The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1936
Page 3
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Voters Uphold Roosevelt Supporters When Lines Are Clearly Drawn "V KOBNKY DIJTOHKIi Ccuritr News 'Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. — JtantKriUs Planning to meet In Driroii Aug. ' W express their detestation or [»<? New Deiil will not Include lioldoi* of public office or those who recently enjoyed the suffrage u< - Hie voters. Whether (here is nny slg- iilficniico In tlmt—or any reason for |) C |i C f that, Al Smith, Governor Ely uf Massachusetts, nn:l ex- Kfiiator Jim Reed of Missouri I'avc lost tliclr old popular fol- loirinijs—it is a thought which irises in connection with (ho fnct Hint Hie New Deal has boon conspicuously successful this yoar In most Democratic primary elections where Its nrcsCge, us fnvor- ites, or its enemies were involve;! Numerous pro-New Deal and anti-New Deal members of Congress have been rDiioinlnalcd more or Ires automatically. In 20 -late primaries Involving 2 L1 House rents, only 10 members have been defeated for icnominiition And only OIK lone senator. Tom Gore •. or Oklahoma. I.i'iik Still M'ilh v. i). ji. The point is, however—If it is Hi,!"}" 11 -"" 11 ' m fiBl'ls where candidates hare been outstanding identified with the ndmtalsuS " < ,ts legislation," and special n.tacks were marie upon them, and in contests where (he Dcwccratic |»™m&eiih similarly have "roueIt cortl rf ? Pa! '° < vlw th « ™™ ™ I "„ lKUC " in •"""'nistrallon brcak\ RooSeTeH has lla ° u « nf °° le ' 0[ course, played the role of Buddy in Washington, loud in "is contempt for newfangled legts- alioii ami constantly censorious of ik administration. He will be succeeded by someone definitely more fTO'iclly-Congrcssman Josh Lee Anc Slier Enemy Down lrmwi°^ ° r ' c 9n6"'-'a™n 'George Huddleiton in Alabama was even more satisfying to the New Deal c'-owcl Ifs at least a good guess that the administration went as jar as it could, without exposing 'keif, lo contribute to the re •KlUL HucMlcston came within a hair's breadth last year of wrecking noasevelfs pet Wheeler-Rr.yburn Pi-Wic utility holding company act He served on a conference ' committee as a key member, ard his uie-hard opposition brought. on as spectacular a test or strength between a president and a mwcr- H'l medal interest group, in'Hhls case the "power trust," as ha= ever been seen.' The hatred built up between Huridleston and the New Deal can ...Hardly be overstated. If power ' companies didn't back Huddleston I >n the primaries, they're the most • ungrateful wretches on earth which they seldom are. And friends Come Hack In Te.xas Congrcsman Sam Uay- uurn was renominated (equivalent to re-election there), and Congressman Maiiry Mavericl: re- PAGE THPEB- out. Raybuin Jammed the holding company bill through the House, measures. •. . . • Power companies tried lo lick him, even getting house-to-house canvassers, ostensibly selling household articles, to make speeches against him at all calls. Maverick | s the Soiilh's outstanding liberal in Congress. He ali-o iuniiTcri the wraih of utilities ond oil interests, and a large slush fund was thrown in against him He campaigned ns a pal of the administration. Roosevelt-, although i .ihvay.s- publicly proclaiming that j he can (nke no- purl in nrlmnvy j ccnlests, secretly did cvevylhlng he reasonably could to insure -Maverick's renomination. i Sure of I'urlher Sui>]Hirl | Still another succesful New Deal congressman who pulled , Ihrougfcj in tlie face of a him! fight was Congressman David Lewis of Maryland. . I It would be easy '-to over-' estimate the .significance of these | primary results insofar as it may I apply to the presidential race. Except in the case of Lewis, these victories occurred in stales where Roosevelt's plurality in November is. a foregone conclusion. '. I What they do indicate is that if Roosevelt, is re-elected, he may have much the same nucleus of loyal supporters In Congress which p,.,,i . ni . ,,. ,. uUIDOkl Blast Victim In 1995 May Get Pension ^Courier News wont M, .SAN DIEGO, Cal. <UP)—Roy C. Thompson, s'loe shiner, mny get a pension after: 31 years as one of the injured survivors of the gim- boat Bsnnlngton's ' explosion July ; 21, 1905, which took CO lives. j Thompson, who says he served OliUEDS TAKEN FOK "BKRNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS 'f'KH'E Mrs. Leslie Hooper M--S. A. C. 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