The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUN'E 7, L046 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NFORMATION BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)", COURIER NEWS For Sale uu. c.oi -'ni !•:. 7-j.k-ll lj r»[ Mo llu* tor *tin*eoulU« la- ^i'—'^^L- — ' , . 60. n«4 j?«r line par d» T ____ _ fi t*1 lo y«r Qi>tfc 11 er line ount fir* tv[>r»Ke worili U tti« !la«. ai ordered far throe or tlz ilrnei tad before oxptmtion \»ll| be cfcmr^e.1 tfcu B amber of iliuft tb« fcd • »pe*nd *djuitm*]it of tiiEl TII aria, 1 Cln*fiiflci} Ad\vi*^ii>K copy mh> ;ii Ijy iierfioiiH ri'sJduis oulit.Io of tti» must bo • ceo tiLj mnieJ b>- r*sb. JUtci lia tfciilj computed from I lie above Irertlilnu orilcr for Irrfgul&r Inter- Ukf> llio <mti timu r»l«f miiUJiMfbmiy will ho UU'n for mor« . one incorrect iuBt-rtmo o( »ny c!m- Fo/ Now slake truck IxxlU's \2 II. UHIJ; for tony whi'i'l huse truck. Kaclor.v liuiil Imdios. i only a few left at the old pike. Hlylheville Motor Company, i'hone -122. (i-Y-ck-li-M I <>(! used stools for Conn-' in or restaurant, wilh' loot rest. All ~> lor S.'iO.dll.' slis fur store or oi'l'ice. 1 new S.'ifuflO and 1 useil roll lop $20.00. C. C. Adams, Adams l)rujv Slure, Hnl-i land, i\lo. !;-7-ck-(i-ll I 'scd Untit'rvvniMl Sunstrauil electric ixistin};; Can he used for machine' only. In the very Ijt'st of condition. Ulytlie- villc Motor Conipaiiv. I'hone 122. (i-7-ck-ti-i 1 Used Trailer, 2<l I'l. Nahors Trailer wilh 1(100x2(1 (ires in I he very hesl of i-ondi- fiim. Terms. lilytheville iMotnr Company. I'hone miplefe sawmill. Interim-' .J^; (>-7-ck-(i-14 finnal power unit in jcood i conililion; lars;e carriage! UL_ and eiljier. 21)"'planer. This '•'•"• >••"" •-ir-srmi.kinu <-i,ii,ir,,,'« r i,>n. mill sold nil lii»elher. l-'ouri ••£""„•"*" " """•,;',',£.' triiiler wa-ous; X heavy ' r,^^r^~^",^« Mm ,. wiiu,. i.,n ! yoimjj mares; extra mill ''/•-. n. .wrum* fr<mi Davis su«r<>. 1112 i parts; 2 saw nian'els; e\-1—-Ij^j : ^'2.:L Ira carrij'.fje and other mill Sl ':;i 1 ""- i J|"' l w; )r "''I ; n,r,T,,"!V > 'sn,,,'.',! parts; small InlernaLional Ap'ru'inn'rii N.I. i. «'J'.s.'iUim'a"":si. -i i,k-i i motor. This mill is running' in I'ride Addition, K. 2!sl CM LOAN'S S(. I am retiring from If you want a >\% CI Loan hiisincss. S. 21st SI., I'ride lo buy a home, see MAX Addition, (). K. Hollison. i LOGAN, LYNCH IJLDO. li-7-ck-ti-l'l 1 I'hone 2034 or 502. 5-29-ek-C-ia jrimms and bath neiirhii?h _ ..... •fliool. Heanlil'ul shady liil, l\\ | h window fan, hot watw; ''""'" '"''"""*' '"''"""""E".^" healer shades and cur-' llnljy ^r;—„*,.,. „„,„„„„,,. a5o tains, i oti can move in to-' i lu ' r ''"ur. Can a-ny or 40^. 2i--i!i-ir day. See or tall Max I.o:;an winm vim M B t»v« neeji cie>uinK 2(KM or S02. (i-5-fk-CS '*<""""* «*» :«'•""• AH work ^ur- 17-pk-.IL rii: rrfrlj;* rnt.i 110 W. Yin,- \V. Houses moved and foundations rc|i»iriMl. ;i-|'k-" j Cull 4112 or no Frank Cnickctt. ISIIi 1 \\'nshhi£ ftinl ironing, finished or run^ll "••f^"- ••• 1 dry. jils.. iinilla mid Ijlunkuts WiLlio , ... ,, 4 ' l '! ; ," I "' !l1 "'«>•". HclilJiil Cily J« I'lnrit. ..f lllj-lla.vil!.-. J .V ni B |,».,y fil. U-pk-GI!) .1 - ' IE.: |,:,v,,l II I'l, cl'l II. Slim, ...j|l I,;,,,,,!. id ' nn ....,1 -.,„.„„ !,„„ = ,. ^,,, srm , I ilk Miull! |i:m i.t h.wn just -jC ("it's, lar^.' h.1, W ,.|I worn, ,11,- , \:- U.^vn. li:Jjii:i>,> Si'ir I.IL|)II' fleet music and all kinds ol' musical instruments and supplies. We also have been appointed dealers for the famous well known JiiTiB of Century. Retails fat: copy. Over i(i()0 seler- msvns lo choose from. Now in slock. Parkhursl Ci<>m- pany. (i-l-ck-(i-17 i:ini. ill K n,Ml .>.l.,.lhil>n TrTfl. C. I'. A.liii.ii. A,l:vm.< Iltn K ^..n. I1..I- i. MM. :i ,-k.y A]] triteb and kin'ds. W.» Hiieci:ilizu iti liovv-^r uiowor _ Btiari>cni]i|£ and :nolor nverliaiiliiin. Ye», wo pick i.l) ami deliver. Ulytlioville Mn-ki:],. Simp. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding, lilacksmith work Delta Implement Co. Phone 8<i'l.____ 3-15-ck-tf Help Wanted 11 mi [i]:icf- it -l-i:k-l 1 MAN' \\'ANTKI> TO SUCCKKD n ].<•' tiKHi for Krivi'li-l^li l.n<im-ss ir> [>nlr. ily :m «y your Gould's Kleclric Pump now heforc thc\- hc- come scarce asain. Planters Hardware Company. 5-2S-c'k tf AJli-n Jrolor Time-up machine f«( lory rprinnlJtioniT. I,.-e Motor H:\le K:iM Mnin, F'/iono - 50U, 41'JO-ck-l 0 Ttn. Whippoorwil! Pea«. Rlyllievillc Curb Market. •j.'JO K. Main- 5^7-ck-t.f I •01 Ir.vhrid seed corn, early maturing. ?7.r>0 per Inishel. K. Ashcraft Company. 'Phone 'I'CJ. 0-28-ck-U for Kinc Porli'aifs It's O'STIiKN'S STUDiO S-25-ck-tl fc\v Phonographs, aulomalit -rs with 2IIO ' ttfi'. i.rr<l|.:ititui. r.-[.-r,.|n-,.« U:,» h '«. I). -in. AKr'-a7-VS. M. i«|.lii" i., or M'I' C. Collin'i, .11)1 !•: ^in Jilj-llii-villo, ArV. C.-|,k-! Lott ni' I'lnU-.iln from (.'iirtor tr.iil.-r I ". t Irn.-k l>.-il In'Mv i IlKth.-vill,' n Mi.lway liin. .Mnritln riilnft 1'in.ivr . l':nil llyrurn I mi.lvt.K-nc To.. [.In ri-l. For Rent (nrnislif,! n|» i shixn-r.- Mnlli roul lii-ilrnnni. Kilrlirn T ,rivi],-ui-s Itr: Mriinl.l,. |irio\ ;aa X, Clli. I' :.'<1'JO. 7-]>k-l T. 2liO W. Krn I. |.k I nrilronnis close Wiiliinl. t.T r> ^11) V'2 I'.i ( i-t>nvrni«'nL lo liiMli 1 :i!l2r>. Oil W. M.iin. record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 j 1 '",^""'.^""^! *™l,™s™ K makes to select from. : '" n ' J i' k c Parkhiirst Co. 3-17-ck-G-17 The STRIKES AR Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythcville, Ark. TcJ. 453 454 Don't Miss the Big Parade Saturday at 3 p.m. Political Announcements Tht Ogurtw Mm bu Authorized to kmaune* 111* following c»iHii(i»t««. cublMt to th* Demorrnllo prlnuur: am.uirr AND COIXCUTOB JACK riNijnr ROBINSON \V1I,UAM BERKYMAN CO11NTV JIIIK1K QKNE E. BKADiaT UOLAND GREEN r<)K TAX ABSKHSOB DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLERK HAHVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLEBK KLIZABETH BLYTH* COUNTY TKKA&imU DELIA PURTIJI I flTATK KKPKRSKNTATIW I Al.ENK WOIID E. C. I1,EKMAN I.K31.IE "DUKIE" 8PBOK I*. H, AUTKY W. .1. WUNDKHI.ICH (Tor ro-i'lectton) STATE SIN ATOM J. i.KK BEAHUKN JKPPEHSON W. SPECK rn;n:iT .iimci: K. O. WAliD 1. M. aittitill PAGE &EVKM Hcncl Courier News Wiint Ails. Huliy Oilcki J4.00 (u )tt.W per I DO. 3 d:iys Ui 4 wrrks old—Al Store Kcrds und Suji|illrB. WANTK1) Kur anil shclkil Corn—AH grmlrs. ()n« bushel up - Outs - Wln-:it Hurley - Altalfu Hay uml t'nul- Iry o( nil kinds. 1'uy lop murkiil lirkr.1. Elevator Feed Store N. 4tli Hruadway ttl KH Crusstnff J. J. FkUI. Mur. Rich I'uit Till' |).irt nr Now Orlflllls IK Killll Id he fisi),m'i!bi<>. c'Klii'r dlrc'clly tir [nilin-rlly, fur TO rcnt.s df t'vciy (li.llal 1 tln-uUllllli' III tllill city's lr:nlr. Wanted To Buy ill l.ny r. -:ri i,, '.lit |.ri' Ni. .l.-nl.-rs I-. J. Owens. i'<l )ONT TAKK A I,OSS. (Jet the lop price for your cur or truck from I'HIU.ll'S MOTOK CO. Today. C-3-ck-lf <• |>iiy ca«]j lor i.a.'jl furniture on.< l.iocc or & linns-- tnll. 0,i]J 2:10^ j\]- vin Il.inlj- Curriilnro C'o. l|ll)ck-lf NOTICK OF CLAIM S(:ilcs Dcpardncnl ot lilt i , \V;lsli- Inferior, Ccnci :il I,;in.l tllKtun ^5, If. (:. Nollcn i.s hcrc'liy civcn Hint nrnln- n!!<> District Nn. 17, o( lilylln-vil];', Arkunsax, tins nii-il »]>|)lic»l!u!i U791(i. O. I.,. O. scries, uixlw- tu'did!! 'J of :urt df I'Vbrunry L'J!. . (•15 Slut. 1410), In i>uiThni;R tlu> S't- N!-i Hcc. i, T. ir> N., n. a i-:., sni 1*. M.. Arknnsiif;. All persons rlniiniiv; Hip Tnnd acl- vcrsrlv will lie allnwi-d until .hi'ic 10, \9W, In file In this Odin- their til)jcc.ll»n.s In Ilio issuance of a pal- cnt tinder tin: :i;oicsni<l upplltnlf'in TIIOH. C. IIAI(V»I,[, Actini; AsslKlanl. Cnininlssidiu-r. * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glnncoc Hotel Eldjf. * FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb llwy. <il al Slate Line Plum: Ulytheville 7M Read Courier News WiinL A<1? ATTENTION Land Owners Your worst enemy is Johnson Grass. Arlacidc is a sure killer. For sale at ... Special Prices In Qlantily Purchases PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. 'The Appliance Center of Blytheville" luinoKraphs — Records and Accessories. Mattery and Electric Hndios 210 W Main Phone 3'M!} Visit Our New Recording Studio! We have installed Hie v«ry hilesl Kquiimu'iit for UminiiiiK Voices, Iliind and Orchestra Music and Messages. We ulso Itenl S o u n d Kquipmcnl for Indoor nnd Outdoor KventH. BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Wholesale Only Phone -11)7 112So. 1st SI. Local & lour DIManco Mnvlnf Co]ui)«tflnt Help •ml equipment. A«l«- qilfttely IniUTAtl. OonlrAck HftlllLllJI >IIli MIIC. StITlOI. Home Service & Ktornrr Co. I'tion. 2801 Your Automobile Will Bring More $$ Now HEED Good Used Cars immediately. Bring your car into our big Used Car Lot today and get the top $. No stalling, no waiting. LO Y E 1C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail BBytheville Curb Market 130 R. Main Phone 973 Perfect repulrhjc for (oday r « «-^- quLslln fndlwriir :issurr<l when rebuilt in «ur BKKleru Bhop. - Hfl LT >LlflLITY SHOE : i zr w M fl i N DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter" It OVA I,, SMITH, COKONA rnd UKMINC.TON POHTAHM: 11C N. SECOND ST. niONE SIMM (Every Transaction MUST BE .SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS I'Vosli Sloc-li (Jnaninteed llcsf Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats Roaches Bjddle Exterminator* Member Nat'L 115 H. Third HI. Ontnl Ph*M Mil Sec us about your serv- icc on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your 'car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have I a complete lubrication dcpurtment. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and | trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete .Storks of furls For Ckrysler Product* 121 E. Main Phone Z1Z2 ROOTS AND TIRR RUDOIF-S Nemhhorhood Sens;!lion usl arrived larjfc shipment. Traveling bags and accessories. Parkhurst Co. G-17-ck-G-lY riniiic son. . r >iii>-i.k-i>.iii 'idlire frames made (o order O'Stccn Studio. <1-iM-ck-tf •ry slnre v.ilh tivinc ^uartnrH lo ci'll»'r ^ith -I r.-nMl himscs Ai.iiroi Iniolrl]- 2 ntr..< nf | 1n ,|. Fronts i- II«y. PI. liorrlois "n Cirlon Tlrl H.H.. id.'al location tor IndnMrr. Sri l.anAtj's Cii.rrrry. X. H\vy. 01. ISi'iln )in. 314 X. Ninlh. rhonc 2:i:W. 2:.-i.k G;'jr> Wanted to Rent in's T'aini .mor.. wnnlil ii-.' :> "r I r funii^hril rir i-linl nj-.-irlini nt or kiiu-=.v C.ill r.-rk-:-' Wanted to Trade UM'<1 (>1 Internalional com- niines with motors rec<m- difioned. Price reasonable. Company, Photic il)l. 12 2-door sedan Chcvrolel. Spolli.uhl, radio, healer, l.ow mileaije. SOI S. l.ake Sl. Ask for Uoh. fi-fi-jik-fi-i) mehiuif gasoline trailer, JSII gallon with •} torn Bailments, lanilini*' t^ear, 101)0x20 tires painled white in porfecl condilion. Priced to sell. Terms. Hlylheville Motor Company. Phone •122. "(i-7-rk-O-M Will trade -11-12 model cars for ;iS or ;{!) models. Rood deals. Phillip* Motor Co., 5th and Walnut, fi-.'i-ek-ll iv.lnt iv:i]i .vhnl j-nli li.lvi- snil ilon'l for \vljnt \vi> hnvo you <]<t wmi! i^fnnioii mi.-iram.'f,']. KIl.OTI ITuttinnn S».i|. Mi,.p. 1111 K.n.l Mnin Stri-rl I'l »••». . .1-rk :( Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Hcfore you start out on lhal summer vacation trip. . . let our mechanics.check and double check your car. Test I5atterie.s! Change Oil! Reset engine timitv,'! Tune-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assuml of smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 21 HOURS Walnut & lirojulway Service Mobilgas WUECKER SERVICK Telephone' Tif).' WHPiT IS IT, DEAR ? P«E YOU W.U RA6HT T SHOULD I CMJL. RY EDGAR MARTIN LOOK KC DUOLtX BUDD I HE WftSM'T K105IM6 VMEN HE 6WD HE STRUCK IT R\CH 1-'KKCK1,KS AND HIS FRIRNPS Hard to Do IHAUK. YOU.VOUM&- MAN ---I'M Al-L RIGHT WOW ! I CAW WALK ^^!L^Toi^ NOT A CHWJCE, MA'AM YOU'RE GOIMG- To RIDE/ . Mey. ) I OONY LIKE To TAXI/ I BE so MUCH 1 • 'TRDUBL&.I. LIVE STREET—OVER OM THE OTHER. SIDE OF TOWN / . BY MERR1LI, BLOSSEB & k^r^ ALLRY OOP RCSCOE OPENS WITH A TERRIFIC RIGHT.' SE^ HOW THE CILLER. BOSS T? MOW WATCH COUMTER WITH- Not Impressed R BY V. T. HAMILTON •£;>«BS7iHX3 ALL,FOLKS!TELL VER TRIEHOS T OKA.V But.' GO '-f\ \K^A fH' KILLER MEETS ALL COMERS-FIVE 1 SRSU ME UP TO -^O-\ HUNNERT OOLLftRS TO ANY MAN WHO /rJ.rTPuip TU»T ~... ut\CAN KAYO HIM IN THREE IWONDSI/^tTErfl, c"We iillfJSV THANK VOO.COOD NIGHT! J-^^^STia! TAKE A FLSEK OK4 TH* M ERIiY-6O-ROl*J P.' . ^'Tv^'-rw^r^^KK 41 ^gii.^li^Wsi^

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