP UPi BUT WE CMJ CCT LEW KftSK-Y SWO HM> YIH06E RUMO (JUESTIOIBD OLDTIMECS OW [THAT 1HIS O*£ THE HISTOEV OF EACH BUIID1HO / IS HAUN1ED. 010? SHE'S WRITING A HOOK 1 ICTURE THM BUT WHV DO6S SHE WA.MT TO 6PeNI> SAL OPEMIUG I IHOiJff RfPAlRlNtr M.V BUIIOIUG, WHEW JEWELR.V /IWERt'5 rtEHT* OF OODP ONES STORE! HUGS BUNNY GETTIN' F-FXNCV. AR&'NT A AN 1 VA HAVE TO ADMIT V // HE'S 6OT TH' OUTFIT PER TH' ; C'MON OOVJN.YAX O^E»L^V/ / / \l YOU.,.L)SlN& VOUR. PET PENSUIM FOR. BUTLER ? T' EA.RN HIS *;E.EP... RY V. T. HAMLIN No Fueling Around you TAKE THAT MAV0E Y0UU- \BLUDSEON BACK BE MOKE CAKE-]TO THE CAR FUL WHAT / AND LEAVE YOU WHACK X IT THERE WITH TrW FOOL AX! BOOM ROCKET PROJECT SASE FLKT. MAY 23 -• ALLEY OOP TODAY COMPLETED TEST OF NEW TYPE ..O1Z SO HELP ME, HANNAH. I'LL WEAR IT OUT ON YOUR SKULL.; ROCKET FUEL: WTTA KICK... WOW. 1 ;;^« wp:'»* <f^s~rl ,1V\ BY BDGAR MARTIN

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